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A Reluctant Leader

The Verdict / John Munro
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September 30, 2019 11:52 am

A Reluctant Leader

The Verdict / John Munro

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September 30, 2019 11:52 am

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Well it was evening series on the life of Moses we been suing but the Lord is preparing his servant Moses for this momentous task of leaving the children of Israel from Egypt. Guy's you preach.

You want to go pizza that's okay.

I talked about prolonged adolescents today right at Moses spends the first 40 years of his life in Egypt being raised as the sun of Pharaoh's daughter when he was 40 he made this momentous decision. I listen to the writer of Hebrews saying this in Hebrews 1124 through 26 by faith Moses when he was growing up refused to be called the son of Pharaoh's daughter choosing rather to be mistreated with the people of God than to enjoy the fleeting pleasures of sin, he considered the reproach of Christ greater wealth than the treasures of Egypt, for he was looking to the reward. Think of that Moses is 14 years old and that we read earlier in Exodus he went out to his people and looked on their burdens, and as he went. We saw in chapter 2 as he went to Egypt, he saw one of the Egyptians beating up on one of the Israelites. He intervenes the Egyptian is killed by Moses he's had in the sand.

I think it very interesting that although Moses was 40 years in the court of Pharaoh. He still identifies with the Israelites as his people and you find that sometimes in life when people get on and are very successful. They forget their origins particular with the rather humble and not people like that become the very humble origins. God and the grace gives them success and want nothing to do with her background is very sad. Moses is not like that he identifies with his people know through the circumstances of Moses killing the Egyptian and that knowledge being brought to the Pharaoh. Moses at the age of 40, finds himself in a crisis. In fact, he becomes a fugitive and he goes the land of Midian, 40 years in Egypt and I for 40 years.

He's in the desert and Midian and he is working as a shepherd in the wilderness.

There he learns a lot about shape 40 years looking after shape. He learns a lot about himself.

I'm sure a lot of time to think. A lot of solitude lot of silence, and he land. I'm sure a lot about God, God is preparing this unique servant for a task of being a deliver of his people from Egypt we sometimes like to short-circuit the punitive preparation we've seen today in our society. Everything we want to be easy instant without any effort. But we must be molded. We must be disciplined. We who are servants of the living God need to be shaped and prepared ready to be used for our master member Paul says in second Timothy two that we would be fit. Prepare holy vessels fit for the Masters use. God wants us to be prepared to be disciplined to be equipped for every good work and Moses is being prepared. And then last week we saw that Moses is called by God from the middle of the burning bush that got his attention.

And there we learned about the holiness of God. The name of God, the love of God for his people and the plan of God in delivering his people, and Moses is going to have this important task of being a leader in the deliverance of his people. Exodus 3 verse 10, says the Lord, the Moses I will send you to Pharaoh that you may bring my people, the children of Israel out Egypt not previous to the killing of the Egyptian 40 years ago, it seemed that Moses had been very eager to be a leader, but now is a man of 80 he tumbler is more conscious and perhaps is more unsure of what he should do last week learned that as he is called by God to be delivered or he has a couple of objections. Couple of questions. First one was who are my why are you choosing me Lord for this task, and he receives the magnificent promise that I will be with you Moses. The second objection was who are you, Lord God gives this magnificent revelation of himself who the task of delivering the people from Egypt is not going to be an easy one. The Lord tells Moses in chapter 3 verse 19 that Pharaoh will not let you go unless compelled by a mighty hand, God is going to do a spectacular thing. He's going to deliver his people from their slavery and he's going to bring them into the land promised to the forefathers of Abraham, Isaac, and to Jacob to Joseph a note to Moses they were going to learn about Moses as a reluctance leader.

I caution us not to be too critical of Moses of Arab people are not commenters of our people are very critical of Moses and certainly become charts, but which one of us here has never hesitated when asked by God to do a particular task. We always sprung into action. Do we always say here I am, send me which one of us has always immediately obeyed God when called to do that.

A difficult task, something that we buy ourselves in a flash wouldn't want to do but Hebrews makes it very clear that Moses is a man of faith know his faith is not perfect is faith like your faith in my faith has to grow faith in God and doubts and hesitation and reluctance are not mutually exclusive.

Some of you just know may be facing a difficult decision. God wants to use you in the particular way, perhaps God wants you to invite someone to family day next Sunday and you don't really want to do it. You think that's a tough situation. A person is very difficult.

Perhaps some of you here have been asked to serve as an elder or deacon someone is come to you and said I like to nominate you to serve God and your hesitated. Some of you have been asked to teach a Sunday school after sing in the choir to feed the homeless. Perhaps God is calling some of you to serve him oversee some ministry that God displayed on your heartland, you realize that God is in this you're facing a decision is a very difficult decision under somewhat reluctance of the gospel. Moses is so let me ask you to open your Bibles to Exodus chapter 400. He said this is not a detailed exposition of all of Exodus, but rather to focus on the life of Moses, so let us look into Exodus chapter 4 as Moses continues to object verse one then Moses answered, but behold, they will not believe me or listen to my voice, for they will say the Lord did not appear to you. God is continuing to call Moses, and Moses has yet another objection. He believes that when he goes back to Egypt.

When he appears before the Pharaoh will be met by skepticism is a very common concern. This, in the when asked to start serving a certain way we delay. We argued we look for a way out. We don't think that we will be successful. Who's going to listen to Moses is almost forgotten Greenaway for 40 years, who's going to listen to him, why, why would you choose me Lord does not Lord Jesus commands us to make disciples of all the nations we know you know and I know that is God's will that we should tell people about Jesus Christ.

But here is one. One of the most common reasons why we don't do so we say that person at work that family member that neighbor simply will not leave them hardhearted, they will reject as they look down on us and will never accept Jesus Christ. Some people may accept Christ but not this individual.

He's about a different religion as she is living a very sinful lifestyle. She will what listen to us we have no credibility with them. God can use someone else but but not me as a common objection is that we've all used it when we know we should tell someone about Jesus Christ.

We think I'm not the person can remind you that God calls us to. So seat you can change hearts I can't change parts of the our business to change hearts another business to say who will all you will not respond to the gospel of Jesus Christ know God calls us to be faithful source to stop making excuses when you tell that person this week about Jesus when you tell that person that you think is going to reject you wish to talk who's too skeptical, who is so deep in a sinful lifestyle that they will never listen to your gut not asking you to talk to Pharaoh. Remember Pharaoh had the power of life and death. He is the Egypt is the superpower at this time throughout the world.

Pharaoh is the most powerful person in the world.

People say today that the president of the United States is the most powerful man in in the in the world that may be well Pharaoh at this time was the most powerful man in the world and God is asking Moses over 40 years has been looking after shave I want you to go to Pharaoh and say let my people go. No wonder he was a bit reluctant God is not asking you. I don't think the march into the White House and say to the presidency. You must be saved. That be wonderful if that were the case, and the president came to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ that we pray for that.

Not asking you to Dr. president is not asking you to talk to Pharaoh, but he is asking you and me talk to that family member that neighbor that person at work that person you know now how does God respond to this reluctant leader read with me. In verses two through nine, the Lord said to him was that in your hand. He said the staff means a shepherd is normally stabbed nothing special about it expected shepherd of the staff in his and he said through to the guns so we treat on the ground and it became SF and the snake and Moses ran from it, but the Lord said to Moses, print out your hand and catch it by the tail, so he put out his hand and caught it and it became a staff in his hands, that they may believe that the Lord of the God of the fathers, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, the God of Jacob, has appeared to you again. The Lord said to put your hand inside your cloak, and he put his hand inside his coat and when he took it out, but hold his hand was leprous like snow. Then God said your hand back inside your cloak so he put his hand back inside his cloak, and when he took it out bold, it was restored.

Like the rest of his flesh, if you will not believe you.

God said, or listen to the first side, then they may believe the latter sign if they will not believe, even these two signs are. Listen to your boss, you shall take some water from the Nile and put it on the ground drying ground and the wonder that your usual take from the Nile will become blood on the dry ground. This interesting God answers with three signs but can God do with the shepherd with a staff Moses Thurston what is that in your hands and shepherds were humble people we saw earlier that shepherds were regarded by the Egyptians as the lowest of the low they were despised and God says to Moses, what do you have in your hand God takes something that Moses already has something that Moses is familiar with and uses it for his glory is not marvelous. He takes a shepherd with a staff. The staff is thrown on the ground and the staff becomes a snake. When Moses catches it by the tail events to being a staff that spectacular. The surf and the snake in pagan Egypt was a sign of their divinity and power. God is going to demonstrate through the signs through the 10 plagues particularly on the 10th plague of the death of the firstborn that he is superior to all of the false gods of the gasket is you here to serve the Lord to be equipped with. Do you have a new hand. Moses had the staff, David Heather slingshot little boy in the Gospels had his lunch.

What do you have whatever it is, however humble it may appear to be however inconsequential. God can use it. One of the marvelous things about missions today is that many people are called into full-time missions that are not eloquent preachers.

They are not profiling theologians, some of them are the not all trained linguists are linked no many of them plans the majority of them are ordinary men and women. Some of the computer than that hands some of the hammer in their hand. Some of the stethoscope and that hands some of the financial report in their hand. Though God calls accountants, nurses, computer experts, teachers, comics, carpenters, whoever we are and he takes all of that of passive training or education or skills or talents and he uses it for his glory and calls us to serve him with you have in your hands. The second sign was Moses hands which first verse six became leprous and then returned to his normal state I got was his attention was in the this was a sign thus much of power. Like the staff turning into a snake and then reverting back to staff. This was assigned of cleansing leprosy was a sign of uncleanness of unholiness of separation of sin and deed of death and under the part of God that which is unholy, that which is unclean and that which seems four becomes clients becomes Cleveland.

This tremendous good news for us is needed because all of us have on the holy hearts and unholy lives in the powder of the gospel, God changes us and God imputes us with the righteousness of Jesus Christ. The third sign that we read in verse nine was more than from the Nile great river Nile. So a great river today of the Nile Delta being turned into blood that incidentally is going to be the first leg. The Nile was the lifeline of Egypt was assigned a fertility as sign of life. A sign of power and God clinch the water of the Nile into blood. These are the signs demonstration of the part of God signs the Moses, which the winner very relevant for the Egyptians because of the snake. Because of the understanding of leprous sake, and because of they knew the power of the Nile that this would get Egyptians attention and so God is God is demonstrating graciously demonstrating to Moses. Moses just do what you're told.

Think of what I can do some arguing with me, do the task. But then Moses is another objection read with me verse 10 and Moses said to the Lord you think when you went to get the message Moses all my Lord I'm not eloquent, either in the pastor. Since you've spoken to her seventh but I'm slow of speech and of tongue and the Lord said to him who has made man's mouth makes a mute cadaver seeing a blind is it not I the Lord now therefore go, and I will be with your mouth and teach you what you shall speak, but he said Moses keeps as it doesn't.

He said all my Lord please send someone else than the anger of the Lord was kindled against Moses and he said, is that not Aaron your brother the Levite.

I know that he can speak well bold is coming out to meet me and when he sees you he will be glad in his heart. You shall speak to him and put the words in his mouth and I will be with your mouth, and with his mouth, and will teach you both. What do he shall speak for you to the people, and he shall be your mouth and you shall be as a God.

So you shall be as God. To him, and take in your hand the staff with which you shall do the signs is another objection when after another is in the United claims to be slow of speech and asked was that true that this one is troubling to me because Moses being educated in Egypt with her been taught how to speak and more to the point Stephen when he makes his speech in acts chapter 7 as he rehearses the history of Israel.

He spends a lot of time dealing with Moses and he says in acts seven verse 22 Moses was instructed in all the wisdom of the Egyptians was educated in the universities we would say the colleges of Egypt. He was instructed in all of the wisdom of the Egyptians and he was mighty in his words and deeds mighty in his words but Moses you're saying I'm not eloquent, either in the past, trained in Egypt and since you've spoken to your servant. I'm slow of speech and of tongue. The man who slow of speech is a lot to say to the Lord of and is going to be a great writer and if you're familiar with the first five books of the Bible. The Pentateuch written by Moses, you will see there are some tremendous speeches by Moses in the but notice God's response in the sense he accepts Moses argument that he slow of speech but then gives a powerful response in verse 11 is something for all of us who has made man's mouth who makes a mute or death, or seeing, or blind, is it not I the Lord now therefore go, and I will be with your mouth and teach you what you shall. Moses had seen the power of God in the burning bush did receive the revelation of God that he is the great I am is Yahweh he'd seen the three signs the staff is hand turning leprosy water into blood, and he still diluting the power of God. Listen, Moses and God can take a staff and turn it into a snake and back into a staff do nothing he can give you the right words to speak and after all, who made you who made man's mouth gives people the ability to speak and not to speak and God promises Moses that he will be with his mouth and teach them what he shall say verse 12. Do you understand this, there's another man in the Old Testament. Jeremiah Jeremiah 1 verse nine was in this than the Lord put out his hand, says Jeremiah and touched my mouth and the Lord said to me, behold, I put my words in your month. Good versus for any preacher for any teacher. I put my words in your month to the power Moses is not in you start really and what you say I'm a tell you what to say.

You are literally my mostly sure my messenger like John the Baptist, who describes himself as a voice crying in the wilderness John was nothing of himself. He says that when did Lance Camus argue John Hayes is on the land and just a voice crying in the wilderness.

The power as you tell others about Jesus Christ is not in use, not in your arguments is not a plea for ignorance.

We are to be thoughtful, persuasive as we interact with unbelievers, but we know behind all of that, that the power is in the Lord. Two Corinthians 4 verse seven, Paul says mighty preacher, brilliant intellect, amazing missionary and evangelist Paul says that as we have this treasure in jars of clay, clay pots-vessels we have this treasure that the gospel in jars of clay to show that the surpassing power belongs to God and not to us to understand that that when God graciously uses you to speak to someone about Christ. When God uses you to speak to the children in our Sunday school classes. When God uses you as a champ coach and you see people coming to Christ to see people responding that the power is not a new because your great because I'm great no surpassing power belongs to God and not to us is the promise the Lord in the gospel gave to the apostles that his disciples when they were when they were to be taken before authorities that the Holy Spirit would give them the right words, the God who made us. The God who made our minds can certainly give us the right words is why we memorize Scripture. Of course, so that we were talking to others. We can quote the word of God. God's word in our my but have you experienced. I'm sure many of us had when were speaking to people about Jesus Christ right in the very instance of speaking to them. God sometimes puts in their mind. An illustration. An example something to communicate to them something to build that bridge God is well able to do is dictate to give you the recall of the other bass that you may be had memorize that a little girl a little boy and the Holy Spirit rings that to your mind as you speak to that person and you realize that is the word the truth of God for that occasion. What a wonderful promise is given to Moses, but is still not enough for for him is it verse 13 oh my Lord please send someone else. You've answered all my questions large, but just send someone else. I hear that a Calvary church sometimes was asked do something missing. When I was there no one else generally got to be someone else.

Yes, there is someone else if you don't want to do it. God will use someone else is going to use Aaron. No wonder the Lord's reading of the Lord's anger. In verses 1314 God called him from the burning bush at selected Moses before he was born, he preserved his life in that little basket of bulrushes. It appeared to him in the fiery bush. Moses was God's sovereign choice, and God had prepared his man is 40 years in Egypt is 14 years in the desert.

It protected him.

When Pharaoh was trying to kill him and now Moses you're saying to me. I've got the wrong person that you need someone else to do this. You've argued that with God but me, Lord, I don't think I'm the person. In fact, I thought of someone the brother that that sister there they would do this so much better.

Sometimes people say to me, well not really about so and so well can a person do the task better than you.

Moses then finally obeys God. Verse 18 I think is interesting that God tells him as you go back to Egypt you going to keep your staff with which you shall do the signs on the ordinary staff probably one that Moses had made himself in the desert than a bruschetta tree and made a staff and God is going to use this staff was the symbol of his mighty power, Moses, when back in verse 18 to Jethro his father-in-law. He can see his respect for his family and said to him, please let me go back to my brothers in Egypt to see whether there still alive and Jethro said to Moses, go in peace, and the Lord said to Moses in Midian go back to Egypt for all the men were seeking your life are dead. So Moses took his wife and his sons and had them ride on the donkey and went back to the land of Egypt notice and Moses took the staff of God and his and we did get that right and the Lord said to Moses, when you go back to Egypt, see that you do before Pharaoh all the miracles that I put in your power, but I will harden his heart so that he will not let the people go will deal with that in the future God hardening. His heart, Moses. This is not going to be an easy task but I've told you I previously told you. Chapter 3 verse 19 the king of Egypt, the Fed will not let you go unless compelled by a mighty hand of the mighty hand, there Moses is not yours, but is mine, then you shall say to Pharaoh verse 22 thus says the Lord Israel is my firstborn son. And I say to you, let my son go, that he may serve me. If you refuse to let him go hold, I will kill your firstborn son.

And so here we have it that God is graciously going to use Aaron is the older brother older by three years of Moses.

He's going to be the mouthpiece of Moses and then the purposes of God. Aaron is already on his way to meet Moses as Moses makes his way back to Egypt and the nonsense Pharaoh. Moses got his wish.

But God's call was for Moses to be the spokesperson not Aaron, and later in the story Aaron is going to be the high priest, not a godly man but is also good to be a problem to his younger brother Moses when he and her sister is May Miriam conspired against him know Moses is called as the leader not his brother. God is sovereign and his choice. God knows the personalities God knows who's going to raise on.

Don't try to tell God what to do.

His understanding is unsearchable.

You don't understand why God calls you for a particular task. You think someone else would do much better. Trust God be obedient.

They put together a few things as we conclude this evening. Are you obeying the Lord, are you in the Regent service seven some of your arguments guard engine. Others of you out right this to be Jim's you know what you should do and you're not doing it. You struggle and you think of every reason why God doesn't want you to do, which in your heart you know God is calling you to do just told God's got the wrong person.

You've explained to God that so-and-so would do the job much better than you would as if God doesn't know everything Scripture say several items. God doesn't need any advisors God doesn't need counselors I need a lot of advice. I need a lot of consult I can get things wrong. But God never gets it wrong you can't advise God you can't increase God's knowledge is a menisci and he knows everything about everything. So, don't advise God know the way to be blessed by God is to be obedient. Why is it would often so concerned about brother or sister so-and-so member Peter at the end of John's Gospel of John chapter 21 he says to the Lord. What about this man, John was answered amended answer Jesus Kevin was that to you. You follow me about so-and-so. God will deal with so-and-so unit responsible for so-and-so you're responsible for your own obedience, but sometimes difficult into because this is an exercise of our faith. This is an exercise of trust if you're like me you like to know what's going to happen when you step out in faith. If you're going to do this that you believe God is calling you to do you like to know what's going to happen to it. But that's not acting by faith.

Is it in my last year at Dallas seminary, a small group of believers asked if after I graduated I would serve in their very small church in Pittsburgh but never the pastor before. This was a new venture for Lippmann through a Scottish friend. In fact, is a former client of mine.

He was part of this group in Pittsburgh Scotsman and I had the previous summer good and I had gone there served in that little church through my friend and that was in my between my third and fourth year was our second and third year burned third and fourth. I bow to my wife as I normally do think it is just numbers between my third and my fourth until trying to think. Is she right because I'm often wrong, but that she might be right here will talk about if we go home and I expect a written apology. If I'm right and you're wrong. So anyhow one summer during seminary. I had done an internship there and then they said well when you graduate. Would you come and be our pastor not good and I myself particularly had my own ideas have God was going to use us and it wasn't going to Pittsburgh with all due respect to people from Pittsburgh I was well aware of the great need of Scotland and that God could use that to call me from a practice and we would have rejoiced and really assumed that after four years at Dallas theological seminary.

The Lord would lead us back to Scotland and internship redundant. Pittsburgh had gone very, very well. I had done some preaching against him at pastoral work in evangelism and so on. But I didn't see it as a place where God would have us serve after graduation so when the church when the elders contacted me and said they would like us to serve their we delete.

In fact, we resisted and the spiritual thing to do is to say were going to pray while that's a good thing to do but sometimes we use praying as an excuse.

Don't we will be ready made up her mind another and say no I don't want to go to Pittsburgh. We said we would pray about it and we did.

By that, but all along. We were hoping, trusting that God would color somewhere else and not to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. But after a few months as we struggled with this still seminary my final year, it became clear to us that this, in fact was the place where God was calling us all a new about Pittsburgh that was with Andrew Carnegie became a multimillionaire and I knew going to that little church I was not going to be following Andrew Carnegie's fortunes, and as we visited, and we thought wonderful little group of believers, but I can see myself there on Scottish and I'm ready to go back and yet God called us and so I remember after a few months, but deny regarding the phone and we said to the leaders of that church. We will come. We hesitated. We prayed, we questioned her we debated and then we did what we should've done is to obey and looking back that was clearly God's will for us.

We saw God work in incredible ways there and that was clearly God's work for us even had an experience like that God is: do not into full-time ministry necessarily. Could you imagine the impact of Calvary church if every single member attender of Calvary church were totally obedient to God. I began this year.

In Romans Romans 12 and challenged us to surrender everything we had to the Lord member accepting the challenge that obedience begins.

Of course with the beaten survey God calls us to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. That will be saved. Your bid that you come to Christ and receive Christ as your Savior you arguing with God debating with God. Thinking reasons why you shouldn't be saved thinking I don't know if I want to hand over my control to the Lord Jesus. Life is so difficult and my family may reject me. I can see this is going to work out. Can you stop debating it in place. Your faith in Jesus Christ. God blesses humble obedience. That is to characterize the believer when the right baptism is a clear command that Scripture is some of you continue to resist being baptized you think of all kinds of reasons. The Scripture is clear that those who are saved by the grace of God are then baptized and some of you say what is not necessary as if you know better than God, as if what you think is better and be wiser than God.

Don't debate God can debate the clear commands of Scripture.

What God wants us to do is humble obedience is not hard for here. Yes, it's hard for me, isn't it with people of self will we don't like people telling us what to do.

But this is the characteristic of the follower of Jesus Christ's.

When God reveals something to you in his word. The Holy Spirit places something on your part, obey, don't argue in the can I ask you also what's in your hands.

God has gifted you. God is brought you through many different experiences in life through some careers, education, family backgrounds, experiences all over the world and he brings you here and you say well I'm just an ordinary person.

Of course, children are good person will all we all are ordinary people and we all have ordinary things in our hands. I had my law practice in my hand and dodges that in my ministry, though some of you still say mean things about lawyers but I believe that God use that training and his purposes for the furtherance of the gospel. Yes, God uses doctors and nurses with stethoscopes is designed to people with computers uses carpenters with hammers, whoever you are, whatever you are God calls you to serve him in a unique way in this special way, calling us from ordinary circumstances, Moses looking after his sheep for 40 years and then out of the blue as a burning bush and God calls amazing God can easily get your attention. Cancer each day submitted to the Lord. By all means, plan ahead as wives but always always say it must be in accordance with the will of the Lord God calls us from ordinary humdrum life's to do extraordinary tasks for his glory. Don't be a reluctant servant. Don't be reluctantly don't be a Bijan serve with joy and live for the glory of God. I want to answer your prayers will only share things like this, but this morning after the will this morning, just that the end of the thought, the membership class I saw that my brother and Scotland had been trying to call me using only very often.

So when I got home I called him and I said to get in the car and I don't like the sound of the; and my mother's 94 at the privilege of visiting her this summer. Last night, early morning UK spiders I had had a very serious stroke and she's not well she's in hospital to get into a stroke unit she's had the severe bleed in her brain is very agitated about the giver morphine so I spoke to my brother he give me an update and then when the my other brothers emailed me he just is that of just coming from the hospital and the he he thinks of her mother's is close to being with the Lord would have to buy that because sometimes I don't. People salvation but never did. My mother salvation when the godless women have ever known who taught me much about Scripture I talked about being called from a law practice when when the when that happens, and I called my mother she was taken aback, not because I was a pagan.

We are serving a large button. I said I'm petrified were going to go to the Dallas seminary to study and my mother never been to America, she can understand why had some would want to go to America and study theology by Americans not having the highest view of this wonderful nation not having been here difficulty with it and then a few days later I received a letter from my mother, and that some of you had this before and she said your dad my dance with the Lord.

She said the your your father and I only pray to fit two things about you or six bodies number one that we come to Christ related these parents this morning than way praying for the children.

These beautiful little boys and girls to come to saving faith is the greatest joy advocate of a parent of she said whenever we never asked God for you to succeed academically or in the sports field or in the family that we prayed number one that you come to Christ.

Number two that you would do God's will for your life, and she said if you say that God is calling you from your law practice to go to seminary to become a pastor. You have my my blessing was good to proceed with from someone who is painfully all her life, so no she is I think close to the end. To complicate matters, all of courses under the sovereign purposes of God. A week from nine but this time Fred Bridges and I were going to this missions trip to Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan and Tajikistan for about from the sixth to the 17th and not the easiest place to fly out of a floor takes my mother when were there, so I'm in a bit of a quandary as to what to do, is in the Lord's hand. Brother Sedgwick in the next 48 hours. We probably should have a better idea how things are with mom so this is what we do in all circumstances that may be committed to the Lord, Lord, got my mother in his hands is had she came to Christ in her late teens and has faithfully served the Lord since then and I ask that you pray for her.

The backcrossing if it's in the Lord's purposes that will be easy. My youngest brother said that mom is tough is 5 feet to thin but she is tough, so she said she might get through this, but humanly speaking, it looks very very great so I covet your prayers. Father, we thank you for this wonderful example of Moses. He inspires us, we can identify with him because sometimes we question you, things we do not understand, but we thank you for your care overdose.

There are many here with heavy burdens facing difficult circumstances bring them over to you, including my mother. Thank you for her know she's in your hands pray they shall be suffering in the in your perfect time. You'll take her home to be forever with the Lord and all she longs for that venture that as a teenager. She placed her faith in Jesus Christ and followed you encourage his father, we thank you that you are perfect heavenly father, we know that you work in mysterious ways because your understanding is unsearchable. But in a perfect way and that you love us and you watch over us and we all look forward to that eternal day when the Lord shall come in that trumpet will sound and will be caught up and will be your loved ones, and so we shall be forever with the Lord bless us and guide us that we are asking Christ

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