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What is Your Life‘s Purpose Statement?

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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June 27, 2020 5:00 pm

What is Your Life‘s Purpose Statement?

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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June 27, 2020 5:00 pm

Stu talks about finding our purpose in life with author of The Guided Journey Mike G. Lee.

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Hello this is Matt slick from the match looked like podcast right defend the Christian faith and lay out our foundation of the truth of God's word for chosen Truth Network podcasts starting in just a few seconds.

Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network. I am on the back porch on the deck of a coffee shop and this is just like a little bit of of heaven on earth a little bit going back into the good old days of North America and with a man of God is written an amazing book but this coffee shop.

The summit coffee company I think is what is called in the cystitis copy. Thank you Mike Lee for my guest is treated me to coffee and you are about to get blown away friends Stu Epperson here truth talk with this guy and his story and what your purpose. Have you ever written a personal mission statement for your life. Why are you here records book the purpose driven life sold millions of copies and helped a lot of folks including this is crazy Opper basketball player in the right direction about why God put you on the planet but this book goes deeper. This is like getting that 7th black belt in God's purpose for your life. The book is called the guided journey. The subtitle I love finding faith, purpose and joy in life.

I can think of a better time in our culture and our history of our world and our country for a book like this to be written, endorsed by the chairman and CEO of the Coca-Cola consolidated company Frank Harrison a great man of God who says about this book, great stories, great applications and a working manual for life. Mike G.

Lee is the author in this guy is on fire for God my picture just take some time to visit me here in Davidson, North Carolina.

This beautiful day on the back porch of one of your favorite coffee shops on the plan yet. Thanks to this is that this is the place it's very dear to us.

We've been here for 28 years, and them and actually the book. The chapters in the techniques covered in the book are things it were really born out of a lot of meetings I had with friends and clients here brightness spots is conical. Thank you.

I'm zigzagging the globe in your your meet with these 4 to 500 folks in consulting at high levels in South publisher. God bless and your publicist to get us together, of all places on the back deck of a coffee shop and then I read your book before our meeting and I keep seeing because I know or meet in this place. I keep seeing this coffee shop pop-up. It always chapters are likely to second. This is your home. This is like home port of's the gods and some neat things some pentacles in your life at this place right here a lot of intersection while he has and I think the it's interesting that this is the first time I've been back here since Cove 19 had so I'm I'm excited to actually be out social distancing intercourse but but it's a blessing to to see that there's mother is not only light at the end of this coven, but we know there's light at the end of the date of the big tunnel.

So excited to talk to you about it. A lot of folks don't have purpose. They don't have meaner struggling, there's never been a intercourse to the cultural virus all the things happening going on, has led to more suicides were right so mentally that of the suicide hotlines in a larger state is up a thousand percent like they can't find operators to answer the calls from people that want to take her life. There empty start there with what you see this gaping hole and I want to get back in your testimony like and how you found the word and how you found your purpose and then when everyone listing to make sure they get a copy of the guided journey. But what is this what is the the major crisis that you saw that led you to pick pick up your pen and write this book. Yes, so over have been in consulting for 30 years and over that time I've had so many of my clients and friends come to me in career transition are in crisis, and whether there laid off, or they're just as unhappy in their jobs or unfulfilled, and that led me down and having a lot of conversations helping my friends like that led me down the path of doing some research and I found through Gallup. I found Gallup research that said that I it's it's something like 80% of people in the workforce globally are unfulfilled in the work they do. Which really, actually it it actually hit me like a punch like imagine people working 5060 hours a week not enjoying what they do and so I really have a passion for helping people discover that you don't have to be stuck because so many people feel stuck whether it's financial reasons or whatever it is, but maybe there's a creative way to think strategically about your your life and think 3 to 5 years in the future, and this is where I apply like my background in strategic planning with big companies like strategic planning for the individual and so that was really the concept of the book is be intentional about where you want to go, what makes you happy and then develop a plan to get there is that was really the Genesis of the book, but it came from a place of my heart to help people discover and find hope to like you said, literally saving people potentially, God willing, saving people's lives by giving them hope that they can get to a different place anyone in life and we get a paycheck working a job, any business owner needs to hear this program for this program of the copula. The podcast everyone, please Mike Lee is poured his heart and soul. In this book is amazing how long it took you to write this book and then as I read the book I start to hear your testimony where you were on a trajectory. Aren't you a rabbit climbing with an amazing firm that ran into this roadblock called Enron.

In this you really train wreck in a just kind of devastated things and God just Don't God was working not just on the professional life or your life. Talk a little bit about that Mike and how that kind of thrust you now your help.

Your standing in front of all kinds of business owners saying hey, wait a second what's the meaning of your life and how are you using this business to change the world for Jesus, not just to make a buck down and I think the interesting thing like why it's so important right now is I don't know why this is an and God will reveal it to me later or or maybe in heaven someday.

But why is it that you have to go through pain-and-suffering sometimes to discover really what you should be doing. So when I went through the Enron so I just made partner at Arthur Anderson had three have a young dark. We had our third child, Olivia. We had a new house celebrating the partnership. Two weeks into that I find out that Enron happen and Arthur Anderson was going to go out of business so just made partner now were going out of business, so that was what you call. I called the burning platform.

It's where the heat gets so hot on the platform you know you have to jump off of it and so you know God will use those moments in life where it's hard and it's incredibly difficult if we allow him if we lean into the Lord and and and trust God, he will show us where were supposed to be going, but it's it's usually in those moments where it's the toughest which Odyssey right now with the with the the pandemic recession.

The issues were seeing around racism what's going on around the country it's it's chaos and people are suffering. People are out of work. So I think right now is one of those moments. A lot of people are experiencing this pain and I just pray that someone out there would would find this and that they would they would find hope through it.

I just lost my job I got kicked to the curb. Things are really rough so my family got Israel sick.

I just lost a loved one.

I'm in the depths of depression.

What's your advice to me right now likely went with why should I pick up the guided journey finding Faith Purvis enjoying life for me to take get get down here. The trenches get down here in the in the rough stuff with us like you do in your book.

By the way, yes, I mean the thing I would thing I tell people is like a lot of times when we things like that happen to us with.

We start thinking like this is terrible. Why is this happening to me. That mindset I would. I would encourage someone to shift it and say maybe this is the first time in your life or you haven't had to show up at a full-time job and that she have the capacity to think about what you can do and so use that time. Don't look at it as a curse.

Look at as a blessing. Taxi to take a step back, get away even maybe even get away from your family. Whatever it is, get away and really think about and talk to God about what you're supposed to be doing. It can be.

It will be a blessing. It's knocking to be not to look back on it, is curse over and over again your book. You seem to go back to that. It seems accurate you in these different transitions in your life with your kids, you marriage you even have an auto accident on your way to writing your whole vision statement in your talk, you don't hold back in this thing. But talk to people about just the anchor holds you know being anchored in the Lord and go back to that mission statement, no cheese on it.

We got just got just about a minute. We have to take a break to get into why it's to to get that established your purpose. Your mission, how people can start getting that framework what God wants. God call me my giftedness yeah and this is where a lot so I've had as I've given this advice to a lot of my clients, you know, like you said Fortune 500 clients and so forth. Lot of people will listen to it and understand it intellectually, but they won't actually take the time to sit down and do the work like we talked about stew like actually write down even if it's not perfect, just scratch out a mission statement do the exercise.

So what is one of the things that the Janet Toma work for Thomas Nelson for years and years. Help me in writing this book is I don't just is not just a how-to book. I tell the real story about my life so that you can understand what I was going through. And then I actually walk you through how to take the step but this first step is to take a stab at writing a personal mission statement and then also thinking about a lot of times we go through life we don't think intentionally about one of the roles I'm playing as a father to me as a father is a husband as a consulting advisor to my clients about each role, even for me. Like my my role as a father to Alex.

My oldest son.

So what if if I sat down and interviewed Alex. What would he say he really wants from me and so I went through go through and ask you think about those roles.

Write out a sentence or two, right, take a stab in a mission statement and then and then take take a couple press let let it let it marinade for a few weeks. That's where I would start okay if you hate your job. You're listening to the right. Show your love this book. In this manner God likely and also working to find out what your spiritual gift is why are so many believers on the shelf and maybe you're not even a believer you're trying to figure out why you're on this earth, and who God is who Jesus is, will stay tuned were to talk to you. Will you come right back here with Mike Lee. Don't touch that dial the book is the guided journey finding Faith Purvis enjoying life for a man who's a high-level consultant in God's use his amazing expenses to bless us. Also stay tuned right here to truth. Talk with Stu Epperson, I'll be right back.

Be sure you follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and all those things were to make this by way of it was a podcast for you to bless everyone in the business community, the church community just to cover all on his journey to find our purpose in God were coming up after the singing was a special thank you to a wonderful partner helping us advance the message of this program of the gospel in the thank you goes out to my Mike Lindell, the inventor and CEO has now open his heart to say thank you as well. He wants to give you the opportunity to do what I've done I've slept on this pillow. I love my pillow. I sleep better.

What would you give her good night sleep right now for the first time you get deep discounts on all the my pillow products. I'm talking about my pillows. The mattress toppers the bedsheets and the body pillow all your products right now. I gotta do is go to my and click on the new radio listener specials my Click on the new radio listener specials and you'll save big you will believe the savings just enter promo code truth when you get there, always promised with a 60 day moneyback guarantee and a 10 year warranty. You can also call this toll-free number 800-944-5396 thank you my pillow for partnering with us to advance the good news the gospel and thinking all you guys that have checked about supporting our sponsors. If you hate your job, you can't stand Monday mornings, which I hear Monday morning, the suicide rate is highest is the most depressing morning somewhere in there. Maybe Sunday night to you're just dreading it you will love this program. Right now you're in the right place if you try to find God's purpose for your life. If you're just trying to figure out like all of us are ever honest. We all on the outside look like we got together, but the inside were torn up worm relationship struggles with balance which on the culture meant so much evil of racism is you know are are all our black friends are getting beat up and in struggle and in a ton of pain right now folks are doing with this pandemic going on will there's been a book written by Amanda God's name is Mike Leung sit with them right now in a coffee shop outside on the deck. This is beautiful I can't leave him to us and we actually do it Mike and you believers in on the coffee shop talk about the things of God would always be colloquial here so that I get on fire for years. No somite set on fire. We might have the next milligrams and you never know. But what is this awesome talk about your book the guided journey at a coffee shop that has a lot of meaning to you.

You literally drove by this place every time going that was building.

We had a office in the a lot of meeting service and hopes and dreams are dreams and gosh, now this book is is a product of yeah it's it's pretty amazing United States near and dear to us of raise three kids here know I was reading this morning and just inking about where where God calls you and how is can use you in in the time and the place in the season).

So, for whatever reason it's here Davidson at this coffee shop right now which is which is special to us in some economic summit coffee. The church and I really grew up in, and the Lord is a younger guy and then of course God use makes amazing. After that they got rid their pews last week in the past was gracious enough to give me a small pew that I have now sitting outside the Truth Network of anyone ever comes to town into North Carolina.

Come sit on the pew lot of you wish to from the pew and will be true okay so have had becomes an appealing sometime, but what is neat because it's like a milestone talk about the milestones in your life. What are some things that God did in your life you know there's a whole lot. And that's why the book is you're supposed get this book you'll hear the whole you the whole enchilada in the book the guided journey finding Faith Purvis enjoying life. You learn how to write your own life mission statement. Learn how to find what you're good at spiritually what your spiritual gift is also look at if and how you're gifted in business work where you need to be is in the good as the good great guy says you need to be on the bus to what seat on the bus to need to be on Michael, you're helping people.

Corporations discover that so they can be more effective and efficient drove an individual discover that, but the underlining passion is driving he was Jesus Christ and in fulfilling his mission on this earth through your business through your family through whatever gods call you in your pro athlete in God's using that amazing giftedness or a musician.

So many folks are gifted how it Mike Lee get connected to your true DNA you want to take to get you so that you are in the lane that God wants you to be in. I know what you know there's a lot of pain, sweat blood and tears going on talk about your book, you yeah it's interesting that the ironic thing is when when not when I felt called to write the book I didn't know at the time that God was going to be refining my my own personal mission statement on my and I call it that your your purpose statement and and for an what happened is like for me that is to help people find their purpose in life it's it's the Lord is gotten very clear with me that that's what he that's what he is called me to do.

That's what my my unique gifting.

One of my unique. That's what my purpose is.

He's gonna leverage my gifts so when I think back about it. So what I go through in the book is a chapter on and I try to try to make this so someone who is not a Christian would pick this book up and would want to go through it because it's good logical thinking and strategic planning strategy and that they would want to go through it just just for the logic that Senate for the Christian audience.

It's out there it's all underpinned with Scripture.

So ironic that you got the Truth Network on your on your shirt because when I first got saved, it was the first thing that God spoke to me was truth he said I would.

I was reading Scripture and my will. I met my wife, Kelly, and I was chasing her and say some chasing her and she ends up.

She ends up taking you to church with her Baptist Church of Rink Annapolis, North Carolina and up we end up discovering that. So we end up discovering that wise I end up reading Scripture site. So one night I read for three or four hours and as I'm reading I'm flipping through from chapter to chapter and what happened was in college I kept reading Scripture and wanting to argue with with my friends about it. What was happening now as I was reading it and God was saying truth, the word truth over and over and over again yeah and I couldn't find anything that was untrue and it and so so anyway I call my wife and said what I do and she said well do you believe in Jesus. Do you believe he's a you believe he came to believe he died on the cross for our sins, repent of your sins which you walk me through the whole process and then and then she said you got it. Once you've agreed to all that you need to come to church with me tomorrow at this little church in Kannapolis and walked the aisle at the end to make a public profession of faith and that was when I was thing is around 23 years old and that was when I came to Christ, always believe in God but that was when I really developed a personal relationship with with Christ, so, so, in that I believe that that the Scripture and the reason I'm I read about the Truth Network is is I believe cover to cover every word of it is true. As I arrived I buy preferred the King James or new King James version and and basically this the Scriptures around gifting so you'll go through a chapter in the book that talks about what are the spiritual gifts and it all comes from from the word of God.

And so what I've done is in thinking through those that are not there not impractical. Today there are exactly the things we need to think about today so leadership is is a gifting.

Frankly, that's one that I've had over the years and roles and I played. I enjoy it. I I'm at times I think that had come in so that that's one. Teaching is one that I didn't think was one of mine, but through the book. I realize now that teaching is a gift is a gift that I have and so now I'm trying to work on refining so anyway that's that's so the key is everyone's unique gifts are unique so you may have some that are primary in other ones are secondary to try to figure out what your two or three are and then lean into that and it's so powerful God of really connecting with God first is what happened to you and then it's been how long it take you to figure out what you were here know what your main what Mike Lee's point of being on this planet was. I know that's a hard question.

It's hard to narrow that field. But how long would you say it took in. What's it like to be walking in God's will for your life. Yes, so you know when I when I talk about in the book the Arthur Anderson debacle that was really the first time in my life under that the stress of having to knowing we were all to be out of a job. 80,000 people were to be out of a job. 9/11 had been too far from there either an alleged know that was 9/11 happened that fall and then shortly thereafter that Arthur Anderson tell apart because of Enron so so that said can you repeat the questions to sorry just know you in the in the meal. You of all of that stuff on how long did it take you know Mike Lee know some folks by listening and managing that we overcome what he thinks we overcome a salvation. We just can't understand it's a gift. We just can't you we just have we have to contribute right were human were really human beings, we try to be human doings know so in your pilgrimage, how long did it take for you to to latch onto, what God's put in you and then how fulfilling is it to know your walking in God's plan for your life mean talk about that just basically, yeah.

So here's where I want to encourage people so I it's so I'm I'm in B-52 in July so it's taking me 52 years to get to the point where I have a very specific purpose that I know I am uniquely qualified and I and I have so much passion around doing and I have my day job, but my but my passion that's wrapped around that, whether on consulting work or at home is helping people find their purpose in life.

But I want to encourage people is not to take you 52 years so that's why say like I want to start with the draft so this is not something that you do one time and it's done. It's something that you do.

Maybe you're 17 years old and you're out there take its take a stab at drafting this will happen is God will use that and maybe that'll be your purpose for five or 10 years and then coddle refining what I found is he doesn't typically send you off in a completely different direction. But Hill he'll get it more specific and more specific to wear, but it started off with a draft when the Arthur Anderson thing fell apart and that's what is I is a talk on the book. It help me identify that my family was incredibly important to me and I need to spend more time with my kids are very young, but as they got to be like, seven, eight, nine years old. I need to spend time with them I needed to be at home with my wife not traveling all the time. I need to know. Need to introduce myself to Kelly and say I'm home all the time. Which by the way, was in all smell like easy. She's like you need to do some dishes that that was like pets like that we had to work through some stuff like you so but anyway I just want to encourage people to take to start it and then the whole process is a journey through your whole life. But if you don't define the target. If you don't define the target you're not gonna hit it. The birds are chirping or the back deck of a coffee shop and were about to go one on one with one of the premier Christian consultants in the country.

He's an ass of some tough questions can yes to some tough questions.

Mike, yes I will so many people's lives are changed by the tough question playing ball the other day talking to a young man to stand for God today he died. Would you go to heaven or hell. Tough question. I really hope that question God's heart. She knew I loved him. We feel we followed up and asked if all each other on the Instagram and and work were connecting in life when this journey. This isn't just a quick little one appealed in one quick fix, but Mike Lee walks into massive corporations where he talks to one on one crazy talk shows like me who's also part of Christian radio ministry.

It's also a business that's just trying to touch people. Mike sit in front of a group of folks go one-on-one with us. We just just take us to the basics.

What are some questions you go through.

Now this book for those of you just joined us and I pray you will share this pocket for making this a podcast you can share with everyone and be sure you to sign up.

Describe your Truth Network podcasting network amazing post in town on there including truth talk with Stu Epperson on the lowest rating rated run on the latter, but I got a high level high-power guest today is book is the guided journey, finding faith, purpose and joy in life. I mean walking any crowded room and just ask everybody to raise their hand if they want to find faith purpose. Enjoy life. I guarantee you every hesitant to go up Mike Lee, but getting there is not always as easy as we think and we have a whole world system that says eat drink and be merry party hard now beach week enjoy what I can make all the money step on it when you can. On the way up and who cares about the way down to your coming at it from a biblical perspective.

Your your your coming out counterintuitive they may be what Wall Street can tell you how yes I mean when I when I'm meet with people one on one or five if I was in a large group. The question I would ask is is how are you doing now when I meet with people one on one and I want and II usually can tell whether it's I like to go one-on-one because the book is really personal. It's like you can in their there are coaching programs where they charge to $3000 no walk someone through a process much like the one that's in this book that's usually an e-book is like six bucks and then on tenant physical book is like 13 so anyway and all the proceeds from this are going to charity so I just I just I want I want you know I want someone to invest two or three hours of their of their life. Two or three hours to read it and go through the steps, but I would say Howard how are you doing and usually I can. I can tell when I'm meeting someone. Are they happy and asked the more they fulfilled and what they're doing.

Do you feel fulfilled and what you're doing and do you know do you know what makes you happy, do you deal with to have you put your finger on the one or two or three things that when you do them. It puts a smile on your face so it's it sexy taken me a couple years to figure out when I'm interviewing somebody your meeting with a group is is I can tell when I'm talking with them about their past experiences when they start telling a story and they get a smile on their face their countenance changes they maybe are shoulders were slumped within their then all of a sudden there face lights up and they start telling me the story about this Navy. It's an entrepreneurial experience or they were they were working and serving in this capacity, whatever that is. That's it.

That's what we call a God wink or clue that maybe that's where your passion for your purposes.

You know the ground-level air you keep saying these words over and over again coaching encouraging and I notice in your book here here.

Here's a book by a high-level consultant's name is Michael. He optionally right now this amazing coffee shop in Davidson, North Carolina.

This is just a little piece of heaven. This is a little bit in the 1950s to United States you like. It should be a Norman Rockwell you know where we are beautiful. That's with the noises.

Friends of yours annoys a beautiful son associated midmorning, and that this is wonderful Summit coffee company, which is a rule of not far from where you live for no nearly 3 decades Mike and raised a family here in Davidson work. I beautifully have Christian radio here in I was just audited our negative fidelity and are your publicist is is kudos them for getting a guy like you fast-moving a guy like me, together of all places right here in a safe distance course and have a good conversation but you are sitting with business owners. You're sitting with high-level network people you're sitting with just someone. This is frustrated, you know, maybe he's been selling cars and you feel like you know I was do something different methods on cars bands a wonderful thing but it's it's not wonderful if washing college is an awesome thing.

If God called you to wash toilet. You know we we we tended to have a judgment on people you know but but we don't step back and say what you just said what is God's purpose. What is his meaning.

What is his will, because that is paramount to everything so what what would you say Mike Lee in the book is the guided journey, finding faith, purpose and joy in life very fundamentally once you get past someone's you know what ship you know you know the Lord, you know, are you in his will to have his meaning in your life which is so which happened in your life, what would you say when they start up with the framework. What are some ways you can take people listening right now through getting their giftedness. All you know, it's bring it all together. Be our coach for second because I love how you allude to your coaching. Here is a school. I love little wrote his book. You are the coach or consultant, but then your senior book. I had to go hook up with my old coach and he help me put this frame. This mission statement Harry help me put together these different axioms of our new consulting company. Talk about the importance of coaching and coach our people through the want bases 101. Here's a football etc. etc. yes I do cover in one chapter. The idea find your finder coach and I asked, trainer, and this there's a there's a difference because the trainer is someone who's used the boxing analogies outside the ring and can observe what's going on as you're telling them what's going on your life. They know you somewhat, but there someone who's also objective so they're not. They're not worried about hurting your feelings. They need to be someone he's going to tell you that the hard truths that you need to hear. And so in my case, I went looking for somebody in praying, praying that God would send me somebody and insight night I went out and talk to people I didn't do Outlook exit go out and try to hire a coach seem like an executive coach as I've been through that program. There's a great board. I was looking for someone that would speak truth to me and what what Terry Larson did for me. Actually, at this very coffee sharing this very coffee shop. He wrote a book called the treasures within the kingdom of God and I would highly recommend it daily devotion, and I've actually been doing it every day during the pandemic and is blessed, blessed me, but I would say what he did for me this this guy Terry. He's a good friend of mine now, but we just got to know each other and what he did was he held a mirror up to me and he would say to me things like how does God see what what you're doing right now.

How does how does God see what Kelly Kelly right now is God see how Kelly suffering. Maybe what's going on in her life. How does God see your son, Alex, what's going on in his life and what it did was a completely transformed what I was thinking about. From what I wanted to what you know the people who are near and dear to me. Need and they completely shift in my thinking.

So find someone like Terry is basically what I would say and in the way you do.

That is get out there and it may be someone in your friend network but someone who really knows the Lord. So find someone who really knows the Lord is not afraid to tell you the hard things you need here love it when you read the shanks mastering life ease ease ease of he's a stud muffin in this whole world of easel leading consultant with helping Christians with his masters program you will find godly guys either. So many people like that available including yourself. We really basil your offer in your book to people to help them get through that. So the importance of a coach and then tell us practically this book the guided journey which we been talking about this whole time and in.

I really hope that this is been a blessing and I really hope that you share this with your boss will with your employees that you'll get to sit down with a piece of paper.

I did this with my daughter was very instructive, just very casually asked her to join what your mission statement and she came out with some like that when I had to spend more time but she really pop out mother daughter Aarti Kennedy. These kids want to be challenged but were not taught around a table night with your family. What is your mission like a good write on your mission statement. All you don't have a pen and paper will I do what got my notes in my iPhone I'm in a right your mission statement down and then I'm gonna pray for you and him and asking maybe in a week or two. How's that going you know, how can people best use the guided journey likely as a as a as a come alongside in their journey with Christ and even those that don't know Christ.

But how would you how I was the best way I can use this book.

Such say folks pick it up. You know Amazon all ablation get books. What's the best practical way to use this book yet. So here's what here's I would say is an end and by the way, this is the same advice I give CFOs of very large companies is when I've I've met with hundreds of people on this topic even long before the book, and out of out of 100 people maybe 20 after they die walking through in the book how to do a personal mission statement how to do had to a life purpose statement how to describe your roles, how to go through the exercise run understand your gifts only 20/100 actually do the work they actually come back. Call me say hey Mike I went through the process and I want to talk with you about it that that really kinda blows me away.

So what I would challenge everybody's just do the work that that would be I would compel you to just do the work. It's not hard but why don't I don't understand I don't I I always try to to if I meet with them again challenge him again, but I would say that's probably the thing is just just to go through the exercises and and enjoy it. It's a great it's a really fun process of defining your target a lot and you got places in or I can write, take notes and I can write down my mission statement and I can write down my skills my gifts in you got 20 of examples you're storing things you got promises you got all these blocks.

This is just really awful. Thank you for rightness favor being a blessing. Give us give us another challenge would well I guess I guess the other thing I want to do this is God call me to write this book. I hope it blesses people out there, but I want to tell you that I would encourage you to be in the word of God is much as possible in my life I've not been in it every day. But recently I have been in every day and I would just encourage you maybe maybe read the book of Proverbs read a chapter every day there's 3131 chapters you can do it in about 10 minutes and and I think that the Holy Spirit will do the guiding. It's not likely that does the guiding it's you need to have the Holy Spirit guiding that's really important whenever you hear a Christian author like this man a God, you know they're legit when they point you to the good book, which is the one that you know in in the yearbook is drenched in Scripture available the Scriptures you have inherent I love how even at the end. You're like a have you ever truly found relation with Christ to get people to an opportunity to nail it down right there likes your wife and in that pastor that Baptist Church and Concorde North gonna give you that opportunity right now you know her was a capless but what a blessing picture been on was the best website for for the book for people or just to find out more about your ministry. Yeah it's it's the guided journey get the guided journey. Let the Holy Spirit guide you.

Everyone listing to my voice right now you are unique you have a DNA that no one else in the planet has God's gift to you brilliantly and connect with people that want to pull that out of you connect with people that want to want to lift you up your brothers in Christ are not your spiritual parole officers took to look at how you screwed up and messed up.

We all know that we do need people to call us on our junk have friends and hold that mirror up like Terry did for for Mike but also happy with it. Considering your life saying how can I bring the best the cost of putting you out of you and encourage you to be all you can for the kingdom and how can we reach our world. 2.5 billion people on this planet have never heard the gospel. Mike, what are we doing were navelgazing we need to connect with God is find his meeting and plan for life. Amen, amen. I was reading this morning about the Lord of the harvest and so I just prayed and prayed this morning that that the Lord of the harvest would would find people who are willing to serve him and go out and help help save others like social media go to his website. The guided journey to learn more about this awesome book, get your whole family to write out what their purpose statement is and he'll show you how to do that in his book and down this podcast. It's it's free to download at the Truth Network podcast site.

Just download truth talk with Stu Epperson and listen be encourage and share with all your friends and let's reach someone with the good news of Jesus Christ today

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