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Rescuing Victims of Human Trafficking

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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May 30, 2020 5:00 pm

Rescuing Victims of Human Trafficking

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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May 30, 2020 5:00 pm

Stu talks to one of the leaders of the Lantern Rescue team about their fight to end Human Trafficking.

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This is good Truth Network 150 billion+ dollar business industry. It's human trafficking it's evil.

It's dark and a mighty man of God is doing some about it, really: and he is lost.

A new program called lantern rescue lighting the way to freedom marks what got you into this.

What what drove this passion of no really it really started with personal calling the Lord the tome to whom much is given much is required in this particular you know problem an issue. I saw it firsthand in the Middle East in Iraq and Syria noted that children girls. A lot of girls were being held captive against their will and you first thing that I just happens in a war zone.

Then as I began to study and learn and travel other places and see that you know this is an epidemic. This is everywhere. This crisis is happening in every single country that girls are being used as a commodity invoice to and no legislator. Marta had to do something about this house of God is open a store for this ministry lantern rescue lighting the way to freedom. And it's a Christ centered ministry you're trying to point people not just to freedom, but also to to hope in Jesus. Maybe try to get these kids connected to Christian orphanage or to get them connected to the Lord.


These all I can heal. I can't even imagine the wounds the deep wounds in these children who been exploited been sold like animals been abused in horrible ways.

Yeah, it's I've said this so many times to people and it's will make it really clear today. The healing process for these girls in the aftercare process is hearing about the Lord Jesus Christ. That is, that is the bottom line people could argue with me on what type of therapy to use and what needs to be said and that but I'm's can tell you that if you see this this victim hear the good news of the gospel and their acceptance of it, and I always marvel how they take this chance in their life to.

To receive this good news. They embrace it and made it just restores their soul immediately their eyes. I see the eyes before you during the abuse. During that the rescue the raids and then I see the rise later and it's it's a miracle. States is just a complete miracle.

Talk about literal spiritual warfare in Little's literal physical warfare. Every time you go on a rescue on a mission you're putting yourself in harm's way. Your trust in the Lord and you is what it's like these miracle stories I hear. I listen your program which is also a podcast lantern rescue my friend, I get tears. I get chills and you've become really an advocate for stopping ending this horrible human trafficking but also expose the truth about what's going on, not just in human trafficking, but there's a lot of there's a lot of fraud out there is a lot of people abusing the process that are really say saving kids. They just got up. They just throw up, assign, all I'm doing this ministry to get money without doing about yet. We are thankful for radio because it's like it's really second operation like you know the. The raids in all of those foreign operations are very tactical in nature and in very just bringing justice. This is just as equal in operation because through radio and through this media student Truth Network were were reaching people that we could one we don't ever want to expose ourselves to be able to talk to Reddy about these problems. In this issue in our work, or they will able to educate them bring them to awareness all that you know even in why is it important for even American to hear what's happening around the world. I think one is because we all have children, you know you've got a lot of girls I do to you know the average age of entry into the sex trade is 15 years old but literally one in six are 12 and younger. We've rescued infants. Infants in some parts of the world average age is about nine that we encounter and that's just becoming more more of an issue not a parents where they had to sit down and talk about drugs they are set on talk about this now you know they have to warn their their children about the predators in both online and in our world today. We can't name names. We can't, we can't name places we can't name governmental agencies but tell me take us into that brothel somewhere your you guys are fully stocked and armed with your dog attack team equipment and like you, what you see like it's it's it's it's it's I can't even imagine about what you see and and then take is always through the. The mass in the warfare and the the grime and the and that the battle to the those tenderize that that precious little girl who was someone's daughter someone sister who might be 88 or nine or 10 years old.

Take us there real quick what what is it, if our listeners you go with you. Many of our operations are done in the night tonight and were working through foreign assets who are like the FBI those countries you know in that we taught and trained with a lot of training for them, but I thought just she's an example would be a night operation would be an investigator has intelligence that this particular business or or facility. Maybe it's a club nightclub. Maybe it's just a straight brothel, but that they are selling minor children in young girls. You know, 12, 13-year-old girls are being sold out of that that the place of business and so you know it's 11 o'clock at night. The streets are extremely dark but they're very crowded in those areas because that's where people congregate and come to you've got drugs you've got your alcohol, you've got guns you have knives you have some of the worst of the worst of this world and so we you know we come into the operation we get out of vehicles we have to show for some they were wearing body armor, and in all those things in order to not just protect ourselves but to notify everyone within distance that hey were here worst were here for a serious matter was, don't you know strive not to have engagement so as much as possible. We it varies but we moved quickly to the part of building that we know the girls ran which is typically the back areas and small rooms and we going to those places.

You know I can I will never, I can never get the the faces out of my head. Both the men in those places. The adult women who also are being abuse honestly and the the face of the young girls.

We first see them and then the hatred from the men who try to fight us when we remove the girls. You know, we try to take them out even with force in the men who paid for that girl or expect to have that girl that night there angry they will living.

They will fight to the vehicle back to the vehicle and always amazed by that simple attitude, but you know so once we have that girl in our possession with to secure her team is usually five of us in five of the foreign assets and to never secure that the package and we begin to extractor out of the club. We get to the vehicle. The vehicle secured. We have to your place or in the vehicle secure all the vehicles in the low back up. Sometimes that can happen in you know 90 seconds or less. But if we encounter a situation whether it's you know other problems we have to sometimes close all place down secure the street now are talking about very long operation you know because you have in those environments you have people who are criminals are hiding in it that they're almost sure your worst nightmare because they may be armed and when they see you unit entering the building. They make the assumption that that were there to arrest them and when that happens you know that person is willing to probably die for. For you rather than go back to prison. So those moments are pretty intense while the smoke lot allowed music you know we've we've worked over the years to perfect our columns and I would say today we still struggle because in those environments. The music is so loud you know it is deafening. So sometimes we have to turn the music off but now you talk about securing an area to turn the music off you talking about, you know that the situation can rise in intensity because now everybody's like was going on, you know, more so, where is it we just rush in your pushy and like the point of the spear grab that girl push her away at back out extract back out.

It's almost a safer thing, but there know I written operations the same but the girls face the same so you get you get the girl you you you rescued her a long time.

She's fully doped up.

You have to have to do administer some sort of drug or something to get her to get her set out and then being affixed on that and then there's this car ride and it may be the first time this little girl is ever had a true hug, a loving hug hug. It's not an exporting hug but a gracious hug that different parts of the world. We do different things but we always try to have a local female asset there who can embrace the girl you know and calm her fears down because some these girls are, you know, ask excited to be removed from the situation.

Some of them are reluctant because the owner of that facility may know her or her family.

You know, and they are holding on the op-ed I've had 15 your girls your babies were being held in basically ransom that she had to go out and sail herself in order to pay the money to the pimps so that he would release her, her child at night to go home so all types of situations like that so she is struggling with fears and unknowns.

But you know that first embrace and then entered to make her realize they were here to work through your problems. You know what we've got advocates for you in these countries were grandma start the process of note bringing you to safety. Not just in this moment, but tomorrow the next day the next day and the next day you know where to place his creative place of security for you. I will talk more with Mark Lanter rescue maze muscle website for interesting to just name a linen risk lantern download is his podcast showed all your friends will come back we'll talk about the good the bad the ugly of of so-called ministries or charities that are attempting to help in human trafficking and to help stop it.

He's going to bring some important truths and couple really cool story stated almost a special thank you to a wonderful partner helping us advance the message of this program of the gospel in the thank you goes out to my Mike Lindell, the inventor and CEO has now open his heart to say thank you as well.

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You can also call this toll-free number 800-944-5396 thank you my pillow for partnering with us to advance the good news the gospel and thinking all you guys that have checked about supporting our sponsors. Was it like to be a front line soldier, a believer in Christ, carrying a gun in full body armor going into a brothel in some foreign country to rescue a little 10-year-old girl who may have had eight or 10 customers that day was being held hostage who literally is making a lot of money for people he does this with the team he loves Jesus they got a program like no other program ever heard. I get chills, or so I hear it's cold lantern rescue was there radio broadcast and their podcast and we: in March you're on the front lines that I just monitors to talk to your one of my heroes and you speak and you talk about your heroes tell her what about your heroes.

These precious ones I mean man the girls that we rescue are our heroes number one and in the of course the Lord is the greatest rescue and he has the one who formulates all the plants provides all the operational needs puts everything in place to do what we do and I mean it is.

It's a lot and is a miracle.

Every single time. It's a miracle that operations go the way they do. But these girls are definitely heroes. I remember one girl she was 13 and she was on the second story of this facility and almost we almost missed her because it it's so dark in those environments. Even the work we have very bright lights is just the number of people sometimes overwhelming in your costly watching your sakes and watching yourself so we lose a team and operational team by member of the TC and you know us either. Here are one segment we did hit that quadrant of that building there so we went that direction.

Sure there was sure enough there was a 13 girl who was being kind held behind the. The band and the music players.

She was sitting down low and I think they purposely were trying to make sure you act like a were good over here but they had her down and then she was heavily drugged and is in those moments you know to bring the girl to some life and get out the door. You know when you're needing your hands for defense and no is difficult and what a hero. That girl is because literally two days later and she is smiling. She was excited about why she was going and I will never forget her face and not you know the others are so my ears are definitely people I work with, especially the foreigners. People sometimes think that in every thorough country. Everybody's corrupt and largely so a lot of people are corrupt and the governments but and when you find the ones I get chills now talking about when you find the ones who are devoted to their country in the future of their country and tell you and save you know, my children, my children, the future this country. Those people I just Marlowe. They were there making you know hundred dollars in the month asking me to make $100 a month and risking their lives to help you to really risk their lives are the AR you know and we train them and we do a lot of the gloves special benefits to be part of our unit, but they are you're not getting rich and not going home to a house with a swimming pool and nice when the going home to make that one meal they get that day.

You know their environment where outside of just working with us. They can be shot in the back of it. Anytime you know and they're not like coming there completely disrespected.

We think it mean I hate to see the way we are treating our policing in this world today, but there were countries you know they hate their police and out and because there is corruption in it but there is also those who mean well and you will and there my heroes as well.

And so it's $150 billion industry. There's a lot of folks tapping that to raise money that are doing nothing to help these kids or their doing things like going to try to buy a kid when you buy it just like you negotiate with terrorist are just feeding the money tree certifying 10 more kids and try to sell those and there to make money off that gives a quick buyer beware don't have a lot of time.

You left the same gives good buyer beware of listeners out there that want to support human trafficking they want to save those precious little ones and women that are that are trapped in this thing what so what some things look out for when you look at a ministry like lantern rescue and other ministries, nonprofits, not even many Christian nonprofits that that that you want to support to help the human trafficking to help solve this to help save kids. Would you look for real quick when I would I would look for you know in operation as an international foot in analog to save it.

We have a wooden structure in the states.

But listen. In America we have got a tremendous number of agencies and resources you know and I and there are some that do need support and what I look for that group that Snelling doing something here, but focusing international that's what we were traffic routes to the states you were looking for those foreign traffic routes that are coming to Miami that are coming to places like that were working with agencies both American agencies and foreign agencies in this country will have to start over there but it's coming here the Americas for defeating an additional profit center. The largest consumer child pornography is driving the demand for trafficking and a lot of that is Americans going to other countries to to molest in these girls. The second thing is anymore just beware of organizations that proclaim it. We've rescued you know, 2000 or 15,000 and 20,000 it's okay to keep track of numbers we do to but if that's the first thing they throw at you, it becomes a number.

It is like wait a minute, it's not a numbers game and it was tempting to be that because you think if and when is fix the situation at the rescue so many girls, but actually fixing the situation is doing what we like to do coming to a country work at the highest levels of the government, you can train a unit there. Teach them work with them. Risk your life with them so that when you're not there. The work continues very good and so that's that's the kind of work that needs to be put into place in more countries around the world and we do that will see trafficking in a decrease in demand for in this country testing out your website lantern is at it. I don' in your 501(c)(3) nonprofit so people to make a donation and end date someone studio sends you up a $10,000 $100 dollar whatever to your ministry, or even more words that money goes or listens on the no gloves and call us to heavily support the sky we love is doing. Tell us how you got out where the money know what you need support and in how we can help you write suite we have no paid employees.

We have highly trained volunteers to go through an assessment process are selected and so your understanding your money goes to rescue Gus the operations you know that were working wonderful associates helping support your team.

Your training and getting in again is really helping get these kids to a safe place to a Christian home as best you can and there's nothing like seeing that little girl who was once in bondage literally sold like an animal exploited take advantage of, molested, mistreated, but then you put her in the arms of a Christian God leaf in a family orphanage to razor in the Lord. I mean, that's gotta be so rewarding for you really is. I mean no, but none of our team would I say this a lot. We do not want to go into one hail to the rescue of victim and then place her in another hail and so the difference has to be. We take them out of that place of bondage and hail and put her into a place where the gospel is given, you know, in that it that is freedom and an that's the best in getting this end result is that that's always not the physical bodies not just rescue but the soul is rescued while folks this is titillating. This is like no other radio show or pocket you've ever heard these guys actually go in on this radio show your called from the field anywhere you like. Wait a second. That sounds like that but eicosanoids background noise lantern rescue is an awesome human trafficking ministry that to save people who tried to stop it lantern and brother Marcus is one of the awesome leaders of this whole thing is that a radio show in a podcast, tell us and take us into one of these podcast muses really organic and it is moving like it. It is heart wrenching. Here you sit organic because you know where a group of tactical people were not communication majors are trained but when we first.

You know you out. You can do as we begin discuss this ministry opportunity and outreach. We we had no other way to do it to save a list do this right now so I think our first demo was we were in the vehicle is 10 o'clock or 11 o'clock at night is pitchdark were in another country were headed to a rate we have intelligence of a operation where there was a 15-year-old girl and I just pulled the phone out and I said you guys ladies we have to talk your list this year with the world. What were you know what God is doing right now, this moment, and so we did in the you know I think it organics a true word there is. We got rough edges and there's things that we were trying to say describe over radio but were excited to try it because we we want to instill in other people that they would look to compassion just like Jesus had frozen they would pay that more than that you are through compassion, they would say liquid. This unit is doing and what you compassionately need to do today that's awesome so you can take a front row seat. Through this radio program broadcast podcast lantern it's all there, and we have a and so many other stations are going to carry this were so excited. Additionally, you can join them with a front row seat of praying for the ministry and giving financially to this ministry so that he would trafficking these guys are on the front line brother Mark and his team amazing amazing folks say rescue these precious little ones okay and so good lantern for that and quickly tell me the final 20 seconds how we can pray for you. Pray for our team and by name. We are Mark Alan TC and Rin and course of others. But behind the scenes to do pray for our team there and then pray that God leads us into the operation that when he opens the doors we need him to open certain doors force always and that he leads us into the operation that takes us to that girl he wants rescued awesome lantern rescue lighting the way to freedom.

Pray for these guys go to their website.

Support them financially. Pray for them and listen downloader podcast and listen to their broadcast Atlanta learn all about it lantern

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