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Slaves in Egypt

The Verdict / John Munro
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September 9, 2019 11:42 am

Slaves in Egypt

The Verdict / John Munro

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September 9, 2019 11:42 am

Dr. John H. Munro September 8, 2019 Exodus 1

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Open our Bibles this morning to Exodus as a big brother to Exodus chapter 1 as we begin this new series on the life of Moses one of her goals at Calvary church is that our lives will be transformed through the word of God. We want to teach and preach the Bible. We do that from the pulpit. We do that in our classes we did on Wednesday nights. We do that in her counseling as your children go dominant. They are worshiping God the landing, the word of God because it is God's word which brings life, not just a filler heads with information, but to transform our lives that many of us certainly myself.

Learn the stories of Exodus. When we were children. Think of the fascinating stories of baby in a basket and a bona fide Bush that was never consumed. The 10 plagues frogs and flies in bottles and locus in all kinds of nasty things in the 10 plagues the angel of death of the night of the Passover and of course the dramatic crossing of the Red Sea as Moses stood there lifted the staff and the waters parted and then as the evil Egyptians came the waters went over them and they were drowned. Then as it went into the wilderness. The miraculous provision of manna and the water as they wandered in the wilderness. The frightening fire of Mount Sinai, the giving of the 10 Commandments and then the glory of God that we need over the end of Exodus for the tabernacle was completed. Fascinating stuff.

I left as a little boy. And as I've been rereading it, I find even more fascinating, such as a poet of the word of God. In Hebrews chapter 11 this great chapter of the hall of faith from a given many examples of men and women live by faith, we read three times that Moses acted by faith once said his parents acted by faith as we will see Moses is an incredible man easy to criticize him was that way going to learn of his humanity. We tend to think of these as it may be perhaps super savings are very quick to criticize them but Moses it said of Moses that he spoke with God face to face. Moses is a brilliant leader and he leads the children of Israel through the Red Sea through the wilderness and Betty Barber of the promised land.

And as he led the Israelites, he often complains that they often lacked faith and they often criticized his leadership, but on his day we read in Deuteronomy 34 verses 10 to 12 is wonderful words. Words of the Lord and that is not arisen.

A prophet since in Israel like Moses, whom the Lord will you give me face-to-face none like him for all the signs and the wonders that the Lord sent him to do in the land of Egypt and Pharaoh and to all his servants, and to all his lands and for all the mighty proud of all the great deeds of tattered that Moses did in the sight of all Israel with a great commendation as Moses his death at the end of Deuteronomy along with Elijah is Moses who appears with the Lord in the mind of transfiguration. You may recall, so Moses is one of the outstanding characters in Scripture and in fact is one of the great men of human history, and there are many parallels between the life of Moses and the life of our Lord Jesus is the anti-type is aware of Moses, both born to be a Savior and a sense of rescue people from slavery and Moses case from physical slavery. In the case of our Lord from spiritual slavery that all of us know about. Just as Pharaoh is were going to read this Sunday and next Sunday as just as he tried to kill the baby Moses so King Herod. You will recall trying to kill the baby Jesus. And just as Moses was in the wilderness for 40 years Lord was in the wilderness for 40 days Moses goes up the mountain to receive the law.

Our Lord was up among 10 and interprets the law in the great sermon it said the greatest sermon ever told the settlement on the mountain Jesus.

Paul says, is the Passover lamb.

First Corinthians 5 or seven he takes away the sin of the world and the magnificent thanks to this from Egypt anticipates the greatest of all acts.

The redemption that is the delivery which we have from our slavery of our sin through our Savior are magnificent Lord Jesus Christ. So will understand Lord of Christ will understand more about salvation would understand more of our sinfulness through the study of Exodus Jesus as we read about Lord in Luke chapter 24 27 and beginning with Moses and all the prophets. Our Savior interpreted to them and all of the Scriptures the things concerning himself so well rereading by demand Moses. The Lord says that all of these things pointed to him are magnificent Savior Lord Jesus Christ.

So let's read first of all, the first seven verses of Exodus chapter 1 and I'll say something of the background of Exodus you will find in your Bible. The second book Genesis, Exodus Exodus 1 verse one. These are the names of the sons of Israel who came to Egypt with Jacob, each with his household ribbon semantically by Judah is a car Zebulun and Benjamin down enough that I got an answer all the descendents of Jacob or 70 persons.

Joseph was already in Egypt. Then Joseph died and all his brothers and all that generation, but the people of Israel were fruitful and increased greatly. They multiplied and grew exceedingly strong. So that the land was filled with them not to think of a little bit of the background to Exodus. Think of the trim transition from the first book in the Bible called Genesis, the book of beginning the book of Exodus helps us to understand God's redemptive purposes and moving from the age of traumas in Genesis to the formation of the theocratic nation of Israel Genesis would read of the creation of the world. Exodus reading of the creation of a nation back in Genesis chapter 12 God made this amazing promise of this man Abraham, who was raised in Lord of the Chaldeans, present-day Iraq, he said to Abraham in Genesis 12 verse two I will make of you a great nation is a tremendous promise wasn't this man Abraham amount of faith, a man who obeyed God, who left his home and went out, not knowing where he was going other than this, that he was called by God.

God honors Abraham and says Abraham I'm going to make of you a great nation return at the Genesis chapter 15, where Abraham is told that that promise is going to take some time to fulfill Genesis 50 verse 13 Genesis 15 verse 13 so Genesis 15 verse 13 Genesis 1513 then the Lord said to Abraham know for certain that your offspring's descendents is seen will be sojourners in the land that is not theirs and will be servants there and they will be afflicted for 400 years without land. Egypt told her he did but that's what we know historically they're going to be in the land that is not theirs and are going to be there, servants, slaves for 400 years, but is a promise, but I will bring judgment on the nation that they serve Egypt and afterward they shall, there will be an exodus that will come out with great possessions. So here is the promise to Abraham implementing to make you a great nation but to take some time invite you going to be your descendents are going to be sojourners in a foreign land there going to be slaves. There and they're going to be there for hundreds of years, but they will be delivered from that line.

God is always faithful to his promises with other vet this morning than we about the steadfastness of God, how reliable God is unlike us who are fickle, God is absolutely 100% dependable and God is always always to to his promises. Why did this come about to come about that this great nation is going to end up in Egypt and then there can be delivered from Egypt that's assertive. Exodus is how does Genesis conclude you know I Genesis begins in the beginning God created the heavens and the art how does Genesis conclude that concludes with a coffin in Egypt. Joseph dies in Egypt. You'll recall Joseph's brothers had sold him to the Ishmaelites who take Joseph to Egypt and in the providence of God, a Joseph McConnell is the kind of prime minister in Egypt, bringing personality and blessing to Egypt and through Joseph, his father Jacob, his brothers and their families. Then journey from the promised land to Egypt because there's a form of famine in Israel they go to Egypt and share in the blessing which had been brought in the providence of God to Egypt through this godly man Joseph until Egypt becomes the home of the children of Israel, and Joseph dies in Egypt but Joseph was a very godly man he been taught well by his father, and Jacob Pimental by Isaac and Isaac had been taught by Abraham and Abraham was the one who had been given this magnificent promise and he and Joseph knew the Abraham a covenant.

And so, as Joseph is dying in Egypt. He makes a remarkable statement. He says when I die, and when you leave Egypt Abraham a covenant with me ninja forever.

I want you to take my bones with you during Exodus 1 go back to page 2, Genesis 50 and moving this. Genesis 15 verse 20. Joseph remained in Egypt.

He and his father's house. Joseph lived 110 years and that Joseph saw axioms, children of the third-generation children also of my care, the son of Manasseh would come to this Joseph on a Joseph said to his brothers on the bike to die. But God will visit you and bring you up this lands Egypt to the land that he swore to Abraham, to Isaac and to Jacob. We call it the promised land. Then Joseph made the sons of Israel swear say God will surely visit you brought always going to be in Egypt. God will surely visit you and you shall carry out my bones from here. So Joseph died, being 110 years old. The embalmed him and he was put in a coffin in Egypt for the sad ending to Genesis and the stars were the creation of atoms in their ends with one of God's servants dead in a coffin in Egypt on the promised land.

Obligors of the man of faith. We read in Hebrews 11 verse 22.

By faith Joseph, at the end of his life made mention of the Exodus of the Israelites and gave direction concerning his whole, his bones instantly Joseph was concerned what he was going to be buried. I don't want to be left in Egypt because I believe that God is going to deliver you out of Egypt under going to be in the promised land. So is the children of Israel germinate and it would take about long long time to get to the promised land there counting the very bones of Joseph agreed to buy that place were Joseph was buried in the promised land in the New Testament.

So the book of Exodus is continuing the story of Genesis and explains the circumstances in which Israel is delivered from the slavery of Egypt. Exodus then provides the basis of worship.

When you come to Leviticus you're going to read about how we are to worship God. The God is a holy God. But Exodus provides the foundation of that in the giving of the law God is to be worshiped in a certain way. Not any old way and also the construction of the tabernacle, Numbers, and Deuteronomy are going to get further details of Israel's wanderings in the wilderness. And Joshua recalled the conquering of the promised land.

God is faithful to his promises and that wonderful to think that today is a nation of Israel in the land mother and all of the land.

Much of the disputed but thousands of years after the promises given to Abraham today. Israel is in the land, not by the strange word Exodus 12 in the Hebrew Bible was translated into Greek recall of the Septuagint. The title of the second book of Moses was exported us. You don't need to be a Greek scholar to understand Exodus). It's composed of two words in Greek meaning out of Hadassah meaning way. It is the way out.

It is the next six.

Some of us were recently in in Greece and the journeys of Paul and I pointed out to a group that the Greeks sign the foot exits when you're on the road and you see we would have exits. It is the Greek word Exodus, but in the Greek alphabet. Of course, exits the still using. In Greek what's what's the Exodus. It is the exit is the way out. It is the departure from Egypt to the promised land. So the book of Exodus is describing the Exodus the way out by the people of God from Egypt and the Exodus redemption through the Red Sea. The Exodus is the major event in the Old Testament was a major event in the New Testament the death, burial and resurrection of our Lord Jesus. So these two events, one picturing and pointing forward to a greater Exodus what is said over and over again in the Old Testament, particularly the Psalms.

What is the greatest event of the Old Testament. The God and his grace to people his people who were slaves in Egypt and delivered them from Egypt took them through the Red Sea in a miraculous way provided for them for 40 years and brought them into the promised land that in the Old Testament context is the supreme display of the pilot of God.

So when you're reading your Bible's, particularly the Psalms.

When the writers want to emphasize the power of God. They do two things they mention creation thought about this morning. Isaiah with how does Isaiah encourage us to trust God, he says, behold, your God is the creator he shoots his mighty God that we know this is the God who saved me the talk about creation and they also talk about redemption. The outstanding event in the Old Testament is the redemption of God's people from slavery and Deuteronomy. The clause, the Lord God who has brought you, who has brought out Israel.

Sorry the Lord God who has brought Israel out of Egypt with a mighty hand or its equivalent occurs 14 times over and over again in Scripture. The writers look back to that amazing event is what the point was thinking about it. Think of this. If God is the Creator of the ends of the earth.

If the nations of the halls of Micah's body stretches of that. If that's true, this is a great God and you can trust. Also, if God can take his ancient people and deliver them from slavery, imperfect grumbling, although they were often if he can do that if you can lead them through the Red Sea not think you can take care of that problem in your life.

Is anyone here facing the Red Sea. If God can part the waves and leaned the people through think you can take care of your simulations are going to worry I you fretting that is the argument that is given over and over again in Scripture. So from the events of Exodus we understand our condition as slaves to sin. We don't think of ourselves were slaves with Americans. We emphasize freedom.

We know from Scripture that anyone who sins is a slave to sin, and because sin holds us and binds us and imprisons us and paralyzes us. We need a Savior we need to deliver.

We need a Redeemer and just as powerful, Pharaoh was defeated in Egypt, we see the magnificence of our Lord Jesus Christ, who defeated Satan, and darkness and sin itself.

We have been redeemed.

Children of Israel over again through that I'd sleep we have been redeemed, but we have not yet entered heavily into the fullness of that redemption. Just as the children of Israel. When I went through the Red Sea were not fully redeemed.

They had quite some time before they went into the promised land. And so we look forward we look back to the events of the crossover look forward to that magnificent day when the Lord shall come, and we shall be with him and the lantern into the fullness of our redemption.

I want to buy the outline of Exodus.

If you're interested in our lives which few of you are but I'm going to give you a threefold division of Exodus, chapters 1 through chapter 12 verse 36 we could headed slavery approximately 280 years after the death of Joseph, Moses is born in the first section of the birth of Moses with the call of Moses and with the various confrontations between Moses and Pharaoh first 12 chapters 2nd section is to do with deliverance to do with redemption from chapter 12 verse 37 to the end of chapter 18, the Israelites here leave Egypt to come to the Red Sea.

Joseph lived, Moses lifts up his staff. The waves part and they walked through drylands, Pharaoh's armies, horses and the child its impressive military power and their totally overthrown and destroyed. And then the final section from chapters 19 through 40 often neglected but is part of the script of the inspired word of God. The Mosaic covenant is given in Sinai and it is there that Moses received the 10 Commandments. Think of the great impact of the 10 Commandments are the legal codes in our world. Basic commands, but is still not to sleep with someone else's wife not to murder, not to bear false witness not to covet given in the 10 Commandments and then Moses also receives instructions regarding the construction of the tabernacle, the actually tends the meeting place, which is to be built in exact conformity to God's instructions and for his glory, soak with the big picture of Exodus was Exodus all about Exodus, the rates God's great and gracious deliverance of the people of Israel from the slavery of Egypt to the spiritual freedom of having a unique relationship with God through the Mosaic covenant and with the privilege of being worshipers of God in the regions to his revealed will that I say was the ending.

And most of Genesis, a coffin that Moses, Joseph dies and is put in a coffin in Egypt. What is the and the events in Exodus the completion of the tabernacle and what happens next is 40 when the tabernacle was built. We have the great Shekinah of glory, the glory of God the sense between dad and glory. We have lots think theologically think big picture. We have between dad and glory.

Redemption redemption Exodus is about redemption. God saves us from our sin, unless the Lord Jesus comes back soon all of us will be in a coffin and we as a people of God know that we have been redeemed from a slavery worse than Egyptian slavery and that we are headed for glory eternal glory and we keep our eyes on the Lord Jesus Christ, that God saves us from sin and that to do want in order that we may glorify him. I will bless the goal of your life is to glorify God but Savior, God redeemed you.

Looking forward to being with them from all eternity.

Therefore, now here in the in your work in your home in your relationships, glorify God, Alice Redon from their states of Exodus 1 through verse 16 and I've had this conflict conflict is great conflict in the Bible is under a conflict between the offspring of the woman in the offspring of the devil is one of the great themes of Scripture conflict between the people of God and our enemy the devil] event in Genesis 3.

Verse 15 I will put enmity between you and the woman and receipt here. So Joseph and his brothers are never in Egypt and the families verse eight that arose a new king over Egypt, who did not know Joseph and he said to his people.

Bold the people of Israel are too many into my divorce. Let us deal shrewdly with them. Lastly, multiply and avoid bricks as they join our enemies and fight against us and escape from the line. Therefore, they set taskmasters over them to afflict them with heavy burdens rebuilt for Pharaoh store cities Python and Ramses the more they would oppress the more they multiplied, and the more they spread abroad, and the Egyptians would drag on the people of Israel interested so they ruthlessly made the people of Israel work as slaves and made their lives bitter with hard service and marketing brick minute all kinds of work in the fields and all their work. They ruthlessly made them work as slaves than the king of Egypt enough Bartley. He said to the Hebrew midwives, one of whom was named Schiffer and the other pool when you serve as midwife to the Hebrew women and see them on the burst through. If it is a son.

You shall kill him, but if it is a daughter, she shall live conflict between the children of God. The children of the devil that conflict is to write Scripture. The conflict exists today as we follow Jesus Christ. We find ourselves in conflict only being a follower of Jesus is always easy, and that conflict will reach its climax in the tribulation. With the rise of the Antichrist bots. We know that the seed of the woman is triumphant he will bruise his head.

Satan is going to be crushed under her feet policies and Romans 16 and we know from Revelation 20.

Satan's ultimate fate is to be cast into the lake of fire, but here in Israel there is this new king. He doesn't know Joseph and he sees the multiplication of the Israelites as a potential enemy God told them to be fruitful and multiply her doing that so he points taskmasters and others. Verse 11 to afflict them with heavy burdens, but the more they would oppress the more they multiplied, and the more they spread abroad and so the Egyptians in dry and of all of these is realized who keep multiplying and although they trying oppress them to continue to grow and flourish in spite of the persecution, in spite of the anti-Semitism we would say, by the way, a continuing strategy over enemy, Satan always hates Israel. In spite of that, the Israelites continued to flourish to leave O'Kane things.

Ron is not enough. We set up. The taskmasters were treating them as slaves, but they continue to grow, so he decides in a very evil plan to kill the baby. Hebrew boys. The boys are going to grow up to become fathers of their going to have children and they may be soldiers.

They may fight against us is Egypt so I want all of them killed just when the barn were gonna kill all the baby Hebrew boys become another concluded that we try to do of course inhabited New Testament member and the birth of our Lord. He orders all the baby bodies in Bethlehem and its surrounding area who were two years old and under to be killed. I think we understand the out enemy Jesus says is a murderer from the beginning know here at Calvary we puts a lot of effort a lot of resources, but more importantly a lot of love a lot of prayer into her children. We love our children the way I just her own children, but we love all of the children finished children running here you go to the nursery and we who follow Jesus. We love children are enemy. He hates children and is trying to eliminate the birth of the Messiah.

Satan is utterly opposed to God through our Savior to the church and he's utterly opposed to every follower of Jesus when Jesus tells the story of the of the stories as is and see this on the enemy comes and he likes it and eats it. So one go into hearts filled with hate and these utterly ruthless, but we cannot conceive kindly, even though there were some moments, having a plan to kill baby bodies who are just born but Christ is building his church and the gates of Hades are will not prevail against it. But we need to recognize as we live in follow Jesus that are enemy constantly tempts us harasses us, distracts us, deceives us and kills I'm not surprised that the hatred in our culture against those of us who stand for life. I praise God I'm very thankful that I'm part of a church that unequivocally is pro-life but makes a strong statement that we love all children and we are opposed to the killing of babies in their mother's womb prevents a spiritual battle in the receipt right back here thousands of years ago that the evil Pharaoh was the kill the baby. Hebrew boys, but notice what happens. Verse 17 but the midwives I love this Tanya the feared God, the feared God and did not do as the king of Egypt commanded them, but let the male children live. So the king of Egypt. All the midwives and said to them done this about the male children live. The Midwest said to Pharaoh to think of her mocking him. By this I think they were in a sense well because the Hebrew women are not like the Egyptian women for their vigorous and diverse before the midwife comes to the doctor little an expert on delivery of children with things about this verse 20 so God dwelt well with the midwives and the people multiplied and grew very strong and because again notices because the midwives feared God to give them families, then Pharaoh commanded all these people every son that is born to the Hebrews you shall cast into the Nile, but you shall let every doctor live the king orders the midwives than to kill the baby boys at birth.

These women are godly women there. Hebrews were taught well and they feared God, and they would not obey the king and the let the meal children live. Some say Goliath, but I'm not sure if it if Eli does what they said in verse 19 to the gay guys a reason. Perhaps it was an old tree. Perhaps they were mocking Pharaoh.

What prevented them, however, and this is applying the one you to get tonight. What prevented them from killing the baby bodies was their fear of the Lord.

These godly women were prepared to pay the consequence of their action in God and his sovereign purposes. Use these women these midwives to preserve the baby Moses and other baby boys. They would on a rescue mission to save human lives. This was we would say today, civil disobedience, the Lord says, with the render to Caesar the things that are Caesar's and to God the things that are God's. And when there is conflict between Caesar's demands and God's demands. We must always obey God. I think this is going be more and more of a challenge for us here in North America in our own country. There's an increasing attack on biblical principles is not right.

Those who oppose same-sex marriage. Those who oppose abortion and homosexuality, etc. would never choose of hate speech is not the new tax where we are.

We are haters we think people but as the apostle said, we must obey God rather than man is a word or two as I can click on the fear of God mask something we talk too much about the Lord's very very biblical. Would you say you fear God, I think the fear of God is largely lacking in our lives, perhaps even sometimes in the church delete do we have a sense of the presence of God. That's the fear of God. My mother often used to tell us. Granted you grew up in a very small village of about 300 people. As a young woman as a child. The young women and she said that in that village. Even the unbelievers have the fear of God because they knew the Bibles that were taught the Bibles at school, go to church but there was a in the culture.

There was a certain fear of God, used to be called by the loving Scotland no longer today.

Much fear of God, no. In Scotland, sadly, don't you think Julius must be the case. These people come to a place of worship like Calvary church as they come into the sanctuary as we worship God. Yes, there's exuberant joy there's praise were told that the Scripture to do that to to Charlotte to God with with praise center praising with crying symbols and so on. But shouldn't there also be a sense that all of this is directed to God as sense of the presence of God. I am not advocating doll ritual. Far from it, but I am saying that we need an increasing understanding of the fear of the Lord.

What is the beginning of wisdom. According to Proverbs 9 verse 10 the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.

That is if you want to be a wise young man.

I got a wise older woman. You must understand the fear of the Lord. Some hundred and 28 verse one says the one who fears the Lord has blessed my mother being terrified of God. And that's not the sense of fear we might use the word all we say that God is also and that is true.

The problem is we cheapen language of the cold pizza. Also was and I've never eaten pizza which is also says good thing you like italso keep keep awesome to God. God is also and as we understand who God is, as I was encouraging her this morning to Boulder. God, the more we understand who God is, the more we are in all of God. Yes, God is my father. I don't know about you but I was brought up to love my father but also to respected.

I didn't talk to my father the way I talked to some of my buddies. He was my father.

I was told to honor him. I was told to respected. I was never afraid of my dad, well I can't say that sometimes when I acted up and the new discipline was coming.

It was a bit afraid of them, but not really my relationship was one of Lot 1 of one of respect. But understand this is my father but my body is my father. If that's true in a human relationship much more God. We thought this morning of hope, awesome God is big he is over to Proverbs 3 and winding this up this evening.

Proverbs 3 is a shoe subject the feet of the Lord, but as I was I was reading this I thought of these midwives twice and said they feared the Lord. Proverbs 3 verses we love for Proverbs 3 verse five the context trust in the Lord with all your heart. Do not lean on your on the understanding in all your ways acknowledge him and he will make straight your paths. Great verses in verse seven. Be not wise in your own eyes, fear the Lord, that it is and turn away from evil. It will be healing to your flesh and refreshment to your bones if unwise. In my own eyes. I don't feel God was going to help me to turn from evil to have an understanding that God sees me that God in that sense, is to be feared as being aware of the presence of God when you're committing sin, you want to forget God wanted to get back to you later God by being an elder to rebut meantime I'm going to do this is the opposite of the fear of God is to understand that I'm living in the very presence of God means that I trust God literally means to follow down and helplessness and this then is to live a holy and the regions life. Proverbs 8 verse 13 the fear of the Lord's hatred of evil, the fear of the Lord will motivate us not to sin. Exodus 20 verse 20 we can look ahead and Exodus Exodus 20 the end of the giving of the 10 Commandments. Moses said to the people do not fear for God has come to test you that the fear of him and may be upon you that you may not sin. If you fear God you turn from evil. If you fear God you seek to please God is to hate what God hates is the live in a reverential submission to the Lord in all of life and so as we worship God.

That is reverent God to live in the fear of the Lord is to live a God centered life is to bring everything in reference to God is what does God think about this is to understand that God sees me and I trust this also. God and these women feel God's (Pharaoh comes in so that when you kill these little Hebrew boys at printable nuclear midwives you you you take care that I don't think they have even to think twice such as the fear of the Lord they think well I don't know what he's going to do to us, but we cannot and we will not kill these little boys. Well here is the beginning of the life of Moses when I prepared for his birth in chapter 2 God is preparing in this unique way. His servants to lead his people in fulfillment of the covenant promises to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

These are people of faith, in spite of persecution like the midwives continue to fear the Lord and God is going to work in a miraculous way the feet of the Lord. We think of that this week at Calvary. We want God to receive all of the glories only in our lives.

I think I speak for every single one of us here on the Sunday night, we want to glorify God. You want God to be glorified in your family. You want God to be glorified in your business.

You want God to be glorified at work, you want everything to be live for the glory of God and sadly is a church and with that we want.

Don't wait and pray for this and unmistakable demonstration of the power of God in the transformation of our lives is incredible when you see God at work. Some hundred and six is the Exodus racemic amended to verse eight, Psalm 106 verse eight yet he saved them, is referring to the redemption of Israel. He saved them for his namesake that he might make no one his mighty we want God's mighty power to be seen at Calvary don't win in the salvation of souls. We want to see God work in miraculous ways. As we reach out with Three chart with missions through the good news clubs as we thought of this morning and all of our ministries. We want to see an evidence that God is at work not asters because of our programs. Auto scales are experience God uses all of these, of course, but because were giving God all the glory for trust God to God's glory, fear the Lord and when conflict comes don't compromise your personal life and your home life and business and in the church. Conflict is going to come. These dilemmas are going to come to all of us don't compromise stand for truth. Don't take the easy way out. Belying these midwives fear the Lord, Hudson Taylor said it doesn't matter how great the pressure is what really matters is where the pressure lies within.

It becomes between you and God. And so drives you from God or with a press issued near that his heart. The pressure of the conflict comes to these midwives. What does it do it pushes them closer to God.

They trust God more and so when the conflict comes in your life, in whatever shape the way that you come to pull you away from God, but to act in the fear of the Lord so that you and I are price closer to the heart of God as we trust God and as we feared the Lord, he will direct your path.

Father, thank you for this ancient Scriptures we reflected briefly superficially on the opening verses of this wonderful book of Exodus we see your faithfulness faithful to your promises under the Abraham a covenant your faithfulness to these godly women. These midwives who feared the Lord that in your providence you're going to bring in your unique way this man Moses to be the mighty champion of your people. We want you to receive all of the glory father I pray for each one bugged no that you will help us live for your glory. This week in the fear of the Lord, we thank you in Christ name

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