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Experience TRUTH - #9

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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November 29, 2020 1:00 am

Experience TRUTH - #9

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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November 29, 2020 1:00 am

Stu & Robby continue their exploration of Luke 19: 1-10 and their discussion of Zacchaeus, the tax-collector in Jericho.

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This is probably doing more from a Christian card. I am King in pursuit where we hear how God takes your passion and uses it to build the kingdom your chosen Truth Network podcasting starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it and share it but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network network. This is the Truth Network so I don't know if your mind is flooded with all present childhood memories but mine has in my my sidekick here were my mentors and your friends are Christian the Christian car guy Robert Gilmore's with me this we got experience through the 19 Robbie you hear that song you think about all kinds of stuff is a little girl guy. You do the hand motions everything while you do.

I know that I didn't actually drop when I heard the song Todd talked to Mike is critical.

It is glutted something you think about this the wee little man you know and so often we think about these Bible stories in these things is like a fairytale like Once upon a time, this really happened. There was a town called Jericho.

Jesus Christ was in the very end of his early ministry. He had just healed a blind Artemis you just sent the rich young ruler left weeping, you know, because he was too good to go to heaven and he just told about the publican in the in of the Pharisee and the publican to me when to tell praise to end always miracle Micro Center happening in Luke and there really is a little guy named Zaki us and we learn about the last time you see was very rich. He was a chief tax collector's name was Zaki's which means pure of heart, of all things, and he was actually hated the most hated person in the city of Jericho was this guy why because he was the chief tax he had always guys running around working for him to shake down his own people represent the Romans, you know, Inc. in collusion with them horrible stuff and so but for something in his soul that money couldn't buy that he was very rich. It says in verse two, but that money could not buy and could not fill the void that's in every one of us read the passage Robbie again in the rural route questions Luke 19 one through 10, Jesus entered and pastor Jericho, and behold, there was a man named Zaki us who was a chief tax collector, and he was rich, and he sought to see who Jesus was, but could not because of the crowd, for he was short of stature, so he ran ahead and climbed up into a sycamore tree to see him, for he is going to pass that way and when Jesus came to the place he looked up and saw him and said Zaki is my case can come down for the day. I must stay at your house, so I made hastily came down and received him joyfully when they sought they all complain saying he has gone to be a guest with this man. I was a sinner than Zaki has stood and set the Lord look, Lord, I give half of my goods to the poor and if I've taken anything from anyone by false accusation, I restore fourfold and Jesus said to him today salvation has come to this house because he also is a son of Abraham.

For the Son of Man, who it has come to seek and to save that which was lost. What a story in the of the theme of the whole book of Luke, you've just heard Robbie's read verse 10 why Jesus came and we look at all that Zaki us did to arrange to manipulate it.

He climbs up a tree and I send their monkeys in the treatment he might have Robbie and Rob, you have to avoid short person, you got you to got you guys 167165 in studio here. We've been here in tall jokes all her life, so now is it we could we could have some you know some some humorous jabs will be what I can do that. Robbie but but something may come up accidentally or inadvertently, and it will just have to slap each other's hands but eases the fasting. He ran ahead. She's exerting himself. He climbed so he's running he's climbing and then he sitting in the sycamore tree so heat you imagine get up there in the sycamore tree. Here you are a man with no easy Z's decked out is pimped out with his you know is you guys up there. He's in a higher class of society.

There is guys lingering on evidentiary looks over there's a bunch of poor people is what the little kids you know what were about the same size of rust out that but you know he's easy value picture be exact evidentiary your picture that you look around you who climbs trees do you know on my face all hundred.

Well, all I need to bring some there is this attic which is Hebrew letter.

Yeah, it means Hunter and it has to do with seeking after righteousness, and so actually he was hot he was on so very fasting, says Ogletree stand and I had a bad time that way when you're not going to get a raggedy that is ever see you next day and they state that he had a live broadcast okay so but it's a long way to fall for tall people, especially three times of the sycamore tree and then he knew that he, for he was going to pass by that way. Verse four verse five is fasting says. When Jesus came to the place so Jesus came to the place he came to that place, what place will exceed the place where you said plan to come. He had a plan. He looked up and he saw him. Michael Ellis is the last week in chapter 18 for the and word blind. Artemis is crying out, you know, son of David, have mercy on your would also say this is using matters, I'm amazed at who he was, son of David Lord Jesus son of David, have mercy on me. It says Jesus stopped he stopped. He stood still very rarely does Jesus stand still on this case. He stopped again for this little guy up there and this guy we don't have a record of Zaki is saying anything. He's probably trying to avoid cover eat anything about it. He gets whatever he wants to give. I think what it comes to seeing Jesus. He is pushed to the back row.

All these people these peasants. In these people he ripped off these religious leaders there now that this little squatty dude up there to the front line to see the Messiah are you. Should you have a sorry guys, you know, if it no sure people were harmed in the recording podcast gate. Robbie let him out there was a guy that shakes his down. He's guy the straightness of Rome this to all of our money our inheritance in our life, our family, our kids and all that so that I can let him up there so he's trying to push his way, and finally Sedona run ahead. I'm sure usually go.

He's gotta go this way and that is so then he climbs of the street so it says Jesus came the place he looked up and he saw him, I think that moment with the lies of the Lamb of God, the King keys and warlords walked with Zaki us, the one whose name means pure in heart.

He saw him.

That's just a moment right there to think about and to just meditate on and then what happens next is with acnes. He said to him, Zaki us calls him by name.

He three things Jesus did really fasting for things really came to the place he looked up, saw him and said to him, Zaki us make haste, and come down for today I must state your house should use in one fell swoop breaks every custom every code of conduct that a rabbi you don't ever go to a place like that you ever go to a sinners he done it before right way when he went to the tax gatherer's house and after Matthew came to him. He got a houseful of sinners and in the Pharisees were so mad.

Imagine how they felt. Here is Nick big crowd packed with dignitaries back with religious leaders try to catch him in every word he says you know packed with people moms and dads hoisted little kids and grandkids on her shoulders just to see Jesus mantra would bring a little sick babies to get Jesus to touch and pray for them. Hey, put your hand on me and touching ogres children came to me separating all that and of all the people not crowd.

Jesus stops looks up in a tree says to him because of my name Zaki us and says I'm to make haste.

He says hurry up will don't make me come up is variably get down here little fella because I'm coming to your house. I must state your house nest is just a dinner that could be an overnight lodging in the Greek languages you has to do with an actual no longer experience. So verse six he made haste. They came down and received him joyfully for the first time we have the word joy introduced in this guy's life. The first time in his life he experiences the meaning of life for the first in his life. He encounters on his presence is fullness of joy.

It would just be natural and well so this is something we do this right here. Rita's question is this will take you into what's going on all right. Why would the crowd grumble and gossip about Jesus.

Chocolates of homes to visit now. So the crowd was community there there besides himself, what why this Why this scumbag disguises the most hated person in the city of Jericho is Zaki us.

He's betrayed his name. He's betrayed his people. He's gotten rich off our backs and he's defrauded all of us in Jesus Christ says I'm coming to your house buddy about the height of that scandal.

Robbie only envies unbelievable but the hope there if they would open their eyes to what really wow if he can handle this.

Do some fermenting and most of us aren't there because most of us don't see ourselves as that dude right. Most of us watch TV only.

We pound our fist that guides evil look at how horrible that politician is looking brutal this person is when we've never really maybe look in the mirror or look in the eyes of Jesus, like Zaki's and others.

This question here is really interesting. Don't read it yet because this passage.

Here it says when they saw it. Verse seven. They all complained, saying he has gone to be with a guest. He is going to be a guest with a man who is a sinner. So this is this is what they complain and we can see why verse eight so that the dining is gone on the discussion the sitting around the table. Zaki is stood up and said the Lord know you pause right there in Robbie not supposed inject.

This is but when he stood up, Jesus might've said he Zaki is stand up.

See you there you go again. It was Kevin okay stop was Georgia. Click yet to tall talkshows doing this thing we been didn't talk talk and a tall joke jabs all her life with. But he stood up and he said to the Lord while Lord look, Lord, I give half of my goods to the poor. If I've taken anything from anyone by's false accusation, I restore fourfold their money.

So this is radical repentance, radical Mrs. game on. It is interesting that repentance is is built into things are and that repentance if you notice first is a magnanimous giving to people who can't help me and who can do nothing for me so that's a good et al. grace Martin okay so there's a there's a there's a repentance that involves in faith that involves just egg and abundance of giving.

When God gives grace to a man, woman, child, grace close to that person suddenly flows through some of that person is giving all want to bring you to him on a tell you only give you. He's given me only give you right so there's a giving but the second part that repentance is a restitution. This goes into bitterness. This goes into forgiveness disclosing that toughest the tough stuff. We want talk to that relative who did us wrong. Who hates us, you know we want to deal with that.

He says if I've taken anything for anyone by false accusation, I restore fourfold that he that's a lot more than the Hebrew lobby go back in Leviticus, we will go into all that, but the Levitical all required you restore more than what you took but fourfold is weighing over the limit. So here you say not to go back everyone I did wrong and I'm not just say hey I'm sorry for taking your money. God's forgiven me, will you forgive me. I'll forgive you know he saying hey here's your money here's your $10,000.

Oh, here's $40,000. You that's really that's God doing something someone like that. This radical that's what Jesus does mean that's we could say radical we could see that's normal when Christ changes a man, it hits him everywhere including his pocketbook. He was very rich but here now, all of a sudden he shares an equinox in Robbie.

Now it's beautiful, absolutely.

We gotta stop right there around the time but were to come back next week and tell you more about how this story ends and how God's salvation transformed the wheelman.

Zaki is join us next time right here for experience truth. This is the Truth Network

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