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Truth Matters 76

Truth Matters / Dr. Cheryl Davis
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March 15, 2021 7:25 am

Truth Matters 76

Truth Matters / Dr. Cheryl Davis

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During Dr. Cheryl Davis in today's edition of truth matters. Dr. Davis continues her teaching Daniel and will conclude with the final four chapters.

Today she speaks of Daniel's vision of the mighty rulers of the colliding military and political conflict, setting the stage for the increased government planners during her final seven years undermanned and Satan's dominion.

This liter the Antichrist will appear on the world stage as a peacemaker between Israel and the nations with his agenda is no case law and human suffering is a hybrid of all tyrants and exalt himself on earth got all night, forcing many to worship him as we journey through these final four chapters of Daniel heavenly view of what is to come in God's timeline to end wickedness and restore righteousness starts with the identity of this man is the antichrist, the false Messiah in a fraudulent seven year peace treaty with Israel and the nations of the drama continues from a false peace global war and the countdown to Armageddon. The return of Jesus and his millennial liver Daniel chapter 12 the true string will continue the journey with Dr. Davis leading us in a chapter by chapter verse by verse study of the book of Revelation in the glorious visions Jesus gave the apostle John.

Now here's Dr. Davis with today's lesson. The little horn.

We are continuing their apathetic theory and that person can be think it built the largest empire. The world had that day. It moved in every direction.

And no other kingdom could stand before them. The cut passage in verses five through seven is why the most amazing passages in the prophetic word.

First, the identification of the goat is not difficult. The Grecian Empire followed that of the Meetup versions. The first great colony was established by an Oracle that I got it for a guide to build a city that came to the region of grace and gratitude for the guys leading them in the right direction. They called the city idea, meaning the goat city. The name of the sea upon his shores city was built is called the DNC or the galaxy five amazing prophecies are made in this passage that were just fulfilled in history down to the most minute details.

These five prophecies are first, the larger horn between the eyes that is the first king Alexander the great.

12 years grace built a kingdom without losing a battle. This was predicted to hundred years before he see how fast the goat comes in. We are looking at deed in which Alexander the great was able to conquer the world to in the reputation of the king Alexander the great. His parents built him for success when he was growing up.

His mother taught him that he was a descendent of Achilles and Hercules. No wonder the kid was motivated when he was just a little boy that was a horse that everyone his family had tried to break but no one could do it. Alexander said I'll do it and he did. According to historians. This was the horse they rode in all this great campaigns as he led the greats in their conquest of the world. His father Philip of Macedon was a great military man and we are told that Alexander you spend most of his time worrying there would be anything left for him to conquer because his father was such a great military leader early significant victory that Philip is pulled his son aside and said Alexander, my son, seek out a kingdom worthy of yourself. Macedonia is too small, free, he told him go for something big and Alexander thought I'll go for the world. No wonder he had so much success because the faith of his parents had success was built in him. The third prophecy has to do with the ruin of the media Persian Empire. God said to Daniel that when the notable one the great King comes to power. He's going to come against the Persians and the mates I saw him attacked the ramp seriously striking the ram and shattering his two horns. The ram was powerless to stand against him get knocked him to the ground, and trampled on him. None would rescue the ram from his power. This is for seven chapter 8 when Alexander decided to take down the maids and the Persians.

He came with 35,000 troops from the West crossed over the Hellas point and defeated the Persian army equipment south into Egypt. Tyra and Gaza, and he retraced his steps to Syria made an enlarged version army for the third time and he did just around the media Persian Empire was right now. There is never been a time in history when we have had a greater understanding of these four beasts that Daniel spoke of my fee if we are on the edge of eternity believe we may be in the four powerful beasts would likely be the US joined the EU and Russia with a coalition of Islamic states noted in Scripture is God and Magog prayerfully consider the stored matters seeking God with all your heart and making a decision to follow Jesus Christ as your Savior and her team are available by email at Cheryl Davis project. If you need spiritual help. Join us on our next edition of truth matters. As we continue our journey God.

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