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Stu Interviews Governor Mike Huckabee

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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September 17, 2020 10:00 am

Stu Interviews Governor Mike Huckabee

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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September 17, 2020 10:00 am

Stu sits down with Mike Huckabee to talk faith and politics.


This is Robbie Gilmore from the Christian card I am king in pursuit where we hear how God takes your passion and uses it to build the kingdom your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds.

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This is the Truth Network, the governor is in the house. Gov. Mike Huckabee in order to sit with him. Gov. Huckabee were at the Falkirk center. This is really the epicenter of faith in all kinds also obeys God's doing and you are here speaking at this amazing face on it. It is just good to see you.

You've written a new book but I can't think of a better time history to talk to the governor than right now there's lots.

Rule another weather is, I think Christians need to be mindful that we are at a precipice of our nations history and future people my age are probably gonna be okay… Lot in home plate and beat the throw from centerfield but my grandkids aren't unless something truly changes in terms of our culture were seeing our cities burned and looted and robbed same people who were defending lawlessness. The sad thing is receiving a lot of young evangelical Christians coming out of what should be strong biblical base churches, but there there taking a worldview on that is not biblical. And so it if those kids are confused about marriage in life and the value of every human life. We shouldn't be shocked that there are people out in the secular world who are very confused. Or maybe they're headstrong and very committed with a committed something that is an outright lie so that I say this to that the battle is spiritual, we we tend to think of it is it's political it's organizational it's economic know it spiritual and we have to help people to understand that and use you really point this out in your new book, the three season all you talk about that because used to be a Christian parent would want their kid to go to Harvard as they would learn the Bible they learn Greek they learn Hebrew they learn later in a Christian worldview, a paradigm that was thoroughly biblical. So what happened and talk about your book and how it's really the poster even this thing up. Well, the book really focuses on the three C's that made America great.

The underpinnings of our country which were the Judeo-Christian worldview, so it's Christianity capitalism in the Constitution and without any of those three things this country literally does fold it. It just doesn't make it. Most people don't know the heritage of America. The history example every Ivy League school, with the exception of Cornell was started to train ministers started as a Christian institution unapologetically and part of the requirement for the students at Harvard, for example, which was named after John Harvard, a young minister died at the age of 31 and left what little he had including his library to the starting of the school, his statue sits in the middle of Harvard Square and I wonder when kids pass, that every day. They realize that they're part of a university. Started name of a minister that required the students of Harvard to study and memorize Scripture twice a day. That was part of the require you couldn't be a student Harvard if you didn't do that. Not just the ministerial students but every student. I think they've kind of drifted a little from that in Yale University Princeton.

All of the major Ivy League schools. These were bastions of Christian education and they clearly have left their roots.

If you will, but we need to be unapologetic in understanding that the reason that Christianity is the heart beat of America's founding is because it believed in individualism.

This is what made America unique.

That's a Christian idea that I don't go to heaven on a group plan. I go to heaven. This individual have to relate to Jesus Christ personally, I can't say, families are Christians on the Christian did work like that. I have to personally account for my sins. Personally trust Christ is that individualism versus collectivism, which is at the heart of the battle that were seen today in our culture and society and politics are we collectivist or are we individuals am I who I am because of my race, my ethnicity because of my wealth or lack thereof, or because of the associations that I have in a union are as a feminist RMI who I am because I'm an individual and I'm not stuck, Graham started.

Nobody can hold me back. That view of America that view that we are individuals and were not victims. We have opportunity may be little harder for some of us than others, but we can't be held only to our collective group, not when we get to this motion are place where we are now where people become collectivist we start erasing not just our heritage. We erase our health.

Well as the voice of Gov. Mike Huckabee you go check out his awesome new book we get. This is a star-studded group in the Army. I'm in the green room he's about to go on stage is amazing with the Lord's doing through you.

You have a great impact your ear.

Yet the pastor had the of the political hat now. A lot of folks listen truth talks affiliates nationwide all over the place will be greater group Salem stations carriers would run AFR Truth Network no there there is Democrat Republican. There was a whole swath of it, but we really focused on the phase Barbara talk real quickly to people about how important it is to vote and how important it is devote your faith. Is this something that you used is your faith divorced from your vote does Jesus go on the voting booth with me. We speak of that because people need of trumpets so mean and I don't like the alternative August in a sit this one out. Gov. Mike Huckabee. How important is it to engage right now in our culture with lot lot on the online here. If people do not understand the power of government against their faith. They must of been asleep for the past six months were living in the timer government is telling churches you can open and if you doing only have 10 people even if you're a facility with seat 5000 OU can't sing and you can't even get in your parking lot and when the government get that power, they've never had it that's that's pretty frightening and something visible but this just because of the virus open is he gonna be because of something else wanted to going to be because we believe in biblical marriage. When is that gonna be so unacceptable in our culture that a government tells us we can no longer meet and will pay taxes on all the property that the church owns the people need to wake up and understand that there is an assault.

It's a spiritual assault but there is an assault going against the people of God the things of God, and most importantly, the word of God. If Christians don't vote then were to get the government we deserve. But it will not be the government we want, so that a child now if you haven't seen the Mike Huckabee TV show Tower one real big shameless plug. This is great it's star-studded it's it's awesome.

It's on telling it worldwide really well. The great thing about the show that I'm enjoying it comes on TBN every Saturday at eight and 11 Eastern then on Sunday at 9 o'clock Eastern runs on Newsmax on Monday but it's it's not so much a show that is overtly religious. We have people who are very committed Christians that we turn loose. Unlike it is on secular television, but we want to show that is informative and entertaining, encouraging, enlightening, and I think we've achieved it in a wonderful studio in Nashville where we end up with all sorts of variety just enough politics to keep it interesting, but not so much that makes you want to go bite your hair on fire. So we have music and acrobats in comedians and a lot of human interest stories that remind you there are some great people doing terrific things out in America hospitalization what you're doing. Take us home with your number one passion the Lord Jesus Christ.

How his Lordship, he is Lord of all is so important not just in your life, but for everything related to our country because it is worth the earth will pass away right, but he's coming back to King well to the great news. I think for all of us is that no matter how bad things get in the world is overcome the world and he's in me and him and him America may not make it that those of us who are in Christ will I want America to make it and fight hard that it will but worst-case scenario America falls Jesus still stands in my hope is not in ultimately a government it's in the Lord God through the person of Jesus Christ.

Also on the campus of Liberty University Falkirk center awesome faith summit. Gov. Mike Huckabee and we got some more awesome guest tube. It grateful for you were praying for you.

You got you've been a great influence on my family my life and were pumped about your new book the three C's ever get that book and read it reads your kids. God bless you sir thank you much.

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