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Truth Talk With Stu Epperson - Big City & Down Home

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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October 8, 2020 11:21 am

Truth Talk With Stu Epperson - Big City & Down Home

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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October 8, 2020 11:21 am

Stu goes big and Stu goes small BUT BOTH have such wonderful stories of faith and a love of Jesus.  Meet a Big Apple Pastor and a sweet local broadcaster.

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This is Robbie doing more from a Christian car guy and kingdom pursuit where we hear how God takes your passion and uses it to build the kingdom your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it and share it but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network network. This is the Truth Network he's a pastor he's from New York City he's there in New York City passing and he is taking on an initiative to reach black lives of gospel, and he just a message about black life gospel pastor David talk to me about your passion tells ligatures Yeah well I think first of all, our churches, doing what I think most good churches should do, which is reach the people around you with the gospel and then disciple those people and be a part of the process we are partnering with God's people being transformed into the image of Christ rights.

We have churches right now, but they don't do transformation part.

There giant kind of a parties for a salvation moment.

So not only are they not reaching outside of the building. They are not doing the transformation part inside the building and something we landed in New York City and started church and is inimical to bridges which is primarily projects neighborhood. Now there are some nonprofits going to do a lot of project buildings there. We landed there, in part, to minister to a broken community a lot of broken poor Chinese Blacks, a lot of broken and poor people in the neighborhood and so we're you know my family and my team are a group of people that are intentional about not just creating place great lights and great shown a great expense for you and I that's comfortable saying listen the gospel must compel us to see transformation. My father said to me, long time ago about one of the major revivals in the last 50 years. He seems talking to on the individuals who was of the drivers during that movement, and he said as her city changeable.

After everything happened after the hundreds of thousands of people has visited our city hasn't changed at all. I can't detect a single change in the city will be doing if that's the case, the testimony of Christianity were trying to do something that looks more like the early church in the black lives matter movement is really impacted New York City and you know what, the fact is black life you dive like life so that we that that's an easy one, but going beyond the messages given passes passion message arm of the Falkirk center of the capsular University bringing Christ and culture in impacting the cultural price will make an impact rocksalt light. What are you doing, is he really had us in moving through us right in and you release you spoke head on against price is located on against racism in Utah you compare prejudice to the coronavirus.

I thought I was a remarkable comparison about that about deeper solutions to what some of us can live in the shallow end with Jan of the main issues we have an ideological system right now that is substitute gospel gospel does two things that bring salvation brings reconciliation in this movement is saying, salvation will come through economic prosperity which is not our gospel are cut thousands of salvation comes her death into death resurrection. That's the cross and then reconciliation doesn't come by equalization people reconciliation comes to forgiveness and not also come to the cross. So this whole concept that's pervasive around remaining major urban centers in United states were certainly New York City and in our churches. It's breaking people because they're believing that a diabolic narrative that says you will receive liberation economically and then when you've shut Cheryl, your grievances will first 2013 says love keeps no record of wrongs. So what you mean my giant record of grievances. That's the opposite of what love does and so were just trying to not standing for anything new or saving for something old which is the old rugged Cross which is reconciliation by faith in Jesus and then walking away the images mirrors attempts to anyway). Get it right all the time comes to marijuana pastor Dave you want to look you up what how they find you in New York City. Our churches kings church. In this case the and there's all kinds of links at your website, your twitter might inside only twitter MSI instruments Englehart_ESQ Englehart, a pastoral heart and his name is generated on is a ramp to sort if the cadet will do little picture but I love how you just love it when a pastor goes head-on, leans right into an issue in the culture of neurons talking about it you know we got likewise matter. You know on the streets of what you know in which you lean into it with Christ and the gospel in this is where Jesus he went where we where the pain was in him and that's what what your challenge to churches to pastors out there you know to expository God and let the word of God in your message you get going to action. Galatians and new house we been bewitched in the prejudice that even Peter the apostle was a racist guy had a healing to that vision a steady God never Peter said he got never I never do that right and then he went to Neverland.

It wasn't wasn't Neverland with Peter Pan Q was Neverland beauty apostle and Cornelius in acts chapter 10 right exactly what I mean listen to right on in the Gospels we have Peter apostle life as he messes up the most beautiful thing that I were not saying to people that have accidentally or let's say in answer been seduced by a biased system were saying we look at seduced by citizens but the antidote to that seduction is is the plain word of God. My daddy said for years. The plain truth is the main truth in the main truth is the plain truth need to go into some kind of academic system of ideas and then select attached to that to the gospel. The gospel is sufficient for reconciliation in the heart of man, and to give me a new life to pursue a full garden life with God.

So the solution is the gospel of Jesus Christ. Get a pastor New York City in your church looks a lot more like heaven to most churches.

You got telephone about the cross-cultural the power of ministry were you looking at a lot of different faces is not a nose.

Not your typical white church lectures churches it so everyone yeah and and and I'm talking on my phone allotment really what he's modeled his passing model that kind of church so you you become what you're modeled by an instant me that in heaven there is every tribe and every time I think I remember reading that summer right all these different tribes and people groups and nations that are blended together this beautiful wife.

That doesn't say those nuances are beautiful and important and fun to celebrate, but that means that we become a tapestry in Christ. And so you know it's been a challenge to love people from other backgrounds and have a lot of people seduced.

Not all but a lot of people seduced by message that is an alternative gospel itself, which can stand to go to doing and loving people independent of the background what they look like regular that was kind of surface level issues and pursue Christ in the heart of people yesterday with David Ehrhardt, pastor 2.5 billion people on planet Earth right now. I've never heard the gospel, the glorious name of Jesus Christ. What you say them. Well you say to us about leaving here, I think your listeners get out there.

You get a job to do right and people don't recognize is a circle of influence that any individual can engage you, me, my neighborhood like Winn-Dixie's a big city but were in a very small neighborhood in that city were in a very small city and we have across the street whole neighborhood that we can touch, so if worked faithful in the little will be ruler of the much too many people are trying to be ruler over much without having been faithful managers overtime and harassing kings church leader Pastor David had hoped to hear the rest of this interview and all of our great segments, including my interview with Mike Huckabee on my podcast is check out network podcast of Truth Podcast Network and look for true thought and I was able to pull aside one of our newest members of the Truth Network team's name is Dave Compton and he's been spinning records for how long Dave, southern gospel music since 1975 Steve along to. He's on an AM station in Greensboro north on AM 950 W PET is right. That's exactly why the station that I been associated with for over 42 years and I was away for a while, but the Lord put everything together and just to cultivate with the Truth Network to continue my 43rd year which started January 11 of this year and is so closely like to showcase a lot you to meet some of the people that I work with here in wherever you are. Everyone has, I think a soft spot for the southern gospel music.

But we love talk all kinds of broadcasters, whether it's music or talk or ministry or we encounter Christian politicians on the show.

Can you believe that would Dave tell her what how you got saved regrade all of this testimony was saved in the 1970 Grady Wilson Crusade that came to our little town of Reidsville, North Carolina, and he was part of the Billy Graham Association, I was able to communicate this to the Billy Graham staff or staff member of of how they became a Christian and that's where it started and you and then as time went on, our family got in church. I'm sure that this was a follow-up of the crusade. Workers and I remember my dad loading up all of the family and in his Oldsmobile took us all the church and I looked on that little P with loss of a Road Baptist Church to an all seven of us filled up one. When I looked at that and I thought while it is so and long story short, we are pastor died. We had a new pastor that came in pastor Harold Townsend who was very instrumental in radio. He got me interested started taking me to the radio station and you not, started out answering the phone stand and then he would put the only air a little bit and one night he says you'll run this control board said yes I do so he got me my first job at WW WW MON resale so you been doing radio how long it's been, how many EEA total lady since you are held when you start, how many years of a new radio 16 years of age and she will 1975 so 45 years and you're still going still going strong. I still feel like I'm a kid Dave Compton in he's just that he loves the Lord and you can learn more about Emmett indigestible WPD if the evergreens were not tireless and that AM 950 what your quick message about the Lord everyone listing tough political times you know we got all the stuff going on will getting sick in a lot of letter just darkness and sadness out there which are challenged to keep looking up real quick and last of 15 seconds well halfway put your faith and trust in the Lord. And this is something that's helping me you guys to be kind of fearful and and I went through a terrible time. You know, being away from PET and scared of the covert, but I'm trusting the Lord and he is put that inner peace, so I want everybody to just stay strong, stay faithful and stay focused. But stay safe is what this is the Truth Network

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