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Don"t Play the Hypocrite

The Verdict / John Munro
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May 26, 2020 3:15 pm

Don"t Play the Hypocrite

The Verdict / John Munro

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Well, they are subject is don't play the hypocrites and we are continuing our study in the Gospel of Matthew, looking particularly at the seven on the Mount, and I want to read with you. Matthew six versus one through eight.

So there you are sitting at home, would you just read these verses loudly so the be impressed on your heart with me. It is a teaching overlord. Beware of practicing your righteousness before other people in order to be seen by them for then you will have no reward from your father who is in heaven. That's when you give to the needy. Side note trumpet before you, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets, that they may be praised by others. Truly I say to you they have received the reward but when you give to the needy.

Do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, so that your giving may be in secret and when your father who sees in secret will reward you.

And when you pray, you must not be like the hypocrites, for they love to stand and pray in the synagogues and at the street corners that they may be seen by others. Truly I say to you they have received the award but when you pray, go into your room and shut the door and pray to your father who is in secret, and your father who sees in secret will reward you. And when you pray, don't do not keep up empty phrases as the Gentiles do, for they think that they will be heard for their many words and not be like them, for your father knows what you need before you ask him. That's Matthew six versus one through eight. Today Jesus is challenging us regarding hypocrisy and hypocrisy in your life.

Hypocrites tend to be very critical of others, but rarely if ever learn, criticize themselves, thinking of the subject of the park to say is we look at this passage of Scripture and in life.

We may be tolerant of all kinds of sins we maybe tolerant of concepts we maybe tolerant of those who tell lies. We may even be tolerant of those who commit immorality, but few of us are tolerant of hypocrites or something about hypocrisy, which annoys all of us but again, ask, and hypocrisy in your life. I find it very interesting that as we come into Matthew chapter 6 Jesus in chapter 5 has been dealing with very serious subjects. As we have seen these dealt with anger. These dealt with more dirties to help these dealt with Lawson idolatry and lives in hitting our neighbors and now he deals with hypocrisy.

So this is serious and look 18 Jesus tells a parable about two men who go to the temple to pray, one is a fantasy about a religious man. The other is a tax collector of any religious man and that they found a C starts his prayer by saying this, God, I thank you that I'm not like other men as they because the so today's we begin our study. Be careful that you are not saying thank God I'm not a hypocrite. Other people be careful inquiry toward hypocrite was first used to describe someone who's in the drama someone who was in a play then the word began to be used in the negative in a pejorative way of someone who pretends someone who acts someone who plays a part in order to deceive other people. So that's what hypocrite denotes an insincere person, especially one who pretends to be wholly pious and religious. The hypocrite plays a part as we read and conceals his true character knowing Matthew chapter 23, seven times, our Lord says this war to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites, Matthew 23 verse three is advocates, so do not so doing observe whatever they tell you, but not the works they do for the preach but they don't practice what they say sounds very good but what they do is the opposite and then invests 13 war to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites for you shut the kingdom of heaven in people's faces for you neither and tell yourselves not allowing those who would enter to go in the Pharisees by the deception. Not only were not getting into the kingdom of God themselves, but by that hypocrisy were giving other people out verse 28 so you hypocrites.

You also outwardly appear righteous to others, but within your field of hypocrisy and lawlessness outwardly very good inwardly hollow in sincere and then in Matthew 15 Lord says this, Matthew 15 verse seven again on the subject of hypocrisy, he said. So for the sake of your tradition, the Pharisees and scribes love that on traditions you've made void the word of God, you hypocrites, well did Isaiah prophesy of you when he said this people honors me with their lips, but their heart is far from me in vain do they worship me, teaching as doctrines the commandments of men. This is the height of hypocrisy, saying one thing and doing another. So, the scribes and the Pharisees. They honor God with their lips. They knew the law they could call the verses of Scripture they could impress people by their knowledge of Scripture by their lengthy prayers, but says Jesus your hearts are far from two hypocrite loves people to think well of them and rarely will admit that on hypocrisy or even see themselves as hypocrites in the tragedy of hypocrisy is that when we continue to practice it. We are deceiving others because were pretending to be closer to God than we really are.

But then we end up being self deceived. We buy in is it were total one deceptions, the scribes and Pharisees were concerned with the externals with the outward, with a ritualistic with a straight legalistic interpretation of the law of minerals and regulations. They love that.

And they love to judge others someday who did not conform to their interpretation. Strict legalists, but says Jesus. God sees your heart. God sees your motives or father he says sees in secret you tell your children not to cheat a scope but do you cheat in business you come and you worship God and you're saying the praises of God.

When you go home and he was well got a this and even profanity in your home and at work.

Hypocrisy now in Matthew six is rooted. Jesus gives three examples of hypocrisy and the worst kind of hypocrisy. I think you'll agree with me is really just hypocrisy is the hypocrisy of the individual he goes to church at the three examples are giving prayer and fasting. So let me read what Jesus says skipping ahead a little bit to verse 16 of Matthew six he says when you fast, do not look gloomy like the hypocrites, for they disfigure their faces that there fasting may be seen by others yet appoint want everyone to know I spotted Joe that there fasting and they disfigure their faces so people say oh there's brother so-and-so is fasting her spiritual truly I say to you, says Jesus. They received the award but when you fast, anoint your head and wash your face that your fasting may not be seen by others, but by your father who is in secret, and your father who sees in secret will reward you yet appoint that's hypocrisy, not says Jesus in your giving and your prayer thing in your fasting don't do it to be seen by others. Remember this your father in heaven he sees the sees in secret years ago I was invited to the home by a couple prior to the Sunday evening service being single. I quickly accepted. I thought I get a free meal and I turned up at their home with a healthy appetite and when I went in the Hudson smelling it and really think about it and then I sat down and afford the meal and I say I sat down and they stood and looked at them and they said well we're not eating.

We are on the fast, and I looked at the table and that was that most meager of meals that I've ever seen. It may have satisfied the most, but not being a mouse by the healthy young man. It certainly wasn't going to satisfy me, but I partook of the meager meal in front of me and they kept explaining that they have their devotion to the Lord or fasting. I consume the meal pretty quickly because I thought you might abandon the fasting when they saw the food, but they didn't. And I thought this is strange, strange experience.

If the coupler fasting which is a good thing out of their devotion to the Lord, why invite someone for a meal by tell me about it, of why an effect boast about it knows that Jesus if you're going to find student secret until other people about it and Sally don't invite others over for this meager meal. I would say fasting giving praying, fasting in secret and think little more particularly of the first two giving and praying for Saul in verses one through four. Jesus is saying don't play the hypocrite when giving to the poor, verse one. Chapter 6 beware of practicing your righteousness on Jesus as being talking about righteousness and about seeking righteousness and saying in chapter 5, verse 20 that your righteousness is to exceed the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees.

For them it was all I word and Jesus is saying no no no, beware of practicing your righteousness before other people in order to be seen by them for then you will have no reward from your father who is in heaven. Don't let people know when you give to the poor Jesus and say don't show off when you give don't practice your righteousness the broad principle don't practice your righteousness before other people. That's the basic warning of the three examples that Jesus gives in Matthew six of hypocrisy.

If you do practice your righteousness to impress other people understand this, you have no reward from your father who is in heaven. In John 12 hours, 43, Jesus says of the Pharisees. They love the glory that comes from man more than the glory that comes from God. Hypocrites love an audience. Hypocrites love to be under the spotlight, though, says Jesus. If, in giving if and praying if and fasting you're doing this to be seen by others to impress others to lead people think you're very generous to promote yourself you're going have noted Lord from your father who is in heaven now in the seven on the mind which said this before but is very important. The sermon on the minds is not addressed primarily to the scribes and the Pharisees drilling back to the beginning of the settlement on the Mount in Matthew five Jesus sat down verse one and his disciples came to him and he opened his mouth and taught them his disciples so this is for us. This is for you today. This is for me is for those who are following Jesus follower of Jesus, you need to listen to his teacher and I need to listen to the door and say thank God I'm not hypocrite that it's in itself is a hypocritical statement. Admit will you that the seeds and possibly even the actions of hypocrisy not only in your heart that may be practice. So when you give to the needy when you're giving us a good thing to give it doesn't say if you give. But when you give as Christians we are to be generous, but when you give to it privately.

And the Lord gives the example possibly the amusing example of an individual who is giving money to the poor, and he has a trumpet that I had of him announcing that is going to give these blowing his own trumpet not enough to give to the port he wants everyone to know, and so he has this trumpeter I had of him. Jesus said now that's what hypocrites do in the synagogues was wrong to pray in the second synagogue.

No, the synagogues and was prayer but it's a way of praying against the motivation of praying and here is the individual who prays in this in the street when he is at the sink partner. That's where is the intersection that for most people rush to the do it, that they may be praised by others. That's the heart of hypocrisy. That's the motivation of the hypocrite to impress others to get the approval of others together, prays together is aware of the standing ovation.

That's the motivation and Jesus is saying when you do that, that's hypocrisy. Give in complete privacy.

Don't boast of your giving to others. Verse three but when you give to the needy. Do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing its a subtle way, a metaphorical way a figurative way of saying, given such a way that there's no opportunity for others to see so that even your left hand doesn't know what your right hand is giving you get the point given private. If you give to be praised by people you received reward was that of all the Lord to be praised by others, to impress people that should award God is not impressed how could God be impressed by the you will not receive a reward from your father who is heaven the only rewards best for those who are giving in secret. This is very convicting is the we gave this morning on Lifestream you you ordered and ascend your your check to Calvary you're going to give online@that that's wonderful. You should be giving you should be giving generously and also giving to the needy. But when you do that don't blow your own trumpet until people use. It was a reward that the father gives us Jesus doesn't spell it. That is a future report.

The New Testament does refer to the wards in the future. Crimes of righteousness, and so on. But whatever it is all of us were following Jesus wants at the end to stand before our heavenly father and to hear the wonderful words well done a good and faithful servant. We want only our father who is in heaven. To be pleased with us you as we make corporate play here at Calvary and as we worship is sometimes after the worship service. Someone will say to me about what you what you think of it, and always think is on. I think of it as is not what I think of it, worship. So what I think of the preaching is what I think of the life groups is not what I think about children's ministry is what things isn't it that our worship is not for the praise of men but is for the glory of God and our father in heaven is pleased like a brother and sister when you give generously when you do that, not to impress others, but when you give in secret by the second example is don't play the hypocrite when praying verses five through eight. Again, don't pray like the hypocrites. How did hypocrites put praying verse five. They love the sand and pray in the synagogues and at the street corners that they may be seen by others. You're getting the point to Ettinger to pray in the synagogue. Good to give money to the poor and of course it is good to pray but don't do it with his motivation to be seen by others. When you do that you received your order. People may be impressed.

People may say to you all your such a godly person that was such a wonderful prayer that sounded like an angel from heaven, and you say yes it was pretty good wasn't impressed by that people may be impressed. God is very on impressed don't showoff when you pray for people would never do that.

Of course that would scribes and Pharisees.

They didn't do thing that will exempt from showing off in a religious exercise is as it were, no remember pray to your heavenly father and a couple of weeks as we think about soon as the Lord's prayer will think of that more closely that when we're praying and praying to our father who is in heaven know the plan is to be in private. Praying in secret by six and when your father who sees in secret will reward you ever studied the prayer life of our Lord Jesus, he often went off the Scripture says to a desolate place to a private place to pray you do that you do pray privately going to room walk. Whatever this and you do it when you get done on your knees and pray for a great blessing when a great war heart for more praying privately in a room is in the closet. Does it work to our father. Then we experience his strength in his grace, his favor and his pace.

When we become focused on our great God. When we do that privately in prayer, not to impress others, but to do it in secret God likes that God is pleased with that. And when he sees that prayer in secret is going to reward you blessing during this time when the world is been turned upside down because of covert, 19 with all of the drama, but ops of the oversensitive sensationalizing, but also the tragedy of people throughout the world, dying people in quarantine people's lives upside down in people unemployed. How wonderful for followers of Jesus Christ that you can at any time. Go to the secret place, whatever that is. Whether it's on the hills where is on the walk.

Walking whether it's in your home to cast all of your burdens on your father is not great bliss.

Wonderful that you can do that you can come right into the throne room of God through our Lord Jesus Christ and pray not to someone who is remote, but to your father is in me asking a question to Lowe's by myself who pray in public you play your small group, you play with others. This question is not for you. Pray privately in your home. We said that good and your father sees you and will grow larger. But what about praying in your life group. Praying publicly praying with others is my question is a question I convicts me. Do you pray more fervently in public or in private. Do you pray differently as a word in public and private.

I'm really asking you the question when you pray, is there any hypocrisy in your.

Do you showoff in your prayers. Jesus helps us what not to do is tell us what to do in the so-called laws. But in verse seven he tells us how we shouldn't pray and when you pray, do not heap up empty phrases as the Gentiles do, for they think they will be hard for their many words. The word empty phrases is really a Bible, God isn't impressed you heavenly father is not impressed by mindless repetition by sheer volume of words by some kind of mantra by repeating words over and over again, the Gentiles, that that the pagans did that.

Praying at length with constant repetition to their deities with Christian prayer is difference don't pray in a mindless and repetitive way. Don't pray in an ostentatious way to show off. Know your prayer says Jesus is not to be with many words. Ecclesiastes 5 verse two. Do not be rash with your mother nor let your heart to be hasty to our total word before God for God is in heaven and you are on earth. Therefore let your words if you think of who your printer.

I know he's your father, but is also the eternal God's is what Ecclesiastes privacy. God is in heaven and you will never ever let your words be few is opposing you invited into the White House before Pres. Trump, you think you're going to babble on and on and on. I can tell you if you try to one of the president's aides or the president himself would cut you off and say hey you're talking too much. No, I think of any of us had the privilege of speaking to someone like the president. Someone in a position of authority day. If we were wise we wouldn't speak too much, when you come to God in prayer, particularly in public. Let your words be few. God is not impressed with the number of your words, if you're going to pray along prayers.

Let me give you advice with Jesus is saying do that in private. My dad used to say. After prayer meetings where some brother had gone on and on and on and on the hooping up everything like that you think is that I would be the time when this brother has not been pray to going on and on with answers to say long flights should be taken solo.

If you're going to have that kind of prayer are you going to go on and on and on and on. Do that privately in your home and we wondered this is brother. Pray like this at home.

What is your only doing it when he's got an audience. I think all of us have been in prayer meetings or someone has just gone on and on. The kind of mindless repetition. DL Moody, the great evangelist was out of him that he was in a prayer meeting with quite a number of people at a fairly large number of people and one dear brother, praying and praying and praying and praying. Finally, Moody was obviously not the most patient of people said while her brother is finishing his prayer.

Can the rest of us had saying him such and such. I never dared to do that. I felt like it a few times for some practical advice when you're praying for example say in your life group Senior Bible study and then say 20 people love you and you have an hour as we have at Calvary for the life group on Sundays and are the leader of your life.

Group size number going to have a time of prayer.

I will devote about 15 minutes prayer won't be the individual who originally starts, pray, and you pray for about 10 minutes of consideration for others. Don't go on and on.

Allow others to pray otherwise is some people will be too gracious to say it but will sadly be thinking it that you're trying to impress. Someday with your lengthy flattery, repetitive prayer, we are taking is running the world several times on the precise. Be concise. Don't be repetitious and listen to the practical advice Jesus gives at the end.

In verse eight do not be like them and that's the Gentiles going on and on and on these as your father knows what you needs before you ask him wonderful, wonderful, but as I go before my heavenly father with my burdens with my requests with my anxieties and my what is my father who loves me, he knows my needs before I ask them use it well why would you ask him why you bother praying was another question, but if your appearance. You love it when your son, your daughter comes to you with a good request, you may well know that they need sets in such you may well know they need advice on such and such and you're able to give them the advice but doesn't it show humility and does not cause joy in your heart when your child comes and asks you for something and you're able to help. God wants us to pray.

God knows your needs.

So however, because your heavenly father knows your needs. As we pray, we need to be careful were not dumbing out prayers into a case where we're informing God as if God doesn't know I've had people pray about brother so-and-so is there, praying there telling God to the hospital room he's in is and is in pine: he's in room 232 with these ingrown toenail and you think you really need to inform God about that God doesn't know the room he's in a meeting you going to that detail oriented someday. Who was the cord of our subscription in the prayer which is very good. Scripture encourages us to do that but they wanted God to know the chapter and verse when it's fine you think you'll God rotates. Do you really think God needs you to tell him the chapter and factors of the particular Scripture know your father knows what you need before you ask him.

This is a tremendous encouragement to us as we pray know this is not an opportunity to impress others with our biblical knowledge, without knowledge of chapter 1 of the investors of our piety about devotion of our concern is not to impress others now. We gotta be careful with vendors in chapter 7 judge know that you be not judged was not for us to judge others, but I'm talking to you I'm preaching to myself that when I pray and when you pray, don't be repetitious, don't show off our you may fall into hypocrisy. Jesus is going to do something wonderful in the next verses that Lord Willey will think of a couple of weeks. He's going to teach us how to pray, was a busy point today when you give when you pray when you fast, don't do that for the applause of men do it for the approval of God. In other words, everything we do is we follow Jesus Christ is to be God centered, not self-centered, not man centered when we gather here for worship were not here so that we can have a good time. I trust we do that is joyful in their hearts are lifted but worship prayer and giving and fasting is all to be presented as an act of worship to God's. And as we remember that as would God centered rather than self-centered dog man centered. This will help us to guard us against hypocrisy which so easily comes into our life and it is so easy to be self deceived so Jesus after his teaching against murder and adultery and lust in her will to love our enemies obviously think this is very important part of what said the greatest sermon that was ever preached the sermon on the Mark now. I believe that the key to understanding these verses are one of the keys and to understanding the sermon on the Mount is something which I've said before, and it is a relationship with God. Notice how Jesus refers to God in the sermon on the minds of all of the titles of all of the designations that we have in the Old Testament to refer to God. Notice how our Lord Jesus refers to God. Chapter 5 for example, verse 45 so that you may be sons doesn't say of God. It's true that you may be sons of your father who is in heaven. Verse 48 you, therefore, must be perfect, as your heavenly father is perfect.

Chapter 6 and the verse one then you will have no reward from your Father who is in heaven.

Verse four and your father who sees in secret will reward you. Verse six and your father who sees in secret will reward you. Verse eight.

Your father knows what you needs before you ask him.

Verse nine. Pray then like this are father in heaven. Verse 14. If you forgive others their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you.

Verse 15 with if you do not forgive others their trespasses, neither will your father forgive your trespasses. Verse 16 that your fasting may not be seen by others but by your father who is in heaven, and your father who sees in secret will reward you. Verse 26 look at the birds of the air, they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Verse 32 for the Gentiles seek after all these things, and your heavenly father knows that you need them all. Chapter 7 verse 11. If you then, who evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father who is in heaven give good things to those who ask him to get the point all over and over again as Jesus is teaching his disciples is teaching them something wonderful.

Yes, God is great because God is eternal.

Yes, God is Almighty, but I want you to understand Jesus saying to his disciples, that you have a heavenly father, your father is in heaven.

Over and over again as we read the relationship that we have with God the Almighty God the Creator of the heavens and the art of the great I am the God who was in this endeavor shall be that through faith in my Lord Jesus Christ. Now there's great God.

This Almighty God is my father who is wonderful. I have a heavenly father who is he saying Mr. speaking to those who are in the kingdom of heaven to those who have repented and believed in the gospel to those who are his followers. The following Jesus Christ know when they think of God.

Jesus is saying to them, and I'm saying to you.

Remember this in your prayer in your giving in your fasting and all of life.

Remember God is your heavenly father. My father's with the Lord is a good father you had fathers that were in secret but we have a perfect father. Jesus has said that in verse 46 you therefore must be perfect, as your heavenly father is perfect. God is a perfect father all wise, all loving Almighty and he knows you knows your needs as we come to him become humbly I trust sincerely, without hypocrisy, without inner motivation mother with enter false motives.

We come to heavenly father her mind to respond to him with the love him so that a few weeks ago. In Deuteronomy 6.

Repeated by Lord in Mark chapter 12 we are to love of God. How were we to love them, which allows him totally and supremely with the love God with all of our heart, with all of her soul, with all of her mites. Every part of my being and to love God is a point why he's my father. Normally I am I to love him and trust him totally and supremely, and to trust him and to love him and him to trust him. Someone said to me the other day that they trusted very few people that been so hurt. I understand that all of us have been hurt by people bonfire on father's, but I pray), perhaps by business partner will let down the way we've gone to someone and we felt of trusted awesome and we trusted them in the letter spends a terrible feeling is that when you go to your heavenly Father in prayer. Remember his perfect and you can trust him.

Love you. You can trust them today. You can take the anxiety that's bothering you tomorrow and committed to him to trust them with all of your art. That's what he wants is what pleases him not to live a life where you focus on what other people think about you because most of the time they're not thinking about your tall there thinking about themselves. No to think of my father in heaven as he pleased with this with the way I pray with the way I get with the way I preach with the way you conduct yourself in your home. It's all referred to God who is our heavenly father and this relation ship than of love and of trust, which is to characterize followers of Jesus Christ.

What does that lead to at least two beaches doesn't, it leads to use the expression we have here in chapter 6, verse one. It leads to us practicing righteousness onto love my father and to trust my father yes and I'm also to abandon Hilo's vast ion to follow him with humility because Jesse is my father but is also the great God of relationship that to my heavenly father of love and of trusts leaving to regions of life usage on mature from their doctor. By hypocrisy I feel a bit conflicted yes would lie it so easy to fallen to we sang before I came up to preach the wonderful him, but Christ is our hope in life and you say what way is Christ.

My hope is my hope, because the magnificent Christ.

Matthews already told us right at the beginning of his gospel is given his name Jesus, because he comes to save his people from their sins that Jesus comes to save sinners he comes the same liars and immoral people and gossips and change gas in hypocrites becomes safe. People like you and me were going to finish this morning by singing the popular him. You know well.

Amazing Grace.

It was written by John Newton and Englishman use it trade and slaves that separated the gusting way to make a living as to sell men and women in Boys and Girls Club slaves.

I can imagine John Newton going to church and someone looking at John Newton and saying what a hypocrite is a slave trader I would John Newton have responded. I think John Newton would've said yes right I was a slave trader even when I was training slaves as a big hypocrites.

Yes, you're right, am a terrible sinner but I've been saved by the grace of God I once was lost in my wickedness in my hypocrisy I once was lost but never found. I once was blind but no I see them written on John Newton's tombstone is the following sacred to the memory of John Newton.

Once a libertine and blasphemer and trader of slaves in Africa pretty bad. But notice, but renewed purified pardons that were department pardoned and appointed to preach the gospel, which he had labored to destroy wonderful thing in this tombstone but God in his grace reach diving and saved a band like John Newton North Calvary church. Admission is being and making a fence thick followers of Jesus Christ and brother were the thin think is there because that's the opposite of hypocrisy.

All of us would like to think that we are offended when a perfect and during this time when we been confined to her home and were not been able to to gather here as we we all love. I thought about this congregation. As I've preached from this pulpit now for over 14 years and I thought of this magnificent sanctuary been filled of people worshiping garden and going out to impact our community for the cause of Christ as we are authentic followers of Jesus Christ and seek to make authentic followers of Jesus Christ and I thought yes seminar perfect church easy to point fingers at any single one of us that that's that's true, but I think in the grace of God that we are authentic we seek to love God that we seek to love one another that we seek to grow in the grace and knowledge of the of the Lord Jesus Christ. And though we seek to go out to our neighbors to love our neighbors and, indeed, to love our enemies under tell them of Jesus Christ is with the fullest to be an authentic follower of Christ.

I know my brother, my sister, that's what you want for great desire in life not so much to seek the approval of others not to do things together. Well done from people but to do things is an act of worship to your heavenly father, I would ask us just as you said the home just a pause for a few moments. Perhaps there's some hypocrisy.

I suspect that this I think few of us would say we are 100% authentic. So if there's a hypocrisy life would you just quite hard to confess that the Lord claim his forgiveness and then if you're not a follower of Jesus Christ and the Legion of prayer, so that you would put your faith in Christ with let's pause just for a moment of silent prayer of your listening perhaps have never received Christ as your Savior came to save you. You may be a really bad sinner like John Newton you can be forgiven.

You can department never done that. Let me limit just lead you in the spring or in your home wherever you are listening to this lifestream listening to a recording of it. We pray to receive Christ.

God, thank you for loving me.

I admit that I'm a sinner advocate deserving eternal separation from I believe that Jesus Christ, the son of God paid the penalty for all of my sins when he died on the cross and rose from the dead, Lord Jesus, trust her as my personal savior. Thank you for giving my sins thank you for the gift of eternal life. Come save me and help me to live for you

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