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A Royal Covenant

The Voice of Sovereign Grace / Doug Agnew
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January 24, 2021 6:00 pm

A Royal Covenant

The Voice of Sovereign Grace / Doug Agnew

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January 24, 2021 6:00 pm

Join us as Pastor Doug Agnew preaches a message called -A Royal Covenant- from 2 Samuel 5-1-16. For more information about our church, please visit

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Have your Bibles with you turn with me if you want to Lisa fifth chapter of second Samuel start out with verses 135 that all tribes of Israel came to David at Hebron and said, behold, we are your bone and flesh. In times past when Saul was king over us, it was you who led out and brought in Israel and the Lord said to you shall be Shepherd of my people Israel, and you shall be prince over Israel. So all the elders of Israel came to the king at Hebron and King David made a covenant with them at Hebron before the Lord and they anointed David king over Israel. David was 30 years old when he began to rain the rain for 40 years at Hebron. He reigned over Judah seven years and six months in a Jerusalem. He reigned over all Israel and Judah for 33 years that with me as we got our Lord in prayer.

Heavenly father.

This is been an emotional week for true believers in America, we have been warned that was what we must be silent or we will be canceled out the hard pill to swallow, help us to respond with Christ likeness.

Help us to be loving yet uncompromising, help us to be more concerned about your glory that our rights help us to be overwhelmed with the power of your sovereignty. Help us to realize that we are not alone in this fight. You promise never to leave us nor forsake us by the storm that we are going to be a Christlike character in us Lord is we look today at David's coronation, the covenant that he entered into with Israel.

May we be reminded of the covenant that you entered into with us that covenant in all its promises are built on your integrity, not ours. Our salvation is built upon your grace, not our works. May we be humbled by the covenant of redemption. May we realize that our salvation is the undeserved unmerited favor of God me that truth drive us to holiness keep my lips from air this morning ports in Jesus holy precious name that we pray.

Amen. You may be seated in Mark four we read a a story that King David would've greatly benefited from Jesus and the disciples are all not old boat and they are crossing over the sea of Galilee. Jesus is tired and goes down in the bottom of the boat and he falls asleep. Well right is there in the middle of the sea. All of a sudden a storm rages and the winds begin to blow in the and and the waves began to rage up and down and the little boat that there on the guest begins to be tossed to and fro like a Styrofoam cup on the water and the disciples realize the danger at boat could easily capsize and they could all be drowned. And so their hearts are up in their in their throats and their hands were shaking and trembling and finally one of the disciples goes over to Jesus and he starts shaking him and he says master do you not care that we are perishing the region. Verse 39 and Jesus awoke and rebuked the wind and said to the CB steel and the wind ceased, and there was a great calm.

He said to them, why are you so afraid.

Have you still no faith, you can almost picture Jesus just kinda shaking his head, looking to the disciples and sent guys I got this I got this. You don't need to want to worry blowing winds and raging ways. Do not shake me. In fact, nothing shakes me so quit looking at your circumstances and look to me. Those were Jesus's words to a fearful group of disciples and yet those are Jesus words to us is whale. We need to ask ourselves some questions. This is in in this time in which we are living in Joe Biden not Jesus off the throne. No.

And what if our our Facebook account gets taken away from us is that going to weaken the ministry of the Holy Spirit, absolutely not. Books Jesus lived under the reign of Herod animus.

Paul lived under the reign of Nero.

John lived under the reign of Domitian. And guess what Jesus steel one Jesus steel one and you and I are still serving that very same Jesus in Hebrews chapter 13 verse eight.

The Scripture say is Jesus Christ the same yesterday today and forever, our circumstances might change, but our Lord never changes with Harry Rader who said this circumstances do not determine your character they expose it and they present opportunities to strengthen and refine it. I would've loved to been there with the disciples after after Jesus calm the storm and just heard their conversation. I can imagine looking at each other and just just unbelief and say in my word. Who is this look what he did he calm the sea. He stopped the winds from blowing though is the is and why are we so faithless, why don't we trust him more.

This Jesus is not just a man, he is God will David get ready for his coronation.

I think he feels a whole lot like those disciples fail that day. He's asking himself questions. Why did I ever doubt what I have these lapses of faith when I was 16 years old.

This prophet Samuel anointed me and promised me and prophesied that I would be the king of Israel and yet I have had these lapses of faith, time and time again I let my circumstances control me. I wasted energy wasted time and I have a little and I have lost sleep and now look what is happened God has has brought all this about God is taking care of it. Don't you picture this magnificent moment.

David is in his residence at his home in Hebron. This is the day of his coronation.

He did not organize this. He did not kill the tribes of Israel what to do. They are the ones that organized it. They are the ones that planned it.

They are the ones that put it all together and David watches as the soldiers begin to march through the gates of Hebron, and they come right up to his front yard and there standing there right in front of the house of David first Chronicles chapter 12 we have a more detailed account of what took place here David watches through the window at probably on the top story of his house and he sees all of the soldiers come in in how many soldiers would you think there would have been that came from all the 12 tribes of Israel as many maybe is 20 that came from each of the tribes of Israel set at be about 240 soldiers, no, no, lately, Tammy. There were 214,600 soldiers and they came they are standard on David's front lawn, and they are all they are almost 1/4 of a million soldiers in their pay in allegiance to David all 12 tribes are represented, and there's no animosity. There is no anger there is just unity and they are thanking David in their Saint David. We want to surrender to you is are King and we believe that the Lord is going to honor this.

The three points I want to share with you this morning .1 is covenant and coronation look in the verses 1 to 5 again, that all tribes of Israel came to David Hebron and said, behold, weary your bone and flesh.

In times past when Saul was king over us. It was used to lay it out and brought in Israel and the Lord said to you, you shall be shepherd of my people Israel, and you shall be prince over Israel's all the elders of Israel came to the king at Hebron and King David made a covenant with them at Hebron before the Lord and they anointed David king over Israel. David was 30 years.

When he began to rain any rain 40 years at Hebron. He reigned over Judah seven years and six months at Jerusalem.

He reigned over all Israel and Judah for 33 years. David stand in that window and I can just imagine him with tears rolling down his cheeks. Almost 1/4 of a million soldiers are there and they are there to pay allegiance to him. And there is no animosity there is perfect unity and there's no anger there's hope and there's joy in there's peace. I think David probably thought back to Psalm 37 when God inspired him to write these words and David said delight yourself in the Lord your God and he will give you the desires of your heart to commit your way in him.

Trust also in him and he will bring it to pass.

And that's exactly what God is done. God is fulfilling this right before David's eyes. And David knows that this is not a situation that he is manipulated. This is simply and plainly, a move of God. David had delighted himself in the Lord is God. God was given in the desires of his heart and that was that he became of Israel and God had brought that to pass, know the quarter of a million soldiers there they probably had to have a spokesman and I'm sure that it was maybe one of the great generals and he came forward and he began to speak to David so that everyone can hear and the first thing that he did was apologize to confess sin. He said David, your bone of our bone and flesh of our flesh, you were raised on the same land that we were raised on you worshiped in and serve the same God that we serve. The only God, the Lord God Jehovah David, you are not a stranger you are our brother and then he began to talk to David about his leadership and he said David you are our leader GU when God tells you to do something you do it, what, when nobody else would stand up against Goliath.

You went against Goliath and youth killed in you defeating when nobody else would go to fight against the Philistines. You took charge and you defeated them when nobody else would fight against the Amalekite you took charge and you defeated them.

You are the greatest leader in Israel. Then he said that which is most important.

He said David God called you. God called you to be the king of Israel, when you were 16 years old. The prophet Samuel anointed you with all the anointed you with all any and he said to you, and prophesied over you that you would be the king of Israel. He did this it was God's call and that's why you're here in first Chronicles chapter 12 we have a longer, more detailed account and I love what it says it says that the 12 tribes of Israel went to David with a loyal heart. I love that so picture this, 1/4 of a million soldiers out there on David's front lawn and that they are underneath them. David's up in the window there looking up at him and I can just hear them calm down, David, come on down King David. For now it's time to put this thing together. Now it's time to make this a legal and David walks down and he goes out onto the front porch and there several million that are representatives of the 12 tribes at tribes in the end they come and they stand before David and I can see them all get down on their knees and they pray and then they lay their hands on David they anointed with whole and they make vials of surrender and vials of obedience and then David makes vials to them.

Vials of service and vials of commitment me tell you folks that seem that saying all excite your soul and I want you to know that Sinaloa knocked the biscuits off your table. That scene is exciting to me because that could covenant that was entered into between Israel and David is a picture of the covenant that God entered into with us and when was that covenant established was that covenant established when you repented of your sins and trusted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. Oh no, that covenant was established before the foundation of the earth.

It was a it was established between the three persons of the Godhead were God the father said I decree that Doug Agnew will be saved and then God the son said I will go to the cross and I will purchase in salvation by the shedding of my precious blood.

And then God the Holy Spirit said I will take that precious blood of Jesus applied to the heart of Doug Agnew and bring him into a saving relationship with God, and I will awaken him and give him the ability to repent and to believe for his 1972 the Lord convicted me deeply of my sin. I saw just how sinful I was and I was drawn to the Lord.

With that conviction in our opinion, my sense of trust in Jesus as my Lord and as my Savior. I can never get enough that the next morning.

I didn't really understand too much about exactly what happened, but I thought man look what is happened to me. I'm going to heaven when I die, I changed everything by the decision that I made for Jesus. No no no no that's that's not what took place. That's not what took place.

The truth of the matter is it's not what I did for Jesus is what Jesus did for me and in 1972.

My salvation did not start when Chip Sloan sat down with me and opened up his his Bible and showed me that my only hope was Jesus Christ folks, my salvation started before Adam and Eve were created before this world even was brought into existence. It was the covenant of redemption. So who gets the glory for my salvation hole not me. God gets the glory, for it was God who initiated my salvation.

It was God who brought it all to pass. Ephesians chapter 1 verse three through six, Paul said, Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ who has blessed us in Christ with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places. Even as he chose us in him before the foundation of the world that we should be holy and blameless before him in love he predestined us for adoption to himself as sons through Jesus Christ, according to the purpose of his will, to the praise of his glorious grace with which he has blessed us in the beloved brothers and sisters when I think of the covenant of redemption.

That makes me want to delight myself in the Lord my God, Roger Ellsworth said this God's promises are to be fulfilled to the letter, not one of them will fall to the ground. We badly need this truth are circumstances like David often make the promises of God seem uncertain and we like him find our faith flagging and faltering from time to time.

In fact, flagging and faltering faith seems to be the order of the day, God's people seem all too ready to embrace the thinking and doing of the world and to disbelieve our own message. Much of our Christianity seems to be the insurance policy variety.

We do not really expect all the Christian message to be true, but we want to be covered just in quesadillas. The tragedy is that as long as our faith flags and falters. We miss out on the highest level we can ever occupy in this life there's absolutely nothing better in this life than the sheer joy and exhilaration of being fully persuaded that God's promises will all come true as long as we live in day out, we are unable to mount this high plane sedated at this point times 37 years old. He was raised in Hebron over Judah for 7 1/2 years he will reign over Jerusalem for 33 at Texas to point to and point to me is conquering through faith. Look at verses six and nine and the king and his men went to Jerusalem against the Jebusites, the inhabitants of the land and is said to David, you will not come in here with the blind of the label ward you off thinking David cannot come in here.

Nevertheless, David took the stronghold sign that is the city of David and David set on that day whoever should strike the Jebusites living get into the water shaft to attack the lame and the blind who are hated by David soul. Therefore, it is said the blind of the lame shall not come into the house and David lived in the stronghold and called it the city of David and David built the city all around the mill a inward so what did David do once he was established as a team did he say I been waiting on this for 20 years. I need a break.

I think I'm just going to go out spent some time on the golf course, take a few naps. I'm in a watch some videos that I've missed during these years, I'm just going to count a kickback, absolutely not. And why not because David knew that there were infidels on the land of Israel that God had commanded the people of Israel to get rid of so that they would not wickedly influence the people of Israel, but Israel in the Old Testament is a picture of the church in the New Testament and God's command Israel to run those infidels off the land that they might be free from all of that is a picture of Jesus command of the church that we call the great commission Jesus said, go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the father, the son of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I've commanded you and love you. I will be with you always, even to the ends of the earth. I praise God that this church has a missionary heart. I praise God that we have a mission committee here that is deeply, deeply concerned about getting the gospel out to the four corners of the earth, and I want you to know that persecution continues and persecution gets worse here in America. My prayer is that we will stand bolder than ever to get the mission and gospel message out to the four corners of the earth, and that we might be bolder in our own personal evangelism. So did David go after first he went after the Jebusites who were in Jerusalem while did he do that because Jerusalem was centrally located.

David was living down in Hebron very far south.

He needed a place that was more centrally located beside that Jerusalem was a fortress city is built on a mountain and there are valleys down up beneath it.

If you read through the Scriptures always interesting that when somebody is leaving Jerusalem, whether they go east, west, north or south is always said that they go down from Jerusalem. It was a fortress city.

The land of Jerusalem was supposed to belong to the Benjamite's but of that there were people that were living on on that land called the Jebusites and the Benjamite tried to run them off and they were totally unable to do so, but David was determined to take Jerusalem November David head was born and raised in Bethlehem Bethlehem just 5 miles south of Jerusalem.

Today, the new Jerusalem whale and he knew all about the Jebusites. They were arrogant they were cocky and they would not get off God's land.

Now if you'll remember this or not but 20 years before that goal.

David killed Goliath. He took the last award he chopped his head off and then he took the head of Goliath. He held it up in his hand and where did he go. The Scriptures tell us that he he went to Jerusalem and I don't know for sure but I think this is probably what he did.

I think he stood outside Jerusalem and he held ahead of Goliath up in his hands and he said what I did to Goliath, Jebusites, do you because you have defied God's command. You were supposed to get off the land and you said that you will not do it so 20 years later, David is backing up his words. He comes to Jerusalem to wipe out the Jebusites because the Israelites had not done it yet. Judges chapter 1 verse 21 says this with the people of Benjamin did not drive at the Jebusites who lived in Jerusalem so the Jebusites have lived with the people of Benjamin in Jerusalem.

To this day wanted that Jebusites speak here of the blind and the lame guarding the city. I think that David probably a talk to the Jebusites about God and he said to the Jebusites. We in Israel worship the true and living God.

The only God our God is omniscient.

He is omnipresent he is an infinite God, here is hand cannot be state. You cannot stop him. No one can stop our God which you worship false gods.

They are no gods at all.

They are just pieces of stone were pieces of wood and they can't walk in the can't see, and they can't fight so I think the Jebusites are speaking sarcastically. David and I think they are mocking David and mocking Jehovah answers will we've got gods that can't see and they are laying their steel strong enough to keep you from getting into into Jerusalem. Davis got a plan. There is a water shaft, like an underground tunnel that water flows and it goes all the way from the outskirts of Jerusalem all the way up into the inner part of the city out how to David know about this.

I think David probably when he was a little boy used to play around there and probably he'd seen it played in that tunnel many times he's got a plan. He will march a regimen of soldiers up through that tunnel it at night and you will catch them by surprise. So he asked who will do this. He said whoever will will leave these men a regimen of soldiers to do this I will give them the command of the entire army to David chagrin.

Joab said, I'll do it any did and he marched at night whole regimen of soldiers up to that tunnel. The guards on the outside could not see him because it was underground. They got into the city while everybody sleep in and once they did they totally obliterated the Jebusites. So David may Jerusalem the center and the capital of Israel folks. Jerusalem had been a strong hole in Israel, the Jebusites would not leave Israel tried time and time again to run them off the land and they fail time and time again. Finally, they were just, throwing up their hands and saying we give up.

There's just nothing that we can do until David and the first thing that David did when he became king was this, he said I'm gonna tear down the stronghold. I'm going to rip it down.

I'm good. Eradicate the Jebusites and that's exactly what David did you say God has a supply us well.

Jerusalem was a stronghold for Israel, the Jebusites controlled it. They thought it was impenetrable. I thought no one could get to it that no one could destroy them and is like to trot over and over again and they just were not able to do it.

They finally just shrugged her shoulders and they said we just give up. There's nothing that we can do about it.

We are not gonna win as believers, folks. We have strong holes in our lives to don't we we have with the Scripture calls besetting sins wheat we have these habitual sins in our life that that control us and that so often to feed us, ask yourself this question, right quick. What is the one seen in your life that you struggle with the most is it lust is it alcohol addiction is a dangerous agreed.

Is it prejudice is it bitterness. What is it will as soon as I asked that question. What is the sin that you struggle with the most I'll guarantee you it came right to your mind, and it is called besetting sin.

How do we get rid of that stronghold in our life. The only way to do it is to do it radically in second Corinthians chapter 10 versus 3 to 6 Paul said this for though we walk in the flesh, we do not war after the flesh for the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down strongholds, casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ and having a readiness to revenge all disobedience when your obedience is fulfilled. But it's the only hope in bringing down a stronghold of the setting sin in your life is to get radical. You must radically pray you must radically repent and you must radically think bringing every thought captive to the obedience of Christ. 5.3 is enjoying God's blessings look of May versus 10 through 16.

David became greater and greater for the Lord, the God of posters withing and Hiram king of Tyre sent messengers to David and cedar trees. Also, carpenters and masons to build David a house and David knew that the Lord has established him king over Israel and that exalted his kingdom for the sake of his people Israel and David took more concubines and wives from Jerusalem after he came from Hebron and more sons and daughters were born to David. These are the names of those who were born to him in Jerusalem. Some you show Babb Nathan Solomon E par Alicia née Fagg gel feel Alicia Italy Ada and elephant LFL. It verse 10 tells us that David became greater and greater why we don't have to ask because he tells us, because the Lord was with David had been faithful, and God honored his faithfulness and blessed David. So David was rebuilding Jerusalem to his own specifications. He went down and he got dirt from down in the valleys below and he brought it up, and he leveled out the city so that huge buildings could be built so that roads can be constructed and then he brought in Hiram who was the architect who was a great engineer from Tyre and Sidon, a build David a beautiful palace for him and for his family. Jerusalem became the hub of Israel. It became one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It became one of the most protected cities in the world. It became one of the most functional cities in the world. David had been faithful spiritually and physically courageous and obedient and God deeply blasting with historians here on a very sad note on a very sad note, David was disobedient.

In one particular area in his life and that cause David problems not just for David but for his family and also for his nation. Verse 13 says and David took more concubines and wives from Jerusalem after he came from Hebron in chapter 3 that we looked at a couple weeks ago we saw that David had six sons here we are just a couple of chapters later. Now David's got 11 sons and they come from multiple wives.

Now the pagan nations would look at that and I said wow that's that's a great thing that shows that he has power that he has political strength when we tell you this, God condemned that.

And David also had taken on concubines. These were women that David was not married to. He was physically intimate with outside the dignity of marriage and that greatly displeased our God, but twice our culture rising up against the Christian church today because we believe in God.

God's moral absolutes.

We believe that truth is not relative when the culture violates God's moral absolutes. It causes them to feel guilt and if we are the ones proclaiming God's moral absolutes.

Then they blame us and all we've done is just proclaim it. We did make the moral law. God made the moral law. All we're doing is proclaiming that law books we are not helping the pornography addict and the abortion Dr. in the trench vested in the homosexual and the fornicators by keeping silent God has called his people to call sin.

Sin and then when we do that, then we have the responsibility to tell those people who are under conviction that there is hope that there is great hope and his name is Jesus, who is come to this earth in order that he might die for sinners like me and for sinners like you folks that's not mean that's not hateful that is deeply, deeply loving in Deuteronomy 1717, God told the kings of Israel if they were not to have multiple wives, especially multiple foreign wives for those wives would steal away their hearts from God is exactly what was have to at least partially to David and it happened completely with King Solomon. So the message for us is this. If a man like David who is the apple of God's I've who was a man after God's own heart if he could fall into such a heinous sin. It could also happen to us. Be sober, be vigilant for your adversary the devil walks about as a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour the spray heavenly father, we are blessed by your child, David. He was a man after God's own heart. He was apple of God's eye. He wrote the great majority of songs in the Psalter. He had unbelievable leadership skills. He was a mighty warrior. He fought Goliath with no fear. He led the armies of Israel against its enemies with no fear. He became a great and mighty king. There were strongholds in David's life he struggle with lust in relationships. He disobeyed your commands concerning marriage and the strongholds heard his witness and hindered his fellowship with you father we pray that you use David success to motivate us in using sin to caution us.

Our desire is to live out our life that we might die with a testimony like Paul, who said in his final letter to Timothy prime now ready to be offered in the time of my departure is at hand from fought a good fight, I finished my course, I've kept the faith. Father, help us to fight for that testimony force in the precious name of Jesus that we pray. Amen

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