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Godly Leadership

The Verdict / John Munro
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January 27, 2020 1:37 pm

Godly Leadership

The Verdict / John Munro

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January 27, 2020 1:37 pm

Pastor Eric Hill January 26, 2020 Titus 1:1-9

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Have you ever stopped to consider how, if you're a believer in this room. How you first heard the gospel how the gospel came to you ever considered how that happened. The circumstances that led to you believing in the gospel. Maybe for some of you it was apparent by many many of you as a parent or a loved one, a grandparent, maybe it was a coworker. Maybe it was a pastor made his during a service or after a service.

Maybe you just happened to open up the Bible in college for the first time in your life and read it and were blown away, but this holy God would come and take her place on the cross, your stopped to think about the wonder of the gospel in your life all the small decisions I want to think bigger, though I don't want to think just about that one moment where you trusted in Christ, if you're a believer in this trip I want to think beyond that. Think, think even bigger picture.

How in the world. The gospel came to you that 2000 years ago the wettest 2000+ years ago there was only a few believers thousands of miles away from us here in Charlotte, North Carolina, just a few small number of believers, and yet miraculously in the power of God. The gospel spread like wildfire. It interesting though that it spread in the midst of persecution that when persecution came in. It spread the gospel. It's such a such a mystery.

When we start to think about how we hear about a 80+ years ago to faithful men decided to begin a church or Calvary church and so thousands of miles and thousands of miles away from Jerusalem. Here we have a church and were sitting together as a body of believers listening to God's word in book form, your stopped to think about the wonder of the spread of the gospel we think about it there's places like China, Korea, Iran, Afghanistan and the Middle East places you would Satan gospel can spread their how in the world with the gospel spread amid such persecution much such suppression. There's no way the gospel would spread. Just think about Iran for second in 1979. Sadly, I was not born yet, so I know pretty young.

Still, I was close to be poor, not quite. But in 1979. Think about this. In 1979 the Islamic regime came in with a hard stance and took over that country and quickly over time.

Not pretty quickly. They kicked out all missionaries is illegal to evangelize. They persecuted and they've executed pastors. They remove the Bible and Persian as best as they could from this country. You would think. There's no way the gospel could spread there.

I mean it was supposedly people of, try to come up with numbers you can know these things for certain, but around about 500 believers at this time. In 1979, 500 Christians in one country to yet miraculously to this day were some of said that there's upwards of over a million believers in Iran's incredible incident when you really think about the spread of the gospel we go.

No, there's no way we for and we too often forget Romans 116 that the power of the gospel unto salvation to everyone who believes that the power isn't in an individual is not in a pastor it's not in pothole or will you look at this morning and Titus, and that the power isn't in these individuals the power is in Jesus Christ and his gospel, and when the gospel spreads it's incredible to see the gospel spreads and some very unlikely places.

Right now in our home were praying for my brother-in-law and sister-in-law as they begin the steps this year to hopefully move to Southeast Asia to her to be a pagan culture, a place that's got to be oppressive towards the gospel going to be, not wanting to hear the gospel and were praying that the gospel will spread like wildfire in this country because we seen it over the years.

Over centuries. We see it in the New Testament as well so you have your Bible want to look with me at Titus Titus chapter 1. If you have a sermon outline there you'll see it already, you'll see the main points already so still listen.

But Titus chapter 1 and really over to see is that this is what happened at this time to the gospel had spread to this this tiny island south south of Greece. This island it's not very big but it was a pagan island is a place that would be difficult for a church planter to plant churches and to do ministry and yet the power of God and his gospel. The gospel was spreading on this island. So the next few weeks. What we are going to is a pastoral staff here is is just look at this this incredible book and Titus this morning wrote it. Titus 1129 this evening so we will be preaching the rest of the chapter and then Jim Pyle next week and chapter 2 in in the robberies in the evening as I pray that you'll come and listen and watch how God doesn't work, and how he's doing a work and what his expectations are a godly church in this book we hundred. We know from acts chapter 2 verse 11 that people from Crete were at Pentecost is probably most likely where they first heard the gospel at Pentecost, they hear the gospel. Sure, some of those people who are our new believers are going back to their island excited to share the hope of the gospel with their neighbors and coworkers and people in this island so they go back and and so most likely the gospel starts to spread their we know the also from the book of acts that Paul visited Crete on one on his journeys to Rome had a shipwreck. Soon after going on but along the coast of Crete. We know that obviously as we see in this book that he left Titus. There to do ministry and to to raise up leaders for the church in every town, so I want us to look at this passage of Scripture this morning.

Look at verse will start this opening really and just verse one will read through verse five. For now we see this long.

One sentence is 474 versus one long sentence the polls for solicitous greeting from God's word.

Paul, a servant of God, an apostle of Jesus Christ for the sake of the faith of God's elect and their knowledge of the truth which accords with godliness and hope of eternal life, which God, who never lies promise before the ages began in at the proper time manifested in his word through the preaching, with which I have been entrusted by the command of God our Savior to Titus, my true child in a common faith. Grace and peace from God the Father and Christ Jesus our Savior is one long sentence and then here he gives this imperative to Titus in verse five. This is why I left you in Crete so that you might put what remained into order, and appoint elders in every town as I directed you see this is a tout this is to be a tough ministry for Titus. Titus wasn't going to have it easy this wasn't going to be easy ministry.

Not that there is really an easy ministry.

This is to be a difficult place to plant a church a difficult place to see the gospel spread and so Paul recognizes this knows this he visited there and so he challenges Titus, and he encourages Titus two set what you see it right here. He says it in verse in verse five, so that you might put what remained into order so obviously this church.

Remember, this is young believers new believers here. It's so easy for new believers do not understand the Scriptures do not know what God expects and what God wants, what he's like and so he saying hey I want you to put back what is been displaced, straighten it out. Straighten out some of these fledgling churches do ministry here is not to be an easy place for ministry.

Look at verse 12 what what what what one of their own says about themselves.

Listen this one of the cretins a prophet of their own said Cretans are always liars, evil beasts and lazy gluttons. Does that sound like fun and ministry like man I can't wait to deal with a bunch of greedy people who are lazy gluttons and they lied to me all the time thing is is really. Can you believe the guy is one of their own. Is he a liar the truth or not you know this can be a tough place a difficult place to do ministry is going to be easy and so Paul is encouraging him insane look like this isn't going to be an easy task that I'm giving you because there's some difficulty here. This is not going to be an easy place, there's a pagan culture. But notice God is working and locality works.

Look at verse three. Again he says Paul in his opening.

He says this and hope of eternal life verse to which God never lies promise before the ages began numbers three and at the proper time.

Notice what he does. He is manifested in his word through what through the preaching, with which I have been entrusted so Titus is being encouraged by Paul that look this is this is something I mentioned is been entrusted to you as an elder pastor, overseer.

You are to minister your to do this through the preaching and so preaching is paramount and so people ask us why a Calvary church do you put such an emphasis on preaching naturally because this is how it's passed down. This is how it's communicated, you see this in verse three and notice at the end of verse three what he says, by the command of God our Savior, God has commanded that the gospel is to be preached.

The truth of God's word and sound doctrine is to be preached and communicated and what is this dear when you have the spread of the gospel going on, it creates a need for godly leaders, Titus needed godly leaders to lead. We need godly leaders to lead our culture right army were caught up in leadership.

I mean, probably most of you many of you in this room, you probably read multiple books on leadership. We all want to be a better leader. I have a ton of books in my office on leadership. If you go to the bookstore you find hundreds and hundreds of not thousands, possibly of leadership books gurus who say hey do this. Here's what your to do. Here's the things here's 10 steps to be a better leader, but notice what Windows this need for leadership. Look what he says again in verse five. This is why left in Crete, that you might put what remained in order, and appoint elders in every town as I directed you your to place these leaders in every town because they need you.

They need leadership they're gonna need guidance.

But what were to see as we look at the rest of this section this morning more than what they need of a of a leader they needed godly leader. They need a man of God and men of God who will model what it looks like to follow Christ. People need someone to look to have to be careful right we always look to our Savior. I member in high school. There was people.

There was a person I looked up to more than anything in this world basically spiritually and when he fit when he failed when he fell into sin. It broke me.

It broke me. I wasn't I was as I was a junior in high school just responding really believing in the gospel of living out my faith and hear the person. This kind of mentor my life. The person looked up to.

Most of this world. Basically, had failed miserably in sin and it affected me think about the churches we think of this right now in our culture there's men everywhere.

Pastors all over this nation is whether the mega church pastor small church pastors doesn't really matter met. Supposedly men of God who have failed and what is that due to the church.

What is it due to our witness.

So Titus here is being charged to find godly leaders and so you know there's a need for godly leaders.

Why is it so why is this such a need. Look at verse 10 submittal, expound on this this evening to look at verse 10 it says this verse, chapter 1, for there are many who are insubordinate empty talkers and deceivers, especially those of the circumcision party. They must be silent since they are upsetting whole fabulousness upsetting whole families by teaching for shameful gain what they ought not, you see, when that when the gospel spreads rapidly. There is this need for godly and this requires is the keyword really is godly look look back at verse verse three sorry verse one. He says the knowledge of the truth which accords with godliness. You see, when there's truth being preached when you have a leader there is to be godliness is a standard does not mean perfection.

It is and does it mean physics expectation perfection.

Yes it are are we going to be capable of doing that Noah's men I fail to let us in a few minutes.

But as men we fail we fall short. We need God's grace we seek repentance, but there is this great need for godliness and godly leaders. This requires godly leadership.

So he appoints these leaders in every town and so is encouraging to find these leaders and appoint them.

Place them and I mean this is pretty incredible to see in every town he saying let's get across this whole island. Let's spread the gospel power to continue to help spread the gospel.

There we can and need godly leaders in place to look for men who exemplify godliness. I found this just recently just last night and I talked about it.

I'm not going to embarrass her at all. By reading any of this list. If you notice there is front and back, a little too closely that she says but it's this list of what Amanda was looking for in a guy she had this list that she did in 2004, I met her in 2000 for little bit later. Genesis 33 items on this list of things she was looking for when I saw the list. I said oh I'm in trouble. I don't know she's good she's if she's going except this guy I know I don't sure of my qualities all matched up. It's it's an impressive list. A lot of she was wise in her decision-making about me, but their thoughts of someone at least what Paul is look at what what Paul is encouraging Titus to do is to look for a godly leader and that that godly leader is going to be a man of character disorders wants to do now is look at the character of a godly leader. Look at the starting in verse six.

Looking at starting in verse six he talks about the character of a godly leader.

So what is this godly leader look like okay it's great to use the word godly. But what is that mean what is it look like what Paul tells us here in Titus one verse six he says this. If anyone is above reproach to my translation from this is blameless. If anyone is blameless or above reproach, the husband of one wife and his children are believers and not open to the charge of debauchery or insubordination is the connection here. He says the first is Elder. And in verse five, and now he says for an overseer for an overseer same office for an overseer is God's steward must be above reproach already in just the short amount time you see this word repeated twice above reproach above reproach is to be of high character.

The Greek term there that we see is more of a technical word meaning not chargeable with an offense you in this list. What Paul is suggesting is that he's not just suggesting sinless perfection is senior to be sinless you can be perfect. Know what he what he's suggesting is you is really if if it's that no one would qualify.

There's not a single person in this room we elect our next leadership team here just a few minutes it were not going to look where there would be no one there would be no worthy candidate stand before you, because were all sinful.

Rather, what what Paul is saying is that there should not be any sin in their lives, which would call into question their character and godliness should really be charged as an offense to be high character men who cannot be accused in first we see in these first two, these first two verses in chapter 6 and in chapter 1 verse six we look at the family life.

The character and his family life. These above reproach in his family life, look what it says again he says if anyone is above reproach, the husband of one wife, who does this mean what it was it mean to to be a husband of one wife first is highly unlikely that that Paul means that pastor Elder overseer must be married, but this is no mention because the assumption is that most men are going to be married, as we'll see what next, with children just because he mentions about the elders children doesn't mean to be an elder pastor overseer that you have to have children, not a requirement most likely doesn't mean that he's referring to polygamy. There's plenty of different views I want to go in all this music and let our senior pastor do that. Maybe the time entries on it before, but I wanted. I do want to emphasize this morning is to connect this with above reproach and being blameless that this man in his relationship with his wife that he is to be blameless. He's not flirtatious in the office. He couldn't be accused of of being caught up in an affair or caught up into the drama of other relationships. His eyes shouldn't be wandering. He should be totally committed to his spouse, he should not be blamed to be above reproach should be solely committed to his wife next. He's mentions here. Look at again in verse six. Not only is this man to be above reproach, husband of one wife, but notice what he says here is is pretty interesting, mentions this in a parallel passage in chapter in first Timothy three and his children are believers and not open to the charge of debauchery or in subordination St. Whitley well I say this, why does he say that's pretty strong language you know if you have a ESP version might tell you in your column there that is also this Greek word for believers could also be faithful. Consistent but why does he say this that his children are believers and not open to the charge of debauchery and wild living.

Living in sin or insubordination, why, why would he say these things will first Timothy 35 says for someone does not know how to manage his own household. How will he be cared for God's church. How can a man who cannot even lead in his home and his home life. If he can't lead and his home life, what, how could he ever lead in the church and again why is this so important.

You had the leader must be above reproach should be an example of godliness. If you can't do it in his home.

He cannot be qualified to lead to God's church, plain and simple. The godly leader leads his family well. As a man of high character, but let me say this for me only caution here little bit and just pauses for second only say this godly leadership doesn't mean there is an absence of difficulties doesn't mean you can have perfect children who are going to be completely submissive at all times.

If you're a parent you know your children are not always submissive to you at all times. But what does the man who leads his home. Well, do he leads. He disciplines he corrects behavior. He prays for his children. He loves his children he's there for his children.

He guides his children. He leads in the home doesn't mean again sinless perfection in this area is means he leads well and that he can't be charged because, again, his children gave God and allow you to lead a church and lead in ministry as an elder pastor, overseer can be done in the home and modeled well shouldn't be allowed to do it in the church again. He is an example of godliness. In his example with her through his kids through his family life through his love for his spouse as an example to the world. So now Paul transitions from their character in the home and the family in the above reproach in his family life, but also now in his personal life. Look what he says and starting in verse seven really here is to list these negatives first. To not do spaces for an overseer, as God's steward again that the idea of stewardship that this is again were under shepherds. God is the head of the church as the under shepherd.

We are a steward of his body and so now we see as stewards he says that they must be above reproach in repeating himself. Notice what he says here gives these negatives, he must not be arrogant or quick-tempered, is not to be a person whose prideful pride should not be associated with his name again. It's above reproach is blameless.

He's above reproach sheet.

He's higher than that. He's not to be a person is arrogant is not to be quick-tempered or something, just set them off so quickly and he loses his cool you not to be quick-tempered. He's not a drunkard is not violent or greedy notice. This is important is the downfall of many pastor is not greedy for gain. Many men over the years because of greed, desire for more follow made unwise financial decisions. Things that you think that it would never do brings shame to God's church. He says no you not to be quick-tempered drunkard you not to be violent or greedy for gave. Rather, here's the positive, but rather, he's to be hospitable to welcome people into his home.

He should be hospitable. He should be one who desires to get to know people and to welcome the weather to guest it's in. This doesn't apply to people like you who look like you talk like you act like you. It's too any person.

It's to all people of all walks of life to be hospitable, a lover of good longs for the good. He longs for what's right for righteousness is a hunger and thirst for righteousness is self-controlled and that difficult for all of us, self-control or culture high-speed pace of life's difficult for us to be self-control here.

He says take the man.

This man of God, this elder pastor overseers to be self-controlled. He's to be upright, holy, and disciplined. See this character of the godly leader is of extreme importance see all of these qualifications of the leaders character important, why, why should we.

Why should the elder pastor overseers character be in such a way that when they are to be blameless because leaders are naturally models to those that follow were naturally leaders to those who follow and so is an oven. It's of extreme importance of them met the man of God that this this elder pastor overseer be above reproach, be blameless not be those all these positive things be associated with his name and all these negatives to not be associated with his name.

No one in his workplace in the church in his own home even point to single thing in his life that would disqualify her from bleeding in God's church leaders actions character have a massive impact on others and so the met this man, this the need for godly leaders in the character of a godly leader is a high standard to me.

It's humbling. It's what God expects and notice what the next. The next step.

The pulse is so not only is this there is this an even the gospel spreading is this need for godly leadership. And then next when the character of what that with that godly leader looks like, thirdly, is this that the leader is committed to the word of God, godly leaders committed to the word of God. Look at verse nine Titus chapter 1 he says this he must hold firm to the trustworthy word as taught, so that he may be able to give instruction in sound doctrine and also to rebuke those who contradict. See the elder is devoted to the truth he desires God's word is not to be shifting his doctrine changing with culture to culture wants to changes they want to change the church they would change how we view Scripture. Oh that applied in a previous time.

That is an applied today that only applied in Paul's day, or that applied in the Old Testament times, not the New Testament times that that's it's old stuff. It doesn't apply anymore and so culture is pushing and pushing the church to say no. It made many shift a little bit you doctrine your doctrine that's old-fashioned. Let's change back this way. This is more accepting. This is more accepting of all people. This is this is the way and so the leader, the elder is to be committed to God's word are pastor for the past two weeks, not lasting for two weeks prior to begin this this 2020 year challenged us to open up the book to be a people of the word see the elder pastor overseer is to man who saturates himself in the gospel.

Why why should a man of God. Why should men of God.

Why should the godly leader be in the word and saturating self in the word. Notice what he says again in verse nine he says he must hold firm to the trustworthy word is taught. So he's to hold firm to ease did not change. Change with culture goes to say but here's why. Should be in the word.

Notice what he says so that he may be able to give instruction in sound doctrine is to be in the word he is to know the word he is to feed himself in the word he is to to be saturating himself in the truth of God's word so that he's able to communicate it to others. Simply put, first Timothy 32 says that the elder the qualification of an elder is he's able to teach.

He was know the truth hold fast to the truth and teach the truth. This really takes us back to Paul's salutation resident in verse one into the knowledge of the truth which leads then it leads to godliness and hope of eternal life.

The goal is to point people to the beauty of our risen Savior which leads to godly living leads us to godly living. Your most people cannot survive 3 to 4 weeks without food or water. You hear of some records of different people, lasting a long time before the pass away, but eventually you die if you don't feed yourself if you don't drink water to pass away.

Same is true spiritually with your spiritual bodies. If you do not feed this body with the truth of God's word. It will die will decay your life will be a master life will be in shambles. Godliness will be a part of your life you'll you'll wonder away from the truth.

If you're not in the word and I do know the word if you don't know the word you can't communicate the word. Not only should the leader in sound be sound in doctrine and be able to teach it must also be able to refute false teaching of false doctrine. All of the pastoral epistles all of the first Timothy second Timothy and now Titus as we look at it.

All of them see you see you have when you look closely out of each of them see that there full of warnings about false teachers and false prophets, all of them are filled with acid elder pastor overseer are responsible to protect the church to take church leadership seriously and to lead in this, to know God's word so they can refute sound doctrine.

Paul said to Timothy said keep close watch on yourself and on the teaching.

He says to persistent your persist in this verse by doing you will save both you and yourself and your here's this, I believe this is why a plurality of elders is so important think that's what we do here Calvary church is not just one man, call the shots is not one man is just leaving why because the warning is not just about the outsider in the end the drift away from sound teaching in sound doctrine know that the drift can happen in our own hearts as leaders. The drift can be happening when that person when the elder pastor overseer is not in God's word when he is not in God's word.

He can drift away from sound doctrine, sound teaching. This is why Paul challenges Timothy Timothy to watch himself like keep watch of yourself and also to the teaching to the godly leader is seeking to protect his own heart and the teaching that comes into the church. False teaching and false doctrine really is like a cancer cancer that subtly goes unnoticed destroying the body and false teaching could come in and destroy Christchurch's is what happened in this day the Judaizers would come in and they would sing in a you got you got a add on these things these laws to the gospel. The gospel is not enough. You need to do extra stuff in this false teaching was leading people astray like a cancer and you say no that would never happen to carry church were strong in the word. We know the word.

We have a pastor who preaches the word clearly, accurately said never happen is an over Christmas I read this article on this blog of a man who who wrote in to this this author of this blog and in his and this in this post, you are this long will a really really long letter in talking about how this happened in his church.

He said over four years, odorless is over four years and only took four years for them to then bring in an elder up like as were doing today to be voted in and they and the church voted them in someone who openly denied the inerrancy of Scripture that drift only took four years so small little decisions, little doctrines got disregarded the focus away from this and that and all the sudden replace were now our leadership is openly denying the inerrancy of Scripture. If you go there, you're going on a big slippery slope that leads you to do and say whatever you want on that would never happen. Calvary church see without godly leaders feeding and protecting the body of Christ.

The gospel cannot hurt or can be distorted and we can cave on essential doctrines. When the gospel spreads there's an urgency and need for God. Need godly leaders in this church.

First of all, the church, we are committed to having godly leaders who are above reproach and committed to sound doctrine in just a few minutes.

Members of our of our church will have the opportunity to to vote on the next leadership team here Calvary church on the elders and deacons.

Calvary we have this privilege. We trust in God's sovereignty that God has led us to these men.

They have been vetted elders and pastors have met with these men have interviewed them and put them before you as a church. We believe these men are of high character that these men are of the word and we trust in the spirit of God to lead us with his choice of men today, but for some of you here today are going okay will that's great that they are like that and I'm glad that we have elders who are aspiring and and and trying to be men of above reproach and be blameless that there there that there are solid and the word in their good godly men.

That's great. I'm glad that we have some men here that are doing that in Calvary church. Good.

Maybe you're sitting there in your lawn will that's that's great for them but what about me challenge you from Titus one on a challenge you that this is not just about godly leaders. It is predominantly about godly leaders. But did you notice that almost every time everyone almost every single qualification of an elder, except for about one half of them are so isn't only for the elder just a qualification just for an elder.

Think about it is it only godly leaders is only godly leaders should be drunkards just just for godly leaders. Okay, so I mean I can get drunk whenever I want to not godly.

I'm not a leader so it's okay to pastors and elders be the only ones who are greedy or quick-tempered, is it okay for an elder to be is, is it okay for an elder. Be hospitable, but you don't have to be here other people don't have to be hospitable. Now we start looking through these qualifications you quickly realize this is the qualification basically of all of us as individuals and Christchurch were to lead godly lives were live Christ honoring were to exalt Christ to look to him. He's our leader and were to follow him were to seek holiness as we about this courage seek godliness.

See this is why it's important for us to have godly leaders is because they are a model of godliness. I think of my own children and how they are quickly becoming a lot like me. Our daughters been in our home for about a year and 1/2 now.

She knew no language do nothing and it's been incredible to see how she has latched onto the words that we say she's likable. She repeats everything we say there's this phrase in our home that she says to try to do it here in section is we say okay like she freaks out a lot of things and so we say it's okay St. it's okay that phrase all the time and so now she repeats it like for it like she does something and she messes up slightly like it's okay.

It's okay okay just like that. I think is pretty close machine but she's she's just repeating what she's hearing us say all the time to tell you it's okay kiss my boo-boo here is my blue there is like every five seconds which is and and and noticed this in your own home right some you teenagers out there. I get to work with a lot of you're going man I hope I'm never like my dad or my mom in there so weird they do weird crazy things are there. So this you're annoyed by that certain things they say raises fast forward 20 years later be just like him. Archer Army. I member saying that I was like a never want to be like my dad. I mean like there are some things I want to be like my dad and I wish I knew how to change oil in our learn all these things that he taught me about working on cars and things of I guess what I want to do to within those funny things are like old man.

I hope I don't do that.

I hope I'm not like this and you find yourself taking on the character of your parents. Hopefully for some of you that's not the case. Maybe you had ungodly parents and thankfully by the grace of God, you did become like your parents. Some of you even gracious and I was grace and gave you godly examples in front of you to follow. That's great because the elder and godly leadership is important because we as a church will emulate our pastor, our senior pastor most of your talk Scottish from assuming we all tried your notice that we all try to speak Scottish and it's always Irish accent everyone they try to mimic him. It's Irish. Every time so funny. But what we we become like our leaders because there are example we follow them, and so why is it important why is it so important for us in the church to have godly leaders in this church is because we will model that we will follow them.

Also, for some of you who are beaten-down and you're saying will help meet any of these qualifications. If you tell me that's not just that's not just for elders and pastors and overseers then I don't know and I can help meet these things can encourage you for Mark chapter 1 I love the opening of Mark marks a great gospel.

If you're good like call yourself a place we have been in God's word recently. The shortest gospel. It's easy to read the great gospel to start to start a Bible reading plan the gospel. In Mark chapter 1 Jesus says he gives like he's his public ministry begins and he says he says this he comes pronouncing repent and believe the gospel can I encourage you if you're if you're saying man I am a drunkard I struggle with this.

I struggle with my temper. I struggle even with my eyes and being a man of luster, a woman of lust.

I my eyes wander they drift.

I'm I've been noticing this I've been starting to cheat in my head with other people. That's not my spouse or maybe you're saying you know I've I become arrogant after I've been successful in this life and so you're caught up in those things you sent me. I can't do this I don't meet the standard can encourage you to repent, you can change God can change your heart. I love I love this quote from Martin Luther. He said this, that our Lord and Master Jesus Christ when he said repent.

Notice this, our Lord and Master, Jesus Christ said repent. He will bet the whole life of a believer be repentance seat were not going to be so sinless were negative mean perfection. We need a Savior who is quick to forgive that when we cry out to him in repentance. He will forgive and he can forgive you, you can change you can be a godly individual. You can change believe the gospel and repent and follow him. Follow Jesus. He's our ultimate model and as a church so contrary to the church as individuals maybe come for the first time they've been coming for way longer than I've been here. Can I encourage you do not leave this parking lot today without knowing for sure that you have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. God desires for you, for all people to come to repentance. For those of you caught up in sin, live a life of repentance. When you see that sin don't wait till communion. Don't wait till communion to bow your head and say God forgive me of my sins, I don't anything bad to happen to me before I take the cup and and and and take this the spread.

Anything bad happen to see the warning in Scripture and so some of us. We wait till that relate to the end of the night or the end of the week to pray long prayer about repentance live a life of repentance. When you see sin in your heart and you see that your eyes and wondered our pride is pretend repent of it. Trust the gospel and pursue Christ. And here's my call to us men as leaders in the church and for those who will be coming on to this team. That's my final challenge to each of us before we pray is this is May what Paul said in first Corinthians 11 one be true of us as a leadership team be imitators of me as I imitate Christ, may not be true of all of us. Let's pray heavenly father we thank you for this day. We thank you for the truth of your gospel. We thank you for the leadership structure of the plurality of elders here at Calvary church. We take this commitment to your word seriously.

May we be men and women at Calvary church of people who are committed to studying this book may has a leadership team of elders and pastors, deacons, ALG teachers, may we lead as godly examples to this church may this statement by Paul be true of us that people could imitate us as we imitate Christ, may we not fail we not drift.

May we not cave from the culture around us and we be men of the word help us.

We pray pricing

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