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Hope That is Anchored to Christ

The Verdict / John Munro
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October 14, 2019 11:29 am

Hope That is Anchored to Christ

The Verdict / John Munro

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October 14, 2019 11:29 am

Pastor Nathaniel Pearce October 13, 2019 Hebrews 6:13-20

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Hebrews chapter 6 reading from verse 13 for one when God made a promise to Abraham since he had no greater one by whom to swear.

He swore by himself having saying certainly I will bless you and multiply you, and thus Abraham having patiently waited, obtained the promise for people swear by something greater than themselves and in all their disputes and all of his final for confirmation so when God desired to show more convincingly to the heirs of the promise the unchangeable character of his purpose, he guaranteed it with an oath, so that by two unchangeable things in which it is impossible for God to lie, we who have fled for refuge might have strong encouragement to hold fast to the hope set before us.

We have as a sure and steadfast anchor of your soul, a hope that is that enters into the inner place behind the curtain, where Jesus has gone as a forerunner of or on our behalf, having become a high priest forever after the order of most dissident so we know we were going that Christ therefore is our hope. I would imagine that hope is like sugar in our coffee or over tea. You might be like the baking powder in our pastry maybe like salt in our food or even the color in all the clothes that we wear. It is a very common to all of us.

Everyone needs it non-lives without it. Everyone expresses it a hope factor is involved in everything we do as we all live with certain set of expectations in life and also about our future or the future of others around us, how then do we define hope.

One writer course Web server defines hope as quote the feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will happen in other define hope as a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen on a more biblical level, however, will have a quote here on that biblical hope is quite different. Is this similar to the common hopes and wishes that we may have together is this personal desire are feeling all of the definitions had three but only read two to previous definition as the word feeling as a part of it, but biblical hope. According to Wiley is confident expectation of what God has promised and its strength is in his faithfulness to think about again. It is confident expectation of what God has promised and the strength of that lies in the very faithfulness of God himself. Sometimes we have hope and is predicated upon who we are and what we have done all the promise that someone has made to us, but very often we find that our hope is – because that person failed that thing bail that automobile fails, but Christ did not fail and that is why our confidence as believers, our confidence is in Christ alone because he guarantees our hope he secures all hope he did so on the cross. As he died for us. He was buried and he arose again from the grave. Our hope is sealed in Christ Jesus you can say amen or ouch it's okay with me. And so it doesn't matter what we experience in life we can turn to Christ because he is our hope. What are some common hopes that you and I share. Perhaps an employee or a boss at work. He has assigned a particular task in their certain expectations relative to the liver. Is there some time frames that are attached to these task and the boss hopes that you will are I will deliver on time. Some hope for their children for ways that they would live their lives. Certain things they would do certain friends.

They would have been those that they would avoid in how they will grow up and what they would become. In life we all have hope. Children also have hope, their own sets of hopes and expectations for their appearance, their teachers small group leaders their peers in anymore hope for their own future. Some of us who have pets and we leave home and we go away we hope when we return.

You know it was going. We hope the pets don't make a mess in the house. They don't tear things up. We have these hopes and and if you have wonderful friends and you are heading out of town and you need help with your pet is great when you have some friends that you can call on and you can say can you look on my pet keep my pet on till I return. All you put the pet in some sort of up cannot ourselves or some sort and and we hope that when we return will find the patent just about the same or better than we left them when a man and woman or woman gets married, he or she also has hopes we have hope in the spouse that we take on that they will honor the vows that we have taken together, and its challenges come up in the marriage. We hope that will be able to come together to work these things out.

In-laws also have hopes when you enter someone's a family and you take up young woman to be your life where you this young man.

They are hopes that they have in certain expectations of this young man or this young woman and our experience if we learn about that young man sitting around in the house playing video game. We certainly have some expectations that we might have no problems at communicating to that young man things that get up off your sorry rear and go out the door and find a job, among other things, we have certain hopes provide for your family.

That's what a man ought to do.

We have expectations of our neighbors. We pray for each other and even as parents we see a young man was not carrying his weight well as a husband, not treat his his wife well. We also have some hopes we hope that our kids or daughters will never grow up in my wrists. Sorry Rasco like that one.

We have hopes all of us have hopes we we don't live without hope. Some of us as we get married in the early days we hope to have maybe one child or perhaps to others expect to have a much larger family enough kids, perhaps so that you can divide into teams and play just about any sport we all have hopes that we hope will never get sick or if we do get sick. It's something that we can get over.

We hope that will never have that terrible diagnosis of cancer and certainly if someone around us.

We ourselves would be have such a diagnosis. We hope that we will get overwritten that we would be that cancer, but what is our hope placed in or in whom is our hope. Often times are hopes will fail if we put them in the wrong person.

Certainly would want to put our hopes and our politicians.

We would want them to serve the country more than they serve themselves and seek less power but even to come to Christ and to honor him.

Wisemen Solomon tells us in Proverbs chapter 13 verse 12 that hope that is deferred makes the heart sick, but a desire fulfilled is a tree of life. When we have hope and is not being fulfilled. It makes us sick at times but when it is fulfilled. It is a beautiful thing. Peter creep has given us a wonderful expression quote about hope will have that here shortly. He says in an age of hope men look up at the night sky and saw the heavens in an age of hopelessness. However, they call it simply space what do you call it, if we have hope in Christ, we will see more than just an empty space when it comes to suicide. We are told that hopelessness plays a tremendous role in those who would take their lives. Certainly depression is involved in perhaps 90 to 95% of the times and persons with their own lives. Depression is a huge part of that and hopelessness. Often times comes about as a person loses hope and a bigger there is nowhere else to go. There's nothing else to do and often times would take their lives. Persons will become hopeless may say things like my situation will never get better. I have no future.

No one can help me. I feel like giving up. It is too late now. I have no hope.

I will never be happy again. Where is your hope you ever experience this sense of hopelessness do you turn to something or someone that can hold you fast like an anchor hose, a ship or a bolt. I spent some time as I prepared for this message.

Looking at various types of anchors and new policy. An image of various types of anchors here. There are more anchors than I cared to have discovered, but one of the things I've noticed as I've done some research is all of these anchors they work differently based on the circumstance that is used in if you're sailing in an here and you expect it will be anchored near rock you. You might want to use a different type of an anchor over against the other.

Perhaps if you're expecting a lot of weeds, then you want to choose a different type of anchor. Many would say that Danforth would be very prominently and popularly used its fits a lot of circumstances, but even that itself has its own weakness also discovered that is not simply just having a anchor to drop when it's time to be stable for little bit but you need to know the direction of the wind.

The speed of the Linden. You also need to understand the intricacies of the anchor system itself. You need to have it saying that it is at least five times the depth of the Walter forms from the top all the way to the sea floor or or or or bed so that when you lower your anchor, you will have enough you don't want to lower this piece of metal that done those in the water and is not set in the ocean so you must move a bit. I had off it and let it down. You see how different anchors are set and it grabs hold of the that that the ground or the are the weeds or the rocks where bricks anchored and as the wind blows and tosses this ship or this bolt. This anchor is now fastened to whatever it holds on to so having the right kind of anchor is very important as well. But again they all fail at one point or the other, anchor do you have when your life is tossed by the waves of time and the challenges of life who will hold you fast. What will hold you fast. We will see here.

Three reasons why our whole need to be anchored in Christ on the street. I know you might be surprised at that these Jamaicans are long-winded, so just to have three reasons might be an anomaly but three reasons why our anchor should be in Christ. First of all, hope that is anchored to Christ trust God and his promise we trust God and his promise. That's one reason that we as believers, we would live in respond differently to different circumstances that we experience because our anchor is in Christ Jesus. We understand that he is holding us back.

We trust him at his promise, and so therefore we want to set our anchor in him.

We want him to be our anchor. Notice verse 13 through 15 for when God made a promise to Abraham since he had no greater one by whom to swear. He swore by himself saying, surely I will bless you and multiply you, and thus Abraham have been patiently waited, obtained the promise. Notice that our God. He makes promises. One resource tells us that there are approximately 5467 divine promises throughout the Scripture. That's a whole Lotta promise and it's wonderful to know that we can trust God at his promise, because unlike us who made promises. At times, and we break them, sometimes intentionally, other times unintentionally. We know we can trust Christ. He never fails. We can look to God and believe his promises. Not only does God makes promises, but he keeps his promises.

His promises are founded upon his very nature and character who God is a God who cannot fail, in fact again. One of the differences we will see between any anchor that you use for your boat or for your ship we will see those anchors fail. But again, Christ Jesus. He never fails I have learned quite to my amazement that ships the larger they are.

Of course they would definitely want to have more than one anchor because sometimes it can fail. In fact, sometimes the very chain that is used to whole hold that both in place as the anchor sets that also can fail that can break due to corrosion and has to be maintained. But again, Jesus Christ never fails and so God has made a promise to Abraham and this promise was fixed on the very nature and character of God himself. There was no one greater by whom he could swear and so he swore by himself. You recall in Genesis chapter 12 is God made this promise to Abraham I'm gonna bless you and in all the nations of the world are going to be blessed through you and and whoever curses you shall be Kirsten and and whoever blesses you shall be blessed by me but he also promised him his son.

This heir that would come from his own body and only know initially Abraham was challenged by that promise. We know even his wife would laugh at that promise. Because of their age as well.

We know later Ron as they waited on God. Abraham at 75 years old 25 years later that promise would be fulfilled. As I Zach was born. One of the things we learn here is, of course. Certainly God keeps his promise, but God is not on the same timetable that you might be on or that I might be on God work differently.

As you and me, but God always always honors his promise, so we can trust him at his promises he made it to Abraham. He swore this oath and the Promise.

You know growing up in Jamaica and I hear it here as well so I know is not unique to us.

When kids go around making promises they used to say well how do you think you promise and you stick out your regular pinky finger and you join it together and it and you somehow do something that should signify ceiling that promise but we also had something else that we would do in Jamaica and our parents warned us never ever to do it. But of course you know we did it right, we would say if it's something that is really really serious and an uncertain appearance you want to tell your kids not to do this. This is, I'm just telling you what happened.

This is not a recommendation for any of us to go out and do it as well, but you know what we we had something that we thought Haskins was really, really serous and I need to be sealed with something far more significant than a little pinky joining together.

We would said no. I promise I'm gonna do this I mean that I'm going to do it. I am not lying and that we would affix to it. If I lie or if I break my promise made the thunder rolls and break my neck I know is to make aminos to make and make me crazy or crazy folks I know you might do something else that might be far worse. But this is not anything new to us. The security of a society, we learn about oats that are given the security of a society demands as members speak the truth in crucial situations and to keep their promises in matters of serous import so there and all is in this ancient and universal means of impressing this obligation on the responsible parties in an agreement or an investigation and so therefore we learn that the obligation is fortified by holy words and holy acts which creates confidence and affords the sense of security that serves to hold the community together. In other words, we make a know that what we say is true, are what we say we will do our what we say we will honor.

But again, we often break that.

Not so with Jesus Christ. This promise is rest on him. He is a very divine nature and character. So when he says he swore uses this word to confirm to promise to invoke something that we happen that must happen because of the one making the promise God himself rest on him, God's promises are worth believing. Therefore, not only believe in. But waiting for. We see Abraham again go challenge at times.

He waited for God and God fulfilled the promise gave him I Zach, but we know that later on, God will say to Abraham now. Abraham I want you to take your son. This son, whom you love, and I wanted you to go up on this mountain, that I will show you and offer him to me as a sacrifice. What is Abraham going to do and imagine Abraham reflected on the promise. The promise of this area through whom eventually the Messiah would come and Abraham believed God, of course, and it was reckoned to him as righteousness.

God's promise to Abraham we see was fulfilled as Abraham ultimately received that child folks around us particularly who don't know Christ as their Lord and Savior. What do they do when they put their faith in their trust in something or someone else, only to find that that thing or that person fails, you and I as believers we put our trust in something or someone else and we also find a time that that thing or that person fails. What then do we do for you and I we run to the cross.

We take great strength and courage in Christ Jesus. Because we know that he ultimately holds us fast. There's a reason to live. There's a reason to carry on, because God is still in control.

Others may fail but he will never fail. So my hope then is built on nothing less, than Jesus blood and righteousness. Can you say the same thing about your hope is your home incurred to Christ. If your hope is anchored to Christ you trust him at his promise, no matter what happens, you stay the course because your hope is in Christ, he is with you is with me.

He promises never to leave us nor to forsake us. The stories told about the spectator who walks onto upon a Little League baseball game and he walked up to the back of the dugout and he inquired of one of the little lads standing there waiting his turn to bats or to grid out on the field and he asked what is the score the young lad says it's 18 to 0. The spectator says anything to zero then is that zero young lad with great smile on his face says, our team has zero perplexed days.

Spectator says well your team is that zero.

Aren't you worried aren't you concerned. How is it that you can still smile in the midst of this form young lad says that what you don't know is we have impacted units are our time is common.

There is no need to lose hope. There's no need to panic. Our time is common. You know, when we had the cricket tournament over the summer holidays. Initially some people we were talking about the insects outside your window in your backyard but no is an actually international support. We were involved in, and often times we like the bat last because when you bat last you have this pleasure of chasing the points or the runs ahead of you and after you if you bat first.

And you know not what you are.

The team will do so you try to put them out this young man says there is hope for our team.

We haven't back to get the spectator knew nothing about the ability of the young men on this team to bat, but this young man. He knew a lot about the abilities of those on his team and so he needed not worry he needed not fret because he knew he would trust in his steam and indeed they did go on to win that game. I wonder what this spectator would've said to this young lad had he seen him after the game. I think after the game.

The young lad would still have this great smile on his face and perhaps the spectator matter what loan is it okay okay you got it you got me on that. Secondly, hope anchored to Christ takes hold of the hope set before us. First of all, hope anchored to Christ trust God and his promises. Secondly, hope that is anchored to Christ takes hold of the hope set before us notice worse. 16 to 18 for people swear by something greater than themselves and all in all their disputes and oath is final for confirmation so when God desires to so Morgan instantly to his ears of the promise the unchangeable character of his hold, he guaranteed it with an oath, so that by two unchangeable things in which it is impossible for God to lie, we will have fled for refuge might have strong wrong courage not just courage. What's wrong courage to hold fast to the whole set before us.

What is the writer talking about here again, wing's weary and often times an oath is involved in. In doing so we are appealing to tutus some authority that is greater than we are, but we remember in early versus the writer says God is making this promise any ceiling this with an old and since there are no one greater than him nothing and no one greater than him. This is established on his very nature and character as God, but not so with us. We make votes we make promises and we appeal to all the authority on these principles that are far greater than we are use oats certainly again back in ancient times, we would see some guidelines for oats in Genesis chapter 15 a simple oath for common use was was was carried about with great solemnity oats play played a very important part. Certainly in the society back then and certainly for us today is involving illegal fears in an in ceiling deals and and will provide in witness even in a court setting we make oats but notice here in verse 17 that God's unchangeable purpose was guaranteed by an old God is not only not only does he have this unchangeable purpose which we would discover what his purposes in the little bit. There is this purpose and the purpose is unchanging and unchangeable as well because God himself is immutable. God is unchanging and unchangeable. There are no changes with him.

He remains the same yesterday today and forever more. Yes, there are different ways in which God deals with us in different dispensations but God remains the same. There are no changes in him. He doesn't grow wheat is an increase in wisdom are stature. God simply is God exists, he knows everything and that eternal present tense. He has no limitations were as you and I have limitations. God provided this convincing evidence to his ears of this unchangeable purpose.

We see as it was with Abraham, God fulfill his purpose in bringing into the world. Eventually I Zach and then certainly through home the promised Messiah would come into the world and what was his primary purpose for coming into the world, he came so that he could die on the cross for you and me so that we who are wants or lost. You are wants hopeless could have hope. Hope for now and hope for eternity. The apostle Paul reminds us in first Corinthians 1519 if he were only in this world that we had hope in Christ, we have been of all men most miserable or some versions say most to be. Our hope is in Christ, and all hope is not limited to this world. Again we see God's purpose is fulfilled in Abraham we see God's purpose is fulfilled, at least in the first advent in Jesus is coming. His death is Barrett and his resurrection, but how about God's purposes for your future and mine see that's where it is important to understand and have our hopes he did firmly fastened to Christ, you and I do not know what tomorrow holds for us in this world we don't know who will see tomorrow will see next week will see next month or next year, but one thing we do know for sure those of us who know Christ as our Lord and Savior that it doesn't matter what comes in our future. It shall not bring condemnation to us. What does the apostle Paul say in Romans chapter 8 and verse one there is therefore now want no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. Absolutely no condemnation. There is no condemnation today. There's no condemnation in the future. Our eternity is secured in Christ as a result of that we want to hold fast to the promises that God has given us God's promises. They are firm. We see this twofold nature of this unchangeable promise and notice it tells us in verse 18.

First of all, God cannot lie the cannot lie. There is no underlying in him is very person is very nature dictates that there is no lie in God's holy peace pew or he is sinless and will always be absolutely no light in him.

God's promises, though our link to his immutable nature, we can say as we make a promise. This is exactly what I hope to do today. And indeed, we intend to do just as we have promised. But tomorrow the circumstances change and we break that promise.

What when we gave that promise.

We had no inclination, no thought, no plans of breaking that promise. But something happened along the way and we had to break that promise. But again, not so with God. There are no changes in him. He remains on changing and unchangeable.

So there are no lies in him in the very nature of God.

We see Christ on the cross, dying for us to fulfill the promise of God of eternal life for you and for me, so what do we do then verse 18. The second section here tells us that we want to set our hope in him on him.

We who have fled for refuge might have strong encouragement to do what hold fast to the hope that is set before us. We were phone refuge in him. Who else were we going to find refuge in.

We are lost without him, we turn to him. He is our refuge.

He is all hiding place and he provides us this is true wrong encouragement.

The idea here is, is this strong and mighty deed that can be done in the body or mind is the Scriptures of a kind of strength that is deep within the inner recesses of our soul, something also that can can sustain us, particularly against the attacks of the evil one and I'm so thankful that this does not come independent of God himself when he comes through him on the work of his blessed Holy Spirit in you and in me as a result, we hold fast what does it mean to hold fast to hold tightly to to read pain without letting go and again through the finished work of Christ on the cross.

He is already fulfill the purposes of the father in our behalf.

We simply believe it. We simply hold fast. There is no letting go.

Where would we go if we were to let go because we believe in who was to provide the hope we need sustain us in the midst of the storm lewdly. No one else. What do we read in second Corinthians chapter 4, the apostle Paul lays out there for us. Very important lesson about those who are in Christ Jesus. Notice verse eight of second Corinthians chapter 4 we are afflicted on every way, but not crushed, perplexed, but not driven to despair persecuted, but not forsaken, struck down, but not destroyed, always carrying about in the body that death of Jesus, so that the life of Jesus may be manifested in our bodies. That's who we are. Yes, we might be rock, tossed here and there by the winds and the challenges of life.

The circumstances of life, physical illnesses may come upon us. Family challenges may come upon us children who become adults and men stepped away from the path that we have led them that we have taught them and we wonder what's going to happen then we are diagnosed with some sort of illness or we lose a job and there's this sense of Lord what is going to happen to me what's going to happen to my family.

But here again, we remind ourselves that hope that is anchored to Christ will survive the storms of life.

So again I ask you to whom or what is your life anchored your life if it were a ship or boat, what would you anchor it to you may anchor into that relationship you may anchor it to your relationship. You may anchor it to your bank accounts. You may anchor it to some other friendship you may have. You may anchor it onto your profession.

You may anchor it to some studies something you are pursuing in life. But what then if that's all you do, what will happen in the future. How many people earn and gain all the wealth that the world has to offer and still live a life without the joy of the Lord, why because they're not going to find the fulfillment that they need in all these things that the world has to offer will only find the fulfillment in Jesus Christ. By the way this text teaches us the wonderful doctrine of the eternal security of the believer.

Why God has made a promise. This promise is sealed in him.

He has a particular purpose.

He has a particular desire for you and for me for the world and that involves saving the world from sin.

We know not everyone will be saved, but salvation has been secured for us and he has authority to lost and those who come to him, no one can take away.

John reminds us in John chapter 10 that we have great security in Jesus Christ.

We are in his hands. He's in the father's hands and absolutely nothing and no one can snatch us how the fees and we have hope in Christ.

If your hope is not in Christ. Your hope is on something or in someone sooner or later that thing or that person will fail you and you will be left out in the cold as it were, wondering where do I go next and to whom do I go so hope will that is anchored to Christ trust God and his promises. Secondly, hope that is anchored to prep Christ move fast to the hope that is sent before us and finally hope that is anchored to Christ helps us to live in confidence. Verse 19 and 20. We have this as a sure and steadfast anchor of or souls, a hope that enters into the inner place behind the curtain, where Jesus has gone as a forerunner on our behalf, having become a high priest forever after the order of Melchizedek noticed that is Jesus himself who is our hope. Remember in the Old Testament system update offering sacrifices that they, the priesthood, and the people would bring their sacrifices to the present, and they would be in the courtyard and the priesthood put his hand on the on the on the individual and in a spiritual sense transfer that sin on the animal. Then he would say that Hannibal and and offer us forgiveness, as it were for that sin. But then one time per year. The high priest would go into the most holy place on the day of covering and he would go seeking forgiveness for the nations sin.

Certainly he would need to make sure that he himself is clean before he goes in or else he would die one of the beautiful principles that we would see is that he had what appeared to be like those on his role and as he was walking about in the most holy place, they would listen.

From the outside and you need to understand that as long as the bells were ringing.

It gave those on the outside listening great hope because as long as the bells were ringing meant that the high priest was still alive. But if the bells ever stop ringing. Who was going to go into the most holy place and take them out and so they would begin to pull that rope and pull them out. That's what the earthly high priest did.

But Jesus our high priest. He himself went into the most holy place, not with the blood of some other animal. But he went with his own blood.

He died for us on the cross so that we can have hope. Hope of eternity with him again. I ask you do you have that hope Christ, hope is sure and it steadfast why because it's incurred to him when your hope is in him.

Your hope is sure it steadfast the Christians hope then is anchored to the one who ventures into the most holy place, he was reminds us that that happens in at once per year. In Hebrews 9 of verse 27 again at Peter reminds us that he went with his own precious blood and he offered it there for your sin and for mine.

What do you do with such a sacrifice. What do you do with such an offering one who gave his life for you recognizing that you were in a hopeless situation we were dead in our trespasses and sin. We were in this world without Christ, and we had no but Jesus Christ gave us hope. As he paid the price for our sins on the cross so that believing in him we can have life and have life more abundantly. Notice he himself is our hope. He went into the inner place behind the curtains. Thanks be to God. After Christ died on the cross this curtain that separated the holy place from the most holy place was torn from top to bottom.

Given all of us then equal access into the throne room of God. No longer do we need to go through some priest or some other person to offer sacrifice or to seek forgiveness rather for us. We can go directly into the throne room of God and we can approach him as our father, our father, my dad, the as we enter into his presence, something for which we ought to be thankful. But there's something else here that encourages us in all hope in our walk with Christ. Notice in verse 20 that Jesus has gone as a forerunner on our behalf. The idea thereof. Jesus is a forerunner it's this idea of a scout who goes out, let's say the Army is approaching a particular city and you you might sin out the sniper to go out and make sure that the course is clear or are you have others who go ahead and they make sure that the path is clear so that when the larger part of the tomb would come then it would be safe for them. Are there any mines. Are there any enemies or lurking in the on the path or on higher ground will set out a scout.

Jesus became our scout because he was all forerunner he went ahead of us and we received the help he is in heaven interceding for us. Ask yourself this question and let's see how this spurs your hope in our Savior came to this world died for you and for me.

He was buried.

He triumphantly came back from the grave on the third day and he returned to heaven and he's now interceding.

He has gone ahead of us. What do we read in John chapter 14 verse one I go to prepare a place for you but not just that but that he will come again, and to receive us onto himself, that where he is there. We will be also. So he's all forerunner in this sense is gone ahead of us is preparing the way for us.

He's clearing the path he did so first of all on the cross and one day sin that terrible enemy, and death will one day be ultimately defeated. No longer would it be able to affect you and me. Praise be to God. One day in glory. We shall stand no longer to be affected by sin and death. As we see our blessed Savior face-to-face.

So are you troubled by even death. Physical death, for those of us who are in Christ.

We don't need to be troubled. We don't need to be worried by physical death. Why Christ lives and he is on his throne, and as long as he is on his throne. He is he will remember his own why the songwriter tells us his promises are true and we can depend on his promises. We can conquer all a hold on these Savior we know and trust young boy was involved in a house fire. Once he suffered critical 4th° burns in almost lost his life. In fact, he laid there in the hospital bed a bit hopeless himself. The hospital and this Children's Hospital they developed this program whereby they wanted to do everything they could do to keep children in the hospital somehow making progress on their academic so that they're not too far behind when they leave the hospital and returned to school so here.

This young man this teacher from the hospital first met with his teacher at school to figure out where is CR he on their study plan. What are they looking at what subject and learned there were learning about verbs and adverbs.

When this fire to place and so this person develop a plan and he went to the hospital and as he. She walked into the hospital and saw this young lad just burnt to a crisp on the bed just barely breathing. This person began to feel a bit, really, really bad, really should.

I cannot really be concerned about this person. Learning how to use verbs and adverbs in the difference when this person is struggling for their lives. Nevertheless talked a little bit about verbs and adverbs in this young boy laid there almost motionless and then she left the room a few days later, she was called back to the room by one of the doctors the doctors inquired what did you do she said I didn't do anything. I just talk a little bit about verbs and adverbs is that's all you did. The teacher inquired why are you still concerned about what I did. They said well this young man young lad was laying there he was, had almost given up hope on life. The treatment wasn't working, but shortly after you left.

All of a sudden, things began to work so we wandered you might have done something that we couldn't do. They were perplexed so they went in and asked the young lad what happened, why is it that you're responding to the treatment and the medicine nowhere as a few days ago you were not young lad look up and say well I figure if they would send someone to teach me verbs and adverbs.

I do have a future. And so I will live. I don't know what your kids say when you try to teach them about verbs and adverbs, let alone Pythagoras theorem.

The various levels of algebra, but all hope is in Christ. Those of us who know Christ or hope is in him or hope is secured and there is nothing and no one that can for the plan of God. God's plan is for us to spend eternity with him. Christ came and paved the path so that we may have life and live it more abundantly within he's gone ahead of us, not just from the cross now, but ahead of us into eternity. And he wants you and me to spend that time with him as well.

So what are you faced with today. What are your challenges in life. What makes you a bit hopeless as you came here this morning. Is it a job situation is an impending death of a family or loved one is it some diagnosis that you recently received well is not much that we can do about the diagnosis. We pray that the medicine will work that the medical doctors will be able to do their thing and it will work very well, but I'm telling you, you can have a hold outside of that, and hope that cannot be thwarted by anything that lists word would bring you or me that his hope in Christ, and I pray that if you don't know Christ as your Lord and Savior today that you will realize that God loves you, to the point of sending his son to die for you so that you may have life, and he's offering you today eternal life because you cannot save yourself and die in the current state that you are in, you will be lost for all eternity. But it doesn't have to be that way you can leave here with hope in Christ. For those of us as believers. Let's continue to trust him trust his promises. Hold fast to that which is set before us.

Remember he is your forerunner of my forerunner he's gone to prepare a place for us and he will return for us.

One day soon next to Lord in father we so thankful that you are our hope or hope is firmly fixed in you, our God, that which you have purchased for us through your son on the cross. Help us Lord to live his people filled with hope. People known for our hope because you are our hope helpless in difficult times to trust you to depend on you. You with our anchor firmly fixed on Christ Jesus name we pray.


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