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Life is Meaningless

The Verdict / John Munro
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October 7, 2019 4:26 pm

Life is Meaningless

The Verdict / John Munro

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October 7, 2019 4:26 pm

Dr. John H. Munro October 6, 2019 Ecclesiastes 1

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In life you ever find yourself asking what's the point was the point of life was a point about existence you may encourage your son or daughter to go to college. For example, and they asked why what's appointed, you begin to explain some of the advantages of higher education and of being better able in life, and so on. The pivot college degree but then you stop because you're not sure yourself what is the point of it.

What is the point of life you find yourself working harder and harder, but let's face it, life is lost as US what's the point you're pursuing a relationship with someone but it always seems to got to backfire and never seems to end the way you would like and you end up feeling empty frustrated sometimes use life, often saps our energy, doesn't it, resulting in feelings of frustration and anxiety of restlessness of boredom of helplessness. Yes, and even in hopelessness during hitting pagans they thriller writer was asked what he now knew that he would like to have known when he was a boy. His answer was, when you get to the top.

There's nothing there. You get to the top of the land, only to find the leather is on the wrong wall a few years ago, Buzz Aldrin, who walked in the moon. Depression hit them, and he said this, I had gone to the moon. What possible goal could I add no there simply wasn't one is asking what's the point of it all.

Does life have meaning are is ultimately meaning less this vague feeling of meaninglessness impact some people who retire. Harvard business school professor Teresa Mobile says that the first few months of retirement often involve what she calls an existential crisis after someone lives a very successful life. A very successful career there and they then ask themselves what was the point of all of the novelty of relaxing every day with some of her sons really good are no but the novelty of relaxing day after day after day eventually wears off and many people say, but what was the point of that with this series with the wings of Eagles we come today to the statements that many people believe that life is meaningless if you're thinking about that will be encouraged that people diamond through the ages, then through the centuries have contemplated such thoughts and were going to turn into an ancient writing the book of Ecclesiastes in the Old Testament, and the like, to determine their you can find this about middle of your Bible you find Psalms.

Then there's Proverbs and after Proverbs that is this intriguing book written by Solomon and is the book of Ecclesiastes and he's going to tell us that life often appears to be meaningless not to all outward appearances. This man is very successful. He's one of the wisest men man man who ever lived is also Betty Betty Rich, but he says that life often appears to be meeting less.

Let's read no in chapter 1, Ecclesiastes chapter 1 and will read first of all, the first three verses the words of the preacher, the son of David King in Jerusalem. We know this to be Solomon. Notice what he says, verse two comes right out with it is basic point which is going to repeat several times in this book of the Bible vanity of vanities, says the preacher, vanity of vanities, all is vanity. What does a man gain by all the toilet which he toils under the sun. Verse 14. I have seen everything that is done under the sun and bold all of it is vanity and a striving after wind. That's how he begins the book attend to the last chapter, chapter 12, where he gives a kind of a conclusion in Ecclesiastes chapter 12 one small verse, verse eight, where he says what he said before vanity of vanities, says the preacher, all is vanity everything from the English standard version.

He saying that everything in life seems pointless. Ideally back in chapter 1 and look again at verse two is using an interesting Hebrew word about which means meaninglessness vanity of vapor, something which is without purpose or applying something which is no benefit or value et al. and investors to he uses that one Hebrew word five times the answer to life. It was as all blowing in the wind. After his investigation, he says of everything under the sun. He saying I'm not sure of the point of life. I'm not sure of the point of work verse three what does man gain by all the toilet which he toils under the sun. You get up in the morning you go to work. You come back in your go to bed you watch something on television only to go to sleep only to get up the next day and to do the same thing over and over and over again is going to say that we on this little planet live in a closed system, often without a clue as to the meaning of life. Read further in verse four generation goes in the generation comes but the earth remains, whatever the sun rises and the sun goes down and hastens to the place when it rises, the wind blows to the south and goes around the north around in the dying goes the wind and on the circuits. The wind returns all streams run to the sea, but the sea is not full to the place where the streams flow. There is a flow again all things are full of weariness. A man turned out that it the eye is not satisfied with seeing, nor the ear filled with hearing. What is what has been is what will be and what has been done is what will be done.

That is nothing new under the sun. Is that a thing of which it is said, see, this is new. It's already been in the ages before us.

There is no remembrance of former things, nor will there be any remembrance of later things yet to be among those who come after. If on what he said life is like a closed system nature is constant and uniform you can predict the you can predict the rising of the sun.

The setting of the Sunday.

The movement of the planets that we are not we are transitory and we are restless generations, and generation ago, but life doesn't change verse for the earth remains forever. My mother 94 years old generation about to go my father already in heaven generation comes in the generation goes. Let me ask you how many of your ancestors. Do you know about. I wonder how many of us here could go.

For example, the maiden name of our maternal grandmother to think of it as the mother, your grandmother on your mother sites you know her maiden name. Much of either.

What about your great-grandmother. The reality is, in three or four generations. Few of us, a vanity will be remembered by anyone. Everything that many people come to your funeral. Let me tell you, probably fewer than you think we will be name on the tombstone, which over the years becomes more and more difficult to read and last bite and read by fewer and fewer people. This is what Solomon is saying. And yet, as we grow older we cling to the past we look at old photos and we were very weak we think of our family genealogy. We visited the old neighborhood where we grew up. So when I took my grandson over to Scotland in July to see my mother to come to the little house when I was born. I forgot that was so small will of the first eight years of my life. There was no plaque saying John Monroe was born here and it wasn't yet up, I may come later and and I said term is that Alex, this is what ground that was born was born in the house. I could see the women looking at who is here. I was born in the size.

None of the first eight years and that little house is yeah okay minutes, I made is 11-year-old, basically. So what right is not true when were gone. Solomon is reminding us, you're going to be remembered for only a very very short time the sun, the wind, the rivers, they maintain their constant cycles and patterns. Yes, the sun will come up tomorrow morning, but the question is, none of us can guarantee that will get to bed. Tomorrow morning at the Solomon this wise man as he surveys life. He concludes there's nothing really new under the sun. It seems is because were forgotten about it. Result to many people life often seems to really cycle of pointless repetitive and meaningless activities are thought this was family. I thought something would get the more updates this is reality. What does Solomon say about finding meaning in life is going to give some negative source of all he's going to say that life is more than wealth and pleasures. First of all pursuing and even achieving pleasure will ultimately leave you empty chapter 2, verse one. You're the first person is ever thought of these things is mentioned Scripture words of the preacher. The wise man listen to them Ecclesiastes to verse one, I said in my heart, no, I will test you with pleasure. Enjoy yourself. That's good.

But behold, this also is vanity in the super would have something is pointless, something that is you can't grasp is like vapor. I said of laughter this mad under pleasure, what use is it I search with my part had to cheer my body with wine. My heart still guiding me with wisdom on how to lay hold on folly so I might see what was good for the children of men to do under heaven during their few days of their life. Verse 10 and whatever my eyes desired I didn't keep from them.

I cut my heart from no pleasure for my heart find pleasure to know my tornado and this was my reward for all my toil.

Then I considered all that my hands it down the toilet had expanded in doing it on the whole is his conclusion. Again, all was vanity a valid chasing after wind, totally pointless, all was vanity and a striving after wind and there was nothing to be gained under the sun. Pleasures are there. Go enjoy yourself. Solomon you can do anything you want and I'm going to do so in the end it's all in there was only concerned with me by myself everything he sees and wants he can have isn't pleasure chasing happiness. A very common way to look for meaning and enjoyment in life. Have a good time enjoy life to the pool being with a beautiful inclined to seem to live such a fast, exciting pace party have a blast copy DMC is the day, eat, drink and be merry limit up make sure all your friends on social media know what a great time you're having. This is the answer to life really missing, think again why those who often pursue pleasure with the greatest gusto. Why are they so often this allusions. Why is it that so many celebrities, people want to be celebrity sports are a movie star around. So why is it so many of our celebrities in this country, end up in rehab and despair and depression and sometimes taking it on lives. Some of you my generation. Remember the Rolling Stones. I can't get no satisfaction wires are so many board weary and empty. People of all ages. We see it in our students and we see it in our seniors and every generation in between. Been there, done that. So what board life. You think I was that that someday who's 18 years old. I was at that someone is a student at 21 University eight College of education, why are they so bored. Why are they so cynical, what is happened to them. These nagging questions won't go away will be life seems meaningless but it's what he says in verse 11. Here in chapter 2, all was vanity and a striving after wind.

Jesus himself asked the question what shall it profit a man if he shall gain the whole world and loses on so no answer isn't really in pleasures.

Well, what about Monday one of my wealth Solomon you about is a very wealthy man is going to say that pursuing and even achieving wealth leaves us empty. Chapter 2 verse four is man Solomon knew about life faculty from all angles.

Verse four I made great works and build houses, not just the happiest I build houses and planted vineyards for myself. I made myself notice my the myself. I made myself gardens and parks implanted in them all kinds of fruit trees admitting I made myself pools from which the water. The forest of growing trees.

I bought male and female slaves and had slaves who were born in my house. I also had great possessions of herds and flocks more than any who had been before me in Jerusalem on the ridges and around. I also gathered for myself silver and gold, and the treasures of Kingston prominences. I got singers with men and women in many concubines the delights of the sons of man. For the longest stuff your mother possessions producing this to his vanity is striving after wind we have the ultimate consumer society and way in North America were constantly acquiring things the way now and our society, particularly if there you is not enough to have a phone movement of the latest iPhone and my art in the marketers great to tell you why you need that latest one. It seems no sooner do I change my phone. I'm told that dated I'm getting someone emailing me and texting me and telling me I need another phone on. I need the latest iPhone Justin good enough to live in a house is got to be one which everyone envies left of closer got to wear the clothes we call people war because of his family. The diaper on my jeans and up. You know they're not skinny enough and I don't not enough holes in them. If you're really cool I thought I couldn't used to be with Rick holes in your genes.

My mother would drop Them Know You're Buying Them with Holes in Them and You Think While Someone Is a Good Marketer.

I'm in Your Gut Last Stuff Your Selling It for More.

I Mean I Should Be in That Field Really Cool Right and None of Us Are Exempt from This Madness Are We. But When We Achieve These Things When We Get This Stuff, Why Is It Will Often Lay Dissatisfied and the Grateful Is Not the Case That Ultimately All Our Possessions Are Pointless. The Conclusion Solomon Is Saying In Spite Of My Many Acquisitions. In Spite Of All of My Pleasures. Life Seems Meaningless.

Know the One with the Most Toys Doesn't Win. He Says That Chapter 5 Disasters Five Verse 10 He Who Loves Money Will Not Be Satisfied with Money nor He Who Loves Well with His Income.

This Also Is Vanity. I Read Yesterday, the Geyser Commitments Got Facebook Using the EZ Is Worth 70 Billion Anything Is Probably Too Much.

$70 Billion. How Is It That a Billionaire Still Wants to Make More and More and More Money You Think We Could Do with It All.

He Who Loves Money Will Not Be Satisfied with Money Is Always Someone Who's Got More Than You Have and When It Comes to It. How Much Stuff Can You Have Having Loads and Loads of Stuff.

Even the Latest List of Isn't Going to Provide Purpose and Meaning in Life and the Harsh Reality of Life in Solomon's Going to See Them in the Number Three Interior. The Harsh Reality of Life Is This, That When You Die, You're Going to Leave It All behind Every Single Cent.

Notice What He Says Verse in Chapter 2 Verse 16 for Otherwise.

As of the Pool That Is New and Shooting Remembrance Seeing That in the Days to Come. All Will Have Been Long Forgotten How the Winds Dies Just like a Fool Ultimately Doesn't Really Matter but Leave All behind. So I Heated Life Because What It Is Done under the Sun Was Grievous to Me for All Is Vanity and a Striving after Wind Business. Interesting. I Hated All My Time in Which I Toil under the Sun. Seeing It Is That I Must Leave It to the Man Who Will Come after Me and Who Knows Quite Funny Really, Really Good. Who Knows Whether He'll Be Wise or a Fool, yet He Will Be Master of All, for Which I Toil and Use My Wisdom under the Sun.

This Also Is Vanity so I Turned about to Get My Heart up to the Spirit.

Overall the Toil of My Labors under the Sun Because Sometimes a Person Respond with Wisdom and Knowledge and Skill.

My Sleep Everything to Be Enjoyed by Someone Who Did Not Toil for This Also Is Vanity in the Great Evil.

What Does a Man from All the Time and Striving of Heart with Which He Tells beneath the Sun for All His Days Are Full of Sorrow and His Work Is a Vexation Even in the Night His Heart Doesn't Rise. This Also Is Vapor Exploring in the Wind Is Not Interesting to Think about It. Here Is a Man of Integrity and Money Worked Very Very Hard and He Works and He Works and He Works and Is a Very Wise Man of God Blesses Them and He Makes a Tremendous Amount of Money but Say Solving the Problem Is When He Dies, He Leaves It All behind and Sometimes It Goes into the Hand of a Fool Who Will Blow It in No Time.

Have You Known That I Have Someone Who Was Wise, Leaves A Lot Of Money. The Family and the Just Blow the Thing They Did Work for It. Didn't Call for It Was No Hassle for Them. They Just Signed and It All Came to Them so Easily and They Don't They Just Take It for Granted, and Solomon Saying What You Think of It, Here Is This Man Who Worked so Hard for This Money. He Left It behind and He Left It to Fools and This Is Vanity That's Pretty Cynical. John Well You Can Call It Cynical but It's It's the Reality I've Seen It in My Own Time I Practice Law with the Client and I Would Say to You Think Your Family Are Going to Deal with This Money, Where We Really Don't Know." The Point Where Sport Verse 23 for All His Days Are Full of Sorrow and His Work As a Vexation Even in the Night His Heart Doesn't Rest. This Also Is Vanity. It Is Brick Billy Crystal the Comedian. He Plays a Part in the Movie As the Board Baby Boomer at His Job in Life Is to Sell Radio Advertising and He Said the School along with Other Fathers Who Asked by This Schoolteacher in Front of All of the Kids to Explain What They Do in Life. And Here Is Billy Crystal in His Own Way, Describing Life As He Sees It. He Says to the Resistance.

The Children Enjoy This Time of Your Life.

Kids Because This Is a Time of Your Life When You Still Have Fought Have Choices Goes by so Fast When You're a Teenager You Think You Can Do Anything and You Do Your 20s Are a Blur in the 30s Eurasia Family. You Make a Little Money and Your Thing Will Happen to My 20s Fortes You Grow a Little Potbelly. You Grow Another 10. The Music Starts to Become a Little Too Loud.

One of Your Old Girlfriends from High School Becomes a Grandmother 50s You Have a Minor Surgery You Call It a Minor Procedure, but in Surgery Six Days You Have a Major Surgery. The Music Is Still Alive but It Doesn't Matter Because You Can't Hear It, the 70s You and Your You and the Wife Retired to Fort Lauderdale.

You Start Eating Dinner at 2 PM in the Afternoon You Have Lunch around 10 AM in the Morning Breakfast. You're the Night before, Is That You Spend Most of the Time Working on the Walls Looking for the Ultimate Self Yogurt and Monitoring Come the Kids Don't Call or Come the Kids Don't Call the Visual End up in Hospital Bobbling with Some Nurse Your Wife Can Stand in Who You Call Mama While I Don't like This. Is This Our Future and Then and Yes Any Questions. Yes, We Have A Lot Of Questions. Hope We Have Not English, and behind the Humerus and How Is It We Laugh Because It's True There's Truth Here Coming from the Mouth of the Comedian in Solomon's Life. So Much No One Told Him He Couldn't Do This so He Can Do That Anything You Wanted You Could Buy, but Is Self Actualization Is Self-Fulfillment. The Answers Were Told in the Society. Yes, Today We Hear the Mantra, Sometimes Even in the Church, Sadly, Get in Touch with Yourself and Your Authentic Self. Do Your Own Thing.

Stay True to Your Own Feelings. Find Your Passion, Do What You Love.

Follow Your Heart Really Set the Path to Meaning in Your Life Is Rather Selfish, Doesn't It Sends Rather Self Serving Really the Way to Do Your Own Thing to Look within.

Follow Your Own Ideas. Tell Your Salvage. They Have Amazing and Awesome You Are. Alex Remotely Will the Brazilian Former Former Formula One Race Driver.

Although He Never Won a Race Driver. He Says This Unhappy As He, Who Depends on Success to Be Happy. He Went on to Say, for Such a Person the End of a Successful Career As the End of the Line Is Destiny Is to Die of Bitterness or to Search for More Success in Other Carriers and to Go on Living from Success to Success until He Falls Dead in This Case It Will Not Be Life after Success. Solomon Said It Well All Is Vanity Striving after Winds to Understand This. I Want to Emphasize This Morning That We As Human Beings Have a Hunger in Our Souls. That's Why When We Achieve Things When They Reach Our Goals When We Enjoy Things in Life Is to Be Enjoyed. That Is True. Solomon Is Saying That, but If These Become Our Ultimate Goals Were Left Unsatisfied Solomon As He Views Life As a Closed System Says It Is Pointless.

It Is Meaningless. What Is Real Point Is Making to Seek Meaning and Satisfaction in Things and Possessions Is to Chase after When Is an Exercise in Futility. The Essence of Life Is Not Find That Your Pleasures, the Essence of Life Is Not Find in Your Possessions. Life Is Often Futile, Leaving Us with Many on Answered Questions I Want You to Grasp This This Morning You Were Made by God and You Have Longings and You Have Desires Which Are Not Going to Be Satisfied by the Things around You.

CS Lewis Spoke of a Desire Which No Natural Happiness Will Satisfy. He Describes It As a Court, a Desire Still Wondering and Uncertain of His Object and Still Largely Unable to See That Object in the Direction Where It Really Lives. I Believe That This Feeling of Fulfillment Is an Awareness of the Absence of God. Blaise Pascal Spoke of a God Shaped Gap within Us, This Gap within Us Can Only Be Filled by the Living God. Only God Can Fill Is God Shaped Gap within You and within the That Is Wisdom That Is a Divine Dissatisfaction with Human Experience. That's Why Those Who Reach the Top Is Defined by Our Society.

The Beautiful People the Rich People. The Celebrities, Those That the Masses Admired and Want to Have a Little Bit about Gossip about Them As If It Mattered. That Is Why These People Rather Than Providing Examples of Meaning. Provide Examples of Futility and of Chasing after Winds.

When the Spiritual Dimension of Your Bidding Is Ignored. We Left with These Nagging Doubt Simply As to Whether or Not There Is More to Life Rather Than the Things around You. Simply Put, Went on a Quest in Life. The Satisfying the Desires of Our Empty Hearts and Their Empty Souls I'm Reminding You Only Lasting Things Can Give Lasting Pleasure and Only That Which Is Eternal Can Truly Satisfy Otherwise We Find Ourselves in This Frank Take Cycle of Life Often Seems Very Boring Often Seems Very Weary, Repetitive, We Wonder Why We're Doing This. Perhaps We've Enjoyed It for Some Time, but Then We Think, What's the Point of It. It Is Because God Has Said That Desire.

God Has Set Eternity in Your Hearts Turn to Ecclesiastes Chapter 3 Verse 11. It Is How Solomon Puts It, regarding God. Chapter 3 Verse 11 He Has Made Everything Beautiful Universe Is Made Everything Beautiful in Its Time. Also, He Has Put Eternity into Man's Heart yet so That He Cannot Find out What God Is Done from the Beginning to the End.

I Wonderful God Has Put in Your Heart a Sense of the Spiritual Sense of the Eternal Think of It This Way.

You Are Made in the Image of God and Only Your God Only Your Creator Can Satisfy This Hunger in Your Soul. God Made You God Knows What's Going to Satisfy You the Answer to Life Is Not Find in Life Itself, Solomon Is Saying What Is Found in God Not Only the Creator of the Heavens and Their the God Who Created You, Yes. Personally, the Psalmist Says We Are Fearfully and Wonderfully Made the God Made You and God Made You for a Purpose and Only This Eternal God Good Great Love Made You Is Going to Satisfy You Where Created with the Sense of Longing, Which Only God Can Fill and to Be Truly Fulfilled Is to Be Filled by God Paul When Speaking to the Greek Philosophers in Athens. Some of Us Visited the Very Spot Earlier This Year. He Quotes One of Their One of the Points and Says in Acts 1728 and Him That Is in God We Live and Move and Have a Big That's It.

That's Right, the God Who Gave Me Life.

The God Who One Day Will Take Me to Be with Himself.

This God Is to Be the Very Center of My Existence so That All of Life Is Centered on God and Revolves Right in God and Is Empowered by God Rather Than God Being out There That I Only Turn to When These Other Things Fail without the Eternal God in Our Lives Are Created, Not Surprising, Then, Life Is Ultimately Meaningless and Pointless Because in This World, This Close System.

There's Nothing Big Enough to Satisfy Our Desires and Longings, Only That Which Is Eternal Can Meet Your Deepest Needs. Oswald Chambers Writes the Tragedies of Human Life Can Only Be Solved by an Understanding of the One Great Fundamental Truth That Jesus Christ Alone Can Satisfy the Last Aching Abyss of the Human Heart That Only Jesus Christ Can Satisfy the Last Aching Abyss of the Human Heart. I Believe That the Only Jesus Christ Can Fully Satisfied As I God Made It Were Made for Relationships As They Were Made in the Image of God and God Is Triune, the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit and Still Being Made in the Image of God Means, among Other Things, That at the Core of Our Being. There Is This Quest for Relationship.

That's Why Relationships in Life Are so Important. Isn't It True, As a Human Being. Some of Your Greatest Joys in Life. Arguably Your Greatest Joys in Life Are Relational and This Is Also True That Some of the Greatest Pains in Heartbreaks in Your Life Because of Relationships Which Have Gone Sour, or Which Have Been Broken Relationship Is Key to Us As Human Beings, Because God Has Made Us That Way and We Long. All Long for Fulfilling Relationships on Wrinkles Single Thing That This Will Be Fulfilled by Their Marriage but Did Reminding Will Be Fulfilled When We Have Children or If We Think If We Can Only Get into the Right Club If We Can Get into the Inner Circle of Record Really Make Friends with Someone so These People As Our Friends, Then Life Would Be Wonderful.

But As Good As Human Relationships and Human Relationships Are Brilliant and They Are Humanly Speaking Our Greatest Joys and Their Greatest Sorrow, but No Human Relationship Can Ultimately Satisfy Your Quest for Meaning Is Found in the Relationship. That's True, but Is Not with a Friend, Not with Her Parents with a Child Is Not with Her Husband and Son with a Wife Is a It Is Found and Realized in a Living, Dynamic Relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ to His God without Jesus Christ I'm Saying to You Today You Choose to Disagree, but When You Think about It. Life in Its Fullness Cannot Be Lived. The Emptiness Which We Experience the Frustration That We Experience Often the Weariness and the Boredom of Life Can Only Be Fulfilled in Jesus Christ Is a Will.

I Know Some Christians That Are Really Boring People. That Is True Some the Most Boring People I Know Are Christians, but Don't Judge and Don't Judge Christianity by That Professing Christian Just Think of It, Don't You Believe That God Made You Just Think of Her Left to Yourself That You Make a Mess of Life. I Could Take Any One of You at Random and Just Point to One of You and Bring You up Here and If We Were Able to Provide to Play a Little Video of Your Life Would Find out. This Failure for Sin That You Put Yourself in Your Part People You You Love. But Here Is the Wonder of the Gospel of Jesus Christ That God so Loved Us. God Sees Us in Our Sinfulness in the Darkness in Our Frustration and Our Weariness, and He's Done Something Marvelous. He Sends His Son the Lord Jesus Christ Who Comes into Our World and Jesus Said in John Chapter 10 I Have Come That They May Have Life, and They May Have It Abundantly Is Not Brilliant for the Lord Jesus Christ Came from Heaven He Came from Heaven into Our to Give Me an Abundant Life Is a How Does He Do That He Says on the Good Shepherd. He Says Next Verse, and I Give My Life for the Sheep. The Previous Verse John Danvers 90s Is on the Door by Me.

If Any Man Entered and He Shall Be Saved and Shall Go in and out and Find Pasture. A Picture of Fulfillment a Picture of Communion with God and so That Jesus Christ Has Come into My World, My Broken World. The World I Made a Mess of Trying to Achieve Fulfillment in All Kinds of Ways, but Never Quite Make It. He Comes and He Comes As the Good Shepherd and Love, and He Dies for My Sins on the Cross Piece. He Goes into Dad. He Rises from the Dead Is the Living Christ.

He Conquers That He Conquers Said Is Alive Forevermore and He Says If You Believe in Me. If You Receive Me As Your Personal Savior into Your Life into Your Heart. Not Only Yours Are Your Sins Forgiven. Not Only Do I Give You Eternal Life, but I Will Give You an Abundant Life That Does This Mean There Is Perfection Achieved in the South.

No, We Still of Our Sinful Desires, Which We Are Still in the Body, but We Are Assured That the Best Is yet to Be like Talk to My Brothers. I Said to Them, but We Must Keep Remembering That We Know Where Mom Is Going She Is Going to Be with the Lord Jesus Because As I Young Woman about 17 Years Old. She Trusted the Lord Jesus Christ and Demonstrated That Jesus Christ Was Number One in the Life Buying the Life She Lived a Life Following Jesus Christ a Life Centered on Jesus Christ and We Have There Sure Is Not Because She's a Good Mom. She's a Good Mom. Not Because He Is a Faithful Wife. She Was a Faithful Life, but Because She Had Received Christ As Her Savior and Have To Ask You As You Sit There and I'm so Thankful That You Come in This Family Day. Do You Know Jesus Christ Justly Back in Your Life and Could It Be That You Know about Them to Come to Church on Sundays.

Some of the Time, Will Suddenly Be Here on Christmas Eve, but Do You in Your Heart. No, That My Life Is Committed to Jesus Christ That I Have Been Saved by His Grace That I Have Been Born Again and That I Experience That Abundant Life Because I Have Discovered in Life That the Closer I Follow Jesus Christ.

The More I Keep My Eyes on Jesus Christ and the More I Listen to Him. As I Read His Word and the More I Commune with Him the Greater and Greater.

My Jawline, but When I Am Tempted As I Take My Eyes of Jesus and to Go Some Other Way, Less the Joy, the Less the Fulfillment Praise God That He Comes in the Brokenness in Their Sin Forgives Us, so That Once Again We Can Follow Jesus Christ in My Last Year in High School I Read a Book Written by British Author Called CP Snow and When the Christian Is a Scientist Infecting As an Atheist I Think within the Book. He Describes This Character Is a Professor at Oxford Studying Ancient Languages. This Man Is Called a Light in the Darkness. This Young Man.

Brilliant Prof. Brilliant Academic Is Searching in Life and Although He's He's Brilliant, Academically. He Lives in the Darkness.

Sometimes He Suffers from Depression Than Any He Tries to Get Satisfaction in His Academic See. He Just Goes in a Random Picks up a Woman Trying to Get Satisfaction. There and Then in the Middle of the Book Gives This Wonderful Quote by Sen. Grassley and I Never Have before. When I Heard It I Realized This Is the Truth. This Is the Truth of the Scripture Aggressing Said and Some of You Know the Quote That Has Created Us for Thyself and Their Hearts Can Never Rest until They Rest in You.

God Created You for a Purpose and Your Heart Will Never Rest You Will Never Have a Sense of Peace. You Mother of a True Sense of Joy and Fulfillment until You Rest in Jesus Christ.

He Says Come unto Me All Ye Who Labor and Are Heavy Laden, and I Will Give You Rest. Many of You Have Done That Some of You Have Never Done It Personally.

We Just Pray with Me.

Open Your Heart and Ask Christ to Come to Forgive You and to Give You This Abundant Life Eternal God You Know Is You Know Hearts.

You Know the Life of Every Person Here and I Pray for Those Who Are Not yet Saved, Never yet Surrendered to Christ Never Trusted Him for Salvation Open Their Eyes Help Them to See the Futility of Their Own Existence. Help Them to See the Ultimate Danger of Dying without Christ Open Their Eyes to See the Beauty of the Savior Made a Trust Me to Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and Be Saved. I Pray That Even Though Father People Will Be Looking to Christ Saying Come Save Me, and Cuts Come in. Forgive Me, Grant Me Eternal Life.

We Ask Christ

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