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David the King

The Verdict / John Munro
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April 8, 2019 11:47 am

David the King

The Verdict / John Munro

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April 8, 2019 11:47 am

Dr. John H. Munro April 7, 2019

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While in our study of the life of David. This man after God's own heart this evening were going to consider David as King in a previous study of the Davidic covenant is really postsecondary as Samuel chapter 7, we learned that David's kingship would never end and that his throne would last forever, and although David is Israel's greatest king as we saw over the last couple weeks. He was far from perfect. In particular, the Bible says that he did evil in the sight of the Lord and that was in particular over the mind of Bathsheba, the wife of Uriah. One of these mighty men, and as we looked at Davidson we learned of the death not only of Davidson, but of the depth of our sin. The Bible says that our hearts are deceitful and desperately wicked New Testament. Paul says all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. Paul quotes in Romans three from the Psalms that there is none righteous, no not one.

And all of the righteous deeds that we do the very best that we do Isaiah reminds us are like filthy rags and the site of a holy God. And so we thought of the depth of Davidson and in turn the depth of our own sin, at least I trust you reflected on the depth of your own sin, but we also learned last week of the greatness of the grace of God on the forgiveness of God, of the mercy of God, and learned that there is no sin, so deep so vile so wicked that it cannot be completely forgiven that it can be washed thoroughly blotted out parched clans to use the language of Psalm 51 through the precious blood of our Savior, our Lord Jesus Christ, and that you may recall, as we started Romans five, we learned that as we thought of God's matchless grace that is always more grace abounding grace in the Lord Jesus, then there is an arson is not good news that however deep your sin and how very grievous it is and how evil it however evil it is in the sight of the Lord, there is always more grace in our Lord Jesus than Anderson. As Paul writes where Satan abounds, grace abounded all the more, and that was David's experience and so we praise God that while it was a privilege of the Israelites to live under the reign of the great King David. We follow our Lord Jesus, and the final privilege cabal at his feet and to acknowledge his kingship because he is the sinless king Jesus Christ our Lord in our prayer is that the will of God, as is done in heaven will be done here on out in our lives. And here at Calvary church as we anticipate a great future when we shall be forever without retaining King Jesus is not wonderful to think of that we shall be for ever with the Lord.

I find this subject of Canterbury but interesting and during the millennial kingdom King Jesus will rule with a rod of iron, as the absolute monarch.

We thought this morning of some of the sins as we looked at some of the commandments of of murder and covetousness and adultery, and the evil that exists in our world. How wonderful to know that there is coming a day a great day a glorious day when King Jesus will rule. Yes, from the very throne of David and his rule will be perfect so I trust you will be encouraged to look this evening at some of the events of King David. But for some important background. I ask you to open your Bibles first of all to Deuteronomy chapter 17 to think of some of the background of David, the king, because in the Mosaic law that was provision for a king. Deuteronomy that's the fifth book in the Old Testament Genesis asked this Leviticus numbers Deuteronomy.

The second reading of the law. It means Deuteronomy chapter 17 and I'm going to read from verse 14 Deuteronomy chapter 17 verse 14, and sounds much better when the mic is on right here, doesn't it. When you come to the land that the Lord your God is giving you and you possess it and dwell in it and then say this this I will set a king over me like all the nations that undermine me. You may indeed set a king over you notice the qualification whom the Lord your God will choose one from among your brothers. You shall set this king over you. You may know, you may not put a far not over you it was not your brother. Only he must not acquire many horses for himself or cause the people to return to Egypt in order to acquire many horses. Since the Lord has said to you, you shall never return.

That way again, and he shall not acquire many wives for himself but thinking, lest his heart turn away, nor shall he acquire for himself. Excessive silver and gold and when he sits on the throne of his kingdom. Listen to this. This is so important, he shall reign for himself in a book, a copy of this law approved by the Levitical priests and it shall be with him and he shall read in it all the days of his life that he may learn to fear the Lord his God by keeping all the words of this law and the statutes and doing them this morning we thought from Romans chapter 13 of the commandments and people say well in the New Testament we don't need to be concerned about commandments that legalism will of God hasn't changed in surely his standards have not Lord here is the king is told as he leads his people to fear the Lord, what ways are going to fear the Lord by keeping all of the words of this law at the statutes and doing them that his heart may not be lifted up above his brothers and that he may not turn aside from the commandment either to the right hand onto the lab so that he may continue long and his kingdom. He and his children in Israel so Moses anticipates a time of courses inspired by the Lord here when the nation is going to be in the promised land and that they will have a king advocating verse 15 is to be chosen by God, he's to be an Israelite is not to be a foreigner member at the end of judges and says there was no king in Israel. In those days and everyone did what was right in his own eyes so people need spiritual leaders but this king is trust is to be in God, he still live in the fear of the Lord is.

Trust is not to be in this horses not in his army is not that many wives is not to be materialistic as they would die back to him from his responsibilities of leading his people and it was essential that he himself right a copy of the law. The law is going to be given to them by the they Levitical priests and he's going to write it down. Just write it, but he's going to read all of the days of his life and to keep it and is going to learn what it means to fear the Lord by keeping the law of the Lord, and if you know anything about the history of Israel and Judah.

What tremendous pain and shoveling disasters would have been avoided if the kings had debate, the clear instruction in the law here in Deuteronomy chapter 17 can I say that you and I will never mature as authentic followers of Jesus without knowing and humbly obeying this book I will be going to experience God's blessing on our lives through reading and knowing and obeying the word of God and can I say to those of us who are in leadership to my fellow elders and deacons, and pastors and those of you who teach life groups in the Bible studies how important it is that leaders are biblically qualified. So in the New Testament were not surprised that the qualification for the elder for the pastor ethically and legally laid out. Being a leader of the Lord's people is a tremendous privilege but is also very, very weighty responsibility. Why does the king have to come from the people he's to know the people not chosen by them primarily, but chosen by God not to be self-reliant, not depending on his materialism as silver or gold or resources not longing to go back to Egypt to paganism but to be a humble individual knowing and obeying the word of God and to live in the fear of the Lord is one thing we lost today, isn't it. Fear of the Lord previous generations to generations ago.

Even unbelievers knew something about the fear of the Lord. My mother used to say in the small village she lived all of her life.

Even the unbelievers had no respect for God to have had a respect for the word of God even though they were saved by his grace, but now it seems even those who profess the name of Lord we've lost this concept of living in the fear of the Lord proverb says that the beginning of wisdom.

So there's the background to the kingship in Israel my turnover in your Bibles to first Samuel chapter 8, who is Israel's first king answer so first Samuel chapter 8.

Samuel is a wonderful leader is not old and the people come to him before he dies and says well we want a king to judge us. Son Samuel then warns them of what will happen if they choose a king, but they insist on a king for Samuel eight verse 19 but the people refused to obey the voice of Samuel. And they said no but there shall be a king over us, that we also may be like all the nations, and that our king may judge us and go out before us and fight battles. They want a king was a kind of hero they want to be like the nations they want to be like the tribes they are very caring and they feel we also need a king and they are and they choose so Saul is a very handsome man is very tall.

He said, and shoulders above the rest of the Israelites and he is appointed as the first king of Israel now is not wrong about Israel want to kings other than Deuteronomy chapter 17, the timing wasn't right and it was the Lord who should've told them when to have a king and as we know, Saul was a very very bad king, a man who acted according to the flesh, a man whose trust was not in the Lord.

If you look at over to chapter 13 of first Samuel 13. He's a Guild all and he knows what he should do regarding sacrifices and it says that he forced himself and offered a burnt offering verse 12 is not very good is it for a king that would be like someone who you gave your offering this morning or this evening if you said well I forced myself to give an offering verse 13 for Samuel 1313 and Samuel said to Saul, have done foolishly. You have not kept the commandments of the Lord your God with which he commanded you, for then the Lord would've established a kingdom over Israel forever mass Deuteronomy chapter 17 Saul, you should know the commandments of the Lord you are dictating the priest would have given you the law to write diving and you have breached the commandments. Verse 14, but now your kingdom shall not continue. The Lord has sought out a man after his own heart. And the Lord has commanded him to be prince over his people reference to David because you have not kept what the Lord commanded you you you see the importance of the regions would you say your on the beach and father of Jesus.

If your parents you want your children to learn obedience. That gives you great joy doesn't one of the things which gives joy to a father is when we obey his work. So Saul sincere, but Saul also sends in the matter of the Amalekites and king. A guide, if you look at first Samuel chapter 15 member Samuel tells Saul that a particularly that he is not to spare any of the Amalekites is to kill them all, including their animals, but again, so is the subagent he's not submissive. He's proud he thinks he's on the way is better for Samuel 15 verse nine but you kept the best of the sheep and of the ox in the end of the fatted calf's in the Lamb's and all that was good and would not utterly destroy them and when Saul is challenged by Samuel as to why he did not obey the word of the Lord.

He admits that he hadn't king killed the king a guide and he blamed the people for taking the best of their animals and says well I am.

I get the best because I'm going to offer them to the Lord, the sun, so spiritual doesn't. And Samuel has to give him this brilliant reply – 22 of first Samuel 15 to obey is better than sacrifice, and to listen than the fat of rams. Always wonderful to bring a sacrifice to the Lord is wonderful to serve the Lord.

But what the Lord wants number one is that we are obedient. One set of the king and the ones that of you and me that we will be totally obedient to the Lord and Saul as king should've modeled that he should be modeling to the people the importance of obeying the law of God, and know what note what happens in verse 26 of first Samuel 15 and Samuel said to Saul, I will not return with you, for you have rejected the word of the Lord and the Lord has rejected you from being king over Israel.

He rejects the law God rejects him essential to a godly king is knowing the law reading the law, delighting in the law and obeying the law, and so Saul is set aside and on to the scene comes this unlikely character called David the appointment of David as King David was a very unlikely choice as king for Samuel 16 verse one the Lord said to Samuel, how long will you grieve over Saul since I rejected him from being king over Israel. Fill your heart with all and go.

I will send you to Jesse, the bachelor might, but I have provided for myself. King among his sons with Saul, the initiative seems to come from the people here the initiative comes from God. God has already chosen is going to be king I decide I want you to go to bathroom right and I have provided from Jesse, the man of Bethlehem, a king among his sons know Jesse's father was all that abides father was born as he was married to Ruth.

You will recall, so David had a Moabitess, Ruth is his great grand mother. You know the story seven of the sons come before Samuel about the Lord didn't choose any of them. Samuel was told verse seven.

The Lord sees not as a menses man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart. So the sons come one after another after another. And Samuel says now is not him is not him is not him. And the Lord is reminding your Samuel don't be impressed by the appearance of their physique either very nice looking strongman but don't choose them on that I would appearance, but it is God who searches the heart, and God is going to appoint a man is a man after his own heart. And Samuel insisted Jesse well is this is this all you happiness is one of the youngest desserts keep in shape and David is brought in and Samuel realizes this is the Lord's anointed, and he anoints him with oil in the midst of his brothers. Verse 13 of the first Samuel 16 verse 13 then Samuel you think of this in the little town of Bethlehem mansion was brothers thought is the youngest is now anointed by the godly Samuel, this old man who soon to die. Samuel takes the horn of oil and anoints him in the midst of his brothers and the spirit of the Lord rushed upon David from that time forward and Samuel rose up and went to grandma.

Verse 14 now the spirit of the Lord departed from Saul and an evil spirit from the Lord tormented him.

So David is the Lord's choice and is chosen as the next king of Israel and David very quickly in the story without knowing the exact years, but very quickly. It would appear from the tax that David demonstrates that the Lord's hand is on him.

The Philistines are at war against the Israelites and they have this amazing champion this huge giant called Goliath is a very impressive individual and he's defying the armies of God. He wants to take them on, and no one, not one of the Israelites is prepared to go head-to-head with Goliath mother should've been doing that so is bigger than anyone else. Parts, and the king you were told is the one who should lead the people into the interwar as Saul himself should've stepped forward, but he's afraid and so this young man, David steps forward and comes against Goliath and the wonderful story for Samuel 17 in the name of the Lord of hosts wonder is a man after God's own heart is a man young man who knows God versus 45 and 46 of first Samuel 17 David is confident that this day the Lord will deliver you into my hand and I will strike you down and cut off your head is going be no doubt that you can be killed by Kennedy speak with such confidence and trust for the spirit of the Lord is upon him, and he realizes that his strength is not in himself. The shepherd boy but his strength is in the Lord and so he comments versus 46 and 47 dozen common self-reliance.

He comes in humility and he knows that the Lord saves not with sword and spear for the battle is the Lord's and he will give you into our hands. David is a humble man, unlike so a man after God's own heart. A man who obeys the word of God, a man who is sensitive to the spirit and soul victory is given to the people of God, and David then becomes well-known obviously, and much to the chagrin of Saul, it is clear that David, this young man is a better warrior than Saul himself.

And when Saul realizes that the Lord is with David and not with him. He's afraid of David. He's written against David is angry against David and he tries to kill them, and for many many years.

David is hunted as an animal in the wilderness.

We thought of the interaction between Saul and David some time ago and many of the Psalms. According to the superscription of the Psalms is written when David is being hunted as an animal in the wilderness, and even when Saul is given into the hands of David and when David and his men could have killed Saul so easily. He refuses to kill Saul as he realizes that the time of his appointment as King is not yet at that moment he waits on the Lord's on 37 verse 34 wait for the Lord your elderly patients about God's timing. You think God is not acting fast enough. You want to do something to plan something you're impatient, why doesn't God use you in this situation.

Why doesn't God bring someone into your life. Why doesn't God act in a certain way we've all been there publicly listen to David Psalm 37, 34 wait for the Lord and keep his way and he will exalt you to inherit the land. You will look on when the wicked are cut off is what David says and David experience that David is not a man of the flesh. I thought this morning blast, which is very a midget which is demanding, which doesn't want to wait. David is not a man of carnal loss. Normally is a man who waits on the Lord who is patient who realizes that the Lord's timing is perfect, as he himself writes in one of the Psalms.

As for God's way is perfect.

And so here is David anointed king.

But for many years rejected rejected as King and it reminds us, doesn't it of the rejection of our Lord Jesus Christ. John one reminds us that he came unto his own and his own received him not. Hebrews 13 verse 12 so Jesus also suffered outside the gate in order to sanctify the people through his on blood anointed Messiah rejected by his people and those of us who follow Jesus will know something of rejection. Some of you know what it is to be rejected by your own family because of following Jesus. Some of you know what it is to be rejected by friends. People you thought were your friends. But as you have given your life to Christ they isolate you. I've heard my needs people married men saying, well, you know, when neither my wife has got this religion and this following Jesus is not so much fun. Which means she doesn't God and party and you then get drunk the way the shoot. She she should and often there is a projectionist in third, perhaps colleagues at work. Now that your working ethically and working honestly that is often a rejection isn't her.

Don't be surprised in a sense, be glad of it because it means that you're making an impact.

And David knew what it was anointed by God to be rejected by then. Finally, God's timing becomes pain not only of Israel but also of Judah turned over to second Samuel chapter 5, second Samuel chapter 5, your call that Saul the sons are killed within the first Samuel by the Philistines. Second Samuel chapter 5, then all the tribes of Israel came to David that had run and said the hold. We are your bone and flesh. In times past when Saul was king over us, it was you who led out and brought in Israel and the Lord said to you use shall be shepherd of my people Israel, and you shall be prince over Israel.

David is a great shepherd.

Just like our Lord visited David is a type is a picture of Jesus who is the good Shepherd the perfect king David himself, not just a king. This is not an auto client. This is not someone ruling from afar is aware no, he is a person who is a shepherd who loves and cares for the people and they saw that how different from Saul who was concerned about himself and his own reputation. They said no you shall be shepherd of my people Israel, and you shall be prince over Israel. Verse three.

So all the elders of Israel came to the king at Habre and King David made a covenant with them at Habre happens to the site of Jerusalem before the Lord and they anointed David king over Israel happiness where you may recall is what Abraham is buried, and they anointed David king over Israel see the people saw that David had a proven track record of leadership. He's a strong warrior king.

Yes, he can defeat live. Yes he goes and decimates the Philistines is a man whose fearless man who strong, a mighty warrior but also a tender Shepherd, perhaps a rare combination in a man, but what magnificent what magnificent qualifications for a leader spiritually got in for a king to be a strong leader to be a warrior to be unafraid and also the tenderness of a shepherd and so the elders of Israel, and David is anointed king exactly when that happens he reigns over Judah from Habre and for 7 1/2 years. No verse four of second Samuel five, David was 13 years old when he began to rain and he reigns 14 years at Habre and he reigned over Judah seven years and six months and that Jerusalem he reigned over all Israel and Judah factory three years and the king and his men went to Jerusalem against the Jebusites, the inhabitants of the land who said to David, you shall not come in here but the blind and the lame will award you all thinking David can come in here. Nevertheless, David took the stronghold of Zion that is the city of David, and David said on that day, weather would smite the Jebusites, let them get up the water shut off to attack the lame and the blind who are heated by David so therefore this said the blind and the lame shall not come into the house and David lived in the stronghold and called it the city of David and David built the city Aldine from the middle inward and David became greater and greater and greater for the Lord, the God of hosts was with him.

Verse 12 and David knew that the Lord had established him king over Israel to the confidence he has in God and that he that he had exulted in his kingdom. For the sake of his people Israel.

So here is David is anointed king of Judah and Habre on and that he realizes that the Jebusites have this very important place that we have called Jerusalem and he sees it as an ideal capital Jebusites secured on the mountain comprising what we are called Jerusalem. They're very secure. They think even the blind. Even the lame I can hold this and defeat this and that we read here in verse eight that they come up the water shop to convicted the particulars and first Chronicles 11. Some of us was last year were in and the Jerusalem and the city of David and the resolve business structure of the water shaft and of the water coming down to the spring of the Guymon and so Joab is mighty man is his is one of the mighty men who becomes commander of David's army goes up the water shaft and in that way. He penetrates into Jerusalem and Jerusalem is captured and the Jebusites are defeated and David makes this city not called the city of David's call that to this that Zion is the other name you have of Zionism.

This is what it comes from. He makes it the capital of the nation. He built his palace, there is the city of David, and just a short distance to the north.

Solomon is going to build his temple.

This again verse 10 and David became greater and greater for the Lord, the God of hosts was with him. If you are getting stronger and stronger as a Christian leader you feel that or you withering you you stale. How is it that we could become stronger and stronger in our faith because the Lord is with us.

David is a man who is following the word of God is a man who is sensitive to the spirit of God and he builds his palace there and did you notice as I read that David recognized it was the Lord who had established him king over Israel is going to say in his magnificent prayer all things, view, and of thy knowing that we given the David realizes that everything years and has comes from the mighty hand of God, and that creates in him a great confidence in God, but also a great humility and there he builds his palace to be king over Israel and that God had exulted his kingdom.

For the sake not of David's sake but for the sake of his people Israel – 12, he realizes that his position as king is not for his personal enrichment but is for the sake of the people and their David rules for almost 33 years from Jerusalem the capital Jerusalem becomes not just the military religious and national capital of the city it becomes it's referred to throughout Scripture as the city of God. Listen to some 87. For example, not written by David the some of the sons of: a song Psalm 87 verse one on the holy moments stands the city. He funded was the holy might Jerusalem Flemington notice this verse to the Lord loves the gates of Zion, more than all the dwelling places of Jacob the glorious things of you are spoken old city of God.

Yes the tribes are scattered throughout Israel, the role in the tanks but the Lord loves the gates of Zion, more than all the dwelling places of Jacob was the point because it is in Jerusalem. That is the place of the name is there, the tabernacle is page it's there. The temple is going to be built there, but the tribes are going to come at least three times a year up to Jerusalem to render their worship and their praise to God, and it began with this mighty defeat of the Jebusites under the strategy of this great King David and their Jerusalem becomes the city of God is in Jerusalem, but our Savior dies is in Jerusalem that our Savior's.

And it is injurious to learn what our Savior rises again and today Jerusalem is recognized as one of the greatest, if not the greatest cities of the world. The very center of the world questioning use not just because of this really election in a few days, but almost every day family every week there is news about Jerusalem saw the largest city, London's bigger New York's bigger.

Many cities bigger, but Jerusalem is at the very center of the world. Benjamin Disraeli, the former British Prime Minister said of Jerusalem view of Jerusalem is the history of the world. It is more, it is the history of heaven and earth and throughout Scripture we have innumerable mentions of Jerusalem and it is from Jerusalem.

Our Lord Jesus Christ in fulfillment of the Davidic covenant will rule as King during the wonderful messianic kingdom and the new Jerusalem, the city of God is going to come dine islands of heaven to it's also Jerusalem for the final battle of the Lord is fought. Zechariah 42. Sorry.

Zechariah 14 verse two for I will gather this is the last days. All of the nations against Jerusalem to battle why is there so much in today's news about Israel and about Jerusalem. Incidentally, I thought it was wonderful that our governments not to long ago recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. It's been the capital for 3000 years taken by David courses the capital and it is there that when our Lord Jesus returns. He's going to read it to rain when he returns with power and glory with Izzy come to not to New York to Charlotte to Edinburgh not to New Delhi but to Jerusalem. Zechariah 14 verses eight and nine on that day is when our Savior returns the King of Kings and Lord of lords on that day living waters shall flow out from Jerusalem. Half of them to the student. See, that's the Dead Sea and half of them to the Western Sea. Obviously, the Mediterranean and notice for the SASE and and the Lord will be king over all the earth on that day the Lord will be one and his name one wonderful beginning 3000 years ago, when this young king 37 years old or so goes and makes Jerusalem as the capital building is palace. There and brains as the mightiest king of Israel ruling as the shepherds came for 40 years 7 1/2 years in heaven, and the remainder from Jerusalem. Finally, with you Sam. 78 versus 67.

Sorry Psalm 78 versus 70 through 72. The last three verses of Psalm 78. Hope this will encourage and here we see the sovereign hand of God taking this unknown shepherd boy from the little tiring of Bethlehem from the sheepfold's and bringing him into this wonderful position as King. Psalm 78, 70. He chose David his servant who did the choosing. God chose David his servant and to come from the sheepfold's from following the nursing use. He brought him to shepherd Jacob his people Israel. His inheritance, he is moved from shepherding sheep to shepherding people with upright heart was the emphasis on heart is a man after God's own heart with upright heart.

He shepherded them and guided them with his skillful hands that what you want. I want to have an upright heart and skillful hands W administrators.

There's no kings here.

We bow before King Jesus. But as you serve him you work in the nursery to teach Sunday school as you greet people as you usher you are into the community. Would we want we want upright hearts. We want to be men and women of integrity. But we also want to have skill that is God uses you whatever field you are you want skill. We want skillful musicians. We want skillful ushers we want skillful Sunday school teachers. We want skillful missionaries, skillful evangelists, skillful elders and pastors which your response you think of David.

This remarkable story that just captured very very quickly and very superficially when they say to all of us. Let God be God in your life you begun recently to follow Jesus Christ you would know idea for God will lead you are going to.

I didn't, I thought I had my life planned out for me. I like to plan like an idea what's happening. I like to write on my goals. But God often has other plans as in the let God be God trusts God wait on God. If your mother doesn't see much happening in my life that may be true but attend to your heart whenever you do, do it with skill, to the glory of God. You may fill you in a bit of nonentity and no one knows you may be true, but God knows your God sees you and God has a plan for you and God takes the most unlikeliest people doesn't take and uses him for his glory in that culture. Who would've thought that the youngest son would be the king and I culture them in the eldest son more likely not the one who's looking after shave. That was the that was the task of the youngest, but as David is looking after sheep is not just looking after sheep is deepening his trust in the Lord is having a heart that's open to God he's trusting God as he takes on that bad and that lien and as a musician. Perhaps he was composing a song to the Lord as he played his heartbeat was playing it to the Lord. Yes, perhaps unknown, other than his very very small community but God was watching him, and in God's time God takes him from the sheepfold and eventually takes a while with the rejection. The wilderness eventually, he becomes the great King of Israel, so trust God, serve the Lord, the Lord's way. Wait on God and for his time and speaking personally. One of the toughest things I have or have to do is to wait. I don't like to wait my appointment at the dentist is at 2 o'clock. I don't like to wait 2 to 2302 10. I like to be on time.

I don't like to wait to wait on God to not to be sure God is going to use us is often difficult. Waiting on God and an illness waiting in God for an occupation you lost your job and you're waiting on God. Waiting on God for godly spouse.

These are difficult things for most of us on the land from David God's timing is perfect and be humble and God gives us this book, the Bible, not only to feed our souls but to instruct us and those of us who are in leadership as Israel's kings had to do particularly have a responsibility to follow Scripture. Paul writes to Timothy in first Timothy three verse 15 that we Timothy you know how to how one ought to behave in the household of God, which is the church of the living God.

Appellate inductors of the truth. That is all of us, particularly for those of us in leadership at all of us must do the Lord's work in the Lord's way for the Lord's glory will you will you do that God will bless you and God can take just one little stolen to kill a giant we trust God this evening to use you and what may be an impossible situation to come here tonight and you're a bit discouraged. Not quite sure what your future is you trust God.seizure, perhaps you're not getting much encouragement from us here. I'm sorry about that. But God knows your resist the devil is always Giants as individuals like Brian does difficult people sometimes over us like so but resist the devil and he'll flee from you. Stand fast against the forces of darkness, clothed with the armor of God, trusting yourself doing the hand of God the vigilance and God will use you mightily as he did this young man coming from the she pulls to be this magnificent shepherd and King.

Father, we bow before King Jesus is our Lord is our King is our Savior and I pray that you will use us for your glory.

FA particularly for the leaders had at Calvary, the elders, the deacons, my fellow pastors life group leaders.

Women who teach the word of God and mentor others to pray for the them, particularly father that there will be strong in the Lord that they will keep close to you but for each one. I pray someone waiting on your summer discouraged. Some have asked you for requests for a long long time and do seemingly are not answering the request help them to learn.

Father that your ways are perfect, help each of us to submit to your will help us to be ready to serve your name we have integrity of heart. May we serve you with skillful hands.

We pray protect us and uses this week father as we proclaim and display our Lord Jesus Christ and demonstrates your love to us to others in Christ's name

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