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What is the Verdict?

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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December 16, 2020 1:00 am

What is the Verdict?

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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December 16, 2020 1:00 am

Stu sits down with Dr. John Munro, Senior Pastor at Calvary Church in Charlotte, NC, to talk about missions, pastoring during COVID-19, and the importance of expositional preaching.

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This is the Truth Network I'm in Charlotte North Carolina at a massive church and when I walked in I was moved because I saw flags from all different countries and then I talked to the pastor heard his heart, and you get to hear from him right now. They'll be careful. Watch out warning sign here this pastor used to be a lawyer. How is that possible, and he's got a Scottish accent. Maybe because he's from Scotland.

Dr. John Monroe. It is good to have you Baxter on truth talk to Stu Epperson. Great to be with used to. Thank you so much. And unlike most lawyers on the charge for this, and this is slightly gospel Scotsman like the gospel is its rate is the 99% large give the 1% bad names that your lawyers as well. It is with a couple large oak so so buyer beware.

But, but he can say it comes by honestly tell everyone I want to get in the missions I want to get into pastoring during covert. I want to get into the importance of expositional preaching is just God is using you in a mighty way on the radio were honored to have you on our chosen Truth Network stations are stationed all over the place. Pastor Munro will you talk a little bit about your testimony. How does one crossover from the law of the land to the law of the Lord when I was raised in Scotland in the Christian home and pursued law nor the my family had gone into law, but I thought that was God's calling and my father very reluctantly because he had your view of life that students thought there were a little sleazy but I went into law enjoyed it very much and that serve the Lord there in Scotland for 11 years I got to the remarkable thing. One day I was challenged by a fellow attorney as to what I was going to do for the rest of my life.

Is that what I love being a lawyer.

As I walked away this but it convicted me and said you preferred that the Lord your follower of Christ, and that was the beginnings of a radical change in orientation from a life of law to being called to to be preaching abruptly to the US to go to Dallas theological seminary.

When I I studied and I've been serving as a pastor ever since my passion in life is to glorify God through the exposition of the sort. I'm called to preach and call to shepherd people so I combined the preaching and the shepherd together and you know the Bible on your desk and we just talked about this, that the power of expositional preaching is preaching to the books of the Bible just line upon line, we talk about important. That and how that has really been formative in your face and in what you do right now if I if I turn on the radio I hear you teaching your teaching to Psalm 95 this morning I was, yes, I believe I'm called to preach and that one of the reasons I went to Dell assembly was that their motto is preach the word from two Timothy four verse two and that Paul says that he declared the whole counsel of God and the only way I think we can do that adequately is to go consecutively through books of the Bible so I hit it.

Calvin the moment of going through the book of Matthew adverse upon that stilling this context and that gives people a lot for all of Scripture, rather than my own little favorite topics and all Scripture points to Christ. All Scripture points to the cross. So in giving the exposition of Scripture. I'm uplifting.

Christ is the only Savior so people say to me.

Do you preach the gospel.

Do you edify people. I think it's it's both. We opened the Scriptures and whatever we opened Scripture. Christ is there is the Savior of sinners and is my joy than to point people to Christ but also to disciple them were told to make disciples of all of the nations and that unit shown that we do that through people from all of the world come here and then in turn, we can send people you saw some of the flags as you commend today's tell people about that your church where you know I heard a statistic as many as 11,000 churches are closing and I like per month, herbs across America like big number like interest per month for your healthy snapper day, but I just know that churches are closing their doors in the covert thing is made things even more chaotic and all that house districts growing on here to fiber church yet vibrant people that you are you making disciples you're doing all this mission stuff you know would it, if anything, we should just kind of talking are our wings and just maybe survived but there's something happening here why the death of so many churches and how is God You guys alive here was all it is all of his grace, we lease out the living Christ. One who is alive and we preach the Scriptures which is the living word of God is sharper than any two-edged thoughts of God's word is alive. We serve the living Savior. We do have course of any devious enemy who seeks to distract us to attack us to divide us.

So we keep our eyes on the Lord and it has been difficult, but in God's grace we will open the doors as from the first Sunday in July we opened and that we print services. We have two mornings services each at Sunday people webmaster socially distance but people are free to come and relaxing as well. Of course, and we continue so far as we can and put this admissions. The new ways, increasing ways is an lifestream so we can have a bite on any Sunday 15 to 20 different countries listening to what we're doing here in Charlotte. But in addition we send either by 85 to 90 different mission units either singles or couples try the world with the gospel. 890 got throughout the world. Why is mission so important. Especially these last days I think about Matthew 2414 of this gospel will be preached to the ends of the earth to to all people, and then the end will come. Why is it that I just I heard the other day that only 11% of North American churches have a missions budget in international missions that it was going on there patronizing, so important, why is it happening is tragic in the think as a churches look on their missions purely align themselves or they want to set up little mini replicas of themselves at Mulford church planting student but our philosophy is to get the message beyond Calvary church beyond us. A wise important is the command of Christ with the many option in Matthew 28 Christ commands us to go and make disciples of all the nations.

No one is excluded God's love embraces the whole world, and we should as well. We can't reach everyone when church but together we seek to do through live streaming through radio through the witness of the people we got people who come here and they go home all over the world and as evangelists, as well as events, admissions program and all of this way with keeping the focus on the word of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ on the gospel.

The only message which can save souls. Amen. Know this church when were here is what he referred assist.

Dr. John Rose, pastor of Calvary church right here in Charlotte Northwest after August Matthews, you know, technically, but and then you are a longer-term pastor. What a great testimony. The pastor tells a little bit about this church, Calvary church and outpost and find it a little late maybe there's a website to connect to not yet went on that WW, inside Charlotte this June has said at the church began 80 years ago and thank Billy Graham's father was one of the founding elders on this church. So we got this wonderful heritage that God has used and we have this magnificent building inside Charlotte with 100 acres here were right on the road and that Matthews Pineville Matthews Road for people who know Charlotte, so you can check the side of the web company and that if you nearly would love to see you get good but expositional preaching discipleship programs. I think there's a school connected her to marry and sent on child development center and you have a radio program that I wonder when know about it in a will is appropriate to name from a longer-term pastor. The verdict can you tell one other any here on the verdict. I listened to you twice today on on two different Truth Network stations at different times would tell her more about the verdict, your passion, there is a wrap up the verdict is that regular program and were very grateful to Stu for you putting this on on the truth network and I called in the event that because I give the word of God and then they say divide the cures.

What is your response to the truth that you have had. We have committed to the truth. Proverbs 2323 says by the truth and sell it not. We have committed to the truth we live in than the age of distortion spin of lies of distortion and we as followers of Christ committed to the truth. That truth sets us free and so how important it is in the crazy world that we who follow Jesus stand and proclaim that there is salvation in no one else, for that is none other name under heaven given among men whereby we must be saved. That's the message that's a true message coming from the living God, who is truth in Christ said I am the way the truth and the life.

No one comes to the father apart from me so you learn more about the verdict and all these things online and in dear Dr. Monro your final challenge to pastor speak to pastors about staying vigilant, staying deep in a word during this crazy time in our country we please yeah I would say to my fellow pastors preach the word, don't be caught up in the latest gimmicks of the of the day, preach the word and shepherd souls make sure that you love your people preach the word give them truth and love them and that is the way that Christ commanded us, and that is the way to experience true spiritual and church growth question Dr. I pastor John Munro. What a blessing.

What encouragement from from the lawyer, the law of the land to the law of the Lord and he's preaching faithfully and when encouragement to all of us. Thank you for being on and thank you for proclaiming the gospel and for taking it not just here in Charlotte but across the world works desperately needed 2.5 billion people have still not heard this good glorious news that will thanks Terry, thanks for all that you and the network of doing to get the message of the gospel throughout the world. Thanks much. This is the Truth Network

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