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1/8/2022 - Resolutions for Revolution

Truth For a New Generation / Alex McFarland
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January 8, 2022 12:00 am

1/8/2022 - Resolutions for Revolution

Truth For a New Generation / Alex McFarland

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January 8, 2022 12:00 am

1/8/2022 - Resolutions for Revolution by Truth for a New Generation


EMG radio for today's culture and timeless truths come together, it's reasonable relevant content apologetics worldview and answers to the questions that you need to know from Alex McFarland evangelistic ministries welcome to truth for a new generation radio and now the man who preached in states in the days speaker, writer, and advocate for Christian apologetics Dr. Alex McFarland and John 58 Jesus said to the man that had been pick up your mat and walk hi Alex McFarland here. Happy new year. Welcome to today's edition of truth for new generation, and we are more than a week into the new year and I hope it's being a good year for you. There was a story in the news that I want to pick up on his sweetheart because what I want to give you in this broadcast are for New Year's resolutions that I really would call New Year's revolutions because if you could take these truths to heart it could be revolutionary in your life but I begin by pointing out a couple of new stories.

I don't know if you saw two French brothers. They were twins of Russian descent, but there were French Igor and Goodrich got Bogdan off and they were pretty well known in the Internet world because they were there images were the subject of endless memes and funny pictures of these two twin brothers. They died less than a week apart, both of covet, but that's notable, but what was even more notable was there frankly horrible contorted cartoonish plastic surgery resulted faces these two brothers were actually back in the 80s pretty handsome young men. They both earned a doctorate in the sciences. One got a doctorate in physics, one in mathematics, very intelligent, good-looking twin brothers and they got a television show in France but they begin to get more and more and more plastic surgery and one writer described them as having cheekbones that were almost high enough to obstruct their vision and they had it it was just horrible.

Chin implants, lip enlargements and the sad thing about these brothers and they each died of medical complications, but they were endlessly marked on social media because of their just unthinkably horrible appearance plastic surgery had literally ruined their faces and they look like cartoons and of course whenever you talk about the The Fall out of plastic surgery might think of Michael Jackson but the reason I bring this up is because the Bible tells us in first Corinthians chapter 13, that in heaven in the presence of God. One day we will know as we are known. There's this there's a line in a song from the 60s that says no matter what you do, you'll never get away from you were living in a culture where people are out of touch with who they really are very often people are narcissistic and I think grandiose things about themselves and in reality they would do well to be humble and think about who they could be before God.

Plastic surgery is is going up, up, up, and a new realm of plastic surgery of the last decade has just exploded into a 267 million million dollar a year industry and that's a sex change surgery but I'll give you some examples. Then I'm in a talk about how we use language in relation to the lies we tell ourselves to the American Society of plastic surgeons notes that 15 1/2 million surgical and cosmetic procedures are done annually in the United States and it's going up. Whether it's by topics and you know among women that get the Botox injections. They talk about the trout pout, and otherwise beautiful women oftentimes contort their faces with injections which actually is a poison to cause the muscle tissue to contracting. It's a roll of the dice. Sometimes the results are good. Sometimes the results are hard to look at and maybe using these these people out, but now because we've lost morals and we don't even have the moral and spiritual temerity to call men men and women. Women there are more and more gender reassignment surgery's list about how they use language because years ago. They talked about a sex change operation, then for years. You probably heard the term gender reassignment surgery, which often was accompanied with hormone replacement therapy and women are given testosterone in men are given.

Estrogen is also what is not being reported that it's causing 17 types of cancer and the recipients of these procedures, but now they call it gender confirmation surgery is not something that a man can think he's a woman and he can be cut on and it's not gender reassignment. It's not sex change its gender confirmation because God the creator was wrong and we all along were right now the number of gender confirmation quote" surgeries in the United States is rising seven or eight years ago there were 3200 such surgeries a year by 2017 it was up 20% last year there were more than 11,000 know why have the number of gender reassignment/gender confirmation surgeries tripled in recent years will part of it is because it's being so much talked about and even celebrated in the news nowadays.

By the way of the gender reassignment surgeries.

Two thirds are female to male, only about one third are men trying to become women.

It's interesting we hear so much about toxic masculinity and maleness is really marginalized and put down in our culture, and in fact in much of academia, maleness and femaleness is denied as being objective categories and yet they gender the binary gender male and female must be objective in category because females wish to become males.

Males wish to become females. But again, we are drifting far away from the reality that God, the creator owns us. Do you know actually we don't have the right to do whatever we want with our own body because our body really is not our own. In first Corinthians 6 1920 Paul says that we are not our own, and among the myriad of spiritual issues that our culture faces today.

We need to come back to the realization that we are accountable to God. We are accountable to God our maker. We don't call the shots, the wisest, most liberating, most empowering thing that we could ever do is to bow before God Almighty and say Lord I need Lord help me know when we come back were going to give formal resolution that will revolutionize your life in this new year and in all the days ahead. CNG the apostle Peter wrote first Peter to remind us that Christians have true and lasting hope in their Savior Jesus Christ. Because Jesus conquered death in an incorruptible glorified body. We can be sure that our salvation is permanence. As we walk through everyday life, the Billy Graham training center at the Cove presents Jesus Christ hope that lives hope that lasts for every believer.

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Do not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect. That's Romans 12 to and with that, I welcome you back to the program Alex McFarland here so honored that you listing to truth for new generation were talking about some resolutions for revolution in your life and I've got for thoughts that honestly could transform not only a person's life, but really this nation and will get to that in just a moment I want to remind you about several exciting things coming up. We have got such an exciting year ahead with treats for new generation we got our summer camp July 17-22 biblical worldview and the theme is unashamed.

Building a biblical worldview. This is for middle school and high schoolers were going to be just east of Raleigh at a wonderful camp called the refuge and INR staff and will and Mickey Addison from the American family Association there to be there with you to be teaching biblical worldview and really talking to these youth about loving God and country, and so the youth in your life, go to my website which is Alex Alex learn about it reach out to us if we can answer any questions. The other thing want to tell you about the Billy Graham training center in western North Carolina. I'm going to be there July 8-10 teaching the book of first Peter and were going to be talking about defending the Christian faith.

So the THECO VE the and will to go through first Peter and then will together with people from all over the USA were to pray together, fellowship, and you will be there. It's gonna be great and I would invite you to join us in July at the Cove so much more at the newly redesigned website Alex Let's get back to these four resolutions for revolution in your life.

Romans 12 to not be conformed to the world, but be transformed to the world, says in a party hook up if you don't like who you are. You can change it. But here's the thing.

This is why so many people that get plastic surgery and especially visa really monstrous gender reassignment surgeries. They end up being depressed abusing drugs and attempting suicide in large numbers.

Why, because no matter what you do on the outside that really doesn't fundamentally change your soul and who you are on the inside. Only Christ can make you brand-new on the inside. Only Jesus Christ can heal your wounds.

Only Jesus Christ can give you peace with yourself about 70 people asked me though say I wish I could know God's will for my life will look at Romans 12 to do not be conformed to this world but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind. Now you've probably heard ministers preach on this and the word is metamorphosis. You can metamorphose friends Kafka that the writer wrote about metamorphosis, but the real change. The real transformation is when you come to Christ.

Now it says that you may discern. In other words you can you can know you can recognize you can understand the philosophical orders you can apprehend what when you apprehend something you you understand that you comprehend, but you also let it change your life and you you have fully apprehended a truth when you not only are aware of it and it makes changes in your life will if you could know the will of God and the will of God be switched on in your life that would be the greatest apprehension in the world wouldn't what you can discern no experience. The will of God right now what is that Romans 12 to what is good and acceptable and perfect.

You notice these words good acceptable and perfect. There's some Greek words and I will unpack them a little bit Agathon US Jeron and Keeley on good acceptable and perfect the word good is the word Agathon and it really means good like a tree that bears fruit. Not only is it fruitful is the appropriate fruit to be doing what you were put here to do that would be good wouldn't you can have that in Jesus.

On the flipside, apart from Christ. You'll never fully have that set Agathon the good, the fruitful will of God than acceptable US Jeron pleasing, and in it especially means pleasing to God, gratifying, fully acceptable, listen you want to be accepted Christ will accept you and then you want your life to be acceptable in the eyes of God.

It can be.

But you've got to reorder your perspective in light of God's word and then I love this not only good and acceptable but perfect.

That is the word T Leon, that's variation of the word to Helios which means design or a structure or blueprint.

Do you know God has a blueprint for your life. God has a plan for every life and part of the friction within us and the discouragement and the depression just the lack of peace and the turmoil that storms and rages within us is because we are not in the design if if you want the good and acceptable and T. Leon perfect well-designed will of God.

It's as close buys a prayer you turn to Jesus and what is God's perfect plan for you while you were there means complete in all of its parts.

Full grown, mature completeness. You can have that now I give you the four steps to getting there. The four steps and will unpack it in this and the next segment number one make these resolutions, I beg of you, before God who loves you. Make these resolutions number one live in a state of reality.

And by that I mean truth live in light of what is true we are a nation building as hard as we can on things that are false unreality men becoming women that's that's delusional. That's not reality taxing ourselves into prosperity. That is delusional defunding the police abolishing borders, cutting ourselves loose from morality thinking it will lead us to utopia that is on reality, we are building our nation on things that are unreal, untrue and so destructive, so the first New Year's resolution and this begins with the word of God which will introduce you to the son of God, and you can become a child of God, and you can live eternally in the blessedness of truth of God live in a state of reality, and we got a flu, I will come right back about three more thoughts New Year's resolution number one. Build your life on truth and radio send your kids to a summer camp that will change their lives for the gospel and equip them to defend the faith truth for a new generation presents the unashamed biblical worldview can go deeper with God at the refuge Of Eastern North Carolina July 17-22 through 12th graders will hear from evangelist and apologist Dr. Alex McFarland as well as conference speakers, profamily activist and radio host will and Mickey Addison from American family radio as they share with your kids ways to effectively engage and transform the culture. Campers will also enjoy swimming, canoeing, fishing, soccer, volleyball, archery, and a whole lot a great summer camp of fun and building the TNG unashamed can July 17-27 at the refuge cabin Carolina to learn more and to register, visit Alex are you tired of liberal agendas ruining our country. What you don't know what to do about it. That's why truth and liberty coalition was founded. We want to equip you to take back our country and impact the world. Here's how we do it educate broadcasts conferences in our website resources that form equip and motivate unified by collaborating with like-minded organizations like the family research Council, the family policy and my mobilize by providing practical tools you can use to impact your local community as Christians we are called to make disciples of together can change the course of our country for good joint truth and liberty to connect with believers in organizations not only want to see change in our nation but a community that is actually doing something about it. Join us online for our broadcast describe the relevant updates on our website.

Truth and in the midst of a culture obsessed with relativism.

Alex McFarland is a voice you can trust to speak the timeless truths of Christianity in a timely way.

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Do not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, the word of God that you can discern what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God's will for you.

Welcome active program Alex McFarland here. Thanks for listening were talking about the New Year's resolutions that will revolutionize your life. The first of them being to commit to live in a state of reality that's just what will happen if you will build your life on the word of God. But secondly New Year's resolution number two acknowledge that God is the basis of truth. Live your life based on God's revelation. The Bible tells us that God can't lie and that's only logical because part of God's eternal analogy.

The fact that God has existed forever is that he is perfectly righteous. There's no sin in God is not darkness, no deception. Sin brings death that the result of sin is death, nonexistence, and God is perfectly fully thoroughly pervasively righteous. That's part of his eternal analogy.

So trust what God says and while you were not look were sinners.

But if you're Christian you are forgiven sinner and in fact in the eyes of God. You're actually a saint. You are victorious in Christ.

On the flipside you're not victorious outside of Christ, regardless of what the world might think, regardless of fame or money or power position without Christ. Your life has been a waste. Now I know that's hard talk, but you can live and die, you might achieve all that the world defines as success, but if you leave this world without Jesus Christ your life has been a failure, not a success.

So revolutionary. Truth number two acknowledge that God is the basis of all that is real. All that is true, and build your life on that New Year's resolution number three respond to the truth that God has already shown you see part of the reason that people feel like they missed the will of God and also you know, if only God would tell me this or show me that her guide me. Somehow you've not responded to the truth that you already know, and I think deep down inside of said this thousands of times probably on stages in microphones before audiences and in counseling people the right thing to do is rarely a mystery.

Now the right thing to do sometimes is a challenge and you might cry out to God for help. Listen, if you're a habitual liar asked God to help you be a person who speaks truth if you're a person who has anger issues in your you're constantly berating your family and your flying office. People say losing your temper then you need to admit to God that that sin is harming others and harming you and you need God to help you with your emotions.

If you are undisciplined and you you really aren't using your time or your finances or your influence right at our you're destroying your body. You need to respond to the truth that God has shown you, and God says turn to Christ, be born again and yield your life.

Submit to Jesus and he will begin to rebuild your world, he will. That's a promise.

Matthew 633 seek first the kingdom of God and all these other things will be added to you.

So you've got to live in a state of reality. You've got to acknowledge that the truth of God, not the lies of man is the basis of reality. You've got to respond to the truth that God has already shown you and God is not going to show you the deep things until you first amend your life in light of the clear things the final New Year's resolution revolution number four become committed to God's truth, not man's delusions. Look, gender is as God made it economics morality. We cannot redefine truth. Now we we resisted. We often rejected or we can accept it, and the truth is, God loves us so much he would bless our nation. He would restore America if we would, but turn to him and so today I ask you, in fact, I beg you to become committed to God's truth, not man's delusions. Now speaking of clear truth. What is the will of God. Well, obviously, that you turn to Christ and be saved. But first Thessalonians 4 verse three says this is the will of God, your sanctification that you abstain from sexual immorality in a 10 years ago I would travel and speaking. I said I felt like the core value of the millennial generation was sexual license. There was an article by the first week of January, 20, 22, it said Jens E. People trying to understand what what is Jen's agency are millennial's in so many ways. But here's the thing I used to say that the core value of the culture was sexual license. Now I say the core value of the culture is really just license. I'll do whatever I want. However, I want whenever I want. Listen the will of God for person for a country is first Thessalonians 4. Three your sanctification okay.

You will never fully experience God's roadmap for life, unless you understand as a saved person.

God desires that you become more and more daily. Increasingly Christlike sanctification that means to be set apart and I don't mean some in a spiritual untouchable orchid in a greenhouse up on some moral high horse but no every day prayerfully through your Bible study through yielding and hearing the Holy Spirit you're more and more committed to and yielded to the will of God and becoming more and more conformed to the image of Jesus come to Christ follow Christ grow in Christ represent Christ to others and and were not called to try and buy guesswork. Figure out some of the secret sovereign things that are known only to the Lord. But God's larger plan that we often only see retrospectively, we discover that by daily doing the things that we know we ought to do the right things might sound overly overly simplistic to live right. Listen, you will discover God's concealed will.

If you obey daily. He is revealed will, and it will revolutionize your life. It really will hate. We love you. We thank you for listening.

Go to our website. Alex events, publishing, broadcasting, high praise God that he is using truth for a new generation in our growing staff to evangelize the lost and equip the saved your prayers and support. Make it all possible.

If we can encourage you in the Lord in any way, please reach out to us again, it's Alex TNG radio is made possible by the friend of Alex McFarlane evangelistic ministry, PO Box 10231, Greensboro, NC 27404. That's PO Box 10231, Greensboro, NC 27404 call us at 877 yes, God one. That's 877 yes, God, and the number one. Forgive while you're there, listen to program archives. Read Alex's blog invite Alex to speak at your event or contact Alex with a question or comment, Alex Thanks for listening today and join us again next time. For more truth for a new generation on TNG radio

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