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Celebration and Remembrance

The Verdict / John Munro
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November 13, 2017 11:31 am

Celebration and Remembrance

The Verdict / John Munro

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November 13, 2017 11:31 am

Dr. John H. Munro November 12, 2017 Esther 9 The enemies of the Jews are defeated. The Feast of Purim is instituted as an annual celebration in remembrance of their deliverance from Haman. Purim celebrates God’s triumph over hatred and evil, and can serve as a reminder of our own deliverance from sin and death through our Lord Jesus Christ.

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This evening we come to Esther chapter 9. I'm sure all of us enjoy times of celebration's birthdays good and I celebrated our runs on strength birthday at yesterdays with a little particular home.

I would like times of family reunions, graduations, weddings, parties, Thanksgiving and Christmas. These are times when we step back is a word from the normal routine of life. If every day were the same life would be rather dull. Wouldn't it rather tedious and perhaps lacking a joy and sparkle and that I would remind you that God didn't make us as machines were not computers to grind relentlessly, day after day, and the constant routine of life, but rather we as human beings made in the image of God and from time to time is very important that we step back is a work that we stop a routine that we take a break that we rest and we celebrate on days of rest at times of reflection times of celebration times of Festival were written into the Mosaic law of the Lord himself rested on the seventh day were told from all the work he had done in Genesis 2 verse two, and one of the 10 Commandments, one that we tend to forget is there was a commandment to remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy.

One day in the life of the Jewish people.

I was three different is really the Old Testament do we see interesting way that even the animals were to give a day of work to be given a day of rest, that the of the cow and the oxen that were working. They had to rest as well. It certainly the people of God were to step back from what they would normally do and to tub one day, particularly of worship. And so, in the Jewish calendar. There were these major festivals, times of praise times of reunion.

A majority of celebration of remembrance and intercellular vascular we come this evening to chapter 9, at the subject is the feast of Julian. The celebration was not a part of the Mosaic law began.

In fact, at the time of Esther and Mordecai in the kingdom of Persia and among Jewish friends, the feast of children that continues to this day is it what's it all about what in the land with us about the time of celebration.

So time of remembrance of the goodness of God that God in his grace God and his goodness delivered the Jewish nation they would on the point of extinction the bug to be wiped out and God miraculously intervened the something to celebrate, doesn't it, and the Jewish people. To this day do that, the feast of children. I think an understanding of this will help us in understanding.

One of our major feast of the followers of Jesus on the filing of course, to the Lord supper which were going to celebrate tonight at the feast of communion is described in Scripture. It is a command of the Lord were commanded to do this, Jesus says do this in remembrance of me is not something we do in a mindless mechanical ritualistic way and say well this is something that we to get through is something that we tack on at the end of the service. Just as a matter of routine ritual, but no Lord surely would have us remember him would surely have us break bread thoughtfully and joyfully and reverently and very meaningful and I think an understanding of the feast of pure in the were going to look at this evening will help us to truly celebrate and proclaim the Lord's death until he comes across it will be an encouragement and the motivation to us. So let's open our Bibles to Esther chapter 9. It's quite a long chapter and were going to say first of all in the first 19 verses that the enemies of the Jews are defeated in self-defense and I emphasize self-defense. The Jews isolate their enemies agreed with you the first 11 versus first of all, in Esther nine versus one through 11. Knowing the 12 month which is the month of Adar on the 13th day of the same. When the king's command and edict were about to be carried out in the very day that is God's timing perfect on the very day when the enemies of the Jews hope to gain mastery over them that a virus occurred, the Jews gain mastery over those who hated them is not wonderful kind of summary of the chapter.

The Jews gathered in the city, throwing all the provinces of King as you let us is the Persian kingdom to lay hands on those who saw them there harm no one could stand against them for their fear of them had fallen and all the peoples, all the officials of the provinces and the satraps and the governors on their allegiance also help the Jews for the field of Mordecai had fallen on them for Mordecai was great in the king's house and his fame spread throughout all the provinces for the man Mordecai group more and more powerful the Jews struck all their enemies with the sword killing and destroying them and did as they please to those who hated them and so status of the self. The Jews killed and destroyed 500 men and also killed Darshan Agatha doll phone asked Martha on the Vidalia out of death and upon my stop and notice I and the rugae and they set up (don't write my Persian is a little rusty. Verse 10 the 10 sons of him in the son of, death, the enemy of the Jews, but they laid no hands on the plunder that very day. The number of those killed in Susa, The Citadel was reported to the king is just out there.

Here we read of in self-defense. The Jewish people are killing some of their enemies as I say best one is a summary statement I remember at this time the two edicts in effect, the first edict was instigated by the wicked Haman really didn't 13 of chapter 3 is edict was to destroy to kill and to annihilate all Jews, young and old women and children in one day, the 13th day of the 12 month which is the month of And to plunder their goods and this calculated that there was about half a million Jews 500,000 Jews throughout the Persian Empire. At this time. So here was an edict by evil human and it was for a radical mass we call it genocide today.

That was the edict.

The second edict. Remember, was the one instigated by Esther and Mordecai giving the Jewish people the right of self-defense and to kill anyone to attack them. Scripture is very clear. The law of the Medes and the Persians couldn't be revoked.

So in order to neutralize the first edict instigated by evil Haman, the king did a lot of Mordecai and Esther to have the second edict in Persia. Clearly there was anti-Semitism hatred of the Jews that hatred has continued done through the centuries. Today you asked why, of all the nations in the world has the Jewish nation right to today as I speak been so persecuted, so hated the very small there is a very small country. Why is there such hatred against them. My mother used to tell the story government to tell you and my mother was a very truthful person select history, but I thought this is just the story of the retreat like I checked it out with apologies to my mother but she told the story of the. The Irish politician in the House of Commons name was Daniel O'Connell and he was taunting.

They then British Prime Minister who was this really was, in fact, Jewish eat he did. I think for political purposes supposedly convert to Christianity, but he was he was Jewish, and no one he was Jewish and that this MP was taunting of the prime minister as politicians like to do against the other one Sunday was he was walking him for being Jewish and Israeli was a very smart prime minister and here was this road.

Israelis apply, he said yes I am a Jew and when the ancestors of this right honorable gentlemen were brutal savages and an unknown island returning to Ireland. Mine were priests in the temple of Solomon and were giving law and religion to the world is a good responses when your people were savages.

Mine were priests in the temple of the Lord.

But here, this anti-Semitism is tenable hatred of the Jews is seen in this little book of Esther. The date was selected by him and to totally wipe out totally annihilate totally destroy the Jewish nation but did you see the wonderful words of verse one the Jews gained mass today over those who hated that has happened over and over again is the in Jewish history, such hatred continues to this day no one that they winning that the Jews were ready to vent to defend themselves against anyone who sought to harm them, and it is amazing that the rulers of Persia identified then with the Jewish people. Chapter 8 verse 17, for fear of the Jews had fallen on them. Verse two of chapter 9. For the fear of them. The Jews had fallen on all peoples. Verse three for fear of Mordecai had fallen on them. Verse four and the man Mordecai grew more and more powerful you to someone who's at the bottom of the pool here is someone that's got a death sentence against them and he becomes more and more powerful and good at the interest of the capital 500 Persians were killed by the Jews. Also, the 10 sons of Haman evil Haman were killed. The Milton may well have tried to avenge the father's death.

But notice that although the decree allowing the Jews to defend themselves and permitted them to take plunder the plunder of anyone who attacked them. We need to invest 1010 sons of Haman, the sons of, death of the enemy of the Jews, but they laid no hands on the plunder to the Jews had taken the plunder, the accusation against them would've said that all they really wanted these greedy Jews only wanted the what were the possessions, but the act of defense by the Jews was neither the vengeance it wasn't to get more possessions. It was for self-defense and self preservation. Now in verses 12 through 19 the king grants another day for the Jews enemies to be destroyed first 12 the king said to Queen Esther in service of the The Citadel, the Jews of killed and destroyed 500 men and also the 10 sons of Haman. What then have it done and the rest of the king's provinces know what is your wish shall be granted.

You and what further as you request, it shall be fulfilled, and Esther said please the king, let the Jews who wouldn't Susa be alive tomorrow. Also to do according to this days edict.

Unlike the 10 sons of Haman behind on the gallows so the king commanded this to be done.

A decree was issued in Susa on the 10th sons of Haman will hang Jews who were in Susa gathered also on the 14th day of the month about God and they killed 300 men in Susa but they laid no hands on the plunder is that set again expressly verse 69 the rest of the Jews who were in the king's provinces also gathered to defend the lines and got relief from their enemies and killed 75,000 of those who hated them, but delayed no hands on the plunder. This was on the 13th day of the month about God and of the four things they'd arrested and made that day of feasting made that a day of feasting and gladness with the Jews who were in Susa gathered on the 13th day and in the 14th and rested on the 15 day making that a day of feasting and gladness.

Therefore, the Jews of the villages who live in the rural times hold the 14th day of the month of a day for gladness and feasting as a holiday and this a day on which they send gifts of foods to one another interesting so at the request of Esther. The king grants another day for the Jews to continue to destroy their enemies were not given the reason why Esther requested that she is neither commended or condemned for the action might well have been that the Kings Secret Service agents or CIA has FBI his MI six RMI find whatever it was a secret as service is aware may well have reported to Esther that some of the Persians were planning further attacks against the Jews. Whatever the reason, the action is taken, and to make a public example on the warning.

Esther received permission from the king for Haman. This enemy of the Jews, this evil man but him to be hanged on the gallows and this was done you something very interesting.

Here is a sign of the normal Hebrew script of Hebrews 9 verses one through six. Benitez, another man if you can read it, but it's the beginning of Esther chapter 9 ending Hebrew script you go from your read from the right to the left and there are the first six verses now, here are the verses seven through nine is not interesting.

123455 lines 10 names of the sons. The script is set out to kind of emphasize that they were hung on the gallows. I think the mass elites when they were doing. They Hebrew pointing of the bottles. This is heavily scented up reminder that these evil men were hanged on the very gallows. Their father had built for the day of Haman's on the next day when we read that 300 men in Susa are killed by the Jews and again the plunder is not taken on the 13th day of Adar 75,000 people who hated the Jews and sought to kill him word them were wearing themselves killed and then the Jews assembled the rest to feast and to rejoice, you say well was it wrong for the Jews to kill their enemies.

What you think you think of the people defending themselves against people who want to kill them to fiddle as Americans. If there were people who wanted to kill all Americans for that is the North Koreans early Iranians or whoever is beginning when you want. I would you feel if that countryside were going to wipe from the face of the art every single American enemies wanted the county hides an ethnic cleansing.

One of the cardiac genocide is Saddam Hussein did with the Kurds enough that I can remember as a side the present ruler of Syria has done to some of his own people with the chemical warfare another things as other dictators have done in history of this world, there have been people, even in recent history of Connie done ethnic cleansing, genocide, trying to obliterate a whole nation on a whole section of society when the people to do when there are such wicked enemies. While the king of Persia very wisely gave the Jews the right to defend themselves and the killing of the Persians by the Jews. I repeat was not negative vengeance but was art of self-defense and art of self-preservation and obviously was under the sovereign and of God.

Knowing verses 20 through 32 allies were going fairly quickly. Here we have the institution of the feast of purity, and let me read the Scripture with you Esther nine verse 20 and Mordechai recorded these things and sent letters to all the Jews who were in all the provinces of King has your us both near and far obliging them to keep the 14th day of the month of Adar and also the 15th day of the same year by year as the days on which the Jews got relief from their enemies, and that is the day that had been turned notices that they then returned for them from sorrow into gladness and from morning into a holiday that they should make them days of feasting and gladness days for sending gifts of food to one another, and gifts to the poor.

So the Jews accepted what they had started to do and what Mordechai had written to them or him in the eye could guide the son of Haman, death, the enemy of all the Jews had plotted against the Jews to destroy them, and that cast pure, that is, cast lots to crush and to destroy them. But when it came before the king is a summary of it give orders in writing that his evil plan that he devised against the Jews should return on his own head and that he and his sons should behind on the gallows. Therefore, they called these days. After the term pure. Therefore, because of all that was written in this letter to know what they had to face in this manner that wouldn't happen to them.

The Jews firmly obligated themselves and their offspring adult enjoying them that without fail they would keep these two days, according to what was written and at the time appointed every day that these days should be remembered these days should be remembered and Throughout every generation and every client province and city under these days of touring should never fall into the Jews among the Jews nor should the commemoration of these bases among the descendents then Queen Esther, the daughter of Abba Hill and Mordechai did you get a full written authority. Confirming the second letter by. Letters were sent to all the Jews to the hundred and 27 provinces of the kingdom of a has your letters and words of peace and truth, but in those days of purity should be observed that the appointed seasons as Mordechai did you and Queen Esther obligated them and as they had obligated themselves on their offspring. With regard to their flasks and the lamenting the command. This interesting. This young woman who he thought was about to be killed, and wondered if I perish, I perish.

Think of the wonder of the command of Queen Esther confirming these practices of purity and it was recalled that in writing so here is a proclamation by Mordechai that ambulates on the 14th and 15th day of Adar. The feast of purity and was to be celebrated. The reason is given in verse 22.

This is the day that the Jews got relief from her enemies the month that the been turned in for them from sorrow into gladness and from morning into a holiday whether they to do on these holidays days of feasting days of gladness, days of joy, days of sending fun to one another. We still do that only potlucks and things like that. It may be better than the snow green beans please thank your sending gifts of food to one another, and gifts to the poor folks applying the Jews were never ever to forget the deliverance from him in the adversary of all the Jews which skimmed against the other sword purity them is the plural form of the product charge and worked pure entire version as in Hebrew, the plural is made by IM so it is purity, meaning the lots. The name was a reminder to the Jews of how God the story earlier had used the casting of the lot to deliver them from their wicked enemies, particularly from Hammond the very personification of evil and hatred from F-16, verse 33. The lot is cast into the lap, but it's every decision is from the law of the Lord is sovereign even over the casting of the dice. The casting of the law and supreme wants to be celebrated and never forgotten, so that the Jewish nation would never ever forget the astonishing deliverance from the hatred of Persia. God had delivered and peering continues today among the Jewish friends a month before Passover, reminding the Jewish people that God had pronounced the seemingly irreversible edict and art of tragedy comes triumph right of sorrow comes gladness a day of triumph of good over evil. During the feast of shooting this book of Esther is read in the synagogue is a said before when Mordechai's name is mentioned, the congregation cheer when Haman's name is mentioned. People boo hiss stamp their feet. I didn't hear any of that. I mentioned that I live in the series and obviously you forgotten. I thought at least one person would boo when I mention Haman's name now. I think if you're Jewish, your booze would be stronger interesting in the Nazi prison camp. I read the any Jew possessing the book of Esther was killed at some of the Jews in the Nazi concentration camp wrote copies of the book of Esther from memory. Why would you be so important in the concentration camp of your Jewish reminder of God's triumph over hatred and evil a reminder that however evil our enemy. Ultimately tribes that were to be to say to this distinctiveness. If the Jews as they do during the feast of purity celebrate the physical deliverance from the athlete enemies. How much more we the people of God, how much more we should celebrate the victory of our Lord Jesus Christ over our enemies of Satan, the darkness of sin and death itself and I understand that the Lord's table as were celebrating this evening. It is a solemn occasion is not a flippant occasion is on the occasion when we make jokes. Of course, no we are remembering the dead of our Lord Jesus Christ, that never to be forgotten is he atone for the sins of the world, but we must never, also forget that it's a time of victory that we are celebrating the victory of our Lord Jesus Christ, that the one who was nailed to the cross than the one who was buried is risen from the dead and is alive forevermore and so Paul says in first Corinthians 1124 do this in remembrance of me. He says as often as you eat this bread and drink the cup, you proclaim the Lord's death on till he comes member Paul says magnificently in Colossians 215, the Lord Jesus Christ disarmed the rulers and authorities and you put them to open shame by triumphing over them. Think about enemy far more devious than the Persians out enemy is Satan himself is saying in this darkness and that the wages of sin is death. That is, in a sense no greater enemy than death itself and just as the Jews were under the sentence of death from humans edict so we are under the sentence of death because of sin and Satan. But think of the wonderful grace of God that the wages of sin is death. Paul says, but the gift of God. The free gift of God's salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ. No wonder we saying man of sorrows with the name for the son of God who came ruin centers to reclaim hallelujah what a Savior. Understand the magnificent victory of our Savior that we celebrate a victory to deliver far greater than S, I, Mordechai, we celebrate the Savior, who is the King of Kings and Lord of lords, and this deliverance is far greater than the deliverance of the Jewish nation in Persia with his computer and was a time of feasting and rejoicing were told we feast not literally on bread and wine. That was a problem in Corinth making a meal out of it. No, we feast on the Lord Jesus Christ member Peter says quitting the psalmist taste and see that the Lord is good today as we come together then this evening we have rejoicing and just as the feast of the Passover was held once a year so that Israel would never ever forget that they were once slaves in Egypt saw the feast of Purim was to be celebrated so that the Jews would never ever forget that they were once on the point of extinction. But God in his grace of supernaturally intervened with this woman asked Esther with this man. More of the chaotic and brought them is a letter from the very point of death, and did this wonderful reversal that the Jews then had mastery over the Persians. And what about the reversal in your life and mine to remind you apart from the grace of God.

All of us were heading to hell. Jesus said there's only 2 Ways Way of destruction. Many out on that can imagine where you would be part from the grace of God.

Some of us we have taken our lives. Some of us would've died before no left to ourselves wouldn't sweep without. After mass we would make of our life. Once we were on the broad road heading to hell itself with its verdict of guilt over us under the condemnation of God as were learning from the book of Romans.

In the triumph of Jesus Christ that has been reversed. Now we rise not in our own goodness we rest in the grace of God because we understand that we are saved not by our works, but by God's grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone and was in the brilliance of Esther and Mordecai that was responsible for the reversal in Persia. It was the sovereign working of God. Yes, he used that he used Mordechai, but it was totally the work of God, who once again had saved his people, and so we come and we seldom celebrate this great deliverance that we have and you know I thought of this as well that just as the feast of Puritan Woodbine together the Jewish nation so the feast of communion binds us together as brothers and sisters in Christ because they the blood that cleansed my sin is the same blood that cleansed your second the Holy Spirit who indwells me is the same Holy Spirit who indwells you the Christ to save me is the same Christ who saved you, and that the God who is my father is also your father. We are brothers and sisters in Christ.

And just as in the feast of Judy Mugabe portions of food to one another. We fellowship together as we pass from hand-to-hand the bread and the cup and we also show our gratitude just as the Jewish people were to give gifts to the poor. So we come at this part of our worship this morning and this evening we give tangible way gifts to the Lord to be used for the spread of the gospel to be used for the needy to be used for the poor, and we give them is an act of worship to our Lord, how can we who have received so much. We who have been saved by the grace of God.

How could we be anything other than generous and giving people regarding this case has saved us and communion tells us is the feast of Judy Moser reminded the Jewish people.

But God always wins. I realize it is noticing that sometimes it seems that the world wins. Sometimes it seems the devil is winning, but in the end God always wins. God is always faithful to his covenant. God is always faithful to his promises. And God's promise that you will always always take care of his people do believe that you believe that God is always with you with that wonderful song reminder that sometimes in the darkness.

Sometimes in the difficultly it's difficult to see the hand of God, and that life can be very very hard and devastating situations can quickly come into her life that is truth but the Lord's supper reminds us that God is with us and that as we go with the gospel.

The Lord Jesus had promised that he is with us to the end of the age and all of human history is moving towards the return of our Lord Jesus Christ when he returns as King of Kings and Lord of lords, and when all of these enemies will be overthrown and when Satan himself will be cast into the lake of fire. So this evening as we take Brandon as we take the cup do so out of a heart of joy heart of celebration heart of wonder that God in his grace and great starting and saves you wind did God, why is God being so gracious to the Jewish nation. I don't know but I know he's true to his covenant.

I don't know why God is so gracious and patient with me. I don't know why God saved you part of his and the mysteries of God but rejoice this evening that God in his grace that you good ones heading to hell itself that he intervened in that day that we sang about a day that we never want to forget. We heard the sweet call of our Savior said come unto me and I will give you rest. Remember that day when you're saved that day. When you part of the call of Christ that we came and we find rest for your souls refund forgiveness of our sins we found that wonderful joy of knowing that now there is no force in the whole universe which can separate me from the love of God and that God will take care of me every day every circumstance he is with us and all of these truths come together.

Dunphy on the simple thesis is very simple and is not wonderful that is simple.

Only Brandon only wine but to ask who believe sign of what God in his grace has done so celebrate. Praise the Savior live for him because we know that soon the closing open and soon the Lord Jesus will come in we say tonight Maranatha.

Even so, Lord Jesus. Father, we thank you for your word. We thank you for your grace. We thank you for this wonderful illustration that we see in your ancient people. We thank you that your true to your covenant of Abraham a covenant and your God never goes back on your word. Do we we do father get unfaithful sometimes. But you're always faithful and so we thank you. We reaffirm our trust in you, that trust can sometimes waiver father, but we thank you for the magnificent Savior, we thank you that he is building his church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it. We thank you for that mighty day when he arose when hell itself couldn't stop him and he arose, and is alive forevermore, we thank you that we know him and he knows us and each individual every bullion girl in man and woman who puts their trust in him saved and safe for all of eternity. Thank you for the simple celebration that reminds us of the wonder of your grace. We thank you for a magnificent Savior in his name we pray.


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