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Sexual Purity and Honesty

The Verdict / John Munro
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May 4, 2020 12:15 am

Sexual Purity and Honesty

The Verdict / John Munro

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May 4, 2020 12:15 am

Dr. John H. Munro May 3, 2020 Matthew 5:27-37 For ASL Interpretation:

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While someone might say, surely something written 2000 years ago. Like Matthew's gospel is totally antiquated and maybe of some historical interest, but is certainly not relevant for people living in the 21st-century. So instead of looking at these ancient scriptures.

Why not deal with contemporary issues while we saw last time that Jesus believed that the Scriptures are in fact the word of God and that they will never pass away. The odd eternal and what is eternal is always relevant. And so we are continuing today listening to the teaching of Jesus as he sits on the Moncton and teachers his disciples, they gather and they listen to his words and that I prayed. I want you to do that this morning was that we read are convicting their going to shake us our trust. They do what you listen humbly and listen to the words of Jesus, would you say that dealing with sexuality as relevant today. Would you say that dealing with faithfulness in marriage as relevant today. Would you say that being truthful today as relevant in an age of fake news, spend gossip, rumor and innuendo and downright lies is that refreshing to hear what Jesus is going to say about teaching about speaking the truth someone to listen to the teaching of Jesus on sexual purity on faithfulness in marriage and untruthfulness. First, let's read about sexual purity is found in Matthew chapter 5 verses 27 through 30. And I know you're at home about to read it out loud with me your parents or that was said, you shall not commit adultery but I say to you that everyone who looks at a woman with lustful intent has already committed adultery with her in his heart. If your right eye causes you to sin. I then throw it away, but it is better that you lose one of your members that your whole body being thrown into hell. And if your right hand causes you to sin, cut it off and throw it away. For it is better that you lose one of your members than that your whole body goal into hell. Strong words was coming not from me, but from our Lord Jesus Christ King Jesus done.

First of all, were going to think of sexual purity and see that authentic followers of Jesus practice sexual purity. Day, not lust. Those who are following Jesus practice sexual purity not lust them in verse 27.

Jesus refers to the Old Testament Scriptures were going to see this result as last time you've had the set of old, but I say to you.

Verse 27 you have heard that it was said, you shall not commit adultery, that sometimes the scribes and the Pharisees misquotes Scripture. Sometimes they are their own interpretation their own spin on those spin on it, as it were, but this quotation is accurate, it comes from the 10 Commandments, you shall not commit adultery, the scribes and the Pharisees over may have forgotten the 10th commandment, which says you shall not covet your neighbor's wife. By the seventh commandment you shall not commit adultery is given by God to protect the sanctity of the marriage union and the family at the core of marriage is the intimacy between two individuals who are committed to one another in love and faithfulness.

So this commandment promotes and points to purity.

Last, on the other hand, points in the opposite direction or sexuality is a beautiful gift from God as human beings, God has made us among other things as sexual beings, sought sexuality is very very important as a beautiful gift, a sacred gift and because it is such a wonderful gift from God. It is not to be abused is not to be cheapened when sexual intimacy that takes place.

I learned of the sanctity and the context of marriage. Profiling damages done emotional damage spiritual damage physical damage the group sexually to some transmitted diseases. Think of jealousy.

Think of unwanted pregnancies think of guilt and shame the feelings are being used and cheapened couple of years ago I talked to a couple of students who come to Calvary about sexuality on the college campus and they said there was a huge group of students who think nothing of what they call cooking up a dreadful Expressionism and they say that on this campus.

I want them of the college. I daresay goes on in most colleges that the students can have sexual intimacy with one another and not even know the name of the person that the sleeping with.

I'm not easily shocked, but I was shocked that you telling me that goes on in thousands of dollars that is about the young man I said your friends feel after that he said no they don't feel very good refill cheap. They know that something wrong, but their sexual loss. This is not an act of love, far from it is all about lust is all about taking all about satisfying themselves is all about fulfilling the ego and the physical desires, and I thought that you would want to marry a girl that had participated two full years of college like that young woman would want to marry a man who had cheapened himself and abused woman for his own sexual stomach. Very good husbands and wives to the no damage is done. Profiling damage is done to the very soul. What does God say what God gives this message. Marriage is an exclusive permanent gas and holy covenant between one man and one woman. Therefore as Jesus quotes the seventh commandment, adultery. Adultery is a violation of trust in the deepest sense enact of betrayal involved in immorality, adultery, fornication, some other expression of sexuality. Are you involved in them immorality. You including a between the relationship of a man of the woman that moderate you have included between that sacred bond between a man and a woman. Jesus is quoting the Old Testament commandment and says you shall not commit adultery if you're involved in adultery. If you're involved in immorality today.

I say in the name of God, stop the sentence wrong. Your damaging yourself you're damaging your family, your damaging those that care for you and love listen to Jesus. You shall not commit adultery, and it today do not preserving the not commit sexual immorality.

The writer of Hebrews, which is very, very strongly. Hebrews 13 verse four. Let marriage be held in honor among all about the marriage bed. The undefiled writers say the marriage by this code is given by God but is to be undefiled when that is adultery that marriage bed is as it were defiled, stained is damaged and then the writer of Hebrews says for God will judge the sexually immoral and adulterous. Jesus is going to say the same thing but if you continue like that will end in hell itself. God will judge the sexually immoral, and the adulterous here is God's order for sexuality. God made you God knows what fulfills you lots, each of very bad storms pilot. This sexual purity chastity before marriage and fidelity and faithfulness. After manager shall not commit adultery but notice Jesus of the finished yes he said you said that.

But, verse 28 by saying to you is a formula you found it was that of the all-time but I say to you people talk and say well Jesus kind of goes easy is a very hard saying of Jesus, who is a his God was seen this before in our study of Matthew.

This is King. Jesus is not my views on the views of Calvary church. This is the views of Jesus I say to you that everyone who looks at a woman with lustful intent has already committed adultery using the seventh commandment was pointing forward we saw last week that Jesus is the fulfillment of the law and the interpreter of the law is is not diverted said, you shall not commit adultery. That's true but I say to you before, that is the act of immorality. Before that is adultery of the act. There is always adultery in the heart. The real problem is in here Jesus is saying is not enough to say, oh, I didn't commit adultery. I didn't do that to the actual act of adultery have come close, but not actually do it know he said if you got that lustful intent in your heart you have committed adultery, no seminal wrong look at a beautiful mandala beautiful woman but you know the difference in your heart unto you know the difference between locating and having as it translated here. A lustful intent. I hope you know the difference between love and lust.

Lust takes less this self-centered lust is about me was the satisfying my needs love is for the other love groups concerned with the other advantage you have this wonderful design of God to people who love God and to love one another. Lust is always about take my fulfillment my needs.

This is what I want to live in a society. Don't wait of unrestrained sexuality when images promoting loss that everywhere I think of it, think of the wisdom of Jesus, the perfect teacher all sin doesn't begin with the act as it know it begins inherent begins with the imagination so don't Jesus inked on entertainment immoral unless full images in your mind, don't do that after zero don't actually do the act know Jesus as I am concerned about your heart, he's already said one of the Beatitudes in verse five Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God. Single person don't want to marry somebody who's pure in heart is a great beginning to managers in the someone who's pure in heart. Someone who loves God not just concerned about their needs. How many marriages how many relationships have been right because one of the party realizes this individual doesn't know much about love is all about loss. This all about them. Think of the wisdom of Jesus that this is difficult in our society. Pornography we talk about pandemic but pornography is a pandemic. When I was a criminal prosecutor. We use the prosecute man who were watching certain movies which were illegal. They would go to some little shall be building their in the darkness watch these terrible images but today it so much more accessible so much more sophisticated that on your smart phone.

Yet the most dreadful stuff drywall near about pornography was the design of pornography is about love is not about love to help you if you have a pure heart. No it will help you to get deftly, deftly mind and the deftly heart pornography is all about promoting the last in your heart you know that that's not helping you married man to love your wife more is not helping your student to love your girlfriend more. No, it's dreadful it will write your spirit, your sexuality, it will write your relationships. Yes, he can even rank your marriage.

You tempted to speak to students tempted to look at pornography.

I think the answer is probably yes. I say to you in the authority of Scripture.

Don't don't its deadly poison reduces woman to sex objects is from our enemy. Jesus blesses those who are pure in heart, you say you'll never ever commit immorality, whether it is adultery or fornication or anything else. If you have never had that last in your heart. It begins with a heart that's why Jesus is saying if you look at a woman with lustful intent. You have already committed adultery is about… This is tough. This is difficult, yes. But listen to the beauty of the gospel.

The gospel message is that God forgives us all of our sins through the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ he makes is clean and how can we retain that purity of heart. Paul says if you walk by the Spirit you will not fulfill the lusts of the heart Jesus is saying that sexual loss is a breaking of the seventh commandment, it is adultery. I think of the application here. Verse 29.

If you're right causes you to sin. I didn't throw it away, but is better that you lose one of your members than your whole body be thrown into hell. And if your right hand causes you to sin, cut it off and throw it away for is better that you lose one of your members than your whole body listening goal into hell. This is tough to his this is the teaching of Jesus.

Listen to its wise radical action is required is better that you cut off your hand. Better that you take it out yet. I Jesus essay rather than continuing in that immorality, which leads to hell itself. I Jesus is not advocating a little tearing out of the eye a little cutting of the hand.

After all, you still would've your left side to look you so we got your left hand was Jesus saying Jesus is singularly strongly in our society how we need to hear it today, how you need to hear it out. I need to hear it.

Jesus is saying that immorality should be treated seriously decisively and radically you hear that you need to be serious about this. You need to take radical action the puzzle. Peter writes in first Peter two verse 11, he says, abstain from fleshly lusts abstain from the passions of the flesh, they wage war against your soul was he saying up saying don't do it there involved in immorality.

Stop thinking about it.

Don't say abstinence for the Scripture say why you say hi. I have these desires.

I have this loss.

Yes, I understand that abstain from it. Peter says that wages war against you, so you understand this is the enemy to understand this is a war when you walk, you don't fraternize with the enemy during the enemy for a cup of coffee at Starbucks and sit there nothing you do in my don't do that. This is an assassin. This is the device of the enemy who wants to neutralize your effectiveness as a follower of Jesus Christ. He wants to bring you down and he's ruthless. Therefore say speed up saying don't go in the unit of nothing to do with it was a young man probably in his late teens in these is got a job in the house is a very nice house. The owner of the house has known this young man and he he trusts him with Rick Ashley's house and his affairs. The man's name is Joseph but as he starts to work in the house. He realizes there's a problem because Mrs. Potiphar is a very seductive woman. I can just picture her flirtatious Dr. and dressing in a very seductive way. By the way woman sisters in Christ. There is a difference between dressing attractively which is a positive. I for one don't want to wife its dynamics looks as if she's being drawn through a hatchback would know I want my wife to Toluca attractive as she is, but there's a difference and you know the difference between dressing attractively and dressing seductively you want to dress seductively one man looking at you with lustful intent to think that's smart. No, I think his Mrs. Potiphar, I can just picture her a very attractive woman but a sensuous in her dress and she sees this young man, Joseph and G is attracted to him and she tries to seduce him. She says that Joseph come in line with me.

Come to bed with me. No one can find I'd been premised upon the parties, building pyramids, or whatever is who cares with all his time in the world. Let's have a great time to Joseph is a man whose pure in heart. Yes it's possible in pagan Egypt, to be pure in heart, the Lord is with Joseph and Joseph that something which is very wise which you may have to do sometimes and he flees because the right leg of the house is falsely accused of doing what he says no I could do this by number one my boss, Mr. foot Potiphar has entrusted the house to me. III can take advantage of that. But more importantly he says in Genesis 39, I can't do this great wickedness and sin against yes it was a sin against Mr. part of her. If you committed adultery with Mrs. part of her that was a sin. But Joseph was well taught, we would say he knew his Bible well and he knew it was a great wickedness and sin against God.

What you may be doing is a great wickedness and sin against God is very wise advice. Sometimes you have to flee the alcoholic doesn't go to the bar and look at the drink known. He knows better than he knows that one drink will lead to more binders battling drugs doesn't go to the party for the drugs are there if you smart, no sometimes you have to flee students are excited party unit was going to their booze, but up some pornography, some movie from drug some immorality. Don't go look good. I say don't even think about it. Don't see how you near you can get to the danger a good and I formerly lived in Nova Scotia in Canada and we would visit this place is called Peggy's Cove. It's a beautiful place just south of Halifax. Wonderful place to visit and and that the denial of the season lobster look-alike house wonderland on the rocks and so on. But which really nice in the picture but sometimes the ceiling. Peggy's Cove is not like that as you go to Peggy's Cove this morning's about this slippery rocks as warnings about not going to close to the sea that my wife is more cautious than me and she's wiser than me, but I sometimes like to go because I love the sea that there's a there's a thrill as the waves are coming over and you feel the spray and you can smell the salt and adjust such wonderful to be a little closer. Once the Stanback you know the history of Peggy's Cove evening we stayed in Canada.

Every so often you'd redo here in the news that another tourist run into the sea, being drowned six.

I think the go close to the edge to see how close I can get you you not bring Ike I can do this to walk on the precipice, as it were some of your doing that with your sexuality into your right. Conflicting with the angel you get close to the fire. You think you can stand back at his finger wise enough not to fall over Jesus Inc. I don't. Joseph is saying don't flee is not how close you can get to the sin, the wise man the wise woman stays away the theological word for dealing with this sin, and in the way of Jesus is cutting off your hand and plucking out your eye. The theological word for this is mortification mortification. You say that's a big word it is. I love big words thickly theological words and I will explain to you what mortification is. Paul refers to the cautiously verse 5.8 today. Therefore what is earthly in your first one sexual ability. Second, impunity. Paul is wise people things actually met out your that's just the art. NoPaul sexually modalities, not just the actors are the impunity of the heart, passion, evil desire, just as they're all in the heart of the which is idolatry.

Radical action with the sin put it to that John on the great English Puritan put it this way, the killing, sin note, it will kill you here that the killing sin on it will kill you. You know the sin in your life take radical action To type stuff. It ended now. Be decisive for radical God will help you code always helps us when we do the right thing. You go to the doctor diagnosed with a cancer in the doctor's vision of the sword to have surgery like were going to cut that out as cancer in your body with a cutter that were to take this decisive action radical action.

You say that is radical yes because if you leave it there, it will kill you. Jesus is saying take radical action that will lead you into hell itself.

The wages of sin is that Jesus says it is better. Listening is better that you lose one of your members than that your whole body go into hell first, then sexual purity Douglas. Secondly, on this day and not lies read with me is secondly rather fidelity.

Sorry not license versus 31 and 32 them with me. It was also said, whoever divorces his wife, let him give her a certificate of divorce but I say to you that everyone who divorces his wife except on the ground of sexual immorality, makes her commit adultery, and whoever marries a divorced woman commits adultery authentic followers of Jesus. The practice purity rather than lust. Secondly, the practice fidelity faithfulness, not license and again the old testament Scripture.

Jesus quotes here in verse 31 was also said, whoever divorces his wife, let him give her a certificate of divorce, the scribes and Pharisees view of divorce was that if you want to get a divorce of your life. Make sure you give it a certificate of divorce number get the paper right you're trying to get rid of this woman make make sure you go through the legal formalities and failing to Deuteronomy 24 because of the hardness of the people's heart, Moses made a concession, but if a man find quote some indecency in his wife he could divorce her and of course that led to debates as to the glands of divorce.

What was this indecency that would justify a man to divorce his wife. While there's a debate among the rabbis at the time of Jesus of the resistor gear, signaling that the only kind of divorce was a modality that some indecency suddenly referred to her immorality, adultery, but the prevailing view was that the man could divorce his wife really for any reason some indecency in that it is tired of it and find it attractive she was getting old and was attracted to someone much younger and more attractive and and vibrant. In fact it was that if you buttoned the software. You could also divorce her as long as you get the paper work rights that's okay you can guess that the rules were made by man can shift way of dealing with your wife but notice the teaching of Jesus.

Verse 32 but I seem to see his authority takes only say to you that everyone who divorces his wife except on the grounds of sexual immorality, makes her commit adultery, and whoever marries a divorced woman commits adultery, the scribes and the Pharisees, these legalists that missed the whole point is Jesus and the holy covenant of marriage. Don't look for some legal loophole so you get rid of your wife, and Molly.

Someone else is a pastor had men come to me and and and really said I am tired of my life and that really saying is that is there some way I can justify telling rid of this woman and I almost invariably, of course, the brother eye on another woman was the scribes and the Pharisees all get the people right what rights make sure you do the legal formalities. Jesus is saying, I say to you, God never commanded divorce is the teaching of Jesus.

If you divorce your wife and me mate you're committing adultery.

And if you divorce your wife. She commits adultery. The assumption being she's going to marry Mr. that's pretty tough as the sanctity of marriage.

So if you're single.

We carefully lay get to know the person, the cook time don't go into too quickly get some good biblical counsel because of the importance of marriage, divorce, and our society's very prevalence. I listened Jesus is saying in God is saying if you're separating what God has joined your committing adultery. Marriage is for life. Notice Jesus, authoritative teaching, but I say to you who she is looking Jesus is God incarnate.

Listen to so the days are listing of your time to your husband or wife you think that will incompatible with Armageddon all the time you find yourself being attracted to someone else. Although you would deny that if I asked you what you know in your heart that there someone else in mind is neither even if there's not someone else in mind.

Listen to the teaching of Jesus. Notice that the mandate has put pressure on some managers you are stuck at home with this guy yet tired of someone things arm stuck at home with us wife. I can't even get right so much with her day and night ends. This marriage is really not working. I find I that we really quite incompatible and what what are you doing all the time and finding fault with each other. Listen to Jesus speaking to you today don't separate don't divorce are not talking about some physical abuse and the talk about somebody who's in danger when you do need to leave not talking about that what you did to you to get done on your niece you husband your life. These programs today.

You dine on your knees and ask God to help you ever done that the two of you humbly pointing a finger at each other is very very easy to come to God, humbly say we need your help seeking God's wisdom in resolving the problems in your marriage. A wise counselor. We have pastors on on staff who have experience of expertise who who have compassion and would meet with you and help you listen to the words of Jesus. Don't make excuses stomach rationalizations. If you divorce your wife is adultery.

Jesus does give an exception except on the grounds of sexual immorality. Yes, in some cases where there's been immorality of all Scripture never commands divorce aware of the holy covenant of marriage has been violated.

Where there's been no biblical repentance for reconciliation is not achieved in someone this hard in the heart and continues in their immorality. A divorce may be permitted, but husbands and wives are you listening faithfulness notes license faithfulness, not just in the act but is Jesus is saying in the preceding verses also in the heart. God is giving you this wife lover Keffer. She's not perfect I know she's not perfect and do not perfect, wife's God is giving you this man why are you focusing on his faults. Are you finding fault so much. Learn to respect him and love him, and humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God come to the cross and cry out to a magnificent God who loves you, will give you all of the help. All of the grace that you need in this difficult situation as a final one. In verses 33 through 77 first purity, not law. Secondly, fidelity not license and then very quickly on the state not lies with three verses 33 through 37. Notice the same formula. Again, you've had that it was said to those of old, you shall not swear falsely, but shall perform to the Lord what you've sworn, but I say to you, do not think inositol, either by heaven.

For this the throne of God or by the ER for this is footstool, or by Jerusalem, for this, the city of the great King and do not take an oath by your head, for you cannot make one hair white or black. Let what you say be simple yes or no and nothing more than this comes from evil interesting verses in the authentic followers of Jesus practiced on the state not lies that the Old Testament Scriptures in verse 33. Again, you've had that was said of old, and so on.

Well, verse 33 is an amalgam of various Old Testament Scriptures. We want take time to go through them, but then relate to all of us and violence in the scribes and their pedantic semantics put the focus on the legalistic and elaborate formula when giving an oath or about the love that, and they assess the validity of the old by how it related to the Lord's name or to the Lord God's throne of Jerusalem or anything else with verses 34 through 637 Jesus gives his teaching and summarize it very quickly the words of Jesus in verse 34. Do not take inositol Jesus magnificent teacher burglaries teaching the wisdom of the scribes and Pharisees had once again missed the whole point that Jesus didn't come to abolish the law, we saw that last time, but he does come to abolish the vein tradition of the elders that missed the point.

What's the point of the office and Old Testament towel the truth. That's it. Verse 37 what what you say be simply yes or no. Anything more than this comes from evil. Satan is the father of lies. When you're affirming something or denying something you don't need to invoke the name of God. You don't need to invoke the name of Jerusalem and only to say on my mother's grave. This is why I say leave me to do that.

A simple yes or no to followers of Jesus are to be characterized by honesty by transparency, but double speech wonderful simple yes or no.

Tell the truth some have considered the teaching of Jesus to say that we shouldn't to go to the court of law. In other situations. I don't think that's the case I Jesus is not talking about a public oath in a court ordered an official capacity with various examples in Scripture of God himself. Taking Olson and on the Lord.

No point is this, be truthful, talking about bondage would be wonderful if in your my heritage was truthfulness. There's transparency will cover simple yes or no, you don't need to say I'm am saying this in Jesus name.

And God's name are by the honest truth know you'll need to invoke the name of God to stress, truthful, and by the way, don't use that dreadful expression which is really blasphemous old bodyguard or OMG is people I don't that's blasphemy invoke the name of God that we know your word should be your bond speak the truth in love, lies should have zero product of the life of a follower of Jesus. We live in a culture of deceit of lines of fake news, spend deception, innuendos, rumors, you wonder what program can I listen to to get the news and you choose in and I listen to different news reports in my car on television and he wants to give an opinion.

Don't think your opinion given the fact that with the truth about covert, 19, just be honest about why the facts is difficult. Nurses are so much spin so much deception. We sometimes don't know what to believe. While that's in the culture, but in the community of Christ and the church.

Followers of Jesus are to be characterized by truthfulness children always tell the truth with her mom say sphere Johnny did you punch her sister and he did punch her sister just say yes say she punched me, sopunchmejusttellthetruthasimpleyesornobecauseyourmommyanddaddywantyoutobetruthfullittleboyandtogrowuptobeatruthfulmonthanditbeginsnot.Wheredomencomefrom,whotelllieswellwhentherewerelittleboys.Theystartedtellingliesnevertellalie.Behonest.Studentstellthetruth.Don'tcheat,don'tcopysomeone'spaperwillgetsomeoneelsetowriteyourpaperinanexam.It'saformofdeceit.Thisaformoflearningbeapersonofintegrityinyourrelationships,howmanyrelationshipsaredestroyedbecauseofliesandtwistingusopen.Rumorandpeoplestabbingeachotherinthebackonlypartofthat.It'shisdeadlypoliticiansandpoliticstellthetruth.Pastorstellthetruth.Lawyerstellthetruth.Pastorswhousedtobelawyerstellthetruth.Fishermencatchthefishtogoaway.TellthetruthbewonderfulandthankfulAmericawomanwhotellsthetruth.Yes,thefatherisaformoflyingistellthetruth.LetwhatyousayJesusissayingIlovethispassageletitbesimplyyesorno.That'senoughhonestlynotlies.WhateverythinginitandthenthispassageauthenticfollowersofJesus.WedemonstrateourloveforJesusandobeyingJesuswhenyou'regoodwiththat.Yes,bypracticingsexualpurityfidelityandtruthfulness.Honestlysexual.Tonotlust.Fidelitynotlicensetruth,notlights.AsIconcludenotaskofyoumustyoudivorceyourwifewronglyutilizeanydishonestyoveryourheart,allofusfromshort-termwereblastedwithlightwithnotfollowedtheteachingofJesuswasLusterdivorceisadulterythatrelieshereisthegospelofJesusChristthatsinisdealtwithradicallyandhowdoesourLordJesusChristdealwithoursin,hetakesitonhimself.IlovethefactthatIpreachandpeoplelistenunderthecrossatCalvarychurchisareminder,isn'tit,thatthebloodofJesuscleansesusfromalloursinandyoumayhavelessthanyoumayhavecommittedadultery.YoumayhavecommittedterriblesinsandyoumaybealiarandI'vedeceivedpeople.AndI'msayingtoyouintheauthorityoftheLordJesus.IfyoucontinuewiththatyouwillendinhelliswhatJesusissayingitserious.Hebeginshisgospelbysingleparentsknowledgeofsin.Humbleyourself,youcanchangeyourself.IknowyouneedApolloyouneedacleansingthatbeginsasyoucometothecrossofJesusChrist.HeforgivesoursinsandhecleansesuswonderfultobecleanwithwonderfultodayasaresultofJesusChristbutyourclanssinsareallgonenowwiththeverylifeofChrist.Theyknewyouliveadifferentlife.AndyoucansaywiththeapostlePaul.IcouldknowIcandoallthingsthroughChristwhostrengthensmeusinghoweverdeepandhoweverhorribleyoursinisthegraceofGodandtheforgivenessofGod,agreaterboyyoursinsbeasscarlet,shallbeaswhiteassnowwillberedlikecrimson,theyshallbeaswhiteaswecometoJesusChristcometothecross,callingtohimforcleansingandforgivenessandthoseofuswhoarefollowersofJesusChrist.Mayweafreshconsecrateourlivestoliveaholylifetodealradicallywithsinthatthisday.Youknowwhatyoumustdotodealwiththatsin,todealwiththatlastdealwithitradicallyandaskGod'shelpandcanfesterbeforetheLordofthejoyoflivingthislifefollowingJesus,notwithlustbutwithwithfaithfulnesswithintegritysobeablessinginourmanagersinourliveswheretherewerestudentsareworkingatBankofAmericawheneverwearethatwearedisplayingandproclaimingourLordJesusChrist.Helpusherfatherandherdogtodothat,wecomeshortbecomedreadfullyshort.Prayformybrothersandsistersthattheywilldealradicallywithsin.Ipreferstudents.WethinkofthecultureofthecollegeoftheUniversitytemptationsthere.GivethemstrengthfatherfillthemwithyourspiritasweonceagainconsecratedlifeandsohereweareLordusers.PurifiersuseusforyourgloryinChristthat

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