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Christ is Building Calvary Church

The Verdict / John Munro
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April 9, 2018 10:31 am

Christ is Building Calvary Church

The Verdict / John Munro

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April 9, 2018 10:31 am

Dr. John H. Munro April 8, 2018 Matthew 16:18 What is Christ doing at Calvary Church? He has equipped us with His power and a purpose, and we should trust him for the future, serve Him with excellence and joy, remember to reach out beyond ourselves and celebrate our blessings.

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While this is the concluding message in this little series on Christ and the church the next two Sundays are Lord willing, I'll be out of town in Israel from a group from Calvary there are 48 of us as we travel to Israel, the holy lands. We appreciate your prayers as can be a wonderful time then, Lord willing. Three weeks from today. We will resume our study in Romans were going to start in Romans chapter 5 Romans 56780. Shortly as some of the most beautiful richest chapters and all of the Bible and I know were looking forward to seeing what the Lord would have for us.

We will by then at the end of this month, Lord willing. Have the second part of the study guide so that will be available as you deleted and to follow along as we get back into the book of Romans previously in this little Sunday. We considered Christ's love for the church we consider his gifts to the church and on Good Friday.

Christ's death for the church not I want to focus on what the Lord is doing for us here at Calvary church.

Christ has promised to build his church and I believe God will do has done will do and will continue to do wonderful things, amazing things, miraculous things in our midst. If we seek to do the Lord's work in the Lord's way in accordance with the Lord's word all for the glory of God. Now was a church. I believe that we are committed to that, but summarized by what is God doing at Calvary church. When I come back to the basic principle of the Christ is building the church. He is the foundation of the church. He is the head of the church. This church belongs to Jesus Christ.

I we understand that the Calvary church belongs to Jesus Christ and as we come together.

The central question is what you thing that I think or whether you enjoy this morning or whether I enjoy it. The central question is does God enjoy is what we are doing being presented to God as a wonderful act of service so we are to let the church be the church and as a pastor. I'm very thankful and I trust our members are for our theme verse which was selected many years ago sent me before I began as senior pastor 12 years ago, but the leaders of the church in the congregation of the church many years ago I selected this wonderful theme verse which I believe keeps us on track for the word of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ. What's Calvary church about well here. Here is our foundation as it were, that we are all about the word of God. We believe the Bible is the word of God. It is inerrant, it is infallible. It is the living eternal word of God but also all about the gospel. The testimony of Jesus Christ that would a Christian church, not just the name but that we believe that Jesus Christ is the only way of salvation is the only Savior and we learn that from the word of God that Wallace is a Prof. of New Testament at Dallas theological seminary and Prof. of New Testament that he specializes in ancient manuscripts. You wonder about someone like that is not such an eye for detail in what is called textual criticism of a fascinating field and Diane Wallace over the years has looked at thousands of ancient manuscripts of the Bible and that he is constantly amazes as I think all of us would be in looking at these ancient manuscripts at the dedication of the scribes. Can you imagine if your life's work was copying the word of God.

Whether that is in the Old Testament in Hebrew, or whether it's the new. In the New Testament and calling a Greek these scribes laboriously with accuracy. Accuracy rate painstakingly copied the word of God and then Wallace tells the story that a couple of years ago he was in Athens, Greece, and he was looking at an ancient manuscript of Scripture and at the end of the manuscript of Scripture the scribe had written a personal note as often was the case. Imagine when you finally came to the end of writing the particular book or chapter.

Whatever was your writing. He wrote a personal comment and this is what this man wrote the hand that wrote this is rotting in the grave, but the words that are written will last until the fullness of time, I will was the manuscript. It was written in 1079.

Here is Don Wallace. This very erudite New Testament scholar looking at a manuscript which is a thousand years old and he's reading the note by the man who wrote it and it's true that man has been dead for 1000 years behind the road. It is rotting in the grave, but the word of God lives and abides forever. Do you believe that I do. Isaiah says the grass withers, the flower fades with the word of the Lord by its forever this morning were going to read something from the Old Testament and regulate something from the New Testament, wonderful thing is that for thousands of years. The Old Testament 3000 years and more. The people of God have been reading the very Scriptures that we rated for 2000 years. When we come to the New Testament, the people of God done through the centuries are reading the same words I realize translated into languages. No we praise God for it all over the world. But their reasoning the living word of God and that with so many churches trying to reflect the pop culture of the day. I very much appreciate the Calvary church continues to stand on the word of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ. Though every every year I present theme store staff and their leaders to challenge them to encourage us and to be more effective as we love them as we serve and as we follow the Lord Jesus, and that you have in the looking up the themes for this year you say well it's April.

You're a bit late with this I apologize. Please forgive me, but there they are the themes for 2018. And I want to go through them this morning, but he simply and I trust they will be a challenge for your comfort for your that they will help us keep on track. The first is this trusting God for the impossible now as you see that how does that impact you.

I have to ask you, are you living by faith is someone who is presently trusting God is your trust in God would be learning from Romans that the just shall live by faith, your personal faith in you trusting the Lord. Furthermore you trusting the Lord for the impossible is it with resentment, something that only God can do, not something salvage the document examiner trust God for the impossible that when I leave today my new Ferrari is going to be in the parking lot number. Trust God for that.

Know what I mean could not do it. Yes, some of you could buy me one of these new you would miss it at all and I was very thankful. So just like I thought what form are talking about trusting God for the impossible with trusting God for something that only God could do for his glory. Something that is in accordance with his will.

You have a situation in your life, your personal life. Your family like your work situation in the life of this church that is utterly impossible for you to do when you trust God, do you believe that God can do the impossible. Let's turn to Jeremiah chapter 32 pathways already read the verse were going to read it again. Jeremiah if you can find it in your Bibles Old Testament Jeremiah 32 and there were going to reach verse 17 is a wonderful verse to get into the context with it because the principal applies here.

This Lord God it is you who has made the heavens and the earth by your great power and by your outstretched arm. Nothing is too hard for you the magnificent. Nothing is too hard for God, go over to verse 27 Jeremiah 3227 behold, the Lord, the God of all flesh is anything too hard for me. Obviously, the question is rhetorical, of course, nothing is too hard for God is God, you made the heavens and the earth. Here is the point one is the glass that Jesus Christ gives us and makes available to us his power to accomplish as seemingly impossible task. What is the task of the church. We know from the great commission in Matthew chapter 28 go and make disciples of all the nations use it without world is it is is crazy.

I think of the tremendous advance of Islam.

I think of the materialism.

Think of the lethargy. Think of the secularism that is in Europe. Think of the moral decline of our own country. This seems impossible. Yes, it is. It seemed impossible to fairly church these people to Christ that is word filled with his power.

They went into their world. A world where there are many religions and they turn the world upside down. But of course they were prepared to die for the faith, trust in God was so strong, but think of what we have been learning in this little series on the church.

Matthew 16 verse 18 Jesus says I will build my church, Christ is promised to build his church. That's his promise and he also gives us his presence. Matthew 28 verse 20 and I'm with you always, even to the end of the art, as you obey my commission as you go and make disciples of all of the nations. This I got empty that I will never leave you, I am with you always, even to the end of the age and then we thought of the presence Christ gives us in Ephesians 423 weeks ago, but he gives us these gifts of the risen Christ as his ascended in the celebration of his finished work. He gives the church.

It gives you and me gifts spiritual gifts special abilities so that his work can be done on earth I wonderful and Jeremiah 32 reminds us we praise God for his supernatural power goal, but also to mark Chapter 11.

Here is the New Testament from the words of our Lord Mark chapter 11 I'm challenging you. I'm challenging us as a church.

I'm challenging you as an individual.

Are you trusting God to do the impossible. Mark Chapter 11 verse 20 as they pass by in the morning, they saw the fig tree withered away to his roots and Peter remembered and said to him, Rabbi, look, the fig tree that your curse has weathered Jesus answered them, have faith in God that is faith in God. Truly I say to you, whoever says to this mountain, be taken up and thrown into the sea and does not doubt in his heart but believes that what he says will come to pass.

It will be done for him. Therefore I tell you whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it and it will be yours whenever you stand praying, forgive, if you have anything against anyone, so that your Father also who is in heaven may forgive you your trespasses. Trusting God for the impossible.

We saw this recently. As we look to the last verses of Romans for your number there. I God made this promise that is great man Abraham. Abraham I'm going to make you a great nation. But the problem is Abraham is almost 100. His body is good is that his wife is… And I was about 10 years younger.

She is borrowing her out woman that I would then come this wonderful promise that Abraham is going to be the father of many nations couldn't possibly be fulfilled, Abraham's a man of faith and trust God's God. He believes God then it was time to do him as righteousness. And God did the impossible. He gave new life to an old man in the new woman, and Paul reminds us in the closing verses of Romans four.

Remember that this God is the God who raised his son Jesus our Lord from the dead is pretty impressive. Business giving your life to an old couple Jesus Christ as we celebrated last week being raised from the dad, do you believe that you experience God's power supernatural power in your life. Paul says that the gospel is the power of God unto salvation to everyone who believes experience of power. The power of God for giving your sins, the part of receiving eternal life. The pilot of the indwelling spirit that you've turn from your sin and you've call Dr. Christ to come and save you and God does this miracle.

He gives you this new life. You're now in a new creation in Christ. That's the beginning of the Christian life but is only the beginning.

We are now to live by faith, trusting God so Jeremiah is asking the question you believe that God created the heavens and the earth. I do believe the things that some think it might've nothing doing. No, we believe that in the beginning.

That is the eternal God. Think of the power of God B light and there was light. Genesis 1 tells us he made member. The great lights by the sun and the moment, and then, almost as an aside side Moses is your eyes.

Genesis 1 says well until he made.

Also, the stars billions of them. I didn't create them out of nothing. He spoke, says the psalmist and that was done he commanded that it stood fast.

God spoke in the world came into existence. And so the question in the Jeremiah is asking the question I'm asking you and asking myself is anything too hard for God.

If you believe that in the beginning God created the heavens and the art I do. I believe that I believe there's an eternal God is all-powerful. If that is true don't you believe that God can deal with that seemingly impossible situation that you're aware of. We believe only that nothing is too difficult for God, a God who created the heavens and the art is well capable to deal with your little problem. It's tiny compared with the all mighty power of God and Jesus is telling us in this passage in Matthew and Mark 11 that there is a faith that moves mountains.

That is, there is no obstacle that is no hurdle, no opposition, no obstacle which can stand in the way of the power of God works all things after the counsel of his will is Islam strong. Yes you look at secular Europe. You say how could the gospel flourish as the ones that think of my native Scotland that was once called Bible loving Scotland now probably 4% of people go to church remind ourselves that nothing is impossible with God.

And Paul says in that wonderful doxology at the end of Ephesians chapter 3 that we believe in one praying and we believing that God is able to do exceeding abundantly beyond anything that we could ask or think, according to the power that is at work within us, you believe that the power to raise God from the dead that that pilot is undiminished. The guards spout is eternal and we are to trust God and to believe in God and trust him as a church and trust them as individuals. Knowing that if God is far us nothing can be against us. Never ever limit God using go to work at Calvary during impossible saving souls people growing in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus marriages being strengthened and healed children and students passionate for Christ.

One was good to look back. As we look forward we are to trust God for the impossible Howard Hendricks, one of my professors at Dallas sender used to say when your memories are more exciting than your dreams you begun to die.

We don't want to talk to when you want to be a church is looking back. Calvary church is not a dying church is its Christ is building this church we lift up our eyes and see the fields which are white and Doris rolled these children. Students last week Jimmy think of the impact of them ambassadors for Christ. Growing up, the next generation being trained and prepared to go yes to the remote part of the world with the gospel member our missions conference recently when summer missionaries came ministering in some very difficult situations where officially the Camino missionaries and their their shining for Jesus Christ, so that Calvary church would be a lights shining not just in Charlotte, not just in the Carolinas, but throughout the world. Why trusting God for the impossible asking what about you you trust God for the impossible Mario Andretti the Formula One racing car driver yes I like fast cars and ready, set, if you're fully in control, then you aren't going fast enough. As long as a driver.

One thing that literally going during the winter. Say what he saying that for the professional driver. You've got to drive is a lot on the edge of your comfort zone and I'm saying I think so many of us. We love God we want to serve God. We want to follow Jesus. We want to serve them. But going to do another terms.

We want to feel that we are in control, that we can choose where to go, that we can choose what to do. There were not really totally committed to Christ, that we want to still be in control.

We want to get out of her comfort zone. We don't want our way of life to be thrown upside down and that we have planned, but we are trusting God for the impossible.

You could say to give up control that Jesus Christ is Lord, you know this in your own life.

But when you take Christ seriously never to follow him is to turn things upside down that he does take you out of your comfort zone that you no longer in contact and control us. And you're not in control of your life and you you think you're in control of your life. You are very much mistaken.

Why not submit it to Christ. What does it mean in the life of Calvary church to trust God for the impossible. Oswald Chambers said Faith never knows what is being led, but it loves the nose the one who is leaving do you like to know what your being like I do. I like to know the plan I like to know the result. I like to know what's going to be achieved, but faith says just trust me, you know the one who's leading you trust God for the impossible allowed him to leads allow him to deal with the situation. Just trust him, is evidence of that faith in your life with just shall live by faith, trusting God for the impossible. I love the song Mahalia Jackson used to saying, who made the mountains, who made the trees who made the rivers flow to the sea who hung the moon in the starry sky.

Someone bigger than you and I when I'm really filled with despair and one weary anyone filled with despair. Answer yes it is, who gives me courage to go on from there and who gives me faith that will never die someone bigger than you and I look up seven create big huge God trust that God for the impossible.

Secondly, and I went to move quicker usage go for and he said on 1112 serving with excellence and joy turn to Colossians chapter 3 serve the Lord. First of all with excellence.

Don't you want to do that.

Colossians 3 it is Paul writing to slaves. Verse 23 whatever you do you get that whatever you do, what constantly.

As for the Lord and not for men, knowing him from the Lord, you will receive the inheritance as your Lord but is the end of verse 24. Your serving the Lord Christ. Paul is reminding the slaves that when they are working there, not just working for their master.

They are serving the Lord Christ or another work at Chick-fil-A getting a chicken sandwich ready for someone to riser serving the Lord Christ students are delivered at pizza last night.

You look on it as serving the Lord Christ businessmen negotiating a multi dollar deal.

Remember your serving the Lord Christ mothers at home taking care of young children utilize your serving the Lord Christ not just with my service to please her master, but for God is in the universe that worked one summer in a dockyard where breaking up the old concrete of the side of the dock with these old pneumatic drills. Members never use some of them hard work and then relaying it with reinforced concrete. It may be study much harder when I went back to university after working there. I was working with these men poorly man unbelievers for they did all their life and align very very quickly that they worked hard when the supervisor was there are no side when he wasn't there. The supervisor was a man called Johnny is very kind man, I got to know him in a little red van and was going on different jobs and one of them was kind of the lookout when I release on the distance the little red van that was a great flurry of activity so that when Johnny got eyes of the van. These men were working hard Johnny got in the van checked out disappeared and they slid back. Let's have a cigarette. Let's talk with you doing there were serving with eye service, we can do that as followers of Christ. Hope you don't do that when you're at work. Your serving the Lord Christ. I think of this as were serving the Lord here at Calvary and Leon's were to do this with excellence in the Old Testament when you brought an offering to the Lord, to the priest you brought your best, you can bring a lamb with a broken leg. He didn't bring a lamb with the disease and say well we can use that it will do for the login to bring your very best in Leviticus 2 was the meal offering it had to be fined, beaten flower, it was costly and in Malachi's day.

Malachi through the largest things and why don't you just close the doors of the temple, but this is blasphemy you're bringing the very worst of the Lord like as if you've got clothes in your where the mountains are no longer fashionable and you say well I will send them to the missionaries. I kinds use it myself I'll send them to the missionaries and you may then have the audacity to say Connecticut attacks the duction at this and please the Lord blessed the Lord once or are best poses whatever you do do to the glory of God in the something wrong is neither when unbelievers work harder at what they do to make money in their profession in the workplace get a better education or to be a better athlete than we do when we serve the Lord.

So you come and you serve in the nursery you, and you serve in children's ministry you, and you serve in the choir you serve and transport you serve as a greeter and I should or not. I was in one ways here at Calvary. You do that with excellence is peopled at the last minute you say I don't feel like doing that and you just don't turn up someone else can do it, but those who depend upon you or you when these kind of individuals that you want to serve the Lord your so easily offended someone offended you or someone didn't pat you on the back to the way you expected your so sensitive you can stop serving. Serve the Lord suppress the because I felt someone misunderstood me or criticized me, I would've given up the first week would you expect a gold-medal serving the Lord serving Calvary church ultimately your serving the Lord. Think of the cumulative effect if each one of us is serving with excellence, not with perfection but with excellence using her gifts and also serving the Lord with joy read with me in Philippians 2. I think this is tougher for us. One thing to start with excellence. You can do that through discipline and hard work to do it not just as a task but to do it with joy pulsates here in Philippians 214 do all things without grumbling or questioning. He went back and the person was complaining about and whining about something very fragile and it was looking at the negative don't do that very opposite of what God wants you to do, do all things without grumbling or questioning that you may be blameless and innocent, children of God without blemish in the midst of a crooked and twisted generation, among whom you shine as lights in the world, holding fast to the word of life, so that in the day of Christ. I may be proud that I did not run in vain or labor in vain even if I'm to be poured out as a drink offering up on the sacrificial offering of your faith. Glad and rejoice with you all. Likewise, you also should be glad and rejoice with me.

Chapter 4 verse one there for my brothers whom I love a mom for my joy and my current stand firm, thus in the Lord, my beloved, verse four rejoice in the Lord always again I will say, rejoice. Some hundreds wonderful some old 100 is called serve the Lord. Verse two with what gladness serve the Lord with gladness, the long face not drawing attention to yourself. Serve the Lord with gladness, neither the guilt because someone twist your arm, not because you want to be affirmed or applauded, but serve the Lord mention serving the Lord legend of Jesus bodily came to Calvary church. When you serve him with gladness if he said I like a drink of water equipment with.

I sit today. What I do, which which life group. Should I go to what you serve him with excellence. When you start them with joy. But Jesus says when when were serving one another, serving him serving with joy and with excellence.

So first trusting God for the impossible second leg serving with excellence.

Enjoy third reaching out beyond ourselves turn to that scripture their Matthew chapter 9 and let's read it together reaching out beyond ourselves not just reaching out. But beyond ourselves. We grind here we are is a big world big loss world, there would to reach out beyond ourselves. Chapter 9 verse 35 Jesus when tried all the cities and villages, teaching in their synagogues was going to Israel were going to be in Capernaum. We were pretty sure with the synagogue was will be in Magdala where the recently defined the synagogue just by the Sea of Galilee, teaching of their synagogues and proclaiming the gospel of the kingdom, and healing every disease and every affliction when he saw the crowds, he had compassion for them because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd that he said to his disciples, the harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest that would submission being in making authentic followers of Jesus Christ. I'm first to be an authentic disciple, I'm to follow Christ, but also ardently great commission I'm known to be involved in making disciples is wonderful process of reaching others with the gospel of Jesus Christ. By the way I live so that my work I am serving with excellence. One impact that makes with with cutting those with with honesty. That's part of doing business is not just coming together on Sunday.

No shining for Christ wherever we are. And this task. Jesus tells us, involves all the nations is my point. This involves people who are very different from you and me you didn't choose which country you were born in.

You then choose your parents. You didn't choose your native language you didn't choose the color of your skin. All of that is under the sovereign purposes of God.

But we live in a very diverse world away much of that world, in the providence of God is coming to us, whether they come legally or illegally. Let's see them souls who were to be reached for Jesus Christ reaching out, not just in Charlotte, not just the Carolinas but throughout the world. Why, because Christ commands it, and because God so loved the world, Peter in acts chapter 10 is good to be reminded by God what is going to bring the gospel to this Gentile man, an Italian man called Cornelius that God shows no partiality or we do. We have our prejudices. We have our biases. There are people that we relate to better than others. People that we may dislike God's elect God's love goes to everyone, but Christ came to seek and to save the lost. The God is impartial, and neither are we to be an Calvary church already touches the lives of thousands and thousands of people you imagine all the people come through the doors of Calvary church and come onto her compass.

Child development center transports into the center, not just on Sundays.

Most of you would be amazed of all that goes on every week in the spelling every year there are multiple thousands of people coming here. Some of them like you something very different from you so we praise God that God gives us many opportunities to reach people in reaching out hundreds of thousands over the years reached in the prisons of North and South Carolina through missions right to the remote parts of the world.

That's wonderful. But here's my challenge to us as a church to use an individual.

What about those that were not reaching so well about the immigrants with about the poor, whereby the inner cities whereby the refugees whereby those on the fringes of society whereby those who are marginalized their prize. The broken is it when I think of the time. Yes it does. Is this what Jesus says he saw the people there were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd generalize her helpless people are ever see the fire was in the in the stadium and when the book life there. There was some of you know I like Manchester United. We had a great victory yesterday. By the way we beat Manchester city 3220 down at halftime. We came back and we beat them three to March is almost totally. Jim's think she's my better half, but you but that she could improve because she's not sure my interest in soccer and at the end of the game they were interviewing people showing the signs and here is a young man and he's in tears by poor man. He supports Manchester city and we beat them and he literally is crying. I would just citizens. Think of this as I know the friends I've said this before their football fans in the UK and the sports fans in the US and you know what the most important thing in the life as the team that's the God and so they are of course I like my team to win. Of course you like your team to win, but I'm not going to be in morning is not the end of my life. Manchester United got beats they really do which does help but could you imagine millions and millions of people who have such God's for the sport of their money or the physical fitness or their appearance.

Is this what Jesus meant there would helpless the people you think, why are you here on planet as we all enjoy your sport is wonderful to get into it and get excited about that.

But surely that is not the essence of life. Surely that's not why God placed us on this is not a God that you need to look up young man to someone told you that there's something much more important than taking a ball about the God who made you sent his son and love to save you, and to transform your so that your life would be lived for his glory.

That's what we want isn't June I have the wonderful privilege as you live.

Do your work in your street to tell people of God's love of God's grace that Calvary church would be a place where we worship God.

We celebrate his goodness, and we go to reach beyond ourselves, finally celebrating our blessings very quickly turn to Psalm 86 the need to get to my football analogy. Sorry that took more time than I thought. But at least somebody you started listening to what I'm saying.

Psalm 86 verse nine. All the nations you have made shall come and worship before your Lord is not marvelous for you are great and do wondrous things.

You alone are God, teach me your whale Lord, that I may walk in your truth, unite my heart to fear your name but is verse 12. I give thanks to you oh Lord my God with my whole heart and I will glorify your name forever for great is your steadfast love towards me delivered my soul from the depths of Sheol celebrating our blessings. We sometimes encounter many blessings name them one by one. What I want you to conjure blessings but I want you to celebrate them when God works. And when God uses us and kind you see the pilot of God and evidence, not just in your own life and the life of others that we truly celebrate and we thank God we pray to God.

We cry out to God for him to do things and then he does will we as a church or church that celebrates the goodness in the blessings of God I trust we do that in our worship and want us to do that more and more, you could perhaps spend a little time in your life group today celebrating the blessings of your life. We have one of our members here today Laura Singer and she's going to come here and a master come on Laura to say a few words.

I met with her recently and I she told me her story, I thought, here is an example of someone who is trusted God for the impossible, who was self God with excellence and I think with joy. Laura who is restarted beyond herself and is no celebrating the blessings of God's will is welcome Laura as she suspects the morning church family and I like to share about a time that I reached out beyond myself and trusted God for the impossible sell a little over two years ago, I was happily cruising through the night. When I started feeling in her chair calling from the Lord in a particular direction and so I thought about it for a minute had panic attack and then very decidedly ignored it while the Lord was persistent and down so I began to come up with excuses not I think totally in the clamped and it was completely out of my comfort.

So finally, really, by God's grace I trusted him and I said yes I'd like you to meet Ruth at first met with two years ago when I said yes and agreed to host compassion sending here Calvary church with the help and guidance of Pastor Munroe and my family by my side. I shared the mission of compassion international to release children from poverty in the name of Jesus. We had a table out and imitates the sponsorship escaping. We had a table out the gallery and filled with timecards of waiting children and Ruth was one of those children. She was tall and bald with beautiful bright smile and I was John trying to her from the beginning. And so when Ruth was not chosen that data be sponsored. I was secretly relieved and excited because I just knew that Ruth is best be ours, so I eagerly began writing to Ruth our relationship develop quickly because she was an older child and she was able to write in English sell through our correspondence on our bond crew I learned that Ruth had eight siblings and she lies to sing in drama and excellence to be a doctor. Ruth possesses an unbelievable help for her future that rings strong in her letters to left about seven months. I received an updated land or an updated photo of Ruth from compassion. I was horrified to see that Ruth had had her left leg amputated. I immediately got on the phone with compassion and try to find some answers. They informed me that Ruth had been diagnosed with bone cancer and all of her medical care is being taken care of by compassion's emergency medical find some other we felt grateful for compassion's intervention, care of Ruth. We also felt helpless. Surely there was more that we could do so. We continue to beseech the Lord as to how we can help with and then in March of last year I received an email from compassion, announcing a trip to Kenya for sponsors. I would get the chance to meet with white. I can meet Ruth and hug her and hold her and into the bright beautiful eyes and tell her that she's love I out.

The chip is scheduled for January 2018. I started preparing immediately. I said yes to the Lord. And this is what I felt he was calling me to. I started buying the gas from within her family and researching how I might help her medical needs. Once I got there at the end of August Diversey.

I heard from Ruth and she had received my letter knew that I was coming. I am so happy to hear that you're planning on visiting me.

She wrote your highly welcomed three weeks later. The call came the compassion staff member started by making small talk and something felt off. As he continued. My knees buckled and my heart sank. He told me that Ruth had gone into the hospital on August 26. There were complications in infection and Ruth died on September 2. I was in shock. I just cannot believe she was gone. I felt the Lord had called me not only to Ruth but to Kenya to meet her and to help her grief ran deep and struck me hard and Kenya. The whole reason I was going to Kenya was for Ruth. If Ruth it's time white count.

My purpose had been snatched away. I felt devastated when I wrong about being called feeling helpless. I obeyed Psalm 4610 B scale, and now that I'm God and in the client. I was certain of one thing, it was no surprise to God that Ruth went to be with him on September 2. It was the plan all along and yet he still called me to her and to Kenya. I knew that rheostat was nothing story. And so I did get Kenya in January and although I have to wait for my heavenly home to have my sweet Ruth compassion arrange for me to meet with mama my journey to Kenya was heartbreaking and transformative and full of God's grace and here's what I learned when you say when you obey God. When you trust God for the impossible promises are fulfilled when we trust God, we are able to see him at work in ways that we could never have had we not set yes. Ephesians 210 says that we are God's handiwork created and he and in Christ Jesus to do good works that he prepared in advance for has to deal, it's his good plan to use us.

The second thing I learned is that trusting God as an act of faith strengthen and deepen your personal relationship with Christ opening our hearts allows his grace and mercy to show up in astounding monies just like dating Kenya for me and I continue to be humbled by the Lord's mighty power to find what is the Lord urging you towards perhaps it is child sponsorship and after spending time in Kenya with compassion international.

I can tell you that this organization is transforming lives and releasing children from poverty in the name of Jesus I can tell you that the one-on-one relationship is real, nurtured by door correspondence an extra $38 a month absolutely changes the child's life, not only their life but the life at their entire family. So if you're interested in learning more.

My family and I'll be at the Galleria to answer any questions you have here Calvary there are so many ways to serve, I encourage you to reach out beyond yourself to trust God for the impossible.

It's so think thanks Laura, we did have some slides which will happen to them, but tables and the Galleria. So here are four themes take this put it on your fridge, your motor somewhere to remind you during this year to trust God for the impossible to serve with excellence and joy to reach beyond yourself and to celebrate our blessings but sends within a single wonderful him as we close, we rest on the I/O shield and our defender we going out for a loan against the full strong in thy strength safe and I keeping tender. We rest on the and deny name we go help his father to rest on you and to trust you for the impossible. We ask it in Christ's name

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