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Last Days Church 5

Truth Matters / Dr. Cheryl Davis
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November 18, 2019 6:00 am

Last Days Church 5

Truth Matters / Dr. Cheryl Davis

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Today on truth matters with Dr. Cheryl Davis. She completes the last of these church series that examines the spiritual condition of the Western church, especially in America is 2110 through 11 and she said to Abraham get rid of the slave woman and her slave woman and will never share in the inheritance with my son Isaac. The church itself is in this place we are holding onto our Ishmael and the church our Ishmael can be things people jobs feelings inappropriate relationships, immoral behaviors that are pressing us, keeping us bound up and sand that goes unconfessed and separates us from God and keeps us from our destiny and him is pastors that are leading churches because they are educated and it is a job not a calling or anointing or spiritual gift. These Ishmael's rob us of our power, rendering us and affect. We must cast them out of our lives and our churches because they are draining the very power out of us when I say that one more time. We must cast these Ishmael's out of our lives and our churches because they are draining the very power out of us but for Abraham.

It was hard he struggled because it was his son.

It was of his own flesh for you. It may be your job, your best friend, your persona, your financial security your identity and even an idol in your life.

What are those Ishmael's that you're holding onto that is keeping you from a whole and authentic walk with God. This is the price that Abraham had to pay for the promise. The Bible says that God's promises are yes and amen unto the glory of God.

Bias in first Corinthians 1 and 20, but they are not free or without effort. They come with a price. Think about it. Mary in Luke one was overshadowed by the power the Holy Spirit to give birth to the promised Messiah but was almost put away quietly by Joseph, but then she had to witness her promise crucified on the cross approximately 30 years later Elizabeth was pregnant with John the Baptist and endued with God's power in the womb for him to be the forerunner of Christ, later to be beheaded by Herodias Israelites were promised a deliver that experience. 400 years of bondage before that deliver came. David was anointed king, but spent years of his life running for his life from Saul before he walked into his destiny. Joseph was given a dream that left dead by his brothers sold into slavery forgotten in prison, but later came into his destiny. At the appointed time for Abraham.

It cost him something that he loved and treasured his first son. Abraham was obedient in the end, but with the cost. Isaac was the promise he represents God's light and eternal salvation through the Messiah, Jesus Christ.

While Ishmael represents an incomplete covenant.

The natural way that will never completely atone for the sin of man.

We will only inherit eternal life through the reconciliation of Isaac light and darkness cannot exist in the same vessel. The light would drive out the darkness. Abraham had to make room for the promise. Otherwise, if he held onto Ishmael. He would rob God of his glory. Therefore, Abraham had to cast them out. The church today is robbing God of his glory. We are in imitation of what God intends for us to be. We are weak and vulnerable to the attack of the enemy because we are holding onto our own will and asking God to bless our detours and our deportations from his will. Some of us are living in outright sin and leading churches.

We cannot get a hold of God for ourselves, much less lead a congregation to repentance. We have a false sense of security because we outwardly appear what we have salvation compared to our neighbor. We cannot get a hold of God for ourselves, much less lead a congregation to repentance. We have a false sense of security because we outwardly appear like we have salvation compared to our neighbor, but inwardly we are like dead men's bones. Our standard for comparison is in Christ and Christ alone. We are ineffective because we looked no different from the world. Therefore, what is the world, the more the thing the Lord is calling us to repent is the church and return to our first love will you cast out your Ishmael. This is truth matters with medical Dr. Cheryl Davis next week. Dr. Davis continues her teaching of Abraham and Sarah did a new series called desperate housewives.

Please join us for this insightful look at what can happen when we get outside of God's will. The series starts on Sunday, November 17.

Please join us to contact Dr. Davis. Please email or write truth matters at PO Box 159 sinkholes were purely 283 appreciate hearing from truth matters is a production truth project

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