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Dating the Word

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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July 25, 2020 5:00 pm

Dating the Word

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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July 25, 2020 5:00 pm

Stu talks with Dr. Dwayne Carson about tying the scripture to our everyday lives and getting the youth involved in the word.

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Hey this is Jim Graham from the masculine dirty podcast where we explore relationship instead a religion every week your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds to enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening you for choosing The Truth Podcast Network.

This is the Truth Network. The word of God is so powerful, but did you know that there is a mighty man of God who can connect a Bible verse to every date of the year. This guy loves Jesus. He is Dr. Carson and with her right now, sir, what in the world is date the word will date the word is a way of connecting today's date with a Scripture. So that is easy be remembered when you think about saying it's March 16 Leslie 60. We think resisting Neely. John 316 per second it's made a really think 058 Romans five or you got this guy hear what you say your birthday was sure a brother Calhoun, a longtime friend and partner here. Truth Network was working 1013 Romans 1013 right at the battle first Corinthians 1013 on Saturday said it was a reaction of whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved or not just on our dates, and versus Roxy memorize these and try you use the word as a way to encourage people how you take them without those words and and and you memorize it that your birth date verse I put it on Facebook until people happy birthday. Here's your verse of the day like today is July 6 so 760 when with Ezra chapter 7 chapter 7 verse six, where Ezra the scribe has the good hand of God on him.

Excellent I send that to people is a prayer made made they know God's good hand up and down. My inbox is full this morning with what he just said no. So using these to me.

Unlike now.

Amazing July 4.

He sent one and who knows what date the shall be playing with them all the time were so grateful for all of our truth talk affiliates but Dr. Carson are going. Carson is been doing this for your touch. It's a brother will have a good save. Let's all different story.

I grew up in the Lindsley outside Lynchburg Virginia around the gospel saturated commerce Road liberty University and the was out drinking all the time and they would witnessing to me.

First time I met Jerry Falwell he shook my hand while I was holding a case of beer. My pain other hand, and he said hello to me and and I did not want have anything to do with the Lord.

And when everything to do with liberty of Jerry Falwell for the 12 year girl invited me to church and I was 20 years of age, and things were really rocky at that time and she said I just wish you come to church in the finally on a Sunday night. I I went to a church that started on spiritual journey that I would then realize that I never been born again. I go to church. I've been a church member but I would live in for more. But now I realize I need to be born again.

I got safe and were 15th 1983 and immediately God called me to preach and from there start serving him and then one on this date, the word of the Bible study group of football players over from the University in the summer they had to stay over work out so they may want to Bible study and then one of them asked me how you memorize scripture I say it will you know you want to get the key versus Dale and I have survival kit that I used to help me get key versus Dale I said that I was challenged to memorize the book so I memorize Philippians and simply hear something weird. I would just look at a number and try to think of a first of a go with it the morning at 633 6633. What you think. Yes, there so. So I told these guys that and they said will all right let us pull some numbers that you like to start throwing like the birthday to me and it turned out I was able to just lie For versus so the next day I went and said, with the calendar I had 200 and some of the days already done. I mean I had averse to go with you so that we worked on this back about 2001 that I did this a been doing this number 20 years and people just love it when I put on up with the birthday verse on several days have multiple versus so that's that's good… Like to say May 31. There's not a lot of 531 versus gotta fit the criteria knows one and then 1 to 3112 12 112 31. It only has to get that right your February 29 every four years. Now he's that guy and I have I have a leap your baby's organ to get her birthday second. That's right in the 229 you got some for but but I have that he's that friend member.

That guy your stock in a cab. Can't think of the verse your share Christ with the guy driving I call we call uncle going Dr. Duane Carson and give me a verse quick and I don't ever friend's birthdays were he's shown he just you shine the light of Christ through the word and we have our two of our truth were interns with us who are also host of truthful youth which is our our young people's expression of truth talk Stu Epperson and they have birthdays.

Dr. Carson could we get them assured her birthday and OKC. We got joy Epperson who is my daughter and you have a really good birthday totally birthday is why such a good birthday. My birthday is October 16 and it's such a good birthday because I sat with my beloved Nassau taillight – what can I say, by the way, doing our favorite things were in a coffee shop Moji coffee shop. The most awesome because I think I'd make some noise about noise write these guys make this yummy coffee and were were talking about the Lord in the word of God in a coffee shop and awesome great folks you go downtown Winston-Salem and so 1016, October 16 and will go to our next enter next verse judges 1016 so they put away the foreign gods from among them, and they serve the Lord how great Mary's great that's a double and I can I please have my birthday take right yeah yeah so so now we have another intern. My awesome niece Olivia Fadel whose dad is a awesome pastor down in Florida and he married my sister Catherine and Olivia is a college student were going to go to college and tell us your birthday. I will be attending High Point University this coming fall on my back pain is 2817 28 know you have a cousin was born not to have to find my daughter know what she was earning when she born Gracie and Caesar leave your babies and she was 29 when I so okay. Have a really region is baggage Dr. Carson.

I will give us diversity that he has a thing called date the word soul to 28 for February and it shall come to pass afterwards that I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams and your young men shall see visions good verse for you there.

Joel 222 and then you need that February 29 229, 228 we got to 29. I don't even arsenal help go into the word on this one and when I say Philippians 21T9 is verse that I like this one.

Let me say this to Gracie. Go to your cousin about so receive him in the Lord with all joy and honor such men as this is on a path for dieters and you choose who your heroes are so his ministry is date the word he's with us right now it coffee with we put them on the spot we put them in the hot seat he's come through big time with our truth were interned joy in Olivia's birthday, Phil Calhoun, when my dear friends for years is been mentoring mentor a friend for years. He is Dr. Duane Carson and take us to the bottom line here Dr. Carson. Your passion for the word of God. I mean, it's fun to connect the dates and it's awesome when I was someone like this and you can say this date corresponds to birthday.

I've seen you do it is so encouraging, but take us to the deeper meaning and significance and import of the word of God connecting to the heart of men and women in young ladies. I think these girls going off to college soon. Watch what, what's the significance for you and what your challenges. Everyone will will appreciate that question because it is more than just a course for the day. It's is when you think about Psalms 1 1911 by word of my head and my heart that may not sin against you. I gotta get God's word of my life so that I can be all warmed to battle the devil Jesus when he was being tempted. He quoted Scripture and this is just another way of being able to memorize Scripture getting hitting heart so that when Satan comes with those fiery darts. He's trying to bring about. Now he's trying to bring about deception know the truth and so nothing is more important for special for young person. From these guys here. There that are working with you young people gotta be memorizing Scripture. Gotta be hiding God's word in your heart and so that's one reason I do this is the easy way to quickly be learning Scripture hears my Bible verse and I know what my verses but then I keep building on that and John told his readers you have overcome the wicked one, because the word of God by you. You can overcome the wicked one if you don't have the word got abiding okay one of our Internet you were interns in host of truthful youth. Joy Epperson is a question gradually so Dr. Carson how do you panic since there's like 66 books in the Bible. How do you choose between the different box. Obviously, the day of the month.

You know will great question and it took some work I went in and took a Bible program and I copied and dropped all the verses into an Excel sheet and then I sorted it by the dates so that I could pick out which verse I thought was the best verse represented that date and it took some work we were able to come up with you again. What we think is the best one. The people will be be used not just the one verse but I verse that speaks to their Harley here here for you. Again, judges 10, 16, it says I can get rid of things in my life that shouldn't be there and I want to commit to serving the Lord. That's a challenging verse rather host of truthful youth. Olivia Fadel is a question greatly and Dr. Carson. So you've given us all the information about how you started doing this all that. So how can we get our hands on this and how can we maybe you know get these daily educations getting these verses centralized or website like a website at maybe Facebook, Instagram page so I know it's donor development. Dr. Carson told one quickly the site and how this is a work in progress but it's coming.

It's working not even a radial program potentially will evening is the big question. Mr. Carson is got to stop doing some other things that we can get focused on put together a devotional book. But if you go to Facebook and friend me on pastor Duane Carson. You can just like that he if you go and friend me on pastor Duane Carson. All except you and then your birthday will come up and I will send you birthday verse and is also data were dot-coms coming to New York and that'll be a place you go one stop shopping for all this and so much on meditation really got into reading the word, studying the word memorize the word meditative rejoicing about something. So how is the word of God informing your heart, your mind, Josh. 18 you day and night. I Dr. Carson in your your spare time you're running awesome Christian school Salem Baptist Christian school. Your associate pastoring with pastor it's over there Salem Baptist Church. Your closing word for one out there will quickly wrap up well again the word of God is your tool ensure if you will. Your armor for handling the temptations that Satan could throw at you and you gonna have convictions established before you face the temptations so you want to begin the word of God into your life as well as God's going to be given all the help you need to face whatever you is going on in your life so the ministry is called date the word worship by way knew us a couple ways because is a word for every day of the year getting the word there, but also for young people you date the word like like to have a relationship with God through his word, how you listen to God as you listen to his word. It's a love letter he provides with thank you sir.

God bless you. From a coffee shop, encourage us, enriching us what your birthday what's a cool come up with a cool date yourself a call verse that correspond your birthday or your friends birthday your mom's birthday send a little text you would be amazed at how that goes.

So far, even farther than a happy birthday wish we put a Scripture that is touching encouraging pushing closer to Jesus. The word of God, I'm Stu Epperson this is truth talk you Blessed be encouraged as a special thank you to a wonderful partner helping us advance the message of this program of the gospel in the thank you goes out to my Mike Lindell, the inventor and CEO has now open his heart to say thank you as well. He wants to give you the opportunity to do what I've done I've slept on his pillow.

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