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All the Lonely People

The Verdict / John Munro
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December 2, 2019 10:03 am

All the Lonely People

The Verdict / John Munro

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December 2, 2019 10:03 am

Dr. John H. Munro December 1, 2019 2 Timothy 4:9-18

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What I was a student of the University, the one Christmas I got a job with the Royal mile.

That is the mail service delivering letters.

It was Christmas time busy time so the Royal Mail where hiring students who were eager to make some money as indeed I was and my first assignment was delivering letters and about 15 minutes into my H match for the first time an old lady. She seemed very old to me at that time very, very old Mrs. Ferguson. I learned that she lived alone that she had to be only walking her hands or fingers were full of arthritis and that it was so severe that you difficulty putting on the Goth so I to make herself a cup of tea.

So about 7:15 AM during the two or three weeks of the Christmas break. As I was delivering letters I should left the door open the back door.

I went into it. I turned on the stove made her a cup of tea and then sat down and of course whether and enjoyed my cup of tea and I learned about Mrs. Ferguson. I was astonished started to understand that she was almost alone in the world that she lived an extremely lonely life that was really my first encounter with a very lonely person.

I was raised in a large family. I enjoyed being alone. If you have five brothers you enjoyed it. A time when you're on, but Mrs. Ferguson was very, very different.

She was a very lonely woman dying for human companionship.

She would have gladly. I spoke with me all morning, but I had to deliver letters and my boss didn't want me drinking tea all morning with old ladies, but there she was a lonely woman, Thomas Wolf, the famous novelist said loneliness, far from being a rare and curious phenomenon peculiar to myself and a few other solitary man is the central and inevitable fact of human existence. All this hideous doubt, despair and dark confusion of the soul on lonely man must know for his is united to no image save that which he creates himself while welded on except will theology is correct in saying that loneliness is far from rare. It is a common human experience. Those of you in my era. Remember the Beatles singing on the Rigby look at all the lonely people. Where do they all come from where do all the lonely people come from. There is a loneliness when a good friend moves away the loneliness. When a loved one dies, the loneliness of a prisoner serving time, the loneliness of a young woman whose engagement is suddenly broken the loneliness of a body at elementary school who is laughed at the loneliness of a senior in high school is not asked of this group from the loneliness of the wife who just can't communicate with her husband that loneliness of a leader facing unrelenting criticism, the loneliness of the business person frequently away from home. The loneliness of the wife whose husband prefers golf or fishing or being with his friends, rather than being with her. The loneliness of the athlete who was banished and who doesn't make the team.

The loneliness of the immigrant coming to a foreign country and knowing no one loneliness comes in all kinds of shapes and sizes, doesn't it. In the 1950s. About one in every 10 households had only one person in them. These were from modeling windows, but today, due to dad's divorce and deferred marriage.

About one in every four households is a single person household. Interesting isn't it. People today are moderating less moderating later and staying married for shorter periods with all the lonely people is not ironical that we live we say in this great communication age, but there's so much loneliness. Never have there been so many ex-pats on marriage and relationship should you go to the bookseller with as a Christian bookstore or Barnes & Noble.

There's a lot of books on self-help, telling you how to build relationships out of a better marriage.

And yet, with all of this. It was an expertise. There's fewer and fewer it seems to me deep, lasting relationships, so much so that millions of people not want to chat with strangers online. Presumably because many of them don't have meaningful relationships with people they know the BBC in 2018. The survey of 55,000 people from all over the world and they revealed this survey revealed that loneliness levels is a staggering were highest among the 16 to 20 feet 24-year-olds, 40% of them said they felt lonely often are very often 16 to 24-year-olds.

I was amazed when I read that statistic are terribly terribly sad many lonely people, young people as well as old people like Mrs. Ferguson searching for fulfilling relationships is not just single and shy people who experience loneliness, an increasing number of married people feel very much alone, they often feel they have no one to turn to.

No one really knows them. Follis understands them. Many people are married experience the tremendous ache of loneliness trapped in our relationship, which promise so much about delivered so little look at all of the lonely people solitaire. It is a positive experience which we all enjoy your should enjoy from time to time but we choose solitude by loneliness is a negative experience want us to turn to a chapter in the Bible.

Psych intimidate and learn about Paul when at the end of his life he knew loneliness this may surprise you psych intimidate chapter 4 the last epistle written by Paul. He's in prison he's about to die and that here are his last words that we have recorded in holy Scripture psych intimidate chapter 4 subject today is all the lonely people. This is the last message in the series with wings like eagles because of my mother's funeral in Scotland I missed a Sunday on the subject of suicide and euthanasia. But, Lord willing, will address that next month on sanctity of life Sunday but here is second Timothy chapter 4 we going to say and to see that God's people are sometimes placed in lonely circumstances.

And here is a great example from Paul. Paul, who was alone in imprisonment. Two Timothy four verse nine is writing to terminate the says intimidate, do your best to come to me soon. He wants Timothy's company for Dimas in love with this present world, has deserted me and is gone to Thessalonica tree sends has gone to Galatia, Titus to Dalmatia Luke alone is with me that Mark and bring him with you 40s very useful to me for ministry. Verse 16. At my first offense. No one came to stand by me is me for 16 again at my first offense.

No one came to stand by me, but all deserted me. May it not be charged against the notice verse nine verse 10 Dimas has deserted me. Verse 16, but all deserted me. The word deserted. There is to be abandoned to be left in the lurch. Never been deserted by someone deserted by friends, is what Paul is saying we see in verse nine he wants intimidate to be with her Dimas and obviously got tired of being with Paul this might evangelist. He loved the world too much and so he led Paul and gone back into the world. Titus himself had left Paul verse 10, Luke was there. Verse 11 and all wanted Monica Mark was a defector. Mark had once follow notes remember the story with Barnabas and Paul and Mark had the defector does it work, but now he wants marks Mark with a and reread these strange words in verse 16 that no one supported Paul and his defense. He was a mighty man a great man and he is alone at the end of his life. Some of his closest colleagues, deserted them. Yes, God's servants, God's people sometimes find themselves in lonely situations. Many of you know that. Think of the loneliness of Joseph in the Old Testament. He was betrayed, he was rejected to sold into slavery by his brothers falsely accused of rape thrown into the prison in Egypt alone.

Think of the loneliness of David being pursued by Saul thing of the loneliness of Jeremiah was threatened, thrown into this into our system rejected by the very people he had come to minister lonely people know when we're alone. We're often tempted to send loneliness tends to breed self-indulgence, self-pity, where we end up feeling no one really cares for us and in that loneliness.

Some people feel they don't want to face life anymore and so when people feel abandoned, deserted, when life seems unbearable. When people of deserted them, betrayed them (some people are suicidal and in fact take the lives for some lonely people. The refrigerator becomes her best friends. Others alcohol becomes her best friends.

Some go to single bars. Some go to the club. Some go online. The looking for someone to mask the loneliness, pain of loneliness and sometimes that loneliness breeds all kinds of addictions which just increases the loneliness and alienation from people self-hatred, depression, unspeakable guilt, some of you know the rock group complete switch thing and they sang everyone I know is lonely and God so far away and my heart belongs to no one. So no, sometimes I pray please state the space between us and fill it up some way live in a society of very very many lonely what's the answer to this is an answer to loneliness. I have three action points number one.

Here is the answer. Have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Here is one who is promised never to deserted us never to abandon us. Yes your closest friends may desire to your husband your spikes your parents or children, your colleagues, all of them may desire to that is true, but if you know the living Christ. If you have a living, vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ. This, I guarantee you will never leave you never abandon you think of Paul's example in prison. Paul is in prison. He's deserted is a man who prefers the pleasure of the world like Dimas to being with solute poly things imaginable.

Think of all that you would learn with this great servant of God for the love of the world was such that Dimas and others deserted Paul. But Paul's faith in Christ is not shaken. He has great confidence in the Lord. Look back to verse six is my voice this morning.

Verse six. I'm already being poured out as a drink offering at the time of my departure has come is the time of his death. I have fought the good fight, I finish the race.

I've kept the faith. Henceforth there is laid up for me the kind of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous judge, will award to me on that day and not only to me but also to all who have loved his appearing.

The beautiful Paul, in spite of the possessions of others. His focus is on Christ. His focus is on the eternal is on the spiritual is on that kind of righteousness, which the Lord will award to have not only to Paul but to all who loved his appearance and then verse 17 he said in verse 16 all deserted me. Verse 17 but the Lord stood by me and strengthened your had that experience in the difficulties of life in the loneliness of life and the betrayals of life that you understand that the Lord is standing by year and is strengthening you some of you have experience that when you lost a loved one, a husband or wife a parent a child and in the devastation of that loneliness as you go to your home where the husband was a your wife was your parents are your your child and they're not there. A batch of gone through a excruciatingly difficult divorce and your life has been turned upside down and then you go home and you wonder how when asked can you continue here is the answer, the Lord stood by me and strengthens me deserted Paul, yes, but not by the Lord. Verse 17 the Lord stood by me and strengthen me, so that through my message might be fully proclaimed and all the Gentiles might hear. I think Paul knew Isaiah 40 verse 31. Those that wait on the Lord shall be renewed in strength. Paul is strengthened when does that strength come from is in the resolve is in the discipline will Paul was a very disciplined person about to accomplish individual, but he saying that the strength is a spiritual one. The Lord strengthened him. The Lord stood by him as he waited on the Lord that was similar to Joseph, here is Joseph a young man, probably late teens thrown into prison falsely accused with a charitable accusation against them with rereads. Genesis 39 the Lord was with Joseph and showed him steadfast love. In fact, this is the case that in these difficult situations.

When you feel that you can go on what you do feel alone that you experience the love of God's steadfast love and the presence of God in a way that you didn't take Noah before so you find yourself lonely with you to do draw on the supernatural power of God.

Paul says I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. He says in Ephesians 3 God is able to do far more abundantly than all that we can ask or think, according to the power that works mightily within us and Paul here is confidence that the Lord is going to deliver him from every evil deeds. Verse 18 says I was rescued from the lion's mouth the Lord will rescue me from every evil date and bring me safely into his heavenly kingdom.

To him be the glory forever and ever. Amen.

In his desire sin. Paul is still glorifying God because he knows that God is going to bring him safely to that heavenly kingdom. Yes, the kingdom of Rome is very very powerful and is imprisoned Paul, but Paul looks beyond Rome and looks to the kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ and realizes that there is no power on that are certainly not the part of Rome that can prevent him finishing the course receiving the kind of righteousness, and to be received into that heavenly kingdom. The still glorifies God in prison. To him be the glory. Verse 18, forever and ever. You loneliness in your suffering in your betrayal you what it was for a friend to leave him because of the pleasures of the world, but he did know this. Chapter 2 verse one verse 12. He says he talks about his suffering. Two Timothy 112. I'm not ashamed, for I know whom I have believed, and I'm convinced that is able to God until that day. What has been entrusted to me is faith in God is unshakable and this assurance grinds Paul doesn't shake him what other people would have been overcome by self-pity might've abandoned their faith might've caved in. There's a word to the part of Rome. Paul says absolutely not. I'm not ashamed of the gospel. I know whom I believed in the gospel has been entrusted to Paul and that assurance grinds us and strengthens us in all circumstances of life. That's why I've been stressing and why we been singing behold your God, whether you to do in the lonely time I'm to bubble God and to realize that God is with me, but I don't understand all of the circumstances and knowing God doesn't remove all of the pain, all of the difficulties I understand that but it gives us is agape all that mighty assurance that the Lord is with me.

The Lord will strength me that the Lord will bring me through this and that there is nothing that this world can do on my friends can do on my employer can do all the world can do that could shake my faith in Christ. So I have to ask you, do you have a relationship with Jesus Christ is withdrawn. Much of what you what you mean and I mean I'm a church I've ever known about Jesus my whole life.

I believe that he was born in Bethlehem and died on the cross. I'm glad you believe these were these are just facts important facts essential facts of the Christian life and knowing God is not just knowing about Jesus Christ is not just giving some intellectual absent. There is doctrines of the Christian faith is very core. Being a Christian is knowing Christ personally. Do you know him, trusted him. Have you received them into your life in your heart as your Savior and Lord shall never deal with loneliness, unless you know Christ personally, as your Lord and Savior struggling with the reality of loneliness Christian friends may not drive you to Christ and to the fullness of life and joy that you have with him. Jesus said I've come to give your life and to give it abundantly.

God met many people who feel that that verse does not apply to them, that some people have an abundant joyful life that there are Christians who enjoy the blessings of God, but they feel their dance than they is to live a pretty miserable life. I wanted tell you in the authority of Scripture. Whether you want your young or old, whether you're single or married, whether he unhappily married out in the most miserable manager that is, whether you're divorced or widowed. Whatever this if you know Christ as your Savior. You can claim this promise that he comes to give you an abundant life.

Why, because this life and this joy is not based on our circumstances, but is based in drawing on the fullness of the inexhaustible Christ, who not only saves us, transforms us and in the wonder of the gospel has promise never to leave us never divorce because whatever you do, he is with you.

My wife is not with me this morning. She was called a friend with an emergency. She's called away his other times in life where my wife is not with me there's times in life when your best friend is not with you but at times in your life when that business partner that you rely on is not there. That's true of is all weather related to in life. We know this. Whatever else may happen. Christ has promise never to leave me or forsake me. And therefore as a follower of Christ. I am to grow in my relationship with Jesus Christ. How do you grow in the relationship with you.

Get to know him. How do you get to know friend you spend time with them. You listen to them talk with you commune with them. You fellowship with them over this Thanksgiving, you've got together with friends and and families and I trust that these friendships grow not just by sitting and eating turkey but by conversing by sharing your hopes and your dreams and getting to know each other and so it is with Christ.

This Christ to save me as I read his word as I commune with him as I pray as I worship as I come together with my brothers and sisters in Christ and sought to use the words of Peter. I am to grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ's have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Then furthermore develop relationships with others. You say that's hard for me.

I realize relationships are a risk and we've all had the experience of perhaps reaching out to someone and that they have rejected us. They don't seem to have time for us when they feel they don't like us but I'm saying to you first know Christ. Secondly, develop relationships with others. But back to second Timothy four. I find this very intriguing because Paul is not some kind of needy person is some kind of inadequate person he is he strong in his faith.

But notice this time of his life that are close friends that the terms the and Paul is not hesitant. And Paul is not too proud to state his need of others so he says to his friend as beloved Timothy verse nine. Do your best to come to me soon. Timothy is his son in the faith is a woken Timothy do for Paul. Paul is as brilliant field theologian. He's mentoring Timothy Abbott no, it's time for Timothy to minister to serve Paul and Paul realizes this and won the joy of the fellowship of my beloved son in the faith Timothy Lucas with them and he also once Mark Yancey understands. Mark was not the most consistent Christian, but Paul is a man of a big vision and a great heartrending once Mark to come to them and he mentions other people's inverses 19 through 22. He realizes that he needs people and he knows people and he wants to develop a relationship with these people. Mighty apostle. Although he is under agree with me that one of the greatest blessings of being a follower of Jesus Christ is the community of believers. The family of God to God has given us the church. Christ said I will build the church. Christ has given us the body of Christ. There is a local manifestation of the Calvary church. He's given us Calvary church not only as a place where we come to worship as we done that is vital. That's essential but is also a place where we fellowship with others when we get to know people and so the New Testament is full of one another's pray for one another, help one another and encourage one another, rebuke one another. Bear one another's burdens, and in the wonder of the church life. We understand that while we, individually, to our Lord Jesus Christ, and while I receive Christ as my Savior. I then find that many millions of tables like the world of them the same thing in the been saved by the grace of God and these are my brothers.

These are my sisters and were part of this amazing family. Certainly not a perfect family, but one that we need if we're going to grow in the balance away and be all that God has for us to find it interesting the Lord Jesus perfect man and perfect God when he was in the garden of Gethsemane. He was alone praying that mighty prayer to his father but he calls Peter and James and John.

The inner circle. Yes, there were 12 disciples of the Lord had a special relationship with these three men, Peter and James and John, and he wants them to be with him. I want you to watch man I want you to pray they did a very poor job of it. But the Lord calls on them to be with him in his out of needs. You have people you can call on difficult times and lonely times to think of people going through a very difficult time and you think as I could call that brother. I could call that sister they're going to come there going to help their going to pray for. I trust you know such people and don't wait till emergencies until you develop these friendships.

God has not made us to live in isolation. He's made us to live in community.

He gives a society gives us the family he gives us the church and one of the greatest joys in life is in these relationships meaningful relationship brings great joy and great fulfillment.

I also understand that when they break down in the cause great pain and hardship, but Christ is made the church when we come first and foremost to bold by God as we were singing and that is where meditating on this morning, but also he brings us here to get to know one another. Don't be one of these individuals who comes 10 minutes late and doesn't even wait to the benediction before you hit the parking lot and sometimes people say while identifying Calvary church very friendly that maybe some of us are not very friendly. That's true. But as you friendly hi could you expect to know people. If you just sit in splendid isolation, no contact with people and come and go.

We have a Calvary life groups with life groups with our students. We have life group for adults called ALG's. If you've refound the time Sunday school, that's fine.

I don't care what you call them. These are small groups that we have some of the matter.

830 this morning.

Some of them are going to meet at 1115 for an hour and why do we have them just to give you more information about the Bible, but I hope we do that, but there's more than that it's a place in a smaller setting where you can get to know people where you can build friendships, build relationships, do life with each other be there to help one another. We have Wednesday electives. Again, a place where you can know each other. We serve a dinner on a Wednesday night up in the classroom. Why do we do that just to feed us yes, but more than that is an opportunity again when you can get to know people.

When Calvary was built. It was designed to have a large gallery. Why because we want people, not just to come and go quickly, but to stand and chat and get to know one another as we did on Tuesday night after the Thanksgiving services week stay than Heather Of the what was I didn't get exist.

Talking to people side and I think Buttercup is something nonalcoholic. I assure you, but it's there and have new phones that as you serve the Lord. That is one of the best ways to get to know people. Some of your part of the street ministry. Some of you went to the prisons this past week. Some of you involved in the Luk 14 banquet some of your serving in the kitchen. Some of your ushering summer you're in the quiet have got hundreds and hundreds of different ways in which you can serve.

And one of the wonderful thing is, not only are you serving the Lord, and serving others. You're doing that in the team and sold building relationships with others. Can I say to you, please avail yourself of these activities come to a live group.

Some of you come for years.

He never joined Allied group and you said I went to one in the really odd people that I understand that your pretty odd yourself and you. So you'll fit in very, very well taken initiative. Otherwise, you'll become more and more isolated and more and more lonely.

Simon and Garfunkel had this wonderful song someone of the best known, but I liked it. It was called. He was a most peculiar man I'm witnessing it but it was like this. He was most peculiar man. That's what Mrs. Reardon said, and she should know she lived upstairs from him. She said he was a most peculiar man he was a most peculiar man he lived all alone within the house within the room within himself a most peculiar man he had no friends.

He seldom spoke to no one in turn ever spoke to him and he wasn't like them because he wasn't friendly and they didn't care or know he was a most peculiar man he died last Saturday he turned on the gas of the went to sleep with the windows closed, so he never wake up to a silent world, and his tiny room and Mrs. Reardon said he is a brother somewhere who should be notified soon and all the people side with the shame of these that three silent world, and his tiny room but wasn't he a most peculiar man that are most peculiar men and women under and any of us living a life of isolation away from people become more and more peculiar in this more and more difficult to reach out to people and how wonderful that the Lord Jesus has building his church for each one of us for the youngest child for the oldest man or woman.

Our society wants to segregate everyone doesn't imprison classes with this and that can divide this up. It is in the church of Jesus Christ. Where were altogether. Yes, with all of our peculiarities yes was all about on this for the wonderful that the Holy Spirit not only indwells me as an individual.

The Holy Spirit indwells the body of Christ, the very temple of God, and when I come here it is in part, to be encouraged to be up built to be admonished to be helped by friends in Christ like you who do that for my sink to you today saying that is God's will for your is that you know Christ and to develop relationships, see when you know Christ and then you find yourself in lonely circumstances that loneliness will not paralyze you. Paul do his calling. He knew his ministry he kept his eye on eternity and then his loneliness. He still had this great passion for the proclamation of the gospel.

He says I find interesting.

He says verse 13 when you come bring the cloak I left with copies of draws must be a little chilly also the books and above all the parchments but was a reader wanted to read the books.

The Old Testament Scriptures. Why, because although he was coming towards the end of the is life.

He wanted to grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. He wanted to be strengthened.

The Lord stood by him and how was he going to be strengthened by reading the word of God through his friends who were there to help them and so take advantage of all of the opportunities we have at Calvary.

Think of the lonely people like Mrs. Ferguson in the nursing home in a retirement home generalizing people in these homes would never get any visitors at tall. The families don't care for them. We have a team goes to such homes could you be part of that. Think about reaching out to prisons or jails as we do.

You say well this prisons and jails are packed leather lonely people, lonely man lonely woman. Some of them shut up in their self hours and hours. I got a letter recently from a woman who said that she'd been 23 hours 24 and solitary confinement. Can you imagine spending 23 hours a day all alone wonderful than the name of Jesus Christ. We can send teams and individuals to bring them a meal as we did this this past week to open the Scriptures to sing to them to pray with them.

Could you do that by calling one of her seniors were shot in your eyes.

We have many many shut-ins at Calvary new: could you visit them when you go over and spend time some time with them going invite someone into your home for a cup of coffee for the meal to develop relationships and cover the singles that come many of them living alone ever think of inviting some of them and Jerome reaching out to them. Think of those who are new in this country. Immigrants learning the language. Rise of the vast majority of international students are studying American universities another in one American home through reaching out to someone. I just focus on your loneliness, but reaching out to others. This is God's will for your finally consider the example of the Lord Jesus Christ to think her Savior knew anything about loneliness of corseted in Gethsemane Weary that all of the disciples forsook him and fled. At this time of deepest needs. His closest comrades. His disciples that he allowed that he spent time with at least three years they were gone for the world on the cross Jesus Christ not only to current place as her substitute for sin, he entered into the deepest darkest depth of loneliness of isolation of alienation, pain and distress. None of us have experienced such loneliness on the cross. What did he say to his father, my God, my God, why have you forsaken me.

Same word in Greek that we have in second Corinthians. I can timidly for where Paul says that Dimas has forsaken me, has deserted me, forsaken by his father and God is he's plummeted into the depth of the darkness of pain, rejection and loneliness. Why so that you and I could never ever be forsaken by God left ourselves to talk about loneliness over the loneliest places.

It's hell itself was her mother's millions and Halla plenty of company know you want it will be a place of Dr. loneliness, with no way out because of our sin as we are suffering because of our own sin. Now our Savior are blessed Savior calms voluntarily gives his life on the cross bearing our guild bearing our Lord so that we who know him, that we who acknowledge our sin and cry out large save me, forgive me, as Christ not only dies for sin than this, but it rises again and so the risen Christ calms and forgives us and transforms us, but without that will be eternally lost and eternally alone. The promise of Scripture is this, that we who know Christ will never ever be the Lord for he has said Hebrews 13 verse five. I will never leave you nor forsake you. Encourage your sister this morning. We hear the word of God. I will never leave you or forsake some of you spend a lot of time on your own and you missed rightfully husbands, son, friends, listen to Christ.

I will never leave you nor forsake you. Isaiah 41 verse 10 do not fear, for I am with you, you're wondering how you're going to make it, wondering how you're going to do a denser life now that your husband your wife your parents your son your friend is no longer with you. Listen to this.

Don't fear for I'm with you, do not anxiously look about you, for I am your God. Surely I will strengthen you, surely I will help you, surely I will uphold you with my righteous right hand hewn is the assurance of Scripture.

He's not going to abandon you. He's going to help you is going to strengthen you is going to give you your daily bread, and when that great day comes when our Savior comes for us.

We will all go all who love Christ into that heavenly kingdom. So in your loneliness. Trust God will never ever leave you. The father never forsakes his children focus on the promises of God. God never ever lets us go.

He holds us with his righteous hand. He cares for us.

He loves us were missing of an eternal relationship with Jesus Christ. Develop relationships with others and God will bless you and God will use you yes in your loneliness to bring blessings to others of you not knowing have you not heard the Lord is the everlasting creator, the creator of the ends of the art he does not faint or grow weary. His understanding is unsearchable.

He gives power to the faint, and to him who has no might he increases strength.

Even the youths shall faint and be weary, but they who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall among top with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint. Bolger God all that you need is in Christ know him, love him, obey him and serve him, he will never leave you or forsake you, God the father, we thank you for the promises of holy Scripture that you never leave us or forsake us. All of us have sometimes not responded to the needs of others of our selfishness. But we thank you, but as our heavenly father. You'd never ever dissected us. You never abandon us with us not only with us your strengthen us.

You uphold us you help us you hold us in your righteous right hand. There some here father who don't know Christ and everything but I'm not lonely don't really need Christ open their eyes. Father of the understand that their sinful people that their only hope is in Christ, there's many here who are followers of Jesus. They need their faith to be strengthened. They need the comfort of the Holy Spirit, the one who never leaves us and draws near to us in our time of need. Encourage them father strengthen them, help them be all that they need and we give you the glory in Christ name, amen

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