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Case Closed!

Truth for Life / Alistair Begg
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August 1, 2020 4:00 am

Case Closed!

Truth for Life / Alistair Begg

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August 1, 2020 4:00 am

Hounded by past mistakes and sins, we may feel like we’re living under a guilty verdict. Scripture, though, teaches that Christians are declared righteous! Hear this encouraging message on Truth For Life with Alistair Begg.


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The others because of accusations from the enemy our own troubled conscience.

Many of us feel like were living under the weight of a guilty verdict, but today untruthful life weekend. Alastair provides biblical evidence that proves that the trial is over and we are free.

The message is titled case closed in Alistair's teaching from Romans chapter 8 we resume our consideration of this closing section in verse 33 where he asks the question who will bring any charge against those whom God has chosen now in the same way as we saw in the last question. Verse 31. If God is for us who can be against us without saying there that nobody can be against us what he was doing was scenting all opposition proportionately in the context of the fact that if God is floras, then no matter who can be against us is ultimately of insignificance in the same way when he says who will bring any charge against God's elect. You not suggesting that nobody may bring a charge because the fact of the matter is, even our own hearts accuses our friends oppose us, our enemies seek to undermine us and the evil one was described in part in the Bible as the accuser of the brethren is the one who comes again and again to say what you couldn't possibly be a Christian after all that I can believe that you just shouted at that person I can believe that you have been so unfeeling towards your spouse I can believe that you been so prayerless I can believe that you are this and you are not, and you are the next thing and didn't need the accuser of the brethren may accuses before the father and say to God, how can you possibly look upon this person with favor. Don't you realize that they are sinners and how then can you declare them justify that is a great question and that is if you like the great question and the answer, of course, that the father would give in such a dialogue is not to try and bolster up our self-esteem by reminding our accuser of all the pluses in our lives, but rather of turning the gaze about accuser to one place, namely to the cross of his son and saying to the one who accuses us. Yes she is a sinner. Yes he is a sinner but look at my son's hands and look at my son's feet, and look at the wounds in the side of my son. Who are you to condemn so what we really need to do to come back to the analogy of Perry Mason from last time is to recognize that what the Bible is telling us is this that the case against us is closed that there is no possibility of double jeopardy that no one can once again re-raise the charges that were justifiably against us, not because of how well we have been doing, but because of how wonderfully Christ has made an atonement for sin in the cross and I try and remind me myself and therefore you of this with consistency in the cross, God has satisfied his perfect and his holy justice by executing the punishment our sins deserve.

Without that God would not be true to himself and in the cross, the Lord Jesus has pardoned those who believe in the car. In Jesus, even though we have sinned, and even though we deserve his condemnation and without this we would be inevitably excluded from his presence forever.

That's why we often go to the 21st verse of two Corinthians 5 and sit as it where before it and think God was not counting their sins against their but he who had no sin was made sin for us, that we might become the righteousness of God in him. And so what he provides for his artifacts for our consideration who will bring any charge against those whom God has chosen who could bring a charge.

God could who can condemn while only Jesus could. Who is he that condemns in this little verse here is actually a complex verse is even hard to read and depending on the translation of the Bible. It pushes you one way or another, and so often, Phillips gets me out of my problem and he did once again in his paraphrase. This is how he puts verse 33, 34, who would dare to accuse us whom God has chosen the judge himself has declared us free from sin, who is in a position to condemn only Christ and Christ died for us, Christ rose for us, Christ reigns in power for us, Christ prays for us. Well, you might say, is it really that significant. After all, you know we we were just getting on with our lives to really need to keep coming back to this message of the cross seem to be constantly emphasizing.

This will yes I guess we are why because it is the focus of the entire Bible. The story of the Bible is the story of what man has done in putting himself in the place that God deserves exalting ourselves to the highest place worshiping substitute God's making ourselves feel better in the unfolding story of the Bible is the story of what is happened to humanity as a result of man putting himself in the place that God deserves and the good news of the Bible is what is happened as a result of God putting himself in the place that man deserves that God in the person of Christ has come, and has indwelt our place and inhabited our time is gone to the cross so that we who are justifiably the recipients of God's righteous Roth may be the benefits of his wonderful grace. This is the good news.

Incidentally, this is the gospel that God has done this for us in Jesus and that all will come to trust entirely in this will know the reality of there's something else in this that I feel it is important to point out, namely that what the Bible is pointing out to us here is that the Lord Jesus Christ is somewhere and find he's not just somewhere he is in the presence of God the father in heaven. In other words, he was raised as the God man, his resurrection was a physical resurrection, his ascension did not send them nowhere, it send him somewhere, it send him the Bible says to the place in which he is now located.

So the physical presence of Jesus is in its exalted state in heaven.

Does that matter is this just some predilection of Reformation Christianity know because there's all the difference in the world and your Christianity will be determined by where you look. If you are someone who looks to the here and now and the down here and be in their then I can pretty well guarantee you, you do not understand what is being described for us here in Romans chapter 8 that there is no condemnation there is no separation for those who are in Christ Jesus, because as we sang my life is Christ my life is Christ there is no life for me in Jesus apart from Christ. His life is my life.

His death is my death, his resurrection is the basis of my resurrection. Ontologically, it is inevitable that I must be raised why because I'm a pastor know because I am in Christ to see how different this is to see how well this takes you away from nine and from the intercessions of man and from the significance of a man who could perhaps be somehow or another. An intermediary for you to put in a good word for you for this one. You see how much superstition is tied into all of that say again to Jesus, his real presence.

Is there Peter does this he says this in acts three is regarded and actually says is on the day the day that he preaches in Jerusalem he says of Jesus, he must remain in heaven until the time he comes for God to restore everything he must remain in heaven is physically and have not bits and pieces of his wounds are obvious and have before the throne of God above, I have a strong and perfectly and on the basis of a once and for all atonement. This Jesus continues to secure for those who are is on all the benefits of his death note Hebrews 7. He's quoting in part here from the Psalms from Psalm 110 which I've suggested to you already want backup too far, or just go to verse 23 says the writer. There have been many of those priests as we talk about the priesthood in the Old Testament says there will be many of those priests since death prevented them from continuing in office, but verse 24 because Jesus lives forever. He doesn't die because he lives forever.

He has a permanent priesthood, all while that's different, and he therefore notice is able to save completely completely and just get us started. And I say no try and make sure that you can get to heaven by doing your best.

He saves completely. This is the great wonder. This is the great mystery.

This is the great terror. If you like of the gospel that in the death of Christ not only has he saved me retrospectively, but he has saved me prospectively that all the sins that I have yet to commit are also covered in his death upon the cross.

This is this is revolutionary. You see, indeed, when you make this really clear, even people who believe it start to wonder whether they should believe it I can possibly believe that you are you then saying I always have another Corolla ne'er-do-well you then say you just sin.

Anytime you want.

Since I know all that C deals with that in Romans six as for another Sunday but no not saying that a tall, but don't get tripped up Bible were not sailors just notice what we are say he's able to save completely. Who those who come to God how through him because he always lives there we go again to intercede for such a high priest is this meets our need one is holy, blameless, pure, set apart from sinners, exalted above the heavens.

Unlike the other high priests, he does not need to offer sacrifices day after day, first for his own sins and then for the sins of the people.

Why not what he sacrificed for their sins once for all when he offered himself.

Case closed.

Case closed. Who will bring any charge against those whom God is filled. Who is he that condemns Christ Jesus died, Christ Jesus was raised Christ Jesus ascended Christ Jesus prays for us using you this little test for yourself and in your mind. Summer comes students as well or do you have any confidence that you that you will end up in the presence of God in heaven and you say yes and they say why do you then use the first person in your answer, i.e. when the civil why you say because I because I be real careful if you do possess on the right answer the right answers in the third person because he because he that's one of the ways you know your request because you eventually come that when you sing those songs you go. This is just him.

It is as it is a mystery is a mystery. All I have is Christ the end of the day. What else do I have all I have is Christ is my only hope. I must send. He's a Savior that's the message and it is in that that Paul is able to make this great affirmation. Verse 35 who shall separate us from the love of Christ. Once again he is not suggesting that on things that would threaten to separate us what he's doing is he sending the challenges that come against us with in the security that God provides for us and he runs through a list here. He says are some of the enemies of our happiness. Here are some of the things that challenge our security in the Lord Jesus Christ and once again he is returning to the notion of suffering which he is done already has the winning back all the way to that. But if you have been memorizing it. You will know that the sufferings he says in verse 18 are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.

In other words, is not saying now in Christ we been removed from the realm of suffering.

Rather, he says when we face suffering, we have to realize that whatever this is and however long it goes on. It's actually pales in significance in relationship to all that God has planned for us. Without a proper theology of suffering, we will be tempted to do one of two things. Either just bury ourselves in despair, or will be attempt will attempt to import what God promises further then into the now in technical terms, we will be tempted to an over realized eschatology and if we don't have a theology of suffering that is able to's face suffering and do something with it then either. We will bow down under the weight of suffering and will be, Rose, or we will be tempted to deny its presence by saying silly things and making affirmations that aren't true. The list that Paul provides here. I don't think he describes out of the air. I think that she's just able to. He's able to extrapolate from his own experience so there's not arm's-length theology. Indeed, there's a prophetic element of this because each of these elements and more of a sign are represented in the persecution that was about to come within a decade under the Emperor Nero. When Nero unleashed the fury of the state against the Christians. He unleashed all of these things and Paul in a kind of prophetic element is assuring these people as they live their lives that there is actually nothing will be able to separate them from the love of God that is in Jesus, the hot blast if you like of opposition that comes from the society and from the culture.

The rejection that they will inevitably face. Now he says you need to be absolutely secure in this go back and reread Lamentations chapter 3. You know that Lamentations chapter 3 contains one of your favorite verses doesn't want my favorite verses certainly because of the Lord's mercies that were not consumed are new every morning great is your faithfulness.

Great verse to verse is actually there preceded by verse 21 verse 21 says but I stop it says essentially. But I stop and consider this and that, stop to consider is after 20 verses in during which time Jeremiah has outlined how incredibly difficult hard and discouraging life is that he says but I stop and I consider this is because of your mercies that were not considered great is your faithfulness.

In other words, he sees proportion again this day as I was wrapping up my my study. I had a hymn that came to mind that we used to sing in Charlotte Chapel and I never I didn't know where it came from. I discovered that it was written in 1906 by a lady called Ada Habre Sean and she wrote it. As a result of somebody sending out a note saying I think we need a good him that will be helpful to remind their fledgling Christian that they are able to continue all the way to the end of their Christian journey and they were taught to sing when I fear my faith will fail. Christ will hold me fast when the temperature would prevail. He can hold me fast. I could never keep my hold. He will hold me fast for my love is often called, he must hold me fast. I'm precious in his sight, those he saves her his delight he will hold me fast. He will not let my soul be lost.

Christ will hold me fast. Bought by him at such a cost. He will hold me fast. He will hold me fast. He will hold me fast for my Savior loves me so he will hold me fast just occurs to me how much life is changed even since 20 years ago. Those of us who are parents 20 years ago with children that were relatively small or recall those wonderful and glorious days when we used to be able to put the children in all kinds of positions in those minivans and station wagons so I'm looking out of the back window like a dog. Some of them sitting up in between the gears think in the end the in the emergency brake. Some of them hanging over the tops on them whatever laws it is get them in and let's get going were going to Florida but anyway I mentioned that because my daughter now with his granddaughter drives me nuts. Absolutely nice because now you cannot move more than 15 yards.

We will have to strap this creature up and in the desert you can know we can go in a taxi that they don't have the thing can go here. We gotta get the bucket we got up with the thing we are to get the strap got a thing to think as is vendor this little creature just strapped in, uncle Lynn all the time so that she in your case. Here she is Harold fast.

Why not just let her hang on, you may bounce around a little bit but I won't matter. It's all know if I that's the picture of the summer was out of the Christian life the summer.

Another gardener said that there is. He says you know I am on the best you can and doesn't do that. He comes to his knee buckles as any straps is anything says to himself.

He gently leaves those that have young, he gathers the little ones alarms close to his heart. Those the father loves rest between his shoulders.

He holds us fast loved ones. This is not presumption this is security. This is the security of the believer. This is the whole that can live life in the face and all of its ugliness and affirm Christ that can elude good grave and all of his loss and affirm Christ what an amazing reminder, we are secure in Christ your listing to Truth for Life weekend message from Alastair big titled case closed. If you'd like to share this message with a friend or loved one.

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