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A Conversation with Debbie Chavez of My Faith Votes

Truth For a New Generation / Alex McFarland
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February 12, 2022 12:00 am

A Conversation with Debbie Chavez of My Faith Votes

Truth For a New Generation / Alex McFarland

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February 12, 2022 12:00 am

2/12/2022 - A Conversation with Debbie Chavez of My Faith Votes by Truth for a New Generation

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Apologetics worldview and answers to the questions that you need to know from Alex McFarland evangelistic ministries welcome to truth for a new generation radio and now the man who preached in 50 states and 50 days speaker, writer, and advocate for Christian apologetics Dr. Alex McFarland, one of my favorite quotes from the colonial era of America controverted many times as this is attributed to Edmund Burke. He was a statesman in colonial America, but the revolution was looming and it was time to really take a stand and Edmund Burke said all that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing. Think about that. The difference that one individual can make my friend the difference that you can make and if we stay silent if we don't take a stand when we should take a stand words of Edmund Burke come down to us through the corridors of time, all that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing. Hi Alex McFarland here you listening to truth for a new generation radio folks, this is a very special show and you don't want to miss it because I'm here in Colorado with a colleague very valued colleague and friend, for God and country Debbie Chavez. I first met Debbie some years ago through our mutual friend Mark Howard who is been on the program. Many times Debbie was with Colorado family policy Council. She has defended your freedoms in courtrooms throughout America. She is dear sister in Christ, but she is also a champion for liberty and truth, a very influential figure on the American political landscape, and we've got a few minutes with her and I really cherish these times Debbie on to say thanks for being with us but thank you for all that you do so courageously so fruitfully to stand up for our Constitution and our nation. Welcome to our program. Thank you Alex. I appreciate you having me here in Ontario and one thing that Jeremiah said he said I can't but speak and that's my fear that I am every day. I can't not be about God's business and after telling people like that matter in the public square. We can't help but speaking at Luther said in a here I stand I can do no other. But when I was at my 25th high school reunion show major little bit so we came up to me and said who are you and what have you done with Alex McFarland and I said in a well. I became a Christian when I was in college, but Jeremiah 20 verse nine says his word was in my heart like a burning fire. That verse moves me. I suspect it moves you. That's why we speak out. That's what we share the gospel. We get out there out of our comfort zone but speak to us for a moment I want to hear what you're doing but I would hear your story how did you meet the Lord and how did he put his word within you, like a burning fire setting I left God's faithfulness. I came to know the Lord at 11 and I see that whether I was walking and serving him or not he was following me. He was with me along side of me because I have those years where I actually stepped away. I also see that he orchestrated my steps, even in childhood to help me carry his word outside the walls of the church and take it out there to the world is an 11-year-old high net Jesus at church camp and it was phenomenal. I grew up in a Christian home and it was what we did not who we were and as I became an adult and interested.

This is a personal relationship that was a game changer for me and I wake up call from the Lord. That was kind of jolting I dreamed one night the rapture happened and I was left behind. I lived in California at the time and I looked out the window. Nothing was moving and I thought, oh boy, this is real but I remember the phone number of the pastor that I knew at 11 when I came to know Jesus and I called him, he answered the phone at two in the morning I hung up that phone, I said thank God I have another chance to get my act together and that was my start of my journey to really plant the Lord's word in my heart and know how to use it and lit it and have that relationship that was those very smart because you know if the rapture had come.

He would've gone to be with the Lord. So him still being here that was assurance for you wasn't that sure was yes well you and I've been very privileged to have a number of mutual friends like Dr. Dobson and others. How did God lead you into Christian service, and even to be an influencer politically.

Actually, this is a fun journey and this is where people can see that all you have to do is be available.

The Lord is out there waiting for those vessels to you. I was a mom I homeschool my kids and I started homeschooling by accident I went to a tiny Christian school and all the teachers were going to quit one year and they said tell you what will help you homeschool. We think it's a good idea and that's how I became became a homeschool mom I have seven kids. My oldest was 10. At that time, and as we homeschooling used a Christian curriculum.

I found out we had a godly nation and I said oh my goodness, I never learn this in public school and I was so passionate I could took my kids books to bed with me at night and I would read ahead patriot like I only had four kids banding and I said let's go volunteer at one of those political parties so I show up with my kids and release that were here. We just want to volunteer for godly patriots and they said we don't know what do you want to do anything senile Alex. They had me clean the bathroom and I did clean the bathroom until they trusted me know what was this in California now this was actually in Colorado and so my children learned young working to serve and show that we are trustworthy and honest and eventually the more I serve there. I realize that any political party. There are rules that have authority to determine how a party platform is formed to determine who's going to get on the ballot because there always details that go into that background, so I volunteered more. I ran for office within the party so that I could have higher levels of influence and the more that I did that. I realize that I wasn't seeing people from my church a lot so I called an organization in DC actually called the family research Council doing in Colorado with pastors and they said well you know nothing right now I should tell you what I'm homeschool mom if you send your materials to my house.

I'll drive around and dropping on pastors and I really thought all I had to do was show up at their church and say we need you out here show up with your values. Well it's not that simple. Oh, how will I know and I would suspect you probably didn't have a lot of pastors that said, oh boy, all begin to preach political messages from the pulpit.

But what was the reception as you knocked on the doors of pastors, mostly now I had cute kids now, so that helped get in the door that a few of them said yes but the ones that said yes that will who are the godly candidates and I said I don't know. So I started going and interviewing candidates. I wanted to find out where you stand on these issues that matter to the church and the more I did not.

I realized we needed to recruit candidates. But once we recruited and we realized they needed a campaign manager so I accidentally learned how to run campaigns and so the Lord just stepped me along the way and after doing church outreach and this political arena for a while. Focus on the Family called one day and said Haley. The ED pastors and politics.

Would you come and work for us for six months to build up the idea Colorado family action was the family policy Council in Colorado and it they needed it to be independent and they needed it to grow and get the name out and this this girl that had no idea what that would be like just left God and wanted to set the street from the generation states and will continue our conversation with Debbie Chavez of my faith votes back after this.

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Lauren green long-time colleague and friend, I want you to be there. We and we don't always do this, but would have a studio audience.

It's in High Point, North Carolina if you want to attend one of the tapings and it is a fundraiser for two for new generation ministries but you'll get to see what we do see how television is made in a national studio where you have seen productions and commercials that have come out of the studio but email us and here's how you reach as you can email info INF.Alex March 8 Will Graham March 15 David Barton March 22 Lauren green. It's good to be exciting is going to be an unforgettable evening of television. Great content and some of our nation's premier Christian leaders. You can be there in our studio audience email us and so it Alex if you'd like to join us but I resume our conversation with Debbie Chavez and to say thanks for your humility in your service, you are going in there cleaning. Just volunteer, but God elevated you did in the as you were faithful as you have the heart of the servant, the Lord begin to elevate you did me. He cannot tell you what I didn't now about being involved in a political party. At that time and I finally got up to the level that I was at the state level, and I was in a conversation actually a meeting about party platform items in the way that it worked in our state. We actually had resolutions that worked their way on up to the party and then they went to the national level to develop the platform and wanted is meeting someone said he talks about marriage anymore should take man woman marriage out of the platform and I looked around at the seven people in the room and I said wait a minute you could do that nobody talks and I didn't realize that people have to keep these values front and center or they can be dropped and so what I said to everybody in the room was listen. I had a camera and take your picture and send it to the press and I can expose that you cannot drop man woman marriage out of that platform. How did they react, I applaud you really kind of drawing a line in the sampling hardball. But how did they all react.

I think they were shocked that I thought it was so important because civil unions had Artie passed in our state and said they were concerned that they left it in and that was good but that's one of the reasons I tell people get involved in those political parties. Most people don't understand that political party actually gets free media attention. People want to know what they say all the time people look at those party platforms.

We need to strengthen party platforms to stand for life for marriage for religious freedom for choice in education for those values that are core to society, and that's why believers must step into this arena taking our biblical responsibility and biblical perspective. Everything else is public. I want to lay out one of my pet subjects. In fact, as as a Christian. Obviously my number one. Subject is the gospel and people having a relationship with Christ.

But as an American and not teach constitutional history at a number of Christian schools is adjunct instructor get one of my core core subjects.

Debbie is natural law now Jefferson in the declaration. He said we hold these truths to be self-evident. The writings of Washington. George Washington talked about the laws of nature and nature's God, no, and I want to response this because liberals whenever I'm in some panel. If you talk about marriage or life will quickly cite the First Amendment prohibits you from injecting your religion.

There's the non-establishment clause so we understand your pro-life Alex. We understand your traditional marriage but that your religion and we keep religion out by virtue of the First Amendment. Now the way I argue it and I want to know if any of your colleagues or the persons with whom you interact would go there also looked for get religion for a moment the declaration, Constitution, Bill of Rights is is based on what we call natural law in support of the reason I'm against gay marriage is because it is against this ubiquitous, universal moral awareness that the founders built our government on all of that to ask you this.

Debbie is productive at all to argue traditional marriage to argue pro-life to argue against the indoctrination of children in transgender ideology, not based on Bible and Christianity that we do believe it, but based on what the philosophical framework of the founding of the nation was an if you studied the founders you cannot mistake that they built the revolution and the government and our culture on this moral foundation call natural Kennedy said 761. Truman said so. Even Ted Kennedy when Ted Kennedy spoke at liberty University in 1983, and I urge people watch the video. Jerry Falwell's Liberty University Ted Kennedy comes out and says we all agree this is a Christian nation. Arch labeled so what is the status of belief in natural law, Debbie Chavez. Actually, I'll ask the question then, and Dennis Prager asked this question is murder wrong and how you know and you have to have a way to now and only comes from moral law, the 10 Commandments lay down moral law. We have no other place to get that from then public opinion and if you want public opinion.

Dennis will also say it's like saying I don't like murder.

It's not saying that murder is wrong.

So if we want to be able to know what is right and wrong.

We have to adhere to moral law.

Thank you. I am so thrilled because otherwise all we have is who's got the loudest megaphone we have 10,000 voices shouting at each other.

Part of the genius of America.

What made us the most stable, prosperous, free nation in history, second only to Israel under King Solomon was the fact that we had this objective moral standard. It was nobody's opinion. It was something transcendently beyond any of us. It was the moral code wasn't wise, and here's the other thing that makes America unique, other than any other nation, and that is that we established religious freedom as a platform in our Constitution is not an issue to be debated. It's a platform that allows freedom for all, not just some only people that have been pushed off of that platform are Christians. And right now that is the voice that they are trying to silence.

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You're listening to truth for a few generations radio that talked with Debbie Chavez. Your Debbie talk about moral truth. Natural law whenever I go to Washington to the capital and it's been my privilege to go there with David Barton and a number of people Bill federal if you know William J. Federal around the rotunda of the capital you see Moses and the 10 Commandments, you go right at adjacent to the rotunda is a courtroom. The big doors there. Probably 7 feet high.

There the tablets of the Decalogue. Exodus 20 with Christianity and the Judeo-Christian moral code so ubiquitously all over our nation and our history. How have we lost self censoring content and you know we see this a lot people are apathetic people get busy they get so wrapped up in their faith, their families and their faith needs to go outside the walls into every area of society. We see this when you go into all the world and make disciples, teaching them to me and that means were teaching that good stewardship or selling what practical application is where showing how the issues of the day have a biblical understanding and a way to go about addressing so many people throw their values at somebody and hope that they stick not understanding that this is a relationship where asking people to have an understanding of where we're coming from over introducing into the Jesus that we now that makes that real, we all will block off the face of this earth Sunday and I want people to know where I'm going. When I walk face of this earth.

I want them to go there with me and I want them to have that opportunity. I'm not responsible for the results I need to be found faithful and that's why I engage with other people. What does my faith votes do your your organization. What is it, how might it be of importance to the listeners. Well that we noticed is that one in three Christians were not voting for various reasons, they were just completely disengaged, so we decided to go out there and help them understand what's at stake when a Christian doesn't out and we hear all kinds of reason, my vote doesn't count and there's not voter integrity and you can come up with any reason that you want not develop that what you need to understand is there is a stewardship factor. There is no area that we are not to go into your vote is where your casting about for those big public decision-makers. It goes beyond just public policies that are made all public policies have to be implemented through rules that regulators make and you know every regulator is appointed by an elected official.

So if you don't want somebody making rules about your life without you having input and you need to Debbie lately ask you this. The left has very successfully believe him demonized conservatives and Christians and regardless of what you think about January 6 mean we see this almost every day. They use that as a billy club to try to say to people impressionable people look we almost lost our nation that day as the conservatives blitzkrieg, the capital and the attempted overthrow of America January 6 20, 21 will never happen again. Given the censorship of social media.

Given the inexorably leftward shift of the media. Given the spirit in the narrative. Do you have any hope that 2022 and 20, 24, will we have constitutionalists in leadership again will the election the votes be honestly tabulated. What is your your feel it was a Christian we trust the Lord, we pray God can do anything we know that, but I'm just saying as a citizen and as a political figure, Debbie water. What are your hopes working to see honest elections and defenders of the Constitution once again sent to Washington yeah I have great help and because I have great hope in the church. What I understand is that when people of God serve the Lord and they show up in the public square.

That's where people understand what truth is, they understand what's and sincerity as they actually see consistency. They see security when we have a city that is run by people who love God and serve God. Businesses thrive crime goes down. Families are intact schools Florida's children grow up in an environment where they likely will have a higher education because her in a man woman marriage family for a lifetime who love each other who are raising their children and the fear and admonition of the Lord. Other situations happen, but it doesn't mean the absolute best and I'll tell you something, Alex. I never fight for what second best always fight for what's absolute so I tell every person, don't ever compromise because of what's broken, you go for what is right and good and best for society and you fight with everything that means you vote in every election from the school board election to the city Council to the county elections to the state elections to the federal elections. You show up you steward your vote in the right way and when I can find a candidate that's going to match everything we want, but we are going to find one that will either keep us from going backward or move us forward in the right direction and sometimes that's the way we have to look at those candidates that we need to make a decision. We need to steward our vote well and we need to show up and vote in every election is very famous book, Augustine 1600 years ago he wrote city of God. And whenever I have a Christian system.

He said pastor said to me shortly before the previous election.

Debbie said will Alex God told me to make people and Christians not Americans. And so I'm a pastor I'm not here to make Americans on here make Christians. I get that Augustine said this, I want your comment if you're born again believer you're headed to the city of God, but until we get there we have an obligation to the city of man hits my "all that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing. Talk about if we if we invest in the city of man, that doesn't mean we've betrayed the city of God doesn't absolutely get sent and I'll tell you something. When my daughter sat back the night before the 2008 election were sitting in a prayer meeting at a church with a bunch of women and my daughter started crying uncontrollably. So much so that I looked over and stopped and said he what's going on and she said mom all you women are here tonight you're praying tonight.

Where have you been doing something you're setting my generation up to die as martyrs for what your generation didn't do that cut me to the quick, and I realized that we are leaving a heritage to our children is one that's going to be easier for them to walk publicly in their faithfulness or they going to have to strive hard and hide under things to walk in their faithfulness. I don't want to put that on my children and I don't want anybody else to you.

So now what I did was I encourage people to listen.

You're leading a heritage here and let that heritage be so vibrantly failed and so openly. Faith felt that it walks through the streets of your entire town that you are now because you lift your faith publicly and everything and you steward it so well elected leaders that would follow. Debbie Chavez of my faith. Those I appreciate you so much. And folks appreciate you listening. We would love to see you at our tapings. March 8 15 and 22nd.

Go to Alex hey pray for America be an influence for truth. Thanks for listening and may God bless TMG radio is made possible by the friend of Alex McFarlane evangelistic ministry, PO Box 10231, Greensboro, NC 27404.

That's PO Box 10231, Greensboro, NC 27404 call us at 877 yes, God 1877 yes, God, and the number one. Forgive while you're there, listen to program archives.

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