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The Time Is Near

The Verdict / John Munro
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June 26, 2017 8:48 am

The Time Is Near

The Verdict / John Munro

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June 26, 2017 8:48 am

Dr. John H. Munro June 25, 2017 Revelation 22:6-21 The book of Revelation is the God"s Word on the future, the unveiling of His purposes as all His promises and prophecies are fulfilled in our Lord Jesus Christ. In this final message to the series, we remember our hope is in the Lord from this time and forevermore.

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Amen well today is the last message in the series in Revelation would began the series in January. Last year we did take a few breaks but it does mean I've lived in this book. For the last year to a good book 11 the book of Revelation and for me is been a life-changing study and I trust that it has been that for you.

Thank you for all of your encouraging comments. Your questions. Some of you asked me tough tough questions of it and answer them appropriately or accurately. I'm sorry had many questions on this book myself, and that when we get to heaven and sit down with the apostle John we can ask him for some of these answers but my goal in preaching through the book of Revelation is not to be as speculative or sensational is not try to force cognitive events into the text of Scripture's is so many do I think unfortunately but rather to allow God's word to speak to us. We believe the Bible comes from God's origin is of God. And so when we open the Bible and read the Bible we believe and believe very strongly that God is speaking to us. That is when the Bible speaks God and as we began our study of the book of Revelation we said that it is a revelation.

The first word in the Greek text of Revelation is the word apocalypses from we get our word apocalypses Revelation is sometimes called the Apocalypse what is in Apocalypse. It is an unveiling it is uncovering something which will occur in the future. John through the inspiration of the Spirit of God as he receives these various visions is now unfolding that a revelation of Jesus Christ.

It is no longer hidden. God has given it to us so that we would know about the future and live our lives accordingly. This morning I have three goals as we conclude our study in the book of Revelation.

First, I want to briefly summarize why John wrote this book as second way to remind ourselves of the brow of the broad outline of the book and then third to look at the amazing conclusion to the book would been singing about it.

In Revelation 22 verses six through 21.

But first turn with me in your Bible to Revelation chapter 1. Let's remind ourselves of the first three verses of Revelation. We began this in January last year. Wanted to keep reading and rereading the book is over. Going to look at a very broad like today. First of all to think of the reasons why John wrote the book to think of the broad outline of the book which I think will be helpful to you and then to conclude with the closing verses of Revelation, but here is John as he begins this fascinating book Revelation 1 verse one the Revelation is a great word apocalypses. This is the Apocalypse the revelation of Jesus Christ that is so important to see that this book is about Jesus of the Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave him to show to his servants the things that must soon take place.

He made it known by sending his angel to his servant John bore witness to the word of God and to the testimony of Jesus Christ, even to all that he saw. Blessed is the one who reads aloud the words of this prophecy, and blessed are those who hear and who keep what is written in it for the time is near great beginning to gray book beginning of the apocalypses of Jesus the Messiah. Why did we started with the Revelation will obviously part of Scripture.

But I want to suggest three reasons why we studied it and why we should continue to study at first of all Revelation.

This book is an encouragement to persevere and encouragement to persevere, being a follower of Jesus Christ within us in the first century and as Fred reminded us in Asia minor. Present-day Turkey are whether we in the 21st century living in North or South Carolina or whether you're living in Kazakhstan or China or Brazil. Being a follower of Jesus Christ has always required perseverance requires endurance, following Jesus is not easy I am and find it easy. I don't think you find it easy. That is, if you want to live a godly life.

If you want to live a life to the which is going to please God. This is not easy and it requires perseverance requires endurance. Why is that many reasons, but we have three enemies we have. The devil is our enemy is our adversary is that slander is the accuser he's always opposed to those who follow Christ. So there's the devil and then the not our own sinful desires.

As a follower of Christ. We receive the Holy Spirit. So we have these wonderful desires to glorify God. We want to please God by that the same time we have with the Bible calls the flash sinful desires, which can so easily allow us to fall into sin, so that the devil is our own sinful desires and then there's the world there's the attractions of the world.

The surrounding culture which pools are sent so easily squeezes us into its mold if were not careful as they young man going into high school. It is not careful, though, is a follower of Christ becomes just like his ungodly friends woman who is working in our office. She wants to follow Christ. She's a true follower of Christ. But if she's not careful.

Before long she has compromised and conformed to the culture of that office, which is dictated by ungodliness. This is so easy, isn't it the Christian life that are temptations or disappointments. There's opposition this persecution as failures and discouragement at this easy to give up is easy to quit.

We all know people who once were following Jesus.

But today there are no longer following inventive given opposite whether drifted back in their life is not no different from the unbeliever in a godless culture so over and over again.

The Bible exists is exhorting us as a writer of Hebrews says in Hebrews 12 to run with endurance the race that is set before us until run with endurance the race is set before me. I'm like an athlete that is laid out.

I know what I must do and if I'm going to run with endurance above all else, I must keep my eyes on Jesus as the writer of Hebrews, the author and the perfecter of our faith. That is were to keep pressing on pensées were to fight the good fight with to finish the course were to keep the faith, and so we come to the last book of the Bible. This magnificent book writer is given giving us inspired by the Holy Spirit, a magnificent encouragement to persevere. It was written in the first instance to seven churches in present-day Turkey in what was called Asia minor and these seven churches. Churches of Jesus Christ in the first century. John was writing around A.D. 9095 or thereabouts. As it was writing to the seven churches.

They were experiencing. As followers of Jesus experience today for his trials that were false doctrines that were frequent persecutions. So for example the church at Smyrna.

In chapter 2 verse 10 is told to be faithful unto death, your faithful follower of Jesus. Imagine if you had to be faithful unto death that takes real faithfulness designate one thing standing up there at their colleagues is one thing been a witness for Jesus at high school or at UNC Charlotte or in the office where you are in the neighborhood to stand up for Christ centered standup for the word of God, but to be faithful unto death in these churches that are being warned by the Lord Jesus himself who is in the middle of these churches and these looking around at them to see what they're doing and he's warning them of the dangers of spiritual apostasy of spiritual complacency was the message to these churches the same message that comes to you and me today. Be faithful.

Stand firm on the gospel don't deviate from the word of God repents of all saying over and over again. We learned in chapters 2 and three as we looked at each of the seven churches that that was this invariable exhortation to repentance, to repent, to get right down from the sin, and of course to remember this. This is the great encouragement set before them to remember this but soon the Lord Jesus is returning and when he comes.

He's going to have ultimate victory over the forces of evil of darkness and of Satan.

Therefore, persevere. Don't quite what to say to this morning young man young woman be strong, be strong and courageous.

I don't know what that means in your sanding but you know in your family and your friends wherever God and his sovereign purposes, places you you are to be solved to to be a light for Jesus Christ number the lights under the bed. Jesus is saying though the light is to shine your following Jesus is the light of the world. So persevere. Don't quite take a stand for God and here in Revelation is a wonderful encouragement to persevere, but secondly, the message of Revelation is also an account of the consummation of God's promises. At the end of the age.

Always wonder about the future. Normally I will things and we heard from the diplomat from the politician from our Armed Forces are what going on in the world. What'll will the world and with a nuclear holocaust like North Korea.

What about Iran. Will there be some environmental disaster or drought or world famine or on war one a brighter future, but also what about our personal future for all of us here unless Christ returns are going to going to die with a future with which your personal future, not just the future of the world, not just the future of the country, but your personal future. When do you see yourself that I haven't so what kind of places this where is it is that I have is not just something some fiery preachers charlatans from father Michael Woodard is there such a reality as eternal punishment.

What's going to happen. These questions of course answered in the book of Revelation is which studied them, which is an unveiling of the purposes of God, how good it is to know in our uncertain world, that the consummation of history is not in the hands of the United Nations is not in the hands of Putin is not in the hands of the North Koreans is not in the hands of the Iranians and it's not even in the hands of Americans can I say all the British are the Scott's weblog willing, I'll be in a few days is not in their hands, so the hands of God is not good to know that the future of the world is in the hands of God and that the promises of God. The promises of God on the prophecies of God are fulfilled in our Lord Jesus Christ that our sovereign God is working out.

We don't always realize it. He doesn't always work by our timetable. We sometimes wish you would do certain things that he doesn't seem to do. But this we do know is working out his perfect purposes and nothing and no one can thwart the eternal purposes of God. The future is in the hands of God and what he has promised. As we read in the book of Revelation as we read in Scripture what he has promised he will certainly certainly bring to pass Lord Jesus is going to come to judge the world is going to roll a glorious eternal kingdom is going to make all things here. There's going to be a new heavens and the new this is the hope of the gospel. All that we long for all that God has promised will certainly come to pass is not true that all of the prophecies in the Old Testament regarding the coming of the Messiah, from Genesis through Malachi that there was going to come this Messiah, God's perfect servant. All of these prophecies were perfectly fulfilled in the first coming of our Savior, just so all of the prophecies regarding the second advent, the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ will be perfectly fulfilled as prophesied.

Everything is going to be consummated in the hands of our great God source Revelation's encouragement to persevere, it's the consummation of God's promises that the end of the age. Thirdly, in Revelation, that is the exaltation of the Lamb of God.

One of my goals in teaching the book of Revelation, and I hope I fulfilled it was to keep the spotlight on Christ not to try and be an amateur world politician to try and save others as friends going to happen in Iran is going to do this on buses going to do this in trying is going to do this and all that kind of things that are so frequent, trying to piece together world events rather than doing that to keep the focus on the Lord Jesus Christ and the understanding of Revelation we have seen frequent references to the Lamb of God, he is the center of Revelation is the center of human history and the certainly the central figure of all of eternity. When the questions asked in chapters 4 and five who can open the scroll title deeds to future events, who can opener that is only one more one fine workday and that is the line the opens the scroll and breaks the seven seals. When John looked through the door into heaven into the very throne room of God.

He sees the throne of God. He sees the four living creatures. He sees the elders, but who else the CC John says in Revelation 5 or six alarms standing as though it had been slain in the very center of heaven is our magnificent Lord Jesus Christ, the sacrificial lamb who takes away the sin of the world is now with a triumphant Lamb is not interesting that when the Lamb opened the sixth seal, and people cry to God cry.

You can hide us from the raw of the land. This one conquers the nation's alarm is going to rule his kingdom. He comes to rescue us and restore is so central to Revelation is the person of the Lord Jesus Christ is worthy of all praise and honor. Revelation 19 verse 10 for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy. He comes to judge evil he comes to eliminate the evil Triad of the devil of the beast of the false prophet becomes to set up his kingdom on earth.

The Lamb is triumphant and extends and offers his grace to those who come to those who will repent and drink from the water of life that living water that eternal water that is offered without payments without prizes offered to your three leaders magnificent gift of eternal life through the Lamb of God and that the Lamb he is the light of the new Jerusalem.

We learned that in the new Jerusalem was no sound. There's no moon because the Lamb is the lights in the range with the saints whatever endeavor the same surely coming soon. Lord Jesus is coming and we love him we say. Even so, roaches. The reality of the future as the people of God, Scripture is magnificent.

Listen to the book of Revelation, not having giving something other than basic reasons for the book of Revelation. Let me recap the basic outline of Revelation, which I hope you've got, but I'm going to go over again.

The big outline I think so often. The danger is, as we study our Bibles, we study the minutiae we study the detail we take verses out of the context but as we read the Bible. Certainly, you need to be studying it intensively. But if you're going to understand the Bible you need to read it extensively, you need to get the big picture and see the small picture in light of the big picture and worked at the big picture from looking at the details of what the basic outline of Revelation.

John tells us in Revelation 119 look at this key verse, Revelation 119). For the things that you have seen is chapter 1.

Those that are as chapters 2 and three there were seven literal churches there. The things that you've seen the vision of Revelation 1 the things that are Revelation 2 and three. The letters to the seven churches, and then those that are to take place after this. Notice the two words after this. This is the main part of Revelation comprising chapters 4 through chapter 22 chapters 4 and five. We have a door open into the very throne room of God. Who do we see we see the Lamb is also the line of the tribe of Judah.

The only one able to take the scroll, which is sealed with the seven seals and all of heaven is worshiping the one who is on the throne and who is on and also worshiping the lab and then the seven years of tribulation was the tribulation period of seven years when the judgment of God falls on the world and that occupies chapter 6 through 18 got this large section. Chapter 6 through chapter 18 with the basic topic tribulation. There are seven seals, seven trumpets and seven bowls. The seven trumpets are contained in the seventh seal.

The seven bowls are contained in the seventh trumpet using that overhead before. If you been coming for the last month and never seen that before you been asleep.

I don't have the time to bring that up because this helps us think of Revelation 7 seals followed by seven trumpets, followed by seven bowls in the seven bowls of the Divine Judgment on the Earth Therefore Died to the Very End of the Great Tribulation, As Christ Returns to In Spite Of All of the Judgments of God Is Interesting In Spite Of All of the Judgments of God on Their the Followers of the Antichrist, the Beast Don't Repent They Have Is Mark 666 and They Continue to Blaspheme God. The False Kingdoms the Armies of the World Gather at Armageddon and Then in Chapter 17 and 18. We Have the Great Prostitute Known As Babylon the Great, What Is Babylon the Great Is a Global System Economic, Political and Religious World System Is a World Government Controlled by the Beast That's Man's Religion Is Man Working out Because of What His Salvation What He Thinks Is Mine and Rebellion against God, and We Spent Some Weeks in Revelation 17 and 18 and Traced It Right Back to the Total Bible When Man Tried to Reach God by Himself.

A Bullet in God's Gather the People in Revelation Genesis 11 and in Revelation 17 and 18 Bible and Is Utterly Destroyed by God. Revelation 19. What Happens Is a Great Climax of Revelation Is the Return of Our Magnificent Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

He Comes to the Arts on the White Horse Waging War against All Evil That Heavenly Armies Are with Them. The Beast, False Prophet Who Oppose Him Are Thrown into the Lake of Fire and the Lamb. The Lamb of God Our Savior Is Now the Conqueror Who Judges the World and Consigns the Beast and the False Prophet to Their Eternal Doom and He Institutes His Kingdom.

So in the First 10 Verses of Revelation 20 We Have the Millennial Kingdom, Believers in Jesus Christ Reigning with Christ on 4000 Years Them Interesting Is I Would Forward to That Satan Is Buying €4000 Will Be Wonderful to the World with Satan. Barnes When Sin Rears Its Head.

This Immediately Stopped Dying Because Our Savior Rules with a Rod of Iron. Putting It Simply, Jesus Is in Charge, Not a World Government Not a Government Devised by Man by the Government Instituted by Our Lord Jesus Christ. At the End of the Thousand Years What Happens Satan Is Released and Deceived the Nations As They Gather for Water around Jerusalem. Fire Descends from Heaven and Kills Them.

And Satan Is Thrown into the Lake of Fire Equity Will Be for All of Eternity in the Closing Verses of Revelation 20. The Unsaved, the Unbelievers Are Brought before God for Judgment of the Great White Throne Their John Records. These Are Some Words Awful Words Reserve Her Name Was Not Written in the Book of Life Is Thrown into the Lake of Fire. He Sees God Really like That. My My My God Is Loving My God Is Trying My God Is Also Loving My God Is Also Kind but the True God, the God Who Created the Heavens and They Are for God and Father of Our Lord Jesus Christ Is a Holy God and Is a Just God and Those Who Refuse Him, Those Who Rebel Him.

Those Who Refuse to Repent Throne into the Lake of Fire and Then As We Saw in the Last Few Weeks. In Revelation 21 and 22 John Describes the New Jerusalem, the Eternal Dwelling of the People of God. The Beauty the Brilliance of Jerusalem of the New Jerusalem Is Described You Find This. I Do Such a Great Motivation to Be Faithful to Christ You Find This Because We Got This Future Which Will Certainly Happen. I Know It's Difficult to Grasp. I Know It Seems so Wonderful When We Can Get Our Minds Run the Lycan. We Understand Eternity, but There It Is God's Promised Those Who Have Drunk of This Living Water of Life Will Be Forever with God.

That Is Our Future. Heaven Is Our Home. Our Home As Their Names Are Recorded Their Loved Ones Are There. And Best of All, Our Savior. Is There Eternal Future of the People of God. Now Let's Look at Revelation 22 from Verse Six through 21. As We Close, and When the Cover This Very Quickly Because I Think We Got Most of This We Have the Epilogue Closing Part of Revelation 22 of the Last Words of the Bible and Delete Festival Verses Six through 94. John Is Saying This Prophecy of Revelation Is Absolutely Accurate. Revelation 22 Verse Six He Said to Me, These Words Are Trustworthy and True.

We Keep Hearing Today about Fake News Problem Is We Don't Know Whether It's for Kamal the Guy Who's Telling Us It's Fake News Is Giving Us Fake News Saying This Is Fake News. How Do You Design It Is Very Difficult and in Politics and Business. Even in Speaking with People Whose Trustworthy. Who Can You Depend on John Is Saying These Words Are Trustworthy and True God, Is Attesting to the Accuracy of His Prophecy and the Lord, the God of the Spirits and Other Prophets Has Sent His Angel to Show His Servants What Must Soon Take Place. This Will Certainly Happen Absolutely Guarantee It Is Trustworthy Is True Is Coming from God Himself. Verse Seven and Behold, I'm Coming Soon. Blessed Is the One Who Keeps the Words of the Prophecy of This Book.

I John I'm the One Who Hardened Saw These Things When I Heard and Saw Them I Fell down to Worship at the Feet of the Angel Who Shown Them to Me. But He Said You Must Not Do That. I'm a Fellow Servant with You and Your Brothers the Prophets, and with Those Who Keep the Words of This Book, Worship God.

John Is Saying What Has Been Revealed Know in This Amazing Book. This Apocalypse Is This Unfolding of the Purposes of God. It Will Soon Take Place and Notice Those Who Keep the Words of This Prophecy, Verse Seven Receive a Special Blessing. I Read That in Chapter 1 Verse Three Blessed Is the One Who Reads Aloud the Words of This Prophecy, and Driving This Series I Asked You to Stand As We Together.

Read the Word of God Who Reads Aloud the Words of This Prophecy, and Blessed Are Those Who Hear and Who Keep What Is Written in It for the Time Is near Will Want to Be Blessed by God the Way Because Words Hear His Word Obey His Words, and God Blesses You What a Blessing We Often Miss Because Were Not Reading and Not Obeying the Word of God. John Confirms in These Verses That He's Heard These Things, and He Falls down to Worship the Angel but Is Instructed to Worship God Know the Angel Is John's Fellow Servants, along with Those Who Keep the Words of This Book and Then in Verses 10 through 15 Final Warning Is Given by the Lord Jesus As Preachers Were Sometimes Told Don't Be Negative.

Just Be Positive.

While That's a Biblical Is You Know That You Need Warnings I Need Warnings. Here Is a Final Warning by the Lord Jesus. This Is the Last Book in the Bible. The Canon Is Just about to Be Closed and Here Is a Final Warning. Verse 10 Then He Said to Me Do Not Seal up the Words of This Prophecy of This Book for the Time Is near As the Prophecies to Be Left Open. But What Everyone Because the Time of Its Fulfillment Is near That Not Everyone Is Going to Enter the New Jerusalem Verse 11. Let the Evildoer Still Do Evil and the Filthy Still Be Filthy Filthy and the Righteous Still Do Rights and the Holy Still Be Holy Bold.

I'm Coming Soon, Bringing My Recompense with Me to Pay Everyone but What Is Done. I Am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End Had That before God, Who Is Eternally Holy Is Coming and Is Coming Quickly toward Everyone According to What They've Done. Don't Say You're a Follower of Jesus. If Your Life Is a Total Denial of That Only Those Who Have Been Cleansed by the Blood of Christ Will Enter the New Jerusalem. Verse 14 Blessed Are Those Who Wash the Robes so That They May Have the Right to the Tree of Life, and That They May Enter the City by the Gates outside of the Dogs and Sorcerers, the Sexually Immoral and Murderers and Idolaters, and Everyone Who Loves and Practices Falsehood Unbelievers Are Eternally Excluded from the Holy City, the Eternal City.

The City of God That You Jerusalem, but Here We Have an Evidence Nothing. This Is Beautiful of a Final Invitation from Your Final Warning.

But Here Is a Final Invitation. Verse 16 I Jesus Have Sent My Angel to Testify to You about These Things for the Churches. I Am the Roots and the Descendent of David Is David's Lord but Is Also David Son, I'm the Roots in the Descendent of David, the Bright Morning Star. The Spirit and the Bride Say, I'm I the One Who Hears Say, Am I the One Who Is Thirsty, Let the One Who Desires Take the Water of Life without Price. I Warn Everyone Who Hears the Words of the Prophecy of This Book. If Anyone Answer, Then God Will Add to Him the Plagues Described in This Book and If Anyone Takes Away from the Words of the Book of This Prophecy, God Will Take Away His Share in the Tree of Life and in the Holy City, Which Are Described in This Book He Who Testifies to These Things Says, Surely I'm Coming Soon a Man, Lord Jesus, the Grace of the Lord Jesus Be with All the Men Was John St. John the Saying That Jesus Is the Unique Messiah Is the Descendent of David Is a Bright and Morning Star Out Of Whom the Prophet Spoke and All Now Uninvited to Come to the Fountain of Living Water That Is Please Hear Me.

There Is No Alternative Source of Eternal Life.

You Notice in Verse 17 the Grace of God Three Times the Word Come Is Said This Better Than the Bride Say, the One Who Hears Say, I like the One Who Is Thirsty, Let the One Who Desires Take the Water of Life without. I Have To Ask This Closing Message of Revelation, You Drunk of the Water of Life, Right at the End of God's Revelation That Is This Glorious Invitation from the Spirit and from His Bride to Come and to Drink of the Living Water of Life That Is No Other Source of Eternal Life.

Who's Offering That Is Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Unique Christ, God's Magnificent Sign of All of the Old Testament Prophets Spoke the Coming Messiah, the Sinless One Who Comes As the Lamb of God Died for Our Sins on the Cross Is Buried Rises Again Triumphant over Diet Conquers That Contraception Is Alive Magnificent One and He's Coming Again. Yes I Know the World Are a Mess, but This One and Only This One God's Unique Son Is Coming to Put Everything Right.

He's Going to Rule with Righteousness and Justice and Longs for You Is Made in His Image, but This Time from Them and on Your Own Way. He Longs for You to Come with You, Drink of This Living Water. CS Lewis in the Silver Chair Rights. Are You Thirsty Said the Lion Lion and Lewis of Course Is the Picture of of the Messiah. Are You Thirsty Said the Lion Dying of Thirst, Said Jill. Then Drink Said the Lion. May I Could I Would You Mind Going Away When I Do, Said Jill.

The Line Answered This Only by Looking at a Very Low Blow. The Delicious Rippling Noise of the Stream Was Driving Her Nearly Frantic When You Promise Not to Do Anything to Me. If I Do Come Said Jill. I Make No Promise of the Lion. I Didn't Come and Drink, Said Jill, Then You Will Die of Thirst Said the Line or Dear Said Jill Coming Another Set near. I Suppose I Must Go and Look for Another Streamline. There Is No Other Stream Centerline to Believe That There Is No Other Stream You Really Think You Can Ignore the Provision of God but God in His Grace Has Devised This Magnificent Plan of Salvation Which Was Perfectly Accomplished by His Son, Jesus Christ, Who Fulfilled Every Iota of the Old Testament Prophecies with the Sinless Christ, Spotless Lamb of God, Shedding His Blood on the Cross Rising Again and Then the Power of That Indissoluble Eternal Life Size Come to Me If You're Thirsty, and Drink of My Living Water, and Will Never Thirst Again for All of Eternity Will Be Satisfied Is the Inexhaustible Infinite God and Offers Your Salvation, Forgiveness, Cleansing, Eternal Life.

This Magnificent Future so That You Can Be and Fulfill the Purposes That God Has for Your Life, Which Is Not to Live Your Online Which Is Not to Rebel against God, but Rather to Turn from Your Sin. The Caller to Christ Who Will Come and Save You and Transform You and Then Says Common Follow Me There Is No Other Street and Here in Verses 18 and 19 a Very Serious Warning Is Given to Those Who Will Add or Take Away from This Book.

No Further Revelation Is to Be Given Him Believe Someone Who Comes to You and Says*Private Vision.

Some Communication Coming Direct from God about the Future Believe This All That We Need All That God Wants You to Know about Your Future about Eternal Life about Having about How All That You Need Is Found in This Book the Canon of Scripture Is Closed over the Years People of Come to Me and Said to Me, God Told Me to Tell You This, Jon. I Said No.Told Him No Such Thing As a Commandment Not to Take the Name of the Lord in Vain If God Told You Something That Is Inerrant As Infallible God Is Perfect and I Say to Them. Are You Saying That You Have from God, so That What You Heard Is Absolutely Infallible. This Development Go That Funds It Was Not from God Because When God Speaks It Is 100% Accurate. No, We Don't Add to This Book.

We Don't Take Away from It. We Don't Choose What We Believe and Not Believe Were Not like the Liberal Churchmen Who Accept Some of the Bible and Cuts Away Other Parts, and Says Well We like This, but We Don't like That Know This Is God's Revelation from Genesis to Revelation. It Is the Inspired, Inerrant Word of God and No Man However Well-Educated However Brilliant, Can Improve on This Book. The Living Word of God. We Are to Study It.

We Are to Humbly Submit to It. We Are to Obtain Drink of These Living Waters. God Is a God of Eternity Is Word Verse Six Is Trustworthy and True Was That Wonderful but As We Close This Case, God's Grace Is on Those Who Know Christ Is Coming Soon. We Respond We Respond with Verse 20, Lord Jesus. And so, and This Fascinating Book of Revelation with a Gracious Call to Come and Partake of the Water of Life at the Tree of Life. If You Delay If You Don't Believe You Will Be Eternally Excluded from the Eternal City of God, but God's Grace Comes to Revelation Begins with Grace. Revelation 11 Verse Four Grace to You and Peace from Him Who Is and Who Was in District, How Does It End.

Verse 21. The Last Words in the Bible the Grace of the Lord Jesus Be with You All. God Is a God of Grace He Offers You Today, This Moment Is Grace Received His Grace over Mess up Your Life Is However Rebellious.

You've Done You've Been and Whatever You've Done Come to Christ and Be Part of This Eternal Family.

I Plead with You, I Want All of You to Be Part of This Eternal City, the New Jerusalem to Be Tragic.

Someone Sat Here Today Inherited by the Eternal City Parent about Eternal Life. But When the Time the Goal into Eternal Judgment, Because the Name Is Not Written in the Book of Life Today.

Trust Christ Human History Is Drawing to a Close, the Time Is near Certain That They Will Dawn That Eternal Day When the Bright Morning Star Will Appear Soon.

All Who Love Christ Will Be Caught up to Be Forever with Them and We Who Follow Christ, Don't Worry about a Nuclear Holocaust or an Economic Disaster.

The Famine, or Other Disaster Know Jesus Is Coming Soon, That Glorious Hope Motivates Us and Empowers Us to Live Lives Which Are Shaped by This Future. Jesus Certainly Is Coming.

Our Hope Is in Him from This Time and Forever Bores Me. My Joy to Pursue This Book. Thank You for Your Patience for Some of You. I Took so Long for Some of You, You Wanted Me to Go Further.

But I'm the Preacher and I Decide. And so Know We Are Close.

But I Ask You to Keep Reading and Rereading This Book I Say the Words of Scripture. Grace of Our Lord Jesus Christ Be with You All. Spray, Thank You for Your Grace to Figure Revelation Father, You Didn't Need to Give Us the Details of the Future but You Graciously Have Given Them to Us to Encourage Us so That We Would Live Holy Lives That We Would Anticipate These Things That the Church in Which Shape How We Live Today. Today Father You Know the Hearts of Everyone Bowed before You Pray for Those Who Have Never Drunk of That Living Water Who Have Looked for Satisfaction and Fulfillment in the Body and Polluted Waters of This World Open Their Eyes to See Lipson Open Their Eyes to See the Beauty of the Savior, and May Your Grace Be on All of Us in Christ

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