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View From A Hearse Part 2

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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August 22, 2020 5:00 am

View From A Hearse Part 2

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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August 22, 2020 5:00 am

Stu brings back Bruce Goddard, author of View From A Hearse, for another round of stories about faith and funerals.

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This is Sam from the masking journey podcast.

Her goal with the podcast was help you to try to find your way in this difficult world. Your chosen Truth Network podcast of starting in just seconds. Enjoy it. Sure, but most of all, thank you for listening and choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network he's spoken to hundreds of thousands of people across the country, but it didn't start out as a public speaker on demand taking calls and inquiries and he's written books. We didn't start out as an author. He started out as a humble local undertaker fourth-generation undertakers written a book called view from a hearse. His name is Bruce Goddard is our special guest today. Back by popular demand, and because we talk about your second book, Bruce. The legacy of human brown, but man thinks or come back Joyce, your those people I think you just talk to. All they would need to get the truck when you drive all the way California will be taught only got there, we think, very girly love that will detail the power of telling stories Jesus told parables and others. There's a whole article storytelling. What is it about a story that draws people in, and then suddenly you and get you.

You get on the word of God you get them to get them that you got their attention. You connected emotionally to something the gods gifted you to do.

I get so I think that's right and I'm lucky I'm a storyteller and the story.

90% of my stories. It happened to me, that impacted me a look like lessons and people look like lessons and stories as they develop them alive, and then quickly when they happen. I write about so that I won't forget it and that that I have opportunity story but yet storytelling. Jesus did it become logical reasoning lessons that sometimes I learn lessons from my stories that I did learn when I first told you not understand something new in the Skyway will parables Jesus told one of your second book gets into that even morning. Your first book. Goodness gracious. I think I ran backwards, but then somehow I said no I just take a look. I was halfway through your your second book, which looked newer in his hardback and all that said, I thought you know what, this is a younger Bruce Goddard and this is his first book review from her so I picked it up just a kinda dab a little bit. Next thing you know I can't put it down. Mean and I'm in the times a pass. I got a run upstairs and get the youngsters to bed and I'm way behind on anything I was supposed to be doing. I had even checked my social media because I was reading your book view from her. So what tell us how the first book came about and then tell us how the second book came out and tells a little bit about the legacy of human brown, dark booking about because I'm speaking and that back in her that I was asked to speak to ministerial Association Christmas banquet in our county. I was wondering what in the world, talk about, and I begin Kelly's funny stories and most of all the preachers that I knew very well spent. The audience my memory, with people waiting on the table by standing and they were laughing innately great family, great to see a bucket preachers laugh and it was like empowering to me begin to get other speaking engagements, I begin to start sharing my faith a little bit unsettling series on it began and then it exploded on the docket may building speaking engagements and everywhere I went people would say you should write a book you can write a book and so finally I did it didn't take me long to write that book.

I literally wrote an expanded version of what I was talking about and in the book is all basic premises number one learning.

When you die. The second is we need to lighten up already is in his well you know I have trouble I will give you all what you do for a living.

I don't get you a Christian or non-Christian. You don't have trouble in this world and the fourth point is the only investment you make in his life. It will be here if you didn't go in some crazy undertaker like be very good cremation.

The only thing is, don't be left on investment United people and so that's the premise of what I begin talks of how the book came around I just I wrote it based on what I was about a bit literally on my laptop while watching TV almost easy to write I love is easy reading is.

While it is easy reading and it's it's it's you know you're hearing you like stories like that when they accidentally mixed up. You know golden bells with jingle bells, and in this church and to the aghast of that of the family and the whole funeral party and and then how you and your team contains your laughter. I don't know but then you got serious stuff you wrote. You write letters to your dad is in heaven. Just how you are thinking about him and yeah I just don't like wow just you know, but you did miss a beat from view from a hearse to the next book legacy of human brown tell us who is you and brown. This guy seems like maybe some youngsters were making fun of this guy, who Reckon his bike and spilled his papers everywhere you go you learn how to muscular disease, and they lived in our little town of Reynolds Georgia which is in middle Georgia halfway between Macon and Columbus, Georgia, and that you I was 15 years old in the ice to say that it really went to engraving is bit you can find his grave about a about nature, and but almost exactly 15 years of many, but he was eight, he delivered grit papers on his bicycle and a lot of people don't know what that is. The software is better by then a nickel apiece to something a lot and he delivered him on his back and he will if you saw him riding his bicycle.

You think you we drop because of his muscular situation and he started walking he staggered, and the problem is not my mental picture of you was. He was always in the ditch and Rick-you always throw out all of the road and even all-white galvanized pipe is backed up so he could get them in the basket and build out a roadmap, assaying flat-footed standing on the ground yet is that the best mental picture so we might want you and me and my buddy when we would come up behind them by and we would believe look at any rate, we would laugh. We go down the road. We have spent a night party. Sometimes you know how you do any key agency must the humans looking in the window unit had a distorted lockbox as a kid and an unit looking in when he wasn't that we would say that a background in 190 911 attribute of the business toward my only cook hamburgers cannot, and I make hamburger. I had my Bostic ensemble human laundry and I have my buddy in human urine came and sat down next to me. I was ready to get out of here this guy got my head all because of you, you have been making fun of an assignment of monster and I was trying to get up and leave the flock to do that he call me by name. He knew my dad's name.

He knew my mom's name. He knew my two brothers name assisted and you will be going on our ally is a key impact that I will and I think this is a normal human being and whatever I thought about human brown. I was wrong that day. Couple things happen I left, bicycle and member I'm never last brown again. I can tell you that is negative thing I remember her name is no couple weeks back that maybe I'm around them about Rhonda by SCU Bostic and Rick papers everywhere. It was a normal occurrence for the first time in my life.

I stopped to get a spike respecting the basket so he could get on down the road onto a I'm never forgot unibrow. I thought about you to Brown 10,000 times in my life to give file, wrote a book on the legacy of human but I didn't know when I was 11 years old 12 years of Gumby many times in my life by myself in the ditch and I will always have two choices. Unibrow didn't know what the word quit was he never occurred to him that he read that he was Gumby three would walk away.

He was always guy was fighting Becca the best get on Devereaux and I realized I would have to choices in life.

I can line the dates when I found myself in the ditch and Molly brother complain and blame everybody else for my plotting life together, not Becca, get them in the basket and get on down the road we got two choices. We don't have three choices will have one choice. You got to you going to find yourself in the ditch. Sometimes when the ditch because we do stupid stuff you just stick a fork in the electrical outlet. You will be in the ditch of electrocution. MSP could you get suffer consequences.

What you sometimes when it did so by now life is the study were stuck in limbo. Sometimes when the addition of identity things just people get sick people that we just find ourselves a bit. The question is not if we find a step in the ditch. That's not a question you find 70. The question is do you make the right choices validly and bought human human story is a strong one when Beulah died in 1985 there were 15 people at the most.

At his funeral ready for those will be in mock people that work for me.

Thank you, live candidate for much I can tell you that but I will tell you unibrow is famous well and he had his story literally and uploaded thousands of times. I have chewables right now telling the story well is is it is it is a powerful thing about ditch living ditch choices over best how to unibrow book came about unibrow graces the cover of Bruce got her second book, the legacy of human brown know what what is been said about Bruce Carter. He's a fourth-generation funeral directors been described as a cross between Mark Twain and Max Lucado and he speak in all the world is involved now with the company of this that the largest single provider funeral and cremation center services in North America, SCI, former owner of God are funeral homes in Reynolds and Roberto Georgia man of God, powerful, prolific author, speaker, he's in a talk with me about basketball which are going to hear some cool stuff about that about his dad's legacy some real funny stuff about funerals. This guy for the funding funerals.

If anyone did. He's Bruce Carter. Stay tuned.

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Is it possible to smile and laugh even in the face of death, Bruce Goddard, I don't know if you could've survived all these years and told all the stories and written all these books, like your book view from a hearse. If there wasn't a way to if the good Lord didn't give us something to hope for him something to smile about.

Even the face of death. In my wrong sir, is absolutely fine line between laughing and crying and your view of North Carolina York's coach Univar Bono board is tall taught me that when 1993 when you get NSB awarded by three things you should do everyday laugh. They can cry and that is a fine line between laughing and crying when you can do those three things. You have a great day yet laughing and crying emotion. Sometimes we get we get a little bit. How would you say inoculated or numb to emotions in our culture were not laughing were not crying work were kind and we see things and things are such in a blurb in social media and Bam Bam, Bam Bam, Bam, and then we got posted names and hate and anger but living life and we are talking to a family. Bruce, it gets real every right there and it went with her knocking on deaths door and then you get the phone call and what that process like having been in it for all these years you know it is.

I think I said this many families over the years. When I go to that house so that house. I say that I want to treat your mom that just like it was about my mom. So you you when you know people in my case, most of the time I knew him well you you don't have to conjure that you really are sympathetic pathetic about what's going on. You put yourself in their shoes and and that's what I've always done is make connections with people that last forever. We treat people with dignity and respect and kindness, your life, you have people believe in you and your life. One is that we talk about a lot, was your dad who even enlisted some of his guys in the funeral home to go rebound for you and you and you end up being maybe not the most athletically you could shoot the rock you could you could drop that the basketball and you know, if you make the team. Your sophomore year in high school that is true I was. I was on the start line at much integrated between and I think the lease Gorman team but now that's back when integration to a small office ask you, really, really largest classification back Mandan. George is passed to AAA and so I was going to be a lot harder for me to make the basketball team, so we have religion I lived I went skiing at Fort Valley, which is 12 miles away in another county actually allows storybook we had a grocery store and I started to even make the team.

I got work at it.

So I dedicate all the gymnasium and I went down during the summer before my junior year in Austin was shot thousand times a day. My dad would scan some people at work at the store down and travel basketball you you basketball player.

Thanks Jason. You know how long it takes 2000 I have the best buzz back to me and I shut basketball at the basketball basketball best about.

I have blisters on my writing Chart in my closet where I saw the basketball and my mom thought I lost my mind. So I went to start my 11th grade year made monocle and clean and lease going to take the next two years and most the time out one you like people on the court and I was playing in a lot better athletes than me accurately and therefore fast I could jump very high black shoot lies on the best hand but I learned a very important lesson. I think that's where you going and bought out. I landed that I never forgot wit when the game was on the line and the coach called timeout to schedule your macaw down one: not everybody wanted the ball.

Everybody want to build a winning team. But not everybody wanted to risk being the goat and I remember sending the code give me the ball. I want the ball. I shot thousand times a day. I was ready to get shot is not like a came out and take the shot, but I knew that I wanted take the shot.

I might one of those leg and is not like you got a last second shot a lot and I missed couple of what I learned is that I would never learn to win in this life July learned that it was okay to lose to win, you gotta be willing to lose and most people are not.

Most people live their lives. What I gotta do to get by and this is the Christian life to not just allies but maybe it limit out the fight.

What I got a new study under the radar. What I gotta do to get by.

We live defensive lives and and learn during those Hosking days that I don't have to live defensive talking acting is okay to lose it is okay to lose you got to win, you gotta be willing to lose what you gotta walk out on a limb and life and do things. If you follow :-( break you out that but then you get to see God do things that nobody would ever see.

Unless you are willing to step out and be willing to lose God work that way you don't want us in our company so we get out of our comfort zone in the eight to show this to you so you never experienced that my opinion that's powerful and in and also powerful you met a whole new family didn't have when you we all said you're surrounded by some amazing talent African-American guys that are Barb Ahlers and you're like wow, these guys are awesome where you been all my life and like you know, we realize that we are all one were all the same roasting family and God right absolutely improvement since many of those guys and I want him play football and bagels. It is that is true, it is absolutely true.

You write a letter we all want people write a letter to your dad in here it just about tore me up talk real quick is his wrapup about your your your pops in the impact he had on your life and just how he encouraged he was adamant he got incurs you so many people don't have dads need to mentor my dad's big in the fund in the mentoring he's trying to mentor these young kids don't have dad's what would you challenge everyone about the importance of being a godly father son Luke as an example, that a younger man is a godly father really loved his kids pouring into a skid spending time with his kids not chasing the career over his family.

What you challenge going out here about biblical fatherhood.

How that your everything you are, you know, you give such true tribute to your dad who built you and wanted you to Christ and that Emma mom but dad was was.

Not one of those people that would teach me by phone me tell you something you need to know that some must have a lead by example which is by the way, absolutely best teacher and, by example in Emmett 1. He taught me how to make a living at and he gave me robe. I remember waiting on the family and the funeral and sitting with the parties that you should listen to what I do have 13 years out and he said you write it down. I will be talking five summer student. You do talking and violate the 11 even always correct me if I did something wrong but never in front of the family would he would make me look like a king. He said this is just wonderfully gifted you give them a week ago about his son. Don't ever put your hands in your pockets family walking in the little things but he would praise me in front of other people, but he would correct me privately when I needed to be corrected. Might be better and so all of that, Pete. Pete taught me by example and he was a man of integrity and I got a wonderful story, African-American situation back in the early 60s in South Jordan sample and Ali is probably not in the book by David is. He taught me by example and tells the story tells the story we come back, take a quick break and come back more with Bruce Goddard.

The book view from the hearse lightened up in his seat was that the legacy of you and Brown a Christian undertaker who is loaded with stories you tell us is serious powerful story that happened why a ways back with anything to tell us one of the funniest funeral stories. If that is even possible that you have ever heard.

I promise you you'll want to stay tuned for this and also down of the podcast.

There's two parts of this together. The first one get it.

The truth talk podcast to be sure you do need her to. The second was well that's going to be coming out soon. Stay tuned. More on truth talk with Stu Epperson.

Our special guest author, speaker and undertaker Bruce Goddard we come back. Who's your Barnabas and who are you a Barnabas to come with Stu Epperson, author of first words of Jesus. The last time Paul was in Jerusalem he was solid he was knocking on doors going door-to-door taking Christians to prison and kill them.

He comes back a changed man Salter Nepal and the key knock on doors again to join the Christians as a new believer, but every door slam, except for one part of this barn is believed in Paul when no one else did, and Barnabas discipled him and took him in everything change that moment on, the apostle Paul who is your Barnabas that believes in you and who are you being a Barnabas to who you believe in and encouraging pushing closer to grow in Jesus. Just give one word of encouragement to someone day and be a Barnabas through commentary with Stu Epperson, author of the book's words of Jesus. Available now in bookstores go online. The first words of Jesus. Have you ever ridden in a hearse well maybe not in the back on yet if you listen to is now, you're still upright but have you driven, what have you been in undertaker. Our guest is a man of God loves Jesus. He's got kids he's got grandkids. He is an author. He's a prolific speaker and he's written some books.

The first of which is called of you from a hearse subtitle lightened up. He's Bruce Goddard, Bruce coming out of her last segment you're about to tell another story and I love your stories I can listen to all day long. I think it's it's refreshing. The Bible says you know a good a good American heart do is good like a medicine and also you these reminders of you know it on a humorous side but on a serious side reminders pentacles in your life that have pointed you back to God.

The pointer listers back to God with its people relationships whether circumstances tough times you had to deal with some of the toughest off with death and mourning and bereavement and dying, but you've also had some phenomenal things happen you in your life and we were thankful to you for sharing these with us, not just on this broadcast on truth talk but in your awesome books and when you speak all over the place but go back to where we picked off last will you entire talk a little bit about the that the story you were talking to you know just did that happen sometime ago you and you and talk about my dad and saying that he taught me by example. You did not one of those Milan speeches inserted correctly but not somebody say this. You would think people things you need to do is watch the and he was very personal and open and corrected me praise me in public. I want something he didn't want anything to happen when I was very young and but I never forgot it.

He never mentioned it to me until I mentioned to him late in life, but we we ran a grocery business, and an phenom of the meat market. It was still a unique deal with. We that we did the so everything you could wish on everything from Evinrude motorcycle she basically is what motto was, we had a guy that works is his name was Hansen and Hansen began working for us anymore. 1900 business by family dinner started in 1866. Anson probably started working at 1918, so he was like that forever, but he was African-American guy and he was like, family, but it works really work like employee installing did everything Doug Wellesley. He helped the embalming room.

He did everything you could do one Saturday afternoon, and this you got understand this is the early 60s and laugh. Georgia town this obviously intoxicated guy at artist by the word redneck is probably more accurate without a got.

But he came in and he was calling Hansen in word and he was cursing and vulgar language and Alice daddy make a list. But Danny saw that and he was watching and I don't know what happened but you Hansen. Again, this is a 60-year-old Georgian Anson Anson back and Danny went over and said what were you doing Olmstead that he was a big man 64 boxer in college he could rule the buyer when he grabbed that man, Bob, walking out to the door. This guy was intoxicated but daddy literally pushed him out of the only day that he said don't ever speculate good in the store again and I'll never forget and so I knew the story not I was impacted by lighter but Hansen used to tell the story is working for me.

You did not. I think 85 or something. And while after telling a story many times he said I'll never forget that your dad your dad stood up for me and and it's it's I'm noticed that throughout his life.

I was in college I was in a fraternity and I was tell a funny story will make it follows some God will lead to Google Optima PNS about a game of writing PN and I was laughing as I got study and that anything you spot a bit, you know, you know, ever make fun of people you you protect your pretty little you know how long people. But anyway, sorry for your awesome is that family never door-to-door historian and in the numbers out and spend money with you again but you did the right thing wind which is it seeming your books of honoring God and doing doing right, even if it hurts I remembered that it was a member that family generations and people didn't know the story that it knew that it got asked about daddy wanting we get that funeral today. You remember the man that will go back to bed yet is out of the house. I would ask that family needs and you know Bruce all business is not good business that's just that's another one of his many stories you read this book of view from the Hershey's brew start arrest Bruce Parente Tate where he is going to one final limb I he's talked all about loving Jesus. Be sure you download our first podcast interview.

It's just tremendous telling stories.

How you came know the Lord's testimonies and there was it's also funny story. Now Bruce was once one of the once one of the real funny is it related to funerals ended the death you you're able to, and in the in for all these years for five generations of Goddard funeral service in different iterations different locations different companies, but it all kinda got started their rentals.

Georgia your book view from a hearse lightened up in your your next book. After that legacy of you and Brown but it was one more story as we get out of here little like give us some perspective, but also something that the really really will tickle her spine bone on all the stuff you seen over these years well is this record how you all will you appreciate some of the stories of people dilemmas they feel good as well but my granddaddy was 97 years old when he passed away and up until just about you when he died.

He was still helping me on funeral and I called him big daddy calling big and even if you think you know that he was a second-generation about the Russian know so remote. We had this funeral out of his rural cemetery and I would always give big daddy job to do and he just day the family decided they wanted to open the casket at the grade which is at the server before the service, which we did a lot to do funeral director you don't open open casket is outside you can control the lighting and knowledge that, but you do whatever family will anyway.

We lasted this is a good understanding cemetery and I was right when people came up to view the love one other friend never got the grave is located is greatly saved all the time. Very hard. "Greatest senator so big daddy job I game is a big debt if you will you stand here and keep people from getting too close to the grave in the price of my gumball in it was all over you dissected no legitimate gentlemen you give us backup data backup little bit you to close it all over and everybody doing it was funny. You know, watching MMA with you and let people come up and not about to begin to close backup.

You did not know he was a pro but it 97 years ago. He had his cane bent over, just at the patroness of anti-Semitism. We finally know got it he was all over the completed his job for sure and we started the funeral and big daddy was spent in it that had the grade that I would cane and added gadabout out in a dignified way and I looked up all of a sudden I noticed that Gray started taking and big daddy slowly went down in that great to meet with the preacher just started. I do that I will. I have been paid to bury somebody love one, but I had to get my granddaddy out.

We had about the funeral of the preacher and after some of the family and to get a 97-year-old man who all paid trying to get him out. You just imagine will own well and you pulled it back, pulled his arms off to get them out while we finally getting the and he dust himself probably dusting off the preacher gets red talking status changing the devastated everything in the grade looks fine like I love it. They want your Google under targeted snooze undertaker. You are such a blessing that my new hero Bruce Goddard. He's written some books check amount check them out online. He's on Facebook Bruce it leaves website or some really cool videos.

Goodness gracious, the girl he gave it to do in a taxi that is story of honesty and this just a story of blessing the stories about the resurrection.

He talked about all these things go.

Check all that out Brewster final word to people were all gonna face death. We started this entire conversation, you know, in the even of them from the very first episode.

Before he came back for more. We just couldn't get enough from you and we talked about you know the inevitabilities of life are all in the face death, and that we have's great hope in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. If you don't know him. If you can't smile on the inside and the outside because of never met Christ I know is Bruce's passion in our sheer truth talk that you know the Lord that you secretly call upon the name of Lord to be saving you admit you're a sinner and invite Jesus to save you can save yourself your good deeds are to take you right to hell. The Bible says is not by works of righteousness that we've done, but according to his mercy and what he did for us, not what we've done for him to hear that message from Bruce, but you can hear some awesome other messages as you read this so much Scripture in Bruce Goddard's books and is speaking but Bruce what your final take on everyone out there including myself. As we look past this life, which is just a blip.

I mean, did you ever think you know when you started speaking, you know, decades ago and used words raising a family and your you know all the stuff you everything to get be on a national talkshow talk about all these things. Looking back, and I think you gone I think you have a lot more windshield left and rear view mirror brother you guys use unified what your perspective for everyone listing real quick but my perspective is being destroyed from the word of God for a little while for a little while you myself agree all kinds of trials. These come so that your faith which has greater work to go may be prudent getting resulting in praise and glory and honor when Jesus Christ is revealed by you nice meeting you loving maybe you don't see email your field with the glorious and inexpressible joy, for you are receiving the goal of your faith salvation of yourself that the message I didn't read that said, it is the message where God is writing this up using humor using trouble using whatever lies to whatever comes to us in life to bring us to him left a message (thank you for Adam is been a lot of fun and that is in view from her purse with Bruce Goddard. God bless you man.

Everyone look them thanks listen to talk down to the podcast all kinds extra stuff on their and be encouraged in go share the good news of Jesus wall with someone who is still living before it's too late, while you have life and breath in your lungs.

Tell someone about a God that loves him so much he sent his Savior to die on the cross, the grave to give us new life

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