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Discouragement and Depression

The Verdict / John Munro
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September 30, 2019 11:50 am

Discouragement and Depression

The Verdict / John Munro

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September 30, 2019 11:50 am

Dr. John H. Munro September 29, 2019 Psalm 42:11

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The great English preacher Charles Haddon Spurgeon suffered from deep melancholy from time to time.

It was an extract from a letter he wrote to his congregation dear friends, the furnace still glows that I meet since I last preached to you. I've been brought very low. My flesh is being tortured with pain and my spirit has been prostrate with depression. I am as a potter's vessel when it is utterly broken, useless, and laid aside nights of watching the days of weeping have been mine. You think of that from one of the greatest preachers of this world has ever known. Does that surprise you that the preacher would be depressed from time to time, Sarah's Kennedy Hill of the Kennedy family chronicled her own battles with depression and a piece in a high school paper.

I quote, we are all either struggling or know someone who is battling an illness. Let's come together to make our community more inclusive and comfortable.

She wrote and then she died the summer of a suspected overdose.

Patrick Kennedy wrote that her account of her depression is a powerful reminder of how so many people suffer alone and feel isolated reality as some people.

I'm sure some of you have struggled with depression. Virtually all of your lives. A recent pew research study on May 27, 2019 that was reported in the Observer said that 70% of teens consider anxiety and depression. A major issue among their peers at 2017.

American College health Association survey reported that 40% of college students surveyed reported being so depressed they struggle to function, while 16% felt overwhelming anxiety during the previous year. I find absolutely astonishing going through school and university as I knew some people struggled with some anxiety had some friends like that, but nothing in terms of such high figures as rates of depression, suicide arising among all ages, including adults and the causes are multifaceted than they were told that the obsession by many students with social media is a factor instead of relating face-to-face with people there emotional well-being is decided by the number of likes they receive in a particular posting side also.

We told increasingly parents are micromanaging the lives of their children and students that would also be my observation parents not one to solve every problem in the child's life rather than letting them work out some of these problems for themselves. Therefore, making the child or student more resourceful and better able to cope with the realities of life. During the time the poem and certainly when they leave home and so sociologists describe what we have in this country in the West as prolonged adolescence. We have young man who may be 27 or 28 will really still at the lessons in terms of their maturity, even young children were told today are stressed. I can remember one child in my elementary school ever saying there were depressed but now it is very very common, increasing numbers of young children in elementary school say their stress and I can well lead to depression and other emotional problems. Incidentally, I find this very amusing that was reported earlier this month that high school students who don't date at last.

A less depressed than those who do so.

High school student if you don't want to be depressed on date is going to be depressed, depressing situation for you. The problems of depression and discouragement in our society are huge.

There are if the statistics are true at epidemic levels and often I say particularly insurance circles. The expectation is that we should always be on top of auroral design.

As I read that quote from Spurgeon I, wonder how are the leaders in the congregation of Calvary church would feel if I wrote that kind of letter to them. Not that I suffer from depression.

Am glad to say when people ask how we're doing, were meant to say great fantastic or amazing or awesome words. I think frigid only be kept to the Lord.

However, the reality is that were not always fantastic, the truthful answer is sometimes I'm struggling I'm hanging on, but I'm not doing very well at all. Life is tough. Life is difficult. Reality is that all of us are sometimes discouraged and many people are depressed.

Depression is a kind of feeling which brings a lack of energy, lack of interest in life of weariness in life. Being tired of life, and if you feel that some of your feeling that right no everyone experiences a down day from time to time but severe depression is marked by fatigue, emotional and unrelenting pain or sadness and sometimes both difficulty in thinking, difficulty in concentrating difficulty involving a sleep. Often a loss of appetite, and feelings of hopelessness, feeling that there is no hope that things will not change a kind of semi-paralysis with individual just sits around staring at her Lord and Monica kind over the years of individual saying and saying about people to live with POC just sits for hours on end staring into the wall depression halls individual hostages in the prison. In extreme cases, these feelings of hopelessness lead to total despair of life.

In the event the suicide that I am not an expert on depression on chronic depression. I hasten to say that Megan to give advice to interview her suffering from physical, emotional, mental depression, I'm not an expert. You do need to see your physician for these things you need to treat it seriously, but I do want to talk about spiritual depression. I do want to talk about spiritual discouragements and were going to read too little sounds literally one Psalm Psalm 42 and 43 of you have your Bible, you can open their and the psalmist is struggling his soul he says is cast down, you think and you got your light group today with all of the super spiritual Christians there who know the Bible and loves to show the knowledge and you say when you have an opportunity and say my soul is cast down today we return our government life group mean who you were meant to be up people just praise the Lord while the psalmist says my soul is cast down, and these two Psalms share a common theme in our series on wings of an eagle, or subject today is this is depression and discouragement are praying that you will soar high with wings like eagles soaring high above the challenges and struggles of life. There is a word of God to us. I'm going to read both of them. Many commentators think this is one Psalm. It certainly has a similar theme because the refrain. Remember, these were sung in the temple sung in the tabernacle led by the choir directors. This was the hymnbook of Israel. As Psalm 42 as a dear plans for flowing streams, so pants my soul for you will. God. My soul thirsts for God, for the living God. When shall I come and appear before God, my tears have been my food day and night while they say to me all the day long is your God. These things I remember as I pulled out my soul how I would go with the throng, and lead them in procession to the house of God with grant shouts and songs of praise. A multitude keeping Festival why are you cast Dino my soul and why are you in turmoil within me open God for I shall again praise him my salvation and my God. My soul is cast on within me. Therefore I remember you from the land of Jordan enough her loan from Mike Ms. R. Deep calls to deep at the road of your waterfalls all your breakers and your waves have gone over me. By day the Lord commands his steadfast love and that night is song is with me a prayer to the God of my life. I say to God, my rock, why have you forgotten me. Why do I go morning because of the oppression of the enemy.

As with a deadly wound in my bones.

My adversary stunned me while they say to me all the day long is your God why you cast Dino my soul and why are you in turmoil within me. Hope in God for not I shall again praise him my salvation and my God vindicate me all God and defend my cause against the ungodly people from the deceitful and unjust man deliver me, for you are the God in whom I take refuge, why have you rejected me. Why do I go about morning because of the oppression of the enemy. Send out your light and your truth.

Let them lead me, let them bring me to your holy hill into your dwelling, then I will go to the altar of God to God my exceeding joy and I will praise you with a liar. All God, my God, I know this is going to say what is already said in the verses five and 11 of Psalm 42. The same thing is the chorus. Here's not afraid why you cast Dino my soul and why are you in turmoil within me.

Hope in God. For I shall again praise him my salvation and my God. Let's think of the way dynamos think of some of the symptoms of depression that we see here in verse three we see sadness and tears. My tears have been my food day and night. There's a sense of deep emotional pain of feeling overwhelmed or that is turmoil so that in the colors of verses 511 and verse five of Psalm 43. Why are you in turmoil within me. Individual is crying a lot this individual is in turmoil there. There is a sense of being overwhelmed that in deep emotional pain. There's a loss of appetite and sleep. In fact, the Psalm is the saying is only appetite for his tears in my tears of been my food day and night. He also in verse four remembers a time when he was leading the people in procession in the house of God. Time of worship. There's been a change. He's no longer there and is one of the things that causes us a lot of disappointment and even depression is a change of situation, loss of a job loss of employment, loss of a spouse or loss of a family member change of location. I would life changes when life is no longer routine than something that we've done and something we have enjoyed and hope comes to an end dramatically. That can often plunge people into depression.

There is this then in the Psalm is ureter. This deep anxiety. This turmoil, this cloud of darkness and despair.

Is it what causes depression woman who met many things but I'm dealing with spiritual depression. One is sin that can cause depression done back in your Bible to Psalm 32 member David committed a great sin is a committed adultery with Beersheba and that he is in turmoil and you could sail rightly so. He tried to cover up his terrible sin. Psalm 32 verse three.

Four. When I kept silence, he didn't plan to rigidly try to hide it. Another story in the second Samuel 11 when I Silent my bones wasted away through my groaning all day long for day and night your hand was heavy upon me. My strength was dried up as by the heat of summer experience that I hope to some extent, all of us have we weave send and would not repented and conscience tells us that we done wrong.

The word of God tells us were done wrong, but instead of confessing it instead of repenting from it.

We covered it up.

That's what David did and he knows better that he's the king you know the law of God.

He knew what it that he had done wrong.

Even before he was confronted by Nathan, but during that time is in terrible terrible turmoil. He says he's wasting away is groaning all day long have you ever been in the situation where you've been so depressed that you're the loss of appetite, so if you are darling miniature cast-iron because of your sin.

What's the answer to that the answer is to repent the answers to bring it out to the light to repent of your strength or temperament to confess it and to put it right, but all depression is because through sin, depression is often caused through suffering done back to the book of a job. Chapter 30 no one in the Scriptures other than our Lord suffered.

Like job and here he is.

Job 30 verse 16. He's gone through extreme suffering is experiencing deep emotional pain. If you know the story of job, his family, his business or wiped out. Is this terrible boils on and who wouldn't be discouraged. Job 30 verse 16 I know my soul is poured. I within me days of affliction have taken hold of me. The night ranks my bones and the pain that knows me takes no rest. He just can't get away from it day and night. He's in great great time tomorrow because his whole life has been turned upside down the suffering he's alone.

Whatever way he loops there seems to be disaster and the night ranks my bones is overwhelmed by the difficult situation. Many of you can relate to that him to some terrible disaster has come to you until your family because of sin and the mysterious purposes of God. But you have experienced this and did you don't see a way out and it is plunge. Do not just into disappointment but integrate, partake, integrate emotional pain and that may even lead to depression Martin Lloyd Jones and his book, which I commend to your spiritual depression stays. Another frequent cause of spiritual depression is our reaction after great blessing to realize as you follow Jesus Christ your living for the Lord your particularly vulnerable after a spiritual high after the spiritual success. Think of Elijah. He is this tremendous success in first Kings 18 he takes on all of the false gods of but all you member there, cutting themselves the prophets and he challenges them. He is a loan against all of the false prophets of the and God vindicates a larger under this great triumph on Mount Carmel.

But then right after that in the very next chapter. He's running for his life, not because he is chased by the false prophets, but because of a woman Queen Jezebel and his great faith that we see in first Kings 18 is replaced by fear of Queen Jezebel and he prays all Lord, take away my life, but I know better than my father's after this great triumph this great prophet Elijah. We would say, what are you doing isn't that bad you think it all along.

Are you thinking it would be as well as if you weren't dead and of course we know from Scripture. There were many other people of faith, but the point is falling. Can we say to spiritual pieces after the great spiritual triumph is not an usual, there can be nervous, spiritual exhaustion.

This causes can cause great discouragement and anxiety and unresolved conflict and anger.

All of these can lead to depression. Interesting isn't it. As you read the Gospels that right after the baptism of our Lord to give anything through Matthew's gospel. For example the end of Matthew three, the Lord Jesus is baptized. What happens in the next chapter is led into the wilderness was tempted by Satan.

Of course the Lord is triumphant.

He gets the victory over Satan but is not the case. Have you found it. I have certainly find it, that after being used by God in a mighty way. It's as if all hell breaks loose in your life and that can lead to depression by what the impact of depression was the impact as you look back at Psalm 42. What was the impact of depression while the psalmist experiences a terrible thing he experiences a fireman of the presence of the Lord.

Look at verses one into Psalm 42 as a deer pants for flowing streams, so pants my soul for you will. God.

My soul thirsts for God, for the living God.

When shall I come and appear before God. The psalmist is the spiritual thirst, but is not satisfied is like a deer desperately wanting water, but it's panting to slake his thirst, but there's no one there anywhere the usual watering holes of dried up, and without water.

This dealer will eventually die obviously not. The psalmist knows God. He's not a pagan is a man of faith. He knows God is experience God. He loves God, but the reality of the presence of God and the reality of the power of God in his life seems to have forsaken him and this is why his soul is cast down. Ever been there or are you one of these unusual people who always was arising. Praise the Lord all the time. Personally, I can't relate to these people whether there is a spiritual level against the vast majority of us have never reached is not reality is the reality is that all of us sometimes experiences we love Dogbert but where is the of the psalmist is longing for the psalmist presence is longing for the. The power of God than the grace of God in his life and he feels verse nine that God has forgotten him when I do I go morning because of the oppression of the of the enemy is his enemies are taunting him a signal that is your God psalmist really don't feel it is godforsaken me.

He knows what it feels the duty to be rejected by God to feel abandoned by God. Ever been in such a situation so devastating. But you wondered where God was. Your theology instructs us and tells you that God is everywhere you didn't you know that intellectually, but emotionally you on feel it no these emotions don't mean that the psalmist is living an ungodly life that is no mention of sin.

In Psalm 42 and 43 don't make it that easy.

Now the reality is there are times in our Christian life of people of faith that we feel cast down. When we feel God is distant when we feel God's remotes and the psalmist is in the spirit he's troubled he's cast down in the peace and the joy that he once experienced in committing his life to God seems to have done these in morning verse nine. Why do I go morning is in turmoil. Verse 11 why you are in turmoil within me. He remembers the former times of meaningful worship in the house of God. Verse four when you would go with the throng, and lead them in procession to the house of God with glad shouts and songs of praise. A multitude keeping Festival. But now he's isolated now. He no longer is there no no longer enjoys it and is in despair is away from home. As we see in their 60s away in the land of Jordan and of Herman is away away in the north of of Israel away somewhat outlining possibly the Golan Heights is is between Israel and Jordan away when the not far from Jerusalem knows and is the reason for his depression and despair. He thirsts for God is pouring out his soul in prayer wants to experience the presence of the Lord. But God doesn't seem to be making the reality of his presence.

No, this problem is going to disappear with a few appraisal logs with some contemporary upbeat chorus. What could be worse for the follower of God followed Jesus annoying of thinking that God is silent. Can I say if you're going to get out of that depression. The community of believers is essential.

Did you notice verse four that the soundness missed worship in the house of the Lord and that spiritual depression is deepened by an absence from corporate worship. Now I know that if you're depressed if you're done.

The last thing you may feel like doing is coming to Calvary church and worship and you just fill up that I can face people I really don't want that as you pull the blankets over your head on a Sunday morning, but you need to be here when I was growing up with in the in the first house I ever lived for the first eight years of my life. We had a coal fire in the house was old and and that was let first thing in the morning by my mom or my dad and it would be allowed to go rights into the wee hours of the morning so that was a hit for the house is no central heating and this problem is a little chillier than in Charlotte. Sometimes 40s and 50s right and that's the summer so not really a wind… In the height of the summer over there to. It wasn't like but so there we were, so we knew a lot about the fire coal fire more than one so remember my dad as we sat there with Telus as it would take a piece of coal which was in the pile of coal with this wonderful fire provided heat for the family.

He would separate piece of the coal and saying I watch this and on the Solon that piece of coal soon died out and he would say this is true of the Christian life that left to ourselves.

Most of us are not going to make it the spiritual life majority the peace that we experience on our own gets worse and worse, doesn't it. And so I realize that sometimes when you cast iron through circumstances through suffering, not through any fault of your own suffering comes into your life unexpected and you feel that God has not delivered that God hasn't come through and you feel so so darn can I say to you, don't stay at home. I know it's hard to do, get up, shower have something to do that day experts on depression. Telus the one thing that you can do is just to sit instead of the wall, you need something to do something to achieve and how much better to come to a time like this.

And to be reminded that we do face mountains but in the Lord and in the Lord alone of righteousness and strength and to be reminded by your fellow believers.

And as we come together in corporate worship that there is a God and that he is with us and so we are encouraged as we prayed for and helped don't stay away as the writer of Hebrews would say. Don't neglect assembling of yourselves together. Now that's the way that went by the way up can I say that instant cures for disappointment and depression of rare.

I know my theology. I know with God all things are possible, but the structure of Psalm 42 and Psalm 43 suggests that the psalmist this man is not instantly lifted him out of a little prayer the little bars a little song and five minutes you can be perked up in life is going be wonderful. That's not the reality here know the casting down of the soul. The turmoil is repeated. In fact, is the theme of the of the sermon and in our quick fix instant society. We may not understand that the cure for spiritual depression may take some time. Whether you to do when you're cast-iron the intern to the bottle and turned to drugs done turned to promiscuous sex trying to escape reality, many people do that I don't just sit feeling sorry for yourself with the answer.

The answer is to behold God, the answer is to look up the answer is to speak to God. Isn't this what the psalmist is doing these pouring out his soul to God. Did you notice all of the flies.

I think there are some seven of them in the two sounds why why me, why did this happen when is this going to end, why, why would God allow this quiet me, but the psalmist you have to commend him. There is a tremendous honesty and reality and boldness before God that is essential when dealing with your depression speak to God. Put your heart to the Lord. That's what the psalmist is doing. Asking questions come with confidence to his throne for grace. Listen to the writer of Hebrews in Hebrews chapter 4 what this he do to what this is a went to do in their time of need. Hebrews chapter 4 verse 16. Let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace is a God who had thrown away because I'm really questioning him noise not this is the throne for the believer, not of judgment but the throne of grace. To understand God's gracious to understand that God understands your situation. He hasn't deserted you come with boldness the throne of grace is a why would I do that. Listen, that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of night the beautiful I need grace I need mercy and I can come then with boldness into the very throne room of God himself and ask for his help.

Soul brother sister you praying to God about your discouragement, depression is complaining about it, feeling sorry for yourself or are you on your knees before God.

Are you honest in your prayers. I love the fact that so many of the Psalms are honest, we might hesitate to pray like this, but the psalmist does and shows us the reality of pouring our hearts to God.

So first of all speak to God. Secondly, speak to yourself as it was a bit strange is not with us. Armistice Day verse five.

Again, why are you cast down all my soul. He says that he's speaking to himself as a point is a time for self reflection.

When nobody greater than their way. There's a sign time for self analysis. I'm not saying we don't discuss her problems with others that can be helpful, but to examine yourself this challenging of oneself is essential in dealing with depression have been on this confrontation with your own soul. So why are you in such turmoil what's going on. Is this depression was difficult for us to think in these circumstances, but we are to think what to speak to ourselves. It may be helpful to write down some of her thoughts to to read them over to her husband or wife, or friend, a mentor or pastor this week poured out our souls before dark, speaking truth to yourself can be one of the great turning points in dealing with disappointment, discouragement and depression. Because what happens on those times of disappointment sampling times of depression. We have distorted thoughts were not thinking straight and they contribute to our spiritual depression.

We've got to have our minds renewed.

We need to start start thinking straight. Often we buy into the lines of it on making I'm useless.

No one likes me.

God hasn't forgiven. May God is judging me. It would make any difference if I stopped coming to Kyle Richards, no one would miss me at all. With all of these kind of thoughts becoming much more vivid, much more turmoil in the middle of the night. Whether you to do. The truth alive.

The light of truth to Pierce your discouragement and your depression speak to God speak to yourself third weight for the Lord can be read again. Isaiah 40 Isaiah 40 verses 28 through 31 you say have heard this before. John you're going to hear it again right.

This is so important because what the context of Isaiah 40 the people in captivity missing abandoned by God and Isaiah is prophesying that they're going to going to Babylonian captivity, but there's a time in which the going to be restored. A time when God is going to say as he begins. Isaiah 40 comfort you, comfort you, all my people. Isaiah 40 verse 28 have you not known, have you not heard the Lord is the everlasting God, the Creator of the ends of the earth. He does not faint or grow weary. His understanding is unsearchable. He gives power to the faint, and to him who has no might he increases strength even used show faint and be weary, and young men shall fall exhausted. It is, but they would you do this, but they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint.

Weight for the Lord can I say to some of you not all of us. You need from time to time to step off life's treadmill, take a break six days shall you labor and do all your work is a woman under the Sabbath rules well you cannot go by that if you want. But God did not create. You are me to be working nonstop.

You need times of quietness you need time of solitude time of sound when a very good that early.

One of the reasons why so many people are burning outside tired and depressed is that they never have a time of silence and reflection.

I know some you think this is a hobbyhorse of mine and the guess it is but there never away from noise. We live in a very very noisy society was the first thing I do when I go in my car, put on use I can get Fox news. I can get CNN and get BBC and I'm listening to users that will I listen to Christian radio is wonderful.

I listen to the news of my car right but my point is that almost from the time we get up in the morning to the time we go to bed, we hear noise. Noise driving to Calvary this morning I see the people walking or jogging on the Greenway just in from Calvary and I saw this young woman… Beautiful morning and was envied her that you preach. I will go over the walk and she's got headphones think to myself in this trio, listen to the birds not listen to the leaves. Cannot listen to a child crying in the distance and know you're listening to some music, presumably just got earphones on and I thought this is symptomatic. Isn't it of our society would never away from noise what in constant motion. No wonder our minds are whirling we are bombarded with on hyper alert today were online 24 seven with mobile phone so people can check is die, whatever they are.

Recheck your iPhones innumerable times every day. Our minds are overstimulated. One of the spiritual disciplines solitude assignments.

Can you handle that. When I lived in Scotland every year we would have two weeks vacation in Europe is wonderful. There's no mobile phones and no emails and no meetings.

Thank you know clients trying to get hold of me for two wonderful weeks we were cut out for burial. Anyone called as you knew it was probably day to head to be a real emergency you would. I would give the office I give a family of four. Number of where we were without was that. And no one contacted us for two weeks was absolutely brilliant and we went back to these piles of pink slips.

Remember some of you remember dates of people trying to get hold of your button. We also much when we have a time from her deployment at time of silence at time of solitude, you will be a better husband a better wife a better friends. When you have that rest when you have some relaxation.

These feelings of exhaustion, physical and emotional exhaustion. Doesn't Osama say in Psalm 46 verse 10. Be still and know that I am God. If you're waiting for the Lord to come headphones stop denies be still viable mother book about the Bible study guide just got this book and alone yourself. The Holy Spirit and God go for a walk, sit under a tree if you're a young mother that may be difficult and that time when you're on but my mother would get up early and when we came down her Bible was on the kitchen table spent some time in the work to hear from God.

Do you do that when's the last time you got alone with God. Silence away from the four stop checking it and have a time when you're waiting on the Lord.

This should be your greatest joy may be in your home may be on your porch may be on the Greenway but away from people and to wait on the Lord.

No wonder so many people are stressed. No wonder so many people are in turmoil because we are doing what God never intended us to do what going nonstop and were bombarded by all of these messages. I tried to discipline myself when I get up first thing in the morning that I don't on my phone and see what's happening today is difficult to do sometimes is to wait for the Lord to see some of your not waiting for the Lord to be too preoccupied with your circumstances and feelings. I want you to behold God I want you to understand who God is, I want you to see the magnificence of God. Yes, he can remove that mountain in your life.

He is all-powerful.

Isaiah is telling us that that's why were to look at him. He knows the stars is a God of great love and he knows your name.

We saw two or three weeks ago that he has our names written on the palm of his hands.

Isaiah 49 verse six utilize that that this God that you feel has deserted you this God and your internal about that your names are your name is on the palms of his hand. You are greatly greatly loved Psalm 42 verse nine is telling us that God is your rock. He's the unchanging and unchangeable rock heaven we seen that Isaiah again face trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord is an ever lasting rock you can depend on other people you can depend on the circumstances, you can depend on the government, but you can absolutely depend on God he steadfast. This is the sure and certain hope that we have UNIDO rocketed a secure foundation. You need someone who is 100% reliable. Who will never let you down as your rock. We sometimes think he will hold me fast I can hold myself our second always be of help to my friends to my family. But God is always my friend and God will always help you as you wait on the Lord. Simons also says here in Isaiah 43 boasted that he is your refuge was a refuge and fortress Psalm 46 verse one God is our refuge and strength a very present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear, though the earth gives way, he paints horrific circumstance of the of the whole world collapsing around him with an earthquake with a tidal wave, and he says I'm not even if you then, because God is my refuge. I go to God for strength.

I go for him to him for protection. As I wait on the Lord. Furthermore, he says in Psalm 43 verse two. Send out your lights and your truth. Let them lead me.

What do you need when your soul is cast-iron. You need God's light urine confusion.

You don't know what to do. You don't see the end of the tunnel alive. God's light to shine. Use it what's God's light a lamp to my feet and of a lamp to my feet and the light to my path is the word of God is in the Jesus says I'm the light of the world. He who follows me shall not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life. Wait for the Lord, the wonderful that will refrain says this hope in God. For I shall again trace and my salvation and my God is not jeremiad at 29 that God has a future for us that God has plans for you.

But God doesn't cost you a and that as you wait on the Lord as your strong in the Lord to understand that God has a future for you that God has hopes for you. God has plans for you because we follow the one who is the light, we follow the one who knows about the darkness of a man of sorrows, who on the cross that I thirst. Who in the cross that my God, my God, why have you forsaken me. We follow a Savior who died for our sins.

He was buried into rose again. And as we trust him with all of our heart. He's promised that he will guide you and he will lead you as you whole fun as you hope in him as you trust in him. I do not know and have you not heard the Lord is the everlasting God, the Creator of the ends of the earth. He does not faint or grow weary. His understanding is unsearchable.

Give a God whose faint, do you have a God who is really notice as I Isaiah young men shall fall exhausted use show faint but listen to this, but they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength they shall mount up with wings like eagles ever experience that in the problems in the depression mountain up with wings like eagles, and we shall walk and not be weary, and God gets all the praise is our hope is in him we can sing God's hope in a minute but let me ask you to better as we pray together. Father I pray for each person here someone going through overwhelming situations. Some are very sad summer and the emotional turmoil.

Some are worried about the results of a test. Some don't want to go home because of the turmoil in their home. Some of difficulties at work. Unbelievable situations. Father, you know everyone will you refresh them. Father, we be gracious to them and told us to come boldly to your throne divine grace and help in our time of need and for many here.

This is the time of needs. Maybe wait on you made a hope in you. From this time forth and forevermore we ask it in Christ's name

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