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From Naval Officer to Bible Teacher

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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December 9, 2020 1:00 am

From Naval Officer to Bible Teacher

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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December 9, 2020 1:00 am

Stu chats with Bible teacher John Willett, of SEARCH Ministries in Greensboro, NC, about ministry, leadership, and his wonderful testimony.


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Enjoy it Sharon but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network.

This is the Truth Network was a surreal thought for me to be sitting between two guys, your 25 some years ago 22 whatever Truth Network started writing the Genesis I met Allison Farland by just talk about his new book and then I Eminem was like ice aikido who teaches the degrees right you connected and they said you see time will you hear Sirs while studies of Michael all words immediately says will you have to. There's a bunch of different work that he invited me to play bashful with them and you got that feathery baseline jumpshot. You still popped up there actually have a 10-year-old grandson trying to pass on my old moves to know basketball is changed and he does stuff at age 10 I never played and you have to have skills to play 2020 going back. How did John will find Christ in your ministry shall search. I know you are searching a long time. I believe a Navy guy were sure to tell us what happened was a naval officer in Vietnam and on my ship was a solid Christian and that he was praying for another Christian officer to be on the ship with him and he been there two weeks and there wasn't one. When I arrived he said Lord would you get a hold of that guy's life through my buddy two months we were over in Vietnam.

He made a big difference in dent in my life.

He did not have to get me there, but he sure got my antenna moved in 1/2 a block away London. I first year of our marriage moved in 1/2 a block away from Tim LaHaye's church in San Diego, California. I said the lender would you go to church with me. She said sure and I saw a steeple half a block away. I did not even check flavor on the door. It was a convenience deal you can get up at 1030 be parked in the pew at 11 and Tim LaHaye was preaching the word place was filled with couples are and they had in their life with my buddy on the ship had his life and I realized Linda and I didn't have a in our lives, so we heard the message of Christ and on about sixth Sunday there at the end of the worship service.

When an opportunity to trust Christ was given. I looked at Linda and said I gotta settle this and I walked forward and Linda was on my elbow. So we both came to Christ, the same day and we never look back. You know when you're 25, darkness and light are easy to spot and we were in kingdom darkness for 25 years and I knew of transactions to Alex occurred in my life that day that just changed everything. And frankly, what is 55 years now and ministry I just want the next guy. The next the next couple to get in on this really was search here you're trying to meet people where you just say let's let's drink this together. I'm not saying I got it all together but two weeks ago you sat out here with a guy who is local sphere. He's probably in his 20s. You remember his name and you said to me John want to hook up with them and I were having coffee next week and and I think you said that he needs the Lord and that'll be great. So I just love moments like that you set the table and I'll keep you informed on what happened to listening search ministries. I guess people can search online for that right.

And if you want to get plugged into their journeyman day. What if you come to green Joe's coffee shop you might see Allison Farland and that you might see John Willett here having coffee and someone is really just a conversation of how do we get connected to God right you know the recipe is very simple.

You raise your hands like Alex said I heard you guys talking and you recognize your need. There's an empty spot in your life. You also know that you're not perfect. Defendant God, you recognize that God and his goodness became a person became the Savior not a Savior, the Savior you reach out and invite him into your life is the most awesome decision 11. Thank you John Willett for his conical were in this coffee shop in Greensboro and I was interviewing Alex McFarlane long time friend from Greensboro native right and you know him a lot longer that I have and then you walk in and then he starts talking about you and you guys have to hug and next thing you know were talking to you about your your story, but isn't it cool how God saves us, not so that we necessarily stay there but so we can go and pursue others and reach out you know we were it's like it's like were called to go know the word the G over the first two letters of the gospel go and God's word Geo and so what your challenge the people out there to maybe ask God for his eyes to see in him to take advantage maybe some gospel opportunities instead of just can't hold the solar cells is too good not to share. Yeah, I'm persuaded. There's an enemy that would love to have us think that will botched the job, but that we really are ambassadors. And then when we carefully, sensitively go build relationships with nonbelievers and are sensitive but caring.

We can talk about God regular ways, making the message clear and God's good, and uses I'm still floor that God uses stew. Alex and John. But when you see that he does so, I would encourage people to to get next to unbelievers tactfully deal the God card and entrust the special things are going to happen like my buddy on the ship date for May 55 years ago.

What what a blessing so so here's a question as we wrap up the segment of truth talk with Stu Epperson who were you pursuing to bring a Christ and then just stop a second if you have some discomfort with that question.

Let's go back and asked this very very important bastion who pursue you so I get the opportunity to say thank you. This guy for pursuing me and we see in our mutual friend Alex who pursued us or we pursue or whatever. You know that in the whole narrative of God's light timeline, but someone pursued you and your your listing today to this program, praising God so maybe after this is over hang up and call them knowing and say hey thank you, mom, dad, finger, grandma let a basketball guy clear to the Lord.

Not too long ago and I said who's been praying for you and he said well my grandma as I said, what you have a Bible. He said no, but my grandma has a bunch of ice. It will do you have a phone. He said yes. Go get it right now you just prayed to receive Christ and he came in he went and got his phone we call Graham on speakerphone to tell her the good news. I said no tone, told grandma what you just did and he told her and I said tell her who's going to church with her Sunday and he's going you're going to get back and he told her and she was so excited, but someone prayed we were just there to maybe clean up or you know are kind of bring you know, put a loop on what God had been doing through his grandma's parasol is yourself. Who are you pursuing to reach with the gospel and who pursued you thank him and blossom and let's be about that because he's coming back. We will take a name he would have with us and can write all will take as many as we can get to be a great day God bless you.

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