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Tag Teaming to Win Souls

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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June 6, 2020 5:00 pm

Tag Teaming to Win Souls

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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June 6, 2020 5:00 pm

Stu talks with former pro wrestler Nikita Koloff about the crisis going on in Minnesota and how to find Christ through it.

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Hello this is Matt slick from the match look like podcast ready from the Christian faith and lay out our foundational truths of God's word for Trojan Truth Network podcast of starting in just a few seconds.

Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network our nation cities a bit on fire.

Minneapolis, the site of this egregious rule please cruelty murder this officer with his knee on his this man's neck and the eight minutes of video that no one wants to watch that this is traumatized so many and is led to peaceful protesters led to violent protest time Stu Epperson and I want to welcome you all and I'm my heart is been heavy all week. In the course of anyone is seen or listened or personally like so many people listen to this program was a hate all of her brand-new AFR listeners and stations across the country across the world and listing all of her great affiliates of this program but I really was tickle death when I had a chance to meet in a noncompetitive non-wrestling Lake is this guy is the Russian nightmare of former world champion wrestler who is now on fire for Christ, is battling in the Army of God in leading people to Christ. Also launching a new show himself Nikita call off and Nikita your hearts heavy because you got some roots. My friend in that part of the world, Minneapolis, Minnesota. So when you saw the streets the street signs and heard the news.

It it really hit you little different stupid to be with you and yeah it it nap. I posted something recently about being a native of Minneapolis, Minnesota grew up in the in the projects of Minneapolis and what I said than what I'll say now is that's what I really learned the love people of all color and then raise my children to love people of all color. I mean, some of my all-time favorite music is is Motown. Some of my best friends are are blackened inside grieve, along with with with all of them, and with all those out there who were in curtain with his anger and yeah close to home Minneapolis right right right where I grew up while Nikita we share your testimony you being in wrestling being in a culture come to Christ you know some work for the end of your wrestling run, but you know you also start a lot of racism you know you know you and and Roy you guys get together do these awesome conferences you have your man up you man cancel all you getting a new program it's it's gonna be awesome but you talk about bringing black and white together. What is the message that you see. Bring healing when you see a black man in a white man embracing each other praying together on their knees tell us about how we get there and tells about how if you have a megaphone to the country right now what you can do this is national program what your message well and that what you just described that I have done and will continue to do you know it embracing in the hug, a brother of another color get on my knees together and pray pray together with with that brother and it really I think at the corner of Somerset posted recently on social media is that at the core, really. It's an incident it's in issue of the hearts may we can look at the color of someone's skin and a known fact reminded of the Bible where it says you got talked about man looking at the outward appearance, but but God, looking at the heart of a man in the challenge for all.

All of us is to get past you know that the color of somebody's scanning and in their outward appearance and get to know somebody at the heart level and that's the key. I feel to any sort of reconciliation. Weathersby black-and-white brown yellow or people of any color now is something so getting to the heart and you're from Minneapolis but this thing is spiraled out. Now there's so there's people out there protesting peacefully that are literally even praying and I watched on YouTube. A buddy of mine on my Instagram page number will go to Mr. rampaging you like to do with that. That black-and-white hand in a hole in locked together with the Scripture above it.

You know how world called love our neighbor. If you love your neighbor get out of God and so you see you see Christians even Christians that are marching peacefully singing praise versus Isaac Atlanta video I saw but just recently with art of God that are burning turned out Windows having lunch.

You know, literally destroying and lambasting the stores and taken stuff is not theirs and in shooting people for cops killed in St. Louis you know it was with us. Not really harmful things others there's no we don't want to turn a blind eye to that but also there is this is heartbreaking to see that that in her last days men will grow evil, know that you have this love those guys have no idea who George Floyd was there and see the picture of him hold the Bible with his bashful guys, dammit they know nothing about his brother who spoke of in impassioned message this week who to pull all the looters to go home and quit doing this this garbage and he said what he said these were decent were God-fearing family. What's your message to the people out there about dealing with at such a painful thing to watch all that evil. Well, I think, again, just an illustration of the times and in which we live and I think it's pretty clear that that there's there's two sides is good, and there's evil. We live in a fallen world we live in a very broken world. And so were just visibly seeing really. I was say the manifestation of of that fallenness Brokenness by people who were doing those sorts of things and I be hard-pressed to believe that they have a relationship with with Jesus and that if they did, and I would like to think they would not be doing those sorts of things that have adverse encryptions were Paul he comes Harding is people who are immoral because a hard and frustrated 60s. People who were idolatrous, immoral, use their bodies and he comes out but he says, but such were some of you energy.

You know, so the Christians in our center thing all man I would never be like that I would never lose know there is a sector so you we talk about the cuticle offer for Christ in the cuticle of Africa after Christ and use as a way to invite people to to really that the, the, the endgame of everything you do that though the ultimate free account that we all have to take would Bauer need him yeah and I don't know BC before Christ in my life I wouldn't have considered myself a horrible guy, but at the same time I couldn't envision myself even without Jesus in my life crashing no bricks through windows and a head and and stealing stuff that wasn't my you know destroying property that was mine since coming to Christ, you know it's been a transition for me to go from from not knowing him to coming to know him in a personal way, inviting them into my heart going. If you will. From the dark side which my wrestling career might've even illustrated a bit of that right there petted me of evil of the Russian bear of the rusted nightmare to be of evil. Seeing the light if you will, and coming in partnering with Dusty Rhodes as the superpowers the American dream math and reading the BU editing you like that doesn't and it actually illustrates my own personal journey of of once born into iniquity as I was birthed from the canal of my mother into iniquity, and then 17, October 1993. Seeing the light L and given my life to Jesus and since that time. Now on a crusade to spread the gospel far and wide to as many people as I possibly can and hopefully see reconciliation, not just between black-and-white, but the reconciliation of of our lost hearts to the heart of God is great and you know this guy's in all the world preaching the gospel, even how many countries currently 30 different countries so far in the cuticle loft ministries what your website Nikita keep it simple call of God or like it went awesome in our school as you eat you you Google him or you watch the videos and I and I put some things up and the beauty of that is you have videos of you wrestling a means in and by the way, just from his personal this this teenager when I was a teenager.

You don't know who was there's never been a happier day in my life other than coming to Christ eyes you meet my sweet wife and have my kids all those things but in terms of just distant entertainment. You know monument dad probably know exactly where I was, you know eating the pizza and sit and you know our shoes and watching you guys the day that you turn from running in league in tandem with the bad guys you turn your back on the flares in the in the Blanchard's in the in the Andersons and the four Horsemen and then in those rest of your tracking with the MNU it over with dusty roads and you have the book he would demand in the junkyard dog. The good guys that was is like a epic moment, so we are so glad you did that, but even more importantly, turning people from darkness to light and you said you set out your second career as an evangelist, how guys use that first cruise, a platform will champion wrestler on you. You are the higher highest of high. You are mad at you for retiring as you are just your body slamming innovator 490 pounds, you know I and all these things cage match is world championship all that stuff. The most hated man at one time but Nikita cloth was our guest. He came to Christ and now you're turning people back to him and I guess in this time we want to be gracious with our black friends were being and you know the Bible says bear each other's burdens are really prayerful but gracious and speaking to the injustice of land, but bring up Jesus early and often. In this conversation is so critical like you're doing your ministry right Nikita, one, 100% at the end of the day. I think the only thing is going to bring again to reconciliation, peace and unity is that personal relationship with Jesus among among men, and that as we advocate that and spread that word. That message then perhaps we'll see a greater sense of peace and unity in our nation and and around the world that I honed and I was watching leaders and God broke my heart for one guy one guy who was doing horrible things and I was angry like somebody's gratitude and put them in handcuffs and the Lord told Brooke Larson pray for us.

I pray the Lord would say that kid is that kid to get saved that kid could be like you preaching the gospel all the worldly people to Christ, who is one for the grace of God there go I. So I think that that's what were praying in, and that we see what people can be and that's not to stop the wheels of justice nest not to their due.

No actions have consequences.

But during this time. Tough time we all agree on one thing we need Jesus and he's all I can help us, a man that is in and we can pray were going to have conversations within the you know address the elephant in the room and and at the same time. Yes, it all comes down to that personal relationship and that isolate more than anything with what I intend to promote that from here on out with the remainder of of breath and life that I have left left or have a podcast is available if you if you go to to art to art in a treetop weekend download the podcast and working on maybe change the name showed the whole show to experience truth working on it to look you post on that but follow me on Instagram to cyclical video of me and Nikita on Instagram Instagram is what I call it Facebook and other social media, and they get all Rawson radio stations for care. This program all of our partners nationwide worldwide and taking the cuticle off for bringing people to Christ in the in the real battle for souls which is now what you're involved in worksite here. Your new program is a lordly Jeanette comes out I think your interview Lex Luther here soon for voyeur segments to write the total package who was known as the total package in my world. He's now the complete package because he he surrendered his life to Jesus and the Lord reconnected us after many years of of separation from the wrestling circles is now brought us back together to to do attitude to minister together and in and in tagteam together and when souls make devilish men. Thank you.

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