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Christmas Families

The Verdict / John Munro
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December 19, 2016 9:22 am

Christmas Families

The Verdict / John Munro

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December 19, 2016 9:22 am

Dr. John H. Munro December 18, 2016 Matthew 1:1-17 At Christmas we spend time with our family and friends, but amid the celebration, there may be tensions and heartache. Families are dysfunctional, yet by the grace of God imperfect fathers and mothers are included in the family tree of our Lord Jesus Christ. That"s encouraging!

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Before we married in a couple of Calvary. The couple must agree to go through premarital counseling and that during these counseling sessions all kinds of subjects are explored and discussed all in a very confidential setting. Of course, and I was trying one topic to be of particular interest.

After a series of questions we discover what is called their family of origin. What kind of home does the man come from, what kind of home does the woman come from the may have been born into home a very loving parents where there is been stability where there's been acceptance of home what Christ is on the there as they watch their father and mother. They learned how a man and a woman should relate they learned that the home should not revolve around them. A difficult lesson they learned about communication, how to resolve conflict, how to treat one another how to relate to someone of the opposite sex. All in their home of origin is sometimes a young man or young women may come from a very different kind of home.

A home where the mom and dad were divorced, some coming from a home where they never knew the father, or where rather than having love and acceptance as a child being ill treated abused, rejected, or worse, the impact of the family of origin is huge. Whether it is good or bad and then as we meet with a couple of the discussion then moves to the kind of home, the kind of family at the couple wants a do they want a home similar to the one they came from OR didn't want to home radically different from the one they came from, what happens when the family of origin of the man is very different from the family of origin of the women. These are all intriguing questions and issues and we realize that we are all impacted by our homes.

We come from by our families of origin. I will remember many years ago. Now the first young couple who came to asked me to marry them. I was just out of seminary and in these nave days I was actually excited and honored to be asked to tie the knot and I approached the premarital counsel with great enthusiasm. Great deal.

It diligence eagerly anticipating the various sessions as I met with this young couple. I prepared meticulously for the marriage ceremony. However this marriage. The first one that I had the privilege of officiating at ended with and I think just a matter of months that we might get on the year. In total disaster and I was left in shock. I was left in bewilderment.

What I what I had I done wrong with that. I failed to do and I miss something in the counseling session. Had I misdiagnose a problem. How could I not foreseen this and given them better instruction in biblical counsel, so they would live happily ever after. Over the years have come to the conclusion that although my premarital counseling could have been better. Much better. There's no question about that.

The problem was not so much in my incompetent counseling, but rather an understanding that there are no perfect marriages that are no perfect people that are no perfect homes that are no perfect relationship so I know from time to time you get someone who claims that the perfect manager of you been on such a couple sweetie. We never argued you. We only know honey.

We just love each other and their children there just perfect. The kind of farm was a friend of mine calls the Bragg and gag families. They Bragg and we gag and we realize that living in fantasy lands or one of them is totally dominating the relationship where someone can't even express their view, the reality is we know from our Bibles and were going to see this morning that we live in a fallen world where failure or dysfunction, where Satan impacts all of us. And it certainly impacts families by the family you can from you didn't choose your parents. You can choose your home. I would you describe it children students. How would you describe the family that you and that the moment if you're married, how would you describe the family that you have are subject this morning is Christmas families will have Christmas with her family and friends, although admittedly many of you are going to encounter some headaches some tensions as you get together with your imperfect relatives a result of what we in Europe so we don't have the problem. Some of you here are driving that Christmas dinner, not because of the food, but because of that sister that you haven't spoken to for the last 10 years or for that, or that obnoxious uncle or that mother-in-law who is never set up positive thing to you for the last 15 years and will be smiling at her when she over the turkey and you just wonder how was I going to be in this Christmas celebration.

I want you this morning to be encouraged. There is hope.

I'm going to talk about fathers and mothers.

And I'm going to talk about families which are far from perfect, which in fact are quite dysfunctional. Yet in the grace of God there in the most important genealogy of all that in the family tree of our Lord Jesus Christ. This is going.

Interesting study ejected Bible. I want you to open it with me to the first book in the Bible the first gospel. The gospel of Matthew and I minute read with you versus that you read very very quickly but I'm going to read them today. The first 17 versus of Matthew chapter 1. Here is the family tree of Jesus. The genealogy of Jesus the Christ. Some of your very very proud of your family tree, whereas others of you couldn't care less. I'm never look too far back in the Monroe family trees. I suspect with God fair share of robes, rascals and vagabonds that would not surprise me at all, so I can go too far back, but here it is. Matthew chapter 1 verse first verses of the New Testament, the book of the genealogy of Jesus Christ, the son of David, the son of Abraham. Abraham was the father of Isaac and Isaac, the father of Jacob, and Jacob, the father of Judah and his brothers and Judah the father of Perez and zettabyte tamer and Paris, the father of has her own and has run, the father of Ron and ran the father of the men adapted and amended that the father of they shown an nation on the father of Solomon and Solomon the father of Boaz by rehab and Boaz, the father of all abided by Ruth and obeyed the father of Jesse, and Jesse, the father of David, the king and David was the father of Solomon by the wife of Uriah and Solomon the father of Rachel Borman, Rachel Boehm, the father of Elijah and the pines are the father of Asaph and Asaph, the father of Jehoshaphat and Jehoshaphat the father of Joram and Joram, the father of desire and desire. The father of Jonathan and Jeff them, the father of Ahaz and Ahaz the father of Hezekiah and Hezekiah are the father of Benassi and menacing, the father of Amos and in most, the father of Josiah and Josiah the father of Jack Anaya and his brothers at the time of the deportation to Babylon. Verse 12 and after the deportation to Babylon. Jack Anaya was a father of she LTL and she LTL the father observed zoomable answers zoomable the father of a bright root in the Bayou, the father of Alia came and the lion King, the father of Isadore and these are the father of Zanuck and Zajac, the father of Hakeem and he and the father of Ellie Road and Elliott, the father of Eliezer and Eleazar the father of math and and math on the father of Jacob, and Jacob, the father of Joseph the husband of Mary, of whom Jesus was born was called Christ, so all the generations from Abraham to David are 14 generations and from David to the deportation to Babylon 14 generations and from the deportation to Babylon to the Christ.

14 generations.

The word of God to us this morning.

Let's think first of all, of some of the Christmas fathers. The New Testament begins with a genealogy. This is very important. Notice verse one the book of the genealogy of Jesus Christ the son of David, the son of Abraham Matthew is demonstrating that Jesus is of the Royal lion and also has a legal right to the throne of David, the book of the genealogy of Jesus. Jesus meaning Savior Jesus Christ. Christ is the Messiah, Christ is the anointed one in Israel from the Old Testament Scriptures.

There was an expectation a very clear expectation that the Messiah is coming in Matthew is making it very very clear that Jesus is the Christ is the anointed one is the long promised Messiah is also described here in verse one as the son of David, Jesus the Christ the son of David that is very very important because God has promised the throne of David and David's kingdom that it would endure forever.

Turn with me to second Samuel will read this very very important scripture, but absent you been reading the New Testament. You wonder why in various places. Jesus is described as the son of David, because God promised that the Messiah would inherit the throne of David and that David's kingdom would endure forever. David had many many sons but Jesus is David's greater son. He is the son of David. Note to Samuel verse seven. Sorry chapter 7 second Samuel chapter 7 verse 12 when your days are fulfilled in July done with your father's.

I will raise up your offspring after you, who shall come from your body and I will establish his kingdom. He will build a house for my name and I will establish the throne of his kingdom forever.

Here is a promise of a dynasty of a kingdom which is going to ensure forever. Verse 16 and your house of David and your kingdom shall be made sure forever before me. Your throne shall be established forever.

Isaiah chapter 9, perhaps more familiar versus Isaiah 9 verse six for to us a child is born, unto us a son is given, and the government shall be upon his shoulders and his name shall be called wonderful Counselor, mighty God, everlasting father, Prince of peace of the increase of his government and of peace there will be no and notice this on the throne of David and over his kingdom, to establish it and to uphold it with justice and with righteousness from this time forth and forever more promise than the Messiah is going to come of David's line.

This kingdom is going to last forever. So here is the genealogy of Jesus the Messiah. And he's first described and fittingly so as the son of David, but is also called in verse one, the son of Abraham that reminds us, doesn't it of the covenant made by God to Abraham.

We call it the Abraham it covenant because that covenant as it was given that Abraham was told that in your offspring all of the nations of the world are going to be blessed that from the seed from the descendents of Abraham. There is going to come one, namely the Messiah and in the Messiah in that offspring in that seed all of the nations of the world will be blessed.

So this Jesus is Matthew begins his gospel.

This Messiah is coming, he's coming first sinful in the fulfillment of the kingdom promises given to King David is also coming in fulfillment of the covenant promises given to Abraham. So who is Jesus who is the Savior is the Christ is the anointed one is the son of David, his kingdom will never and is the King of Kings and Lord of lords, and he's also the son of Abraham and that through our Lord Jesus Christ. There is going to come blessing and salvation to all the world is going to be described as the Savior of the world I want from the genealogy which is a long one. I'm going to select for father's from the genealogy to considered and the first is found in verse two Abraham. Abraham was the father of Isaac Isaac, the father of Jacob, and Jacob, the father of Judah. Most of us have had about Abraham, the great patriarch and he's given in the Bible, both in the Old Testament and the New Testament as the outstanding example of faith Abraham is a man of great faith believes his pagan origin.

He leaves his he leaves his family of origin in order of the Chaldeans, and he takes God at his word and he sets out on a long, long journey to the land he had never ever seen God blesses her God uses him mightily, a very impressive character is Abraham today revered by Jews by Muslims and Christians alike as one of the outstanding man in the whole history of the world, so I'm not surprised that he's in the genealogy of Jesus Christ.

Yes, this will look a little closer to Abraham. We find this is a man who lives lie to Pharaoh king of Egypt, saying that his wife was his sister is also a man who treated Hagar this woman very, very badly, but here he stands one of the Christmas fathers and then also in verse two.

That is, his grandson Jacob, Abraham, the father of Isaac and Isaac, the father of Jacob.

Jacob is also one of the outstanding Old Testament patriarchs in the Psalms, God is sometimes described as the God of Jacob.

What a great man a great man of faith. Again, a great example to us of faith and the perseverance of man who wrestled with God himself. But also a manipulator deceiver cheat someone who that terrible relationship with his twin brother Esau, and here he is in the genealogy of Jesus the Christ Jacob. This deceiver this this change. This manipulator here is one of the Christmas fathers in the genealogy of Jesus Christ's, then as we look down in verse six we come to David himself, Jesse, the father of David, the king of we would expect David's is a royal line is already been his name is ready used in verse one that Jesus is the son of David, who is David David is Israel's greatest king is a brilliant military strategist and outstanding political administrator and accomplished musician employee tend most impressive of all is described as a man after God's on part great man David, the sweet psalmist of Israel is described in the Old Testament yet.

David of these problems.

One day his manner or David for his own reasons and scanning the sites as they at home in Jerusalem biopsies Tidewater is getting older is accomplished a lot. Perhaps, life is a bit stale. We don't know the reason but he stays at home in Jerusalem when these men are fighting a war.

An important war and one day David decided to get a bit of fresh air and goes to the roof of his of his house. Yes, in the city of David as he looks down, some of us were there. Just a few weeks ago in the city of David, and you see that ravine and as he looked stern. He sees something or should we say someone who catches his eye as a beautiful woman with cheaper and she's bathing the Caesar cheaper. He may makes inquiries about this beautiful woman is intrigued by her and he's told infectious, a married woman and David her husband is Uriah the Hittite mother Israelites, but her husband is a Hittites, and in fact David is one of your mighty men, another moment he died of time is far away, fighting one of you was fighting for God fighting for country fighting for King and is there in fact the end of second Samuel, there's a list of all of the mighty man of David. I think this tactics seven of them of all of the men several out in the Hall of Fame is a work chosen particularly for the bravery and the last one mentioned, interestingly, is this man Uriah the Hittite ended his wife a very beautiful woman. Obviously the David's sees a sense for his king, he could he can do that and she comes to his home. Later she returns to her own home and for David the matter is over to been a bit of a distraction but to dismay to his dismay, the word comes to them that this woman Bathsheba is pregnant represents David with quite a problem because her husband is away at war. So clearly people will know that her husband is not the father and David is now the father of this unborn child being carried by bite being carried by Bathsheba and David tries various strategies when if you know the story he tries various strategies to cover his tracks, but eventually he sends a letter to Joab job is a faithful general of David, the been together a long time. And David knows that Joab can be trusted. This is to Joab this man Uriah Joy would have known him well.

He's a mighty man. One of David's best warriors. And David says that you you know, put some of the fiercest point of the battle so that this man is killed.

Terrible thing to do job being loyal to David. Does that make sure that the next offensive Uriah the Hittite, the husband of Bathsheba is right at the hottest point of the battle and sure enough, as David wants Uriah is killed in the matter is kind of dealt with. Uriah killed, betrayed by his own commander-in-chief. David betrayed by his own general is killed in battle, and after his death David of courses he takes Bathsheba as his wife. He thinks everything is either Nandi things that matter has been covered up very very successfully until he's confronted by the faithful prophets. Nathan and the Bible says in second Samuel 11 verse 27. The thing that David had done displeased Lord that's David and this man this adulterer.

This cold-blooded murder who would kill one of these on my team and David is in the genealogy of Jesus the Christ. Yes David the sinful man is one of the Christmas fathers there's another one. Verse six and seven just say the father of David, the king and David was the father of Solomon by the wife of Uriah and Solomon the father of Rehoboam Solomon said David son by Bathsheba Solomon we know about Solomon the wisest man who ever lived. Other than the Lord Jesus Christ. A brilliant man and also a wealthy man. One of the wealthiest men in so that people in that region, like the Queen of Sheba came to Solomon they wanted to meet Solomon.

They wanted to hear from him.

He seemed to know everything about everything and wrote some of the wonderful books that we have in the Bible that we still read like Proverbs and Ecclesiastes, and song of Solomon, a brilliant man. Why isn't wealthy yes but he also displeased the Lord very badly. He married many foreign wives and a lot of concubines, but here is a Christmas father.

So what do we have in this genealogy.

These Christmas fathers we have a liar.

We have a deceiver we have in adulterer, we have a monitor. We have a polygamist. So we got more of you be proud to have these in your family tree all out in the genealogy of Jesus the Christ.

Here is the royal family tree Christmas fathers. But what about the mother's four women are mentioned in the genealogy other than Mary and the women who are mentioned are very surprising. These Christmas mothers are very surprising.

The first is mentioned in verse three, and her name is Tim are verse three Judah, one of the tribes. One of the 12 member Jacob, the 12 sons. Judah is one Judah, the father of Perez and Z. By TMR whose timber. Interestingly, women like Sarah and Rebecca that we might've thought were in the family tree are not mentioned but this woman is probably a Canaanite herself and that she is left a childless widow does everything she can to be a mother in the family of Judah, and she finally succeeds. You can read the saw detail in general. In Genesis 38.

She achieved her goal through deception and to us.

To me, I think to you timber it seems I'm fairly unlikely person to be a Christmas mother as she Canaanite seduces her own father-in-law into an immoral relationship and has the children Perez and Zander that are mentioned in verse three. Yet here she is, this woman timber is in the genealogy of Jesus Christmas mother and then verse five we read of Rahab verse five Solomon the father of Boaz by Rahab who is Rahab, but we know quite a bit of a Rahab leader in the opening chapters of Joshua. The children of Israel Arab have come to the river Jordan lived on the east side and vote in what is today present-day Jordan and are about to cross the Jordan to possess the promised land. The right there on the very doorstep of inheriting the land that God promised Abraham and the forefathers a very exciting day and Joshua is not a good leader Moses has recently died and Joshua is a very shrewd man is a good military leader and he does something which is only sensible to do before coming to Jericho, which is the main city again. Those of us that were in Israel.

When we were on the on the east bank we could see Jericho. On the other side of the Jordan, he sends spies into Jericho to find out what is going on and when they're in Jericho.

The need somewhere to say and end up staying in the home of this woman. Rahab who is milking James as a harlot, prostitutes, and the stay with her, but this woman, though she's a prostitute. In fact, is very discerning and she has phases as we read about your your God with heard about the deliverance through the Red Sea and I'm going to put my trust in this God and despise Satan if you help us if you don't tell the inhabitants of Jericho that we are here and if you help us escape we will promise that you and everyone in your house all of your family will not die because we're going to take Jericho and were going to devastate Jericho with a view help us and if your trust is in the Lord your house and your life and the life of your family will be preserved and member the story the Scarlet rope is put outside house and sure enough, she is saved not only a Canaanite not only a pagan but a harlot prostitutes yet here she is one of the Christmas mothers in the genealogy of Jesus Christ is unsurprising that amazing God chooses and then verse five that is Ruth Simon, the father of Boaz by Rahab and Boaz, the father of all bad by Ruth we know about Ruth. She is a Moabitess mother not from one of the tribes of Israel, but from more again on the east side of the river Jordan and following her godly mother-in-law so you know the story she leaves more than travels over the river and comes to Bethlehem and then Bethlehem. She meets this man, Boaz, and they marry and they have a little boy called all bad, who in turn is going to have a little boy called Jesse who in turn was going to have a little boy called David Ruth is the great-grandmother of the of David, Israel's greatest king but she is a Gentile. She's a Moabitess pagan before she places her trust in God. Yet, here is another Gentile Christmas mother in the genealogy of Christ and then verse six there is a woman whom Matthew doesn't even name the candidate would bring himself to mention the name of this woman. She's an unmentionable who is she with Rahab the writer verse six Jesse, the father of David, the king and David was the father of Solomon by the wife of Uriah. Yes, Bathsheba Matthew doesn't mention her name but there she is. She's the wife of Uriah the Hittite again a Gentile. Her name, but Sheba the very woman with whom David commits adultery and there she is in the genealogy of Jesus the Christ. She's the mother of Solomon Christmas. Mother only one, of four women mentioned in the genealogy of Jesus Christ mentioned in the royal family that when I sing like I take time to do this when you say that Christmas families are dysfunctional. Not one of these Christmas fathers not one of these Christmas mothers is perfect. You have an adulterer, you have a modular Java deceiver you have a prostitute you have an adulterous, why would they appear in the greatest genealogy ever.

What kind of families that these Christmas mothers and Christmas fathers produce. What do sinful fathers and mothers produce the produce sinful children and we could go through all of these families in this genealogy and search the Scriptures to learn about their family life to learn about their children and we would see that the consequences of their sin like the consequence of Davidson and their failures are far reaching. In spite of the failure God did not reject them. There also men and women of faith, that men and women who did great exploits for God and whom God graciously used.

So in this genealogy we have Christmas fathers who problem people we have Christmas mothers who had the problems we have Christmas families who are dysfunctional are broken, to think with any broken families at Calvary today dealing with anyone one day that comes from a dysfunctional home to think we have any marriages say other members who are imperfect who could that be true in the in a church like this any broken people here think we have anyone here who has committed an act of immorality is anyone here who has deceived someone do things any businessman business woman whose lithe in the business to make some money doing there's anyone here who is lied to, to get some promotion in their job or to come to some advantage that anyone here has got any problem relationships with her wife with her husband with her parents with her children with her siblings anyone here like that.

I'm looking for sure hands only got one or two honest people. The rest of your sitting there like the ones you because you are the answer is yes, yes, all have sinned and come short of the glory of God that the message of the New Testament that there is not one perfect person that we are far from perfect people. I remember in the previous church dealing with her family a couple who who had in their family. Heartbreak after heartbreak after heartbreak and became and I was praying with them was pointing them to God's word. I was trying to do provide some console and spiritual fortitude to this family who had so many problems within the family and I remember them saying to me. At one point John. Why is it that we have all of these problems in our family and this family they referred to another family in the church. This family seems to problem free that the family justice perfect. I couldn't say to them because of confidentiality.

But I knew the other family and just at that time I was dealing with another horrific situation within that family because the answer is all of us have come short. We all come from imperfect families and we produce imperfect families is a point that when you get this. The overwhelming need in your life is the same overwhelming need in my life is the same overwhelming need in the lives of these Christmas fathers and Christmas mothers. You know what it is his grace our greatest need is grace. You and I stand in need of the grace of God. All of us have come short, all of us mess up. I realize some more dramatically than others. I realize, is a huge spectrum but into every family into every relationship into every husband and wife relationship calms sin and failure and problems, and dysfunction. If you want to use that word and this is the message of Christmas. It is this that God in Jesus Christ offers us what grace grace grace and God's grace comes to us through our Lord Jesus Christ, who is unique is very different is not the point of the genealogy as you go through the genealogy and I've only point I've only picked out a few characters for men and for women, but as you go through each one of them, you realize that all of them have come short until you come to a one man of whom Jesus was born who is called Christ, and that enter this mass into this darkness into this dysfunction and failure and sin comes from heaven to the Lord of glory was totally different and that grace comes to us through our Lord Jesus Christ. This is what John presents in his prologue of his Gospel. He says from his fullness we have all received, and grace upon grace for the law was given by Moses, but grace and truth came through Jesus Christ God is full of grace God's grace is infinite, and in Jesus Christ. This grace of God comes to us in the person of his wonderful son of his unique son, and he gives us not just a little bit of grace but grace upon grace.

Paul says in second Corinthians 8 verse nine. You know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that though he was rich, yet for your sakes he became poor, that you through his poverty might become rich.

What is the answer to this dysfunction is a just better counseling. Is it just another mileage seminar.

Is it some book I have to need of some behavior modification. All of these can be of help, but they will not deal with the real problem is only the grace of God in your heart in your life in your marriage in your home where divine transformation will take place that Jesus the Christ the son of David, the son of Abraham comes to bring grace that messed up people and families. All the ones contained in Matthew one, every single person here he comes to bring salvation and he comes to bring trends for the nation.

So Paul says in first Timothy one verse 15 this is a faithful saying and worthy of all acceptation that Christ Jesus came into the world to say sinners, of whom I am chief goes on to say, this is all of the mercy of God that into human history, into time and space calms MRN the Lord Jesus Christ who is totally different from all others, and who is uniquely qualified to be our Savior. Without a couple of weeks ago that he is unique in his birth is the son of David, yes, but is also the son of God.

He enters the world in a unique way below the virgin shall conceive and bear a son, he enters our world as no one else has entered it is born of a human mother but no human father so that the virgin birth was a special and unique act of the Holy Spirit spirit who achieved by a fresh creative act. The beginning of the human life of the eternal son of God is unique in his birth uses genealogy here is the royal line. He further fulfills that perfectly he's the son of David. He's a son of Abraham. He's of the royal line. He is legally qualified to be caring but he comes into this world as no one else does is unique in his work is also unique in his life Abraham, Jacob, David, Solomon, great man. As they were were all marked by failure to hammer Rahab, Ruth Bathsheba, all of them sinful with about this one with about Jesus the Christ the son of David, the son of a prime know he is different he is sinless because of his unique conception he enters the world guiltless of any sin. Everything he does everything he says everything he thinks is absolutely perfect. And so the New Testament writer says he did no sin. He knew no sin in him was no sin into this sinful world typified and symbolized by these Christmas fathers and mothers calms God's unique son, unique birth are unique life unique death he dies on the cross.

All of the four Gospels of the death of Jesus is the climax he's born to die. He comes as the Savior is very name Jesus means that he knew the reason why the father sent the son he knew that God so loved the world that he gave his only son gave his only son to die, so in the wonderful chapter in John 10 of the good Shepherd, Jesus says, for this reason, the father loves me because I lay down my life that I may take it up again.

He knew he was going to do it was in that it wasn't just the betrayal of Judas. It wasn't just the evil plotting of the Jewish establishment of the cruelty of the Romans.

That put them on the tree.

This was part of God's purposes. This is the way of salvation that God plans and this perfectly implemented by this perfect one.

Jesus the Christ is our Savior. He doesn't share in my guilt as a sinner. Nobody bears my guilt Savior.

He doesn't share your sin as a sinner. He doesn't share your shame, your guilt all of your sin.

No, but he bears your sin he bears your shame, he bears that these lies that the morality that drunkenness, that in kindness that prides all of these sins are born by our Savior on the cross he bears, or send the no offers swot forgiveness is grace he offers us eternal life because he leaves the world in a unique way rising from the dead.

There is none like him, nor will there ever be anyone like him of all of the people who lived and died in this world, even the greatest of them, like Abraham and David and Jacob were marked by failure, but not so our Lord Jesus Christ. Absolutely perfect XYZ only Savior is the only one who can rescue is only one who can forgive your offers you his grace.

If you receive that grace to understand why your goodness won't do understand that you need help.

Situation is so desperate your heart. The Bible says is deceitful and desperately wicked that John is as you read about these Christmas families are. I'm a bit discouraged. I'm not.

I'm very very encouraged because this genealogy not only emphasizes the uniqueness of our Savior, exactly, does that, but it also points to the hope that is offered today for you and me. This is God's grace was grace God giving us what we don't deserve the only Savior.

The only way our diversity in the dysfunction then failure and selfishness and pride is Jesus Christ you're here and you're single and I identify very well with these Christmas fathers.

I identify very well with these Christmas mothers because that's me. Praise God that you acknowledge your sinfulness.

That's important because you must repent of your sin and you must look to Christ. Paul when he talks about the forgiveness of her sin.

He says it is in accordance with the riches of his grace, which he lavished upon us this time of the year we give and receive presence ever receive the present and you thought the person was giving it to you.

Just out of obligation was much thought and Intuit is your present when God offers us grace he gives us the very best. Paul says it's in accordance with the riches of his grace, which he lavished upon us, don't say that you're so bad that God will only give you a little bit of grace.

You don't deserve any grace.

Grace by definition is undeserved but to receive this great you have to acknowledge that you are sinful that you can save yourself and you live for Christ and Christ alone is a Balkanization by grace you are saved by grace are saved through faith and that not of yourselves, the gift of God not of works, lest anyone should boast. At this grace is available, it is grace upon grace he gives us out of his fullness out of the riches of his grace/delivered on that determine from your sin or that sin will damn you for all of eternity. You'll never get Gordon's love sends his son to redeem you to Savior. So we asked Jesus the Christ the son of David, the son of Abraham, the Savior will you receive what you don't deserve grace I can I say to those of us who are following Christ and to say I have been saved by God's grace. Can I ask you to display that grace to others business I had that sometimes we who are saved by grace and at least have some understanding of grace are so harsh and unkind to one another that was so quick to judge were so quick to look down on people.

Can we do that when we realized the depth of the sin of our own hearts. No message of the New Testament is as you have received this grace display that grace to others as you receive the generosity of God be gracious and generous to others. The present Queen Queen Elizabeth II is either 91 or just about tightening 91 and when she and her sister Princess Margaret were in their teens there all dressed up as princesses have dressed up and with a little tatters and all the rest of the undergoing trial occasion and this bike to go there. Mother said this Royal princesses Royal Manors. In other words, your dressed up as princesses and join princesses but make sure you act as a princess. We are princes and princesses of the King of Kings and Lord of lords country Royal Princess Royal princesses, Royal Manors and you know the manners of the of those who are part of God's family is grace is grace. That grace in your home grace to your wife. Grace at work. Grace to your neighbors. Stop looking down on people understand that God and his grace has reached time do you and you and sadly I deserve the eternal flames of hell itself with God and his grace is reached on to people who are totally undeserving of his grace, and offers us salvation transformation adoption into the very family of God, the hope of eternal life.

The certainty of eternal life. All of God's grace we receive his grace below the grace of God to transform your and change that that would be a beautiful display of our Lord Jesus to this sad broken world grace, which is always greater the nursing her father, we thank you for your grace.

We thank you for this genealogy relies only scratch the surface of it, but we thank you for the Lord Jesus, who was totally different that he came to save Abraham and Isaac and Jacob and David and Solomon truth and rehab and tamer and Bathsheba came to save us. The chief of sinners pray father that each one year will open their hearts and receive that grace and help us to display to others. We ask in his name

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