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Defending Religious Liberties!

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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November 4, 2020 1:00 am

Defending Religious Liberties!

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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November 4, 2020 1:00 am

Stu sits down to chat with Christian attorney David Gibbs, founder and president of the Christian Law Association, about defending believers and standing up for what is right.


This is Robby Dilmore from a Christian car guy and King in pursuit where we hear how God takes your passion and uses it to build the kingdom your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it and share it but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing the truth that works. This is the Truth Network's or religious rights are under fire there so you can go to church to turn.

You can't wear little cross necklace to public school, who you call, you call David gives a Christian journey.

I'm with them right now. Know this isn't some lawyer ad on the radio. This is actually true. Thought was Stu Epperson. I'm sitting with one of sitting in a leading Christian attorneys in the world whose help believers, churches, people of faith survive and stand up for what's right and he loves Jesus and he loves the Constitution and he is David gives the third. David, thank you joints today. My friend Stu, it's my honor to be with you and I hold you in your ministry and such esteem and you're absolutely right. We are watching where the Christian faith.

The gospel is under attack in our country and I'm a big believer that the hope of America is not in a courtroom it's not in the state house works not in the White House would be devoutly involved, but it is in the church as God's people need to live and act like God's people and so were honored to stand with thousands of churches across the nation and ministry leaders, broadcasters and others that are the salt and light in making a difference in our country slowly asked this question in everyone's wondering.

And this question goes deeper when there's a guy on the service and there's a deeper component in there so many things you do, who is David Gibbs well I am a legal missionary and what that means is I'm an attorney that is working out for the Lord.

I love that I get to represent Jesus Christ through his people, and I do want to say this were honored to stand in the server but the heroes of the people that are standing there.

Whether it's a mom fighting for the life of her child in the hospital with it's the preacher that's trying to figure out how to effectively minister in a community whether to youth pastor. That is saying how do we minister to these kids are in is broken or troubled home those of the real heroes and so what were honored to do. Oftentimes I think of the analogy of Moses his arms up in the air and then the men came and propped in the children's are prevailed. While he had his arms up while I look at these great heroes like yourself all across the country that had their arms in the air. If we as attorneys can step up and help prop and help keep them strong so they can keep doing what they're doing. That's what were all about hello it just in your brochure. The national Center for life and liberty.

I let this go to the front, if it's wrong find it.

If it's right fight for it, and you have a big picture of a church with the steeple of traditional bell there. David gives what got you into this.

Tell us your story and you come to know Christ living there still be leather think Christian attorney is an oxymoron. Help the spell that forestalls a little bit about your testimony and end your journey into being a legal missionary.

Well, I had the privilege of growing up in a Christian home and I don't take that for granted because I know many children people around the world don't have that faith, heritage, and I even go back multiple generations were some of my grandparents and great-grandparents were involved in church and ministry and so I rejoice that I was able to come from a family that believed in Jesus and then an early age. At a Sunday school teacher. That said, you know what is a place called heaven that we want to go to a place called hell we want to avoid. And I thought wow that makes a lot of sense. And so as I accepted Jesus and I understand you don't get it because of your family or the church you went to. It's a personal decision, but I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior as a young child and then I had a dad that was in the legal world, similar to what you've done with your dad and broadcast ministry and I grew up watching some things I watch some pastors are coming under attack and watch a Christian school, some homeschoolers and others that were watching their faith threatened, and I thought you know what I want to be the kind of person that helps real people with real problems and I went to law school with the vision of being a legal missionary being an attorney and I are starting over 30 years ago and just honored to stay added in, and you mention the model of the NCAA. All you know there's so many things that are wrong in our country and I think people appreciate it when you say you know what with the good spirit. Let's stand against what's wrong, but then also there's a lot of really right things to me that there is the monster love their kids are the pastors administer to their congregation third for people that are the salt and light in the schools are in the workplaces and in those people are doing good things and they need her support and so were honored to stand up for what's right in our country and I encourage people to think about, you know what kind of influence are you having but that is legal missionary attorneys.

I'm honored to stand in support of all the good things you want to do well in your here at this vision conference at colonial banister chose to distant the shepherd seminary great ministry in carrying or throwing or speaking passionately at a dear Nigerian pastor friend here who is is you picking your vast legal brain to to to talk about you to figure out how to navigate through all these issues in churches today.

What is that what what was facing these guys and how are you breath of fresh air to them and encouragement them here at this vision is a shepherd 360 conference your interior or throwing now and by the way this the church. Pastor Dave and the others here in leadership, a dual world-class job ministry and I'm honored to be their lawyer to come in and help provide help to other churches, but I think as we look at, you know, kind of the whole world right now. I think the theme we can all agree it is time to change were different world.

I mean child protection used to be boys with boys. Girls with girls. Now we have all the same sex allegations that we used to be able to gather together without question that we public health and other concerns that have reached our weather safety, security, other areas, a little virus. It's kinda changed the climate of it hasn't all absolutely end and people say when will he get back to normal and instant what I've said is you know it. It is the new norm and we just need to realize that public health is good to be on the minds of people you live. I live in a world where peace needs to say God bless you.

Now we like that put up across the get away from the murder itself is a different world but helping pastors we stress is maximum ministry doing everything God called you to do what to do with minimal liability to do it in a way that you don't create any unnecessary risk weathers the life to health for liability purposes. So for example we just finished a workshop on before this interview were we were talking about the new online world and helping churches navigate that successfully. And so I we are certainly honored as a organization to stand with churches or somebody wants to learn more of our website is NCAA and that we are honored to stand with the folks that want to make a difference whether it's a church leadership or in your own life.

We are legal missionaries wanting to help and I'm looking your brochure right now. I'll really encouraged by the NC LL the national Center for life and liberty David gives is here with me. Who's the head of this organization. I'm Stu Epperson this is truth talk and there's like four prongs of this brochure, and I love sure if I may, church liberties, parental rights and liberties individual liberties and issues of life and I just really each one of these things are near and dear to the heart of God. And so you're here his servant. We are also in a legal space just trying to display God's grace that can be good primarily in legal and illegal space but displaying God's grace. How important is that that is the unity it's the gospel. Within a day where the part of world where our brothers from just across the border in Sudan are killing Christians and they have no legal revisitation and all the legal representation might be corrupt over there so how do you incorporate the gospel in grace into this. Such critical thing that you're doing.

David gives well and Stu, I believe firmly that if we don't fight for liberty.

Here in America. I'm talking individual liberty, life, liberty, gospel liberty church liberty that the rest of the world has no hope because America is the bastion of freedom for the world as well as the sender, missionaries, and so the devil knows that if he can undermine the liberties we have here in America that the gospel would suffer all around the globe. And so we believe firmly that this is the moment to go into the courts going to the legislative halls going to the media's going to pulpit to encourage people that it now is not the moment to be scared. I always think of acts chapter 4 verse 29 of the early church. Lord beholder threatenings, and grant unto thy servants that with all boldness they may speak thy word. And right now we will need renewed boldness with its on the airwaves with her to the church house, whether it's an individual lives.

We need to boldly declare the truth of the word of God love that and in one final word. If you would speak to people out there who are struggling right now struggling with the political acrimony the chaos we speak to the endless love how we started this conversation with you sir about how you made very clear from the beginning who the Supreme Court really is it that Vic Victor the God of the universe. Isaiah 66.

He says have is my throwing the earth is just a footstool. We speak to the ultimate primacy of Jesus Christ as Lord and we challenge everyone listening the importance of his law, his role, his reign, and how that has helps you sleep at night is on how you can sleep at night.

Even as a lawyer you know a whole lot more law that I do. You see a lot more than any of us have, but take us to to the main thing. If you would. Well, and I want to encourage folks with this. Nothing in your life whether it's cancer weathers good health. Whether it's a lot of money or a lot of bills. Nothing in your life catches God by surprise. I think sometimes we give ourselves a lot of stress Stu by trying to control what we can control in the early church faced all of this difficulty hostile government being tortured that the lines burned at the stake, but they boldly declare the truth of the word of God and accepting the fact that God is in control and all we can control is our response or reaction and I always encourage Christians. Whether this is in a court case or in daily life.

Take the right stand line up with the word of God do it the right way we can be pro-life when I can go blow up buildings. That's the wrong way the right stand the right way, but the number three done with the right spirit and I was challenge both your spirit is your testimony left. By the way, what I love about you and your ministry what you do you do with the spirit that lifts up the name of Jesus Christ. David gives her spoken.

He is a legal missionary. I just love that David gives one more time the website and how folks churches pastors individuals that that that need someone like you first advise a sounding board can reach out to.

What's the best connection were phone call or email away. We litigate in all 50 states, but NCAA national Center for like the and see double would be honored to serve any of the churches or any listeners. We answer those questions and we do it as a missionary. No charge to you. This is the Truth Network

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