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A Minister in a Fraternity House

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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October 30, 2020 1:00 am

A Minister in a Fraternity House

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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October 30, 2020 1:00 am

Stu sits down with Pastor Kyle Mercer of Two Cities Church to talk the role of the church in 2020 and Pastor Kyle's own testimony.

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The cuticle offer the devil's worst nightmare, with it's time to man up podcast where we talk to real men who have real stories who realize it is time to man up your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds in joy at Sherritt but most of all, thank you for listening to The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network. The year is 20 2010 to get any crazier.

One thing that's really helped me stay grounded.

Stay encouraged is to be around godly pastors is there role for the church of the living God in a chaotic year a crazier a political year of virus failure like 20 2012 I would want right now. He agreed to visit with me some. He is pastor Kyle Mercer two cities church. Look at the log that discipleship happens in relationships on your conference room pastor Kyle. I'm just glad you're still alive and talking to be brother with 2020. It's been another year it is an incredibly here in a crazier and unprecedented year many ways. I heard someone recently say has anybody tried dipping 20/20 ranch because that's the kind of year it is been and so you know like like just real quick like all churches are almost editors. I know we had to go online only in mid-March for about 15 weeks. We came back with the one service on a Thursday night in June and then we brought our church back with three services.

September 13 I believe was the first Sunday after Labor Day and summer learning were growing a lot this season. Obviously, there has been so much that is happened not just go with a specially coated over the last few months. A last seven months and now of course we look toward the end of the year that the election so you get election you got Kobe to get all that I really love how MN I'm always on the edge of my seat as a Christian radio talkshow suite we having no series on vote your faith and vote not on the slick. We know flowery words of a politician who was anything but vote on the word of God and on and on. While what he says in in-your-face speaks to that and should inform every part of my life and so as soon as you brought up the subject of the election Sunday.

It was in your remarks before your sermons on believers on judges runs on Exodus is the Passover in the cross of love that. But you did you start to make a comment. I don't know what's he got what's Kyle going to say, but we speak. That rubric is in a lot of folks you like have divorced their voting from their faith just like we sadly we divorced no Sunday firm.

From Monday through Saturday.

We speak that were quick and slick student would see his mentioning here is just a couple you do not encourage pastors listen to try do this is ever at the beginning of my sermons often take a few minutes to just give an update celebrate something Cassa vision for something. I took a moment. This past Sunday to talk about our election. I just can't get some context at our church. We are don't talk a ton about politics weekly or nonpartisan church.

It's not in the normal course for life and talking a lot about elections and politics but at the same time we want to complete this out and we we said hey look we started saying here's two reasons we not talk about a time. The first reason we not talk about selection ton is because we thought him, but hearing that never there getting mailers constantly.

Daily massive mailers hanging on the boxes there getting other junk mail and the regular email is full of these kind of advertisements, whether they go on Facebook or listen to radio purity, maybe, but others were there constantly hearing ads about politician residents about the same people need retreat, respite, relief. So we want to provide that. Secondly, we just kind of we want to reaffirm and say hey you we're not a political organization.

We don't have an ultimate political mission. We teach the word of God. We teach the gospel when you teach the word of God. There are on both sides of the other 90 political implications and applications, but we tend to say we tell time. Hey look were dealing at things at the theological level, not at the political level, which for a lot of people. Most things in our lives are either they feel like because of the newsletter things evidence become political, polarizing, or trying to say hey doesn't have to be working with you at a level underneath that Christians can disagree debate divide, discuss on all the wisdom applied the truth or talk about so that that's what I'm saying and then what I said was you know that I told the story of a young couple the first premium accounts and I did this, he had a young couple was during the week we got in for nephews. It was during the 2006 election and this couple comes to me and they look very distraught and this is our second and third sessions I sent out what's going on as I don't need you to be hard. What's going on and they said well Mr. Patrick said, usually the selection and I don't know. I don't know if I had ever had somebody come up to me and that bluntly say you know and in front of them was the same thing. I consider you as I try to be a biocentric historically rooted globally for person.

So as I look at history and I look in the Bible around the world. You nicely with Christians almost and I think it's a good thing you don't want to do but have Crystal and I think Christopher was in three things that always read their Bibles. Instead, I'm we want to be informed of the fact that Harvard was built within five years was being a blaze that is the fact that Christians have always guided education. Solidly, I want to know the Bible and I will note the cameras platforms issues but in that order. And then I want to put my conscience in Paul's very big about never going is your conscience ascription for the Pontius Pilate will have to do. No matter what happens on the number third for the following is trust with this and say my church is easier or harder, but our mission has not and is not well yet you you think about, like religious freedom and those kind of things and you think about like you know God may have to take us Christians behind the woodshed. You know, maybe they would any other church in China. The church words suffered and been under persecution has thrive praying for his mercy. We deftly yard it.

We have an early but you don't have an earlier we we we not we we've really compromised. You know it was so few Christians sharing their faith and show so few Christians giving but but not to not to belabor that pastor Kyle Mercer is the pastor of two cities church in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, won't you say the mission of this church is in II. What I love about talking is you before this conversation before this interview we were celebrating the success of another church and I need to hear. Like in instead of all man what has God bless them for your dollar celebrating that what wise and exciting and will why is the church needed more than ever. This is your local church. I talk about that what we were just talking about the stupid you know what are the things you're saying is that as a church becomes more minority.

Paul's I think everybody's realizing that that was how fast that happened at what rate but I think because resident eight, more than ever, collaboration is just as I've heard it said not just a nicety but necessity so I whirled out the kingdom over over any one local church in the big C church or any individual local church and we realize every pastor simultaneously the pastor a church and a pastor. The church inside. I try to live in this tension so we just celebrated our mission as you asked is to reach every man woman and child mercy, and to get them repeated opportunity see him in this. Accordingly, people in our city with self so we realize we need to multiply need to multiply me to clobber evil you start your church everyone like what you doing start this church. What you think of there so many churches and Winston-Salem. It's in the Bible belt, tell us about that rationale why can't have enough of this kind. What I mean two things.

One, which, by the drug God has been doing since Raven got part of his is a deep conviction genuinely that every city and I can't think of any sentence needs more churches needs more good gospel preaching churches and in need to dwell in God's already doing and I think men like Tim Keller and others as it was for pastor in Manhattan. He talks at length about that. I guess the research on the little but that the new churches tend to reach new people were there, they are more likely to reach a new type of person they live in a town name.

It was so one of the things of God assesses what were the new church was new people working and that's that's what's going on here are two cities in the heat really were interviewing a local pastor who kind of encourage and challenge all our pastors out there and there were another to get plugged in and out Telstra.

Click the back story on Kyle Mercer know how you came to Christ, you talk about it when you free to let you integrate your testimony and we appreciate you spent little time it Duke University.

How pastor went from being a blue devil to a pastor's got to take us to the salvation story Lindo how God really cemented some things for your ministry at Duke now and Durham with thanks, make a brief yes I got picture Pennsylvania that great parents and when I grew up as a normal Catholic and all I can say is I was not looking for.I does not.

I was not going to depression debt, divorce, death, any listings but God brought a godly use a junior in high school time. He his life, and show Jedlicka's life is radically changed and I am one of those people who was God used a relationship or friendship, and personal evangelism.

When I was in public high school in picture, Pennsylvania and the gospel became real me I would put normal Catholic side heard Jesus is God and people are simple and you know that Jesus is Lord and sin is terrible, but all it became very personal like him like Christ at 16, felt immediately, genuinely even immediately call to full-time ministry within the first month I was like it was that it was a CNC form but excellent it.

I go on the basically the rest were urges and up down here North Carolina I got on the University and I get involved with campus outreach. There is a great ministry. I grow a ton going on staff with them and then later I end up at Duke where I could tell some really exciting stories that I spent about four years at Duke doing fraternity ministry so ministry to the fraternities.

That's all I did visit the only hairspray going wing… Yeah, he's going to measure the return on what kind of parties going on but what a mission field. Below is the biggest thing biggest take away from that in your own life to be in that kind of context sharing the gospel meningitis. I mean learning a lot praying a lot is needing the gospel need to see the power of the gospel, realizing I had never been around so many people who were far from God because to me you know I would meet somebody that was out from your savings are you sure you wear from Intel core 85th and seventh while here's a guy who literally grew up in New York City and it will be switching genuinely. I remember meeting with very well-educated guys freshman and sophomore, junior, and they literally the. The Bible literacy of the average young American millennial is that would be educated and everything else that would be going to talk to in school and do and yet they would know the difference field, they would have no understanding of even what Christians believe a part of.

I would say that is I want to tell you the gospel so you can generally either accept or reject what you actually know what it is because it's not even in the public square of ideas for the average person is certainly Duke that is some else. What did give us 11 going away story Biddle gonna give us a challenge especially of that mission field you have a heart for mission general heart for evangelism. I love being around you. Your challenge and your people to go out to make disciples. What give us a maybe a story from Duke that that would encourage us little bit from that experience as a as a campus minister going to France to lead them to Christ.

While my favorite story in the first really comes to my mind is I and starting class there subsidy divinity student laws doing that so that was, my Roman citizenship to get around the campus to Fiona to be a chaplain on campus or do what you did. You had to be a motivation which assures a bastion of conservative that's for another podcast radio composition, but I will say this, so I remember I went around to some of the Christians and Did Know for My Church and I Said What Is the Craziest Return and I Particularly It's It's Kind of a It's a It's a Philosophy Ministry and in the Missing Scripture That Went up Although He Always Went to the Heart. The Ozment Concentric. He Always Went to the Heart's Place or Summer Thing. What Is the Hardest Turning They Gave His Name to Three Different People and They Actually Don't Know You Do Not Want to Go There. You Don't Talk to Him and I Was or What I Said I Would Go to the Next Week I Decided to Go to the Hardest Turning I Went up to the Different House. I Knocked on the Front Door and without This. Is This Really Happen without Knowing Who Was in Charge There. Some Guy Opens the Door of Her House, and I Say I Would like to Talk to Your Present and He Turns around.

I Can Vividly See My Money Turns and Looks Upstairs. This Jackson Was Here to See You and I Thought One Ejects the Present Statements Are No Jacket Downstairs. I Said Jack Hey I'm Kyle and I Witnessed Things I Set on This Student Here at School. Is There Anything Offer to Pray for Spiritual Leadership and He Said No.

I Said so You Any Guys Financially Are Getting Ready and Academically Ready and Socially Get Ready.

There's Nothing No One Come off. Jennifer's Preclusion Said I Have a Civil and I Said Let's, Let's Figure Next Operating an Offer to Be a Job and He Said It's Tuesday Night. Wow, and I Said I'll Be There and That Begin a Journey I Had to Get Ready in about 48 Hours to Speak to about 100 Who Did Not Want to Hear from You Wild Crazy and That the Crazy Attorney and from Their Independent Have an Instrument and How Does That Assures Impact You Being a Low Pastor. Now the Local Church Here. Would You Say I Have A Lot Of Inflows. I Guess I Know You Think It Inputted Me Just a Conviction of the Power Scripture I Found That When I Tried to Talk about a Bunch of I'm Going to Talk about Issues of the Day. And All This Because of Somewhat Helpful but They Had Guard but When I Say Guys Can We Take What I Did Know My Studies Was Either Hey Can We Walk through the Gospel of John We Walk through the Gospel. Marta and Just Let the Power of the Word in the Life and Ministry of Jesus Christ Speak for Themselves and That That's When I Felt like I Was Actually Making Traction in the People's Heart and They Been in the Teaching of Sin and Grace Was Becoming Real for People Is the Voice of Pastor Kyle Mercer to City's Church in Winston-Salem North Carolina. If You Could Speak Grow Quickly As We Wrap up about the Importance of Church to People He Knows One of the Barnett Statistics. If It's True, Which Is Scary Says over 40% of Christian Radio Listeners That Would Listen to a Show like Truth Talk with Stu Epperson. Our Show over 40% Are Unchurched. Would You Speak the Importance of Really Getting Plugged in and and Maybe the Keynote of the Things to Look for It in the Church. The Other Ports of the Word. Things like That That You Found Are Axiomatic to Cities, to Be a Pastor to Pastors Right Now and Also Everyone out There That's Really Needs to Get Plugged in with a Been Put It Often, Maybe with COBIT Kind of Lighten up, They Can Get Back, That's Great. Yeah We We Say Here That Every Every Christian Needs a Church and That He Never Was Awesome As a Communion Christian and Not a Part Church Cannot Say While Okay Maybe It's Very Unique and That Would Be like Being a Baseball Player. If You The Sample Basically Said What Team They Will Not That's Weird That You Play Catch with Yourself. You Play against Batting Practice Unit Unit into Offense and You Know What What It May. Every Christian Needs of Churches like Every Person Needs. Are There People Who Do Have Homes There Are with the Bathtub. We Have To Create Entire Ministries for Them and It Is Obvious Every Time We Look at Them That Things Are Not Right with Them and so I Would Say That Yes Absolutely Every Christian Needs a Home. It's Impossible to Obey the One That Is in Scripture, Part of Church I Think You Need to Go Okay What Is It like for Me to Forgive Other People, Real People, Inviting People That I Know Was a Litany of Two for Two Telephone to Carry Burdens so You and What You Look for in Church and I Think You You Mentioned That the Main Thing I Think at the End of the Day It Needs to Be the Preaching of the Word Is the Word of God That Creates Churches Thought They Let You Pick the Wrong Understanding As the Church Created the Work. Now It's the Opposite. It's Actually the Word Creates a Church and I Think That People Can Handle A Lot Of Different Things in a Church like Different Secondary Issues. If the Word Is the Truth of the Word Is Taught and Applied. Plus, It's Also Recently Had Pastors Appreciation Month We Speak As a Pastor to Other Pastors to Challenge Them to Be Vigilant and to Be in the World to Be Men of the Book in OC. It Seems like Were Dancing around That Were Were Told A Lot Of Good Stories A Lot Of Interesting Analogies but but We Speak How Important It Is in Your Pulpit but How Important Just Challenge the Pastors Will You out There Are No A Lot Of Look up to You but Just Give a Word We on That yet. What Students Harassing Me That I Am in Genuinely I Would Say the Pastors. Thank You for Your Ministry. Thanks for What You're Doing and I Know This Last Year, I Feel the Pastors Because the Slip. This Is Not What the Average Pastor Signed up for 2020. There Was No What You Do with Masks in My Seminar Class. You Know How You Walk through Global Pandemics. Let Me Just Say to the Pastors. First of All Thank You and a and Second of All Yeah I Would Just Say Lean into the Word. The Word Is the Power of God Is What Controls Is What Convicts Is What Comforts and Utilized to Me That the Whole Ministry That the Entire Ministry Is Will the Car. RR Ministry through through This Radio Program Is Open Bible Open like I Would Just Encourage Pastors to Lean Both to in This Season, Continuing to Open up the Bible.

That's Authority and Open up Your License, Authenticity, and I Think What People Need to Think of the Power That Happens Is When We Open up Our Bibles and Open up Our Lives Whether That's Happening from the Pulpit or Fence Happening around the Dining Room Table or Drinking While Pastor, Jacques, If You Will Find out More about Pastor Carl about Your Church Not to Seize Church Others Want to Learn a Lesson.

Your Sermons Was the Best Way Easiest Way Is to Everything You Want to Find Sermons Content. Our YouTube Channel Get to Our Podcast. Find out about Our Church and We Believe It's All Okay.

If You Think He's Electric on His Interview, You Should Hear Him Preach and I Caught a Little Bit of a Sermon Sunday We Was Talking about the Passover and Talking about the Cross and How They Connected Brilliant but I Really Enjoyed That One Part in That Your Associate Is in Hereto, and He's Going to Smile When I Say This, You Talked about How They Had to Eat Fast Is That I'm a Fast Eater Is Also Your Also Good Talk Faster Preach That Very Fast, but There's Work to Be Done Right That's Right It's Right. God Bless You.

Thanks so Much. This Is the Truth Network

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