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How do Christians Deal with Trump? With Dr. Michael Brown

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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September 5, 2020 5:00 am

How do Christians Deal with Trump? With Dr. Michael Brown

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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September 5, 2020 5:00 am

Stu talks with The Line of Fire's own Dr. Michael Brown about his new book Evangelicals at the Crossroads: Will We Pass the Trump Test?

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This is Robbie Gilmore from a Christian car guy and kingdom pursuit where we hear how God takes your passion and uses it to build the kingdom your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it and share it but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing the truth network. This is the Truth Network okay friends Stu Epperson here truth talking him to see your name and that name is going to conjure up a lot of angst. It's in a conjure up so you can get real excited about that name, and say all he has to come on buddy, so you get romantically going to bring that name up and I don't know where I'm going with his name yet.

It might surprise a little bit, but the name is Donald J Tromp, what you do with Tromp. What Christians do with this guy. He's all over the place you're wondering what do I do who I vote for. You know what about stuff he said stuff is done. What about the meanness you sent.

Sometimes in the you know other things, rebel without a cause herein. Is he got no experience is present, but most importantly, what was a Christian do. Looking at the selection. This is a big election year. There's some heat on either side. There's some heat in there some hate. There's Christians only to talk to each other. Because of this guy. What is happened to his rental. I'm grateful for our guest who is a talkshow host. He's a well published author. He's brilliant in linguistics. He's written all kinds of books including commentaries on the Bible.

His name is Dr. Michael Brown and he's written a book called evangelicals at the crossroads will we pass the Tromp test so Dr. Brown you just you'll know how to shy away from controversy to you my friend now got a call. You might as well be constructed. I don't look for something controversial to dive into try to increase ratings get more viewers or listeners or readers into at this.

These are the controversies we face these challenges in the struggle for God's people have to sort out so I want to do my best to lean into them really work through the issues and then present a Christlike strategy for God's people in the midst of confusing crazy world yeah and let me let me ask you about you. This is really fascinating because there's a lot of things we know. Christians talk about you and I have debated things. We debated the gifts of the Holy Spirit. We debated issues and I love debating with you because you never insult me and in the course you your your lot smarter than me, which I'm not. I don't enjoy that part, but you're very gracious and I was in your radio show, but I further show that I've heard people get mad. I heard African-American colors just get mad about Tromp and you didn't even come out promoting trumpet you are talking about it.

What is it about this president that has so many people just incensed and angry and if you wear his hat you know they would they want to they want to clock you. What is it about this present that's that's what in your perspective is a talkshow host is someone who's trying to you again. Like you said, engage the culture like I was a preacher of the gospel long before talkshow host cell gospel and their really cute distinct answers to why double crop is so controversial. On the one hated by the world because he's taking great. He's a strongly pro-life president and Republican national convention this week. Abby Johnson speaks with a strong pro-life message. The horrible procedure that abortion is come to the Lord for the pro-life cause.

Any president history.

He stood upright religious liberty is kept his word to the embassy to Jerusalem.

He is taking on the political status quo. He's taking on the biased media because of that there is a lot of hostility member the same Hollywood that despises him just want to be honest, the celebrity apprentice show, you know.

So in, in point of fact, things are are dramatically different in terms of his stances. So on that on the one hand he's he's absolutely hated and despised that, on the other hand he carries himself in a way that generates animosity.

He can be really nasty. He can be petty. You can be juvenile, he can be same scanned he to be insensitive, I think during the primaries writing like him during the primaries and I voted for him again so he could but Melanie Sematech was his wife during the primaries and then claim that cake was his father was involved in the assassination of JFK and throwing people under the bus. Likewise unnecessary.

What what why even say that white and white and you just had a big victory so you write you have this guy look. He gives a great speech on Mount Rushmore inspirational speech great speech for civil rights and then the next day.

Within hours, he's going after Bob Wallace, the NASCAR driver reason why are you doing that out of his a lot of who he is in his New York brashness it creates all kinds of enemies and then he gets complex because when Christians vote. Fran, the same evangelicals who say morality matters, character counts and I lay this all out in the book evangelicals and crossroads. When Christians who been shouting. Morality is the thing the where the values voters vote for a guy who made his money yell is the real estate mogul in casino operator strip club for an altar past been married three times and posting about his adulteries and the nasty guy in all this. Now were voting for him and say he is our man. We seem hypocritical. So how do we sort that out. That's why I wrote but okay. I do believe when it comes time to vote. It's a simple, pragmatic choice and reporting about policies and decisions made which case I think Tromp will do a much better job than I Hillary in terms of fighting for the unborn in terms of standard religious liberty in terms of pushing back against radical LGBT Q activism school interest standard for Israel in terms of opposing maturity of China facing down Iran. I bought 100 to 1 over by or before that Hillary have to defend him.

Okay, so look to figure okay so let's throwing this other one about helping the poor because the perception by a lot of people as well. The Democrats care about poor people they care about the downtrodden trunk can't stand those poor rubies a rich drilling are what you say that about you know is he the guy this can really help the poor, the week the minorities that the African-American community. It's been you know Beaton and beleaguered all these years. So when it comes to actually doing that will help the impoverished communities or those who may have a striker to against them based on where they are raised and how they're brought out Jackie them a lot before the virus economy was thriving and that meant the lowest unemployment rates that we had recorded for black Americans nightly Hispanic Americans as well. Criminal justice reform help black Americans more than anyone else in terms of unfair incarceration sort length of sentences and things like that so that next major Tromp investing in historic black colleges and universities in ways that not been done before. I was reading an article in the New York Times that week we better be better nip this in the bud because Tromp is doing a lot of good for the black community and they may just turn and vote for him and we better stop this now so I know that the Democratic argument has been that the Democrats care for the poor, the Republicans don't I said Republicans have to do a much better job in reaching out messaging and saying we actually do care but we believe is a better system than the welfare system and that the Democratic way of keeping people impoverished in the inner-city. So just about getting the message out and then bottom line. Americans vote in a very pragmatic way to say hey I have a job now and I did have one before and my families doing better more in our check taxes. The Lord that a lot of Americans in a boat based on certain ideals and principles, but that's major know you. The whole idea Tromp enjoys putting children cages that knowing some people believe it, but at least we get the truth that okay that's the voice of Dr. Michael Brown is passionate about the truth and I tell you this is one of the most objective books I've read.

He doesn't come out your full-blown is a advertorial for present Tromp exp comes out and says some pretty honest and candid remarks and endpoints.

He's got a whole chapter on never traversed.

There's a lot out there evangelicals who have sworn bill will die before the vote for Donald Trump's book is entitled evangelicals at the crossroads will we pass the Tromp test. What exactly is the trump test in what you do if you're Christian, you're in the voting booth and I would ask the question that some of you a bit controversial, but as a parent. I'm trying to teach and teach my kids how to be kind, I saw one of my neighbors has a yard sign of the says make America kind again, which I like, and we need a lot more of that kindness and gentleness and through the spirit and were just mistreating people in Dr. Brown you. You've been very gracious with just you even have guest on your show that completely discreetly average debate, atheist, homosexual activist and you've been very gracious when take a quick break we come back. Dr. Brown will you address this question about kindness and even some of the really rough stuff. Tromp is said were either Christian friends like David what he said about that lady. How I can never bring my you know. Bring them up in my family my kids and I want them to be like him that in other issues related to argue with you one of the most controversial figures in the world and the present United States Donald Trump and house Christian vote we come back, don't touch that dial more with Dr. Brown on truth talk after this was a special thank you to a wonderful partner helping us advance the message of this program of the gospel in the thank you goes out to my Mike Lindell, the inventor and CEO has now open his heart to say thank you as well. He wants to give you the opportunity to do what I've done I've slept on his pillow. I love my pillow.

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What would you give her good night sleep right now for the first time you get deep discounts on all the my pillow products. I'm talking about my pillows. The mattress toppers the bedsheets and the body pillow all the products were in all you do is go to my and click on the new radio listener specials my Click on the new radio listener specials and you'll save big you will believe the savings just enter promo code truth when you get there, always promised with a 60 day moneyback guarantee and a 10 year warranty. You can also call this toll-free number 800-944-5396 thank you my pillow for partnering with us to advance the good news the gospel and thinking all you guys that have checked about supporting our sponsors. You want to fight to break out over the water cooler at your church just mentioned the name Donald J Tromp. He is ever the controversial president. He's making people mad. People love him where his hats celebrate him. Dave jumped on the trump train and there is a Christian talk show host who's written dozens of books whose latest book deals with this issue of Christians and Donald Trump directly. I really like how he does it. I really like how he shows both sides.

The book is evangelicals at the crossroads will we pass the trump test time Stu Epperson are guest the author of that book is Dr. Michael Brown, Dr. Brown, I gotta tell you, this was a very compelling book and I'm reading your book thinking and sometimes which ways he can go with you to come say don't is is easy to come out as a runaway from Trump's fax you can or you say cast your ballot. I really appreciated your objectivity and appreciate you coming on his radio show in our podcast year and are broadcast to talk about this. The issue of the kindness you know what you know we were. You have a parent. This is all my kids.

Me, I saw my kids to be kind and they hear this brash mean guy what what sure what you say to people that just are just completely turned off to this present like how can a Christian support a guy like that right.

It's a very fair question. And of course in my book that I do my best to be. All sides talk show host for over a dozen years now, you learn a lot from your callers. You listen you learn you you hear different perspectives like this, you remember one black American caller finger, grandfather, I want my grandkids to be influenced by Trump's example and and I understand that silk. The first thing we do is we make these things into teachable moments in the residence and got kids 12, 14 years old 16 years old, we sit down and watch relevant video press conference and say what you think about that when you think about that response with him on this tweet and that's wrong monitor I would. You would let me do.

That's okay.

So we think happens when the president does it help and visit her not to make him look bad so we don't want to do that ourselves makes us look back now the same time. We pray for him and here's my good that he did. Just think how much more good he could do or or how how easier things could be for him if he didn't create so many unnecessary enemies always can have his enemies see you make it into teachable moment. That's one thing and then we explain what we vote for president. It would be wonderful to vote for president could be a great role model. But if you think of it through the years. It's really not primarily what we vote for some the onset vote for him. I love her because that one can be great role model.

It's wonderful of that fed it in his not heading in. It creates more problems, more complex, more issues for sure but we make this into teachable moment and ultimately, I do believe personally, Trump is the better candidate by phone between him and Hillary Clinton between him and Joe Biden in terms of the promises of teeth in terms of the policies that help stand up for in terms of the justices will appoint to the court in these ultimately affect all of us much all the time because things trickle down into our society. At the same time.

When I speak of the trump test when I move is one can we vote for him as president and supported him as president without compromising our Christian witness and and to my surprise, I've had people who are educated never trump or involved in news media and all of that. I've had him come to me and say I was never trump a regular but knowing about the trump. I thought wow, that's interesting because that was even the point is I wasn't trying to get someone to do it on and try to show if you do support him here so you can do it while maintaining your witness. At the same time, yes, and then the other thing the other part of the trump test is if we still have divisions and differences about trump within the body can we unite around Jesus.

Even if we divide over trump.

Yes, you must find unity in the eyes of the dying lost world and bring the message of the cross and resurrection and hold an salvation to people needed rather than attacking and savaging each other and and and killing each other instead of helping those that really need the Lord okay that's the voice and the wisdom of Dr. Michael Brown who wrote this book evangelicals at the crossroads will we pass the trump test he can't. If your talk shows like he is. If you're a cultural for profit. You speak of these things, you can avoid this issue and he's taking it head-on, and I'm grateful for his book Angel actually thoroughly enjoyed it was quite entertaining to hear today how he approached it objectively, so Doc let's just get real here, you got a bunch of believers that love the Lord and a buddy Mike told me he goes to church with. There's quite a few different political people, political backgrounds and that church, how do you engage this issue with people who you got never trump first got people to hold their nose going to vote for them. You got people that are full-blown on the trump train if you're not, you're an idiot if you're not on the train and that's unfortunate you got arrogance abounding from the Pro trump people you got enough rebounding from the others. You've got people that they been lifelong Democrats and it doesn't matter if the Democrat candidate acts murdered somebody there to vote form. So how does a believer know you we know how the world doesn't just turn your TV on a night you'll see the hate going around you'll see the evil spewing and the anger and the venom in the vitriol, but Dr. Brown as believers in the Lord Jesus Christ who may have different political aspirations or political viewpoints. How do we graciously engaged relay some ground rules downforce which I know you get you you actually model the senior book, which I hope everyone will read but how do we graciously engage this issue that so controversial, it is critical that we do it right and it is very easy to find people that you respect is believed that with some of the email from your church read on social media that you respect as a genuine believer and they have a very different political perspective than you do. After that, fellow American fellow believer say please share with me from your perspective as a Christian you pro-life oppose homosexual marriage it we stand together on issues we believe the inspiration of Scripture only salvation through Jesus and yet you plan to vote safer by I don't get it first. Then again it be honest I don't get it. Explain your position. I'm not argue with you I want to understand where you're coming from and why I have a dialogue with with a black brother and he is off the air and he said look you want to see conservative justices appointed my studies indicate that those justices will will sentence blanks for longer prison sentences for identical crimes to whites that concerns me okay what, that's perspective.

I hadn't thought about a central black pastor in New York when she said you want to get prayer back in the schools only get education back in the school though it's very very different perspective. Evidence is the black-white issue a minute divides many different directions, social status, and other background and things like that but I asked people, please tell me why you deleted give me your perspective and I I listened not to argue, but to understand. I asked them questions, not to prove them wrong. But to probe and better understand and then if they feel I've really given them a hearing. Generally, there will give me a hearing explain my perspective and and then at the very least, you don't lose your standard for this person is to I've been on radio shows where the host tells me I cannot understand how you can be a Christian and not poker trump if you're saying you vote for trump. It's that simple and I go to do another radio interview another station, they shot understand how you can be a Christian and vote for trump if you're saved, you can) listen while we better than that and I understand you know your audience is going to be more largely Pro trump then another audience right do an interview same as my listenership I voted for the 20 16th and June 2020, but the message I shout to the world when I'm on secular media Donald Trump is my president.

He gets my vote. That's it. Jesus is my Lord, my Savior, he's my all in all he gets my heart my soul my mind my devotion of die from a vote for trump of die for Jesus, there's a big difference. I like that I liked a lot. Now one of the biggest controversies is the the African-American vote and there's been some rippling since in some interesting changes.

There you've dealt with that the black lives matter movement Dr. Brown. We can you stand with us for another quick segment to talk about that. I just really want to get to that you have time.

Sure thing. Okay, hang on, will address that head-on as he does and he does not show what's the washer website for your program.

Is it still asked Dr. is our right and I remember that right yet, ask a deer Brown asked her to round out the best place to go for over resources to hang on and you have the the black Americans have been traditionally Democrat is that changing should a change what's happening in that movement and how does Dr. Brown speak to that, we come back right here to talk with Stu Epperson meets Sam my new hero commissary Stu Epperson, author of the first words of Jesus. Thank God for Sam. This African-American gentleman loves Jesus and all he does is run around Charlotte was a big sign that says Jesus saves up with this picture of Sam on my face, Twitter, Instagram is getting tons of likes so we heard there is a big protest in Charlotte took his sign started preaching picture assembled that sign up covered with eggs in all times and spit.

They were angry someone thought they might kill him. He's preaching the gospel in love, and people who are violent in fact they were chaining horrible folder blasphemies.

May we all stand as a witness for Jesus and share the good news is Sam today. Remember the message on his sign Jesus saves true commentary with Stu Epperson, author of the book 1st words of Jesus. Available now in bookstores go online. The first words of I got some wonderful African-American friends that they've always voted Democrat there was going to vote Democrat. They love Barack Obama and there's no change their mind. Until recently, there's been some changes there. There been some issues in you know what if they have Christ in them, and I have Christ in me were still brothers in Christ and why are Christians needing to hate each other and not come together around the Lord.

Dr. Michael Brown is written a very controversial book addressing this and the black vote, which is traditionally gone Democrat he's with us right now he's he's willing to take the heat in and face the fire on this show true stock.

He's also eight. It shows called the light a fire so he started his got yard he has at the Navy show which is very much in line with what happens on his program you've never heard he's debating your E bring people off the other side and debates which is healthy for Christians talk is there a way for us to debate things and disagree on things would still be friends as possible in this culture has to be first, I would experience it for many years and gotten closer to people to some of the debates to debates and Hatton at the end and I'm greedy of the other person's position agreed over line and we think and scores of minutes that but my friend Rabbi slowly debated maybe 20 times on TV, on radio and university campuses.

Even at Oxford University and and we become dear friends and become close with his family through it. Dear friend Dr. James White Calvinist cessation is some charismatic Arminian.

We debated against each other, but her greatest joys in all of them do it twice so far as to this to do it to against to debate where were on the same side and it's been incredible unity, but we almost finished one of the sponsor games is one mind to voices so you can absolutely do it and in fact some of the people that I've really gotten to know over the years in respect of the people had differences with. And that's forced us to talk and get to know each other and look, we can look at different communities. Whatever perspective is. We will have blind spots, so for example we can say well why am Blacks overwhelmingly voted Democrat and then they could say, well, why have white evangelicals overwhelmingly voted Republican. We all know know it's not groupthink frosted CRM of Huntington's not a good thing for us to know so everybody can look this is like American Jews have overwhelmingly voted Democrat than a bit of a shifting in recent years, especially religious Jews, one Republican, but there there are things that that are done for generations and and we have certain perspectives we bring out when there was that becoming a great trade online by George Zimmerman. I was determined to talk about it on the air and to to probe listeners from from all backgrounds and ethnicities to see how we see the world and it was very helpful for me Steve to get calls from black Americans who the one being a pastor of the St. Dr. Brown love you show me listen to everyday my whole family loves yourself for, but you understand when when our boys get to be 16 to 17 years old. We have to have a talk with them.

We have to tell another sent the police never pulls you over and speaks too harshly… Search your car for the reason you just yes or otherwise, you may get shot like that there had a conversation without my kids are with my grandkids now you know why kids happen to us. In other words, we grow in certain ways not we may not have a racist bone in her body have different backgrounds and perspectives so I do want to challenge everyone that is historically voted Democrat did that causes as a follower of Jesus to look at party platforms to look at decisions that that presidents have made and how that affects the nation and to say okay what is the most righteous and pragmatic way to vote and I'm very happy for people to challenge me and and raise the issues and lay things out and I respective summonses. I just can't vote for. I respect that will a guilt trip on them and say well nonvoting is a voter yet that your conscience, but let us cultivate a spirit and attitude of respect. None of us are right all the time about everything you know why I get frustrated sometimes with these these hyper critics know they're the only ones who are theologically right in unitary body down and thinking with my educational background can tear you down. I could tear up your stuff you guys because you're so I'm not here tear down here build muscle.

Let's be respectful where there is error.

There is sin, is confronted but otherwise must be respectful this not divide over secondary issues.

And let's pray for each other that that where we have blind spots will be able to see better.

I tell people all the time I got a blind spot. Show me I'm 65 years old now. I'm sure still got plenty left and you don't know what you don't know just like driving your car the reason you you wreck your car and drove into the present year left was because they were in your blind spot and you didn't know well until someone points it out or experience pointed out and have blind spot more help us to see clearly it's a great word and that is a black lives matter. You know, I know there is a movement is, there is an organization that sets actually some pretty dangerous people in the movement, but the statement on the service.

As we all at any believer has to agree that of course you black lives matter to God for sure, and should and should be loved and cared for. They more than matter there made in his image, but there is some there are some dangerous people like antiphon others that have that have hijacked that motto and turns into some dangerous things but what Dr. Brown what sure to hear what your what what he how he approached all of that went with our dear out of an American friends who been heard to been wounded. I mean I'm not enough. I'm going to miles over the speed limit.

I'm not looking over my shoulder.

I'm not worried about a couple me over but I got black friends. It had it had that happen to been humiliated in a scenery cop does that in the scenery after American Express that what I'm saying there is a there is there is a real sense of pain that community that Pres. going back to him meet good for Pete sake Donald Trump don't put your arm around African Americans that you matter. I love you mean you don't you know you did show a little compassion is always as though he thinks compassion is a sign of weakness you. I don't think he's a racist put Dr. how you address that quickly separate from part from it, even over talking book evangelicals at the crossroads of dealing with Trump.

I would separate that because my black American friends who have met with the president College of met with them to a person talk about is his care and would really appears to be compassionate person in terms of getting involved in wondering about change in the inner city and even the some of the speakers at the Republican national convention black speakers think is making it clear that black lives matter and site the move of the George Floyd thing came out immediately said we need to investigate this on a federal level. This horrible and that he offends everybody says things that are insensitive. Everybody and and but I want to separate him from from the conversation for a moment to say that I have been shouting at the top of my lungs. The black lives matter.

Lisa wanted to say all lies matter because that something debated at the moment that through much of American history. The feeling was that likewise do not matter into this moment, many black Americans do not have confidence in the system. In other words, if there is say let's just say there was a black man kills a white man in cold blood. Most white Americans would have confidence in the system. Okay, just this is going to be done at no disguise not just going to get off easily, but if it was flipped around many black Americans would think not. The white guys gonna walk in the system doesn't work for us so we need to say black lives matter and proclaim it while absolutely categorically separating from the BLM movement absolutely say that movement is Marxist that movement as radical feminists that that movement is as radical, transgender and queer. That movement is ultimately anti-God antichrist empty bottle is why it's no surprise to see some of the riots attacking synagogues and vandalizing synagogues, burning church buildings burning Bibles is lawlessness. So we categorically separate from the BLM movement while shouting out that black guys night infection at every black life matters from the womb to the one killed unfairly by a cop to the three-year-old gun down an inner-city gang war. Every black life matters and that we want to work together as a community of believers in this Americans to address issues that still exist in our society, even if it's just the legacy of generations of slavery and segregation and the inequalities that were were never leveled out.

Let's let's hear one another to understand some of said to me the other day. I don't care what you say I just want to listen to hear what I'm saying we that's really start and then we listen, and then we get involved righteously as we can, but I will warn Americans. I have been for weekend and week out.

BLM movement is dangerous going to be part of it to turn on you, but we want to shout out black lives matter, we see injustice and want to confronted that's what we do as followers of Jesus okay while he's a spy spoken prophetically.

Dr. Michael Brown, who's spoken in his book that is really good and everyone worked up at you but it is wild that you told me that you wrote it in a in one of your editorial people or a guy that you have look at it.

The publishers haven't read it. He was never chopper he read your book and called back and said wow you change your mind so you cover those kind of feedback from people. Yeah, I'm even he shouted to me you got to publish this book to the tens of millions of Jesus loving people out there that need to read it so I'm hoping it will have a positive influence, and above all, help us to put the cross before the flag to proclaim Trump may be our president. But Jesus is our Savior to put spiritual activity before political activity.

Others we can't get into it now that I have a tenfold strategy that the book ends with four for followers of Jesus to act righteously to vote our conscience puts it, to put our witness first and foremost about everything. I love it and that's that's rising.

I do care more about your neighbor's salvation there on their way to hell.

They don't know Christ, then you do about their political persuasion. What are you doing to lead people to Christ to bring souls to the kingdom.

While were still here. Christ hasn't come back yet. There's 2 billion people on the planet that are lost, so don't let this political boycott of this political wave and emotion, intention, when we need to be ministering in being the arms and feet of Jesus. And yes, as citizens, we should be concerned. We we have a stewardship of our vote and we really pray through this, but this is a book that will help you object if you look at the pros and cons of this most controversial president through the lens of an evangelical author who loves Jesus, who has a school who also is a talkshow host Dr. Michael Brown the book evangelicals as a crossroads.

Will we pass the Trump test I you put Trump in test in the same line to very very wisely because it is quite a test. A lot of folks Dr. Brown thinks Rubino's course, we were not telling anyone out about your work, but were having just like Dr. Brown to get people thinking and to challenge her thinking and to take all of this to the Lord and be informed, be advised in Kia liberty set about keeping your witness first best way to get the book. Doc will how are you telling people to get the book evangelicals at the crossroads yeah finger a website asked her to and skate dear Brown.Ward hoarding disorder on Amazon it's there and will get the e-book they can do it over at Amazon or other major potatoes okay and I can't say this about every guest but this guest will welcome anyone. If there is an aggressively of anti-Tromp or someone who would be against what Dr. Brenner said Doc you invite these kind of people on your show all the time. I wish I could get more to come. The cutting of hospital every time we open the phone lines in our I'm looking for people to disagree. Very few take me up on the offer, but the offer stands: Michelle, Lam Ron okay and share this broadcast link to the podcast with everyone you can to get thinking about this and I love your feedback and I love to hear from you if you totally disagree and and I would love to. We want to we want to reach as many people with the good news of Christ we are. We're in the middle of a culture and we Christians need to be having conversations like this one, but in a gracious way and if someone disagrees with you love them, pray for them to be their friend, for Pete's sake there is to be a lot of people that are Republicans that spend eternity in hell.

There's to be a lot of illiterate Democrats with the same fate if you don't know Christ. It doesn't matter your political party. So let's make let's like like like Dr. said Dr. Brown of Matthews that with your permission, putting the cross before the flag is Sir, that's awesome God bless you.

Thank you. Been on manually what it would treat in you. You have a blessed day and I guess I'll hear you on the radio next time you open your mic up to do your show. The line of fire. Sounds like a plan.

God bless the nations really did yesterday.

Thank you, but I

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