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TNG A Look at Psalm 19

Truth For a New Generation / Alex McFarland
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September 10, 2018 2:03 pm

TNG A Look at Psalm 19

Truth For a New Generation / Alex McFarland

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September 10, 2018 2:03 pm

TNG 09-09-18 A Look at Psalm 19 by Truth for a New Generation

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Best-selling author, speaker and advocate for Christian apologetics Dr. Alex McFarland, best-selling author and apologist Dylan Burroughs together bringing you truths for a new generation.

This is TMG radio. Psalm 19 is a very famous passage of Scripture that says the heavens declare the glory of God in the sky above proclaims his handiwork day-to-day force. Fourth speech night to night reveals knowledge. There is no speech there are no awards nor language where their voice is not heard. The voice goes out to all your and awards to the end of the world that passage of Psalm 19 was before we welcome you to today's vision of TMG radio Alex McFarland here with Dylan Burroughs and were gonna talk about this passage, but maybe in a way that you haven't heard before, Dylan. It's good to be with you and and how are you doing my friend and colleague doing great and excellence to talk about. Psalm 19 as you mention one of the famous passages of Scripture, the talk about both the creation of God.

That's the revealing of who he is and what he is done as well as the word of God.

We want to talk about in a unique way.

Today's Alex introduce us to this idea of how we want to talk about. Psalm 19 is to humble us and draws out of sin into living for him.

Fully yeah you know I think about a quote by CS Lewis Dylan were CS Lewis said pain is God's megaphone to rouse a deaf world. Yes, I am sure many people if you ever saw the excellent movie Shadowlands with Anthony Hopkins. There is this pain were Lewis is lecturing and famously comes up with this quote that God whispers to us in our pleasures and speaks to us in our day-to-day lives but God shouts at us in pain and Lewis famously said pain is God's megaphone to rouse a deaf world that years later, Francis Schaeffer, who was up and apologist.

He died around 1986. But Schaefer said that you know all of life is really kind of a a gospel tract in the in the family coming. There's accountability and there's there's rewards and there's punishment. And if we do wrong. We often get reprimanded and there's punishment. If we do right there is reward and Francis Schaeffer observed how the home and the family that the school the final exam. You know you have to go to class ship to do your assignment or you get penalized and then in life you know you do right there success you do wrong.

There's a debt to pay Schaefer said. Life itself is is like this gospel tract to remind us of our need of Christ and doing what I want to do with Psalm 19 we often use it in apologetics because there's the cosmological argument in in the very first verse the heavens declare the glory of God the creation points to the creator we can sort of flip this on a 180 talk about it from a different angle.

How life really does remind us of our need to be saved. So rather than the heavens, declaring the glory of God.

I would also say point number one that the heavens and the earth and life itself warned of the wickedness of Satan, the world Dylan 70 people say wise at the way it is. There's evil and there's violence and there's tragedy and there's injustice the world ought not be this way and God also says yes the world is in a broken fallen state things ought not be this way.

I would say that the evil and the sin and the pain and the suffering in this world, often self inflicted is a reminder that we don't want to follow Satan and fall into an eternity without God we, the circumstances of life really are a reminder for the wise person of how much we need a Savior is so true and at I think it doesn't take much convincing to get the average person to agree that we live in a fallen and broken world. People recognize that they see whether the negative headlines or something in their own life and they recognize that we are in a place where things are broken. We wish for something better. We wish right greater world in some way that we can't quite explain as unbelievers only look to Scripture the heavens at earth show both the creation as well as the reflection of a fallen creation like you mention the garden of Eden reveals the serpent, but that is continued throughout history in the time of Jesus. He was tempted. Three times he called him the liar and the father of lies. And still today we deal with the effects of sin in our lives individually and in our world and it's a call not to give up, but a call to look up to our Creator in our Lord Jesus Christ.

You know I mention school and even school itself. You know the teacher will warn you. Hey, there's going to be a final exam in a prepared or unprepared there. There will be midterms, and a final and and that's like life and it might seem like a simple analogy but there is a final exam and friend. We want you to be ready and God wants you to be ready and God has made a way for you to be ready, Jesus.

This is not a perfect analogy, but I would say it this way, Jesus took the exam for you and if you picture your faith in Jesus Christ, your sins can be forgiven and you can be ready to meet God and that the passing grade for heaven is a thing called righteousness. And if you will trust in Jesus Christ, his righteousness will be attributed to you the day that Jesus got on Calvary's cross. You'll get that grade to what a gracious thing God is done to make that possible. How to bring us to point to and I want to talk about this in Psalm 19 it says Dan today utters speech.

Now Dylan when I've been to places like South America or Africa or Zambia. Even people far into remote areas. They know there's a God and they've often gestured and pointed to the creation and how there must be some ultimate power when Psalm 19 says there's no speech or language where the voice of creation or the voice of conscience isn't heard me that's really true. People everywhere know there's a God, don't say yes and that's a good way to put it to the apostle Paul talked about that in Romans one as well that we are without excuse because everyone has creation to point toward its creator. I love the idea and verse to the invention, the day-to-day pours out speech is this Hebrew idiom that talks about gushing out and the night to night reveals knowledge. It's declaring this mystery that it's no longer a mystery. There is something there that's greater than us pointing toward a creator of all things, the God of the Bible. So the idea that the heavens and the earth warn of the wickedness of Satan is true but also as you mention that Dan today reminds us of the consequences of sin in a fallen world, whether in our individual lives or elsewhere so excited to talk more about this, but as we get rid wrap up our first segment can introduce us to this idea of what's coming up next in our following segments when we come back on TNG radio going to talk about the peril of ignoring the promptings of God. The situations of life and really the overtures of the Holy Spirit. So stay tuned.

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The middle Tennessee TNG with been working on it for many months and there's still time to come and you can go to the website, which is truth for a new and for that's FO or truth for a new and in just a few short weeks will also be in Baton Rouge, Louisiana with great speakers like Josh McDowell and so many more. Tina Marie Griffin, the counterculture mom and Dylan.

I'm so excited. Just before we recorded I was finishing up a couple of conversations with folks in Columbus, Ohio, middle Mississippi Oklahoma City. A lot of people are calling us about how to bring truth for new generation to their city and you can just reach us off to the website, you can email us be in prayer please whenever TNG is in a part of the nation that you can get to.

We would love to meet you but I gotta tell you the gospel of Jesus Christ is the hope for this nation. Learning how to walk as a Christian had to leave and defend the faith think from a biblical perspective, that's our passion for young people and it's exciting to see the enthusiasm people have for TNG as God continues to grow.

This ministry is not it is in so many people focus on the negative of the upcoming generation. But the reality is, God is doing a good thing among generations.

He is there.

Call now we get to be part of it a treat for any generation.

We get to equip those who are becoming part of this new generation as well as youth leaders and parents who are pouring into this next generation so we encourage you to be part of the good things that God is doing the truth for new and join us at one of our upcoming events and as we transition back to Psalm 19. We talked a little bit about how God's revelation through creation points both to the positive things that God shows us through his created world, but also to the negative consequences of living in a fallen and broken world.

So Alex talked about this a little bit more as we can. It's our third point today will yacht the third point we want to make as Psalm 19 says there is no speech nor language where their voice is not heard. Now I would also say the overtures of God, the revelation of God. There's no speech or language where their voice is not that we humans ignored very often times you know there was a comic strip years ago that talked about. I found the problem and the problem is us God is always calling out God is always reaching out in love to the human race and let me say this, Dylan. I think from childhood up. Often times the ways we get humbled in life are kind of an object lesson that if were wise.

Proverbs talks about this being that you know not being too proud of our own abilities or intellect but not to be wise in our own conceit, but be humbled on the Internet. Dylan, have you ever looked at any of the epic fail videos certainly and those are contagious. You watch one in the you want to watch another and another and there's just something that makes us laugh.

We see someone do an epic fail.

I think of in my own life there been times where I've been running on a treadmill and once I was running on a treadmill at a hotel and some was walking by and I look up to wave at them. Next thing I know I face flannel in the treadmill in front of this person and I thought there is my epic fail.

If there's a security video. This is is Internet gold so we each have these examples in our own lives with. Spiritually, the consequences are much greater that they really are and you and I were watching some of these the other day and a runner ran a touchdown and got into the ins and did this triumphant grandstanding thing as the crowd is horrified because he ran a touchdown to the wrong goalpost and suffice it to say he was humbled, but but think about this folks life itself, which is urging us to come to God as follows chronologies amid there's birth and there's aging. Aging is followed by sickness very often times and being elderly sickness and in old age is followed by death, and nobody can break this cycle except one, Jesus Christ. I mean our own mortality is is before us in 10,000 ways throughout life, and so Psalm 19 talks about the language of God calls out to all people, but that voice is heard that voice is there of the questions. Have we listened to it and I want to spend some of the time that we have left in talking about the fact that we cannot break the cycle of aging and death. We should humble ourselves before our Creator. The Bible talks about seeking the Lord while we are young early, I would seek God. Somebody said to deal Moody one time effectively. Was his wife. He was great evangelist of the 19th century and he gets in one night and down.

She said how many people were saved tonight and he said 2 1/2 and she said to what you mean two and half people got saved and he said while one person who is very very young and they've got their whole life to give to Jesus, but another person who was middle-aged and they've only got in after a very wasted life. They've only got a few years left and so listen to this voice of God.

Don't put off the promptings of God. Don't be.

Don't let your life be an epic fail is Dylan. I'm going to say this, I want your response. Somebody could be wealthy.

Somebody could be notable they could accomplish things they might even be famous. They might even be a person in the world.

Size of great renown, but if you live and die. Having rejected Jesus, I would say your life is been a failure really. And that's a good way to put it. Many times I see people who are very successful in this life. I think off. I could just be like them and it's so true in social media.

You see someone's Instagram what they're doing online.

You think if I can only be more like that person.

But the reality is if we have God in our lives. We have all we need. We have the greatest strength possible with in our lives is James 410 that tells us to humble yourselves before the Lord and he will lift you up.

I think so much of the writer of this book. James, the half-brother of Jesus and how he would've completely missed his own brother being the Messiah. But after he rose from the dead and appeared to James. James became a great leader in the early church and wrote this letter that influences live still today at we are so much like James in many respects we see Jesus and culture. We see Jesus in Scripture and we see his message, but it just doesn't click for some reason, then somewhere along the way we experience God.

Any changes our lives and does a great thing in us when we humble ourselves before him, and will become background a thought more about this on truth for a new generation radio stick with us. Our country is falling apart, political unrest, social upheaval, the breakdown of the family.

The rise of atheism. The rise of Islam are religious freedoms are under attack. There's gender fluidity gender identity is making a mess of freedom of expression. So we need to put some skin in the game and love this nation.

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You'll find that AFA Dylan Burroughs without parliamentary talking about. 19 and how itself toward the blessings that we have in our created world is pointing toward God and his knowledge but also for the negative consequences of living in a fallen world and how that draws us to humble ourselves before God turn from sin, to live for God holy is interesting we're talking about in verse four that their voice goes out through all the earth, and their words to the ends of the world talking about the revelation of our created world.

It is interesting. I recently saw that there are over 7000 languages in our world today, and yet about 4000 of them have yet to be translated into the Bible so there still so many people. An estimated 2 billion+ people in our world who have never heard the gospel of Jesus Christ and one since this is a tragedy and missionaries there working to change this.

Bible translators are working together like never before. But in another way the created world itself reveals a God who is made all things and calls us to live for him and it tells us much about the world we live in.

In our response to God even in the created world is not Alex will it really does it really does end of that sort of been trying to drive home that so much of life really is. I think something God allows to try to get our attention.

And as Charles Spurgeon said to rouse us out of the double sin of unbelief. Somebody asked Burger what you mean that that unbelief is a double sin. He said because if you reject Jesus you reject the father. If you reject the sun you reject God the father because you know over and over. The father affirmed the son. This is my beloved son in whom I'm well pleased. The one and only Savior, so miss the Savior you miss the father missed God, and you missed everything and so the world all around us really is calling us to face up to God. Think about this and and and this might sound just so rudimentary and obvious, but there's a spiritual lesson here full, take it to heart. Destructive behavior yields destructive results lies are exposed by truth in achieving in school cheaters get caught cheaters and business cheaters in marriage, they always get caught if you're in the middle of some illicit behavior, something that you know is wrong turn from it. Now my dear friend turn from sin and turn to Jesus before the stakes are so high. Listen, where criminals we have sinned against our creator. We've we've procrastinated and held at arms length, our Savior and Jeremiah 226 says a thief, even if thief is ashamed when he is found Dylan governments and even businesses and law enforcement agencies talk about and amnesty. In a way we knew, would it be fair to say the church age right now is an amnesty. Were God is saying whosoever will may come.

Hey, there's Grace. There's forgiveness and I want to say to everybody listening.

If you've never really opened your heart up and honestly bowed before God. God is not mad at you.

God is not just up in heaven eagerly wanting to drop the hammer on you. God loves you. Now if you not leave this world defiantly rejecting Jesus.

Yes, there's a terrible price to pay for that right now.

Hey it's it's God's amnesty.

He's saying turn to Christ, be forgiven be restored and begin to experience all the great blessings I have for you and that's a good way to put it. The New Testament also addresses this idea, why hasn't Jesus come back yet. And Peter talks about how the patients of the Lord is an opportunity for more people to come to faith in Jesus Christ. I also like John 1010 were Jesus as the thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I have come that they may have life and have it to the fool. This idea that we can have an abundant life.

Not that we get saved and that's the end of the story, but that we come to faith in Jesus and that we seek to have an abundant life to live life to its fullest and to many believers today stop at that first step.

They come to faith in Jesus and I think okay I'll make sure I'm going to heaven. But then what and they do nothing else or make very little progress were Jesus has an abundant life in store for us. That includes every aspect of every day a man I meant that abundant life can be years my dear friend. But you have to trust Jesus Christ and trust what he says about your spiritual condition and when God says that will all have sinned and and like sheep wandered astray, God says that in love because he wants us to come back to him and to be forgiven and you oftentimes Dylan. I think people have a hard time forgiving themselves.

Yes, here's the thing. If Jesus will love you and forgive you.

Sometimes you need to be willing to let the past go, and forgive yourself Dylan. It was 15 years ago the first time was I heard the David Crowder band in that great song. Oh how he loves us and maybe you've done it at your church. But there's this line about him. I don't have time to maintain these regrets. Listen, this is great poetry.

By the way, folks. This is where his portion.

He, Jesus is our prize drawn to redemption by the grace in his eyes if his grace is the notion were all sinking and gladly so to be in the ocean of God's grace to listen to this, when heaven meets earth like an unforeseen kiss and my heart turns violently inside my chest. I don't have time to maintain these regrets.

When I think about the way he loves us. Let me save my dear friend, regrets, and we tell ourselves. You know, all is lost. God could love me. Those are lies of the devil. God loves you. God is for you and if we will admit our sins, past and present recognize our need for the Lord turn to Christ. The Bible says he will abundantly pardon and don't let your regrets. Don't let your what about this, but what about the phrases or excuses. The devil wants you to miss God and miss his blessings out of just thinly disguised alibis. Let it go turn to Jesus. He's the Savior. He's the forgive her he's the restorer he's the rebuilder of your life.

He is your hope, your future, your joy.

Isaiah 12 says he is your song Dylan. I like the idea that God has a glorious piece of music he wants to put in our soul.

Jesus can be our song can't, he can and if you've been listening today and you been touched by something in this broadcast. We encourage you to call out to God turn to him weathers for the first time or whether coming back to him after a time of turning to your own ways, and we encourage you to find out more truth for a new and contact us if any questions or updates you may have about your spiritual journey. Thanks for being with us.

Join us next time entry for new generation radio truth for a new generation in association with Alex McFarland evangelistic ministries exists to equip Christians with the biblical worldview through conferences and camps for information about upcoming events visit for a new or give us a call at 877 yes, God one. That's 877 yes and the number one TMG radio is made possible by the friends of Alex McFarland evangelistic ministries PO Box 10231, Borough, NC 27404.

That's PO Box 10231, North Carolina 27404.

Give or truth for a new Thanks for listening and join us again next time. As we bring you more truth for a new generation on TMG radio

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