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Psalms of David: Psalm 5

The Verdict / John Munro
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February 11, 2019 10:21 am

Psalms of David: Psalm 5

The Verdict / John Munro

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February 11, 2019 10:21 am

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Summer break this up and a few sections in Psalm and read a few verses and then, do a little bit of exegete with it but organ to be in a little bit of a hurry tonight because we have the Lord's supper and some other things so bear with me so if you take a look at Saul 5133 Marie that really quick and sensitive ear to my word of Lord, consider my groaning give attention to the sounds of my cry, my King and my God for to you, do I pray, O Lord, in the morning you hear my voice in the morning I prepare sacrifice for you and watch what I don't want to happen from the Psalm as we just go through and begin to dissect that I don't want all of our attention to go to David. I know this series that were doing as a man after God's own heart.

When we I want to do sulfide justice, and so we look through Psalm five will we see attributes of God flowing through the pages of Scripture on Saul five and so what I want to do is point our attention tonight to the God that David is praying to and why he is praying to this king, Yahweh Elohim, why is he praying to this God and what you see transpire in the beginning the Psalm to the end of the Psalm at the beginning, the song you hear him say that we just hear me we just hear my cries were you hear my groanings when you hear my please W just hear me and at the end of the Psalm. If if you got a chance to read to the entire climax of the song he saying that I know you heard me, and you put me under your wings and your to protect me see the devil what he wants to do and what life wants to do is he wants to deter you from what the prize is what the goal of this life is the purpose of this life and that's what trials that's what tribulation that's what heartaches that's what hurts and insecurities and everything you've been through a life does it take your eyes off the prize. So tonight I want to focus our hearts on the prize and so we look at Psalm one through 33 we've all been in a situation and you could go there in your heart and go there in your mind when were on our knees and were groaning to God.

Give ear to my request. Hear me vulpine all been in situations where we feel utterly helpless.

We have nowhere to turn. We've gone and sought out counsel it's done no good.

We come to a place where the weight of that issue. The weight of that trial. The weight of that sin is beginning to crush our souls in our spirit and we come on our knees before the sovereign God and we beg with him and we plead with him, for he for him to hear us.

I've been through those situations way more than I would like to tell, but the closest one to my heart happened in October I was over in the CLC and I was studying for the journey on Tuesday night we have of causing adults worship service and saws over there studying at about 10 o'clock in the morning my phone began to vibrate and it was a worship pastor for my old church in Florida. He rarely calls me so I pick up any Cisco will have you heard the news said Robert we talking about here is have you heard about Britain said no what's going on and he could hear the tears in his eyes and the ghost was in a motorcycle accident this morning going to work so little back story number and I don't want make the service about Britain I want to make it about God and I will lift him up the low back story.

Britain was a teenager my youth group meeting him or is like a little brother to me. I baptized him use a common right is by 25 miles every Saturday morning during college football season just to watch football with me just sit on my couch and made him hung out often. I don't play baseball. He conned me into going to the field and he would throw is a picture neutral curve balls at me and be just getting nailed in the shin left left and right shin.

I could hardly walk, but he conned me into doing it because I love them. I got to the baseball field with them and one morning he was driving to work and someone under the influence, swerved across three lanes and hit him square right helmet right when writing to the grill of the truck.

They brought a helicopter in the phloem as a rod what's going on with them said his heart so K is no brain damage right now. They had to take him into surgery just on my knees cried out to God.

I turned to Exodus our theology match up with who God is, why did I get on my knees because God can only do what God could do in that situation and I was struggling and I was hurting and I didn't. They need human compassion. I needed God to speak into my heart into my soul. Why that he would possibly take a 20-year-olds life.

I needed him to speak to me. I needed to dine with him, Britain died about three days later and I stood up in front of 550 20-year-olds 25-year-olds and had to give us funeral when explain God is good that is sovereign and that is beautiful. We may not understand, but he's worthy of our trust and so when I empathize here with David. The Psalm speaks directly to my own heart, and David early in the morning.

Something is bothering him to a point where he wakes up he says give attention to the sounds of my cry and I love verse two says Mike King and my God see David himself was a king.

He understood the power of a king. He understood the authority of a king.

He understood what a king could do and what he could accomplish and how his servants would submit to his every word.

He understood kingship and he gets a man, a man who is a king gets on his knees before the mighty King, the Almighty King balances knees and he goes, Mike King and my God you are the one I'm praying to the esteem's this God the authority he deserves his theology lined up with his heart for to you, do I pray, see our churches across America are dead when it comes to prayer, but when this verse impacts us. Our prayer life changes when I go into to pray to God and I believe he's a king.

I believe he is Yahweh personal God and he is Elohim a sovereign ruling, God is all-powerful and I have his ear changes things, it changes the urgency of my prayer life. It changes my mindset when I go into prayer. So if your prayer life is nonexistent or shallow. Maybe you forgot your brain to O Lord, Yahweh. I love this is just a beautiful picture in in the morning you hear my voice in the morning. I prepared a sacrifice to you and watching this watch could be also translated as watchmen like a watchman on a tower looking for enemies or looking for something that's transpiring or about to take place and so because I'm praying to you my king, my God, I woke up early in the morning to watch what you're about to do. I love it going to sit here and when to stand here might go about my day. I'm going to pray and watch what you do with my prayer the confidence behind David's prayer and then he goes into this three verses speaking of God's holiness, for you are not a God who delights in wickedness limit immediately to say this really quick before we move on quickly through this I believe everybody in here wants to please God. Your desire is to have him say well done good and faithful servant. That obviously is done through the blood of Jesus Christ. But let me say this to you right now let's hear the words of the holy Scriptures. What God cannot stand what he cannot tolerate and ask yourself is this in my life. You are not a God who delights in wickedness. Do you have wickedness inside of we all do. Where's wickedness popped its ugly head up recently, where's your mind drifted to wicked thought. Where is your heart taking you moments with this wickedness God does not delight in wickedness, evil may not do well. This is similar to a sojourner can even be in the presence with you.

The boastful the prideful shall not stand before your eyes, and we just allow pride in our churches. We allow pride in our own life in this Scripture says in verse five the boastful the prideful shall not even stand before your eyes. You can even look at them will have pride in our hearts. You don't think you have pride get married and have children, it will flesh itself else grow prideful in the church.

We tolerated and we allowance, we say OSHA's confidence and we walk around and we beat our chest and we act like were God's gift to this, Arthur. This church and we got and I don't even want you in my presence. I don't even want to look at you so if there's pride in your life.

I'm asking you to crush it. Men and women both where you prideful you hate all evildoers, you hate it that you hate evildoers, and then you go to six, you destroy those who speak lies you hate a lying tongue, and those who lie, you destroy in you abhorred the bloodthirsty and the deceitful man.

You hoard those who have murderous intentions and who deceive people who play the hypocrite. You act like there's something they're not. Or they're constantly lowering people in and they're playing the fraud these in your heart. Do you have wickedness, evil, pride are you bloodthirsty are you deceitful set in your heart for honest, we would say yes and David would agree this is what he says and I love the humility here because he's dying with God sees his own heart he goes, but I through the abundance of your steadfast love through your love. So you saw God's holiness in verses four through six and now you see God's love and his mercy and seven but through the abundance of your steadfast love. This is the only reason I can enter your presence. Not because I'm righteous, not because I'm holy, not because I'm good I'm just as evil as these men but only because of your love. Can I come before you. I will enter your house I will.

There's a fondness he speaking of going into God's house and worshiping. We live in a culture where we have to drag people to church your heart eager to wake up in the morning and dine with God is eager to come in with brothers and sisters of all ages of all demographics eager to come in and say, I'm here to worship you and I look at David here and he understands his wickedness and he understands God's love and his grace and his mercy in the midst of his failures in his wickedness and he goes got I'm only coming here because you're allowing me here because you love me and I'm going to enjoy this going to enjoy entering your house and basking in your beauty and your glory and worshiping you see if church is a checklist and FD. Those devotions are checklists in your prayer life is a checklist you're missing the beauty of God, you're missing him. My heart breaks for you euros I will bow down toward your holy temple in the fear of you and reverence of you sees you. You are so great and I'm going to get on my knees to lay my face in the ground just in a be in your presence. When's the last time you did that see the reason David's a man after God's own heart is in genuinely love Yahweh verse eight lead me oh Lord in your righteousness. There's some interesting conversation here that's taken place innately got you lead me to righteousness because of my enemies. Make your way straight before me in the indication in verse eight looks like this, I'm being tempted to move away from you and I need you to leave me to your righteousness because the pressures of society. The pressures of the world. The pressures of my enemy. I want to read act in a fleshly way got. I need right now I'm struggling right now I'm about to sin. Right now I'm about to fail. Right now my anxiety and my fears about overcoming whatever it may be. We don't know from the holy Scriptures, but something is happening in David's heart where he wakes up in the morning he says is wickedness all around me, and I'm afraid my King and my Lord, going to his table because he lets me in the steadfast love because I want to bring him glory and honor and I want to worship him because I know my heart and I know where my belt to go and I don't want to go there because his glory is too great. You understand that we do. We fathom this here in verse eight that we are wicked sinners and no matter how long you been in church you have ascendance and you can fail at any moment. If we don't dine with God.

We will mess up, and we will make giant mistakes and we will try to take trials on our own strength and we will fail when God saying I will walk you through this. I love the rest of the Psalm, and let's move so you see, God's righteousness there.

His perfect standard so we seen literally God's all sufficient power we seen is holiness. We think is love and his mercy.

We seen his righteousness, and now were going to go with that God is just verse nine for there is no truth in their mouth and we could focus on the evildoer, we can focus on how God and what David is praying for that evildoer to focus on God. We will touch on the sinner. There's no truth in their mouth, their innermost self is destruction there there heart is wicked and look what he describes in verse nine. Their throat is an open grave. Your words matter how you speak to your wife matters how you speak to your children matter how you speak to your coworkers matter how you gossip matters how you talk about people behind their back. How you slander how you build yourself up. It matters words matter and costly. What you see through the Proverbs in the Old Testament is the Old Testament and New Testament constantly attacked the tongue is not a small thing. The tongue is very destructive and causes enormous pain and hurt and you need to protect your words so he describes these evildoers is that everything coming out of their mouth is destructive and it's an open grave which is a horrific thing to think about and then there flattering with their tongues they flatter me with the I smell the deceit behind it.

Look how he prays he doesn't ask. He doesn't beg God for deliverance from these evil people. Look what he says makes him bear their guilt. Oh God, let them fall by their own counsel because of the abundance of their trespasses count them out the reason God I want this to take place.

The reason I want them to bear guilt.

The reason I want them to fall on their own counsel. The reason I want the transgressors to cast them out is not because you're hurting me. Or they slandered me the reason I want this look what this says Ford. They have rebelled against you.I want this because they've rebelled against you. We have lost in our churches. A holiness we have lost the holy reverence we come to worship God, and David looks at him he was this.

These are most likely Jewish people. You say you worship Yahweh you say you worship Elohim in your wickedness to file the name of God.

Where is it where where is the sacredness of God's name. Where's the sacredness of the church were the sacredness to represent Jesus Christ in our churches today where is it what what is happened to it where the gone is a David saying I want your glory to transpire through this part about being God. I'm worried about their rebellion against the king.

Yahweh Elohim word about your glory see often in trials often when people do is wrong the word about her own pride in her own name in our own reputation and rarely we are.

We had this sickens me this hurts me because the representing the church supportively.

We need to fight for the name of Christ in the name of Yahweh. I love this 11 and 12 and when the end here shortly. The lid all who take refuge in you choice to never sing for joy.

I love this guy. Let those who come take refuge go to you for protection to let them saying, let them rejoice, let them ever sing for joy bring joy to their soul in the midst of hurt look at this and spread your protection or defend us. Spread your protection over them that those who love your name may consult in you and so there's this beautiful picture what he saying is like God I've put this against you when I come into your presence and what you're going to do now is you going to like a mother eagle or a shield uses a shield later on if you're going to protect me completely and when I look at this. I look at this little section of verses, my mind immediately drifted to the adulterous woman immediately. In John eight where these individuals have an accusation against this woman. These Pharisees had come before her and Jesus comes and kneels down to write something in the sand euros. Those of you who have not are not guilty. For the first owners as they walked away from oldest to youngest in this idea of like God defended his adulterous woman. This woman who was completely guilty he was going to sin no more, and I look at that I look at John chapter 10. Where's is no make and snatch them out of my hand talking about eternal security and salvation that no one can call you out of God's mighty hand I look at this, that God just protects his children for you bless the righteous Lord you cover him with favor as with a shield.

So at the end of the day when there's evil in this trials and their temptations and their failures. Remember their just distractions there taking away from the that God is faithful what we just talked about that God is just that he's righteous that he's a loving that is holy and that he's all-powerful to take away your site from God. So why do we love were treated with contempt. Why do we show patients and grace. When people treat us poorly why do we hold our Tom and bless those who curse us. Why do we kill lust and every evil desire in the depths of our soul.

Why are we disciplined in our walk with Christ. Why are we thankful content and we don't want to material possessions to seek our glory and our hope. Why do we love him with all of her heart mind soul being because Philippians 314 says I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus, we do it because our prize is Jesus Christ our King, our Savior, the one who died on the cross for our sins.

In the midst of our wickedness. He hung on the cross out of love and all-powerful God hung on the cross out of love. He took God's justice and bore the weight of your sin and my sin. He was faithful all the way through it and what he is.

He is our shield.

He is our protector is spread his wings over us and saved us so when you're struggling your treated bill when treated with contempt. Think of the cross and think that you have a God, and know that you have a God who sees it, sees it was powerful enough to handle the situation.

Who loves you who is just who is faithful, who is righteous, and get on your knees and cry out to him and then let him cover you with his grace and his mercy and his patience and his kindness and his love and his goodness and let him do what he does save you spray got your beautiful God, my heart breaks for individuals in here who've been through just really really difficult times got their hearts hurt.

I got a price on fire for just encourage them to look to you and understand that we are eternal beings, no matter what this world throws at us. We have a prize that's heaven and that's Jesus that one day we will stand in his presence bask in his glory and see our Savior no matter how it moments we treated, no matter how many times we turned her back on you constantly forgave us and even if I was the only person in this entire world. He would still Commandant across from me because he loves me that much, so God may your love to saturate us right now that we understand those moments in life. There was no hope in sing like the walls are crumbling down on us. We were on our knees for teaching us you are the God you say you are in the holy Scriptures that you are a God who we can count on who we can trust that may we worship you. You deserve it become into your temple because of your love only because of love out help before you and say my God is good. It's great is my King. Pray this in your name

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