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David"s Restoration

The Verdict / John Munro
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April 1, 2019 2:24 pm

David"s Restoration

The Verdict / John Munro

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April 1, 2019 2:24 pm

Dr. John H. Munro March 31, 2019


Last Sunday we thought of King David's terrible fall into serious certain amount after God's own heart. A man who accomplished so much. A man who was a gifted musician avoids a writer Israel's greatest king described as the sweet psalmist of Israel commits adultery not only adultery but as we saw as militant second Psalm 11 that that sin led to other terrible sins. What a fall in this we thought of King David.

Do we have course reflected on themselves and I think all of us acknowledge that not one of us here it is exempt from sin and exempt from temptation to anyone here this evening who's committed sins of which you are deeply deeply ashamed and when you are not asking for sure hands.

I think all of us would put about hands Windley think of the sin of the past. This evening we want to think of the mercy of God would be singing about of the grace of God. We want to think of David's amazing, unbelievable restoration. David writes in Psalm 23 he restores my soul and what David writes of God that God is a God of restoration when he restores our soul is not writing just kind of academic knowledge she experienced the restoration, the forgiveness of God and the very depth of his soul, and today were going to see from the word of God that sin. Yes, all sin, your sin can be removed. Your sin can be forgiven second Samuel 12 verse 13. The Lord also has put away your sin, David.

You shall not die. So for those here who are overcome by guilt by remorse by shame that I defeat here is hope. When you look at this magnificent Psalm Psalm 51 so if you have your Bible, there turn with me to some 51 I think the David writes that some as he reflects on that moment that intense moments when these confronted by the prophet Nathan of his sin and his evil, his wickedness is deliberate sin overwhelms him, but it doesn't defeat him, but it turns him to the mercy of God, because last Sunday, and again this underwent learning not only of the depth of our sin. We need to learn of that with of the glorious grace of God in the forgiveness of sin. Here is one of the most powerful confessions of sin in all of Scripture and I went to the festival with you the first seven verses of Psalm 51 the reading from the English standard version superscription to the choirmaster so Psalm of David.

Notice when David Nathan the prophet, went to him after he had gone into Bathsheba by verse one, have mercy on me all God according to your steadfast love. According to your abundant mercy blot out my transgressions, wash me thoroughly from my iniquity, and claims to be from my sin, but I know my transgressions and my sin is ever before me against you.

You only have I sinned and done what is evil in your sight so that you may be justified in your words and blameless in your judgment bold. I was brought forth in iniquity and then send that my mother conceived me bold you delight in truth in the inward being and you teach me wisdom in the Sacred Heart purge me with his or and I shall be clean, wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow. David is saying in these first seven verses than that when we confess our sins, God graciously forgives our sins and resources here that when we confess our sins, God graciously forgives our sins and resources David here is confessing his sin.

He acknowledges his guilt second Samuel 12 verse 13 David says I'd send against the Lord. David could've given many excuses for his sin.

He could've talked about the stress he was under and being king of Israel people today talk about stress and distress can imagine the stress of being the king of Israel and Judah could've talked about some of his unloving wife. Some of them were very good wives. They could've talked as well.

In psychological terms about his inner child crying out for acceptances. The insensitivity of his older brothers. He was the youngest and the lid down on him. He could've talked about the posttraumatic stress of being persecuted by Saul for many years as Saul was trying to kill her. He could've talked about the loneliness of being the leader of the nation, but he does.

None of these things. He offers no excuses. He offers no rationalizations.

He blames no one. Psalm 32 verse five, I acknowledged my sin to you, and I did not cover my iniquity. I said I will confess my transgressions to the Lord, and you forgave the liquidate of my sin. That's key isn't David takes responsibility for his sin and he confesses his sin did you notice in the superscription in Psalm 51 that David makes no mention in the Psalm or in the superscription of Bathsheba, and the circumstances of his particular sin. How unlike can I say modern psychology and secular counseling where it is often thought that the answer to a problem is found within ourselves. Therefore, we need to talk about the struggles of past feelings in their hearts. David doesn't do that in Psalm 51. He doesn't do that in Psalm 32 he acknowledges and he knows that his problem is sin and that Satan, as we will see from Psalm 51 is multifaceted is multi dimensional acknowledges and sent our society trivializes rationalizes excuses, redefines, denies, and even laughs at sin, even the concept many people would deny that it is such a thing as sin. You know a pig is never concerned that his 30. I like watching pigs boyfriend the standard by do something interesting about pigs under a minimum the things that obviously by your expression but you watch pigs. They don't know their data. In fact, they enjoy the dirt and spiritually speaking, unless we acknowledge that we were that we are spiritually dirty that we will never know God's forgiveness. David's problem was not his wife's resentment were in perfect his problem was not his loneliness is a king's problem was not the lack of appreciation of the nation. The problem was not his upbringing. The problem wasn't beautiful Bathsheba. The problem was not the traumatic experiences of these past you could say, well, these were factors, but David goes to the very roots of the problem. He deals with the basic problem that he has and that is said notice what he says, verse one of mercy and the will. God according to your steadfast love. According to your abundant mercy blot targets. What my transgressions David knows that he has first word for Savior transgressed the idea of transgression is a deliberate rebellion against God. So the mistake is not in the discretion he hasn't slept ops another. He made a mistake.

No, it was a deliberate act or acts pursuant over the period of time.

Deliberately he went against the law of God. He knew better than he was the king.

He knew the law.

He studied the law, he knew exactly what he was doing here transgressed God's law. Furthermore, he had presumed on the love of God here transgressed not only the law against which you broken. He transgressed against the love of God. God had showered David had taken this lonely shepherd boy from bathroom little town of Bethlehem, and over a period of years had made him king of Israel king of Judah God have given him even more tremendous blessings he knew better and he says yes I have transgressed transgressed you know what you're doing is wrong.

You know it's against the word of God, your conscience convince you, and yet you have done it. That is transgression. Here is a line drawn and you step over that the transgression, but it also refers to his iniquity. Verse two wash me thoroughly from my iniquity. Not only has he transgressed his committed iniquity disorder liquidate affairs not just to the conduct is gone astray. He's turned aside, this refers in part to his character. David realizes that he's twisted we sometimes say that someone is as twisted as I corkscrew. He was twisted there was a twisted aspect to his character. There he was, all of the advantages and he took another man's wife.

Furthermore, he plotted and scheming that he put that man's wife today he lied and covered up. Yes, he had transgressed, but it also committed iniquity, and when you're committed iniquity, you would blacken something you did something you said and you can hardly believe that you did that he had gone straight. Furthermore, verse two, he had send wash me thoroughly for my liquidate, cleanse me from my sin. What is sin.

Sin is a falling short of God's standard is a missing of the marked many of us memorize Romans 323 but all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. Sin is a missing of the market missing of the target had come short. Yes you did David. You were created for the glory of God. When you have failed to come short, you have been enjoying yourself rather than enjoying God. In particular, he had come short of the 10 Commandments had broken them to committed adultery. Committed murder. Committed covetousness he had been a false witness at least four of the 10 Commandments he had deliberately broken and he acknowledges that notice transgression iniquity sin are all measured against the law of God against God's standard, not the norms of society, not just that he went against the culture know he realizes I've transgressed committed iniquity. I have sinned. Using was the point John the point is this David spells it out in verses three and four that sin is basic farm is rebellion against a holy God. He says I know my transgression of my sin is ever before me was the words my mind and I David is taking responsibility for his transgression and iniquity against U-verse for you only have I sinned and done what is evil in your sight and you say well your sin was again but Shiva is sin was against Uriah.

Your sin was against your own lives. Yes, that's true, but David accepts responsibility before God doesn't point to other people in the garden of Eden. Adam blames Eve, he blames the second than ever since we have this tendency don't way when we do wrong to blame someone else wasn't me it was him it was her. It's not my fault we do that as families I grew up in a large family were always blaming the other wasn't.

I didn't start the fight. Mom it was him it was her pointing the finger portraying herself as the victim rather than accepting personal responsibility of a wrongdoing. Don't do that with God, David sins terribly, but here he gets it right. He confesses that he is the center business was lacking today with acknowledgment of sin that we trivialized sin I mentioned last week of the prodigal on the way back from the far country. What does the prodigal say yes he sinned against his father, but as he comes back very wisely says to God, I've sinned against heaven. That's it. It's a sin against God. Yes, our sin drastically impacts our relationships with others are sin destructively impacts ourselves. That is true but isn't it the case that we have forgotten heaven weight that are sin, most of all, offends a holy God. This is why in our worship we want to keep the focus on God, the holiness of God the greatness of God, the societies of God because otherwise we think I'm nuts about that.

Just like you yeah and MSW messed up as well and we feel to not so bad because my stop is not the point. Is it David is nothing other people of Cindy signal. I have sinned, that is awareness that God is a fan is offended is essential. He's the one that gives of us. The commandment he's your creator. He's the one that you're accountable to and he calls his sin, evil, did you catch that verse four I have done what is evil in your sight against you. You only have I said he is the anointed of God is the King, but he has been against the God lies about your sin but your sin is against God.

Yes, other people are affected by others are disappointed by others or cause great heartache to your sin and through mine. But above all, it's against God personally acknowledging the depth of our sin. This essential. This of course is the work of the spirit of God within us so often we have this approach. Okay, I messed up. I'm sorry without storming he was over and move on to what you say they wife to husband three friends when you sin against and all go over it. I mess up. I'm sorry. What would limited the select statement attached to this. It usually to think superficially of your sin is to think superficially of God's grace and of God's forgiveness.

What is true repentance.

Repentance is a tightening from our Satan is a change of mind which leads to a change of heart to a change of conduct. It's a tightening from our sin and the tightening to God. It's a heating of our Satan in this loving of God and his righteousness you're involved in sin. We used to justify yourself you stop making excuses when you stop rationalizing your sin.

We stop pointing to other people. Yes, there may be some truth in what you're saying but that's on the basic problem. Your problem is David's problem sinned against God, I notice what happens. God is gracious and compassionate. When you come before a holy God like that. No wonder David begins by saying that wonderful inverse one. What does he do we ask for grace, he asked for mercy part of Marseilles verse one on me all God according to your steadfast love. According to your abundance, mercy and healing from the English standard version and they translate the Subaru work can as mercy, but it could also be translated grace. New American Standard Bible that are used for many years says be gracious to real God. According to your loving kindness David as he comes before a holy God. What is he asking God for justice not at all. He's asking for grace he's asking for mercy. He's immediately expressing his interdependence on the mercy of God, the grace of God puts grace. Grace is undeserved favor. David realizes he knows the law he deserves death. He deserves to be taken off the throne and killed because of his deliberate sins doesn't try to justify himself. He realizes he is acutely dependent upon the mercy of God and the grace of God. God's free grace is the only basis for his approach. David can do nothing he can lay no claim and asking for forgiveness of these terrible sins. That is no sacrifice that can deal with this. He needs forgiveness from God. He needs mercy and grace from God. If you receive justice under the law you the been stoned to death totally dependent for grace and he says so beautifully, have mercy on me, or God, mercy and grace. According to your steadfast love this graceless mercy when does it come from all it stems from it flows from God's steadfast love. Sometimes translated his loving kindness. Be gracious to me. Will God according to your loving kindness, according to your steadfast love. David knows that although he has sinned so badly that God still loves him. The guards steadfast love his covenantal love is the very ground the very basis of his grace and love, the mercy and the forgiveness. This grace flows from the greatness of God's abundant mercy or compassion is Hebrew word translated from abundant mercy or great compassion is related to the Lord, for whom, just as a mother who has borne a child for nine months or so in her womb has a deep, deep love and compassion for the child so God is full of compassion for David is an amazing, you and I is forming human beings. We sometimes get very very disappointed and rather ticked off and rather unforgiving when someone sins against us some one does something against us. We don't often feel compassion doing. We think they should get what they deserve-there they say that how dare they do that against me, but David says no mercy or God, according to your steadfast love. According to your heart abundance mercy. She, David is going to find complete forgiveness and he's going to use different metaphors to emphasize that this forgiveness which comes from God, which is entirely based on the love of God than the mercy of God and the grace of God is full forgiveness its final forgiveness and it is absolutely complete but is getting verse one what he say, have mercy on real God.

According to your steadfast love. According to your abundant mercy blot out my transgressions with his will to do with this transgressions. These deliberate stepping over the line.

He wants them blotted out was another form of the picture is God as a judge was written records of David's transgressions who they are number one number two number three number four number five, there they are, David and David the signal. I want them blotted out pictures of the judge should smash the record, it is eradicated is interesting in all of the fuss about the Jesse small case is a tightly said as they came right from our speaking with the prosecutor.

They said that his record has been wiped clean. It is been expunged upon the ads through this deal. It was accomplish some of the pass judgment about Jesse small at or anyone else but the debate is okay his legal record might be wiped out, might be expunged, but there's still a question a lot of people's mind. Did he do it or not, there's still the question if not of legal guilt of moral guilt know when God forgives your sins. And lots of that was never any question. It is completely gone number the psalmist.

Some hundred and three as far as the east is from the west. He's done what he has removed our transgressions from us. He has blotted them out.

David's transgressions written as a word on the book of the judge. There they are, they have been erased. Some of you will remember those of you who are younger will not remember the old white blotting out when you're typing something mother ever typed with it, but are typists or secretaries would come and they would have to blotted out in the put this white stuff over the type but you know the type was still there. They just the white over or we might say God has deleted it in the computer is gone, but in a sense even on the computer there's experts in IT who can still retrieve that stuff, but not with God, your sin, however deep, however serious when it is wanted out. It is irretrievable that will never ever again be brought back against this is first picture. He says my my transgressions are blotted out, and then he says verse two wash me thoroughly from my iniquity. I like that wash me thoroughly from my iniquity was the picture of the figure is of dirty clothes which needs washing, then if you remember the old scrubbing boards shows are deprived. I was I'm old enough to remember, at least in Scotland the days before my dear mother who still alive at the scrubbing board.

We did have a washing machine and here we were boys are playing football, soccer, and we come in theirs are white shorts in the stained with dirt and without green from the grass and we just threw them off. We didn't think anything about it and what did my dear mother have to do should to wash them and take them to that scrubbing board and scrub them and scrub them and scrub them until they are washed federally the derricks. The grass was ingrained. That's the picture that David's iniquity is not superficial. This is today's very hard this man is polluted with sin and the sin that is ingrained but the answer to is to be wash thoroughly wash me thoroughly from my iniquity.

His iniquities go deep. He needs a spiritual, not just a shower spiritual washing.

Nothing else will get rid of David's sin wash me thoroughly from my iniquity is 1/3 picture verse three for I know my transgressions is a reverse to cleanse me from my sin is sin is dirty.

He needs cleanse the word here is for the ceremonial unification issues of lepers been cleansed from defilement.

David knows that there's no animal sacrifice under the law. The normal sin offering on the trespass offering of Leviticus 1, two, three, four and five.

They are not adequate. They can do it. Only God is powerful enough to wash him from his sentence.

Why is that because it's God who is offended, it's God's law, which was broken and God alone does the forgiving there's no self atonement dear no pastoral priest or minister therefore parked car note can forgive our sins can. We need God's grace need God's forgiveness over the old hymn rock of ages as a line in it thou must save and the Lord of the cross isn't it the David's forgiveness now is full and complete its total all of the sin is removed is been blotted out as being wash thoroughly. It's been cleansed. He's forgiven. There's another one. Verse seven. Purge me with his set and I shall be clean, wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow is with the small clients familiar with the ritual and the Passover in Exodus 12, you know that his it was used by the priests to sprinkle blonde of the sacrifice animals for the cleansing of the unclean. That's it. David is using that picture wash me with his need that blood to cleanse me and I shall be clean, wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow plus whiter than snow. We think of snow is pure is clean of those whom God forgives sin is removed through the shedding of blood. The Mosaic covenant was inaugurated by the shedding of blood.

The new covenant is inaugurated by the shedding of the blood not of an animal, but of the blessed the blood of our blessed Savior Jesus on blood that God's son had to die. His precious blood had to flow for your forgiveness and mine that we are now just think of it David think of the depth of his sin and now he realizes that through the sheer mercy and grace of God the sins of gone he is whiter than snow that when we confess your sins and forget the condition of this. This is personal confession. This is repentance. When we confess our sin.

God graciously forgives and restores us now in verses eight through 19.

The remainder of the chapter and that with no time to go into in detail, but this spiritual restoration yes it begins with forgiveness of sin, but this spiritual restoration leads to spiritual renewal and spiritual service forgiveness. First of all leads to spiritual renewal. Verse 8 to 12. Let me hear joy and gladness.

How could you July when you've caused so much sorrow and hardship. Let me hear joy and gladness with the bones that you broken. Rejoice hide your face from my sins and monetize all of my iniquities create in me a clean heart of God, and renew a right spirit within me, cast me not away from your presence. Take not your Holy Spirit from me. Restore to me the joy of your salvation, and uphold me with a willing spirit. The others that true biblical spiritual forgiveness leads to spiritual renewal. David is purified his cleanse these wash the sins are blocked, blotted out God's love is unconditional is full and complete and this spiritual renewal follows complete cleansing and forgiveness see what happens when we sin, we away from the Lord number of things happen. The depth of her soul.

We get hard and only perhaps we get better and we get critical and God does something wonderful that not only does he forgive us, but in his abundant compassion and his abundant grace he's going to lead us to spiritual renewal. It's not enough as it were for David just to have a certain removed. He wants a renewal of spirit he wants a change of his heart attitude. This is the fruit of repentance, the evidence of true repentance, superficial confession will not lead to renewal of spirit. David wants to get back to that time when he was directed by God's word. He wants to get back to that time when God's hand was on the shoulder.

He wants to get back to that time when is a man after God's own heart. Having a clean heart and a renewed spirit so that the joy of the Lord will be restored to him is a failure to confess sin leads to spiritual shipwright verse 11 cast me not away from your presence. Take not your Holy Spirit from me. In the Old Testament there was a selective indwelling of the Holy Spirit know David is not saying that he thinks is going to lose his salvation. No, but in the Old Testament time and who had the indwelling spirit. The leaders member when David is anointed king by Samuel in first Samuel 16 member I read last week that the spirit of the Lord thrust on him, but the spirit laughed so Saul was no longer the anointed king and David wants to remain as King. He doesn't want to be rejected by God. He wants to live a life of usefulness, a life of blessing and refusal to confess your sin, refusal to repentance means that your heart is hardened, and it gets harder and harder and will bring heartache in tears and worry and stillness and bitterness and repetition of your sin. No, we don't lose our salvation.

If we are truly saved, but we will lose the joy of our salvation.

We may lose the assurance of some of our salvation and will certainly lose our usefulness to the service of God experience that you sins you didn't confession of sin and you just went on as if nothing happened that people didn't know perhaps only one or two perhaps no one knew but you know in your own soul. There was about in this is your sitting there you're standing to sing and praise to God you you feel a hole in the stone a lack of reality in your own life and when you read the word of God is just not the same and your prayers are mechanical. What is happened.

Your heart is become hardened and David realizes this and now having received the forgiveness of God. He wants to spiritual renewal.

He wants this jolly on this one.

There being a child of God is more forgiveness leads not only to spiritual renewal.

But this spiritual service. Verse 13 then I will teach transgressors your ways, David, who are used to teach you messed up your gonna start teaching people know yes that I will teach transgressors your ways, and sinners will return to you deliver me from blood guilt initial God, O God of my salvation, my tongue will sing aloud of your righteousness, Lord, open my lips, and my mouth will declare your praise, you're going to praise God. David yes but to praise God for you will not delight in sacrifice. What I would give it you will not be pleased with the burnt offering no what kind of sacrifice. Does God want verse 17 the sacrifices of God are the broken spirit that's right. A broken and a contrite heart will guard you will not despise good design in your good pleasure build up the walls of Jerusalem then you will delight in writing sacrifices and burnt offerings and whole burnt offerings, then goals will be offered on your altar authentic forgiveness affecting renewal spiritual renewal leads to service experiences deep deep forgiveness.

This will enable you to edify others about God's gracious dealing with sinners. It would've humbled you, you have a deeper understanding of sin and your deeper and greater understanding of the grace of God and that will lead to an idea that services a tremendous privilege and that praising God for his gracious dealings with sinners is a privilege number. The Lord said in Luke seven sins which are many, are forgiven for. She loved much, who is the individual standing at Calvary church. You should be praising God the most on worshiping God the most.

The fantasy no the one whose experience the forgiveness of God and to realize that God in his grace not only saves us but God in his grace enables us to gonna go trip to Bolivia to speak to our neighbor to bring up children in the ways of the Lord and to tell others about the gracious works of God and to stand in the sanctuary with the people of God to sing and to worship the great God, not the sacrifices God wants broken spirit, a broken and contrite heart will guard you will not despise the Pharisees unit dream drew near with her lips for the heart were far from me. Don't be the Pharisee God doesn't delight in your worship. God does not delight in your service where there's unconfessed sin. I know you want to worship God. I know you want to praise God for the privilege those that were here in the ensemble signed again praising God have mercy. Think of the of the privilege of coming together with your brothers and sisters in Christ and worshiping God with all of that is hollow, isn't it educates that Bible classes he thinks that life group as you open the Scriptures that is hollow, isn't it.

There's not been the forgiveness and the spiritual renewal number what Daniel what Samuel says to Saul, obedience is better than sacrifice, but some 50 one thing sing many things God's forgiveness is based on God's mercy and grace. Confess your sin and then God's grace received Christ who died for their sins. First John one verse seven but if we walk in the light as he is in the light, we have fellowship with one another and the blood of Jesus his son cleanses us from all sin lattices. Olson if we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us.

If we can. As if we confess our sins he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from what all all all unrighteousness or my sin. All my unrighteousness can be forgiven, blotted out, washed thoroughly whiter than snow experience that someone here tonight your your your way done with your sin you've say John I've ever really messed up. I'm glad you've come budget come went to point you to Christ who came for people just like you to come to his precious blood was shed so that you like David can receive the mercy of God and the grace of God. That's the gospel in our Lord Jesus Christ, that is forgiveness there is mercy there is compassion, as you place your trust in Christ and confess your sins and has those of you who are followers of Jesus. We read Luke 15.

Who do you identify with the prodigal or the elder son of the prodigal.

You can buy another elder son was all the fuss made about this character I been working hard all of this time in this Philistine. The far country with all of the prostitutes of the fuss is being made about him was his problem. Safari doesn't understand God's grace. He doesn't see the sin and that Friday that the sovereign righteousness in his own heart. Thomas Brooks writes does not. God looked more upon his people's graces than upon their weaknesses.

That's it, isn't it. I wondered as I studied this over these months again and again, why did God call David a man after his own heart. I think in part because of the prayer of Psalm 51 that David understood what we all need him to understand the depth of sin and the wonder of the mercy and grace of God and is very interesting when you read the account of David's life in the 29 chapters of first Chronicles. It doesn't even mention the story about Shiva or does and second Samuel, but if you are writing a history of David. Let's face it, you would have a whole chapter upon chapter upon chapter about the sin of Bathsheba, and you wouldn't want the wretched man ever to forget it that's on God's way is James reminds us, the puzzle gently talks about the patience of job it is your job getting job sometimes was pretty impatient when you think of Rahab the prostitute she's remembered. Susan remembered for sleeping with many men, though she is celebrated that she lived by faith and had two of God's chosen people.

When John the Baptist is imprisoned and sends his messengers to Jesus as a you the one who should, generally, for someone else. Jesus doesn't condemn John says no go tell John the things are seen and heard and then he says to the crowd. Truly I say to you among those born of woman that has not risen a greater than John the Baptist.

He takes that opportunity to command John and when Paul in acts chapter 13 is writing about David.

He doesn't say no. I want to tell you about David that terrible murder and adultery.

He says no David, the man after God's on heart was the point is sins were blotted out.

He's been washed thoroughly and our focus is the people of God are not on the sins of people are not on the past, but are on God's grace.

Why are we sometimes of the people of God so eager to talk about the failures in the sins of the people of God rather than to praise God for his matchless net percent flowing grace tonight. If you've never experienced forgiveness advised you to come to the cross of Christ.

His blood will cleanse you from all sin from all unrighteousness.

You can walk through these doors right into the parking lot. Clients thoroughly. Your transgressions blotted out, washed whiter than snow. No say this so small that it does not need forgiveness.

No sin is too great. But God will not forgive your will you pray, have mercy on me, will guard according to your steadfast love. According to your abundant mercy blotted out my transgressions, wash me thoroughly from my iniquity, and cleanse me from my sin. The father in regards we thank you for the grace which is greater than our sin nor tells us that where sin abounds. Grace abounds all the more. Thank you for your love and relies it is important that we confess their sins and the return from it. Thank you for your love. Thank you for Jesus Christ who came to save sinners, of whom I am chief and I pray that everyone of us here will leave this building this evening forgiven praising you ready to serve your because we have been washed thoroughly and our transgressions have been blotted out and we are whiter than snow for the Lord Jesus for your grace.

We think in his name

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