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TNG God's Word on the Supernatural

Truth For a New Generation / Alex McFarland
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October 29, 2018 10:46 am

TNG God's Word on the Supernatural

Truth For a New Generation / Alex McFarland

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October 29, 2018 10:46 am

TNG 10-28-18 God's Word on the Supernatural by Truth for a New Generation

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Best-selling author, speaker and advocate for Christian apologetics Dr. Alex McFarland, best-selling author and apologist Dylan Burroughs together bringing you truths for a new generation.

This is TMG radio.

Why does it seem like some people are closer to God than others. If I want to grow closer to God.

What can I do to achieve that high welcome to program. This is TMG radio Alex McFarland with Dylan Burroughs and Dylan.

I was in a conference some years ago and somebody asked the speaker why are some people closer to God than others, and the person gave great answers that I want to allude to, but some thinking about where we stand with God and really reflecting on God himself.

That's an important part for every person to do, every disciple to do to really focus on the person of God, yes. And if we want to grow closer to God and I believe all of us as believers do. What are those things that we need to aspire to. What are those things that we need to pursue that we want to talk about that today here on treat for new generation radios how to equip you to be closer with God how to experience him daily and we firmly believe that you must invest your life in the word of God.

If you're going to be strong in a life for God so Alex introduces states our topic where we began and growing in God's word in our lives. This is few programs were doing on what I would call the X factors that the things that make the difference between really going deeply with the Lord will or not. We've said this many times you know some people of been a Christian 20 years.

Some people have been a Christian. One year, 20 times and out when I was in that conference and somebody asked the speaker wire some closer to God than others. The speaker said because some people are willing to invest the time and the energy to grow and to pursue God's people pursue God. The good news is if you're willing to pursue God. He is absolutely willing to meet with you and pursue you and what an incredible thing that we can have a relationship with the true and living God and and folks, as I'm sure you know, salvation is not merely fire insurance against hell and a passport to heaven. It is that if you're born again believer. It is the assurance that we will go to be with Jesus. We leave this world and that's wonderful. But Christianity is about being a disciple and out walking with the Lord and knowing the Lord, and I think one of the key things as we said on a previous show is the Bible.if you were going to thrive as a Christian Christianity that thrives the Bible has to be a very significant very tangible part of your day today life but in the Bible we find God in the Bible we read Isaiah 4522, where he said I am the Lord. That is my name besides me there is no savior that God is the main character the Bible and so I want to talk about God and how we meet the creator, the eternal Almighty in the pages of his word and Dylan let me throw quote out I was up at liberty University for a conference to speak and nowadays you know we've become very very hyper pluralistic in our culture that some people say well you know the Christian view of God. Other people have a different view of God and and everybody's got their own beliefs and there's the assumption that all beliefs are equally valid course. The Bible mitigates against that there are somethings true. There are some things false. In this particular speaker at this conference said we have got to trust that God knows who he is and in the Bible, God has revealed some very, very specific things about himself.

God is revealed some characteristics about his nature and how he works in history some things that delineate the God of the Bible from all the others and and I thought it was brilliant because in the Bible we get a very very definite picture of who the true and living God is, and that the speaker said we have got to trust what God says about himself and I think that something in our politically correct pluralistic world that we've got to remember, God has revealed himself in certain ways and it's our job to accept that right and so many of us have trust issues today. In fact, so many people have grown up without a father, without a good father figure in their lives that it's hard to imagine God as a good father has a good plan for our lives and we ask ourselves how do we know God's plan for my life.

How do I know God's will for my life.

We don't always initially think. Well I should just ask him according to what he is Artie written revealed in Scripture. But if we look at Scripture, we see things like James 48 the Telus draw near to God and he will draw near to you. That is our starting point, we may not know every single detail God wants for our future. But if we draw near to him, we will hear his voice more clearly and we will see things that are clear and his word like Hebrews 618. The says it's impossible for God to lie, he will never speak untruth to us only truth. Titus one to the tells us God, who cannot lie, it's not part of his nature is not who he is, so we can trust that he is good that he is revealed truth to us through his word and that if we seek him. We will find him that the promises of Scripture. He's not hiding from us. He's not trying to play hide and seek with us in some way he's there and he wants revealed truth to us if we will take the time to find it and you know Dylan so often we want God to do things for us. Keynote God hears my prayer request I need this to happen. I need that not to happen and and God does do things for us and God provides and God answers prayer. But one of the most fundamental things is very easy to miss is that God himself is the answer to our prayers and a big part of the Christian life is not to have God externally do things, but for us to experience him personally. I mean to like you.

I love the James passage you quoted to draw near to God and he will draw near to you will be quote a friend of mine. I've got a friend in Christian publishing Bayard Taylor and we were one of the first times we ever had a conversation about publishing and writing and he said my life mission is to increase the worship of the triune God in us, and what will repeat that and and Mr. Taylor set his life mission was to increase the worship of the triune God, and I thought that was a beautiful thing because God is Trinity father-son Holy Spirit he's revealed himself, is that I love what John Piper says about missions. We often say that missions is because people are lost and that's true but missions exists because worship currently doesn't exist among all people as we close this first segment. I think one of the keys to a spiritual life that thrives is to make our spiritual life theocentric.

In other words, get it all about God's not about us.

It's not our life and our ministry is not to be anthropocentric. It's not to be focused on man around me but theocentric. Our thoughts are tension our priorities focus on the board that changes everything.

Doesn't it doesn't only come back going to talk about God as the main character of the Bible will discover five key truths about who God is of stick with this. Truth for new generation will be right back.

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Aquinas says the main business of life is to to think on and no God to reflect on God in the Trinity and to know God and I will say Dylan at a time when you know I people they get depressed they get stressed we can be very narcissistic and the more we think about ourselves and our situation in our life.

Really, you know, the less happy we are very often it is its own reward to think about God is more you think about the eternal God who is perfect who does all things well. He has my best interest at heart and he's omniscient. He's has all the wisdom I mean it will definitely change and I I believe vastly improve your emotional state in your perspective to think about God and where to think about God only mentioned the third thing about God being the main character the Bible that God is the sovereign King of the universe. You know, Dylan. I play the guitar and I love music and I heard an old blues song from the 20s.

Although it wasn't blue.

It was joyful but it is that he is the king of who I am and there's a lyric. It says he is my story.

He is my song, Jesus is the King of who I am. He's the King of the universe and in our world is at its best when the king is sitting on the throne of our life. Amen it so well said this idea of God as a sovereign King of the universe is so important and often we forget it, we see that the problems around us and we think of God why you letting me go through this, but I love the saying that you often hear and sermons are in messages that says hey, if God is on my side. It's not even a fair fight, me and God make a majority no matter what the situation is and I love remembering that because when everything seems to be against us.

When everything seems to be going wrong. Remember, if God is for us who can be again says is not even a fair fight as it Alex. I know I know and in Hebrews 13, were it says in Hebrews 13, five, and eight okay Jesus is the same yesterday today and forever so he doesn't change if Jesus did love you today, he still does love you even if you blow it and stumbled tomorrow he will still love you but in Hebrews 13.

It also says he will never leave us or forsake us that that is a great comfort to know and I wanted to mention the fact that God doesn't change. Malachi 3 says that I the Lord change not. So we need to understand and this is really the fourth point in five key things about God, the main character of Scripture is that God is holy.

Now how does God's immutability guides the fact that he doesn't change relate to God's impact ability in Christ impact ability that he doesn't stand and we say something is impeccable. Just perfect.

While God is impeccable. He doesn't stand his holy all right here is my point. At least this is one point we draw from this is that what the Bible tells us to repent from sin turn from sin.

The wages that the result of sin is death, so will draw you away from God's and will rob you of life. Look what was sin still is sin that there been no sensitive been declassified in Dylan. I think in our world. We we don't take seriously the holiness of God and automatically we don't take seriously the gravity of sin, don't you think it's important for all people, especially even the church to get a fresh reminder of God's holiness and conversely sins seriousness, yes, and so much in our culture, we see Jesus as our friend Jesus or homeboy. Even though we don't think my body yeah our body is our friend that we don't think about him as being the holy and righteous Lord of lords, King of Kings.

Above all, the creator of all things, and we have to remember that the same one who loves us, who died for us on the cross is the same one who made us and sustains us. Without him we are nothing. The Bible says. Apart from him. We can do nothing and so there's this sense in which we should revere God where we should be like those in Scripture who fell on their knees before the Lord Almighty and trembled in fear at his name.

We lack that reverence so many times, even in our worship.

But when we come to God is the one who is Almighty.

It should do something within us that changes us in a special way.

And even that fifth idea the talk about Alex that God establishes a relationship with his people that become so much richer when we realize that God who is holy, also is present with us every moment of our lives. I think of that, especially with the great commission that the very end of that. Jesus said I will be with you always, to the very end of the age.

I don't know about you but when I share my faith with people.

Sometimes I think I don't know if I have the right words to say the right way to go about this, but then I remember Jesus is with me every moment of this process and it gives me strength to move forward and to do what God has called me to do absolutely and think about the salvation covenant. The Bible promises that God will not abandon the believer and it says he cannot deny himself. He had a dozen times we think about God's closeness to us as being based on our performance and listen that God is you know disappointed when we fail him and Stan Ephesians 430 talks about not grieving the Holy Spirit. But God will not abandon the believer. God will not abscond with the promises and let you down. Not because we're deserving of it because he will not deny himself or his word he keeps his covenant. We got up away will get a come right back. We can talk about more about God can with absolute confidence and comfort know about God from his word on this edition of P&G radio stated if you're a Christian parent.

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We have a growing staff but the though the work that God is called us to do, which began as an apologetics work and still is but it's going to encompass to radio shows in a television show events all around the nation. Publishing the distribution of thousands of dollars of literature every year.

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Some of the frankly un-evangelized areas of our country. Some of the dangerous areas of our country to bring the message of Jesus to equip the remnant to stand strong for the faith. This is about a revival for the glory of God for the salvation of souls for God and country, and so I would ask you number one to pray and participate. But if you feel so led to support what God has led us to do. You can support us or you can write to us at PO Box 10231, Greensboro, NC 27404. We have a devotional book that we've been distributing for a year now that is growing by leaps and bounds.

The people who want that.

So God is at work and we appreciate your prayers and support, and we encourage you to look at what the ministry is doing and be a part of this because Dylan hate you, and I tell people we we got one button on our keyboard and that is the gospel for the United States of America the world. Of course, but especially for our country because some depending on who you read some of the missions agencies say that percentagewise something like the fifth largest unreached people group in the world is the USA. I don't know exactly how those numbers play out, but I do know there is a lot of darkness, and this country needs the light of Jesus Christ, amen. And there's so many good stories on the flipside that are starting to emerge from truth for any generation in our work among young people today. I think about a young group of high school guys I work with on Sunday nights, and how each week they come and talk about their friends there telling about Jesus and ways they're trying to live out their faith or even stopping to pray at lunch and what God does through those conversations, so those little things that we think all we have got us for sake in the public schools are God doesn't work anymore. Among the young people are generation, those are not true God, as it were in powerful ways, and we are privileged to be part of what God's doing now as we wrap up our last segment. Today we want to talk a little bit about five key truths about what God does in our lives to the Bible. We talked a lot about God is the main character of the Bible.

But Alex, as we talk about what God does in our lives, tells a little bit about what we can gain when we go through Scripture well number one God sent his son to die for the sins of the world. That's what God did number two God establishes his church which will be the movement that takes the good news of salvation of the world number three God shows providential care for his people. Number four God fulfills his promise to bring the blessing of his presence to the nations, and forgiveness and restoration and that would include the nation of Israel, but number five due to all the attributes and actions of God. He alone deserves the worship of all of his creatures. Unnoticed is a mouthful but basically what you've got is salvation. The church, the preservation of the church, the fulfillment of all God's promises and his ultimate eternal reign.

We will as the catechism says worship and enjoy him forever. You Dylan. Let's talk about this for second because we talk about who God is. We we talk about what God's and his salvation includes the personal conversion and salvation of each believer and we hope that as you, dear friend. We hope you know him and are helping to make him known.

But Dylan when the catechism and great writers of talk about enjoying God forever. How is it that we could. I know we can know God, we can turn to God. How could we enjoy God, but I always think of it as when I first met my wife and we started to date and it wasn't a matter of how much time I could spend with her. You wanted spend every waking moment with this person you are simply in love and in some ways a similar relationship with God even in eternity. Only spent time with God. We are going to lose all track of time.

We are not gonna think about what the next thing is with the next project is what the next thing is that were supposed to be doing to please God will simply be with him forever and enjoy his presence with hard for us to grasp that in our time today because everything is so schedule driven and everything is about what we have to do that when we think about simply loving God and being among him for eternity, and everyone else who loves him as well. I it's something that we cannot fathom, but it's something that will exist for eternity and will simply enjoy it. We won't have to do anything to make it better. It's just as good as it could be for ever and ever and ever.

Exactly inner Hebrews talks about entering into God's rest and certainly heaven and being in the presence of God is not going to be just, you know, sitting on a cloud plucking the heart the rest. I think that Hebrews speaks off, it is speaking of that great like you mentioned that great state of being in the presence of God enough. Think about it, my dear friend, no more clocks no more deadlines no more rush rush got a hurry after this of the thing, no more and more cancer. No more disease, no more funerals, no more tearful goodbyes being in the presence eternally of our loving Savior who just is. You know it's really not accurate to say God wise or God will be God is and so I am so thankful that he is the God who fulfills his promises to bring the blessing of his presence to the nations. There is the redemption the restoration of all things, and let's just say this were going to have to come up place of pin here and come back to it, but because of all this, who he is what he does what he's promised what he's done to guarantee those promises. What he has done to bring us into a relationship with himself than he, God alone deserves our worship, our loyalty, our fidelity worship involves creatures and so what what what a reminder that we make him the priority and maybe today friend. God is gently tapping you on the shoulder and calling you to himself, to make God the Lord and Savior.

Your priority in all things truth for a new in association with Alex McFarland evangelistic ministries exists to equip Christians with the biblical worldview through conferences and camps for information about upcoming events visit for a new or give us a call at 877 yes God one that's 877 yes, God, and the number one TMG radio is made possible by the friends of Alex McFarland evangelistic ministries PO Box 10231, Borough, NC 27404. That's PO Box 10231, North Carolina 27404. Give or truth for a new Thanks for listening and join us again next time. As we bring you more true for a new generation on TMG radio

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