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What Is Your Legacy? (Part 1 of 3)

Truth for Life / Alistair Begg
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May 26, 2021 4:00 am

What Is Your Legacy? (Part 1 of 3)

Truth for Life / Alistair Begg

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May 26, 2021 4:00 am

We’ve all heard the phrase “Life is short”—and the older we get, the truer it seems. Find out how this truth can affect the way we live and the legacy we’ll leave behind. Don’t miss this compelling message on Truth For Life with Alistair Begg.


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The white long as we can remember the older we get the truth. It seems the question is do we allow that fact to affect the way we live today on Truth for Life.

Alister bread reminds us that someday will be remembered for the things we're doing right now. Here's Alister with a message titled, what is your legacy to Timothy chapter 4 verse one in the presence of God and of Christ Jesus, and in view will judge the living and the dead, and in view of his appearing and his kingdom, I give you this charge. Preach the word, be prepared in season and out of season correct, rebuke and encourage with great patience and careful instruction.

For the time will come when men will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear.

They will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths. But you your head in all situations, endure hardship to the work of an evangelist, discharge all the duties of your ministry. For I am already being poured out like a drink offering, and the time has come for my departure. I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. Now that is in store for me the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous judge, will award to me on that day.

I not only to me but also to all who have longed for his appearing on. I just a brief prayer together but our father with our Bibles open before us. We pray that you will be our teacher is a futile prospect to spend all this time simply listening to a relatively knowledgeable fellow speaking with emphasis. We don't want that. We don't have time for that. We do believe that when your word is truly preach that your voice is really hair that's the voice we're listening for so speak, then in certain cases, as if there was no one else in the room but ourselves. Speak to our waiting hearts for Jesus sake on we passed on Friday evening. I spent part of the evening.

As the shadows began to fall. It was still daylight, but the sun was down in the sky. I went to a seat that I that has become one of my seats. Now when I think of places that I like to go and sit. This is one of them.

It's in the graveyard of St. Peter's Anglican church in adding him Yorkshire wooden bench that was left as a memorial to somebody and is down to the end of a long pathway that is essentially a corridor in between some ancient tombstones. I sat there last Friday evening purposefully listening to the choir, trying to get itself organized for Sunday and also waiting for the bell toll in the clock tower above me and seizing the opportunity to move amongst the tombstones in the graveyard and because to reflect upon the very transients of life and its frailty, not out of a desire to be morbid, not out of any feelings of melancholy are tall simply as an opportunity to recalibrate things I like to listen to the bell rang. I like it when it rings just one stroke on the porch of an hour a little more on the half-hour and then things out.

The hours peeling out over the thoroughfares of life and over the occasions of men's and women's studies here and there and marking the fact that our times are going by reminding us that our lives are like a morning mist that as I arrived this morning in the earlier hours was over the golf course. Here is weekend on Friday one road but I can guarantee has long since passed that says James is what our lives are like. And while we know that the future comes in at the rate of 60 seconds a minute.

The fact is that the older we get there faster.

Time seems to go by. I don't fully understand. I been thinking about it this week. I don't know whether there's anything in the notion that when you're five years old and you have another birthday and you turn six 1/5 of your life has just gone by 20% of everything you've known so far but when you're 50 years old and a year goes by only 2% of all the you've no has hastened packs and that is something about the reality of death and its prospect which brings clarity to the living of life. Strangely enough, I was one of the reasons that we want to steel ourselves against the prospect of debt because most of us do not want to think seriously about the issues of life we want to live as if there was no yesterday and no tomorrow coming and we can live simply in the moment. For the now and squeeze all the juice out of it that we can and then will deal with tomorrow. Should it ever come when we think for a moment or two, we realize that that is unrealistic because very soon.

The camping trip of life is going to be over.

The tenant is going to be folded out. That's our bodies and packed away and we will head for an eternal dwelling which the Bible says will either be in the presence of Christ, which is heaven or absent the presence of Christ which is hell and in the mean time as we walk this errantly sought each one of us is leaving a legacy leaving a legacy I want to talk to you this morning about the legacy that you and I are leaving the Bible is replete with information regarding this.

Not in this striking way that it is put down but nevertheless you turn.

For example, to the life of Jacob in Genesis and he says to those around them.

I'm about to be gathered to my people. Therefore, come here, I want to restore my blessing on you and I want to give you my instruction. Joseph things his feet up on the bed and he says I am about to die. Therefore listen very carefully to what it is I have to say Peter writing his second letter says the time is coming when I will fold up the stand of my life and that's why while I lived. I wanted to refresh your memory so that when I am now gone. You will be able to bring to mind all the things that I have told you. In other words, that is legacy will live on in the lives of those who come after him and the exact same thing for Paul here in the six verse of two Timothy four I am he says in the present tense already being poured out like a drink offering, and the time is come for my departure. The word there is an elusive's is a word that is used for unyielding auction at the end of a hard days work in the fields is the word used for striking camp and going home to a permanent dwelling. It is the word used for weighing anchor and heading now finally to our destination that says Paul, is what is about to be my expedience, and in light of that, he is concerned that Timothy will understand his legacy not using the phrase legacy or the word legacy in his figurative sense, not in its literal legal sense, which of course is the bequeathing of money or property via a will or a last will and testament, but rather in a more figurative fashion simply using it to designate something that is handed down to those who follow so many things have come across my path in these last nine days to arrest me in this issue of a legacy that it is incumbent upon me to convey it to little things, simple things, the kind of things that have happened to you this last week.

Nothing that is unique to me as if somehow or another I would teach for my own experience, not for a moment. Things like this invite you for lunch on Wednesday to the glass house near the home of William Wordsworth of old bear with good friends from the past to tell me that their son will be joining us and so he does, and Ronnie arrives in the company of his wife, Elspeth, and in the company of a little bundle this size 8 1/2 months old, called Fiona beautiful blue eyes and cheeks, and her hair, scented with Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo you know that distinctive baby smell and so I took this little bundle in my arms and I held her close to me. I looked at her fingers. Ice sniffed her hair and and in doing so I looked across her tiny frame into the eyes of her father, thinking Ronnie's father Ronnie was this high. When Sue and I went to Hamilton he used to come by after school into shorts with the school Looking for a Biscuit Are Looking for a Drink of Orange Juice and Now He's off and Yes Feel Any Supposed to Look after His Wife, and I Really Can't Know Is It Time Going through My Fingers.

This Sue by the Appearance of Song and by the Departure of Others.

This Is Strictly When I Speak in Keswick.

I Take My JB Phillips New Testaments.

I Have and I Have People Sign in My Callings in Ministry, My Mentors and Ministry Primes Would Be Better to Say and I and I Have Their for Example, Keswick 98, and Then They All Sign Their Names on Friday Morning and As I Went Round the Circle and in Some Cases in the Breakfast Table and Sit You Please Sign This for Me, My Eyes Look Not Only at Their Signature, but My Eyes Looked across at the Last Keswick.

I Attended, Which Was 93 and There Are the Names of People Who Are No Longer Present. Last Time I Was There They Signed This Time They're Gone, but If They Left a Legacy Names That Are Irrelevant to You, Even If I Mentioned That It Wouldn't Mean Anything.

I Has Been a Long Time Impressing the People on You but It Really Wouldn't Matter That Much of the Frequency of Their Legacy Stores. My Heart You See Our Lives This Morning Loved Ones Are like an Artist's Canvas on Which We Are Painting Reading Day That We Live Sometimes Dark Strokes Sometimes Bold, Sometimes Thin Lines, but All of Our Lives As They Unfold, Are Increasingly Becoming the Canvas of Who We Are and What We Are and We Will Eventually Create a Picture Which We Will Walk Away and Leave behind and People Will Look at It Where Bad and That Would Be the Legacy That We Have Left to the and This Striking Thing Is This That None of Us Know When We Have Put the Last Brushstroke on the Campus. None of Us Know When We Have Made That Most Familiar Journey for the Last Time None of Us Know If There Will Be Opportunity for Another Hello or for Another Hug Goodbye or for Another Telephone Call. Therefore, the Issue of a Legacy Is Not Silly for People with Gray Hair and Been around for Hundreds Teenagers in Our Church Have Left Their Legacy to Us Children Have Left a Legacy to Us That We Could Go to Any Part of the Bible and Illustrate This, but I Want Illustrated. From Second Timothy, the Reason Being That I Had to Teach Second Timothy All the Way through the Last Five Days in England and Therefore It Is Most upon My Heart Is Most Familiar to Me and I Want Therefore to Use the Verses There Is a Means of Guiding Our Thought in Coming to This, Let Me Say That Relationships Are Seldom Neutral. There Are Those in Whose Company We Are Strengthened and Encouraged and There Are Others Who Are Frankly a Drain on Our Resources and the Temp Tires to Falter and to Quit and When We Look at Old Photograph Albums and We See Certain People's Faces Very Often.

We Will Immediately Have a Thought That Comes to Mind Their Will, in Some Cases Be a Phrase That Is Directly Related to That Face You Can See That Face, but You Say That You Can See That Face, but You Related to This Because Just to Look at That Is to Bring Back All Kaleidoscope of Memories Which Are Directly Related to the Individual Who Is There No While There Are No Pictures in the Bible in Terms of Photographs. The Bible Is Full of Pictures That Are Here in the Literary Form and As We Leave through These Pictures Is and Where We See the Legacy That These Individuals Have Left Some Harmful and Some Helpful to Look at Harmful Then Look at Him, Helpful, and Then We'll Drive to Close by Saying, so What Is Ours Going to Be. Incidentally, Another Thing That You Give Me in This Direction Was a Gentleman Who Came up to Me and Said He Had Something for Me and He Had a Large Frame That Was Wrapped in More about Bubble Stuff Than Was Ever Necessary, but He Wanted to Protected and I Understood Why Because When I Unveiled What He Had Given Me.

I Discovered That What He Had Given Me Was a Picture Taken Probably around 1958 or 1959 in the Church in Glasgow Where I Was Brought up As a Small Boy and It Was a Picture of an Evening Attendance with 2200 People in This Auditorium and Apparently I Am Somewhere in That Picture but Is like Where's Waldo and I to Get Back to My Room and My Arms Are Not Long Enough to Find Myself in the Picture and It Said I Need a Magnifying Glass but I Looked through It and I Can See All There's Mr. Clark. He Was a Leader of the Junior Choir. He Was a Nice Man, I Find Myself Say All There's John Moore Who Wrote Burdens Are Lifted at Calvary.

He Was a Man I Find Myself Say All Look at Her I Said I'd Forgotten about Her and so I Went through As Many As I Could and in Every Case, Every Picture Tells a Story. Your Picture Is Telling a Story. Let's Just Look at Those Who Left a Harmful Legacy Here in Two Timothy, I Don't Want to Belabor the Point.

I Just Want to Draw Your Attention to Them. You Can Follow the Simple Your Own Homework. This Is Assertive Thumbnail Sketch Is Not an In-Depth Study of Verse 15 of Chapter 1, We Have These Two Characters Find Jealous and Hermogenes. Imagine Having Only One Mentioned in the Whole of the Bible and This Is It. You Only Get One Line in the Bible in Urine. There Is a Disaster. I Sure like to See. Hey, Good News by Jealous during Paul's Second Letter to Timothy Yes News Urine Is a Disaster Move Z Because You Can Only Write Needs If You're Going to Be True. What Is True and If Paul Is Written about by Jealous and Hermogenes Is That I'm so Thankful for Our High Jealous and Hermogenes. I Made up a Bunch of Baloney about Them.

The People Read the Letters in Bogus.

I Would Even Say That about These Characters.

These Characters Were Worthless. They Bailed on Paul. Why Would He Do That You Couldn't Do It Was His Legacy by Jealous and Hermogenes, They Deserted Me, They Were One of a Larger Group, but Maybe They Were the Ringleaders Go to the 17th Verse of Chapter 2 and You Have Hymenaeus and Finally to Us Not Described in the Most Glowing Terms. I Think You Will Admit That Teaching Will Spread like Gangrene like Sepsis from the Wound Ugly Disgusting Thought and among Them Are Hymenaeus and Finally Just Wandered Away from the Truth When You're around These People. To Give You Blood Poisoning. He Says That's Their Legacy. Anybody That Comes in Contact with the Masterpieces of Themselves Choked off Dearness Chapter 4 and Verse 10.

Do Your Best to Come to Me Quickly. Sensitivity for Dimas Has This Act. Legacy Dimas Is about Alexander in Verse 14 Alexander the Metalworker Did Me a Great Deal of Time. We Don't Know What He Did to except We Know That It Was Somehow Related to the Cause of the Gospel Is Not a Personality Issue That Paul Is Concerned That You Know Alexander Didn't like His Preaching, or Didn't Think He Was That Good of a Pastor I Didn't like Him for Some Personality Venture Cares about That Stuff.

No, No, He Says Alexander Did Me a Great Deal of Harm and You Should Be on Your Guard against Him Because He Strongly Opposed the Message That's the Issue You See Paul's Great Concern Is That the Legacy of the Gospel Will Be Passed like the Passing of a Batson and a Relay Race in Those What Is It When You Have 20 M.

There Are 15 M and That in That Box.

I Don't Know What You Have. It's a Short Distance and You've Got to Get Out Of Your Hands and into Their Hands.

The If You Don't Do It and It Doesn't Goal or If You Did Well, but Then It Doesn't Go and There's Little Time to Drop in and Pick It up As Many of Us Are Found to Have a Great Disappointment When He Thought in Terms of That and He Brought Alexander's Picture up to My City Haunt Me. And What about the Crowd. In Verse 16. My First Offense. No One Came to My Support. No One Came to My Support for Thing to Have in Your Recollection, Go Right through Your Journal As It Were, to Keep a Journal. Don't Let Anyone Else Read It. No One Will Be Interested. First of All, and Probably Her Stuff in There. They Should Read in Any Case, At Least Not Doing Been Dead for Long Enough for Them to Serve Revere Your Memory, but If You Go Back to Your Journal. I've Kept a Journal over Many Years You Go Back in There and You Bring Pictures to Mind, and You Say You Know Just When I Needed the Encouragement. No One Came to Support Just When This Guy Needed Help. No One Was There.

Why Was That Because They All United against Him. They Said No, Don't Anybody Going to Help All the Send Word around. Probably Not.

I Think It's More Likely That It Happened like This. Everybody Sitting There Said Someone Else Who Supported Someone Else Will Do It, Someone Else Will Be There.

Is Not Important and I'm There, Someone Else Will Carry It out, and the Result of Thinking like That Was That No One Supported Someone Else or Go to the Service They Don't Really Need Me to Realize That Every Single One of You Things Someone Else and Go to the Evening Service Tonight, but We Know We've Evening Service to the Legacy of This Crowd Was Harm Listening to Alister Big This Line Message Today Is Reminder That All of Us Leave a Legacy If You're a Parent or Grandparent You Know That the Greatest Legacy We Can Leave to Our Children or Grandchildren's Love for God and His Word That Starts When Their Very Young. So to Help You Begin That Conversation with the Preschooler or in Early Elementary Age Child. We Want to Recommend a Book Titled the God Contest. This Is a Book That Retells the Old Testament Story about Elijah and His Challenge to Determine Who Is the Real God. Is It Bail or Is It Yahweh, the God of Israel.

The Book the God Contest Contains Bright Colorful Illustrations and Expressive Characters. It Will Capture the Attention of Your Child As You Lead Them from Elijah's Contest on Mount Caramel to Jesus Ultimate Victory on Mount Zion Will Be Encouraged to Cheer for the Winning Team. In Fact If You Look Closely You Might Just Recognize the Legacy of Christian Writers, Missionaries, and Heroes of the Faith Were a Part of Team Jesus Were Convinced That Your Kids and Grandkids Will Love Hearing the Story and You'll Love Reading It to Them. It's a Great Reminder of How Wonderful How Powerful and How Real God Is. That's Exactly the Kind of Legacy We Want to Pass down Request Your Copy of the God Contest When You Give a Gift of Any Amount Go to Truth for The Image in the M or If You Prefer You Can Call Us Number Is 888-588-7884 If You'd like to Dive Deeper into Alister's Full Sermons, You Might Be Interested to Know You Can Follow along with the Written Transcripts As Well Defined Hundreds of German Transcripts When You Go Online to Truth for That Link Takes You Directly to Our Homepage You'll Immediately See the Image of Each Day's Message to the Right You'll See the Transcript Prompt When You Selected Your Able to View the Transcript and Scroll through the Text As You Listen to the Sermon on Bob Lapine. What If Your Epitaph Was Written Tonight. The Question Alister Asks As He Continues His Message Tomorrow. I Hope You Can Join Us. The Bible Teaching of Alister Big Is Furnished by Truth for Life with the Wording Is for

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