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Sounds from Camp Cale, NC

Truth For a New Generation / Alex McFarland
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August 9, 2019 12:24 am

Sounds from Camp Cale, NC

Truth For a New Generation / Alex McFarland

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August 9, 2019 12:24 am

08-04-2019 Sounds from Camp Cale, NC by Truth for a New Generation

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CNG radio for today's culture and time was Drew's come together is reasoned, relevant content, apologetics, worldview and answers to the questions that you need to know need to know from Alex McFarlane ministries.

This is true for a new generation radio and now the man who preached in 50 states and 50 days speaker, writer, and advocate for Christian apologetics Dr. Alex McFarlane in the word of God. It says train up a child in the way that they should go and when they're old they will not depart from it. You know, sometimes from the training up of a child to the when they are old and they don't depart from it. Sometimes there can be a spiritual dry spell. Sometimes there can be a long interval where young person raised in a Christian home very often their spiritual zeal for the Lord cools off for a while. Very often we seen this happen after high school that we wrote the book stand strong in college because a lot of young people even raised in Christian homes after high school in the college years, or maybe the mid to late 20s that they get out of church and that's been a concern to a lot of people in one of the real passions of our ministry has been not only to win people to Christ of any age, but rather think about the spokes rather than fix broken adults we want to try to preemptively equip young people and so with that in mind I'm so excited about today's program because we got some people with us. First of all I want you to meet our colleague and friend, trip Harmon and Trippe. Welcome back to the program could be here. Alex and is good to be at Camp Kaelin, Hertford, North Carolina. You know, I'm excited folk so she could see where we are. Trippe mentioned Kale. We are down pretty close to the coast of North Carolina on the Park women's River and this river goes to the Albemarle sound, and it goes out to the ocean and yeah here's here's what's really wild is if if you could see where we are. Folks there's the river out here that's almost a mile across. And of course the Albemarle sound goes out of the ocean which is you know unlimited I was driving about 30 minutes from camp and I saw this little creek and it was just a tiny little creek with a bridge over it and it said it was the Park women's River and I got up to take a picture. Now imagine a little creek not more than 10 feet across and it goes and it gets a little wider and a little wider and here we are, where it's a mile wide and then just a little bit beyond us. It's the ocean and I thought about that something very small that ultimately has an incredibly immeasurable end result. A creek that turns into a river that turns into a sound that turns into the ocean in a way that's like our beliefs a decision today a behavior a habit yielding to a temptation and then down the road there is a very very significant outcome for good or for evil.

Now that in mind.

Think about that as we talk about young people and I want you to meet Kristin McVicker's whom we met when we did a Tiffany generation down in Fayetteville back in the spring. Kristin, thanks for taking some time to be with us on the radio today so much for having me. Not now. I am very indebted to you because you've been my go to reader when I need the Bible read you were willing to step up and read, and I appreciate that and let me ask you this. You've been very eager to contribute and to say things and to read the Bible and there a lot of great teens here, but you seem to be very committed to the Lord and tell me tell me how you reach this point, there was a lot of factors in my life. Honestly, growing up in a Christian home definitely helped him just having my father there. Tina Leaming the Lord and all my siblings and everything. I'm also homeschooled, which no exact curriculum extremely Christian and just adding everyone, including my friends to encourage me in the Lord has definitely gotten here and I'm so happy to get Killed because everything here is just so very inspired and just feels like there's so much got here.

Everyone is just amazing also will think you Christian is a Ethan team right yet Dean you and worry from Ethan. Originally I'm from a Youngstown Ohio yeah cool and I was ready to be in this fall.

I'll be going into junior year in high school.

Now do you go to public school or Chris I do I go to public school. Let me ask you this, Ethan.

What are some of the challenges to your Christian walk that you faced at school.

Or maybe some your peers face also will. There's a lot it's there's a lot of people there who just don't believe in Jesus or go to church and its especially in poor County like mine. It's harder to the incomes lower and people just it can help. It doesn't help with some challenges they may face with that thinking all if how is there a God if I if all this terrible stuff happening to me. You pursue me ask you this.

I know you're part of a great church and not a know your parents and you are blessed and in your mom and dad among your peers. How solidly do you think some of your peers have a knowledge of the gospel, a vibrant relationship with the Lord or knowledge of of what the Christian faith is all about. Yes okay so does my peers go to my church that I know that they either go to my church or I need them in my town Park in just all of them usually solid solid Christians. I would just say at some of them are very blessed by God's have been given a gift.

If you know knowing the Bible and just now prophecy stuff like that like it's just they've just been really really good. However, I would say that usually whenever I have a group of friends and when my friends of the struggling we just kind of all encourage each other and go into detail about God's word and just search the Scriptures and help everyone was having a difficult time.

Find out what's going on and how we can help. And usually I usually try my best to help whoever you have anything because I feel like God definitely given me to get to counsel people into different areas of their life and I'm just so blessed by God to have that gift hey folks you're listening to truthfully generation were on the road at Camp Kaelin are summer apologetics camp with 86 teenagers and when we come back going to talk about passing the faith on to young people. The next generation will the Christian faith. He solidly handed off to upcoming young people and future generations to continue radio is back after this from.

I am a watchman ministries. Here's today's I am a watchman minute watchman is one who is willing to follow God's leading, he will go where God leads him to go do what God wants him to do and say what God wants him to say for Daniel. That meant living in exile most of his life for the apostle Paul. That meant stepping down from his position as a Pharisee, a lofty position, he had trained his whole life for too often were told that the Christian life should be marked by prosperity and comfort.

That's not what the Bible teaches. The truth is faithfulness and sacrifice go hand in hand. Jesus taught this Jesus lived this. Are you willing to make real sacrifices in support of the Lord's work. I encourage you to visit the Imo website for resources that will help you be the faithful servant God wants you to be people, be faithful, be a watchman, I am a

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So we do have a radio audience and these are some of our counselors and maybe will record some with them as well but the camp couldn't happen could trip without some sacrificial people giving of their time to come and just help us with with young people this week and were grateful for the Marwick. Absolutely we are so grateful for indebted to good Christian folks were just invested in seeing God's kingdom grow in and who are very interested in seeing it happen amongst young people. So were thankful to all well and and by the way, let me just say folks, you're probably not thinking about summer of 2020 yet, but as we resume our conversation with Ethan and Kristin said this, we had probably 50 people plus that wanted to be counselors this summer you can call it chaperone or counselor or mentors. If you're interested and being with us in the next camp we do next summer. Our Christian worldview apologetics camp. You can call us at 877 yes, God one.

That's just like it sounds 877 why ESG OD one and whether it saw you want to bring your youth group whether you want to be involved and help us so we would love to hear from you. Also, let me just say this to FedEx the fall is coming quickly.

Richmond, Virginia, Cincinnati, Ohio, was, were going to be in Richmond, Virginia, October 11 12 Mount Vernon I were so excited pastor Josh Franklin a lot of great people the truth for new generation apologetics conference is going to be tremendous.

We hope you will be there.

Please pray promote plan to attend. They were going to be in Cincinnati Ohio and I breaking news folks get ready audience because this is worthy of applause, Cincinnati, Ohio, November 15, 16 great people like and talk and the great Erwin lutes are, but as of last night just added to the lineup. Josh McDowell RI exactly got a good response but folks, we are committed to the gospel in America and so go to website trees for a new and when we come to your town. Please be there and let's let's take the name of Jesus to our nation will also very important. Taking the name of Jesus to this young generation and Ethan and Kristin could be out in a swimming or playing games like it's activity time. But thanks for taking a few minutes to be with us and I want to talk about how you feel. The church can better take Christ to your generation and and I'll keep this up and I want you to respond when I graduated high school I and I was older than you guys obviously trip and I are but there was one guy at my high school who was caught with drugs. He was caught with a small amount of marijuana and I mean it was like a neighborhood scandal that end of the county was just rocked because one student out of about 800 was found to have some marijuana. My point is, that's relatively tame to what's going on now, talk to us about kind of the dynamics of the world is as you see it and and how hard is it took to find Jesus and walk with Jesus in this day and age in the world that you guys are growing up and now Ethan talked to us about the challenges brother. Alright, so I've been to. I was in public school from elementary school. I was in public school I went I transitioned to homeschool during middle school for little bit. Now I'm back in public school and it inmate out even in elementary school in when were learning about science they're taught you're taught.

Even then that evolution is the only way that's it. There's nothing else out there and it's I remember it was really difficult for me to learn about Christ eat and I've been going to church since I was a baby and even then it was still difficult because the authorities those teachers they were telling me that Jesus wasn't real.

It didn't happen and it's just it's worse, and children are being brought up to six scorned that and that it's not real, how can you, it's not possible there's no there's no God out there it's only us and when we die. That's it.

There's nothing else.

So you need apologetics don't you to be able to defend what you believe yeah and it's really difficult like I I've been like ever since I started high school. I've been starting to mark stuff in my Bible that I have to go over so that in case I get into argument. None argument more of a debate with somebody I have the facts from the Bible to back myself up because if I slip up even a little bit. They'll just dig into that little piece right there. That idea of we live. We God's over that nihilistic use that's that's popular amongst young people today yeah it is and it's it justifies their view of I'm going to do as much as I want right now because it's not gonna matter. Once I die. Do you feel like that all young people laid one of your deep thought young people today really are just searching for purpose and I feel like now more than ever that more kids that are just so depressed I actually dealt with depression myself so I can understand what they are going through. Honestly, I feel like having that purpose in your life is definitely going to help to seek your life out more and knowing that God is with you and guys for you will never fail you.

That is, in this important thing and I cannot express how important that just is to every teenager, especially because all the stuff you're dealing with, like in high school, middle school, all the years right. It is just so important that you have that foundation can go back to that you can know that God is with will never leave you know were coming up on a break. We might have to unpack this after the break, but a lot of ministers and certainly youth pastors, they would say oh, but if you go really deep kids are going to get bored and they're not in a state with it. Now hear this camp. We've we've been going over some really deep theology in Bible truth. So if we, the leaders go deep, and we give you like Ethan to suck about defending the faith. Our kids can attune out or are you hungry for meat for solid content. Oh well, I I've I've been just eating up everything that's been said so far and I'm just taking notes in this inking about it, praying about it and I feel like the only ones who are going to get bored are those who are actually searching hate hold that thought. We gotta take a break stating TMG radio is back after this at liberty University will earn more than a degree in the satisfaction of seeing what you can accomplish and what God can accomplish more than 600 options from associate to PhD in study 100% online more of discover God's truth through every degree at liberty University where we train champions for Christ, go to liberty\explorer to learn\explorer to learn more.

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Welcome back here listening to TMG radio one of our counselors. That was a God bless you and everybody listening. Thanks for staying tuned were talking with Ethan and Kristin were talking about biblical worldview in the hearts and lives of young people, and I want to say thank you for making time to be at the camp and for being on the radio show I want to talk about the church and are our ministry. Young people yet. I grew up in was a youth pastor for 11 years and I would go to youth conferences and I remember there would be this you know banners.

It's a sin to bore a kid that was drilled into me and and I was trained in youth ministry and I've got to say back in the day. It was more about games than Bible.

It was honestly more about.

As we said pizza, paintball and Pepsi than really getting into the word of God and an attribute you and I both been in the ministry a while those years when youth ministry was more about fun than substance. I think we paid a price for that absolutely. And I think they're still a little bit of that mindset there, you know, even the idea of of the youth group being a separate entity is hard for justified that the that your teens are there kind of around, but they really do their own thing on these are not young people who are going to be leaders in the church one day these kids that we seen this we got there smart enough there intelligent up some of these kids no more theology apologetics now than many of their parents and their the church now that they are and Kristin anything I want to commend you and I know that just be on that door. There are 84 more teens that are leaders to say thanks for having the heart for Jesus that you're willing to get out of the comfort zone and be leaders for the gospel because for those of us that are you know the older people in the room it's really inspiring and I want you to know how much you guys bless our heart and inspire us tell you thank you so much for having us yet. It's been great to give you a quote that a girl said to me in New Jersey. We did an event in New Jersey. I mean I speak to middle schoolers and high schoolers the same way that I teach grad students at liberty University or wherever and that this teenage girl, she said hey thanks for for treating us like we have some intelligence in a civil union. You do have intelligence.

She said yeah but youth ministry sometimes is really like, empty, she said thanks for giving us substance. I watch you all here at the camp. I think you guys are eating it up and to the churches out there that are like reluctant to go deep with their youth.

Give them a word of encouragement to do it while I would just say if y'all treat us like adults. If these issues she is like adults and we are more inclined to behave like adults like you should use more of the rest of the stories of like that.

I was like, like the Old Testament like Joseph and Esther, and I think don't use those.

I'm just saying like we want to go deeper and like Jesus's miracles and what salvation really is and how we can be joined together with God I feel is very important if you treat us like adults, we are definitely more inclined to behave like them.

Ethan let me ask you this. What can churches do to to get more young people, you know, open to the gospel and interested in their relationship with the Lord. Okay so my my dad's a youth pastor and he struggles a lot, trying to do this and I just told him over and over you. You just need to talk to them like they know how to think, because a lot of churches are treating us like where were just little kids and where we we need constant stimulation. Sometimes that stimulation needs to be actual knowledge that we are learning we need to were were looking for something to latch onto to use as to try and make sense of everything that which because in this day and age. Every it's just more confused than anything. Everything all the lines are getting blurred and it's so difficult to figure things out and the church is supposed to be that rock MN and in intellectual stimulation exactly yeah you know it in media and broadcasting. They use the term white noise because I'm either there's banner ads and there's just static and it's almost like you know it's a 24 seven Wi-Fi wired up world. It's hard for any kind of message to cut through. I believe that when we come along and in this busy, busy, noisy world when we talk about Jesus, the son of God, rose from the dead, and yes, Jesus says repent and turn and be saved. I think that message in itself is unique enough, powerful enough life transforming enough that when we do share the word of God. It does cut through the white noise don't do you guys agree absolutely. Of course, yeah. So trip me ask you this. As a pastor and now you're on staff with treats for new generation trip. By the way is our church relations director and and ministry advancement.

What would be whether you're in the pulpit or whether you're on the road with us.

I what would be your prayer. That would be what God would do in the lives of young people throughout America. I think we have heard the mandate from these young people today that we speak to them as though they are intelligently treat them more like adults in their stomach transition phase. They're not saying that they've got it all together but am yet we know many people in their 30s, their 40s who seem to still be stuck in adolescents. So maybe if those folks would've been taught. Go deeper push to go deeper in the church that maybe they would be struggling with some of the problems they have not being afraid to talk about the deep trues of the faith, and not just that we know what you done for me lately. Scored mentality. The church go deep. Chris, put you on the spot and you've been so good to participate at the camp. Would you pray would you pray for the Holy Spirit of God to move throughout this nation, obviously, but especially among your generation and the young people coming along. Would you let us know in a brief order prayer persistently guide my thinking for being able to gather here what are you listening on the radio here.

That's the realm of thinking she's for your presence, I pray that all this and people of the world, particularly the teenagers middle schoolers high schoolers followed them. I will just come together and they will know that you are God's strength to stand up for you. I pray that they will be emboldened by your spirit guide is immune. It's beautiful folks own encourage you to to walk with the Lord and pray you know we got resources like the award-winning video series.

The 21 toughest questions your kids will ask and I go to our website true for new I will say it is your prayers, your participation, your support that is enabling us to do what we feel God is called us to do, which is take the gospel throughout America. So folks.

Thanks for listening. Keep us in your prayers and tell somebody about TMG, but most of all, tell everybody about Jesus ENG radio is made possible by the friends of Alex McFarland ministry, PO Box 10231 is rural NC 27404.

That's PO Box 10231, Greensboro, NC 27404 call us at 877 yes God one that's 877 yes, God in the number one or give while you're there, listen the program archives. Read Alex's blog invite Alex to speak at your event or contact Alex with a question or comment, Alex Thanks for listening today and join us again next time. As we bring you more true for a new generation fund TMG radio

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