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Truth Matters-15 Final Moments 3

Truth Matters / Dr. Cheryl Davis
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January 6, 2020 6:00 am

Truth Matters-15 Final Moments 3

Truth Matters / Dr. Cheryl Davis

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Dr. Davis continues her teaching on the produce of the rich young ruler as he encounters Jesus by being wealthy is surely a favor for the Lord what he didn't realize in that moment is that money, fame and prestige cannot favor of God as it does with people taught by the rabbis that being rich was God's way of showing favor in this conundrum of being told by Jesus to give away his money.

Instead of throwing it causing confusion. God often puts people or obstacles in our way.

In order to redirect our steps. Cheers, Dr. Davis sharing the words of Jesus as he spoke to this young man then Jesus beholding him loved him, and one thing that now lack way to sell what thou hast and give to the poor – treasure in heaven and on the cross and follow me text at the rich young ruler's final moments. He has lived his life. The law of commandments, but still ended up restless and running. To his credit, he ran to Jesus and bowed to him, acknowledge him as good master, but still he was empty, but Jesus and only his way be held him and loved him the very picture of grace and how the Lord leads us to ultimate truth that Jesus can see a man's heart for what it truly is with surgical precision halo through the façade of deeds that we take security and to see one critical issue in this case it was the one thing that he held in higher esteem than he held his need for a Savior is that one thing that kept him from being whole is that one thing that kept him from surrendering his will for the salvation of God. For him it was his great wealth. His wealth is his master and security but not his servant, he held onto his wealth because he believed in it security for his well-being and his future. In this case, it can't him from being reconciled to Jesus.

It kept him from eternal life for you. What is that one thing that you hold on to so valuable that the Lord keeps loving on you and drawing you to him that you will not let it go for him.

It was wealth, we automatically equate wealth with money but not all the time. Our wealth is what is valuable to us. All of us have something that we value in his case it was great wealth he valued it so much that it held him back from Jesus. What is that one valuable thing that keeps you holding on what is that valuable thing that occupies your thoughts.

Keeping your focus from God and making you restless and weary for some of you it may be wealth or the pursuit of wealth, but for some, it's pride, greed your children, your job, anger, vanity, or the next best thing or the next trend I know someone in particular who cannot let go of a man she's putting herself and her child in poverty to have a certain man in her home at night so that she does not have to sleep alone. She is choosing her bed ever. Jesus, for me it was self. I love myself too much and the pursuit of my own goals until I could not run any longer. Accomplishments of my medical career.

The happiness lasted only a couple of hours and I was empty again when I was alone at the time all I could do was wait.

I had ran long enough in the other direction and I surrendered my life wholeheartedly to God. I do not regret one moment of my life since surrendering it all to Christ the Lord is merciful and gracious, loving, long-suffering, the one thing you can rest assured, is that he is also jealous and he will not share the throne of your heart with anything or anyone matter how good we think it is. He will allow you to choose that one thing on your own free will, and spend life in hills for eternity. What is that one thing on the throne of your heart keeping you from being home and serving God wholeheartedly. One would be that one thing holding you the rich young ruler was his wealth became divided, his heart Dr. Davis would like to hear from you to discover what might be dividing your heart. You can reach Dr. Davis by email. Cheryl Davis project, or by regular mail, truth project, PO Box 159 St. Paul's, NC 28384. Also message Dr. Davis on Facebook. Truth matters with Dr. Cheryl Davis visitor website project Dr. Davis finishes the final movement series next week in the awkward situation. The rich young ruler felt himself when the counter Jesus.

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