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Mobilizing the Saints!

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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November 11, 2020 1:00 am

Mobilizing the Saints!

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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November 11, 2020 1:00 am

Stu & Pastor Will Plitt walk into a coffee shop... and share the Gospel! Pastor Will Plitt is the Executive Director of Christ Together Ministries. He & Stu talk about being a disciple first and foremost and boldly sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ with everyone you meet.

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This is Darren Kuhn with the masculine journey podcast research the ancient paths to find ways that God brings light into a dark world and help set men free from the struggles that we all face on a day-to-day basis.

Your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is good Truth Network so the last time I caught this dude he was plant a church in a bar not kidding wait to hear what Pastor will Plitt has gone right now.

Pastors good to catch up. Your brother, you are yourself and make yourself the ears of the world on fire. What is going on still on this.

Try to follow your lead and keep up my friend.

It is good to connect after all these years, the coffee shop and we are just as sure Christ with the cashiers are a believer, but we followed him on the IG which is for all of you, only fuddy-duddies at Instagram DM IG HM you which pairs that means hit me that's okay to say that because I'm hit people up with all kinds of Bible verses. This guys hit me up challenge me to go on missions trips. You have a passion for the nations of you just pray that the God's grace would flow like a little.

The rivers would flood there's a there's a gospel we have that is so good why do we keep it to ourselves when we shared pastor will is a great question.

What if what if you possessed the knowledge to be able to help people experience freedom and liberty from the bondage's of sin and why do Christians largely why are they content with doing nothing with their faith is a question is of a haunting question. So how do we begin to activate and mobilize all of God's people for his glory and for his mission with the fulfillment and completion of the great commission want to hear about what you're doing with Christ together which is like your your big right now which is going to really encourage your listeners folks wait to hear about this ministry, but let's back up. Let's go back to the pastor start a church in a bar and I interviewed you this is been over a decade annually know all too well.

I just remembered the fear and trepidation and look into the nose of my fingernails, thinking how my get up later showed how my listeners, but folks came to Christ has come in the heart of your dad absolutely.

It's going to the places of greatest need. And I believe that the gospel shines brightest in the darkest places. So how do we follow the example of Christ to go to the hard places to bring the good news to people who are having Bryson submitted to bad news so I can see You Know Some People Want to Live in the Sound of the Chapel Bills but I Want to Build a Mission Right at the Gates of Hell and You like to Get Literally, but Something about Told Backup to Your Store, Your How You Came to Christ. What Set You off on This Great Commission Work That You're Immersed in Right Now and Then I Want to Get Loop Back to This Christ Together Minute Mission You're on Now Is to Go Crazy to Hear about This.

And Yes, I Think, like so Many People Still in in the South and the Bible Belt Self. I Grew up in Church, Attending Church Being a Part of the Local Church Every Week and What I Realized When I Left the Church Is a 17-year-old That Indeed I Had Been Converted to Church Culture but Never to Christ Right That's It. There's a Big Difference. So in My Mid-20s I Met a Church Planter Would Actually Come to Davie County to Start a New Church and He Began Discipling Me Begin Begin the Process of Deconstructing and Showing Me the Difference between a Very Cultural Religious Expression of Christianity, and in What the True Gospel and Good News Was and Why Needed It, and after the Process of Being Discipled and Being Imported into through Prayer and through Investment in Challenge I Came I Came to Know Jesus and That Radically Set Me on a Different Trajectory Want to Talk about Trajectory Will but Can You Just Speak to the Importance of What You Just Said Is so Critical.

Every Pastor Every Person Listening and in and in for You Shame Your Pastor. Call Him out and Ask You This, Layperson or Person in the Pew. Who Are You Discipling and Whose Discipling You Because You're about to Hear about How God Is Using This Guy in Nine Different Languages All over the World with This Ministry Because a Guy Porting You Humorous Diagnosed Kid Who Knew It All, but Didn't Know Christ.

You Are in the Church Which Were Not of It Right and Were More Aware of the World Not It Were in the World to Be Really Rolled Out Of It Glory in the Church Had Just Come Summer at Work Were in the Church but Not of It.

But We Are to Be in the Church and of the Church Right Would Be in the World but Not of the World, but Will Plitt Was in the Church Out Of Your Born-Again You Want to BICSI Christian You Had Truly Been Transformed New Analogies Did Know Jesus Was Speak to the Importance of Discipleship Just Everyone Listing Right Now Go Grab That Pesky's Diagnosed Kid That's Annoying You to Death.

It's Begging You Taken to a Milkshake and Taken There Discipling Him Let Me Talk about Even Fostering a Child Is Really Pushed Hard Even Going out and Mentoring a Kid.

Inner-City Kids Have No Dad When Things We Talk about It.

Christ Together Is That If Were Going to Reach Every Man Woman and Child in Geography That You Have To Mobilize Each Man, Woman and Child Every Follower of Christ Needs to Understand What They've Been Saved from Sin and Death. Satan Hell and What They Been Saved to the Glory of God in His Mission. The Majority of Christians.

Sadly, Sit and Soak and Consume and Do Not See the Immense Harvest All around Them. So We Talk about Helping Every Follower of Christ, Helping Them Understand That Every Believer in Christ As a Missionary and Every Missionary Stew Equals an Opportunity to Share and Show the Good News. So What If Every Follower of Christ in Every Church across the Triad and beyond. Invested in One Person Who Was Far from God Close to the One. Can You Imagine What Might Happen with with and How That Would Go toward Discipling the City Just so Encouraged by That Is That Guided Invested You. Everyone You Hear the Top Five or Better When You Listening Listening to Radio Guys Use the Speakers Listen to True Talk Shows like What What's It like I'll Finally Take Jackie.

What's It Been on Fire. A Guy like Him Will and Other Godly Guys like Another Guy like Any Willard Loneliness Camp Counselor Guy Writing a Whittington. I Think a Hobby. I Think in Charms. I Think of All These Coaches Coach Hankinson Always Men of God Poured into Me. I Think My Mom Taught Me the Scripture Knows Week Knee-High That States His Words, but All Of A Sudden God Opened It up and so Everyone You Hear That's in Christ Right Now Is Here Because Someone Porting the Disciple to the Question Is Is Time for Me Now to Turn My Sites on Others and Say Hey That Guy Right There behind the Counter with a Mask on.

Take My Coffee Order Whose Discipling Him but Let's Get a Coffee Atlas Talk about How You're Going Christ You Know I'm Not Recruiting a New Business.

I'm Not Asking to Join Anything or Give Anything Just Let's Build You up, so This Is a Lead like Ice Ice to See God's Threat All of Your Life.

I Just Want to Bless You and Confirm You Okay and Affirm You What Your Giftedness Manager Told Me about Your Kids, Your Families like You Are Filling a Big Gap.

This Is to Be a Long Coffee and Were at a Coffee Shop Barely 7 Hours As You Gone It Is Christ What Is Christ Together How to God Drive You into This Ministry Executive Director That in Which I Do A Lot Of It Really Stew Comes from Just Our Personal Experience and Conviction about Eight Years Ago.

There's a Group of Pastors That Convened in Atlanta to Have a Conversation around the Re-Evangelization of the United States and It Was a Growing Burden That We Had That We Were Presiding over the Greatest Decline of Christianity on Watch and and I Would Add in Historically the Most Christian Nation, and This Was a Room Full of Very Influential Churches, Mega Churches That Were Doing Incredible Things, but There Was Nothing That Any Church Was Doing in Any City That Was Decreasing Lawlessness, Nothing. So We Began to Have a Conversation Really around Jesus Prayer in John 17, Where He Talks in Verses 20 through 23 Which Talks about How the Father and the Son Are One and That His Desire That We Might Be One All of God's People, so That the World Might Know That Jesus Is Divine, the Son of God, Is the Question That Emerged Out Of That for Us in and Really the Observation Was We Believe There Was a Missing Apologetic to the Western Church and It Was This It Was Unity of the Church. So How Would the Loss.

People of Winston-Salem, North Carolina No That Jesus Is the Son of God, by the Way That the Church Is United for His Glory for His Mission and None of Us Could Say That They Would Because We Want United to Christ Together Was Really Birthed Out Of the Christological Ecclesiological Reality That Jesus Paints for Us That There's There's a Theology of Oneness Embedded in All of Scripture. Jesus Writes If You Write a Letter. The Church of Your City Who Rewrite It to so We Began to Pull Churches Together in a City to Convene Them to Begin to Have a Conversation around What We Call Gospel Saturation in the Way We Define That Is This Really for Us Is the Why the Conviction of the Wife Christ Together Works to Bring Churches Networks and Denominations in the City Together for the Shared Outcome of the Church Taking Personal Responsibility to Own the Lawlessness of Their Place to Ensure That Every Man Woman and Child Has Repeated Opportunities to See, Hear and Respond to the Good News of Jesus Christ. So about Eight Years Ago. That's How Christ Together Started. We Start with a Handful of Cities, Our Churches Were Coming Together to Offer the Fulfillment and Completion of the Great Commission, We since Grown to 92 Cities with Jumped into Canada Now and We Are Giving or Putting All of Our Cards on the Table All Their Chips and That Vision. You Act like There's an Urgency like like Jesus Might Be Coming Back.

You Act like That People Might Be Dying Going to Hell and You Act like We Need to Get the Gospel That Was Going on Here. Yeah. Now Don't Get Me Started on That One Right.I Think Your Visionary Leader of Vision Has To Have. I Believe Two Things Vision Has To Be Important but Is Not until It Becomes Urgent That Leaders Will Actually Do Anything about It and I Believe One of the Gifts the Lord Is Given Us in This in This Moment in History. This Redemptive Moment in History Is I Believe Desperation Is Beginning to Call the North American Church to Begin to Ask a Different Set of Questions and Hasn't Been Willing to Ask. Namely, for Example, Has God Called You to Simply Leave the Church Was Ecology to Reach a City. Those Are Two Very Different Operating Systems. What If We Began Student to Bring Churches Together in the City and in Ask Questions like This. What Does God Want for Our City and What Would Rise up Out Of Scripture on on How the Lord Would Answer That the Second Question Would Be What Would It Look like If God Had His Way with the People in Place As the Gospel Invaded People's Lives and It Brought Salvation and Sanctification Restoration in the Third Question Is What Would It Take and It Would Take the Church Actually Beginning to See That Were Actually a Part of a Larger Church in the City That We Have a Responsibility to Gather Work Together for This Vision.

I Just Love It When I'm over Here.

I Got a Page You See My on My Calendar. You Take up Five like a Whole Week Year of Notes on My Calendar. Brother Will Play It Is Spoken. His Ministry Is Christ Together and Were Out Of Time Talking Turn This into Two Segments Will Make This a Podcast or One like and Share Just Your Pastor Is Just an Incursion. I Think A Lot Of Times We Throw Missives That Are Pastors like a Unity Doing the Same. Are You Doing This.

It Is a Lesson's Encouragement Was a Hate Pastor Love You and Man I Tell You What, and Be Prepared to Say Pastor Put This on My Shoulders. You Got Enough We Should Already Be Taken Loads.

We Should Already Does Not Need to Become Overly during the Christ Sake. No, but so Christ Together. I Love This the Re-Evangelization of the USA of America. I Love the Word Gospel Saturation Is Love That God Is Because God Called You to Lead a Church, or to Reach a City Is so Cool and You Really You Do One to the Other End Right Is so so Challenge Everyone Real Quick Kind of on the Great Commission. If You Would Notice 2.5 Billion People Thought They Were Question by the Way, to Ask, I Asked the One Most Controversial Pastors on Internet and in I Probably Not. I Was Going Everything Discouraging. Pastor Greg Locke and He's Got All Pastors around.

Neither Salesman Is Jesus.

These Two Radical Organizers, a Bandit with What World We Got All the Sudden We Got This Know Judge Israel Is Going Nuts and Shame Is Always Advisable Is Right, but He Asked This Question. I Was so Excited That He Had a Misty Logical Passion to Reach the Nations and All I See This Pastor Will Put Head of Christ Together. Your Website Is What I Would Tell Several Quick Christ Can Find Everything Christ Ago Don't Work 2.5 Billion People on a Plane and Never the Gospel. Why Are We Still Here.

Why Is Jesus Coming to His Home. Why Does Matthew 2416 Say in This Gospel Increase in Older All the Earth, All the Earth and Then Ian Will Counsel You Talk about Your Passion, Your Waking Passion with Christ Together for Listing to Do Something about That Glaring Problem of 2.5 Billion of 1500+ Languages the Drawing of the Bible Translator Language We Got Brilliant Erudite Kids, Even Our Christian Knows They Could Go to Countries Leaders Can Do Seven about Your Challenge Is Great a Sink Only Three Things Come to Mind Stew One I Believe It Starts with Prayer Starts with Desire and It's up It's a Dangerous Prayer. It's It's Same Jesus, Help Me to See the Harvest the Way You See the Harvest Because without a Bird in the Conviction for That. It Really Doesn't Ever Go Anywhere. So Would You Be Willing to Pray That Both Prayer I Think. Secondly, It's a Posture of Leaders.

I Love How Tim Hawks, Pastor of Hill Country Bible Church in Austin Texas.

He Says It This Way, Do You View Yourself As the Pastor of a Church in the City or Do You View Yourself As a Pastor of the Church in the City Now That Begins to Lift Your Eyes a to See the Harvest and the Responsibility and I Was Sick the Third Thing Very Quickly Is I Honestly Think That We Have Viewed the Great Commission in the Wrong Light That Most Most Pastors and Everyday Christians View the Great Commission Simply As Aspirational That We Should Be about That and Organizational End, We Probably Should Organize Our Church and Do Some Things That You Know Move toward That but the Great Commission Was Is Geographical and It's Generational.

If We Begin to View Great Commission As It's for a People and a Place That God in His Sovereignty Has Placed Me for Time Such As This That Then Begins to Activate the Great Commission and Moves It from Simply Being Important to Now Being Urgent, but Supports and Puts a Fetus Where Some Shoe Leather. Give Us a Book of James on Acting. Living Is Outliving out What You Just Talked about the Great Commission, Which Owns Our Listeners Right Now. Pastors Listening You Know People. Young People Listening Special Put This All over the Grandma Want People to Hear This, This, Is Broadcast Podcast Remake and Viral Will Put Christ Together. What You Say There Were Undoubtedly Two Children There Say What I Do Know I Love Jesus. What I Do Now Give Us a Give Us a Practical Next Step Will You Please Absolutely Imagine Stu If Every Christian Understood in a Deeper Sense of Their Identity and Who They Were in Christ and What Jesus Is Actually Called All of Us to. So If You're an Everyday Christian Who Just Works a Regular Job like the Majority of All of Us.

Every Believer in Christ Equals a Missionary in Every Missionary Equals an Opportunity and Pray. Again, a Dangerous Prayer.

God Give Me One Person over the Next Year.

He Was Far from God, but Close to Me. Imagine Just the Impact That Would Have If We Did That with One Person and Then the Next Year. That Person Did with One Person That Did It with Another Person When You Fast for That You Actually Begin to Disciple a City, Think Again.

This Is Where We Start. Do We Start with What's My Discipleship Strategy for My Church, or Are We Starting with How We Work with Other Churches and Other Christians to Disciple Our Neighborhoods Join My Mind Will Every Human Being I Come in Contact with the Doctor, a Lawyer Teacher Friendly Young Man in a Coffee Shop and so but Is Not a Good Way to Approach Everyone. How Can We Have Intentionality in Every Relationship We Have Pairing That What You Just Described Think It's Acknowledging That Africa What Pastor Said Years Ago. But He Said You Never Lock Eyes with Someone, the God Doesn't Desperately Love and so How Would We Live with Kind of the Apostle Peter Talks and I Think Second Peter 39. I Believe That You Know Guises Are None Paris All Come so Obviously Were Not Responsible. We Can't Save Anybody but Are Our Responsibility. Stu Is to Be an Ambassador That If If I Work for a Coffee Shop for Almond Employee on the Disciple and I Think We Just We Kind of Buried Are a Calling That before. I'm a Husband and a Father on the Disciple and That the Disciple Has To Inform the Way I Live My Life and When I Get That Calling Out Of Order. We We Begin We Fail to Actually See the Harvest It's All in Front of Us Will Click. We Are Five in a Conversation Turn A Lot Longer. I Hope You Will like Oprah Share This Everywhere You Go. Social Media Will Take a Picture so They Can Get a Good Look at You I Got a Facial Radio You Your Lot Sharper Than Me. Christ Get Plugged into This Network Get Get Involved Reach Your Neighbor for the Gospel and Be a Kingdom Great Commission Minded Believer and Thank You for Being a Part of the Show Today. Thank You Brother.

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