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Displaying Your Design

Truth for Life / Alistair Begg
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May 5, 2022 4:00 am

Displaying Your Design

Truth for Life / Alistair Begg

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May 5, 2022 4:00 am

“Submission” is a word that often provokes people. But genuine biblical submission isn’t something to be feared, demanded, or resented. Learn why as we examine the ways women display God’s unique design. Be sure to listen to Truth For Life with Alistair Begg.


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By using the word submission like company watch what happens. It is not a popular idea, but today on Truth for Life will learn why genuine biblical submission isn't something to be feared or demanded or resented Alastair big Texas to Scripture to help us see how women can display the unique design.

God gave them and train younger women to do the same if you put your finger in Titus and and also in first Peter three, then you'll be ready for action are a first Peter three you will see if you have the Bible that is going to heading their wives and husbands and there's only one verse given to the husband's is verse seven. It's a really heavy-duty verse, so you should be considered as you live in your wife's and treat them the respect of the weaker partner doesn't mean the inferior partner just means that constitutionally God has given this protective responsibility to the husband. The purposes of God. We are supposed to step up and exercise some kind of umbrella care for our wives as heirs with this together off the precious gift of life. We are absolutely equal before God.

We are heirs together of the grace of life and our partnership in the gospel is not confused in any way by the fact that God has entrusted in our oneness the responsibility of leadership to the man and the responsibility of submission to the wind. The fact that God the father is over, Christ, and that Christ submits to God the Father and of the Spirit submits to God the son in no way is expressive of any sense of inferiority. Every part of the Trinity. Every member of the Trinity is coequal and coeternal and the role that is exercised by Christ is exercised out of a sense of God ordained submission within the framework of the father's headship and in the same way the lady is to function in such a fashion so as to have an impact within the family framework. The picture that is in mind here is clearly one in which the husband is an unbeliever, and the question that Peter is addressing is a very practical question. If you have perhaps become a Christian and your husband hasn't in your living now within the framework of the whole point is to be done and the answer that Peter gives here is that the impact is going to come not through your husband's ears, but through your husband's awnings the responsibility that is entrusted to the wife is not.

To ensure that her husband, here is what she believes but that he sees how she behaves and how will this then be shown.

First of all, he says he can win them over. Without talk, by their behavior. So let them see your behavior what your purity, your purity and the reverence of your life's. The contrast between the outward and inward between that which is externally attached and that which is internally produced between that which is allowed and that which is quiet between changing styles and unfading beauty as a result I want to tell you that your beauty should come from outward adornment, such as braided hair and the wearing of gold jewelry and fine clothes.

Instead, it should be the inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit. What is being proposed here is simply the important distinction that is so necessary in our culture as it was in his the constant bombardment of a world that says if your hair is like this.

Your jewelry is like that your clothes are like this, and so on, and you have the potential for this and there is a great opportunity for enslavement and stances Peter. I don't think that is the plan for you and if a mother models. This, then the daughters can follow it. If she doesn't than the daughters will largely do the same. I mean just look around you if you know if a mother has any measure of impact on her children. Then her girls will become lighter. There is a great potential disparate for the copycat syndrome and therefore the impact is not simply the impact that comes from the wife to the husband but is the impact that comes from the wife to the child and is the impact that comes from the wife to the community and so this picture in our loveliness as opposed to some kind of prismatic externalized manufactured beauty so much about husband's ego is wrapped and what his wife puts on display and often he buys things for his wife. Not because he really is so phenomenally pleased for her to have them because he actually gets vicarious pleasure out of knowing she has them in knowing that when people see that she has limp it it it reflects upon him as the great provider you see computers as you need to resist all of that and husbands are supposed to nurture their wives in such a way that whites will volume the that the priceless jewelry of an unfading beauty and of a gentle and quiet spirit is actually a supernatural quality that is cultivated in all kinds of personalities. Somebody may be very extrovert, but they possess the imperishable jewel of a gentle and quiet spirit, some nails may be far more introverted by the same thing comes through his or qualities of supernatural qualities of spirit ordained thing that God manufactures and produces is nurtured and helped along the line by the way in which a woman things about herself and the way in which she deport herself and in the way in which she actually frames her whole external personae your grandchildren with your rings, your granddaughters to the emissivity in the car. Grandma and say I do them bracelet to see stuff like you know I really really like that ring a I can try again I tell an already if you have more than three or four and more than three or four grandchildren in your mind without any morbid way you will ready earmarked some of them you know that she likes that particular stone you will ready made provision for that and that's nice being on the best jewelry you can leave your grandchildren the most precious jewel you can pass on down the heritage lying is the jewel of a gentle and quiet spirit, not always moaning and groaning. Grandpa every time I go to grandpa's house. Grandma is always bargaining. She's always saying man she's always given in this world grandpa he just goes out and smokes just to get away from.

He doesn't even like smoking many small washers. You'll get your amethyst, but she's also got your name and yank nearly you as a bad memory credit.

It's wife's gravity takes over right here only hang stuff on stuff for so long so she is very practical wisdom is. This will stay with you right through imperishable jewel of a gentle and quiet spirit.

Do what's right and I was doing the Scripture say don't give way to fear what kind of fear, the fear of people saying are you are sideshow wimpy wife you are to be more aggressive you are to stand up, you ought to do this you want to do that now.

Don't be tyrannized by that or by the evidences of the aging process or captivated by the changing fashions of the day. This jewelry looks really good on wrinkles. This jewelry goes really well with compassionate eyes and an understanding heart and you know ladies there is anything you wouldn't trade for Osmond, who would love you the way Christ loved the church and go without jewelry for the rest of your life and a husband to go to benefit greatly, not from the nagging persistent preaching of his wife by her purity by our reverence by our on fading gentle unity teach what is in accord with sound doctrine. Titus is one of chapter 2 teach the older man to be temperate worthy of respect. Self-control sound in the faith and love and endurance. Likewise, teach the older women to be reverent in the way they live when they get a grip of that then they can teach the younger women to love their husbands and children to be self-controlled and pure to be busy at all him to be trying to be subject to their husbands so that nobody will maligned the word of God is are probably no more inflammatory words than these in the in this age of feminist activism. If ever there was a place for a woman or young woman to wrestle with the expectation of Romans 12 is paraphrased by Phillips don't let the world around you squeeze you into his own mold.

It surely is in this realm here and so the teaching that is supposed to take place, the desk, the loss, the word in Greek doesn't refer to formal instruction and rather refers to the advice and encouragement that women can give primarily within the framework of the home, and by example that is not to say that women do not have a posturing teaching in a more formalized classroom context.

What is being emphasized is the way in which the older women and if you are 24 and you're dealing with a 14-year-old youth for the older woman category you're on the receiving end on part you're on the giving end. On the other part and what supposed to be happening is that within the framework of the whole there is to be teaching going on now this happens I think more by default and by design, but if is not having by default than it would be good to put a little design into it. What will the package look like one of the elements in this training program in this apprenticeship. Well first of all there to teach and train, teach, train the younger women to love their husbands for Landeros Andrus is the man for Leo is the love for Landeros does not immediately seem incongruous now, why don't you come over to my house this evening and Peter plops as the older lady way to give your little training program on loving your husband I love my husband comes naturally love them all.

To understand the love that is the sin of emergence of our emotions, but there is also a love which is the servant of our wills and the emotion thinking only carry you so long unless your love for your husband is a servant of your will, then it's going to be a significant problem in the question honestly isn't some of the ask the question and not in the same terminology, but largely so how do you love someone who leaves before breakfast returns after dinner falls asleep before bedtime. How you love someone who is far quieter, far louder far stingy or than I ever imagined how you love someone who when something goes bump in the middle of the night nudges you and says, would you please go downstairs and see what that is, whether not a book in the bookstore to help you with that.

You need someone as being there Saturday.

I got one just like that. I have the same model exact same thing you do you mean he's like that you ever said that you left that there this is the best day of my life.

We see him interact with the others and you don't hang with them rather than share with them.

Talk with them. This is where the training program takes place. Secondly, and train you to train or betraying knowledge love husbands, but to love our children feel taken us out of money for that is, after all, I'm sitting here using your cell just thinking of those adorable little bundles thinking my husband going insane with them right now thinking of enjoy doing your Starbucks will relieve years of at least at least 7 o'clock ability of a couple of other sessions at offset thing that will keep you away from those fiendish adorable little creatures to which I must return. So in the middle of ironing, washing, cleaning feedings, screaming and opening our lives to somebody was just a little bit behind. As herbicide is on the journey you be amazed what will be. I actually think frankly, if you put a thing in the bulletin that said there any lady that wants to do is you know if you are under the age of acts and you want to come over my house on Tuesdays and Thursdays for an hour between sessions such just sit on the couch, hang with me sit in the kitchen table as me any question you want, I didn't just sign this list. I tape you get a list longer than your arm, because the assumption is that this is happening is not happening. It happens intermittently doesn't really happen happen in the end and and even mothers are not doing it with her children on so I checked my day timer and you will be gone from assumption soul and your mother do tell little Jeremy that I send my best woman. The I put all books together for which the mother little Jeremy wants to save her mother on the little books together for you, one that will fit you say we should say that only a cruel person like you would say that yeah that's fun. You never have the funds. I wish I was just as holy as all of you. Third, self-controlled, self-controlled and necessary requirement not exclusive to younger women, but shouldn't be overlooked a vital requirement for every practical wife and mother self-controlled in terms of eating television watching sleeping planning cooking, organizing so long, self-controlled part of the fruit of the spirit. So were going to just come spirit promises it to us, but he uses means of grace. Somebody help us to be self-controlled, some of those are some of us can have well we just leave it alone, self-controlled. Fourthly, pure, pure purity is a choice, not a gift. Purity is the product of planning you plan to be pure you plan to be impure.

This is a result of saying yes to what we should say yes to an old what we should say no to purity demands. The scrupulous avoidance of immorality and thinking, reading, viewing, and acting purity to choice the feeling plan for it. Incidentally, if we don't then when the evil day comes, would dad docs limitary with evil days.

Evil day is when temptation desire and opportunity meeting each other guys in the providence of God. Sometimes temptations of no opportunity in the providence of God sometimes opportunities are not met with desire is an evil day when temptation desire and opportunity come walking out the garden path.

Then you see the purity of life is what keeps us busy at home. We still don't start me on that right now been enjoying today busy at home that involves sacrifice your visit bring rebuke certainly does it challenge the culture without doubt, no amount of government money throwing the in the direction of daycare centers can compensate for the tragic absenteeism on the part of mothers from the place of their calling and not talk about single moms are not talking about pressure that demands that all this, not that it's all in turn by sitting down and making the choice choosing to expend all that nervous energy. All of that physical force out there because apparently digging around in somebody's mouth is a dental hygienist allows you to go to the mall and say where assignment dental hygienist. Frankly, good for you. You can go and say why my stay at home mom and I'm looking after these these guys is that all you do well. Clearly, Fanny. You've never done it because if you had, you wouldn't be asking is that all you do.

Finally, kind, training them to be kind interesting word is that it's interesting that kindness comes after keepers at home resident street decent. How to stay at home and do some and you know do the job and you better actually teach them how to be kind yeah because if they stay home and the danger of growing irritable rule downright vindictive is quite large. Therefore little segment on kindness probably benefit in very nicely and finally subject to their husbands was a mean whatever you work it out to me sadly doesn't mean ordering people around. Just means that every team has to have a captain. Someone has to know on the airliner who the final thing rests with some S&L within the framework of the home and the family. What is this eventually hit dead center. God says here's the deal I get into the man priority which does not equal superiority.

It equals responsibility. I want to hold them to accountability for the way in which he has exercised his role in the framework of that I'm going to hold the wife accountable for the way in which she has responded to the privileges and opportunities that are hers illustrates me more than anything else.

I just from a so I let him listen to myself and insane unit who can do this is a chronicle of despair is not enough expense be better. Let's do better as we better wife. Let's be better husbands. Let's be better Evan. Let's see if we can get up the ladder here and tip the scales in our faith. What we know we know what our best were unprofitable servant. We know what our best were not particularly good husband were not brilliant, wife's were okay moms were not very good. Dad's and you know what all journeys about it from beginning to the very end is about grace is about the fact that God in his grace and his mercy comes again and again and again and he gives to us what we don't deserve, and he keeps back from us will we do this and he says, my grace is sufficient for you, you can do this because my strength is made perfect in weakness. If you say yourself going out at the world Gauley. I do feel very weak.

I feel inadequate, I then asked Cicely a great start because of dependence upon God is the objective, then weakness is an advantage that is Alister bag Truth for Life with the final message of a series titled God's design women as you listen to the series, you probably noticed there is a sharp contrast between God's design for women and what we see in society today if you'd like to continue studying what the Bible has to say about God's purpose for women want to recommend to you a book titled God and women you can requested when you make a donation of any amount you know, if you listen to Truth for Life for very long. Our mission here is to teach the Bible with clarity and relevance so that unbelievers are converted believers are established in local churches are strengthened. One of our goals is to encourage and equip pastors the work of the gospel. So if you lead a local church or you're working with young men who are pursuing a career as a pastor. We will encourage you to check out the four module online study called the basics of pastoral ministry. This is a collection of 30 sermons and lectures from Alister that draw on his experience leaving the congregation for more than 40 years.

All four modules and the corresponding study guides are completely search for the basics of pastoral ministry about pain. Join us tomorrow for a special message will learn why Jesus has to be about his father's business even on Mother's Day. The Bible teaching of Alister bag is furnished by Truth for Life where the learning is prolific

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