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Truth Matters Daily - 10 26 2021

Truth Matters / Dr. Cheryl Davis
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October 26, 2021 1:45 pm

Truth Matters Daily - 10 26 2021

Truth Matters / Dr. Cheryl Davis

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This is proof matters really no motion. Dr. Cheryl Davis matters is a ministry project whose mission is to our men and women in the Christian faith to teach biblical truth in the culture of the marketplace of ideas using the Bible as a sacred trust of truth and sharing the message of Jesus.

Learn more about the ministry of the truth project at today we continue in the book of Revelation chapter 10 John and his visit from an angel of the Lord hi Dr. Cheryl Davis and thank you for listening to truth matters.

So let's look at the messenger from heaven and we find this in verses 1 to 3. John sees a messenger descending from heaven who brings a message of hope to the earth, a beam of light that pierces these dark days of judgment. The descent of this messenger from heaven. We know it's a good angel sent from heaven.

How do we know that the Bible says that he is a mighty angel coming down from heaven. This is not an evil angel like in chapter 19 is bound by change that the river of the Euphrates. This is really the third time that we have met.

This angel in Revelation chapter 7 verse two we meet him the first time that I saw another angel ascending from the east, having the seal of the living God.

He cried with a loud voice to the four angels to whom it was granted to harm the earth and the sea, saying we meet him again in Revelation chapter 8 verse five then the angel took the center filled it with fire from the altar, and threw it to the earth and there were noises, thunderings, lightning, and an earthquake. Who is this angel. We believe that this is the angel of Jehovah. The Lord himself really who is the angel of Jehovah.

And we know that God often visited Israel in the person of the angel of Jehovah and we find this in Genesis chapter 18 verse one then the Lord appeared to him by the terebinth trees of masonry and as he was sitting in the tent door of the heat of the day. This is when the promise of Isaac was given to Abraham and the Lord appeared to him by the trees of memory to Abraham and we find in verse one that this is when he appears, but we see in the rest of this chapter is when he gives the promise when the Lord gives the promise of Isaac to Abraham we see the angel appear again in Exodus chapter 3 verse two in Exodus chapter 3 verse two it reads in the angel of the Lord appeared to him in a flame of fire from the midst of a bush said he looked and beheld the bush with burning with fire, but the bush was not consumed. We see the angel of the Lord again and judges chapter 2 verse four.

So it was when the angel of the Lord spoke these words to all the children of Israel that the people lifted up their voices and wept, and we see the angel of the Lord again in second Samuel chapter 24 verse 16. When the angel stretched out his hand over Jerusalem to destroy it. The Lord relented from the destruction and said to the angel who is destroying the people is enough now restrain your hand in the angel of the Lord was by the threshing floor of Aaron on the Jebusite. The angel of Jehovah is a theophany or pre-incarnate appearance of Christ before the first advent of Christ because he often appeared to Israel. It is not unusual that we would find him appearing to Israel in the time of Jacob's trouble, which we know that in Jeremiah 30 verse seven is known as the great tribulation was going to truth matters Cheryl Davis matters is a ministry project.

Most of a lot of recent ministry theology goes inside or outside of the church and if you'd like to loosen these messages on demand project letters. Dr. click on the fog just like Dr. Davis is also available to speak to your ministry or church function.

She can be reached by email.

Cheryl Davis project

Or if you'd like to send a letter to Everest's project letters, PO Box 159 slaveholders, North Carolina 2834 matters weekdays on this rate is 20 5:20 PM on Saturday at 1230 till next let's all work together to teach biblical to assist equipment and encourage one another and bring the gospel to the world because matters

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