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When Christians Disagree

The Verdict / John Munro
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April 29, 2019 1:43 pm

When Christians Disagree

The Verdict / John Munro

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April 29, 2019 1:43 pm

Dr. John H. Munro April 28, 2019 Romans 14:1-12

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How do you react when you meet someone who may have come from another part of the United States or from another country may have a different accents come from a different culture may like different kinds of food do you respond do you ignore them speak with them, welcome them. Also behind her back. I wonder why they are so different from you. How do we at Calvary interact with people who are different from us. Furthermore, who made always agree with us every week I meet people who are new to Calvary church and if you're here as I've said, we welcome your they may have come from Wisconsin or California. They may have come from Moscow or Laos may have come from Beijing or Bogotá that may have come from Romania or Gastonia. We welcome them all. Whatever you are from there.

Also, many people who come to you meet who are very very similar to your they come from the same kind of background, perhaps the same church kind of background they look like you they sound like you generally speaking, they agreed with your view. But on his noodles attorney, whether we meet someone from the other side of the globe, or whether we meet someone who has been raised a perhaps a very similar background to us that we come across people who differ with us who have different opinions on certain matters relating to the Christian faith, and we certainly have that at Calvary and here at Calvary. We rejoice that we have many different cultures, different nationalities, people from different church backgrounds or no background at all spiritually speaking, and that therefore today's message in next week's message is very very important. Very easy isn't the edge of an attitude of superiority. They of self-righteousness of judge mental illness are to ignore order to basically stay away from people who look on certain aspects of their faith differently from you or myself very easy job theological sibilance, as it were, by which we test the spirituality of others and if they don't agree with us at every jot and title. We tend to think we are little better than they are possibly so how do we handle situations when we differ on opinions we can do this in a way which divides us and let's face it, unfortunately done through the centuries Christians.

Many Christians have divided over all kinds of things we can divide separate or we can be committed to the unity which surely is what our Lord desires. Paul is writing to the church at Rome, and that the people is writing to Jews and Gentiles have embraced his teaching in the gospel. As we been studying over the first 11 chapters of Romans. Follow magnificently brilliantly gives the exposition of the gospel of the grace of God as he is presented that we have all sinned in the sight of God and then presents a wonderful message of the gospel which is focused on God's grace that God has demonstrated his love for us in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for our Sunday zero people at Rome have accepted this message in God's grace they been saved.

So when Paul is writing here in chapters 14 and 15. He's not writing to people who disagree on the essentials of the faith we all believe that we are saved by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone as Paul writes to the Galatians of you know your New Testament, you realize that was a very different case, there in the churches at Galatia there was a people who try to bring Christians back under the bondage of the law and tried to say that you're gentle. For example, you had to be circumcised as a Jew was and if you aren't, you wouldn't really save them.

Paul of course will none of that in light of the beginning of Galatians 1. He says listen even if an angel from heaven would come and preach another gospel which of course is no gospel at all, but if he did preach another gospel that should be absolutely rejected anathema on them. He pronounces a curse on them such as Paul is steadfast and can be absolutely no compromise on the gospel of the grace of God and adjusted Calvary. We give no compromise on the authority of Scripture or on the wonderful message of the gospel of the grace of God that were saved not by our words them by attending a church but entirely by grace but here in Romans the this.

The difference is that the law that we can read about this week and next week but not over the essentials of the faith. These were Christians who agreed in the gospel, but they didn't see eye to eye on some matters and Paul helps us and I think all of us need help.

Only he helps us to interact with people who see things differently from us as we tried to work out the implications of our faith were saved by grace. But how does the gospel in this wonderful transformation of all of her life is that one comes in certain areas and Christians in Rome different and Christians down through the centuries. Never. And I think here at Calvary we may not always see some of these things exactly the same suburban Astrodome. Your Bible to Romans chapter 14, I trust you, your Bible is not as one in the pew in front of you and were going to look at the first 12 verses of Romans 14 and Lord willing, will continue this next week as we think of the end of chapter 14 and then going to chapter 50 Paul is going to say three basic things.

Three principles are thing which will help us on this important aspect of disagreements between authentic followers of Jesus when Christians differ first of all, the principle of mutual acceptance is so important, that is, in the Christian faith and in the church fellowship unit Calvary. We must show Christian forbearance marriage Romans chapter 14 the first three verses. First of all, as we think of the principal of mutual acceptance. As for the one who is weak in faith you regard the brother that sisters we can faith for the need to do. As for the one who is weak in faith welcome him that it is welcome him, welcome her, but not to quarrel over opinions. One person believes he may eat anything, while the weak person eats only vegetables let another one who eats this fire is the one who abstains, and let not the one who abstains pass judgment on the one who wakes for God has welcomed him verses are not difficult to understand may be difficult to work out in the practical Christianity about the basic point I think is very very clear and the first of all I would say that we must accept the reality. This is difficult for some of your accept the reality that Christians sometimes disagree. I realize we wonderful if we all agreed on everything. That's not the reality is that true in your family.

If you're married, that's not true in your relationship with your husband or your wife, unless you're a completely domineering person and are you married to somebody who never has a view about anything very exciting. Marriage is a little conflict can help.

Marriage sometimes not too much. Of course, with a little bit don't get too upset because someone at Calvary. As you and that Bible study headline group expresses a view that you don't entirely agree with accept the reality that Christians sometimes disagree not in the church at Rome.

Some of the members were weak in their faith.

Verse one.

Others were strong in their faith.

We over to chapter 15 verse one we Paul the apostle sees himself as strong in the faith.

We who are strong have an obligation to bear with the feelings of the week and not to please ourselves. So in the church. It Rome. Paul is saying there Christians who are weak in their faith, whatever that may mean and there are other Christians who are strong in their faith and Paul helps us to understand some of the Christians at enrollment scruples over certain things, whereas others didn't regard these matters as important as a tall, I think in the context the church of Rome. Generally speaking, the week Paul is referring to Jewish believers. The strong were Gentile believers not to say that all of the converted Jews were weak in all of the converted Gentiles were strong but generally there wire in the church at Rome. The student groups of people that were the Gentiles and there were the Jews undiluted things very very differently that when Paul says in verse one, when he talks about we can. Faith is not referring to a week saving faith in Jesus Christ for salvation. That's not a blind is only one way of salvation that is by grace through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. So Paul is not dealing with a matter of salvation, but some in the church at Rome is the sum of some in the church unit Calvary were weak when working out the implications in their lives of the gospel as a say Paul is not dealing with the essentials of the faith.

In chapter 13 verse nine is dealt with the commandments is not saying well you can disregard the commandments. If you feel I did obey them. If you feel like no that's not the point. These are not to quarrel over the words in verse one opinions then IV stays disputable matters.

There's areas in which Christians sincerely true believers differ.

They have different opinions.

They look at things that are disputable as they look at them, they respond differently than what were some of these Paul tells us in verse two there were differences in foods.

There were some people.

Verse two who would eat only vegetables can imagine going through life, decedent, vegetables, but someday it and there was also the mother of drinking wine. If you would go over to verse 21 will think of this next week. It is good not to eat meat or drink wine or do anything that causes your brother to stumble by. Think of this. Think of the Jewish person who is converted in the grace of God. He has been brought up under the Mosaic law. The ceremonial law of Moses with these food restrictions that are classes of things you can eat and not eat you can have a ham sandwich. You can't eat shrimp.

You can't do this you can't do that we today call it kosher.

They were brought up with that that was the heritage and that there were also observing special days, holy days that we are called politics. Remember the various festivals of the Old Testament that they had to observe and so narrow they are one to Jesus Christ there saved by the grace of God and here they are in the same church as some Gentiles in these Jewish believers are most upset when they find guidance when they go to each that there Gentile brother or sister is enjoying a piece of pork.

We tend to judge that person. What kind of Christian this this we have in the law that you're not meant to eats pork.

These were food restrictions. Festivals prescribed in the Mosaic law, no notice what Paul is doing.

Member chapter 12. He emphasized love also chapter 13 love your enemies, your lovely genuine when you say that the outstanding quality in the church of Jesus Christ should be love. We are to love God were to love your neighbor as yourself. What does that mean then what does it mean when I'm confronted with this individual who I don't think we should each and the converted Jew. I don't think we should eat at Park and you take my for breakfast. A new order make portion of bacon.

Remember that the Orthodox Jew wouldn't even eats with a Gentile, for fear that he would be ceremonially unclean. Pulses wanted to welcome these brothers and sisters. I want you. As for the one who is weak in faith well come him Dawn to quarrel over these disputable matters.

There were other Christians at enrollment were strong in their faith.

They were liberated, as it were from the Mosaic rituals and ceremonial laws and very for their part, they were not to despise the Jewish believers for the velodrome is enjoying his ham sandwich is in the say to his wife that his brother so-and-so, a brother, Ezra, and he can even enjoy a good time saying which I look down on that person.

I despise and it doesn't seem to understand the liberty that we have in Jesus Christ. Now, do we have similar disputes with people today are still debate this in their on some issues today in the church. For example, I know some Christians would on a park or family that kind of challenge means of enjoying the good ham sandwich 11. I continued to enjoy my good arms language unless I'm really offending you which case when you invite me for breakfast. A list of toast and eggs of that's okay. More to the point, how should believers in Christ observe the Lord's day when I was a boy growing up in in Scotland children than play games on the Lord say they did play a tall on the Lord's day it was the Lord's day was the day of worship was the day of rest. You and I like to go out and play when I was, not like to play football, soccer on Sunday. It was largely member the movie chariots of fire for every little the strong believer who went out to China as a missionary. He refused to run in the only in the Olympics because the heat was going to be on the Lord's day and I did of his conscience and his understanding of Scripture. He said no I can't run on the Lord's day. I was brought up that we were not we were not allowed to do any schoolwork on the Lord say that was not a hardship, but schoolbooks away and I can say that I went to university I qualified as an attorney and I never ever ever studied on the Lord's day, and you say what did you view you feel you had to do that. All I know is this some of my friends as we came up to the final exam two study study study study. Some of them were nervous wrecks come of them had a breakdown and I thought it wise that God's gives us a day of rest.

One day, which is different from the others. You might regard that as we can. Faith or strong in faith, but the fact is then at least in Scotland, many places probably United States Sunday the Lord's day was meant to be different. We can do schoolwork. We could only read certain books more television than our house and that was it.

Never going on than the Lord's day, and that we had to read books.

We called them Sunday books books about missionaries Christian fiction and that whoever said to my dear mother, my mother nothing else agreed she would remind us that there were 70 there were 66 books that we have not quite mastered, referring to the Bible so we were taught on the large they went to church went to church when the church does once the user focused on the Lord make it home from church with me at lunch was a conversation. What had we learned that we want to say it was in the which was different it was for rest and worship you may have heard the story by then we bought in Scotland. He went up to his Minnesotans administer. Is it wrong to go for a walk on the Lord's day, and that is the administer said that we boy well you can go for a walk on the large they provided you don't enjoy yourself. So there was a bit of that as well. Wasn't sent some of you were brought up that way still disagree with this part of the tank elements still apply today and if so in what way some people observe a strictly many people don't observe a tall, and they said well of course for us every days Lord's day uses are the ones we haven't read the Lord every day of the week and so what are these differences so there were in the church at Rome different opinions on disputable matters. Paul is saying to the strong. You must accept the week without reservation. When unique needs a new believer, someone you come to Calvary church and you get to know them a little bit and you find that the look on things differently going to immediately start trying to put them right so you like to do that dungeon it's fund is you want to show them that your way and your ideas and your arguments are much superior to theirs. Paul says no on these disputable matters on these opinions don't do that don't quarrel over that you are going to divide the church you have contention in your life group and in your Bible study over such matters are going to debate and debate these questionable issues there is to be a warm acceptance. There's to be a warm welcome into the church fellowship of all authentic followers of Jesus Christ, particularly, particularly if you regard them as immature in your faith if you regard yourself is this great strong believer who strong in your faith, your mature you've got it all put together in your mind. You have a particular responsibility to welcome that person who is weak in their faith is that number of reasons. One is in the church of Jesus Christ role in the same level.

There are no second-class membership. There's no associate membership is a word in the church of Jesus Christ. We are all equal numbers will come the same way saved by grace. We are all sinners. There's no one superior to the other. Yes, what I different stages of Christian maturity that is true. But before God. We are all equal. No second-class members at Calvert. Sometimes, particularly people who come from another country's bigoted language they say to me pastor using we are members of this church, every church? You're just as welcome as those who have been part of Calvary church four 3040 or 50 years. They may know their Bibles much better than you do. They perhaps observe the Lord longer than you have. But you're welcome because we are all equal is the authentic followers of Jesus Christ were not clones early the church of Jesus Christ is not a coats when we all think alike called look-alike or sign the like that is cultish isn't it and some churches may not be cults, but they tend to walk that there is no room for disagreement it got to accept the whole package. Some of you were brought up in churches like that some of you have been part of churches like that when everyone's got to look-alike and sign the like.

Basically, Brian, to the whole package that I give it illustration which I think it's humorous. You may not find it humorous, from something from time to time people, come to me and say john you you you winning a time to be much more comfortable if you took off your time and know that the remark reminds me of the Irishman who bought tie into the back to the store because it was too tight coming listen, I am perfectly comfortable here.

It makes you uncomfortable and I wanted to say too bad about Paul's welcome you. Here's a picture when I was dressed to go to school where you are I think is about five years old mother's one wearing this with the neighborhood school.

School blazer little sweater led by my mother, and of course the time I'm in, wearing a Tysons of four years old. No problem. I tell people sometimes are to get off for the go to bed but I don't mind the time not requiring you to enter time.

I'm not going to quarrel with you over the time we have some cool plasters here the don't wear ties in some might think that we can faith I would never say that, but I mean you might come to that conclusion is a true story about ties, there was in Canada a preacher told Mr. Horner who is preaching and is wearing a time and that he came from one of the more enthusiastic branches of the Christian faith and diagrams are very very emotional lot of shoveling and waving his arms and as he was doing this. His time is wrapped around his hands and he claimed that the Lord told him of that moment that he and no one else in churches where a time because Satan was trying to find his preaching so true story. I'm sure there are other factors. The became Horner rights after Mr. Horner, who from then on, didn't win a time and his followers followed him multis and presumably those like me who wanted to wear a tie separated.

You think that's bizarre. Yes it is bizarre that people would the vine needed over whether or not you wear a tie in church has a once appropriate dress when you come to worship the Lord you say surely that is a secondary mother yes but as in the case, but Christians have divided the churches have caused unrest have promoted gossip and little fractions over these disputable matters to Paul is making him very, very important points one I need to listen to and I suspect that most of you need to listen to as well. Don't argue and quarrel and followed and divide the church over non-essential aspects over the scruples that some people have what's her tendency or tendency is that if I think I'm strong is to despise the person who's weak. So some of you think now you need to tie I'm strong in my faith alone. What's wrong with Monroe wearing his time liberated. This is nonsense and cellular dying and you despise for the one who is weak in the face. Of course he thinks is strong in the faith of the one who is weak in his faith is tendency is to judge the person I am judging you. I don't think it was spiritual as I am. I don't think you're as godly as I am.

I don't think you regard the holiness of God as strongly as I do, because I'm wearing a tie and you are no user that sends foolish it is foolish for this and see how many churches have been divided with all of the pain with all of the hurt over these disputable matters that was pulsing welcome one another. Why the do this in diversity. For God has welcomed him. I am to welcome you and your to welcome me because God has asked has welcomed both of us the wonderful God is welcomed me. You not to welcome me that look at verse three. Let not the one who reads despise the one who sustains us, and let not the one who abstains pass judgment on the one who eats the passing judgment.

I think particularly has a strong in you. But this principle of welcoming one another applies to us all, whether we are strong in the faith.

Or we can faith looked out into chapter 15 verse seven. Paul summarizes it.

This key verse.

Therefore, welcome one another as Christ has welcomed you for the glory of God. What's important is not my time is not whether you have a ham sandwich are not is not how you regard the Lord say what's important is the glory of God, and it is not going to glorify God. If you and I fall out over the matter of opinion over a matter of something which is disputable.

There must be mutual acceptance, church doesn't belong to you. Calvary church sadly doesn't belong to me is not my church building. This church is Christ is building the church.

The church belongs to Christ. Having as wonderful as the Calvary church people from all over the world's can come here and I think they do. I trust this is true, that they are not only welcome, they are warmly welcomed in the name of Jesus Christ.

Why because each of us must be committed to the spiritual health. The spiritual vitality the spiritual growth of one another.

I am to help you spiritually and you are to help me and to do that. We welcome one another as God has welcomed us notice what Paul doesn't do which would be the American view which would be the contemporary church.

You he doesn't say okay I tell you, it will solve the problem with at least two groups with a weak and strong platelets form to distinct congregations agree with these things without all of these meetings with all of these elders meetings and congregational meetings in which we still can't get agreement so let's form two separate congregations. Those who think this will dissuade those who think this go that way.

He doesn't do that they are to be united.

Do you really want to divide the body of Christ. That's why I sometimes admonish of his goodness he gently admonished, but maybe just admonish people who say this is an American church. This is not an American church. This is the church of Jesus Christ and the true church.

Yes, a social club or country club may only want people who all look alike and sign the light like and can pay alike is not the church. All ethnicities all peoples member Jesus says my will be a house of prayer for just the Jews know for all the nations. We welcome all ethnicities, all cultures all peoples.

That's why as I'm preaching right now we have simultaneous translation going on often in the sign language we have in Spanish, Russian and Chinese. Did you know that right now. We got it been translated for this people, they can hear this message and they're all in the heart language. How wonderful. Why we don't say well you can come here, you need to form your own little church now this is the church of Jesus Christ.

Now I realize that when you have a church like that you're going to have some differences I should a little bit. By the way I was raised and some of you can for the life of your identify with that I might my by going was nothing like that's all. As I was raised. I didn't choose it.

I'm very thankful for thankful.

I was taught to read another when my Bible with other books to get interest in missionaries when I was a little boy, but if you were brought up differently. No wonder you look at things differently your worldview, your perspective, what this acceptable style of worship. What people wear when they go to church and these things what people eat what people drink you look at things very very differently wonderful to remember that our heavenly father welcomes each one of us into the family of God is incredible. Where else on planet earth other than the church of Jesus Christ can every single person be welcomed warmly with all of the diversity with all of the differences other than the church of Jesus Christ, particularly if people are weak, particularly if people are struggling, particularly if people don't candidates and may struggle with the truth that some of us learned when we were five or six years old and here someone is converted from paganism and they struggle and they don't seem to get it.

We do do to quarrel with them from among the church, though what to welcome them to pray for which to bear one another's burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ. So don't judge don't condemn others.

Those who are different from you are part of the same body of Christ. Paul says in Ephesians 41 Lord one faith, one baptism is a point mutual acceptance. If God has welcomed that brother or sister, you must buy most welcome. I hope you agree with that but you must welcome all in the name of Jesus Christ I was the second principle, the principle of personal convictions limited versus 45 who are you the listing you to pass judgment on the sacrament of another as before his own master that he stands or falls.

And he will be upheld for the Lord is able to make him stand. One person's themes one day is better than another one another esteems all days alike was argument welcome others because the Lord Jesus is our master Jesus is that brothers master not you what what what do you think it over that person pump uses an illustration from the household who are you to pass judgment on the seven of another. Your next-door neighbor is getting the house painted and as the painter begins to obtain them as human coyotes from your self-righteous porch and you don't like the way the painter is painting you like the color of the paint on the way he's doing another type of pain and you go to the to the painter and say how dare you Sir, I don't like that color. I don't like that paint and by the way you're using the wrong brush. What does the painter say the pincer events. If you started, she pours the paint over your head, but Americans are much kinder much nicer people you use it you see to the use of the person pincer size who you to be telling me how to paint the master I've got my instructions and instructions.

The pain this house didn't come from you, but came from the owner why you get involved in this is the point is, do you have your personal preferences.

Yes, do you have your personal convictions. Yes, all of us do, and you may have very strict rules for yourself so that you can cultivate a holy walk with God, and there are certain things that you may not do in certain things that you refrain from due from doing member you are vegetarian. Maybe you observe the Lord's day, but a very strictly praise God for that. If you believe that is drawing you closer to the Lord. But don't owns force your personal convictions about brother or sister. You know their master. Paul writes, first Corinthians 9 verse 19, though I am free from all I have made myself a servant to all that I might win more of them.

What management Paul is a great apostle of the free, of course, is free, but the saying, listen, there's another principle at play here. I become a servant of all. So that I can win people for Christ to your personal convictions and my personal opinions are to be under the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

Dawn tried to control other people's thinking Dawn tried to pressure people to get everyone to think the same way as you do over these disputable areas.

Another master in my master Christ died for them with you to do your to serve them serve you bring the judge leave that to God, no, don't judge them, serve them, welcome them, love them.

Christ is our master, not one another in verse six the one who observes the day, observes it in honor of the Lord. My parents and strictly observing the Sabbath. You may disagree with them, but when they were doing and they were doing it in honor of the Lord. That's what they believe, that was there from convictions. The one who eats needs to know not of the Lord.

I have pork I do in honor the Lord since he gives thanks to God, while the one who abstains his vegetarian brother. Sorry, I should say that the one who abstains, abstains on this what Paul is saying in honor of the Lord and give thanks to God for none of us lives to himself.

None of us dies to himself. If we live we lift to the Lord. If we die we died to the Lord. So then, whether we live or whether we die with the Lord's, for to this end Christ died and lived again, that he might be Lord both of the dead and of the living don't live such a self-centered life both the weak and the strong to look for the glory of God. That's the point.

Whatever you're doing in your eating or drinking in the Christian life.

Make sure that you're doing it in the spirit of thankfulness and you're doing it, not to pursue your own little agenda how to make life easy for yourself or to give the impression that you're more spiritual another's do it for the glory of God. Yes there are those who have very sensitive consciences, but they are in fact weak. The June would needs Park because of his conscience because of his understanding of the law by their consciences must not only be informed by our pass by our traditions of told you some of mine with the Lord's day. More importantly, our conscience is to be instructed by the word of God and so the person who is weak in faith. He often thinks he strong but he is in fact weak in faith, if he thinks that observing these rules brings them closer to God or if he tries to force his personal convictions on you are on me. He regards himself as a strong believer in actual fact is weak is a bit of a legalist because he's looking in following these rules is being more acceptable with God and he's trying to convince others to see everything the same way as he is seeing Paul is saying no when accountable to Jesus Christ. He is my master not you listen to Paul in Colossians 2, verse 16. Therefore, let no one pass judgment on you and questions of foods and drink are with regard to a festival or a new moon or a Sabbath of brother Robert, sister stop judging the Lord is the master. He's the one who judges who are you to judge others who appointed you as this charge.

Who are you to condemn other people is the point note make sure that what you're doing is being done to the Lord that you living for the Lord that you have accepted the challenge of total commitment that Paul has said that in the opening two verses of Romans 12 that you have presented your bodies a living sacrifice. Time to do that focus on myself and I'm to do that with a clear conscience to be going on judging you and I don't want you to despise me because I don't adhere exactly the same way you respond to some of these disputable matters. Finally, very quickly. The principal of divine accountability. These all arrive together. The principle of mutual acceptance. The principle of personal convictions. The principle of divine accountability verse 10. Why do you pass judgment on your brother get the point Paul is that this is going to say that again in the continuing passage all you why did you despise your brother, for we will all stand before the judgment seat of God that makes a stop doesn't for it is written as I live, says the Lord, every knee shall bow to me and every tongue shall confess to God. So then each one of us will give an account of himself to God. Welcome others because God is the supreme judge. Don't judge don't suspect despise if you weak in your faith. You tend to judge if your finger strong in your faith. You tend to despise the week.

In the case when people disagree with us would like to put a legal or a label on the legalist worldly shallow phyla Seiko we do this only as follows. A crime sometimes find People's Bank reported for a label on them and then usually some complementary usually means in some measure they see things differently from us season for the week of Christian the one who is scruples on food and drink couldn't observance of days to judge those who don't accept their views or standards don't do that very easy for the strong in their faith to look darn, and despise the spoon brother.

This persisted with his hang ups over the scruples of rules and hangups. No both judging a despising of wrong. Remember this is what Paul says verse 10.

Why do you pass judgment on who brother I grew up in a house of six boys and five brothers did we find the river disagree. Yes, constantly some of my brothers didn't always respect my opinion you believe that many disagreements with her family system. The earlier your you're all we are always fighting such as normal conversation for some brothers who need to be put right. It was just a culture as long as we were meant to be agreeable in our language Mildred word seven no swimming in our house. My father loved us very wisely to say disagreements, but we loved each other for brothers from viewing your families if you disagree with one another as a senior manager disagree.

But remember, this is my brother. I love this brother was agree with them. They see things differently. Yes, that, but don't judge this is your brother Paul's going to say later, in chapter 15. This is the one for whom Christ died for the Jesus in Matthew seven verse one judge know that you be not judged.

I know that versus overused, but it certainly applies here on these disputable matters stop being the judge. If you are very judgmental.

That will come back to hit you know you need grace I need grace. Whether you think that brother is weak or strong accepted love them welcome. I'm glad I have many people over the years who have welcomed and accepted me, though they have always agreed with me. Don't set yourself up as a judge.

Don't set yourself up as a busybody in the church, always going around trying to put everyone right and getting them to see things the same way as you do know that's very dangerous and potentially it is divisive and love welcome and receive one another. Of course we stand solid on the gospel. Of course we stand strongly when God has clearly revealed his will, whether other matters which are disputable and these are the mothers that Paul is saying and can I encourage you as a close this morning to do something, but somewhat many of you are already doing some of you are going to find this quite challenging.

Others of your for your backgrounds are going to do more easily but can I encourage you brother, my brothers and sisters here at Calvary to return to someday maybe a bit different from who looks at things differently different backgrounds, different view of things.

We rejected a person today. Occasionally I hear when I talk to people, particularly those who knew about the life group. Sometimes I hear sadly well is been difficult to break into that likely because of that, this little click no clicks are usually in the click in the circle with this is what is covertly the inner circle.

These little clicks these little in the circles I found over the years there usually composed of people who see things pretty much the same.

They look alike sign the like birds of a feather flock together.

I understand that we all enjoyed being with people who agree with us come from similar backgrounds. Of course we do. Someone from Scotland comes here. I'm unclear something to welcome them and that I could. I understand them better understand the humor I understand the way they think is easy for me to relate to someone else from Scotland but that's not the church. Is it the little just a group of people who oversee the same way as you.

If you're part of that circle you cut that friends praise God that you formed which friendships here through your life group through your Bible study which we had more of that, and I encourage you if you're not part of the life group to go to one and you shall not sure if I'm going to be welcome. Let me tell you, you will be welcomed. If you're not tell me you will be welcomed. I can guarantee you will be welcome. But for those of you who are part of these life, make sure you warmly except that new person to Calvary at new convert that person who's searching the person whom he has the difficult question and that person in the Bible study who could sometimes see say things you don't agree with love them and care for them and by that person to your home. Invite them for a coffee reach out to them, welcome them in the name of Jesus Christ. Why, because our great God welcomes all who through faith and repentance, faith, humbly come to the Savior.

Our Savior came to his own and is on the receiving but as many as received him, to those who believed in his name to them he gave the right to become children of God were born, not of blood nor of the will of man, not of the will of flesh, but of God. But the gospel in the that whoever you are, if you humble yourself before God. You cried out to God for salvation and grace will save you and you will be welcomed into the family of God. This rich rich family. How wonderful for all of eternity and you can begin to enjoy that on ending fellowship even though as you interact and welcome your brothers and sisters in Christ. Father is a sometimes difficult for us. We confess that we are sometimes judgmental.

We can even despise people look down on them. Forgive us father think is for the reminder last weekend of the cross that Christ died for our sins and was buried, and rose again and may each of us humbly welcome one another as you have welcomed us all to the glory of God in Christ

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