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The Hope of the Gospel

The Verdict / John Munro
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April 30, 2018 10:51 am

The Hope of the Gospel

The Verdict / John Munro

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April 30, 2018 10:51 am

Dr. John H. Munro April 29, 2018 Romans 5:1-2 Do you have assurance that you are in a right relationship with the eternal God? The amazing truth of the Gospel is that you can know with certainty that you are at peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.

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Are you sure that when you die will go to heaven. Are you certain as you sit here this morning that you have eternal life or you just hoping that God will allow you to enter heaven. Do you really think that you're good enough to enter heaven for the questions. Another way do you have an assurance today that you are in a right relationship with God asking you directly.

Personally this morning.

Do you have peace with God. The passage were going to be looking at this morning I think is a jewel in the crying explains that to know Christ is to know these nocturnal Christ is not to know and not to have peace and the amazing truth of the gospel. This gospel of God, which concerns Jesus Christ is that you and I can know with certainty that we have peace with God is not wishful thinking that's not presumption, but is based on the promises of God in his eternal word no several weeks since we looked at Romans and so before we look at a passage which is Romans five verses one and two.

I want to remind ourselves of the context we have as Tim said we made part two available so I asked you to pick it up if you already done so. It contains some information on chapters 5 through eight, but lets let me first give a very quick rapid review of chapters 1 to 3 and four can pick up these messages with the military problem in the word room.

You can listen to them online. But first of all in the first 17 verses of Romans one, Paul gives an introduction and theme to the book of Romans and the theme of Romans is that the righteousness of God is revealed in the gospel and is acquired by faith and then from chapter 1 verse 18 through chapter 2 verse 20 of chapter 3, Paul presents the universal need of justification.

The argues, I think irrefutably in a very detailed way in a very logical way.

He argues that no one whether you are Jew, whether you're a Gentile. Whether your moral person whether he was a pagan that no person can be justified before God on the basis of the Mosaic law on the basis of their own religion are the basis of their own good works on the basis of their own morality.

Everyone Paul is arguing needs this justification because all sins, and then in verse 21 of chapter 3 to the end of chapter 4 he gives this description magnificent description of justification. He explains that justification is an act of God whereby he declares this in the righteous on the basis of the grace of God and this is acquired by the center, by faith alone in Christ alone.

Hope you get that, not grace. Plus something not faith plus something no salvation is a gift and it comes from God by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone is Paul is making it very clear that the gospel, the good news which comes from God to us through our Lord Jesus Christ provides Christ's righteousness to us the righteousness of God comes to us in the person of his son, our Lord Jesus Christ. And this comes to the person who doesn't want for their salvation.

It doesn't come to the religious person doesn't come to the moral person doesn't come to the person who is very, very good, but Paul surprises us and says it comes to the ungodly and it is to be received not by words but by faith by the one who believes that person, Paul explains the God does a remarkable thing that God's verdict, which once was guilty all of us are guilty. All of us of sin.

No exceptions. All of us have sinned and now and the wonder of this time that we call justification. God pronounces his verdict on ungodly sinners, and the verdict is this acquitted of all charges.

Imagine going into a courtroom where you know you're guilty and when the evidence of your guilt is irrefutable and is overwhelming. And somehow the Benedictus plans not guilty is what God does in this wonder of justification that we are acquitted, not just acquitted, but we are declared righteous and that the questions and the problems which Paul raises in chapter 1 through verse 20 of chapter 3.

The answers from verse 21 of chapter 3. As we saw in the some of you have totally forgotten through the end of chapter 4, first of all, he says that everyone is guilty of sin was the answer to that is upset. Justification not only declared not guilty but declared righteous, because justification is God's future verdict brought forward to the present. This is so important to understand justification is the verdict of God as we stand in the future before God is everyone of us will stand before God, to those who are justified that the object of righteousness of not guilty is pronounce here and now in the present because God gives the verdict, the verdict is irreversible. It's indestructible. It's unbreakable balls going to say in chapter 8 verse 30 who shall bring any charge against God's elect. Can anyone justly bring a charge against those whom God has declared not guilty that any possibility that anyone can rightly come and say here is an individual that God has declared righteous.

Is that possible Paul is saying absolutely not, because it is God who justifies know it was self-justification. If you can work out your own salvation. Someone could come and say well here is some information that has been hidden by this individual or you could be justified. Know and fail in the future.

But this verdict of justification comes from God knows through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Our salvation is secure.

It's guaranteed it's unstoppable gender center. You understand that you salvation your justification. If you truly are saved by the grace of God that your justification is not based on your performance were very performance oriented in three based on what you've done in the past, not based on what you're doing at the present is not based on what you will do in the future. It's not based on performance at all is based on Christ and his righteousness on what he has done and what he will do.

That is, salvation is all of God's grace received through faith. So everyone is guilty. Answer justification.

Secondly, because everyone is guilty of sin, everyone is under the wrath of God that we don't like to talk about the wrath of God today in our sophisticated superficial trendy little cultural Christianity doing that offends people.

But we saw that when Paul begins his exposition of the gospel. He doesn't start by saying God is a wonderful plan for your life. God does have a wonderful plan of your for your life but that's not Republicans. Paul begins as we saw in verse 18, that the wrath of God is revealed against all unrighteousness and all ungodliness there because of sin, we deserve the wrath of God and the judgment of God was that dealt with the answer is propitiation without a little bit with that term. The justice of God is satisfied that was the justice of God satisfied. Can God continue to be just unjustified ungodly sinners answer propitiation of the wrath of God in the judgment of God falls on Jesus Christ the innocent son of God, is why we sing so much about the cross as we were doing. That's why the cross is rightly the symbol of Christianity because it is not the cross we see the love of God, but we also see the justice of God as his wrath falls not on you and me deserving of the we are but falls on the innocent price. Furthermore, a Paul is saying in these opening chapters that everyone is under the power of Satan you know that you don't need me to tell you that you're a sinner. You try and clean up your life and you find your bacterial sin. What is needed. What's the answer some psychotherapy, some behavior modification some group therapy to clean up abstract my little the answer.

The biblical answer really the only answer that will free you from the part of sin in your life is redemption.

Redemption. But once we were slaves to sin. And now we have been set free. Paul is going to say that in chapter 6 or seven that we are set free from sin. How can I be set free from sin.

Answer redemption Redeemer has come, and I be redeemed by his precious blood. I have not only been forgiven of my sins have been set free from the bondage and the power of sin in my life. And Paul is going to expand on that in chapter 6, particularly in seven and eight.

As we will see not come to chapter 5 will beginning a new section which continues through chapter 8 in the first four chapters we have the heart of the gospel. Now as we come into chapter 5678 we have the hope of the gospel. Paul changes doesn't changes the style of writing chapter 5 verse one he says. Therefore, since we have been justified. We have peace now many weeds in the alley of chapters but now Paul is celebrating the salvation through him we have obtained access by faith, we rejoice in so on you and catch the note of celebration can choose.

We read these chapters chapter 5 verse one begins with therefore and that goes back to the end of chapter 3 in the big and stroked. Chapter 4 Paul is not going to describe the impact the results the fruits of justification and this is going to overwhelm us. I can guarantee you that as we think of all of the benefits and all of the results of the fruit of this salvation comes to us through faith alone in Christ alone. Paul then presents the glorious hope of the gospel of Jesus Christ. He presents the security of salvation and the assurance of salvation is a quick overview of these chapters, which we have in the study guide you think chapter 5 reconciliation chapter 6 sanctification chapter 7 freedom from the law. Chapter 8 the power of the spirit you say I don't know if I understand all of these terms. Well, that's why we want you to keep coming visit with him after sanctification about were going to learn about that. So here's a question whether some of the results whether some of the effects of justification by faith. In particular, is an assurance of salvation possible during this life. One of the most frequent questions I've been asked is a pastor over the years is is eternal security to is it true if that if I have truly trusted Christ I'm eternally secure and Paul is going to answer that question over and over again. Can I trust God with my eternal destiny absolutely good. I trust you with my eternal salvation.

Could you trust me with your eternal salvation, but it is God who justifies his balls point and so we went this morning to read Romans five verses one and two.

Thank all of you for praying for the good, the winter is over 48 of us with the tremendous time and on the first night there. We were dying in the latter to go for equitable singing a beautiful hotel and I was set standing at the buffet for desserts was a wonderful experience is needed and as I was standing there unscrewed a number of desserts in front of me is about to choose one and a young woman can beside me and she said the does this have cheese in it and I midget I thought what you must be Jewish is asking is this culture and the food was kosher and I said well you you must be Jewish and she said no I'm not Jewish. She said I'm Bruce DR use EE and head of the Druze before from visits to Israel there a group or sector broke off from Islam a thousand years ago and I really didn't know all that much about them and I began to speak with her. Try to share something about beliefs and I said to you with your family's incident with my husband. I said why don't you come and join us so she and her husband who was in the Navy Israeli Navy came and sat at the table with good new myself and another couple and that she began to get very, very bright, very good English began to tell us about religion. It was really quite sad as a listen to her. As I explained the gospel listen to me for the first time in her life. She was hearing someone tell her about salvation in Jesus Christ.

But one of the things that struck me and I thought different and how privileged we are. I centered wealth and tell me about your your your holy Scriptures. I said Joe's followers of Jesus.

We got the Old Testament and New Testament and that we really study the Bible. She said I've never read the holy Scriptures that we have and they have. She said about six or seven books I said you never write them is an educated woman university educated. She says no were not allowed to return such a violent eye center do you find out what you believe.

She said we really don't.

She said the religious officials don't really tell us too much. They are secretive and this is a mystical secretive religion with people. Some people in Israel, Lebanon, Syria and elsewhere.

Follow after having deceptive is our enemy is supposedly writing sacred writings that people can't even read for themselves.

And here we are, how privileged we are that you and I can take up this book and read it first. That's why want you to bring your Bible when you come to call the church don't accept something because I say go because your life group leaders does it listen with your Bible in your hand study this because this is our authority to know the standard read with two magnificent verses of Romans five, verses one and two. Therefore, since we have been justified by faith we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ. Through him we have also obtained access by faith into this grace in which we stand and we rejoice in the hope of the glory of God event. Please be seated. Justification by faith. Paul is saying.

First of all, brings peace with God.

The first result, the first fruit. Paul mentions in describing our secure union with Christ is peace with God. That is not one person here this morning doesn't want to have peace. Peace of mind.

Peace in our homes.

Peace in our society. Peace in our world.

We don't like conflict. We want tranquility we want.

We want peace.

I love to sleep on the things I love about sleep is your peace.

I read that, according to the two and 1 million world users of sleep cycles are not. Some of you may have it abundantly worldwide. Here is the average amount of sleep. People get each day. Can you guess what it is.

It is seven hours and 12 minutes but the average worldwide economic sleep you get.

I'm told Donald Trump sleeps only four hours. Tim Cook, who is the Apple CEO gets up every morning, before 4 AM.

He is not my hero. But Paul is writing about the most important kind of face peace with God. Yes, the peace that comes when you lay your head on the pillow at night and know that you're in the right relationship with God. Peace with God. Money can buy that you can achieve that is not a wonderful thing to know is a follower of Jesus.

Whatever happens in my life. Whatever happens in our world. Those who are justified by faith. Paul is saying we hear and die as followers of Jesus we have peace with God before we were saved. There was no peace between us and God.

Paul has said in chapter 3 verse 17 of the way of peace they didn't know. He says here in chapter 5, verse 10 he says it while we were enemies we were reconciled to God. We were once enemies of God.

We were hostile to God. We were rebellious against God, but no through the wonder of being justified by faith we have peace with God. I am in a true I'm in a right relationship with God.

Peace with God and peace with God is not just the removal of hostility. It's more than that is not in a position of friendship, a position of well-being will the Hebrew word shalom like to business partners who fallouts not only to the fallout of that very bitterly very angry with each other but actually sue each other and badmouth each other and that award and enemies. They really hate one another and then things happen. Perhaps one humbles himself where these two businessmen were once enemies, no they reconcile negative for my new partnership, a new company and that it peace with each other in the blast. The hostility has been removed and now there is well-being. Now there is friendship.

That's the points. Through justified through being justified by faith. We are in a relationship of peace with God, do you have tonight as you go to bed. Head on the pillow. Ask yourself, do I have peace with God. You see, how does this come about. Paul tells us verse one therefore, since we been justified by faith we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ. That said said on the cross he takes the wrath of God which we deserved because of our rebellion because of our hostility against God.

Our sin which caused such rebellion in her heart has not gone as being dealt with is been removed at the cross bull's-eyes in Ephesians 2 that Jesus is our peace, is a great peacemaker and he has accomplished peace through the blood of his cross that our Lord Jesus Christ through his redemptive work is death on the cross is burial in his resurrection has accomplished peace.

He is the peacemaker, and now is the mediator between God and us in one of the grapefruits of being justified by faith is peace with God. Jesus is described as the Prince of peace. Once there was rebellion and hostility and disobedience, peace, though rules peace with God, and this peace with God is a present possession for followers of Jesus will never ever receive it on your own note is again the end of verse one. It comes through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Romans 521 so that as sin reigned in death, grace also might rain through righteousness leading to eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. Chapter 6, verse 23 for the wages of sin is that but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. Chapter 7 verse 25. Thanks be to God through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Chapter 8 verse 39 neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord, through the work of our Savior through receiving Christ and his righteousness, we now have this joy, we now have the assurance of peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ, not as an inside and the partner side we must distinguish peace with God. Romans five verse one with the peace of God. In Philippians 4 when we quickly turn over and asked you to do it with me. Philippians chapter 4 familiar verses to many of us were Paul tells us, don't be anxious about anything, if you're anxious another piece, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God and the peace of God, not peace with God.

The peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus exit was a difference. What is the peace of God. I'm anxious tomorrow will be a tough day for some reason for some of you were my to do with the hitter and to take these request the anxiety that worry and bring it to the Lord in prayer until he even took with him to start worrying about it. God is in charge and as I do that I experience the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding. That is in the storms of life and in the chaos of life. We can experience the peace of God, I must confess I'm not always experience the peace of God, and the cares of life.

But it is there it is experiential it is in a sense, subjective.

This peace of God can be experienced in one moment and the next day not be experienced by the believer. Peace with God is not something subjective is not based on my feelings. It is an objective fact that because my trust is in my Lord Jesus Christ, and he has forgiven my sins and because his righteousness has been imputed to me. I am fact that peace with God. Peace with God is not the composer of my heart, but the status of peace, which flows from the reconciliation, which is a gift of God's grace.

This peace with God. Flows inevitably to those who are justified by faith. I am always at peace with God and not always experiencing the peace of God that depends on me committing my requests to the Lord. Now back to Romans five verse two that with this piece there's a tremendous privilege of free access to God. Verse two through him that is our Lord Jesus Christ.

We have also obtained access by faith into this grace in which we stand them in the present, our Lord Jesus Christ introduces us that would access could also be translated introduction our Lord Jesus Christ introduces us into this grace that is this grace of justification in which we stand.

Do you understand that as a follower of Jesus Christ because of Christ.

I can come right into the throne room of God through my Lord Jesus Christ is a photo of a young woman praying at the Western Wall with her to just earlier this week if you've been there you know the Western Wall and of excavated tunnels and here we are in these tunnels running by the great Western Wall built by Herod the great is the retaining wall of the Temple Mount and here is this young woman, late 20s early 30s by her appearance.

I wondered if she was praying for a husband for a child of what it was because she was obviously heartbroken.

I watch the crystal wall. She put her head on the wall and she was praying with great relevancy. Why was she at that spot.

Why was she kissing that wall because that's the closest she can get to the holy of holies think that the sadness Herod's Temple was destroyed in A.D. 70. She's praying is it wired towards the holy of holies why olive oil is because there was Derek of the covenant, the very symbol of the divine presence. She wants to get as close as she can in the closer she can get a stronghold wall man also on the Western Wall praying and praying and I thought I wanted to show its the Lord Jesus Christ is come in the veil of the temple is ran from the top to the bottom and now through our Lord Jesus Christ. Paul is saying we have obtained access by faith into this grace in which we stand on this access this introduction into the throne room of God is not through some St. is not through the Virgin Mary is not through some human person at all but is through faith in Christ and Christ alone.

The great mediator.

So Paul is telling us that not only are we justified by faith, not only are we at peace with God. We now have obtained an introduction and access into this grace and we stand in this grace is going to say the end of the chapter that grace reigns. That's why incidentally, we never ever want to get back to the bondage of the law. Legalism is never far away is it the pharmacy is never far away because well the bit of the pharmacy, not on hearts. We want to judge people want to bring them back into bondage and Paul is saying no. Not only does grace save you, but you have obtained access by faith into this grace understanding in this grace. This is a continuous access a continuing standing between follower of Jesus, always, always is at peace with God and always has access to him was real. We went into the replica of the tabernacle, which was fascinating in their young guide explained as we knew that the high priest only went into the holy of holies. One day a year on the day of atonement, Yom Kippur, one day you know these little boys and girls that would appear through faith in Jesus Christ.

If they know Christ. They can at any moment that you and I can go immediately into the throne room of God because Jesus Christ has removed has ranked that veil of the temple and twain and we have access into this grace. This is the security of peace with God. This is the security of always having an introduction and access to God not just think this is not political, the factual observation before some of you jumper me just imagine your employees in the White House and you got a job some job in the White House was security. Would you have someone says I'm going to introduce your after the president's and so this individual knows the presence as Mr. Pres., I want to introduce to you John Monroe, whose name has got a position in the White House as the future ambassador to Scotland or whatever it is, and so I have access.

I have been introduced into this great place and for the privilege right in the Oval Office, but there's no security is I would know when that might be recalled, I might disagree with the president, he might disagree with me, he might not think a mother's mother is Struthers that the Scots of the best country in the world. I don't know but that would not be security but listen to this is a follower of Jesus, we never fall in and out of favor with God.

Why because it's based on grace and grace alone, know your performance not because you're a good boy, not because you're a good woman, but based entirely on the grace of God. And Paul is saying this, we have been justified and the verdict is irreversible as incontrovertible as indestructible. We have been granted. This access. I was practicing law and friends were from Scotland today to welcome them here and that they know my former law partners and that one of them, but by both of them are very very busy but one in particular was very busy and was difficult to find. Sometimes we complain they didn't always answer their phone calls quickly, often, sometimes they find it difficult to get an appointment to see him because it was so busy I was difficult to get into his office, as it were, but there were three people in his life he could go in anytime. Who were they on the when clients there with his children. They had a relationship with him. They had is what I continuous access into the presence of the father and you and I through the grace of God, the incredible grace of God we are at peace with God and we have obtains this marvelous access. This marvelous introduction by faith into this grace in which we stand and Paul finally says this morning and we rejoice in hope of the glory of God. Justification by faith brings peace with God. Justification by faith brings access into this into this great grace and justification by faith is nursing at end of verse two brings hope of divine glory.

We rejoice, he says, in hope of the glory of God.

This is one of the other great words of the gospel is into that assurance of salvation not only brings peace but it brings hope policies. We rejoice in hope of the glory of God. We learned in Romans three verse 23 about the glory of God because of sin would come short of the glory of God. We did not rejoice in the glory of God. We rebelled against God, but no peace has been made. We have this wonderful access by faith and we rejoice in hope of the glory of God's word rejoice could be translated, but also to exalt its exuberance in this hope is a sure and certain expectation which even as will see next week, which even tribulations and trials can't extinguish. Here is a joy for the believer, which is not dependent on your present difficult circumstances. What do we rejoice and we rejoice in hope of the glory of God because those justified.

For this, those justified are assured of glorification were bones for heaven's sake with John and I might mess up. Yes, you might not very strong. As a follower of Jesus. That's probably true, but here is the message. If you are justified by faith. Rejoice in hope of the glory of God. This whole is guaranteed not by your performance is guaranteed by the promises of God. Romans eight verse 13. Those whom he justified he also bought glorified. If you've been justified.

You will be glorified as a promise of God, the verdict is already pronounced.

Remember justification for future verdict given and received in the present.

This hope is not wishful thinking is not that well I hope not dynamite make it to heaven after all God loves me and I've been a good Christian. I was a member of Calvary church neck like a kitten every Sunday to listen to that guy preach these long messages that must come for something God no, absolutely nothing.

It's based on the promises of God. This hope is not wishful thinking but is it is this certain that this is the certain expectation of a future reality is as good as done. We would say is like money in the bank. It is guaranteed by the promises of God of glorification. This hope of the glory of God is not dependent on our walk with Christ is not dependent on your good works this glorification. This hope of the glory of God flows from our justification. That is why those who are truly justified by faith, talking about the falls professor. Those who are truly justified by faith are guaranteed that they will be glorified. Future impacts the present. The eternal impacts time justification glorification explain this way is a follower of Jesus, I am justified God's grace I received Christ is forgiven my sins and who indwells me I am justified by faith.

That means I have peace with God, as we been learning one day. It is guaranteed. I will be glorified. I don't know when that comes I don't know when I made I don't know when Christ comes. What is certain, one day I'm going to be glorified in between my justification and my glorification is my present sanctification, what sanctification sanctification is a wonderful process whereby through the work of the Spirit of God we become more and more like Jesus.

I have been justified. I will be glorified. I am presently being sanctified. I'm not yet glorified. So be patient with me to confess your pastor is not perfect as my wife. I'm not perfect. I know you glorified in the grace of God I am certain I will be not because of my pastor but because God in his grace has reached down and saved me justified, sanctified, glorified, and Paul is saying what he thinks about this is overwhelmed by heads he is rejoicing.

He says rejoice in hope of the glory of God. So John writes, we know that when he appears Christ, we shall be like him, for we shall see him as he is. That's my glorification.

Meantime, I'm becoming more and more like Jesus. But one day I will be perfectly conformed to the image of the son of God that is glorification and we rejoice now presently because we're peace with God.

Rejoice that we have access into this grace in which we stand and we rejoice in hope of the glory of God there. What more could we ask for the motors will continue to study, rejoice in the glorious future which I have to ask you to have peace with God and be honest this hope for eternity. Living justified by faith is irrelevant always believed in and then God always believed in Jesus.

That's wonderful but it's not really the question Christ. Have you received them as your Savior as your Lord, you realize that your only hope is in Christ that he came in he shed his blood on the cross so that you can be reconciled and can be brought into his family that you can be justified so that you can receive is a wonderful gift. Peace with God so pulsates.

Therefore, since we have been justified by faith we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ. Through him we have also obtained access by faith into the grace in which we stand, rejoice in hope of the glory of God and sing a wonderful him or him about assurance. I love to think that we all could sing it from our hearts, but I think some of your notes have not yet received Christ can ask you to open your hearts to receive the Savior. Let me pray with you. Father, we thank you for the wonder of the gospel realize we just as we are touching the fringes of his government. Think of the magnificence of the one third of the benefits of the gospel is all of your grace to help us to love you and to serve you with all of our hearts. There some here who wrestling with this summer. Not sure if there justified by faith.

Some northern pray for them that believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and be saved. We thank you for this wonderful assurance of salvation which we the people of God strengthen our faith. Help us to tell others about Jesus this week.

In Christ name we pray

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