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Declare His Glory

The Verdict / John Munro
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October 28, 2019 11:17 am

Declare His Glory

The Verdict / John Munro

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October 28, 2019 11:17 am

Dr. John H. Munro October 27, 2019 Psalm 96:3

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*Those we read together. Psalm 96 Psalm 96, which rebuts together read with me or sing to the Lord a new song, sing to the Lord, all the earth sing to the Lord, bless his name tell of his salvation from day to day declare his glory among the nations, his marvelous works among all the peoples.

For great is the Lord and greatly to be praised. He is to be feared. Above all, God's foot all the gods of the peoples are worthless idols.

But the Lord made the heavens.

Splendor and majesty are before him strength and glory are in this century ascribed to the Lord all families of the peoples ascribed to the Lord glory and strength ascribed to the Lord the glory due his name, bring an offering, and come into his courts worship the Lord in the splendor of holiness tremble before him all the earth say among the nations. The Lord drains.

Yes, the world is established, it shall never be moved. He will judge the peoples with equity let the heavens be glad let the artists rejoice, let the sea roar, and all it fills it.

Let the field exults and everything in it then shall all the trees of the forest sing for joy before the Lord, for he comes he comes to judge the art he will judge the world in righteousness, and the peoples in his faithfulness. A man please be seated.

While this is a day off phrase when we thank you God for this renovated century and dedicated as we do, to the glory of God, but not the critic should say that the funds should be used elsewhere but at Calvary. We believe there is nothing greater, nothing higher. Nothing grinder, nothing more importance than worshiping God as we declare his glory. There is nothing more important than encountering the living God. And so I Calvary church.

We are very strong on this conviction that worship is the very center of all that we do. We meet to worship our great eternal, all wise, all-powerful God, the Lord of the universe and to exalt our glorious Lord Jesus Christ and we are privileged to do this, not a black box not in the atmosphere of the nightclub, but to do it in this beautiful sanctuary with these wonderful windows with the natural lights coming into our sanctuary and for me that really helps me to worship is true God. Now, as we read Psalm 96 at the Psalm begins by encouraging the people to sing to the Lord, are that the theme for the concert tonight as I would say too much about singing, but the psalmist goes on to say in verse three declare his glory among the nations, his marvelous works among all the peoples. He says in verse seven ascribed to the Lord glory and strength. Verse eight ascribed to the Lord the glory due to his name.

Verse nine worship the Lord in the splendor of holiness tremble before him all the earth, so for a few moments this morning.

Want to speak, and what it means to declare the glory of the Lord and to do that, among all the nations has marvelous works among all the people. One of the exciting things I Calvary church is that people literally from all over the world find their way in the providence of God into this century I said before that this is not an American church. All of Americans, I am an American, but this is not an American church. This is the church of Jesus Christ. The Scripture talks about the sanctuary being a house of prayer for all the nations.

God's love embraces the whole world that God so loved the world, and we want everyone. Whoever they are from the Wii bodies in the we girls to singles to students. The young couples to seniors, or whether their brain lived all of their life in Charlotte or whether they come from Kazakhstan or Pakistan or Australia or New Zealand or night, Judy or Honduras or whatever it is that they come here and that they leave with a deeper understanding of who God is and what God in his grace has done is doing and will do in their lives as we acknowledge that he is the only true God, and I wonderful then as we seen over the life of this charge for 18 years and we trust in the goodness of God will continue that from here in Charlotte side Charlotte, North Carolina that people throughout the world. The nations will understand the glorious gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ that's why we put resources and funds into the sanctuary, not just to make it more comfortable for us. It is that.

But more importantly, that we will declare the glory of God and that will impact our lives, the lives of people around us, and indeed throughout the world know to help us understand what it means to declare his glory. Once you judge your Bible there to turn to Isaiah chapter 6 we have in the series of her taking a break today in the series with wings like eagles we been largely focusing on this amazing book of the Old Testament that we know as Isaiah and Isaiah 6 is very foundational to this book is one of the great perhaps the greatest of the Old Testament prophets a great point.

A great man of God, and he records put us in a very helpful way.

This incident in his life, which absolutely transformed with an 11. First of all that to declare the glory of the Lord is to be God centered. You say that's obvious.

Yes, it is obvious, but it is foundational and if you're like me, as you live your Christian life and as you live increasingly in a pagan society around us. It is so easy, isn't it. They got out of focus on God and to look at our lives in Sagan over this past week this past month I'd be living as if there were no God or not an atheist but practically God is at the periphery of my life, rather than being the very center of gravity of my life so this passage will help us to declare the glory of God is to be God centered here Isaiah goes into the temple.

He was into the sanctuary of the Lord, and he sees the Lord, Isaiah 6, then verse one in the year that King Uzziah died, I saw the Lord sitting upon the throne, high and lifted up, and the train of his robe filled the temple. There is worship. Worship is seeing the Lord, the Lord is central toward worship and Isaiah comes into the temple, and he sees the Lord on the throne lofty and exalted the throne as a place of power and authority reminds us that he did that in the very year that King Uzziah died a man who reigned in Judah for about 52 years, but along Lorraine bought all the rains of all kings come to an end and German kingdoms like your desires kingdom rises and falls, but this King. The King of Kings, the King of glory he reigns supremely and eternally. This kingdom, the kingdom of God. The kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ will never come to an end.

And so to this mindless Old Testament prophet. The Lord graciously gives him a glorious vision of his power and his authority in his Majesty and his transcendence versus 23 above him stood the set of him bundling ones type of Angel above him stood the sativa each had six wings with two he covered his face, and with two he covered his feet, and with two he flew on one call to another what you think they said the reason holy, holy, holy is the Lord of hosts, the whole earth and get this, the whole earth is full of his glory. These perfect seraphim unfallen angels are praising the Lord for his holiness and his glory, and with veiled face. They cried out, holy, holy, holy is the Lord of hosts. This is a super superlative describing who the triune God is in the very essence of his being who is God, I would you answer the question Isaiah's answering the question. The seraphim in answering the question by saying that God is holy. What does it mean to be holy it means to be set apart it means to be removed from evil. It means that God's is the state he is unique. He's different from all others. In this respect, that is no trace of evil.

No trace of darkness in God.

He is perfectly holy, and the glory of the Lord is the display of his holiness and Isaiah says the very train them anyhow. Pam of his robe filled the temple and the seraphim say the whole earth is the temple, but the whole is full of his glory with supplying God is so holy God is so glorious that his holiness in this majestic glory can be contained in a temple magnificent although it was Solomon says that the dedication of the temple will hold heaven and the highest heaven cannot continue hug, much less this house that I have built the very cosmos that a universe can contain God is so awesomely so big he so holy could you contain God in the little blogs like the temple beautiful although it was made and by following the commands of the Lord know the glory of the Lord you pictures. Could you get this. The brightness of God's who dwells the Bible says in unapproachable light is so dazzling that these holy angels can't even look on God much or in his commentary says holiness is God's hidden glory glory is God's all present holiness. The glory of God is God's all present holiness that is God's holiness characterizes everything God is and God does. We previously seen that in their studies of Isaiah in the series wings of Eagles is rooted very Scriptures and what that Isaiah describes God as the holy one of Israel knows about it first hand experience here in Isaiah chapter 6 and he emphasizes the writer's prophecy that God is unique.

God is this think he has no peers.

No one can compete with God foolish.

Then have an idol I'm foolish to love anything other than God because God is separate from everyone else.

I am God, and that is not likely.

Chapter 46 verse 10. The question asked in Isaiah 44 is there isn't any God beside me could you produce any God who can compete with the true God. Isaiah says no I know of none.

These unique he is separate the very foundations of the temple shakers for the foundations of the thresholds shook at the voice of him who called on the house was filled with smoke. The foundations of this temple tremble, they shake you what you make of that. One thing is clear that God centered worship is not always comfortable. Today in our contemporary evangelicalism. We have this philosophy that when people come to a place like this. Number one there made to feel comfortable, you don't want to say anything that would upset them they have to leave feeling good about themselves just come as you go as you are God's love God, except share come in any kind of casual way that you wants not really. Would you be comfortable going into a temple. These angelic beings can't even look at God's.

And that is this manifestation of the glory of the splendor on the light of God. Do you think you, this is pretty cool man absolutely not true worship that she doesn't.

It should something very very wrong with our worship if we come and go, and it leaves us unaffected because true worship is totally the opposite of what goes on in the unbelieving world know an understanding of some of the holiness of God, of who God is and his essential being keeps us, God centered rather than self-centered today. Our culture is self-centered, it's narcissistic, it's all about me, my feelings, my opinions, my rights know this worship is the clearing, not our own worth is declaring the glory of the Lord. That's worship proclaiming the glory of the Lord and worship were celebrating who God is and what he's done with reminding ourselves of his greatness and of his grace. No worship is not about satisfying your personal dates about you and me feeling good about ourselves not coming to be entertained and amused Norwood declaring the glory of awesome God use the word awesome use that word for God awesome God, the great God, the God who is so powerful that in the beginning, he spoke the world into being to believe that I do. That's pretty impressive, isn't it that you can speak in the world comes into existence on the wonder is not only good God is great were singing about God but God cares for us is is is a God of love going to comes to us graciously and who is perfectly revealed in our Lord Jesus Christ, who, when he comes into our world into our darkness doesn't come to condemn us but to deliver us and to save us. Isaiah in the seraphim overwhelmed by the glory of the Lord the whole earth is full of his glory usage on them. But what does this word glory mean it's a kind of a church where it is a biblical word but what does it mean we sing about it. We talk about, to the glory of God and son is very, very good, very, very pious, but help me to understand truly not that difficult Lord in Hebrew means that which is heavy that we use that in the Roman vernacular. Someone was talking about something important and that we sailor that's heavy meaning there some way to this is not a trivial subject. This is something which has deputized substance. It's it's heavy. This is what it means there is no person as heavy as God, what do we mean by the glory of God. Among other things were saying that God is all important is the most important person in all of the universe.

No one comes close without the stars of the planets whether the most intellectual of man, the rich is the most beautiful of the most creative.

No one comes anywhere close to God. He is number one. That's why the New Testament was in the that would become to Christ, we can understand not only is he our Savior. He is over Lord he's number one.

Number 100 worship and we are amazed when astonished at God who is so majestic in his greatness and his amazing grace. What do we do when we declare the glory of God we worship God, we exalt our Savior to declare the glory of God than is certainly to be God centered. But secondly, declare the glory of God is also to be personally transformed. You see this worship is declaring the glory of God is not just a theoretical intellectual endeavor were not just talking influence philosophical abstract terms no, this glory of the Lord. This worship transforms me notice what happens verse five and I said this is really cool. God brother came in today. No I said wool is me from lost I'm ruined from a man of unclean lips and I dwell in the midst of the people of unclean lips. For my eyes have seen the King, the Lord of hosts. What's he doing is confessing his sin in chapter 5, Isaiah has for nines varies wars against people sinful people, but now he's not saying woe is you saying woe is me in the presence of a holy God confronted with the glory and holiness of the Lord.

He's overwhelmed just by the majesty of God, but in turn that leads him to be overwhelmed by his own sinfulness. I'm a man of unclean lips, but Isaiah the prophet when you speak God speaks, I understand that but I got 30 Tom and the people around me have unclean lips confronted with the holiness of God. He realizes his own sinfulness and before the King of glory, he signs silent broken and condemned the giver had that experience in worship you feel out of it several years ago I was asked to officiate at a wedding in Seattle and the friends of mine that their son was getting married and the they had the service in one of the done time old churches in Seattle was August was no air conditioning and those so the doors of the church were open the bill right out into the street and was a very high-class wedding. Everyone was dressed very, very smartly are the bride was there beautiful young woman, dazzling white dress, young man, handsome fellow with his tuxedo. The bridesmaids and groomsmen. The families parents and friends. Everyone's looking very wonderful and I in fact had begun the service and made some introductory remarks and is about to ask the couple turned to join Hines as ad litem and buys when all of a sudden the to my rights from the street wonders in a homeless man is acting always homeless.

Well probably shaved with a long long time because he was trying to grow a beard but his close with 30.

His face was dirty and you came in, and obviously he is a bit disoriented and he stood between me and the couple. Quite a contrast things they don't teach you in seminary assigned to handle this on the manly dryland and I must say he had the good sense to keep on moving and dogs was my point by point is this, that he felt totally not only was he not invited but his whole demeanor. His whole attitude is whole dress was totally different from everyone else. He simply did not belong. As with Isaiah's day confronted with the holiness and majesty of the Lord. I'm dirty I don't belong here is able everyone should belong in church. In one sense, yes, but in another sense confronted with the holiness of God.

Confronted with your own sinfulness. Do you ever think I really shouldn't be here.

My to sing in the choir who am I to preach my to teach children because I'm a sinful person on the wonder is the more we understand the holiness and the glory of God. The more we are aware of it own shortcoming sin and failure. But something wonderful is going to happen.

Worship changes us worshiping God truly doesn't leave us when we were this is the wonder of worshiping God when were truly God centered.

That is this personal transformation and I trust.

Also, the transformation of us as a church of Jesus Christ's God is having lifted up. He's unapproachable just Look at him and they are holy have never sinned. Unlike Isaiah who is a sinful man prophet.

Although he is God seems unapproachable. Listen later. What Isaiah writes. Perhaps he was reflecting on his experience in Isaiah 57 verse 15 is a course, the Lord, for thus says the one who is high and lifted up who inhabits eternity, whose name is holy. That's Isaiah 6 and the first two verses of I dwell in the high and holy place. Of course you do. God, you are holy, your heart is not greater there's none bigger you get the unique God of course you dwell there, but notice what else the verses that God also dwells with him who is of a contrite and slowly spread marvelous. Isn't that the grace of heart that this is God who is so high and holy is so gracious that he comes to us and if there is this brokenness that Isaiah experiences. If there is this holiness, he comes to us through this worship should drive us to our knees in humility.

We confess that we have unclean lips, unclean lives dirty hearts fail sinful people that we are but when we declare the glory of God. We are transformed. Notice what happens. Isaiah experiences before goodness of God. Yes, in the temple. Isaiah 6 verses six and seven befalling this.

Then one of the sound of him flew to me, having in his hand about Nicole that he had taken with tongs from the altar notice when it comes from from the altar and he touched my mouth and said the holders has touched your lips, your guilt is taken away and your sin atoned for. How wonderful it Isaiah now experiences the very forgiveness of God. How does he experiences forgiveness by cleaning his life uprising. Well, I realize about dirty talking about Debbie Harter. I must do better not that kind of person I must be more patient is allotments are tall is it is God takes the initiative.

The New Testament sages know that we love God but that he first loved us, is God who takes the initiative in the forgiveness of sins is God who acts in grace unmerited favor towards us in one of the flipside of fame takes the burning coal and what does he do with it. He touches the mouth of Isaiah the very point of these need. I've got an unclean mind yes you do. Isaiah no argument with God. In that regard, he knows all about you, but here is forgiveness of the very point of needs is unclean lips. Forgiveness is extended.

Notice that Isaiah contributes nothing.

Nothing to his forgiveness other than acknowledging his need for want to say to all of us here today when we acknowledge our sinfulness. When we come in times like that, you do feel unworthy. I hope you do sometimes you just insulted an inhabitant sing a few choruses listen to a message and go away now popular. I hope you change and when we acknowledge our sinfulness. God extends his grace and forgiveness to us at our very point of needs and this forgiveness is not a process, it is instantaneous flowing from the altar. The place of sacrifice. The cold comes from the altar, the place when a holy God, except sacrifices for sin is forgiven. Verse seven. Your guilt is taken away and your sin atoned for. Here is substitutionary atonement before any of our sins can be forgiven. Sacrifice is needed and this and this. The wonder of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ with all of the Old Testament sacrifices are pointing to that once that once and for all sacrifice that sacrifice which never needs to be repeated. The sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ on the altar of Calvary. When he takes my said as the Lamb of God, taking away the sin of the world. You see, sin is so awful. Sin is so devastating that a holy God can't ignore. You wouldn't want a God, would your that would overlook your sin. God is righteous God is calling Isaiah understands that the Angels understand it holy, holy, holy, and none comes our Lord Jesus Christ, the only one whose lips were never unclean. The only one who is sinless, the only one who is spotless, the spotless Lamb of God, and he voluntarily gives himself as the good Shepherd on the cross for our sins and no Isaiah's iniquity under sin or taken away. He's forgiven received that forgiveness is I like coming to Calvary. I enjoy the work you love really looking forward to the concert tonight.

I love I love the him develop some of the new contemporary wanted this wonderful well but in the portion as you listen to the hymns to listen to the word of God. I trust you have the sense of brokenness that you need forgiveness and the only place is the common humility to the cross. I don't is also what happens experiences the forgiveness of God but is also commissioned.

You see when we declare the glory of the Lord.

Yes, we worship God, we are reminded of our own sinfulness and the holiness of God, we experience the forgiveness of God and then verse eight I had the voice of the Lord, saying, whom shall I send who will go for us. Then I said here. I send me and he said: removal of arson enables us to hear the voice of God.

You said I don't know if event had God speak to hear the voice of God, as would the holy Scriptures. This is the word of God, but perhaps your heart is so hardened.

Perhaps your ears are so spiritually full of wax is aware that you don't hear the voice of God as you experience the forgiveness of God.

We then humbly awaits to hear the voice of God in his word. God calls Isaiah will be doing in worship we see the Lord, high and lifted up, were confronted and challenged by the word of God and we respond and obey declaring the glory of the Lord leads to forgiveness of sin that leads to us serving God and obeying God. That is true biblical God centered, Christ centered Holy Spirit worship transforms our lives, how can you truly worship the living God and not be changed. Isaiah is already eager to serve God and worship that were motivated and inspired for service, not out of guilt not out of legalistic Judy, not because someone has manipulated our emotions, but biodegrade God forgives us the clearing the

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