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Thanksgiving with an Entrepeneur, Basketball Player, & Cancer Survivor

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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November 27, 2020 1:00 am

Thanksgiving with an Entrepeneur, Basketball Player, & Cancer Survivor

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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November 27, 2020 1:00 am

Stu sits down with Kevin Mallory, a business owner, cancer survivor, and serious ball player, to hear his testimony and how he lives out his faith. Kevin is the co-owner of North Carolina Moulding Company in Lexington, NC.

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This is the Truth Network.

So what would I be doing in the town square of Lexington, North Carolina never done myself the traffic.

I look across. There is the Davidson County Courthouse. I'm in North Carolina this is some argue now this is the barbecue. The stage is set your beautiful shade.

The perfect perfect B blend coffee shop and I am with my good buddy Kevin and wait till you hear his story.

Kevin I would want to get you on a show for a long time, showcase untruth, talk a lot of testimonies how God is transform your life, and I got using them, you're a businessman, a cancer survivor, a serious ballplayer you have a wonderful testimony your North Carolina transplant through Ohio, would you still think leaving Ohio's God's country, sir, if I ask you this question. Who is Kevin Malory how just a question.

First of all, just a child of God by God must by God directed by God. That's first and foremost I want that to be my testimony not a business owner, Donna father all those things are great for some for most people recognize that he's got guided I met you on the basketball court is not the best place to meet people talking to great place. Actually, it's a great place for meds to drop barriers and beat each other because many times it's hard for bad to relate to each other on I conversational level, but if he be bonded by sports or basketball.

As we were a lot easier to open up conversation to talk about real substance by God in our faith will most fascinating people I've ever met you have an amazing business Charlie name your business is a molding company writing but you guys are growing like crazy. Got truly blessed that we should half years ago we bought Lexington molding company down here Lexington actually called the restaurant molding and it's been a great blessing for us.

We grow the business with triple the business of the two half years we hired 40 new employees were used as truly a ministry to reach people to change people's lives, empower people, we have whole concept is its work-family everybody is family here.

We treated like family and it's really showed in campaign forwarded been very successful.

By that awesome is a molding that means frames of things that was okay will go home and I look over that goal. Family picture someone like you made that mold right it's right we do all Pitchford molding and also architectural bullets of look around your house, your base trim your crowded chair rails 07 things we do that. Also your shop. It's amazing. It's just all the handcrafted machines.

There's a tunnel word. There's a ton of wood chips and wood shavings and everything everywhere, but you're a hole so you don't. I don't go. I did buy a frame for you, but I can you you supply the big people that did celebrate that's correct. We actually make the bolding itself is also we would then send it to a manufacturer that would actually assemble the frame whether be ready-made or custom frame times you outline the disorder. So the picture and pick out your frame kind that they would send the chair.

Those would be ours. But as you are, North Carolina.

You got a diagnosis. The C word cancer.

Your your relatively young man great basketball player you got the quick release on the three point, I guess I'm 67. I can even get out there to block that thing is so quick, but you got a diagnosis talk about that first will tell us how you came to know Christ and only hear about this this battle as a father and as a husband that you could've taken you to have been a lot sooner than you thought yeah I grew up in a Christian home, but I is all of us welcome point in time we have to make a decision whether to follow Christ like to accept Christ as a young age that I sent you get your 15 1617-year-old we really understand faith in the Jesus did for us. That made that commitment.

I follow Christ my whole life has for the cancer word I was diagnosed with cancer two half years ago when we were trying to buy the company in North Carolina about the business part. It was also a strong Christian man and walked up to say this might be diagnosed with cancer.

If you want out. We could pull the plug on this, or if you want it out in we know full throttle, but that was a interesting stage of life because when you cross that bridge of staring possibly death of the face not going what was going to happen. Not knowing what the outcome would be. I was diagnosed. Stage III cancer and it really rocked our family made a lot of uncertainty but Caleb IDs and prayed to God that you got this.

It's your controlled outline conduct can be defined by cancer were to go forward and look to buy this company.

I Play basketball there that whole phase. People couldn't believe it. Several white you do the right you just called it all wait to see what happened because cancer is a B cancer just something I've been afflicted with in. I will give it to God. God wants security of this great if he doesn't, it's my time that I know by soul was secure.

That's a lot easier place to live when you go your soul secure.

It's about that has no faith that has nothing on Christ. I could imagine going through that facing death. Possibly not knowing where I might be going what you were not there to folks find cancer right now and how to God. Heal your what what how how to that story take us to the current present day. Two years later wide to go through six rounds of chemotherapy and then that process after round four. We actually closed of the business. North Carolina I moved here kind of draw back and forth Ohio for treatments. I did the last treatment had my scan and I still I cancer. There was still one location so it didn't actually solve that problem. The one place was one of my lymph nodes and I went to a search of the said cut it out to remove it to Scott that thought out. I don't need it. We got 20 my body.

So the couple and thought out about later had another scan and I was cancer free. So it's a leap of faith, it's a trusted have trusted God have trusted what he's going to do the deliver B and the I just give it all to him. So anyway that's cancer unified by cancer.

Will the be your devise give it to God trusted the Lord to give you that direction and give you the strength to endure it at that rally around your wife and your family and all those people you wouldn't believe the support I had from other Christian friends that were praying for me and had bio pastor actually put a prayer of the Wailing Wall in Israel for being over healing so just amazing stuff. I for sure that whole story with a bunch of guys in the gym.

We're playing basketball you graciously shared your faith and invite you guys receive Christ and I know bunch did and now God is using basketball as a way for you to share Christ even more subsiding entrepreneur and a family man and in a in a successful businessman which are using that platform. The gospel on what you're doing. I think last night we had a 40 or 50 guys will is about 6571 Jim and it were you go to church asked the pastors in a gracious bargaining team to allow your use. That is, guys are coming and that would never maybe go to church will come to Jim and your share Christ.

So you know the move to North Carolina doesn't need by serving the church ministry stops in Ohio.

I did lots of things through the church.

I read about scrub industry, Ohio, so I felt compelled that God was putting on my heart to start a possible biz Street at elevation church Winston-Salem so unfortunately they are purchasing the YMCA downtown Salem and had three courts approach the leadership and so I want to start a ministry and I would be doing it now for two half months rather than 60 to 70 guys a week. We have probably over hundred 50 guys in the business recirculation and were using for an outreach body basketball bonded by Christ. That's the true answer to what you're doing is a big got to XL orange and black jersey reversible. You gave me and there's a box of them and you just given these the guys in. If you ever in Winston-Salem on a Thursday night and come play ball with Kevin and I might be drunk into older None of my jumpers at work. I used both get old and I feel you, David. The bottom line is it's offer for God.

We do everything for God's glory with the other court would be walking down the street with the be working at your job. That's were trying to build a building a collective of bed that typically are the forgot group of bed the church or in the in our society that 20 to 40-year-old dad doesn't really have that network of strong friends Christians.

This is a way to create new friendships create new bonds that hopefully give the good work.

Thanks for set share some your story or testimony. Kevin Mallory North Carolina moldings are right yes or an loves Jesus and he's been a gracious serious testimony and everyone out there. You got a gift you got skills. It could be your paint and it could be your your good at telling stories.

A good beer. A good writer, whatever that skill is using for God's glory and using guys give me that gift just like you, Kevin, tell the good news of Jesus while you still have time. That's exactly right. God gives us a spiritual gifts he wants us to use him as a wait for you. It's up to you to tap into those that do things everything for the kingdom. Everything we do is You're a little longer for this cancer thing so you could drop buckets and share Jesus with guys and do all kinds of other impact you.

I just had my two-year checkup and am still cancer free. So another year keep Roland lysozyme Stu this is true, talking, I'll put a picture Kevin and me up there on my my Instagram my Facebook and continue to pray for him and and I hope that your challenged and encouraged by his story and I hope you're telling your story every opportunity to because you know what history is his story, and it's even more. That's his story of redeeming God. The rescuer the Bible is a story of a mission rescue mission of God pursuing sinners like Stu and Kevin, like you, wherever you are, to bring you to know Jesus the only one who can change your life forever. Right.

That's right, only one only through Jesus.

I'm in the square of Lexington, North Carolina, Davidson County said it is cool coffee shop perfect blend coffee shop with my buddy Kevin celebrate his birthday.

We have a birthday lunch and get to hear his story. That's a gift. He just gave all of us to hear Sharon about Christ and test appreciates to this is the Truth Network

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