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Leading a Church in Communist Russia

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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November 20, 2020 1:00 am

Leading a Church in Communist Russia

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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November 20, 2020 1:00 am

Stu sits down with Dr. Evgeny Bakhmutsky, Pastor of Russian Bible Church in Central Moscow, Russia. Pastor Evgeny talks about finding joy amidst persecution and his passion to see a spiritual awakening in Russia.

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He was the leader of all of them from across all of Russia. While he was the leader of that great ministry he receives so many death threats that when he was dating the woman that would become his wife that his proposal was 10 reasons why you should not marry me and she still married him and he moved then from Siberia to Moscow and planted a phenomenal church.

Perhaps the fastest growing church in all Russia dynamic church started with 17 people about 1011 years ago. Now there probably close to 800 was significant about their church. Two things one is they don't take people from other churches. There's no sheep stealing. They are committed to disciple making 75% of the people in their church have been led to faith by other people in their church at work in different ways he can tell you the phenomenal story about God is doing there. They've doubled in attendance every two years had to keep moving.

So right now there there prayerfully considering what to do. They've got a vision for all of Moscow. Do they try to build a facility to accommodate their growth or do they keep multiplying across the city. This is where there at that they need prayer, but do you want to hear his story. Tell us your story and tell us your passion, all my passion to see a spiritual awakening of Russia that's a reason why am leaving for what I am waking up and that's is the such prayer. I'm going to bed. Well, so you've grown up in Russia. You been there all your life. I grew up in Russia actually my great-grandfather.

He was skillful his face and he is set family was my grandfather was sent in exile in the same family was my grandfather grandfather yeah grumpy Siberia that were thought of the going to be in Moscow that would dream never prayed, but God blessed such a way and we were removed limit remotes from Nice Pl. in Siberia to these center over Russia and the when I got there, I just realized that if I want to see a spiritual awakening in Russia got to be due to healthy church in Moscow is a reason why we plan to the church for Moscow whites and muskets are really growing fast growing city in Russia many ways in Avera so inflation will so you feel if something could happen in Moscow. People would believe that something could happen because the country.

Yes, the capital city and a lot of folks listening to hear about your grandfather killed for his faith you about being shipped out exiled to Siberia. Other thing about that's not in the West here in America we don't really suffer for our faith is it like to have threats on your life because you love Jesus for the crime of preaching the gospel. The Bible you going to be treated as a secondary level or certain level citizens your neighbors going up damage. Much of your property on the regular basis, but you can be the most joyful person when I looked my grandparents at my my father was beaten up always. She is sick guys in the school encouraged by his teacher because she was a possible son. My parents and grandparents, a loss of jobs and the only reason why because they were from Christian home, but at same time, I will live or full of joy because of when you saw forgot give you a special grace to tell us about the importance of as a pastor, preaching the word of God were at a conference right now in North America I'm so honored to meet you and interviews are just Rob, thank you for connecting us this conference is really pushing pastors to teach the word of God. Verse by verse and of course point to the hero of every Bible story.

The redemptive threat of redemption.

Jesus Christ. How is that the same and how is that so important both in the United States of America and in Moscow where you're serving.

It's a good question. I really like to question my grandfather was a foster 600 members, church and have only one copy of the Bible as being the get into him from his father-in-law or my grandmother's father was a first edition of Russian Bible is only one Bible to have had a calendar how many days you can keep the Bible and that we had at and read in the Bible was my my grandma so they believed in Apollo that all the words say Bill is a so that they experienced that because there is no one truce full boot in the whole world except the Bible and if you want to see a live transfer only the Bible my book. By the way it was published by the largest European as a Russian Russian publisher and the reason why because if the publisher was surprised to see so many young professionals who tried everything they just started to read the Bible, so they asked me to write a book about happiness whose ideas and its poor message of the gospel and that the secular guy who still not believed she is shocked that such a book. I mean, the Bible can change a life of so many diverse people. You never seen any like that or how would you challenge a pastor for Moscow. You see much suffering for the gospel. You see much fruit you see your pastor or church or teach the word you're making disciples were so encouraged by this we need more of what you have over here for sure you were kind of consumer Western believers microwave you know we just we want our comfortable life that would house you encourage us to actually share our faith actually a bowl evangelizing BB committed to the word and maybe wake up a little bit what challenge would you give us. If you could speak to all the masses out there just for this radio talkshow and podcast. I would encourage my beloved fellow believers to know that there is a much better joyful satisfying lives than they experience right now because when you are in the middle. In the midst of God's will. You can experience in inlays in God's presence and when you suffer when you given yourself when you just leaving out of your face is going to be much much by you want our bravest expectation life so I would encourage to say to you what you experience right now. It's almost nothing compare with you my experience when you leave your comfort zones you will come to wonder zones when God will my to use you they might be very well seen is my be unseen by the Gumby soul blast to leave and to die for that you want to go back but we all talking about what will love. We all naturally evangelized. You follow hard to be full of Jesus talk naturally. So if you not really talking because you know really love it and probably because of you know Bible so well maybe understand the gospel so well. So if you want to experience in better life. You just go deep in the Bible, deep to the gospel and the you will see how your mind you hard and be transformed and you become a vital tool in the mighty hands of God to save others in your grandfather killed for his faith in Russia.

What would he say he's in heaven with the Lord.

Right now he's doing mighty fine.

But what would he say to everyone right now what you feel like his messages. His legacy is just for your life for gospel sake.

This is the only words a way to leave your life. How can everyone listen to my voice right now.

Pray for you pastor and for the church in Moscow and across Russia of land that is desperate for the gospel and beleaguered by all kinds of issues, poverty and alcoholism in you face all kinds of things.

There is a believer the attacks without we pray for you.

Pray for spiritual awakening in Russia in the served awakening in US so is a first prayer for spiritual awakening. Second, pray for Russ to develop more leaders in order church to grow. We got have more leaders.

This is the passion I have in my heart served. Pray that Russian Bible church will buy a building in Moscow because there is snow strong boot evangelical church was a good building in Moscow which really surprised and praying that we will plant more churches than the pray that more Russian officials will repent and believe a man were to pray for you pastor and that's just such a blessing. The growth of the church, driven by the preaching of the gospel by discipleship and working a pray for pastor by name. I would have my mentor Rob Provost say your name for shrubs. It will more timely letter shares give Guinea Buttonwood ski pastor Yevgeny Bock Lucy God bless you man.

Thank you for your Stanford also. Thanks for encouraging us menu come over here is like going on a missions trip your mobilizing us to do what the Bible says to do. In fact we say is just ice and superhero as he some abnormal Christian know your normal Crystal normal were the ones rebel workers were not doing what the Bible says, you know, so I bless you and thanks for that. Thank you for loving us enough to share these things.

Yes, thank you very much. I really love your American style of conversation which is a very American I gonna teach your listeners Russian phrase you know we all gonna speak Russian in heaven so hard language to get his bunghole are turning to the learned. So if you want to say Russian. I love you. You got to say strange phrase in English, but it's really sounds like I love you and Russian yellow blue bus yellow blue bus yeah like a yellow blue bus exactly if you say a little about it sounds Russian international player like me can get that I slept right down the yellow blue bus as I love you yeah exactly. Now your subscribers can be more prepared for Helen is a no Russian phrase and maybe they're rushing to get there, who knows right so yellow blue bus and what is God loves you is that of Boger will evoke new bids last okay us this is the Truth Network

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