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We Believe in the Ascension

The Verdict / John Munro
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March 12, 2018 12:01 pm

We Believe in the Ascension

The Verdict / John Munro

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March 12, 2018 12:01 pm

Pastor Timothy Hathaway March 11, 2018 We believe that our Lord bodily ascended to heaven, was seated at His Father"s right hand, assuring us of the perfection of His work of redemption, and that He now as Head over all things to the Church is engaged on behalf of the saved as intercessor and advocate. ("We Believe" focuses on our foundational beliefs as outlined in our Articles of Faith at

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Good to see all of you tonight.

Thank you for coming out.

Know this morning with the back-and-forth with the time change you know talk about you know some people travel I think summer missionaries last week know without traveling all night 12 hours right back to the mission field one hours not really a big deal but it seems to affect the slot 1 Sunday so appreciate being out tonight, so some of the ladies in our orchestra this morning, recalling the time change Sunday forbearance Sunday so I don't know if that's an official name on the church calendar. Not so thank you for coming out on forbearance Sunday evening tonight.

Would you look at this important topic. The past Monroe mentioned the ascension of Christ to please turn in your Bibles to ask. Chapter 1 acts chapter 1. A few weeks ago. In this series Pastor Hill spoke on the resurrection of Christ, and next Sunday night. Pastor Reese will speak on the return of Christ and of course the resurrection of Christ, glorious past event, the return of Christ, the glorious future event and in between we have this important, but sometimes I'm not so quickly recognized event of the ascension of Christ that connects the two, and also includes the current and ongoing work of Christ so very, very important topic for us tonight. First of all, this article of this is, as you know, one of the articles of our faith and put it up on the screen here, let me go ahead and read it to you as we reflect on it says that we believe that our Lord bodily ascended to heaven was seated at his father's

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