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The Truth Matters (Part 2 of 2)

Truth for Life / Alistair Begg
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November 26, 2021 3:00 am

The Truth Matters (Part 2 of 2)

Truth for Life / Alistair Begg

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November 26, 2021 3:00 am

If honesty’s really the best policy, then why do we say things that just aren’t true? The lies we tell may not always be intentional, but they’re lies nonetheless. Find out why we choose deception over truth. That’s on Truth For Life with Alistair Begg.


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Honesty is really the best policy will let's be honest all of us are guilty of saying things that just aren't true today on Truth for Life we take a look at some of the ways we tell lies, and we learn why we choose deception over truth. Our study continues in Exodus 20 verse 16 Hears Alastair Back Way in which we break the ninth commandment, we break it by saying things that just aren't true hello gossipy statements about other people there need be no basis to need only be allegation can be a total lie's but in the culture in which we live, where truth is relative and not absolute chaos reigns where people love to believe the worst Square who owns and sells millions and millions of magazine would be hard-pressed to rebut the things you involved in rumor lately passed any rumors on this week passed on any unsubstantiated information to anybody stuff that you got no way of knowing whether it was true or not true but you like the feel of a little juicy one. Hello Col. about somebody squeezed out from some corner dropped in casual conversation never made much, but you don't need to drop like an incendiary device into an environment into an office into a coffee room into a school, something that may damage the life of that individual for a long long time. One throwaway line concerning the high school senior girl one passing comment concerning that student. One word of innuendo concerning that work colleague who is now gone on vacation lies, slander does the same thing. Slander is a form of breaking the ninth commandment. We made much of it last time we will now deception is another way in which we do it. Romans chapter 3, Paul says of those who are godless. He says that deceit is on their lips. You can read that in verse 13 of Romans three.

They deceive by their very nature, we deceive our moms and dads and some of us were very good at it. When we didn't want them to know something we told them something they didn't want to know. Okay, so what you do is you volunteer information fast. That is good information that is true information in the hope that they will not pursue from you other information which is not good. Believe me I know how you do if you don't want to know who you are with them to know who you are with. Tell them about people you work with that you know they were glad for you to be with that as they get very glad about that move on to something else in the whole that they won't come back and say I know you were with so-and-so and that pleases me.

But where you also with sums deception. We do it in business about flattery, flattery, Somerset about flattery.

Flattery is seeing things to a person's face that he would never say behind his back. You don't believe it's true you never you driving your car is a jerk meeting you say you know what I'll do in the highest esteem. I have never once been so impressed with the presentation as far your presentation today for your wife to say my get a raise man. He was pleased when I told him that I told him his presentation was great wife since I wasn't set as flattery is lying about exaggeration Jim are live by exaggerating I do I have to be honest I probably one of the ways I can live better than any others by exaggerating how cold is it was my thief 5. It was called.

People were having their teeth extracted without any kind of how bad was it all then you read about the second world that was nothing compared how far is it you drive for 15 hours. We went and got halfway and if it wasn't that far. I was not cold. It was not about creating false impressions not correcting untrue statements when there may Your Honor joint selling mission with one year of sales staff. The sales guy says something in the conversation in the negotiation that is patently wrong, you catch it, but it's actually to the good, especially if the client swallows it here on the horns of a dilemma.

Shall I correct in or let it go because after all, we could come out of this pretty nicely. You let it go. You get the business your head on your pillow at night you live about carelessness, especially with our children carelessness Samuel Johnson for this very well. I read it in years and years ago when I first became a father. I thought it made so much sense. I've tried my best to deal with it. I'm not sure that I've come successful, but Samuel Johnson said custom your children constantly to this. If nothing happened at one window and they when relating it see that it happened at another window. Do not let it pass, but instantly check, you do not know when deviation where deviation from the truth will never know.

You see, if our children said happened in the back window and it happened in the front window, it seems rather scrupulous to say no not even happen.

The back window to the front window, but if you don't they will then internalize this fight.

Subliminally, they will say, you know, as long as it happened in the window. That's all a matter first time they have an accident in a car. The officer asked him a question about whether they had their head out of the window or in the window with their seatbelt on her no seatbelt on. They may have them build up a legacy of 16 years of being careless about issues of scrupulous truthfulness, simply answer. Whichever way it helps them and you and I will contributed to that because we weren't smart enough to realize that careless talk is an evidence of telling lies so that the manner in which we live in Sask. And finally, what is the motivation for telling lies. Why do we lie will back in the garden of Eden.

The reason the evil one lied was because of malice and pride. He wanted to be something that he wasn't and he was malevolent towards those whom he could influence Satan tells lies because he hates God he hates people who are godly and he wants to extend his anti-guard revolt when you and I tell lies were often driven by the same thing were driven by pricing or were driven by hatred when we tell lies in order to impress other people because of pride when we tell lies in order to do somebody down is because of hatred when I tell lies to protect my own interests because of selfishness.

What about when I tell lies out of contempt when I tell lies out of a desire for revenge or when I tell lies on the basis of embarrassment in the book when America told the truth the acknowledgment there on the basis of research is quotes just about everyone lies 91% of his lie regularly. The majority of us find it hard to get through the week without lying one in five can make it through a single day and were talking about conscious premeditated lives of the people interviewed 92% said the main reason for their lying to save face a 98% said the reason they told lies so as not to offend people. Now we don't want to be offensive to people, but there are times when telling the truth will hurt and will offend the issue of truthfulness is going to direct whether persons offended and other persons disappointed or not know whether the aggrieved are not surgeons and doctors have to face difficult issues of truth telling. At many points along their life and the well-being of the patient drives their quest for honesty. If there true to their own money and the desire for acquisition driving our lives. People tell me you know Hollister is very hard to be in sales these days because in many areas sectors of the industry all the people do is lie about their product or the lie about the timeframe in which the product is deliverable so I'll assume you got understand that if we're going to live in that world where you have to play that game. Guess what went on have any product to offload on anyone have any business we won't have any opportunity to make things well and right for wasn't truth in the Bible say that God will honor those who honor him is not that sin is a reproach to any people that righteousness exalts a nation, is it not that even if we were to live in total abject poverty and to put our heads in our pillow at night with a guiltless conscience. It would be worth far more than to put our heads on a fat pillow full of dollar bills that had come by again and as a result of untruthful speech. If you cannot be trusted in the tiniest of things. No one will ever trust you in the greater some years ago and our young men came to take a girl out on a date. I happened to be there. He came and he indicated in the course of his conversation how excited he was to take this girl out what you do. He was asked.

I'm in sales. When you sell sell parts for session surgeon industry. How's it going were having a great year was the biggest challenge biggest challenge he said is getting the stuff to the people. When you say you're going to get there is a verbatim story. I was there. This is my story. This happened or what you know and you can get in there. I asked several of the best thing you do is you don't tell him that you can get in there at least know when they want, so I so what I do as he says I know if it is a delivery date in like two weeks.

14 days lead time. I tell and seven on the six-day iPhone. I don't want to six-day. We ran into a little problem with the delivery. It's not going to be there tomorrow course was never going to be there tomorrow.

It couldn't, but hopefully over the weekend and will be there sometime around Monday, Tuesday, I made a note in my book to call him Monday, Tuesday, to let them know that unfortunately it will be coming Monday, Tuesday, but by this time I know that the lead time between that day on the day that I know it will arrive is a shorter time than what would happen if he went out to start fresh with a new supplier so I've gotten and I'm doing really well. I was impressed. I told a girl she married in.

He destroyed her divorced her lie to her, used, or despitefully anybody who had half a modicum of sense would've known that if I guy is prepared to do that for something as inconsequential as plan on order of steel will reach his destination. There is no saying what he will do an interpersonal relationship is the ninth commandment matter matters you say will you know what out. I get really fed up with you on this stuff because it's okay for you.

We are little black Bible and go up the stairs to that room of yours and I you not to go out you not to live there and you going to tell me how to do this. I hope you don't feel that I'll gladly come with you any day. I'd like to go for a decent day's work sometime that would be nice. I'll come with you. Alcohol come on your travels outcome outcome what you listen to you. Be with you. I like that I do that from time to time people take me all kinds of places outcome.

That's fine and I'll learn and if I'm wrong. I'll admit, but what about when we lie out of a sense of fear. Fear of consequences. I've been facing that I face that flied out this week. It all started about 10 days ago when I got up each other cost me $56. The pizza was $10 speeding ticket was 46 my wife or segment of pizzas are getting really expensive.

She said was a problem. I said 56 square pizza.

I said look at it. She looked at in the box and sticking out a box with the ticket in her said happy Thanksgiving from chagrin Falls Police Department there was 46 black so I waited till by the time was almost run out and I gave him the money.

Thursday afternoon I'm driving home from here on. The only class I cannot promise I will miss dinner. I come down 43 I said I'm not.

I'm not waiting in that mess.

So I did a right hand turn through Pizza Hut down the side of Pizza Hut, run by Dunkin' Donuts and zip tied onto 91 beautiful I said look to my mentor looked left, like they were all still startled by said crazy I said I went. I just moved along 91 about 14 yards. I looked.

I said no, it's the pizza man again right me I'm right behind so and then I got sewing flashing all those light spoons you are from the Koran trying to get as far away from humanity as I can get run by the town hall guy comes in its usual thing you know, puts his hat on, comes up, roll the window down. Try looked contrite. He started give his speech about cutting through private property. Tie said look I said I idolizes why did you start me you cut through cutting through the thing I see you want to come down here every night and trying to negotiate that injunction. I see you cut through the thing's is allowed to cry through that thing like that thing that come individual can wait and think you like that only thinkers can form for their dinner is great in the wood to make me more sick. This is only a matter of days. Since want you guys got me with you in the pizza I'm going on the pizza steamed up the windows.

I'm just driving along it just me $56 instead of 10. He says give me your license so I gave him the license and he went back to his car. You know you look in the rearview mirror to see if he's writing are not ready. Then I said to myself, there's plenty of ways out of this.

First of all think about it now. You could've been going for Pete's.

You could've been going for doughnuts.

So when he comes back I'll tell you pizza I change my mind is driven. This is called lying, driven by fear. Okay, I know you asked me twice within the space of a day need a limousine service for something to pick me up in the church bus so he comes back and he said you nice as you were not exactly meandering through. He says you are is obvious you weren't stopping for pizza says I'm glad I wasn't going to use that line I said to myself I said I said yeah said I did it I did it in and they said, take care, Mr. give me my license and then the story is one because I'm relieved and to you because I want you to know I'm trying to let you know that I am in the real world. I may not be in the steel selling world, but I am in the real world, and I thought seriously about trying to prevent myself from a thorny end by just spinning out a little half-truth, because after that by the time I got home I could convince myself that I was actually thinking about stopping for pizza that had just slipped my mind. And then let me finish with this thought.

We will never speak the truth until we know the truth will never live the truth until we embrace the truth sometime in the early 1970s Johnny Cash song I want to see before you should be relieved, but it's one of the lines went. The young man standing in the witness stand. The man with the book said. Raise your hand. Repeat after me. I solemnly swear the man looked down and the judge looked down at his long hair and although the young man solemnly swore the truth doesn't seem to matter anymore it didn't really matter that the truth was there was a cut of his claws and the length of his hair and the lonely voice of youth cries what is truth. That is what Pilate asked. When Jesus stood before I find no charge against this Jesus, what is truth and the reason that many of us are shackled by our lines is because we have never come to the one who is truth, who holds out to us. The cleansing forgiveness and the renewal that we need. Once again the ninth commandment shows me. I have a problem. Reminds me that I cannot in and of myself. Turns me to Christ, who in this case is all truth and all life and all forgive and it actually comes down to the question posed in the song that was being played before I began to speak. Jesus is at the door of your heart seeking entry seeking to take my lies and change them to truth seeking to take my deadness and turn it to life to take my darkness and turned to life. So today if you hear his voice, will you not heed his call, you open your heart to Jesus listing to Alister teaching the Bible is our hero Truth for Life but were not in this alone.

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